Chicken Ramen for the Pervert's Soul

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Age had not been unkind to his wife.

Though her body became softer and pillowy, her tits sagging some and she sported a small pudge on her belly compared to their youth, Naruto did not mind any of those imperfections. In fact, he revelled in them. Her plush body juxtaposed perfectly with his own hard one. She was still a gorgeous, buxom woman, that any man would kill to bed.

Naruto loved Hinata and she still aroused him easily, he could plow her to no end, such as he was now.

“Fuck yes, Hina! You like that?” Naruto snarled, slamming his cock into the cunt he spent nearly two decades shaping and molding into the perfect sleeve for himself.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Hinata babbled in confirmation, her gushy cunt foaming from multiple orgasms already. Her girl cum already splattered across her thighs and across her husband’s pelvis. Despite her cunt’s sopping nature, what Hinata really wanted was to be flooded with Naruto’s hot, glutinous seed.

“Whose pussy is this?” Naruto growled, angling his dick, aiming for Hinata’s most sensitive areas. The almost embarrassingly wet squelches reverberating in the large bedroom as Naruto entered and exited his wife’s cunt.

“Fuck! Yours it’s yours, always always always youuurs. Oh gaaaawdddd.” Hinata moaned, throwing her head back, almost slamming it against the headboard when Naruto’s fat cockhead dragged roughly against her g-spot.

Naruto sure was glad Boruto and Himawari decided to move out and live together earlier that year. Hinata became uninhibited with her screams and vulgarities since they left, and Naruto adored that.

Naruto spread Hinata’s legs wider, maneuvering his pelvis so he went from dragging his cockhead against her walls to fully sheathing himself in long, slow thrusts. Hinata immediately reacted by grabbing his shoulders and sinking her fingernails into them, drawing blood as she let out a shriek.

“Oh fuuuck, Narutoooooo, fuck, fuck!” Her eyes widened from the sensation of being stretched out once more.

“My sweet wife is going to come for again, isn’t she?” Naruto grinned at the writhing woman beneath him, thick strands of dark blue hair clinging to her face from all the sweat. Her normally pale face ruddy from sexual excitement.

Hinata tried to respond, but she could only focus on Naruto’s cock piercing her down all the way to her cervix, beating on it like a drum. Her mouth slack-jawed and tongue incapable of forming any shapes, so she dumbly nodded instead.

Naruto smiled at his beautiful wife, enjoying her slovenly expressions. Nineteen years of fucking her silly and he never tired making the former Hyuuga heir look absolutely depraved from being pleasured by his cock. Years of ingrained manners and decorum thrown down the drain simply because Naruto knew how to thrust his hips. Well, he guessed the fat cock helped too.

Naruto saw Hinata’s lavender eyes dim, as they always did when she was on the verge of her orgasm. Naruto moved his bandaged hand to her clit rubbing circles on it with his thumb.

“Come, baby, come for me.” Naruto leaned over and purred into her ear, rocking his hips and grinding his cock against her womb.

Naruto’s lustful demand wracked Hinata’s mind, and she let out a whining sound that could have been confused for a wounded animal. Her normally gorgeous face contorted into a nearly deranged grimace as her legs convulsed violently from her orgasm ripping through her.

“That’s it, fuck yes, that’s it sweetheart.” Naruto groaned in delight as he fucked her harshly through the orgasm, despite how tightly her cushy walls tried to clamp down on him. He felt his own release building up more rapidly and he slammed his cock against Hinata’s cervix, taking a moment to grind into it at the apex of each thrust.

Hinata had been so thoroughly fucked that her upper body slumped against the mattress, her large tits bouncing sinfully with each deep thrust of Naruto’s cock. Naruto moved his hand from her clit to paw at her breast before pinching her nipple harshly, knowing it would cause her to squeal in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Hinata met his expectations with a high pitch shriek, her upper body flailing off the mattress as her shaking arms unsuccessfully attempted to grasp onto Naruto’s shoulders for some support. Naruto let out a husky chuckle before he grabbed both of her arms, forcing her body to slant upright as he continued to rut deeply against her abused cunt.

“I can’t! I can’t, I can’t, I caaaaan’t!” Hinata began sobbing, tears running down her face slowly as her mind and body tried to come to terms with being fucked so savagely past her orgasm. Her pussy lips were slick and swollen, her clit throbbing incessantly despite the multiple orgasms, and her cunt walls sore from Naruto pounding into her over and over again. Her whole body’s sensitivity was cranked up to eleven out of ten, yet Naruto still attempted to coax her body to come once more.

Naruto slowed down his thrusts until he was only softly grinding against Hinata, letting go of her arms and leaning his forearms onto the bed, bracketing her body and then he cupped her face in his hands.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Naruto cooed. Hinata sniffled and watched in awe as her adoring husband leaned over to kiss her tears away. The presses of his lips against her cheeks and under her eyes causing her heartbeat to flutter in her chest. “Are you getting too sensitive?”

“I-I, I’m sorry, Naruto-kun.”

“Don’t apologize, baby.” Naruto brushed his lips against hers and Hinata let out a soft whimper at the gentle treatment. He caught her lips again, open mouth this time, and she moaned as he flicked his tongue against her own, drinking in her taste. He suckled on her lower lip before letting it pop out of his mouth. He kissed her cheek, then her jaw, and then her nose, so delicately it made Hinata’s head spin from his devotion to her. All the while, Naruto moved his hips back and forth modestly, sending sparks of raw want down Hinata’s belly, making her overworked cunt starve for his cum once more.

