Yamanaka and Namikaze

BY : Lannister
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Chapter 2


The next day, Ino woke up at 7 to get ready for school. She had barely gotten any sleep during the night because she had been laying in bed, thinking about what happened yesterday. She just couldn't believe that she had actually done that. That she had kissed Namikaze Minato. Now it wasn't the most passionate or erotic kiss ever, but it was still a kiss on the mouth. Two to be exact, considering that Minato had given her a kiss as well. That second kiss wasn't something Ino put much thought to as she knew that was just Minato trying to make her feel better and not to make things awkward between them. Just like with that awful “A kiss is nothing more than a greeting in some countries” story.


It was her own actions that bothered her. Today she felt like someone waking up with a bad hang over and regret over what embarrassing things they had done while drunk yesterday. It wasn't kissing Minato that was the big problem. That was something she actually didn't mind doing. If it was up to her, she and Minato would be doing a lot more than just kissing. She finds him to be incredibly hot and handsome. Just like Naruto. The problem is that he is married to the sweetest woman Ino knows, Uzumaki Kushina, and is Naruto's father.


Ino felt like she had betrayed both Kushina and Naruto with her actions. It certainly wouldn't help her chances to get together with Naruto either, if he was to find out about it. Ino couldn't help but smile as she headed to school, thinking that what happened yesterday was Minato's own fault due to him looking to much like Naruto. At least Ino knew what type of guys she likes, powerful spiky haired blond men from the Namikaze/Uzumaki family.


While Ino went to school, Minato was in his office, going about with his usual business. In the morning before lunch time, he would assign all the available missions just like usual. Then the boring paper work started after lunch. It was while he worked on the boring paper work that he thought back on what had happened yesterday. Unlike Ino, he wasn't regretful or worried at all. While Minato has never allowed any other girl other than Kushina to kiss him before, Ino was hardly the first girl to try to flirt with him. While most girls understand that he is married and they got no chance with her, that doesn't stop them from at least trying to flirt with him.


Two girls or women stand out the most when it came to flirting with him. The first being Uchiha Mikoto, who has made some really bold invitations to Minato in the past. She had also tried to get together with him before he and Kushina got engaged. Minato would just laugh her off, playing dumb as if he didn't understand her intentions. He was as nicely as possible trying to tell her that he wasn't interested in her at all.


The other one would be Mitarashi Anko, who Minato and Kushina has cared for almost like she is their own daughter. It started after Orochimaru abandoned her. She was left to fend for herself in the village without any family to help her. The villagers were harsh on her due to her connection to the snake sannin. Kushina couldn't stand that happening in front of her eyes, especially not to Anko who she had always liked since she had such a feisty happy go lucky attitude. Maybe because she reminded Kushina of her herself a little bit as well. Kushina invited Anko to stay with them for as long as she wanted. At that point Anko was still very young and Naruto wasn't even born yet.


Once Anko got comfortable around the house, her true mischievous nature awoke. She also seemed to have something of a crush on both of her caretakers. Minato actually thought she preferred Kushina over himself due to the way she looked at her sometimes. Kushina knew all about it also, and according to her Anko definitely preferred Minato over herself. A few years after Naruto was born, Anko's constant teasing and flirting had gotten so bad that Minato and Kushina had a talk with her. They decided to have a talk after something that happened on the same day. Apparently she had been fondling Kushina's body in one of the natural hot springs of their backayard, and tried to make out with her. Later that same day she had been grinding her ass on Minato's groin when Kushina was preparing dinner.


While they talked to her, Anko seemed confused. She said she was in love with the two of them and just wanted to have some fun. Truth be told, Minato wouldn't really have minded that. A threesome with Anko and Kushina or just having Anko as an extra lover who also would be fooling around with his wife, didn't really seem like such a bad deal for him. Unsurprisingly, Kushina wasn't a fan of that though. Her being so conservative and prudish when it comes to sex, certainly wouldn't be interested in any threesomes or lesbian sex. She told Anko that she loved her like her own daughter and that she would always be welcome to stay with them, but she had to stop flirting with both her and Minato. If she didn't, she would have to move out.


