Yamanaka and Namikaze

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Chapter 3



The day after, Saturday, Ino did not visit Minato in his office as she spent both her Saturday and Sunday studying, training hand to hand combat on water, helping her mom in their flower shop and hanging out with Sakura and Hinata in the evenings.


Minato on the other hand, got out of the office early on Saturday so that he could go home and spend some time with his family. It was afternoon when he got home and found his wife and son out in the backyard, accompanied by Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon. Minato aren't sure if he should be referring to them as Naruto's friends or if Naruto's followers or subordinates is more appropriate. He was also pleasantly surprised to see that Naruto was actually at home for once since he is usually never home, spending most of his free time training out at his not so secret training spot in the backyard.


He walked out and joined them, finding Kushina, Moegi and Udon seated on the veranda while Naruto and Konohamaru were currently staring each other down, most likely about to start a fight for some stupid reason.


“Hey everyone” Minato said with a warm smile, gaining their attention.


“Hey dad” Naruto said nonchalantly before focusing on Konohamaru again “You will never defeat me you little shit!”.


“Hey Hokage-sama” Konohamaru said before focusing on Naruto, almost mimicking him “You were just lucky, boss! I will get you next time kore!”


“Hokage-sama” Udon and Moegi greeted respectfully with a slight bow while Kushina and Minato sweat dropped due to the way they acted. Kushina got up and gave Minato a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek “Welcome back, honey” she said with a warm smile of her own.


“Thanks, I decided to go home early today to spend some time with my favorite people” Minato said with a chuckle “I'm happy to see that Naruto is home for once”.


Kushina nodded, smiling as she stared at Naruto who was giving Konohamaru a noogie, which was him rubbing his knuckles on top of Konohamaru's head “He joined our game of ninja today”.


Minato smiled when he heard that and more so due to seeing Kushina smiling and seemingly being her normal self again. During summer and a few months before that, she seemed a little bit saddened by something and would get a lot angrier than usual if Naruto misbehaved or something like that. This week she has started acting like her normal happy go luck self, which may be due to her starting to play ninja with Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon. From what Minato has been told, they have been coming over to play ninja with her every other day since Monday. Maybe it was a sign that she missed being a ninja? Minato wondered.


“Can I join as well?” Minato asked.


Kushina nodded excitedly “Of course you can, now we can play with even teams!”.


The six of them then split into three teams with two people in each team. Minato got to team up with Udon, while Naruto teamed up with Moegi who wouldn't have it any other way. That left Kushina to team up with Konohamaru, who made for quite a scary team in Minato's opinion. Those two and Naruto are Konoha's biggest pranksters after all. It was probably best to take them out early, unless he wanted to risk being the victim of one of their pranks.


Each team got a paper tag which the younger teammate would wear on their back. Once the paper tag is taken by another team, you lose. Simple rules that Minato could easily abuse by using his speedy techniques, unfortunately for him, any use of chakra was banned. But that also made it easier for him to go after Naruto, because he couldn't escape using shadow clones like he always does during spars. With the help of Udon, Minato's team made quick work of Naruto and Moegi as Minato was able to overpower Naruto rather easily. After that Moegi came to Naruto's aide, completely forgetting about Udon who was able to snatch the paper tag off of Moegi's back.


With Naruto and Moegi out of the game, now they only had to worry about the two tricksters. They spotted Kushina alone, coming towards them while smiling mischievously. Both Minato and Udon expected some kind of a fight, but they didn't get that. Instead Kushina used questionable tactics as she pressed herself against Minato and hugged him tightly while giving him a quick peck on the mouth.


“Kushina?” Minato asked, wondering why she was doing this now and out here.


Kushina grinned “What's wrong?” she asked with that same mischievous smile.


Before Minato could answer, he saw Konohamaru running out from the forest, charging Udon. He couldn't do anything to stop him since Kushina was now holding him even tighter while giggling at him.


