I'm not alone

BY : Kinumi
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Ah, my first Naruto fic...actually my first real fic
in like...well, ever. Ien'en't written a fic in
about...three years. And every fic I wrote before that
had nothing resembling a plot. So if it sucks, it's
because of that!

After sifting through all the SasuNaru fics, I decided
to do a pairing I don't see very often...and is
actually quite plausible. (I'm sorry, I will never
like Sasuke, and refuse to write him with Naruto.
Naruto deserves better.) I'm going to go with my
all-time favorite couple from the series. Probably
like...the second het fic on here, too. ^_^;

Um, I *tried* going with some sort of plot. Ignore any
plot continuity; Naruto and all the others are 17.
Reviews would be kind ^_^

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. If I did, Sakura would
not exist, Sasuke would have a personality, and
everyone would be running around naked.


"Naruto! Stop clowning around!"

Naruto sighed inwardly and canceled his sexy no jutsu.
So much for catching Sasuke by surprise in this
training session...the guy wasn't even human! Who
could resist the sexy no jutsu? Next time I'm going to
have to try the harem no jutsu...
he thought with a
foxy grin. Realizing Kakashi-sensei was still staring
at him, he shoved his hands in his pockets and

"I was just trying to catch him by surprise,
Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto argued stubbornly. "Isn't that
the way of the ninja Anyways? Catching people by

Kakashi sighed, and looked at Naruto. "Why do I even
bother?" he asked, to himself rather than the
students. Pulling out Icha Icha Paradise , he waved the
others away.

"Training over," he announced. "Be back
here tomorrow at 5AM." Ignoring the groans from Naruto
and Sakura, he went back to his novel.

As they were walking back Naruto glanced at Sakura,
who was walking ahead of him. Haruno Sakura...the girl
he'd had a crush on since forever. Sakura-chan , he
thought with a sudden longing in his chest.

Why does she have to be a Sasuke fangirl? I'm 1000 times
better than that idiot...

"Sakura!" Naruto cried, catching up to his pink haired
crush. "Wanna go get some ramen or something?" he
asked hopefully, holding his breath.

"No thanks," she said, stalking off. Naruto's heart sank.

It's always the same, no matter what, she never wants anything to
do with me
, he thought. What do I have to do to make
her realize I like her?

"Hey wait!" Naruto cried, grabbing her arm and
turning her around almost forcibly. "How come you
never want to do anything with me? I mean...we're friends,
right?" he inquired.

Sakura's face flushed. "Of course we are, Naruto but-"
Naruto cut her off.

"Don't you think we...well, w-we could ever be...more
than friends?" he asked nervously. Not waiting
for her reaction, and his face blushing furiously, he
cornered her against a tree trunk. "Naruto!" Sakura
started, until he cut her off with his lips.

The touch of human contact...something Naruto had
hardly experienced growing up. He longed for it...more
than he did of becoming Hokage. Someone he knew
wouldn't judge him because of Kyubi and would love
him. In this town where almost everyone hated him and
blamed him for something he never did, only very few
people treated him as human. He'd never had a
girlfriend. Hell, he'd never even met a member of the
human race that took an interest in him romantically.
He was tired of taking a backseat to Sasuke. He
wanted someone to accept him, someone he could feel.
He wanted someone to love him, to accept him as human
instead of the demon fox. Someone to realize he acted
like an idiot desperately for someone to realize he
existed. For someone to just...hold him and tell him
it'll all be ok.

Raising his hand to Sakura's face in desperation, he
ran a hand along the side of her cheek, his lips still
pressed firmly to hers in a sloppy kiss. Sakura
slapped his hand away forcibly, connecting with his
cheek with a loud smack. Sakura pushed him off of her,
and for a moment he thought she was going to punch
him. She stood there silently for a moment, her face
filled with fury.

"Don't...ever ...touch me like that
again, Naruto," She said, anger swelling in her voice,
staring at him with pure anger on her face.

Seeing the look on Naruto's face, her face softened. "I'm
sorry..." she murmured, staring at the ground. "But
Naruto...I...just can't. I don't...like you in that
way. Please don't do this to me again." Unable to look
him in the face, Sakura turned and ran down the path.

Naruto sat back on the ground, tears starting to run
silently down his face.

