Reviews for Secrets of the Hidden Leaf

BY : Sessakag

  • From ANON - Luana LS on March 20, 2018

    I apologize for taking so long to review. Things have been crazy and my evidence is about to begin. It was a good chapter, you should know. Hinabunny caught me by surprise, even when I should not. It's almost a classic!

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  • From ANON - Reyna64 on March 16, 2018

    I feel like a spazz for saying that whIle I was reading the conversation between Hinata and Hiashi I found myself mostly on Hiashi' s side, lol. When I read Hinata's interaction with Ino earlier I thought of the possibility of you adding a scene with her,  obviously I was thinking about how I'd take it, but I admit that I wouldn't like it- I appreciate what Ino is doing, but it seems like Ino is already involved in everyone else's relationships... I feel possessive over Hinata×Naruto and the imminent Sasuke×Hinata×Naruto.  I know that you're most likely world's ahead and have an idea of where you plan for this to go so ignore me if I Veer off plot. ***I'm sorry to read about what you wrote in your author's note, I can't imagine wanting to write a story so soon, so I'm thankful you did

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  • From n_uzumaki34 on March 15, 2018

    Hello!! Hope you remember me, I am Anonymous34, decided to create an account on the site. Sorry to hear about  your brother, hope you are doing fine. I am loving both your fanfics. I must confess though, I usually don't like these kind of dark fanfics with lot of gore in them but Monster really seems to have caught my interest a lot. And it just keeps getting better and better as the story progresses. Eagerly waiting for the next chapter!! And I just love how you have progressed the story for Secrets of the Leaf. The chakra suits were an interesting idea, really liked reading through that!! And I love how you brought Ino into the fanfic with her sex store. That was amazing!!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!! ps/ Still waiting for my request for a chapter on Naruto using a bunch of shadow clones to gangbang Hinata. 

    Keep up the great work!!!

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  • From ANON - JJ on March 11, 2018

    Ok so wow this was a pretty long chapter like you said there so many things going on I could hardly keep up lol but in the end I managed to keep track ok so lets get started with my very long review shall we.

    Let's start off with Hinata and Hiashi so that they have that conversation but uh it was pretty interesting and funny Hinata was thinking about all of the stuff Naruto bought her which caused her to get arsoued and horny not to mention she was so distracted from her lewd fantasy that Hiiashi had to snap her out of it must have been embarsassing for her. Also I loved how much Hinata is helping out Saskue with his Pardon even though she probably has negative feelings and possibly hate him since he caused Naruto a lot of pain and not to mention Saskue did take his right arm.

    Also Hinata had finally decided to talk to her father and told her that she and Naruto were moving in together and of course Hiashi wasn't happy about that since he believes that her moving in will cause a lot of problems with the clan. Hisashi needs to realize that the traditional ways of the clan is slowly dying and that he would need to get with the times along with the others let Hinata live her life and be happy and if what makes her happy is to be and live with Naruto and so be it. There more to her then  just being the heir of the Hugya Clan and she realized this and this is perfect chance for her to tell Saskue the same thing when she interacts with him more.

    Also its funny that Hinata was embarassed that some clan members were watching her and her actviates and unknown to her, her teammate and friend and doing the same thing lol.

    As for Ino and Shikamaru that was so funny I laughed out loud I felt so bad for Shikamaru when Ino and Isako teamed up on him haha if he lucky Temari won't have him go back in to that store and who knew that Isako was interested in Shikamaru haha you there was a time people were shipping Shikamaru and Ino haha so she should be careful also its nice she being professional with  Saskue during their counciling sessions because she seems like a risk taker and would probably have no problem trying to make a move on Saskue but she trying to fix Saskue and Sakura maririage and not make it wrose lol plus she might have some negative feelings about Saskue as well with him trying to destroy the villege. Also it looks like she has a rough love life as well can't wait to see whats that about because Ino seems worried.

    Also Hinata putting on the suit causing her to feel those nice sensations that was hot as hell lol so not much to say about that lol.

    As for Naruto and Saskue conversation I loved it you got down how they would talk to each other perfectly between the two best friends. Also the good news for Saskue is that Naruto will be watching him whenever he goes out on missions shows how much they respected him since he pretty much saved the world lol but hopefully Saskue won't be on watch for too long if they do it like that then the leaf will make a huge mistake like they did with the rest of the uchiha. It was the resaon why they were planning a coup in the first place and it probably won't be long until Saskue might consume to the curse of hatered even though that its pretty much near gone it takes one incident for the darkness to grow again. As the saying goes darkness cannot truly die everyone has some sort of evil in them.

    Hopefully the others can help Saskue out as well even though they have a rough history with him and they probably flat out hate him and don't want to say anything for Naruto sake even though Naruto forgave him like years ago since he would do anything for Saskue if he had to lose another arm for him he would do it along with the rest of his friends that how selfless Naruto is. I'm also glad your getting into the path of Naruto becoming Hokage and him understanding the political aspects and other things that lead him into becoming Hokage and what better way to help him then Saskue who is probably one of the smartest characters in the series and is a prodigy like Kakashi so those two are going to be huge for Naruto in his development.