“Victory is ours!” Konohamaru and Kushina said at the same time as Konohamaru easily snatched the tag away from Udon who wasn't able to react in time to get away from Konohamaru.


Kushina then let go of Minato as she started laughing at him.


“You fight dirty!” Minato said jokingly.


“Everything is fair in a ninja battle, it's not my fault you can't resist me, honey” She said with an eye wink.


“Well that is true” Minato said with a chuckle.


They continued to play for a few hours after that as they rotated team members around. Minato was having a lot of fun as he was able to relax and get a decent work out at the same time without having to think about work. He also noted again, how cheerful Kushina was the hours that they played. It made him really happy to see her back to her normal self again.


After enjoying most of the Saturday at home with his family, Minato was back in the office early on Sunday morning again. It was another long and boring day in the hokage office, assigning missions to different teams and doing a lot of paperwork. Always paperwork..


It was boring until about an hour before he was going home, as he got another visit from a certain blond girl, who has been on his mind a lot lately. Ino smiled cutely after she had closed the door behind her, walking towards Minato “Hi, Hokage-sama”.


“Hey there Ino-chan, what can I help you with?” Minato greeted with his usual warm smile.


“Nothing, I'm just here to see you” Ino said with an eye wink as she made her way over to Minato's desk. She walked around it while Minato turned his office chair to desk her, to let her sit down in his lap. Instead of sitting down in his lap like usual, she stood in front of him.


“Uhm Hokage-sama, there is something you can do for me” Ino said, acting shy which was just acting on her part. She was going to tease the blond hokage a little before she gets her kisses this time.


“What's that?” Minato asked as Ino lifted her skirt, exposing her bandage covered thighs.


“Ino-chan?” Minato asked as he glanced at her thighs.


Ino smirked as she started pulling on the bandage “I think I got a bug bite on my thighs, would you mind taking a look for me?” she purred as she started unwrapping the bandage.


Minato stopped her by grabbing her by the wrist gently “Why don't you ask Butao-chan for help with that?” he asked with a chuckle.


Ino let go of the bandage as Minato let go of her wrist. She then got into his lap, whispering into his ear “Why? Don't you want to take a look” she then purred slowly, calling him by his name that she always did when she thought of him “Mi-Na-To-kun”.


Minato's eyes widened but he didn't get a chance to say anything before Ino gave him a quick peck on the mouth. She stared him into the eyes while giggling as their noses touched “Ino-chan?” Minato asked. Ino answered him by giving him another quick peck on the mouth, before jumping off of him.


“See you tomorrow, Hokage-sama!” Ino said cheerfully as she waved good bye, while walking out of the office with an extra sway in her hips.


Minato was dumbfounded as he stared at her with an open mouth. This was not good. He didn't know how long he could keep himself from doing something with Ino that he knew he would regret later on. Her flirting certainly isn't helping him either.


Ino was smiling all the way home, happy with the reaction she got from Minato. What she did with Minato felt so wrong, yet so right at the same time. She was fully aware of their age difference, the fact that Minato is married, that he is Naruto's father and a close friend to her own parents. That didn't matter to her, she wanted her teddy bear. No, teddy bear was no longer the right thing to call him. She wanted her hunk, her handsome blond hunk of a man, all to herself. Those were Ino's thoughts as she headed home to have dinner with her parents.


Monday and Tuesday passed with the only interesting thing happening for both Minato and Ino during those days were Ino's shorts visits to the Hokage office to get her two kisses. On Wednesday Ino did not visit her new favorite blond, instead she trained at Jiraiya's with Sakura and Hinata again. That was also fun since Ino kept teasing Jiraiya at every chance she got.


Thursday morning, Minato had barely had time to sit down in his chair in the office when his old teacher, Jiraiya, came flying into the office through an open window.


“Hey there brat” Jiraiya said while scowling.


Minato raised an eyebrow “Hi sensei, something wrong?”.


“Yeah, everything is wrong in this stupid village” Jiraiya said as he walked over to the desk and leaned his elbow on it, pouting in a funny way “These damn brats won't leave me alone!”.