Anko got the message and she did stop most of the flirting, at least the part that involves her feeling up Kushina or grinding on Minato. A year later she also found her own place, a nice apartment in one of the biggest apartment blocks in Konoha. That apartment block was very popular for ninja to live in, meaning that she didn't have to worry about civilian idiots harassing her over her connection to Orochimaru. She lived in the same apartment block as several very known ninja of Konoha. Famous ninja such as Kakashi, Maito Gai, Kurenai, Morino Ibiki, Uzuki Yugao and more. Kurenai and Yugao are her best friends, so that move worked out good for all parties in the end.


Once Naruto got older, Anko's infatuation with Minato and Kushina seemed to have vanish. It was all about flirting with Naruto from then on. And to Kushina's anger, she certainly didn't hold back her flirting. Minato was just happy that he was out of the crossfire now, as Anko was Naruto and Kushina's worry.


Ino reminded Minato a bit of Anko. They have the same playful personality and they both adore Naruto. It's also obvious that Ino looks up to Anko similar to how she looks up to Kushina. She is a role model for her. Ino is also someone Minato has kind of thought of as an extra daughter, kinda like Anko. Unlike Anko she wasn't all alone since she had two great parents who are also very good friends with him and Kushina. Another big difference between Ino and Anko is that Ino hasn't been flirting with him that way. At least not in the same obvious way, as she hasn't really given Minato or Kushina any reason to think that she liked him that way. What happened yesterday didn't exactly convince Minato that she now suddenly was in love with him or something. That was just her being awkward, maybe a little outburst due to her advances towards Naruto being rejected constantly. Whatever it was, Minato wasn't going to let it get out of hand. And he certainly wasn't going to let Ino feel bad about it or let things get weird between them. He values his friendship with the Yamanaka family a lot.


Then there is the problem of his own slight attraction for Ino. He can't deny that she has grown up to become a very beautiful young woman. That didn't mean that he was okay with what happened yesterday. Just because he isn't getting any at home, doesn't mean that it's okay for him to start making out with Ino. Minato came to the conclusion that anything more than innocent pecks like yesterday would be taking things to far. More innocent pecks would certainly be welcomed though.


If Kushina has a problem with that, he can bring up the way she kinda humps Naruto whenever she sits in his lap. That's worse than an innocent peck. She says she only does that to piss off all of Naruto's admirers, but sometimes it makes Minato wonder. Although, it is pretty fun to tease Naruto about it. That moma's boy is so overly protective with Kushina and he can't handle any teasing about it. Minato has even seen Naruto kick someone ass for just looking at Kushina. Kushina is always dressed in very boring clothing that doesn't show much of her figure at all, so it isn't like they are leering at her ass or tits or anything, they are just mesmerized by her pretty face. Minato couldn't blame them, he is the first one to admit that Kushina is the most beautiful woman to walk this earth. Naruto being so overprotective of her has earned him a nickname, Moma's boy, which is something Minato likes to call Naruto to poke some fun at him.


While Minato continued to think away in his office while stamping papers, Yamanaka Ino's school day had ended. Not much happened in school at all, other than the usual boring lessons and Konohamaru running around spanking Sakura's butt. In Ino's opinion, those two should just hurry up and become a couple already. Not only would that get Sakura out of the picture when it comes to winning Naruto's heart, it would also allow Ino tease Sakura about her and Konohamaru more. That was something she already did because it was pretty damn obvious that Sakura didn't dislike Konohamaru's perverted pranks as much as she wants people to think she does.


