The Long Run

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Author's note: Apologies for the short chapter. It's been a tiring week and I'm rather frazzled about my thesis defence next week, so concentrating on my fics hasn't exactly been smooth sailing so far this week. I still wanted to give you something already, though, so I hope you'll forgive me for the shortness of this chapter!

Warnings: Mature content; bad jokes

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Chapter 19

"I'm pretty sure Tsunade said not to exert yourself this week," Sasuke said once he'd managed to gather his thoughts. He thought he could be forgiven for his slow reaction, considering all the crap that had occurred today and now with Naruto's less than subtle proposition.

"There are many ways you can fuck me without me having to exert myself," Naruto said casually, but his eyes were intense. "Nobody said I have to be on top. You can fuck me when I'm on my back, my side, fuck me when I'm on my stomach or I can sit in your lap and you can use me by - "

"Okay! It's clear!" Sasuke hastily interrupted him and shifted, ignoring Naruto's smug look. "Obviously you put a lot of thought in this, huh?"

"Well, I can't deny I have been thinking about this for a while," Naruto said airily and his index finger curled around a strand of Sasuke's hair. "You can't blame me; have you looked at yourself?"

Ignoring the compliment, Sasuke asked, "Are you sure? You've been through a lot today, there's no need to ru-"

"I don't want to think about her anymore," Naruto said quietly.

Sasuke shut his mouth with an almost audible 'clack' of his teeth.

Naruto wasn't looking at him anymore; instead his eyes were focused somewhere above Sasuke's shoulder, his fingers restlessly drawing circles across Sasuke's chest. "I keep seeing her face every time I close my eyes and – I hate it. I want her out of my head."

A part of Sasuke was certain this was not an ideal way of coping with trauma. He wasn't a psychologist, but surely somewhere in one of those study guides, fucking to suppress trauma wasn't a coping technique they would recommend. Then again, none of them had expected three years ago that the world would go to shit and the dead would start walking the earth, so perhaps trying to psycho-analyse this whole situation had become pointless in the face of everything that had happened so far.

He probably should get up, insist Naruto get some sleep and return to his own home. But doing that would mean leaving Naruto alone, would mean having to separate again after he'd only got him back just a few hours prior and everything in Sasuke rebelled against that thought. He hadn't gone through all that bullshit, hadn't pushed himself through hours of worry and fear only to leave Naruto behind when he needed him the most.

"If you don't want to, you don't have to," Naruto was quick to say; a frown marring his forehead. "Fuck, Sasuke, you know I would never push you to do anything, you know? I can take care of myself; you don't have to - "

"Just shut up for a sec," Sasuke said tersely and tightened his grip around Naruto's back in case the idiot got the wrong idea and tried to leave.

"Rude," Naruto huffed, but he relaxed again, letting his gaze drift across the bedroom while Sasuke thought this through.

This might not be a good idea – but what if it was? Would refusing Naruto and leave him to face that bitch in his nightmares be so much better then? If he could override her groping with his own touch, would that make Naruto heal easier? Was he just trying to find an excuse to justify sleeping with him? It was Naruto who had suggested it, however, and if he didn't want to, he wouldn't have spoken up. Even though they hadn't known each other for a year yet, it had become abundantly clear to Sasuke that Naruto would never do anything that he didn't want to do.

"You brought that bottle of lube with you?" he asked, recalling the bottles in that poor excuse of a shed in the woods.

Naruto grinned, pushing himself up so that he ended up sitting next to Sasuke. "Yep, brought one of the bottles with me," he declared cheerfully and shuffled closer to the nightstand, taking care not to put too much pressure on his injured thigh. "Thought it might come in handy at one point and you were quite clear about how unappreciative you are of our little getaway."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Yes, because not wanting to be eaten by zombies is now being unappreciative, how thoughtless of me."

"You know it," Naruto grinned and pulled open the second drawer. The force of the pull sent something heavy rolling towards the front and Naruto picked it up with a triumphant smile. He shook the bottle in front of Sasuke; the label catching the light of the candles. "Got it."

"I bet you were a perfect boy scout," Sasuke said amused, sitting up, allowing the blanket to drop down to his waist. He smirked when he caught Naruto ogling his chest. "You see something you like?" he teased.

"Arsehole," Naruto chortled and slapped his arm, dragging himself closer and getting rid of his own shirt. "And no, never was with the scouts. Dad taught me all I needed to know during our summer trips, though. He always said it was very important to be prepared."

"And clearly you took that to heart," Sasuke snorted, accepting the bottle and rolling it between his hands. They hadn't bothered dusting it off even though they had used the bottle before and faint fingerprints showed where the dust had been lifted off by their fingers.

"Hey, I was a pretty obedient kid," Naruto grinned before clucking his tongue, tugging at Sasuke's boxers. "These need to come off."

"You really are bossy," Sasuke remarked, but made no move yet to rid himself of his boxers. "You're the one who's still more dressed than I am, you know?"

"You best help me then, seeing as I can't exert myself too much," Naruto said innocently, snickering when Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"You're going to milk that for all it's worth, huh?" Sasuke said unimpressed and without further ado, he grabbed the edge of Naruto's shirt and pulled it up, forcing the blond to raise his arms or be awkwardly stuck in the sleeves. He threw it to the floor on top of his own clothes.

"Oh, I'm definitely going to be milking something, all right." Naruto waggled his eyebrows obnoxiously.