She wouldn't have done that if I was Sasuke...In her
eyes I'll never measure up to him. I'll never be good
enough for her. I'll never be good enough for anyone.

With that thought Naruto punched the tree as hard as
he could, succeeding in only hurting his hand and
causing a rain of leaves to fall on top of him.

"Kuso!" he shouted, cradling his hand to his chest.


Hearing a familiar timid voice, Naruto quickly wiped
up his tears as best as he could and spun around to
find Hyuuga Hinata standing on the path, probably on
her way back home from the day's training session.

"H-Hi, Hinata," Naruto stammered, his face flaming.

Goddamnit, I must look like a sniveling idiot , he

"Sorry...I just...accidentally hit my hand on
the...tree..." Naruto mumbled.

Oh my god, that's the stupidest thing I've ever said.
She's going to think I'm a freak.

Hinata shyly edged towards Naruto. "You're bleeding,"
She said softly. Naruto glanced down at his fist to
see blood trickling down between his middle knuckles.

"Oh, yeah. I didn't even notice!" Naruto forced a
smile and scratched the back of his head. Hinata
crouched down beside him and pulled out a small jar of

"Here," she started, unscrewing the cap and
dipping her finger in the substance.

"Hinata is so nice, she's always going to be around to give me
medicine, huh?" Naruto announced, his grief and anger
ebbing away with the presence of Hinata. Hinata's
face turned very red at this, and she busied herself
with dabbing the medicine on Naruto's hand.

Naruto closed his eyes and relished in the feel of
Hinata's warm fingers running up and down his fist,
slowly spreading the medicine over his wound. When her
fingers lifted, he opened his eyes.

"It's already healing," Hinata announced, examining his hand.

"Your medicine works really well," Naruto said. Hinata's
face turned even redder.

"No, I don't think it's the medicine...I've never seen
it work that fast." She looked over his hand one last time,
and then stood up, brushing the dirt off her knees.

"I-I guess I should get going," she announced, and
turned around to head back to the path.

"Wait!" Naruto cried, grabbing her arm. Startled,
Hinata turned around.

"Naruto-kun?" she questioned softly.
Her face had taken its usual shade of red.

"Don't go yet," Naruto protested. "I mean...you want
to...get some dinner together? Unless you have to be
home or something..." Hinata shook her head violently.

"No, I'd love to Naruto-kun," she said, blushing beet red.

"Great!" Naruto exclaimed, as he took Hinata by the arm
and dragged her in the direction of the nearest ramen

10 minutes later

Naruto happily slurped up his beef ramen, the day's
earlier events seemingly forgotten to him. He glanced
over at his company. Hinata was eating her beef ramen
with a bit more grace than Naruto, although her gaze
seemed to be glued to her bowl. She looked up
to see him looking at her, causing her to blush, then
continued staring at her ramen as if it was the most
inteing ing thing in the world. Naruto sighed. It
looked like she wasn't going start a conversation.

"Hinata, aren't your parents going to be mad if you
don't get home soon?" Naruto wondered. Hinata's smile
and blush faded as she looked at the ground.

"No, my family probably won't even notice," she said

Naruto blinked in surprise. "Really? Why not? Don't
your parents not care about you or something?" He
didn't realize until after the words came out of his
mouth that it probably wasn't the most tactful thing
to say. He cursed himself silently when he saw the
anguished look on Hinata's face. "Ah! I'm sorry, I
didn't mean to-" he started to apologize

Hinata set her chopsticks gingerly on the counter and
looked up at him. "It's okay," she said faintly. "I've
gotten used to it."

"Gotten used to what?" Naruto asked, before getting
interrupted by the owner of the ramen shop tapping him
on the shoulder.

"Here's your bill, Naruto," he said gruffly, giving him
that disapproving look that all the other adults in the
village gave him.

Naruto sighed and fished out some yen bills from his
little frog purse.

"Wait," Hinata protested, pulling out some
crumpled bills from her pocket. "I-I can pay for my
meal." Naruto smiled and shook his head.

"Nah, what kind of gentleman would I be if I made my
date pay for her meal?" he asked, grinning.

The owner snorted loudly at the gentleman
part, and Hinata's face flushed redder than it had
ever been. Naruto shoved the bills into the man's
hand and pulled Hinata out of the store.