Minato sweat dropped “What did Naruto and Konohamaru-kun do this time?” he asked, assuming that those two troublemakers were the reason for Jiraiya's bad mood.


“Nothing! It's not those two, it's the pink haired one and her two friends” Jiraiya spoke through gritted teeth.


“Pink haired one?” Minato asked.


Jiraiya nodded “Yeah, Ino-chan's friend, the one with pink hair. Since I gave that speech at the ninja academy, she has been coming over to my house every single day, demanding that I train her. And don't get me started on Ino-chan, she is out of control!”.


Minato chuckled at Jiraiya's at the way Jiraiya pouted when he said that. He could act really childish sometimes.


“Isn't that good? It means that your speech actually motivated some of the students. And if you ask me, you would do well with training a few more future ninja instead of wasting time peeking on women or doing other indecent things” Minato said.


“Well” Jiraiya said as he stopped leaning his shoulder on the desk in favor of turning towards the window “No one asked you” Jiraiya added which had Minato sweat drop “Then why are you here?” Minato asked in return.


“I'm just here to tell you that I'm gonna head out of the village for a while” Jiraiya said.


“We talked about this two weeks ago, I want you to stay in the village since Orochimaru could be on the move” Minato said in a serious tone.


Jiraiya sighed “You know as well as I do that I don't give two fucks about your orders, Minato. If I want to leave the village, then I'm leaving”.


Minato's eyebrows started twitching in annoyance, but he knew what Jiraiya said was true. There really wasn't anyone that could boss Jiraiya around, he could do what ever he wants. He usually does what Minato asks of him due to them being pretty much family.


“Besides, I'm doing this for the village and myself. I'm going to look for Tsunade-hime and ask her to return to the village. I will return as soon as I find her” Jiraiya said with a smile, his mood seemingly improving as soon as he talked about the female sannin.


“Do you think she will come back with you? As far as I know, she still hates the village” Minato said.


“Probably not” Jiraiya said with a shrug “But there is no harm in trying. She would be a great asset to the village with her medical skills and I sure do miss her two greatest assets” Jiraiya said with an eye wink “She will also strengthen our ninja forces just with her mere presence. Orochimaru would be a fool to attack the village with you, me, Sarutobi-sensei, Tsunade-hime and Kushina being in the village”.


“I know” Minato said with a sigh “If you believe that you can convince her to come back, then I have no reason to stop you”.


Jiraiya chuckled “I have a secret weapon to convince her”.




“Your brat” Jiraiya said with a laugh “I have yet to see a single lady in the village who doesn't fall heads over heels for that little brat. I'll bring him with me and have him help me convince Tsunade-hime to return”.


Minato sweat dropped again “While you do have a point, I don't think that would work with Tsunade-sama. She couldn't possibly be like those..”.


“Like who?” Jiraiya asked shaking his head “Every woman in the village? Tsunade-hime is a woman as well. And for your information, it will definitely work on her, do you know why?”


Minato shook his head.


“Because Tsunade-hime is into younger guys, especially brats like your son” Jiraiya said with a laugh “You should have seen the way she looked at him at his birthday party three years ago!”.


“No way” Minato said in disbelief “Even Tsunade-sama?” he asked.


Jiraiya nodded “Especially Tsunade-hime, trust me on that.”.


Minato face palmed “While I don't like the idea of you using my son as bait to get Tsunade-sama to return, the village sure could use her help. You can take him with you, but try to be back before Monday so he can be back in time for school next week”.


“I make no promises about anything, but we'll be leaving once your brat gets home from school. I will let Kushina know as well” Jiraiya said as he climbed out the window “Later, brat!” Jiraiya said before jumping off at high speed.


Later that same day, about an hour after Naruto and Ino's school day ended, Minato got another visit to his office. This time a much more pleasant one as the young Yamanaka beauty came to visit him again.