Ino thinks Sakura secretly enjoys it. Especially she enjoys all the attention she gets from Konohamaru, which no other girl really gets from any other guys. Sure, Naruto has done similar pranks to Ino and most other hot chicks in the academy, but he didn't go after the same girl constantly. He just slapped or grabbed whatever ass he fancied that day. Konohamaru giving Sakura so much attention is a confidence booster to her. It pretty much confirms that she is good looking. Konohamaru isn't bad looking either, Ino, Hinata and Sakura's consensus thought of him is that he is very cute. His main problem is that he is three years younger and without counting Naruto who gets a free pass, he is the second biggest pervert the ninja academy has seen, after the super pervert Jiraiya.


Now that school ended, Konohamaru went after her again. Red faced, an angry Sakura walked over to Ino and Hinata, after she had given Konohamaru a good pummeling. She invited them to come with her to train at Jiraiya's. That was kind of weird, mainly due to it being Sakura inviting them to go to Jiraiya's place. How does she know him anyway? Did she actually manage to convince him to train her two days ago?


Two days ago was was the first day of the new school year. Jiraiya had visited the school to give the senior class, which Ino is part of, a motivational speech. After school ended, an impressed or inspired Sakura, had convinced Ino and Hinata to join her as she chased after Jiraiya to ask him to train them. Jiraiya didn't seem very interested in that as he ran away from them, while screaming “Get away from me brats!”.


Ino knew from the start that Jiraiya or “Ero-sennin” as she and most of Naruto's friends calls him, wouldn't train them. He doesn't train anyone that isn't Naruto and Konohamaru. The latter most likely being due to Naruto somehow convincing Jiraiya to let them train with them. The only reason he trained Naruto was because he is Minato and Kushina's son, otherwise he wouldn't. Jiraiya always barks about how annoying Naruto and all his friends are, while calling them brats.


He's also made several remarks of how “brats” like Ino had no sex appeal, unlike real women, which would be the ones he usually peeks on or leers at. Now that was just something Ino couldn't accept. The biggest pervert in the world was not allowed to not think that she, the sexiest girl in her class by far, in her opinion, was not sexy. Due to that, Ino has started teasing him a bit, mostly by making think that she is going to flash him. She have been lifting her skirt often when he is looking, but her waist and thighs are covered in bandages, she didn't show him anything more than you would see on a girl wearing skin tight shorts.


The point was that he was leering at her perversely whenever she did, and it was pretty damn obvious that he was hoping to see more than what she showed. That was exactly what Ino wantted, since that pretty much confirmed that the super pervert thought she was sexy. To Ino it's become a fun game to rile Jiraiya up that way, it was hilarious to mess with him. Another reason she is comfortable doing that to Jiraiya is because even though he is a super pervert, he is pretty damn harmless. He would never actually try to do anything to her.


Jiraiya seem to think that's something Ino does to a lot of guys, being a tease and what not. Jiraiya has said that he blames Anko for the way Ino behaves around him, since she is quite the tease herself and is something of a role model for Ino. He couldn't be more wrong about that, only he and the Namikaze/Uzumaki guys would ever see that much of her. As for Anko, Jiraiya would never get that treatment from her. She only teases Naruto that way. Ino has never seen her flirt suggestively with anyone else like that. It's pretty damn obvious that Naruto is getting that treatment from Anko because she is gunning for him, like every other girl.


Ino and Hinata gladly followed Sakura to Jiraiya's place, both curious to see if Sakura was telling the truth about her being allowed to train with him. Ino also couldn't help but think that it would be fun to mess with the perverted sannin as well, if she got the chance to do so.


“Think Ero-sennin is home?” Ino said after they had knocked on the front door to Jiraiya's house which was located in the middle of Naruto's parents huge backyard.


“I don't know, I hope so” Sakura said.


“Ano, i-is Jiraiya-sama o-okay with all of us being here?” Hinata stuttered.


Sakura shrugged “It's fine”.


Ino nodded “It's Ero-sennin, he is probably delighted that three pretty girls are coming over to his house”.


Jiraiya must have overheard them since when he opened the door, he said “Pretty girls? Don't you mean three annoying brats, Ino-chan?” he said with a twitching eyebrow.