"Well, what now?" Naruto asked, sticking his hands
behind his head.

"Whatever you want, Naruto-kun,"
Hinata said, blushing.

"Well, I'm kind of thirsty from all that ramen,
wanna come to my place for some tea?"

(A/N Yes, this is a poorly disguised excuse to get
them both in bed. Bite me.)

Hinata nodded, blushing again.

That girl is going to stain her face permanently red ,
Naruto thought. She's so strange.

Making their way to Naruto's humble apartment, he
unlocked the door and let her in.

"Err...ignore the mess," he stated, hastily throwing clothes
and whatnot into a closet as fast as he could. Hinata smiled
shyly and shook her head.

"It's fine," she said. She stood there as still as a statue,
almost petrified as Naruto started boiling the water. He glanced at her.

"You can sit down you know!" he informed her.

"H-hai..." Hinata pulled out a chair and sat at the

Naruto grinned to himself as he waited for the water
to finish. It was nice to have some company around
here...albeit quiet company. But it was better than

Serving the freshly made green tea in a cup, he handed
one to Hinata and took a seat at the table, sipping
his carefully.

"A-arigato," she said shakily, sipping it. She shyly
glanced at him. "I-I like your house," she said quietly.

Naruto grinned his foxy grin. "Eh, it's nothing much,
but it serves it's purpose. I can't wait until I become
Hokage, I'll really be living it up then!"

"Hokage?" Hinata echoed.

Naruto nodded furiously. "That's my ultimate goal," He
explained. "I'm going to become stronger than the
Hokage we have now and make all the villagers
recognize my existence! I'm going to do whatever it
takes to fulfill that dream!"

Hinata stared at him in surprise. It wasn't the first
time she'd heard it, but the fact that he was still so
adamantly dedicated to his goal impressed her. She
looked at the ground.

"I envy you," she said softly.

"Huh?" Naruto snapped out of his reverie.

Hinata continued: "You are so dedicated to your goal
to become stronger for people to recognize you...I-I
wish I had that kind of dedication. Every day I wonder
if I'm really strong enough to ever become a full
shinobi. My...my father doesn't even acknowledge my
existence because my five year old sister beat me in a
fight. No one ever placed any faith in me...but
you...but you...you have gone through the same thing I
have and you don't let it get you down. You still aim
for your goal no matter what anyone else thinks.
You...always have confidence in yourself."

"Hinata..." Naruto was shocked by the sudden amount
of words coming from the usually quiet girl.

Hinata wiped her eyes from silent tears, her face red.

"We're really alike," Naruto said suddenly, looking at
Hinata differently for the first time in his life.

Hinata, not hearing him, stood up suddenly, her face
flaming with embarrassment. "Gomen nasai...I didn't
mean to..." she walked towards the door.

"Wait!" Launching himself from the table, Naruto
grabbed her shoulder and spun Hinata around. Her
silver eyes widened as he enveloped her mouth with his
without really thinking.

After an extremely long, awkward moment, Naruto braced
himself for a slap, yelling, anything. What he
certainly didn't expect was for her to kiss him back.
In shock, He broke the kiss and looked at her.

"Hinata," Naruto stared at her face, her cold,
unreadable eyes that scared him at first, her cheeks
stained deeply with red, her mouth parted slightly and

She...likes me.

It suddenly hit Naruto like a sack of bricks.
All the blushing and staring, her concern for
him, it was all because she liked him. Him. Uzumaki
Naruto. The demon fox. Everyone's favorite loser.

His head swimming, he reached down to capture her lips
again, and she obliged. Hesitantly, he wiped his
sweating hands on his pants and placed them on her
shoulders to pull her closer, deepening the kiss. She
gave a small squeak of surprise at being in such close
proximity with him until he shushed her by running his
tongue along her lips, and letting it enter in her
mouth. Hinata gasped and gripped Naruto's orange
jacket to keep her knees from buckling.

Needing some support, Naruto backed Hinata up against
the door, her body firmly trapped underneath his. He
once again lowered (it was nice to be taller than
someone for a change) his lips to hers and softly
caressed her tongue with his own, eliciting small
moans from the back of her throat. Surprising him, she
moved her hands up to grasp blonde strands of hair in bac back of his head, as he continued to explore the
cavity of her velvety soft mouth with his tongue,
running it along not only her tongue, but her teeth,
her molars and the roof of her mouth. Hinata squirmed
against him, arching her back against the wall, and
bringing more of their body into contact with each
other, which awakened Naruto's arousal.