“Hi Minato-kun” Ino said as she closed the door behind her, facing Minato with an alluring smile. She made her way over to his desk as he smiled back at her “Hey Ino-chan” he said with a chuckle. Ino walked around the desk as Minato turned his chair, like always. Just as Ino was about to sit down on his lap, they both heard the office door open. The door opened to reveal Kushina in her usual green housewife attire, walking up to the desk. Ino created a bit of distance between herself and Minato as she stepped off to the side of the desk. Kushina looked a bit confused as she glanced at Ino, then stared at Minato as she stopped in front of the desk.


Kushina then returned her focus on Ino “Hey Ino-chan, what are you doing here?”


“My father sent me to deliver a message to hokage-sama” Ino said with a cute innocent smile.


Kushina smiled warmly at her “I see” she then turned to Minato “Hi honey”.


“Hey” Minato said with a warm smile of his own.


“Did you talk to Jiraiya-sensei?” Kushina asked.


Minato nodded “About him and Naruto going to search for Tsunade-sama”.


Kushina nodded as well “Right, that damn pervert is planning on searching for her at Tanzaki Quarters, can you believe that? I heard nothing good about that place..”.


Minato started sweating a bit, hoping Kushina wouldn't be angry at him for letting Jiraiya take Naruto with him “I see..” he squeaked out.


“I offered to go with them to make sure that none of those immoral women at that place try anything with Naruto” Kushina said with an annoyed frown “Naruto's friends, Konohamaru-kun and Udon-kun will also be coming along”.


“You're leaving as well?” he asked a bit saddened “What about dinner?”.


Kushina sweat dropped “Is that all you care about?”.


Minato pouted “No, but I hate going a single day without your food. You know how much I love your cooking”.


Kushina chuckled at that “I'm sure you will survive”.


Ino who had been standing to the side, quietly listening to their conversation, was inwardly grinning. Minato was going to be home all alone tonight was he? She thought biting her lip.


Minato laughed “I know I know, but I will miss you. It's going to be lonely without you and Naruto at home”.


“I will miss you as well honey” Kushina said with an eye wink.


Minato smiled “I'm wondering if it's such a smart idea to take both Naruto and Konohamaru-kun with you, those two together is a recipe for trouble.. I wouldn't be surprised if they piss Tsunade-sama off so much to the point that she will never return to the village”.


Kushina laughed out loudly at that “I would love to see that!” she then composed herself a bit “Don't worry, I will talk to Tsunade-sama. There is a lot of us that misses her, it's time for her to come home”.


Minato nodded “You are right about that”.


Kushina smiled “I'm not gonna disturb your work anymore, and it seems like Ino-chan didn't get a chance to deliver her message yet” she said as she turned to leave “Take care Ino-chan and bye honey, we'll be back soon” she said before leaving the office, waving to the two of them.


Minato scratched the back of his head as he stared at the door closing behind Kushina, while Ino smirked as she walked over to Minato.


“Want me to cook dinner for you tonight, Minato-kun?” Ino asked with a sexy smile.


Minato turned his chair which had Ino sit down in his lap like usual, facing him as she stared at him intently.


“You don't have to go out of your way, I can eat at Ichiraku's” Minato said.


Ino bit her lip before she gave him a quick peck on the mouth “I want to go out of my way” she then leaned in and whispered “Please let me cook for you, Minato-kun” she purred into his ear which had Minato shiver. Ino returned to staring into his eyes, their faces almost close enough for their noses to touch.


“Okay, you can come over at eight” Minato said, gulping a little. This was a bad idea, he knew it was a bad idea.


Ino nodded before pressing her lips against his again. This time, it was more than just a quick peck as her lips remained on his for more than a couple of seconds. She then jumped off of him and left the office, giving him an eye wink and saying “See you tonight”.


Minato sighed as he nursed his forehead. How did he get himself in this situation, how is this going to end? He wondered. He couldn't control himself around Ino, she is too damn attractive and damn right sexy. He was starting to realize that he no longer saw her as an extra daughter, he saw her as an extremely attractive girl that he wanted so badly. It's also those thoughts that made Minato make up his mind about tonight. He had to make sure to stop things if they took things too far.


