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Naruto tossed to the side, trying to avoid the bright sunlight pouring in from his now opened shades, but to no avail, the cursed light assaulting his face and forcing his eyes open.

“Ungh!” he looked around with bleary vision, barely able to make out Hinata tying her hair back into a ponytail.

“Good morning, Naruto-kun!” she smiled warmly at him, stepping close to the bed before leaning over and kissing his cheek, “Go wash your face and brush your teeth while I make breakfast, okay?”

Naruto let out an incoherent sound of acknowledgement as Hinata walked out of the room and into his kitchen. After an extra moment of enjoying the softness of his bed, Naruto rose, doing Hinata’s biding and freshening himself up for the day. As he walked into the kitchen, he saw Hinata already mixing some sort of batter. Naruto sauntered lazily toward her before hugging her from behind and kissing her on the cheek.

She hummed, enjoying his smooch and then giggled when Naruto started nuzzling his nose along her neck, “Naruto-kun! Go sit down, I can’t concentrate when you do that.”

“Hmm, yeah, yeah,” Naruto mumbled, still fighting his grogginess as he stopped pressing up against his girlfriend and sat down at the dining table. As he slowly let himself rouse from his sleepy stupor, enjoying Hinata’s pretty humming and the chirping of the birds outside, Naruto observed his girlfriend’s appearance. Hinata was simply wearing his orange t-shirt he took off when he went to sleep, and purple underwear that would peak out from under the hem of the shirt sometimes as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

His gorgeous girlfriend, barefoot and only wearing his shirt, in his kitchen, making him breakfast…how did he get so lucky?

“I love you, Hinata,” Naruto sighed dreamily as he rested his chin on his hands.

Hinata, who was prepping the stove, turned around with a light blush on her cheeks, beaming back at Naruto. “I love you too, Naruto-kun,” she murmured before turning back to place a pan on the stove and ladle some batter into it. After a little bit of time, Hinata had a stack of pancakes resting on a plate next to her. She turned off the stove and brought the pancakes over along with some chopped berries and syrup. Naruto already brought over plates and utensils, setting up the table by then.

“Here you are,” Hinata placed a generous stack of pancakes on his plate along with some berries and poured some syrup for him.

“Ah, Hinata, you’re spoiling me! You made the food, at least let me serve it.” Naruto whined, but took the plate from her, nonetheless.

“I know, but I love spoiling you, Naruto-kun, so don’t worry about it and enjoy,” Hinata cooed, as she set up her own plate.

Naruto cut wide slices of his pancake, taking healthy bites and barely chewing enough before swallowing, while Hinata displayed more decorum, cutting sensible pieces to chew on delicately, savouring the taste.

“Delicious!” Naruto sounded out around some pieces of pancake and fruit, and Hinata smiled in response.

The two ate in silence for a bit, enjoying the sleepy morning together.

“You have a mission today?” Hinata asked after swallowing a bite of food.

“Uh huh,” Naruto affirmed as he ran his finger across his polished plate, picking up some leftover syrup to suck on. “What are you doing today, sweetheart?”

Hinata straightened her back, preening slightly as the pet name. Naruto started using it about a week ago and she loved hearing it every single time. “Oh! Not much, I’m going to see Kurenai-sensei and Mirai-chan in the morning and then Kiba-kun, Shino-kun, and I are going to do some training after.”

“That sounds awesome! If I get back by the evening, maybe I’ll join you guys?”

“That would be lovely. Kiba-kun has been wanting to spar with you again.”

Naruto stood up, picking up the empty plates, clearing the table. He walked to the sink where he began washing them. “Thanks for breakfast! It was awesome!”

“You are welcome, Naruto-kun. I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

As he finished washing the plates he turned around, watching Hinata watching him with gentle smile. To his amusement, a small glob of amber syrup was stuck to the corner of her mouth. Naruto let out a chuckle. “Sweetheart, you’ve got a little…” he pointed toward his mouth.

“Oh!” Hinata blushed furiously, which just made her look extra cute in Naruto’s professional opinion, and she began wiping at the wrong cheek, trying to get rid of the syrup.

Naruto let out another short laugh and walked over to his girlfriend, giving her a small shake of his head, “Nah, let me get it.” Naruto brought his hand to her face, cupping it gently. He could not help but notice how Hinata’s eyelashes fluttered from the action, before he ran his thumb across the corner of her mouth, wiping off the syrup.

After a moment, Naruto still had not moved, simply enjoying looking down at his beautiful girlfriend with her face in his palm.


Naruto slid his thumb against her lip, and she let out a gasp, her chin tilting upward as she stared at him in anticipation.