Her eyes shot open in shock when she felt his hardness
rub against her. Naruto, wondering why she suddenly
grew stiff, realized what had happened.

Shit , he thought. He hadn't meant for that to happen.
He had the thought that she might bolt any second. He
looked up at her face, horrified that he scared her away.

"I-" he started to explain until Hinata kissed him

"It's ok," she said through her heavily
blushing face. "I was just a little...surprised, that's
all." She nerved herself and increased the pressure
against their groins by rubbing against him just a
little, causing a small moan to escape from Naruto. He
blushed furiously.

"Are you sure...you want to..um..." Naruto broke off,
not sure what to say. Hinata, her face flaming redder
than ever, nodded slightly. Shocked at her assent,
Naruto stood there for a minute.

"Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked, worried.

Naruto cleared his throat and straightened up, pulling
Hinata up with him.

"The kitchen floor is no place for this...I think we'd
better go to the bedroom," he said. He grabbed Hinata's
hand and dragged her away towards his room, trying to
mentally make his blushing go away.

Holy shit, I really hope I didn't leave my penguin
pajamas lying around...how embarrassing would that be...

To his relief, Naruto saw that he'd thrown them in the
hamper after he'd dressed for the day. He sat down on
the bed and pulled Hinata down with him. For several
moments they just stared at each other, both blushing,
each to embarrassed or shy to make a move. Naruto
swallowed and pulled Hinata into his lap so she was
straddling his thighs. She blushed even more, feeling
the heat and hardness in his groin even through her

Nervously, Hinata unzipped and pulled off her big jacket
and the ninja headband that she wore inexplicably
around her neck, revealing a plain white tank top.

Naruto swallowed again, and wondered where to go from
here. He'd stolen Icha Icha Paradise from
Kakashi-sensei before (earning him 200 extra laps
around the village. Kakashi-sensei was freakishly
protective of his dirty books) and was embarrassed by
all the kinky sexual acts going on in it. But the
girls in the stories had seemed to like it...

Hinata's breath caught in her chest again when she
felt Naruto's lips graze against hers, her heart
pounding so loud she was certain it was going to jump
right out of her chest. But instead of attacking her
lips again he kissed her jaw line, slowly making his
way down to her neck.

She jumped when she felt his hot tongue against her
neck. "N-Naruto-kun," she whispered weakly, entwining
her fingers in his hair. Naruto smiled softly to
himself when he realized it was having a positive
effect on Hinata. He sucked on the skin on the middle
of her throat, just above her voice box. He liked her
throat, he decided. He could feel her pulse with his

Hinata gasped again, her stomach tightening, as well
as her grip on his hair. She could feel the heat
running to her nether regions as she reveled in the
feel of Naruto's hot, wet tongue on her body. Her eyes
squeezed shut when he moved down to the hollow of her
neck, leaving a shining trail of saliva as he did.
When he dipped even further to her collarbone, Hinata
moaned softly from the back of her throat, making
Naruto's pulse quicken even further.

While still nuzzling her collarbone, he put his hands
on the hem of her shirt and slowly lifted the tank top
up, revealing the creamy pale skin on her stomach.
Glancing up at her face to see if he was moving to
fast or getting into territory she wasn't comfortable
with, he saw her eyes urging him to continue.
Gathering up confidence, he disengaged his lips from her
collar and pulled the tank over her head and onto the
floor. Her bra followed suit immediately after. She
gasped as the her breasts were exposed, the cool night
air making the nipples perk up immediately. Naruto saw
that her flush extended far down to her pert pink
nipples. Hinata blushed uncomfortably under his
scrutiny of her body, trying to cover herself with her
hands, until Naruto grabbed them.

"God Hinata, you're beautiful," he murmured.