Later that evening, around 8 PM, Ino was walking through the village, carrying ingredients for a ramen dinner in a bag in her right hand. She is wearing a blue skirt and a white shirt. Her outfit: https://static.zerochan.net/Yamanaka.Ino.full.2080840.jpg


She liked her outfit, even though it wasn't really more revealing than her usual ninja outfit. The thought of wearing something a lot more sexy and revealing did cross her mind though. She did also turn quite a few heads while walking through the village as some guys couldn't help but stare at her. Ino happened to run into Minato at the start of the long street which leads to his house. While the street is long, there really isn't much there other than the Uzumaki/Namikaze home at the end of the road and the Sarutobi clan compound which is at the start of the road.


Minato couldn't help but check her out as she came walking up to him, smiling as she waved at him with her free hand. He waved back at her, thinking that she looked good in blue, his favorite color. He knew that her favorite color was purple though, so he probably wasn't going to get her see her wear blue that often. The outfit itself was nice, she looked really good in it. Minato was pretty used to see Ino wearing nice “civilian clothes” like this, unlike with his wife Kushina, whose idea of dressing up was to put on a boring traditional kimono.


“Hi Hokage-sama” Ino greeted cheerfully, using his title this time since they were out in public.


“Hey Ino-chan, what you got there?” Minato asked nodding towards the bag.


“It's ingredients for ramen, I'm gonna try my best to feed one of the ramen addicts some ramen but don't expect it to taste as good as Kushina-sama's or Ichiraku's ramen” Ino said.


Minato chuckled as the two of them made their way down the street towards his house “Kushina's ramen is the best and Ichiraku's is a close second. Those are hard to compete with. But I'm sure your ramen will taste great as well”.


“I hope so” Ino said with a cute smile. Moments later, the two of them had entered the empty house and made their way into the kitchen. Ino was unpacking the ingridents from the bag and putting on the stove while Minato sat down at the kitchen table.


“How are Inoichi and Butao doing?” Minato asked.


“They are doing great, when they heard that I was heading out, they started flirting and headed up to their bedroom” Ino said with a sweat drop “Like they always do when I go out for a while”.


Minato laughed “Those two are perfect for each other”.


Ino sighed “I suppose”.


“How about school? How do you rank against your classmates?” Minato asked, trying to keep the conversation normal as long as possible which had worked out so far.


“School is boring but at least I get to see Naruto-kun more often” Ino said dreamily which had Minato smile, happy to see that she was still heads over heels for Naruto.


“I'm confident in my skills, I only really see Hinata-chan as a rival for the top kunoichi of the class spot. Forehead girl still has a far way to go” Ino said shaking her head “Unfortunately the rookie of the year title will be impossible to get due to Naruto-kun”.


“Naruto has worked hard to get as strong as he is now, you should work harder as well and try to steal that title from him. Nothing is set in stone yet” Minato said encouragingly, even though he knew that no one in that class would surpass Naruto within a year. The level difference was too high.


Ino sweat dropped “That's not happening, but I will try my best to beat both Hinata and Sakura at least”.


Minato nodded “That's good, you should try to become the best ninja you can be”.


Ino smirked at him as she said “Will you let me get more than two kisses per day if I try my hardest, Hokage-sama?”.


Minato cleared his throat “No, that's just greetings”.


“I guess I will have to come visit you and greet you more than once every day then” Ino said biting her lip.


Minato couldn't help but chuckle as he closed his eyes “You are always welcome to visit me”.


Ino was enjoying this a lot but at the same time she had a strange feeling. She is standing in Kushina's kitchen, flirting with her husband. Maybe she was taking things too far? She thought as she focused on preparing the food.


About twenty minutes later, the two of them had finished eating while continuing their small talk. While the ramen didn't taste as good as Kushina's or the Ichiraku's, Minato had no complaints since it tasted better than instant ramen at least and he was just happy he got something eatable.