    Also I wonder where Saskue is going maybe he going to a bar to drink his sorrows away lol which I doubt or maybe he is going to a whore house so he can finally get that orgasm he desire I mean for god sakes the man has not have sex in weeks now I can understand why he so angry and fursrated reguarding that lol but I doubt he would do that. I think Saskue is going to that place by the lake where he would go as a child remember that when him and Naruto first saw each other he saw Saskue sitting by the edge near the lake and they gave nasty looks to each other before they smiled to themselves I think thats where Saskue is going.

    Also its nice to see Kurama again and I agree there really no point in him appearing since all he does and sleep and he may speak with Naruto unless something serious happens. So unless Naruto is in a serious fight where he has to use his Six Path Sage Mode thats when he has to talk to Kurama but I don't think there isn't going to be any fights in this story unless there are and I don't know about them.

    Last not least the Naruto and Hinata moment that was hot so hot that I can't really say because I think you would want your readers to keep their reviews at least PG 13 lol. I loved how Hinata asked Naruto what she wanted with the clones and the paddle it shows how much she is growing up and becoming independant of herself it also shows with the clothes she is wearing as well. So yeah the suit was an awesome idea on your part and also seeing Naruto spanking Hinata while she was down on him was a turn on as well plus I bet Naruto was happy when he got home and saw Hinata playing with herself with the suit on and she was begging Naruto to have his way with her lol all in all that was a great sceen.

    So fantastic chapter and I can't wait to read the next on until then :)


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  • From ANON - red demon on March 11, 2018

    That was a hell of a chapter. I loved Hinata's paddling and I loved her bunny costume. I also loved it when Naruto called her a bad bunny. I hope to see maybe a french maid costume. He could have Hinata serve him breakfast. Maybe a catsuit or gimp suit for her, though it might be to much for her but Naruto could have her spend the night in box at the foot of his bed.

    I get the feeling if Naruto were to present Hinata with a collar and leash she might cum on the spot. Hinata seems to be going through sensory overload. After so long of being unseen and unheard she wants to try and experiance as much fetishies as she can.

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  • From nightwind83 on March 11, 2018

    Great chapter loved the start hinata being distracted. Plus the talk with her father.  There talk Showed the problems why the clan stystm died out most places. With put the threat from out side there just not worth with being told what you can and can't do for what seam like peaty reasons that only benefit those who are telling you what to do. 

    Love the refence to hinata wanting a collar and the siut was a briemt idea.

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  • From ANON - Luana LS on February 12, 2018

    Oh God! Sasuke has more patience than I would have, but I also sympathize with Sakura, since coexistence does not give anyone direct access to the other's thoughts, and we as readers have a chance to experience it.
    I confess right now that I can not decide how much of my desire to see Naru / Hina / Sasu influences Sasuke's willingness to end Sakura's marriage without further delay, but that does not make my feelings any less true.In contrast to the visit of Hinata to Erotic Blossom was interesting and made me curious if Naruto already knows. I can imagine our favorite blonde lively as a child at Christmas!

    Another scene that came to mind was, Sasuke going to look for Naruto at his house and bumping into Hinata's note, but that would be cruel. Poor Sasuke!

    All in all, the chapter was wonderful. This story has been an absolute pleasure to accompany. Thank you for listening!

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  • From ANON - Albertoer on February 12, 2018

    I don't usually leave reviews, especially not on this site, but I gotta say; damn this is a good read. You make it all sound so natural that I have no trouble believing that this is what they did when the cameras are not rolling. Looking forward to the next chapter.


    I know that all the sub-dom thing is still early but I would love to see Hinata get cucked ino... mostly cause my second fav pairing in the world is NaruIno

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  • From ANON - red demon on February 12, 2018

    Another great update. I think you nailed Sasuke and Sakura's relationship right on the head, especially Sakura. She built up an image of him in her head and refused to see anything other than her perfect dark prince. Now I'm wondering whatit was Hinata bought. I can't wait to see Naruto use it on her.

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  • From ANON - JJ on February 11, 2018

    Wow this was the best chapter so far in the story and its mainly because of the growing tension between Saskue and Sakura and man was it tense. Okay lets start off with Sakura the marriage counciling was a disaster because it looks like both Saskue and Sakura are more annoyed with each other than before.Let's start with Sakura it seems that she was annoyed and hurt because of what Saskue just said but not only was she hurt by what Saskue said but she realized that he was right.She has had painted Saskue of the fantasy she had of him since childhood she wanted Saskue to be someone he is not and also Sakura thinks that after everything she has done to try to get Saskue attention and bring him back to the village she desverse to have Saskue be the perfect husband in her eyes.Sakura needs to realize that Saskue kind of doesn't owe her anything it was her choice to try to get his attention and her choice to try to bring him back to the college where she could have given up on him like the others which she did.Sakura needs to learn how to accept Saskue for who he is and learn to accept his dark nature and try to be more understanding of his feelings.