And she was. The moonlight streaming in from the
window highlighted her pale skin and made her almost
glow. Her shy smile, her eyes reflecting him like
mirrors, it all drove him crazy. Naruto moved his head
to capture a rosy nipple, causing the heir of the
Hyuuga clan to gasp in surprise. Her thighs tightened
around his. Placing his hands behind her back, he
pulled her closer to get better access. Hinata moaned
loudly as Naruto's tongue and teeth worked together
against her nipple. Surprised at how much of a reaction
he was getting, he softly bit one, smiling when he
heard Hinata cry out. Her hips bucked against his,
making his cock fully awaken and almost making him
come right there. He took deep breaths to calm

I can't lost control right now...

He removed a hand from her back and rolled one nipple
between his thumb and finger, enjoying her panting,
heavy breathing. Moving his down further, he ran a
finger along her ribcage and stomach, making her

"N-Naruto-kun...that t-tickles!" She panted, then
squeaked when he moved his hand down to the waistband
of her pants. She removed her arms from his head and
leaned back on the bed to assist in removing her
pants. Naruto pulled down the blue material and threw
that off the bed. Clad now only in a pair of blue
cotton panties, Hinata stared up at Naruto, breathing
heavily. He awkwardly pulled down her panties,
discarding them to the floor. Her entire body tensed
when she felt him positioning himself between her
legs. Shlt blt breath on parts of her that rarely see

"Naruto-kun, what are yo-Ah!" She nearly leaped off
the bed as she felt his tongue slip in-between the lips
of her sex.

Not entirely sure where to go from here, he let his
tongue explore deeper, until he discovered a tiny
bundle of nerves. Flicking his tongue over it, Hinata
screamed and began to buck her hips uncontrollably.
Startled, he wondered if he'd hurt her somehow and
removed his head from between her legs.

"Hinata, I'm sorry! Did I hurt-" he started to say until
Hinata shoved his head back towards her thighs.

"Don't stop," she breathed, finding speech difficult at the

Encouraged by her, he placed his hands back on her
thighs and went back to the position he was in
earlier. Finding the bundle of nerves hidden deep
within her again, he ran his tongue over it again,
placing a little more pressure than last time. Hinata
moaned loudly, her back arching, her hips rising, and
her hands cupping her breasts. Finding the sight and
her moans deeply erotic, he placed his tongue in that
special place yet again, putting as much pressure as
could on that bundle of nerves. Screaming his name and
flailing on the bed, Hinata's inner muscles began to
contract in orgasm, causing a flood of new sensations
and tastes to enter Naruto's mouth. Enjoying the
strange taste, he disengaged from between her
legs and stared entranced at Hinata, her chest heaving
and her arms splayed by her head, all covered in a
fine sheen of sweat. It aroused him more than anything
he'd ever seen before.

Naruto crawled back on top of her to kiss her deeply,
running his hands over her creamy thighs. She clutched
at his chest eagerly, annoyed with finding material
there. Sensing her irritation, he shrugged off his
orange jacket and black shirt that he wore underneath.
Sitting up suddenly, Hinata attacked his chest with
kisses, knocking him onto the bed.

A bit surprised at her sudden aggressiveness, he moaned
when her lips brushed his own nipples, and then moved
further down to nip and lick his stomach. Swirling her
tongue around his navel, she brushed her hand across
his groin, making him groan and throw his head back
onto the bed. Feeling a bit mischievous and bold, she
stripped his orange pants off, leaving him in his
boxers. Her previous embarrassment forgotten, she
smiled slyly and rubbed the front of the boxers.
Naruto groaned, and threw his head back on the bed.

Slipping off his boxers, she stared at Naruto's very
erect cock. He looked away, embarrassed all of a
sudden. What if it was too small for her? Too big? Too
weird? These thoughts were quickly shaken from his
head as Hinata licked the head of his penis.

"H-Hinata!" Naruto gasped in shock, his body
shuddering with pleasure. She answered bowlyowly
licking her way up from base to tip, so slowly that
Naruto wanted to scream with frustration. He resisted
the urge to simply start bucking his hips and tried to
calm himself.

This was proving to be difficult when suddenly he felt
himself being enveloped in something moist and hot.
Hinata lightly scraped her teeth against him, causing
his hips to buck involuntarily. As she slowly licked
and sucked his erection, he could feel his orgasm
approaching quickly. Glancing down and seeing her
expression finally sent him over the edge; he orgasmed
powerfully into Hinata's mouth. Hinata gagged more
than a little, but managed to get it all down.