"God, I don't know why I put up with your shit," Sasuke groaned, rubbing his left cheek wearily. "That one was so lame, you know that, right?"

"It got you smiling just the tiniest bit, though," Naruto pointed out smugly and fell down against his pillow, wriggling his hips pointedly. "Still wearing trousers here. And underwear. Both need to get off."

"That's not the only thing needing to get off, I presume," Sasuke said dryly and was rewarded by a sudden peal of bright laughter and Naruto smacking his shoulder several times.

"After that you have no right to scold me about my humour anymore, mister," Naruto laughed; his eyes bright and shining. "That one was terrible, oh my god!"

"That one was genius," Sasuke sniffed and set about pulling Naruto's pyjama trousers down. "Yours was an ear-sore to hear."

"Uhuh, you keep believing that," Naruto scoffed; his eyes lightening up when Sasuke's fingers lingered around the waistband of his boxers.

Right as Sasuke's index fingers dipped underneath the waistband, intent on pulling it off as well and letting it meet its fate with the rest of their clothes, something flickered in Naruto's eyes, making him pause.

"Full discloser," Naruto said nonchalantly, but there was a faint tremor underlining his voice. "Never done this before either."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Me neither. What's the point?"

Naruto looked sceptical once more at his claim, but disregarded it in favour of replying, "Just that, you know, with me being half incapacitated and not having any experience when it comes to this, this might not be … perfect." He waved awkwardly over his body and between them both.

"Who the fuck cares about being perfect?" Sasuke rolled his eyes and this time pulled down at Naruto's boxers, lowering them down his thighs, over his knees, down his legs until he slipped it off completely, letting it fall somewhere on the floor. "We both don't have any experience, we might suck at it. Who cares? We'll figure it out, I'm sure."

He doubted it was rocket science, after all.

"Just, you know," Naruto cleared his throat, "keep it in mind and all that. Also, now you're the one still overdressed. Take it off."

"You know, I could just easily leave you here and let you take care of yourself," Sasuke murmured, watching through half-lidded eyes how an actual shudder went through Naruto's body at hearing that.


"You could, but you're not going to," Naruto retorted quickly, but his eyes were glued onto Sasuke's hands, watching them land on his own boxers, toying with the waistband of it.

"Don't test me, Naruto," Sasuke warned and pushed down his underwear, getting off the bed briefly to rid himself of it completely.

"I don't know," Naruto murmured, reaching out with his hands when Sasuke got back onto the bed. "I think I'd like testing you."

Sasuke tsk'd, but no longer in the mood to keep arguing, he settled himself between Naruto's spread legs, drinking in the sight which greeted him. In spite of his bold words, there was a slight red hue dusting Naruto's cheeks and his eyes were large and glistening. Sasuke wasn't entirely certain whether that glistening could be completely attributed to the candles still lit up around them. His blond hair was messy, strands haphazardly sticking out in all directions on the pillow, finally completely dry from the quick shower he'd taken to rinse himself off. His body was lean but muscled; working with the crossbow so much had left its mark behind. He had finally started to fill out a bit and his stomach was no longer concaving that deeply when lying on his back.

His fingers were buried into the blanket, rubbing the fabric between his digits as if he needed to work out his restlessness on something. His legs were spread wide enough to grant Sasuke enough space to lie between them; the bandage on his injured thigh stood out starkly against his skin, but fortunately there was no longer any trace of blood disrupting the white cloth. Tsunade would probably kick the shit out of the both of them if Naruto had managed to start bleeding again already.

Blue eyes turned almost luminous when Sasuke's gaze landed on Naruto's cock, already hard and firm, curving slightly to the left. As Sasuke watched, a single bead of precum slipped down the shaft, followed by a shuddering exhale of Naruto, whose knees knocked into Sasuke's legs when he made a move as if to close them. He relaxed them again as soon as he touched Sasuke's skin as if remembering then that closing them would be kind of counterproductive to what they wanted to do.

"Enjoying the view?" Naruto rasped.

Sasuke smirked, watching those blue eyes widen a notch. "Can't say I'm exactly minding the view," he said teasingly, running his hands down Naruto's thighs, feeling muscles tense and clench underneath his featherlight touch before they relaxed just as quickly. "You still want this?"

"You mean, do I still want your dick in me?" Naruto raised an eyebrow, though his frank words were undercut slightly by the way he reddened when he stole a glimpse at Sasuke's cock.

He appeared transfixed then, his hands reaching out once more as if on their own accord as he rose up slightly, sitting up so he could run his hands down Sasuke's stomach. The tips of his fingers were calloused, somewhat rough, but not unpleasant and Sasuke couldn't quite suppress a shiver when those fingers swept across his lower belly, close to his dick.

"Naruto?" Sasuke murmured; his voice rougher than he intended.

Naruto startled a bit, grasping Sasuke's waist; his fingertips digging slightly into the skin right underneath Sasuke's ribs. "Hell yeah, I want it," he smiled crookedly then, leaning forwards to kiss Sasuke. "Only been wanting it for quite a while now, no big deal."

Sasuke huffed out a laugh and pushed him down, settling himself more properly between Naruto's thighs before he leant down and captured his mouth in another kiss, a deeper one this time, pouring all his intent into it.

Well, if Naruto was sure … Then Sasuke had no trouble giving him what he wanted.

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