“Open up, sweetheart.” Naruto murmured huskily and Hinata obliged with wide eyes. Naruto slipped his thumb into her mouth and Hinata swirled her tongue around it, cleaning it, but Naruto let it rest against her tongue and Hinata began sucking on it gently. Naruto let out a moan at the sight of Hinata’s hollowed cheeks. Naruto finally pulled his thumb out and giving her a lewd once over. “Hinata, breakfast was delicious, but I’m hungry for something else, yeah?”

“Naruto!” Hinata let out a nervous giggle at the innuendo, but she stood up, pressing into him and kissed him gently, “What about your mission?” she murmured against his lips.

Naruto smirked at her, giving her a push to make her sit on the dining table. She let out an eep! of surprise when he gently pressed her down flat, her hips at the edge and her feet barely touching the floor. “I’ve got time, don’t worry!”

Naruto ran his large hands up the side of Hinata’s thighs and she moaned already, loving the feeling of his calloused hands rubbing her skin. As he reached under the hem of the shirt and over her hips, he brushed across and over the band of her panties onto the warm skin on either side. “Is this okay? Can I make you feel good?”

Hinata blushed and then ran her eyes down toward his crotch, blatantly staring at the erection pressing against his shorts, blinking rapidly before staring back at Naruto’s face. “If you would like…”

Naruto grinned and shook his head, leaning over to kiss Hinata deeply, grinding himself down into her. She let out a sweet moan and then a whimper as he broke the kiss. Still leaning over her he spoke, “Of course I would like, I want to know if you would like it as well.”

Hinata bit her slightly bruised bottom lip, but Naruto could see the grin she was trying to hide. She nodded her head vigorously, running her hands up his arm and over his shoulders, feeling the strong muscles underneath the skin.

Naruto kissed her once more before he stood straight, hooking his thumbs underneath either side of her panties and slowly dragging them down her feet, letting her kick them off. As he pulled the shirt covering her hips upward, he sucked in sharply at the sight of her inner thighs, shining slightly from her slick.

“Sweetheart, how are you so wet already?”

Hinata shivered at the throaty tone and the blown out look in Naruto’s eyes as he greedily drank in her cunt with his gaze. “T-this is your fault, Naruto-kun, you were using your tongue in those kisses so l-lewdly!” she huffed out, her face painted red.

Naruto let out a groan, running a hand over his mouth as his eyes flickered up toward Hinata’s flushed face. “Oh, I did this, huh? I made you drip all over your thighs?”

“Mmmh, y-yeah,” Hinata murmured, wiggling her hips instinctively at Naruto’s filthy words.

“Well, I’m going to make an even bigger mess down there, yeah?”

“Oh! P-please!” Hinata mewled and she bit her lip as Naruto gripped her legs from underneath her knees, pushing them back to expose her cunt some more. He dragged her on the table, so her bum hovered off it and then he sunk to his knees, placing her legs over his shoulders. Hinata braced herself on her forearms so she would not break eye contact with him.

Naruto leaned his head forward, his nose brushing against her damp pubes. He blew out some air against her flushed and needy quim, triggering a yelp of pleasure to slip out Hinata’s lips. Naruto smirked at her before lowering his head slightly and licking a long stripe against her cunt.

“Oh! Oh god!” Hinata hissed out as Naruto began eating out her cunt with long laps of his tongue, just the way she liked it. She tried to buck up against him, but his strong hands were spread across her hips, holding her down and forcing her to take what he gave her.

Sweat rolled down Hinata’s forehead and her arms shook as she tried to maintain her posture to watch the wanton desire in Naruto’s eyes as he played with her quim, sucking on the lips, lapping and kissing it, making filthy wet sounds that filled the room and made Hinata want to writhe.

“Oh, oh shit!” Hinata cussed, and Naruto’s eyes gleamed with satisfaction as he maintained his pace and slipped his left hand down her groin. He grinned against her cunt when she let out a shriek as he stroked against her swollen clit. He rotated his fingers in tight circles around her clit, gently stroking it directly every few moments, causing Hinata to howl in rapture. “Please, oh god, Naruto, you’re m-making me feel so good! I’m—I’m going to—oh if you rub a little ha—ooooh!”

Hinata let out a prolonged moan as she came on Naruto’s tongue, her hips canting up and her thighs quivering as Naruto stilled his hand and slowed down his jaw, giving kittenish licks to her cunt as coaxed Hinata through her high.

Hinata covered her flushed face, breathing in deeply as she recovered from her orgasm, when she felt the light pressure of Naruto’s tongue lift off from her cunt. Her legs slipped off from his back and she could feel his body heat as he stood up and leaned over her, grabbing her wrist gently and moving her arm away from her face.

“Hey beautiful,” he beamed down at her, her juices still clinging to his jaw as he licked his lips lasciviously.