Breathing heavily, Naruto sat up and looked at her.

"Where did you learn that?" he asked, slightly shocked.
She just gazed at him wantonly, looking so...innocent. He
blushed looking her staring up at him.

"I'm sorry," he apologized. "I...didn't mean to do that
in your… mouth." Her face reddened, but she shook her

"I-I didn't mind," She said softly.

The wanton look in her eyes was almost enough to make
Naruto completely hard again. He pushed her down beneath
him and kissed her hard and passionately, his hands running
all over her breasts, her stomach, her neck. She felt something
hard against her thigh, and realized that Naruto was
as primed up as she was. She raised her hips to meet
his. "Naruto," she pleaded, her libido returning with
sudden force.

Naruto needed no more persuasion. Completely hard and
ready, he positioned himself between her legs and
pushed himself into her. Hearing her cry out in pain,
not pleasure, he stopped and slowed down.

"It's ok," Hinata gasped, motioning for him to go further. He
entered another few inches into her until he felt more
resistance and her tense up again. Tears welled up in
her eyes as he applied a little more pressure. She
gasped and squirmed beneath him, driving him crazy.
Without really thinking, he plunged down, feeling the
resistance disappear. He sighed with pleasure...she
was so...tight. This feeling couldn't compare with a
hand, or a mouth.

Sweat dripping from his face, he looked at Hinata's
and was shocked to see tears running down her face.
His heart froze.

"I've hurt you, haven't I?" he questioned, cursing himself
for being so forceful.

Hinata shook her head. "It's ok...I'll get used to
it..." she replied, kissing him on the nose.

Relieved, He waited for her to get used to him, resisting
the urge to simply start thrusting as hard as he could.
It was driving him mad with his erection completely buried
in her.

After panting and exerting a lot of self-control for
half a minute, Hinata pushed her hips up against his
as far as she could, signaling that she was ready.
Eagerly, Naruto began to slowly thrust inside of her,
picking up the pace when she began moaning and arching
against him. She wrapped her arms around his neck,
gripping the roots of his hair tightly, lifting her
hips against his in synch with his thrusts. She could
feel her climax building up in the pit of her stomach,
growing ever larger with each of Naruto's thrusts. She
was almost there...just a little...further...

Narutlishlished in the feel of her tight hotness
completely surrounding his cock, the feel of her hands
gripping his hair almost painfully, the feel of her
hips brushing against his with every thrust, the feel
of her erect nipples brushing against his chest as his
thrusts quickened with every second. Opening his eyes,
which had been closed tightly in concentration, he
sneaked a peak at Hinata. Her eyes were closed
tightly, her arms had dropped from headhead to clench
the bed sheets tightly, moaning loudly. Oh God, her
moaning was enough to almost make him come right then.
"Naruto," She breathed, her eyes opening wide; the
whiteness of her pupils almost staring right through

Hinata was the first to climax, she screamed Naruto's
name and bucked her hips wildly. The walls of her sex
contracting deliciously against Naruto's erection is
what set him off; the muscles undulating around his
penis drove him over the edge. He orgasmed deeply into
Hinata's shivering body, gasping her name. Rolling
over before he collapsed on topher,her, they both
panted heavily, the air musky with sex.

Naruto glanced over at Hinata, her body still covered
in a fine sheen of sweat, and her eyes half closed. It
had been a shock for him to find out that Hinata, who
was so innocent and shy, could be such a ....sex
kitten. Why had he spent all that time chasing after
Sakura, pitying himself and complaining that no one
would ever love him, when all this time, Hinata...

"Naruto-kun?" Hinata blushed, noticing him staring at
her. Her shyness seemed to have returned.

"Do you love me?" Naruto asked suddenly.

Hinata blinked, startled at his sudden seriousness.
But she nodded. "Ever since...well...forever," she
said softly.

"And you accept me?"


"Even if I told you I was the seal for the demon
fox Kyubi?"

"Kyubi?" Hinata, startled by the revelation, stared at
Naruto in confusion.

"Kyubi," Naruto repeated. "The demon fox that killed
so many people 17 years ago, and still lives inside of

"Even if you were Kyubi, the demon that killed without
mercy, I'd still love you, Naruto-kun. Because the
Naruto-kun that I know is sweet, dedicated, handsome,
and talented, not a mindless killer."