    As for Saskue he could tell that Sakura was upset he needs to start a conversation with her first that can help with their communciation Sakura can't be the one to keep the ball rolling.Now I think Sakura went too far she basically told Saskue to abandonded his memories of his family, his mother,his father and his brother his whole past that shapes him to who he is today plus it doesn't help when Sakura does not know the political aspects of the pardon.Now for Saskue just because Sakura told you to forget about your past and was bordeine ignorant of the pardon situation it doesn't give him the right to just flat out leave he needs to explain Sakura about the situation more and why his past is important to him.Saskue needs to learn that while your past shapes you as a person you can't let that stop you from moving forward and have a better future for yourself.

    Also for the Shikamaru and Temari scene I loved it ;) it looks like Shikamaru lost this time and now he has to go to the sex store that's going to be so awkward and funny I can't wait for that scene.Also you should have Temari ask Shikamaru which game is better their endurance game or Shogi.

    Also loved Ino and Hinata moment and Ino showing her everything at the shop and corrupting Hinata even more especially when Ino was messing with Hinata for a bit ;).Anyway this was the best chapter yet so great job on that and I can't wait for the next one :)



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  • From ANON - Reyna64 on January 21, 2018

    I'm telling you, I love this story. Lord knows it's difficult to find anyone expand Hinata's character to this erotica level naturally,  usually it's terrible means or reluctance,  so I'm happy how seamless and natural she came to this. I feel bad for Sasuke, I always thought Sakura was a bad choice for him and while I can see her side of things, I would not agree to her warped infidelity and I hope he finds out soon so he can perhaps finally get that orgasm. Honestly,  I've always imagined Sasuke and Hinata together- like every aspect he would need would be easily fulfilled by Hinata,  but then I remember Naruto, lol

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  • From ANON - Luana LS on January 21, 2018

    You are able to maintain the balance between sexual and psychological side of history, and it is magnificent! I loved it!

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  • From ANON - red demon on January 18, 2018

    It's great to see you back. With such a hot update too. Naruto going full on anal with Hinata is damn hot. I can't help but wonder what those two are going to do next. Hinata visting a sex shop is great maybe she can get some ideas on what she wants to do. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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  • From nightwind83 on January 18, 2018

    This is probely my most faverte chapter, though I not a big sauhina fan I am interested to see how you work him into the mix.I feel real sorry for Lee. I don't see saurka leaving sauske Amy more then ino does. 

    I do hope sasuke does confront saurka on it as someone who's been cheated on and seeing it happen with friends both ends of it the cheater always give off big hints even if the one being cheated on.

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  • From ANON - JJ on January 18, 2018

    I'm glad that your doing alright I was worried about what happened to you but I figured that you was a bit busy but I understand sometimes real life gets in the way on what you want do.Anyway the chapter was hot as hell I loved the bath scene it was nice and romantic that Naruto picked Hinata up and carried her to the bathroom and helped her bathe while he bathe himself while at the same time having a little bit of fun with her as well.I also loved the eating scene as well.Not to mention Naruto teasing Hinata and making her admit that she enjoyed anal was funny as well. Also the morning scene with her dressing Naruto cock was funny I wouldn't be surprise if she did that everyday in the future with Naruto though I doubt she would try that with Saskue.

    Also I'm glad that Naruto and Hinata are moving in together I mean like Naruto said Hinata is almost at Naruto apartment everyday so its about time that they started moving in together since their relationship is pretty serious. But now all Hinata needs to do now is talk to her father and Naruto as well because of the Hugya clan and all of their restrictions I think you should focus a part of a chapter on that conversation and maybe have Kakashi teach Naruto about certain things a Homage should know after all he is going to be the next Hokage after Kakashi.

    Last but not least the secert sex store Ino runs I'm actually a bit shocked that she runs a sex store though I shouldn't because of her nature and she probably knows a lot of secrets regarding people who come to her store she even knows about Sakura's affair with Lee.I like that she was looking out for Lee and warning him that the affair could end up with disaster and that no matter how hard he tries Sakura would never leave Saskue not after all the years she spent chasing after him and finally getting together with him and marrying him but Lee is headstrong and stubborn he not going to give up that easily he going to try to earn Sakura love and I loved how Ino told Lee about the transformation just.Not to mention this was where in this sex shop was where Sakura and Lee started their affair I was a bit shocked by that.Also I need a scene where Shikamaru comes into the shop do you know how awkward that would be for him and Ino.Also I don't think Saskue would dare step inside the shop due to how prideful he is lol.

    Love the Hinata and Ino moment at the shop its another way for Hinata and Ino to talk about their sex lives and I loved that Saskue and Sakura theprist was working there as well and how kinky she is that was pretty nice and surprising as well.All in all this was a great chapter and don't worry about the ShikaTema side story and more of the therapy session I can wait haha anyway looking forward to the next chapter and what else you have in store :).

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