Minato got up and grabbed his and Ino's bowls, which he was going to bring to the sink “Thanks for cooking for me Ino-chan”.


“No problem, Minato-kun” Ino said with an eye wink.


Minato gulped, which Ino couldn't see as he headed over to the sink and put down the bowls “You should probably go home now before it gets too late”.


Ino frowned “I just got here, can't we watch a movie or something?” she asked. Whenever she slept over, they would always watch a movie in the living room before going to bed. Ino would be seated in Minato's lap, like always, while Kushina is seated in Naruto's lap. When that happens, Ino always gets a bit jealous of the way Naruto holds Kushina, embracing her from behind gently. She used to always wish Naruto would hold her like that. Tonight, she hopes Minato would hold her like that instead.


“Okay, one movie” Minato said, swallowing his saliva again. He knew this was a bad idea, he already had a hard time controlling herself with all her flirting.


“Great!” Ino said cheerfully as the two of them headed out into the living room. Minato sat down on their blue couch and said “I'll let you pick the movie”.


Instead of turning on the television and starting a movie, Ino sat down in Minato's lap, facing him “What's the rush?” Ino asked, with her face really close to his.


“Ino-chan?” Minato asked, swallowing his saliva again. Then Ino gave him a quick peck, before they went back to staring at each other. Then she gave him another, followed by at least ten more quick pecks. Minato wasn't telling her off, instead he was responding to the quick kisses, while holding her tightly. Ino's hands started roaming Minato's body as she felt up his muscly torso. At this point Minato wasn't thinking about Kushina at all, all he thought of was that he wanted Ino, badly. He placed his hands on her butt and fondled it, really digging into it aggressively as their pecks continued. Ino sneaked her hands into his shirt and felt up his chest and stomach without any clothes in the way.


“Mmh, I want you so badly, Minato-kun” Ino moaned, looking hotter than Minato had ever seen her as the horny blond girl lowered her hand and felt Minato up between the legs. Minato stopped groping Ino's ass as he was starting to realize where this was going. Ino continued to rub his groin outside his pants and bombard him with pecks as Minato was sitting completely still, wondering what to do. Then he lifted Ino off of him and walked over to the windows facing the backyard.


“Ino-chan, I think you should leave” Minato said in a stern tone.


Ino felt herself close to tears, not because she was rejected or anything, but because she also realized just what was about to happen. What people they would betray and hurt if it actually did happen. And it was mostly her fault.


“I'm sorry” Ino choked out before running towards the front door. Like last time when Ino was rushing out of the hokage office, after kissing Minato for the first time, Minato caught up to her and held her.


Ino wasn't crying, but she was close to it as Minato held her gently “It's not your fault, I should have put a stop to this before it even started.”


“It is my fault” Ino said as a tear drop escaped from her eyes “Damn, I'm such a bitch!” she muttered.


“No you aren't, you are the sweetest girl in the whole world” Minato said, rubbing her back “Like I said last time, there is very little things you can do that will actually make me angry with ya. And I didn't want things to become weird between us no matter what, especially not just for this. Why don't we just forget this ever happened and go back to normal?” Minato suggested. Truth was he was hating what he was saying. He said what was expecting of him as a faithful husband, a respectable father and a good hokage, not what he wanted. What he actually wanted was to bring Ino upstairs and have his way with her all night long.


Ino nodded as she wiped her tears away “I will stop, I promise”.


Minato felt very bad about making her cry, especially since he wanted the same things she did. He just couldn't, it could destroy his family if people found out.


“Promise me that you will still visit me and things won't get weird between us, I mean it Ino-chan, I would hate to lose you as a friend” Minato said with a warm smile.


Ino matched his smile with one of her own “I said I promise, baka”.


“Good” Minato said as he let go of her “Thanks again for dinner”.


“Any time” Ino said with an eye wink as she opened the door “Good night, Hokage-sama”.


“Good night”.

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