Naruto reached over and lightly touched her face, thenulleulled her close to him, burying his face in her short
blue hair.

"Naruto-kun, are yo-" she stopped when she realized he
was crying.

He'd just told his biggest secret to Hinata, and she
didn't even care. She didn't judge, she didn't recoil
in horror...she just...accepted him as who he is. It
was more than he could have ever hoped for. He saw
nothing but love and acceptance in Hinata's eyes.

Hinata...the girl he'd ignored for years. The only
girl, no, the only human being that understood him.
The only person in the world who loved him.

He pulled her close to him, her head rested in the crook
of his neck and shoulder,their legs enterwined together.
Feeling either content ness or sleep coming over him, he
closed his eyes and let himself surrender to exhaustion,
his arms wrapped tightly around Hinata's waist to assure him
that she was real and there.


Next morning

The rays of the morning sun streamed though the
window, coming to rest on Uzumaki Naruto's face. He
stirred, blinking in the bright light as he groggily
wiped the drool from his cheek.

The events of the previous day hit him like a sack of

"Hinata!" He shouted, looked down next to him, and
seeing nothing but an empty bed. His chest lurching,
he scrambled out of bed, managing to pull on some
boxers as he ran into the other room.

"Did you call, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto turned towards the familiar timid voice to see
Hinata standing over the stove, smiling at him, wearing
her tank top and panties.

"I thought I'd make us some breakfast," she said, blushing and
gesturing towards a couple of bowls of ramen. "I woke
up early and didn't want to wa-umph!" She got cut
off as Naruto kissed her hungrily, causing her to drop
the pair of chopsticks she'd been holding.

She moaned into his mouth as he cupped her breasts,
rubbing her nipples with his thumbs as he hungrily sucked
on her tongue. Backing her into the nearest wall, he ground
his hips into hers, her moans and gasps and her
flushing face turning him on more than she could
imagine. He quickly discarded his boxers and her
panties as best as he could, considering the position
he was in, and pushed himself into her, while she gave
a small, unladylike grunt as he filled her. She
wrapped her legs around his waist to give him better

"N-Naruto-kun," she gasped softly, sending him
over the edge. Climaxing deep inside of her, he
slowed, only to hear Hinata protest. He continued to
thrust so she could reach her release, which she did a
few seconds later, arching her back against the wall
callcalling his name. She collapsed against him,

"Good morning, Hinata," Naruto said with his foxy

She grinned back and rubbed her cheek against his

Pulling himself out of her, he pulled his boxers back
on while Hinata quickly slid her panties up her creamy
thighs and nice little round-

He shook the lusty thoughts out of his head for now, and
took a seat at the table as Hinata served the ramen with
her face flaming, but with a definite spring in her step now.

"Oi, Naruto. Can I have a word? Perhaps you'd like to
explain why you're 3 hours late for training?" came a voice
from the front door.

Spinning around, Naruto's heart sank when he saw
Kakashi-sensei standing in the open door. He hadn't
even heard it open!

Shit , Naruto paled. I completely forgot about

"Goddamn it, can't you knock!?" He bellowed, secretly
grateful that Kakashi-sensei hadn't barged in a few
minutes ago.

"Oh?" Kakashi peered in and noticed Hinata. Rather, he
noticed her lack of pants. And the fact that Naruto
was just wearing boxers. Hinata's face had gone
completely red, and she looked like she was going to
hide under the table.

"Oh my, was this a bad time?" Kakashi asked with mock

"YES!" Naruto screamed, his face blushing furiously.

Kakashi gave Naruto and Hinata an unreadable glare.

"Fine," he grumb "I "I won't make a big deal about
it, but you'd better be ready to run laps tomorrow."

Naruto nodded furiously. Kakashi sighed and shut the
Door, leaving the two love birds to themselves.

"Ahhh, kids these days," He said to himself on his way
back. "They grow up so fast."


Horrible ending, I know. *blushes* I've never written a lemon before....I hope it's ok.
But you know the saying, the quiet ones are always tigers in the bedrooms! So, did you
like it? Hate it? Should I write a sequel? Never write again? Let me know! I live for feedback.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who commented and left constructive criticisms! Fixed the
sentence structure and a few things in the dialogue that were bugging me.

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