Ino giggled as she turned around and lifted her skirt “Is that so Ero-sennin?” she asked as she exposed her bandage covered thighs and ass. Jiraiya gladly checked out, as his expression changed into his signature perverted expression, as he leered at her ass. This is exactly the kind of reaction that she wanted from him. There is no way that old pervert doesn't find her attractive, she thought as she laughed at his perverted expression. When she lowered her skirt, Jiraiya started frowning again.


Sakura elbowed Ino lightly “Don't do that, he is gonna help us train” while Hinata was blushing, staring to the side.


“Stupid brat, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you act like that since you are part of Naruto's group of brats!” Jiraiya said.


“Stop calling me brat, Ero-sennin!” Ino yelled, glaring at the old pervert.


“Then stop calling me Ero-sennin!” Jiraya yelled back.


“What do you brats want?” Jiraiya said as Ino glared at him.


“We just want some help with our training, is that okay Jiraiya-sama?” Sakura asked with a sweet smile. Jiraiya's eyebrows twitched again as he said “Do as you like” Jiraiya then frowned as he turned to Hinata “Hiashi's daughter, what is your name?” he asked.


Hinata stared at the ground, blushing “I-It's Hinata, Hyuuga Hinata” she stuttered.


“Okay, Hinata, Ino-chan and Sakura, go to the middle of the grassy field here” Jiraiya said, using the -chan suffix for Ino since they are familiar with each other.


“Okay” Sakura said as she and her friends walked out to the middle, then turned to face him as he stayed back at the porch.


“Now turn around” Jiraiya said, smirking. After the three of them had turned around, Jiraiya grinned as he said “Now without bending your legs, try to touch your toes”.


Sakura and Hinata did it without hesitation, giving Jiraiya quite the nice view of their rears. Ino on the other hand was staring at her friends in disbelief “Are you really gonna fall for that?” she asked, shaking her head.


“What? It's a stretching exercise right?” Sakura said as she touched her toes with ease next to Hinata who did the same.


Ino pointed at thumb at Jiraiya who was leering at them with his signature perverted grin. It was pretty damn obvious he was just telling them to do this so that he could get a nice view of their asses.


Both Sakura and Hinata stood up straight again as Hinata blushed even more than earlier while Sakura glared at Jiraiya. Ino couldn't help but laugh at them “Well played, Ero-sennin!”.


“Jiraiya-sama, stop messing with us!! Teach us something real!” Sakura yelled.


Jiraiya crossed his arms in front of his chest as he sighed “It's actually not a bad idea to stretch a little bit before you start training. Anyway let's see, Ino-chan and Hinata, do you know the three walking exercise?”.


Hinata nodded shyly while Ino said “Of course, my father taught me that years ago”. It was one of the first things her father, Inoichi, had taught her.


“That's good, what about water walking?” Jiraiya asked.


“Water walking?” Ino and Sakura asked at the same time while Hinata remained quiet.


Jiraiya walked up to them “It's the same thing as tree walking, except you walk on water this time. Before you worry about that, the three of you should start with a little bit of running. Take advantage of this huge backyard, run a few laps around it, and if you come across the training maniac, don't bother him”.


“Training maniac?” Sakura asked.


Ino knew exactly who he meant, it couldn't be anyone other than Naruto.


“It's Naruto-kun” Ino said with a giggle “He is probably training at his usual training spot. If we're lucky we can catch him shirtless”.


“Let's go!” Sakura said as she started running but got passed by Hinata who seemed really eager to find out if Naruto was shirtless, Ino followed them soon after, but not before turning to Jiraiya and sticking out her tongue at him teasingly. Causing Jiraiya to mutter as his eyebrows started twitching again. Ino then ran past her friends as she was going to be the first one to get to Naruto.


The three girls found Naruto at his usual training spot, but they decided to leave him alone. He wasn't shirtless and he was currently training together with Konohamaru out there. All three of them agreed that it would be a bad idea to interrupt their training since neither of them wanted a perverted Konohamaru coming for them, or Naruto's anger directed at them. They were using his parents backyard after all.


