When Stars Speak

BY : Klepto
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Alright, alright. Here's another part. You guys can stop poking me now. >^_~<


When Stars Speak

Sequel to 'Strong as the Sun'


This mission is so boring.

That's what I told Sakura anyway. In truth, I love this mission. The stars are a secret passion of mine.

They're bright, but not so bright that you can't look at them like with the sun.

And...you can count on them to always be there. Even when you can't see them.

They stay.

I sigh and place the sketchpad down as I lean back against the rough bark of a tree. You haven't come since that day. I would never admit it out loud but...

I miss you.

I miss your touch,

Your kisses,

Your husky voice.

I'm so damn sick.

Heh...you're like a star, you know.

You shine even while you're wrapped in darkness. You look cold even though I know you're hot.

You're silent all the time, but if I close my eyes...I can hear you. Your voice close but faraway.

Sasuke...you're such a bastard.

You made me expect you every night.

You made me WANT you every night.

Then you stopped.

Just stopped.

I wish I knew what was going on in that head of yours, but knowing your thoughts is as far from reach as the stars.

They're too bright tonight, their song too cheery. They must know something I don't.

I wonder what?

I close my eyes with another sigh.

Stupid stars.

Stupid, stupid...



"Gah! Sasuke!"

I thought I saw a smirk grace your lips before you trapped me against the tree, your rough hands relearning my body, your mouth stealing my breath.

"Sasuke...not here..."


I don't resist.

I can't.

I won't.

After so long, I can at least admit this to myself.

I want you.

Your hands,

Your mouth,

Your cold eyes.

I want it all, closed heart and tatter soul included.

It's all right that you don't want mine too...

It's all right...



"Shh, anyone could hear us."


But you're still a bastard.

You swallow my cry as we're pushed over the edge.

It's never been so sweet before.

I open my eyes once I have the energy back. You're looking at me.

Why are you filled with regret?

Am I that awful?

Talk to me.


I feel sick as we dress.

The air is so thick.

It's a physical pressure against my chest.

It hurts.



"Stay with me tonight?"

I feel a shudder pass through me. There's no answer.

You have probably left already.


It hurts.

It hurts.

I jerk my eyes open. Arms are around me.

"...For a while."


I feel like I could cry.

A star's voice is beautiful.

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