“N-naruto-kun,” Hinata moaned her husband’s name wantonly, bucking her sore hips upwards.

“Better now, sweetheart?” He ran his nose along her throat, inhaling her scent. Normally she smelled of lilacs and tangerines, but after the brutal fucking he gave, only the tang of her sweat and the unique scent of her sloppy cunt was present. Naruto didn’t mind. He loved her both ways.

“Yes, baby, yes.” Hinata eyes fluttered as the frissons of pleasure coursed through her body, ramping her desire for another orgasm despite her exhaustion.

Naruto leaned back and licked his lips as he looked down at his wife. Her eyes wide and filled with ardour, her pink lips parted and panting, and a fucking delicious blush coating her cheeks. Sweat matted her decadent blue hair across her forehead and neck, and Naruto had half a mind to lick every last drop of salt water off her luscious body. Maybe after he filled his wife to the brim with his cum he’d think about worshiping her body with his tongue.

Naruto began rocking his hips again, not the violent, animalistic mating from earlier, but a slower, tender pace as he kept his wife close to him and he could stare down at her reverent face. Her eyes wide and pleading for his love.

He kissed her gently and then murmured against her lips, “I know you’re tired, but I want another one Hinata, can you do that for me?”

Hinata nodded vigorously, before leaning forward and capturing Naruto in another loving kiss. The couple continued to make-out as they bucked their hips against each other, slowly increasing the speed of pelvis slamming against pelvis.

Naruto rested his forehead against Hinata’s staring deep into her eyes as he took deeper thrusts, causing the Hyuuga to let out strangled whimpers with each stroke.

“Going to fill you up princess, going to fill your cunt up.” Naruto nearly rasped out, his voice deep and hoarse.

Please,” Hinata whispered needily, “please fill me up, I love it when you fill me up.”

“Love it when you talk dirty, fuck!” Naruto grunted as he leaned his head forward and placed it against her silky neck. Hinata ran her hands down her husbands back, the strong muscles flexing against her fingertips.

“Love you, love you so much, Naruto.” Hinata sobbed out, a harsh thrust started to push her body onto the precipice of another violent orgasm. Naruto’s body working her own like a fiddle.

Naruto pushed off onto his forearms before grabbing Hinata’s face in his palms, his eyes burning with passion as he looked down at the love of his life.

“Love you, Hinata, my perfect wife, only one for me, fuck!” Naruto sped up his bludgeoning cock against his wife’s overstimulated cunt, his balls tightening and ready to stain and mark his beloved’s cunt as his own once more. “Love you so fucking much, Hinata, now come, fucking come for me!”

Hinata’s eyes rolled back in her head and her jaw dropped open as Naruto’s command forced her fifth orgasm, which was somehow more powerful than the last one. She was completely incapable of making any sounds as her body quaked in Naruto’s strong arms, her cunt walls spasming around his cock so tightly it almost ceased his penetration.

Naruto barely lasted another two thrusts in Hinata’s squeezing cunt before unloading his seed deep inside her, almost like a balm against her aching womb. Naruto let out a feral grunt with each blast of ropey cum filling up his wife while Hinata let out breathy gasps of pleasure when she felt the warmth slap against her cervix, run down her walls, and somehow leak around the nearly plug perfect fit of her husband’s weighty cock. Her thighs quickly became sticky from the overflow of her husband’s prodigious ejaculation.

Naruto let out a groan and lied down lazily on top of his wife, his softening cock still inside her, being milked by some stray contractions. Hinata laid completely still for a moment, basking in the afterglow of the tremendous fuck before she gained the energy to run her hands up and down her husband’s back. She adored his weight on top of her as well as the overall lovely ache of her entire body from being delightfully debauched by her husband.

Naruto nuzzled his face against his wife’s neck, placing sloppy, open-mouthed kisses against the pale skin. Hinata let out sighs of pleasure and moved her hands to his neck, playing with the hair above Naruto’s nape.

“I’m getting old, Naruto, I swear my hips were going to break near the end.”

Naruto lifted his head to look at his wife. “Hmm, no worries, I’ll just take you to Sakura-chan when that happens.” He gave her a lopsided grin.

Hinata scowled back playfully, “Or, maybe we could have less sex? Hm?”

Naruto let out a mirthful laugh. “C’mon, sweetheart, we both know you don’t want that.”

Hinata let out a defeated sigh, but she knew he was right. There was almost nothing that left her feeling as complete as when Naruto took his time, ravishing her, devastating her, loving her. Nothing could compare.

Instead, she closed her eyes, letting the fatigue finally set in.

 “I love you, Naruto.” She murmured piously.

Naruto closed his eyes and pulled his adoring wife close and responded with equal reverence, “I love you, Hinata.”

A/N: It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

I’ve been trying to work on my other stories, but the stuff I’ve been writing is completely garbage so far. So, I wrote some smut to try and get my groove back. This is a Plot-What-Plot? one-shot series, each one-shot is unrelated, so I’m taking suggests for women/scenarios. Hopefully my smut writing will get better while I do this lol.





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