They ran a few laps around the backyard, working up a sweat. After two hours of running, they stopped outside Jiraiya's house again. As they caught their breath, they saw Jiraiya sitting in his kitchen, eating snacks and drinking sake. Ino couldn't help but laugh at the sight, less could be said about Sakura.


Flustered and angry, Sakura walked over to the window and knocked on it “Jiraiya-sama, shouldn't you be helping us with training!?”.


“I never said I would, you decided that yourself” Jiraiya said as he downed the contents in his sake cup before going outside.


“Come with me brats, I'll show you the water walking technique” Jiraiya said as he walked into the forest of the backyard with three girls following him. He lead them to a natural hot springs, which was located about two hundred meters away from his home.


“This is a natural hot spring, one of two within this huge backyard. This natural luxury is the reason why I built my house out here” Jiraiya said with a smirk. While the girls paid attention to him, he walked on top of the water, showing how to perform the water walking technique “This is what the three of you should practice next. Every ninja should know about it. This is probably not the best place to do it since there are no waves and the water is shallow, it would be better if you find a lake or a river to train at”.


“Would it be easier to start here?” Sakura asked.


“It would but it would also be pretty pointless. It's better to learn it properly at a real lake since in most situation where you will use the technique when out missions would be on a real lake or at the sea.” Jiraiya said.


“Isn't there a lake pretty close to here?” Ino asked “I remember Naruto showing me one just outside his parents backyard”.


“There is, I can show the way. But first the three of you should probably go home and get your swimsuits, if you mess up you are are definitely gonna get wet” Jiraiya said with a loud laugh.


Ino smirked “You just want to see us in bikinis, don't you perv?” she said, as she couldn't help but mess with him some more.


Jiraiya sighed “I don't, besides, I don't plan to stay there after I have showed you the way.”.


Ino laughed “I'm just messing with you Ero-sennin, you can stay” she said which had Jiraiya's eyebrows twitch. She wasn't going to let him leave that easily, this was too good of an opportunity to mess with him a little to pass up.


Sakura leaned into Ino and whispered “What do you mean he can stay, isn't he like super perverted? We're gonna be in our swimsuits”.


“Don't worry, he is a super perv but he won't do anything to us, he is harmless. Ero-sennin is actually a very kind old man, I just like to mess with him because he acts so funny” Ino whispered causing the two of them to giggle. Ino meant what she said, and that's why she is comfortable teasing Jiraiya like this.


“What's so funny? You are scheming something aren't you?” Jiraiya said with a frown “If you do something to me I'll send Naruto and Konohamaru after you”.


Ino started sweating a bit “Please don't, we aren't going to do anything” she knew very well that you didn't want to mess with those two. She has been the victim of their pranks many times. Sakura agreed with Ino, mostly because she didn't want Konohamaru chasing her around, trying to spank her butt or to feel her up. Something even Ino has been the victim of many times as well, mostly it's Naruto doing it to her but Konohamaru has done it a few times as well.


Jiraiya laughed “That's right, show me some respect, this pervert has got some dangerous allies”.


“Whatever” Ino said rolling her eyes due to him calling himself a pervert “Let's go get our swimsuits”.


Sakura nodded “We'll be back soon, Jiraiya-sama”.


“See ya pervert!” Ino added as the three of them turned to leave, lifting her skirt again for a couple of seconds, showing off her behind as she left.


“Stupid brats..” Jiraiya muttered as he watched them leave. Twenty minutes later they returned, all three of them wearing T-shirts and shorts which they wore over their swimsuits. Sakura wore her usual dark green tight shorts, Ino wore similar shorts but in a lighter orange color, while Hinata's shorts covered a lot more and was a lot more baggy. Jiraiya then took the lead as he lead them towards the lake.


Once they arrived near the shore, Jiraiya sat down and closed his eyes “Go ahead brats. If you need any advice you can ask the blue haired one. You know this technique already don't you?”


