Reviews for Her Smile Always Leads to More

BY : VulgarAssassin

  • From BigBaken on May 04, 2020

    Can't wait for the next chapter good stuff

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  • From nightfox444 on May 02, 2020

    Amazing story

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  • From RiasWaifu on April 19, 2020

    Wow... I haven't realized that a chapter had been updated but it's great to read it. Anyways this chapter just really build off the from the first one. I notice a build up of a possible romance between Ino and Naruto since of course their relationship is purely sexual as it is now and Ino seems to think of a possible romance between them. While I'm forward to seeing an romance build with them, I still want to see Naruto having sexual encounters with other female cast. Possibly Sakura or Hinata but I'm extremely want one featuring Sakura 

    Sakura really doesn't get that much spotlight on AF regarding sex between her and Naruto, it is always a cheating or femdom when it comes to AF featuring Naruto and Sakura. So I really Sakura does get some spotlight and Naruto to finally get to tap that ass.

    Sakura while not endowed well compared to other females in the show, she more than makes up for it with that fat ass of hers. So yeah great chapter and in the feature consider other potential sex with different females.

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  • From AshuraAnderson on April 13, 2020

    So not only is it pretty damn hot, but you're also managing to work in some actual slowburn romance too, huh? I'm all for it. I definitely like the short, quick stories where it's just porn but actually getting something more in the form of fuckbuddies possibly becoming something more over time's pretty damn good too!

    Also, definitely waiting for the moment where Ino loving anal is no longer something weird to Naruto and instead is something he looks forward to just as much.

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  • From Gord on April 13, 2020

    Slutty Ino is best Ino.

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  • From c0p13r on April 08, 2020

    Naruto's wang:

    This story:

    'It was big enough for both her hands to easily fit on and still have more room leftover'

    Ch. 2 of 'Shit On You':

    "Girth-wise, how else to describe it but saying that Sakura couldn’t even fit her hand around it?! (Seriously… any [Naruto] fic out there.  Take your pick; it’ll say something along those lines)"

    Sexy talk:

    This story:

    "“Sorry for calling you a slut. I didn’t mean it.” Naruto apologized, feeling guilty for several things he said to her during their rutting."

    Ch. 10 of 'Shit On You'.

    "  - Yeah, clean that ass, you slutty bitch – curses Naruto, but doesn’t mean it, because if he meant it, he would be a meanie wienie."

    I loved the sex talk between Naruto and Ino.  You're no 92-chan... and perhaps that's the nicest thing I can say about this Naruto-glorifying story.

    "“It, ah, it’s probably…ah kami that’s nice… probably both.”"

    I'd feel hypocritical if I told 92-chan this and not you.  The word/name 'Kami' doesn't work like that...  Japanesey phrases don't translate into English so literally, and it's just so Kami-damn annoying to read.  And you used it sooooo many Kami-damn times...  oh my Kami, did you use Kami a lot of Kami-damn times.

    Truthfully, I started skimming after the first three paragraphs.  Naruto was too 'LaFou' to Jiraiya's 'Gaston' (bragging about having stories to tell about another man ain't good for bedding chicks) before evolving into the standard, modestly huge-dicked Don Juan Naruto everyone's come to know in fanfics

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  • From Gord on April 07, 2020

    I came. Seal of approval there :P

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  • From Siklos88 on April 01, 2020

    That scent play part was really hot

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  • From AshuraAnderson on April 01, 2020

    Not quite what I was expecting but still really good. There's not enough Ino smut in the world either and then Ino with Naruto? Hot damn. This just wound up being hot as hell. Hope to see more of your stories!

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  • From RiasWaifu on April 01, 2020

    FINALLY!!!!!!!! Some actual erotic stories other the constant Yaoi bullshit that has been shoved down our throats for the past year. Any ways your story is absolutely one of my favourite on this site. The characters are great, the plot is simple, and the smut... oh god the smut is one of the best well written sexual story I have read into this site for the past year. One thing I have to ask you is that please please dont end it on a one shot. You actually have potentially a very great story on your hands and you can take advantage of the climate with Yaoi fics being practically main stream now with fresh new content. I'd like to see this story develop further. I always wanted to read a well written Sakura and Naruto sex story, so maybe have this story feature Ino helping Naruto get into Sakura's pants Lord knows how thicc she is, she may be flat but her ass ain't.

    Anyways you could even have this story become a potential romance between Ino and Naruto, basically their relationship for Ino becomes deeper than sex and she actually begins to develop feelings for him and gets jealous when he continues to pursue Sakura. Overall you have a great story on your hands buddy, please continue it.


    P.S. Ino's smelling fetish is one of the hottest things I have seen a girl do. There is just something that turns you on when a girl willingly smells and inhales the musk of your shaft and hopefully it will only continue. Naruto also has a smelling fetish as you have written so maybe you can him smell and suck on Ino's armpits now that would be soooooo.

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