Hinata wanted to continue hiding her face in embarrassment, but she knew Naruto loved to see her like that, right after she orgasmed. “Hi.”

His smile grew a bit more bashful, and he scratched the back of his head, “Are you okay? Could I…y’know?” he glanced down at his crotch. Hinata could see his precum staining through his shorts, leaving a darkened mark.

Instead of answering, Hinata stood up, kissing Naruto, tasting herself on his tongue while she reached down between his legs to tease his twitching erection with soft caresses.

Hinata drank in his moans and ran her tongue inside his mouth, devouring him, as Naruto canted his crotch up against her small hand, pressing her back against the table edge. They kissed deeply until Naruto broke it off with a deep pant and a wild look in his eye.

“Fuuuck, and you said, what, my kisses are lewd? That was absolutely filthy, Hinata!” Naruto growled before nipping against her neck, forcing out soft sighs from Hinata.

“Hmm, sorry,” she murmured mindlessly, and Naruto let out a choked laugh against her throat.

“Noooo, don’t you dare apologize, sweetheart. You can do that. Whenever. You. Like.” Naruto said the last three words between deep bites that would stain her neck with bruises. Hinata moaned at the action and at the thought of being marked by her lover. It made frissons of want thrum through her body and she clenched her thighs together to ease the feeling.

“Mngh, Naruto, I need you, please! Can you—will you—” Hinata tried to articulate what she desired but broke off with a sob as Naruto swatted her hand away and ground his covered cock against her cunt.

“Fuck, yes, going to give you what you need!” Naruto quickly ripped off his shorts and hooked one of Hinata’s legs around his hip. He gripped his cock in his right hand, pumping it twice before inserting it slowly into Hinata’s dripping cunt.

The two moaned in unison as Naruto slowly worked himself inside her, Hinata’s warm and wet walls clinging to his cock as he pushed through.

“Nghhh, god, sweetheart, you feel so damn good.” Naruto groaned when he filled her completely, and Hinata agreed with another sweet moan.

Naruto slid his hands up to her waist and around her back, to protect her tailbone from the edge of the table. Hinata noticed the movement and began to protest.

“Your fingers! Naruto-kun, don’t do that.”

“Hmm, don’t worry, it will keep me from cumming too fast.” Naruto winked at her before he began thrusting upward, blasting the worry out of her mind as he pumped his cock steadily in and out.

“Uhn, ah, ah, god!” Hinata whimpered as Naruto fucked her with deep strokes, making her head spin.

“That’s it, oh god, that’s it.” Naruto groaned out, continuing his steady pace, “You feel so perfect, Hinata, perfect for me.”

“Naruto, oh, Naruto!” Hinata kept calling his name as he pressed deep into her. She wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling him down so she could kiss him as he sped up his thrusts. Hinata felt her orgasm building up once more and she broke the kiss to reach down rub deep circles around her throbbing clit.

“Oh, shit, just like that sweetheart. Play with yourself for me. Are you going to come on my cock? Please come on my cock.” Naruto begged as his thumbs dug into her hips and his movements became imprecise and reckless as he fucked her.

Hinata glanced downward, her jaw dropping in awe as she watched Naruto’s cock entering in and out of her, the tanned skin glossy with a coating of her juices. Her walls fluttered around his cock and her thighs began quivering again. “Ngghh, so close, I’m right there—oh god you feel so good, Naruto!”

“Ah, ah, I can’t sorry gonna—fuck!” Naruto grunted as he came inside of Hinata, filling her with his seed. He took a step back, gripping Hinata’s neck and bringing her in for a sloppy kiss while he reached down, pushing her hand away and rubbing roughly over and around her clit until Hinata let out a cry against his lips as her walls spasmed around his spent cock, milking it dry.

Naruto stumbled back and collapse onto a chair, keeping Hinata in his lap and still on his slowly softening cock.

“Damn,” Naruto panted, closing his eyes for a moment and wiping the sweat on his forehead into his hair.  Naruto let out a deep breath, “That was hot as hell.”

Hinata wrapped her arms around Naruto and rested her head against the crook of his neck. Sweaty strands of her bangs sticking against his lower jaw. Naruto brushed them back gently and began stroking her head and she hummed in delight at the soothing action.

“You know what, Hinata?”


“We should have breakfast like this every morning!” Naruto tilted his head to look at her and gave her a cocky smile. Hinata just muffled a laugh into his neck before stretching up and nuzzling her nose against his.

She smiled shyly at him, “How about you try making dinner next time and I’ll see what I can do for dessert?”

Naruto’s eyes darkened as he nipped lightly against her lips. “Sounds like a plan, sweetheart.”    

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