Hinata nodded shyly “Y-yes”.


“I thought so. I would be surprised if one of Hiashi's daughters didn't know about it already” Jiraiya said with a chuckle.


“When did you learn water walking?” Sakura asked Hinata “I don't remember, I learned it a very young age” Hinata answered. Meanwhile Ino bent over as she pulled down her shorts, exposing her bikini covered ass to Jiraiya who sat behind them. She glanced back at Jiraiya and eye winked at him. Jiraiya giggled as he stared at her wide eyed, his perverted nature took over for a second. Sakura and Hinata wasn't really paying attention to that as they started taking off their shorts as well. When Ino took off her T-shirt, she turned around and faced Jiraiya. Teasingly she lifted her T-shirt and stopped before she would expose her bikini top.


“Oops, I think I forgot my top” Ino said sticking out her tongue. She then pulled the T-shirt over her head as Jiraiya eagerly watched on. Obviously, she had not forgot her bikini top.


“Haha got ya!” Ino said with a loud laugh “Stupid pervert!” she added, pointing at him as she laughed.


“Stop messing with him, Ino-pig!” Sakura yelled.


“What was that, forehead girl!?” Ino countered as the two of them glared at each other.


Jiraiya sighed “As fun as your little show was Ino-chan, If you keep this up I'll have to talk with Inoichi about the way you have acted today”.


Ino frowned “Please don't do that Ero-sennin”. Her father would probably ground her for a month if he found out.


“Focus on your training then” Jiraiya said. He then sat down behind them as the three girls turned towards the lake. He probably had a pretty good view as the three girls he is currently checking out are wearing these swimsuits: https://cdn.donmai.us/original/29/b7/__haruno_sakura_hyuuga_hinata_and_yamanaka_ino_naruto_and_1_more_drawn_by_takaya_n__29b7494f24f98d4fd88375cb7a3939ea.png


Jiraiya yelled “Get started, brats!” which had the three of them start their training. It was a good thing that they had brought their swimsuits because both Sakura and Ino fell into the water the first thing they did. But after fifteen minutes both of them were walking on top of the water surface with ease.


“Seems like you got the hang of it, you should start sparring against each other, using only hand to hand combat. That way you will get used to fighting on a water surface. When you are done, go home!” Jiraiya said with a loud laugh as he turned to leave “Don't bother me more today, you lousy brats!”.


“See ya Ero-sennin!” Ino yelled cheerfully, as she jumped on top of the water surface.


“T-Thanks for training with us, Jiraiya-sama” Hinata said in a loud enough tone that Jiraiya could hear him.


“See you tomorrow Jiraiya-sama!” Sakura yelled as she waved which almost had Jiraiya fall over comically. He choose not to answer that, even though he wanted to yell back that she should stay away. At least she wasn't as annoying as the other two. Ino and her friends then did what Jiraiya suggested, which was to spar against each other on top of the water surface. They only allowed hand to hand combat and none of them went overboard. It was only to get used to fighting on top of the water.


At around 8 PM, the three of them headed back into the village. Or at least Ino and Hinata did as Sakura said she wanted to apologize to Jiraiya due to all of Ino's teasing today. Ino told her she didn't have to worry about that since he had enjoyed every second of her teasing. That's just the way it is. Sakura didn't listen to that, she was probably worried that Jiraiya wouldn't let her come over to train anymore after this, so she went over to apologize anyway.


Ino didn't do much more that day, she just went home to have dinner with her parents, then doing her homework before going to bed.


The following day was like any other day as she and Hinata did not go with Sakura to Jiraiya's place. She also didn't visit any of the Uzumaki/Namikaze family members. After school she just trained at home and helped out at her families flower shop. There was just one thing that was different about this day than usual. Normally she would always think of Naruto, just imagine his handsome face as he smiled. Not this day, the only thing she could think of was Minato. She was thinking about their two kisses, and instead of imagining Naruto's handsome face, it was Minato's face that seemed to get more and more handsome every day that passes.


