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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and I make no money. Everyone in this Story ist over 18. The action Takes Place a few years After Boruto Season 1, when all childcharacters of Boruto aren´t underaged anymore.

Sarada heard moaning from the next room. Her mother Sakura was probably getting it on again.
That wasn't so bad if it wasn't for the problem that Sarada got horny every time she heard her mother moaning. Last time Naruto had cancelled a meeting with the Kages so she could suck his cock after Sakura's moaning had made her so horny she couldn't take it anymore.

She heard the slap of a palm on skin and the lustful yelp of her mother. As if by magic, her hand went into her trousers. With the other, she pulled them down with a jerk and now faced herself in the mirror. Her fingers shone in the reflection every time they left the inside of her pussy for a moment. She stood sideways to enjoy the globular expression of her tight fat ass. 

She closed her eyes and whimpered softly to herself. From the next room she heard her mother scream. "Oh yes go on. Don't stop please, Ino!"

The affair with Ino had been going on for a few years. It had started when Sarada was twelve. Now she had just turned 19 and since her father had stayed away from the house for another 8 years, Sakura needed satisfaction in a different way. Namely through Ino, Tsunade and Shizune.

But Sarada had also become active in the last year. After she had already sucked him off twice, Boruto finally dared to have real, if so far unsatisfying, sex with her. 

But fortunately she had been able to remedy the situation a few months earlier. With Naruto, she had an ongoing and passionate affair. Konohamaru had done it with her a few times and Shikamaru had also let her suck him off in the storeroom of the Hokage's office after a marital quarrel with Temari.

As she moaned to herself in thought, she suddenly felt the demanding grip of a rough, firm hand on her ass. A second one wrapped itself around her voluminous right breast and massaged the stiff nipple.

She opened her eyes and at the same time a not rough, but quite firm slap on her buttock followed, which made her moan excitedly. She loved to get a few smacks on her ass during sex. 

"I guess I didn't interrupt your training hmm?" asked Jiraiya as he stepped in front of her. She looked up at him and saw greedy lust on his face. "Sakura stop that or I'll come in a minute!" came Ino's voice from the next room. "Oh honey, I know you're addicted to my tits, but if you keep this up I'm going to explode!"

"They seem to be having a lot of fun," grinned Jiraiya. Time for us to do the same, my sweet. 

With those words, he clasped Sarada's hips and lifted her up. He pressed his lips to hers and immediately she opened her lips to allow his greedy tongue to enter. He pressed her against the wall and massaged her breasts with pleasure. Then he pushed her up the wall so that she could rest her legs on his shoulders. She pressed her thighs together so that Jiraiya's head could no longer escape from this position. His tongue darted over her clit and his hands buried themselves in her plump buttocks.

She put one hand on the back of his neck and pressed it even harder against her private parts. With the other hand she kneaded her left breast lustfully. Suddenly he tore her thighs apart and threw her onto the nearby bed. 

He bent over her and grabbed her breast, not exactly tenderly. "But now it's my turn Sarada-chan." He pulled her to his feet, ungently, squatted in front of the bed so that she was level with his member and licked tenderly over the soles of her feet. Then he enclosed his penis with them. She did what he wanted and moved them back and forth faster and faster. In the next room, Ino seemed to have just had a violent orgasm. Her lustful cries echoed throughout the house and Jiraiya seemed to be quite turned on by them, for his penis pulsed violently between Sarada's feet as Ino came. 

He set down and crawled up to her. Again they sank into a greedy kiss. She wrapped her legs around his back and moaned into the kiss. "Turn over," he commanded in a lascivious voice and with an erotic grin she turned over onto her stomach. "AAAAHHH!" she cried out as he unexpectedly bounced his hand on her already reddened ass cheek. "Don't you like it?" he asked. 

"Yes I do, do it again," she tried to say in as lascivious a voice as possible, but it only quivered with arousal.

In the distance she heard the doorbell, footsteps in the hallway and then her mother's surprised voice. "Oh Naruto-kun, why are you here. Thirty seconds of smacking and heartfelt sighing later, which Sarada could only imagine meant something, footsteps approached my door.

It opened and the Hokage stood in the doorway. "Couldn't you hold back your sex lust until you arrived at my office, Sarada-chan?" he asked, playfully indignant. "Naruto-kun! I once took the liberty of remedying that," Jiraiya said with amusement. "I imagine you could use a helping hand, oddball Berger Hermit. Sarada is not so easy to handle. She probably gets that from Sakura, who also has to buy a new bed every few months because she's so impetuous. He closed the door and approached the bed while quickly removing his cloak and the rest of his clothes. When he arrived, he gently stroked Sarada's ass. "She got that from her mother too, though," he murmured, giving it an affectionate pat. Jiraiya lay down on the bed and pulled her over him. In riding position, she now squatted on his hip. Naruto stepped up to her and whispered seductively in her ear, "For not coming to me, you will have to spoil me tonight, my sweet." With those words, their lips entwined and Jiraiya let his stiff member slide into her. Naruto kneaded her large, soft breasts as he now stood over her and she indulged his penis with her mouth. Jiraiya massaged her foot and stroked her clit gently but firmly at the same time. Slowly but surely she was approaching climax. Her legs began to tingle and tremble and she accelerated her movements over Jiraiya's hard member. He grabbed her hips and pressed them faster and faster against his abdomen. Her practised tongue also managed to bring Naruto close to climax. Jiraiya moaned and poured into her as Naruto's hard member tightened in her mouth. She too, moaning and whimpering, came to an overwhelming orgasm. With one hand she now jerked the shaft of Naruto's penis while she sucked on the glans and played around its tip with her tongue. "Oh my God, Sarada-chan!" he moaned, pouring himself into her mouth. Jiraiya lifted her from his lap. And left the room with one last gentle kiss on her chest. Naruto lay down beside her and she snuggled against him. He put an arm around her and caressed her slender, toned stomach. Then, smiling, he engaged her in a heartfelt French kiss.


Meanwhile, at the Yamanaka home...

Follows on the next part...

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