The day after that, Friday, started out pretty much the same way. Until Ino decided to make a change to that. At 5 PM she told her mother, Butao, who she was helping in the flower shop, that she would be heading out a bit. Ino was going to Minato's office again, this time without any reason to do so other than to see him. She just wanted to “greet” him again.


Once she found herself outside his office door, her heart started pounding faster as she was starting to get really nervous. What if he would be annoyed by her showing up for no reason? What if he was angry at her for what happened last time? Those were some of the thoughts on Ino's mind before she took a deep breath and knocked on the door.


“Come in” She heard Minato's kind and gentle voice say from inside the office.


She opened the door to find Minato sitting behind his desk as usual, although it was a bit hard to see him due to the mountains of paperwork on his desk. Ino's worry of Minato being angry at her disappeared as soon as she saw him as Minato lighted up and smiled at her “Oh, Ino-chan? What are you doing here?” he said. He wasn't at all worried about what happened last time, he was very casual about the whole thing. And just seeing Ino made his day better as he had been buried in paperwork the whole day.


“Hi Hokage-sama, I just want to see how you are doing” Ino said as she walked towards him, then around the desk so that she could at least sit in his lap. She hoped she would get a greeting like last time as well though. Knowing where Ino wanted to sit, Minato turned his chair towards her to let her sit down in his lap. She did that, sitting with her back to him as Minato turned the chair back towards his desk.


“I'm glad you did because this paperwork is killing me. I don't mind the company” Minato said with a chuckle.


“You don't mind me visiting you, Hokage-sama?” Ino asked cutely as she glanced back at him.


“Of course not, why would I?” Minato asked in a confused tone.


“I was worried that you would be mad at me for what I did last time” Ino said, smiling.


Minato chuckled “You would have to do much worse things than greet me with a kiss for me to get angry at you Ino-chan.”.


Ino turned her body a bit so that she could more easily stare at him. She smirked as she said “I still haven't greeted you have I? What kind of future ninja would I be if I can't even greet our hokage properly”.


Minato laughed “Well, you did say hi earlier”.


Ino leaned into him and stared into his eyes “That's not what I meant, Hokage-sama” she said in a cheerful tone before giving him a quick peck on the lips. She stayed close as she stared into his eyes while Minato smiled back at her.


“That's what I came here for. Good bye Hokage-sama” Ino said, then gave him another peck on the lips. She then got up on her feet and started walking towards the door.


Minato scratched the back of his head as he stared at her back “Are you leaving already?” he asked.


Ino nodded “I only came to greet you. I'll do that more often from now on if that is okay with you” Ino said eye winking at him.


Minato chuckled “You can visit me whenever you want, Ino-chan”.


Ino smirked as she thought now was a good time to give someone she actually likes the Jiraiya treatment. When she reached the door, she said lifted her skirt to expose her bandage covered ass for the hokage. She then stuck out her tongue and said “Bye!” before leaving.


Minato had been staring at her with wide eyes. He had been pretty damn chill about this whole thing before now. Now he wasn't so sure anymore. Ino visiting him more often could become a problem, since Minato isn't sure he would be able not to make a move on her. He couldn't deny anymore that he found Ino to be so incredibly hot. When Ino “greeted” him earlier, he was considering taking it to next step by giving her a real kiss. He even wondered if he could take her on his desk right here. Kushina isn't helping the situation either, if he had gotten any at home he wouldn't even be having these thoughts.


The question for Minato now was, where does he take it from here? Should he put a stop to it? Not make a big deal out of it and just call it an innocent greeting like he has been? Or should he risk everything by taking this to next level? Minato rested his hand against his forehead as he closed his eyes in thought. He already knew the answer.


As for Ino, unlike last time, she is the one that left the office without a worry in the world. She didn't have any thoughts about taking this further, she was just happy with what it was. And she was pretty damn sure about one thing, even though she is still in love with Naruto, she is also very much in love with Namikaze Minato. Who is to say that she can't have both?


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