Yamanaka and Namikaze

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters. I don't profit on this story in any way. This is fiction and should not be treated as, or confused with reality.

This story is part of the same series as my other four stories on this site "Sarutobi and Uzumaki", "Uzumaki and Yühi", “Tsunade and Udon” and “Toad Sage and Cherry Blossom”. All of these fanfics are connected to create one big story. Read more about that on my profile page on fanfiction dot net.


I won't mention the age of any anyone in the story as I prefer to have my readers use their imagination and decide on that themselves. They can be the same age as they would in the manga at the same timeline or the academy age is raised to 18+ . But for safety, everyone in this story, unless their age is specified to be something else, is 18 or older.


Next I'm going to describe the outfits of the characters that will be a part of this story. As well as introduce a few original characters that may have a part in the story.


Ino wears her part 1 outfit.


Minato wears his standard hokage outfit. When at home he usually only wears his blue shirt and pants.


Tsunade usually wears her most common outfit: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/horadeaventurafanon/images/9/9c/Tsunade.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/700?cb=20191211023504&path-prefix=es


Udon wears his outfit in Part 1 of Naruto and his outfit in Shippuden.


Sakura dresses up the same was she does in part one of Naruto as well, a red dress and dark green, skin tight, biker shorts. Ino also wears her part one outfit has the same hairstyle.


Jiraiya wears his usual outfit.


Naruto dresses very casually, he is often seen wearing a pair of blue pants and a white t-shirt with the Uzumaki swirl on it. When he eventually graduates he will wear an outfit similar to Minato's, without the jounin jacket and hokage jacket. His clothes is a darker blue than Minato's.


Kurenai wears a few different outfits, sometimes she wears red pants and a red shirt under a green jounin vest but most of the time she wears her standard white and red outfit with a black pattern on the white dress. Both outfits can be seen in this picture: https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/i/a969e494-a6a9-4e2e-b7b4-81479c752316/dddp5px-de81a955-8f17-42de-b7d7-4d5802698de9.png


Anko pretty much always wears her most common outfit as well, a tan trench coat, orange miniskirt and a transparent body armor that doesn't leave much to the imagination.


Konohamaru wears his part one outfit. A gray hat, blue scarf, yellow t-shirt and gray shorts.


Kushina always wears her green dress and white blouse unless specified otherwise. Other normal outfits for her would be an orange t-shirt, blue pants and a gray apron and lastly a tan dress and a light blue blouse similar to her first outfit.


Hanabi wears and looks the same as she does in the movie “Road to Ninja”. She is also older than in the manga. She is just one year younger than Hinata in this story. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/08/fa/de/08fade96c118212cd3119907dba8ef31.png


Hinata dresses the same way as part one of Naruto, but has the same hairstyle as she would later on in Shippuuden. A hime hair cut but much longer hair.


Uchiha Satsuki is an original character. A one year younger sister to Sasuke. She dresses in dark Uchiha styled clothing and she looks like a younger version of her mother, Uchiha Mikoto.


Uchiha Sara is also an original character and an elder sister to Sasuke, one year older. She also dresses in dark Uchiha styled clothing, although slightly more revealing clothing than her younger sister. She is very popular and good looking, with a body frame that most women dream of. She also looks like a younger version of Mikoto.


Yamanaka Butao is Ino's mom. In the anime she is only shown in filler episodes and isn't given a name. In the anime she is shown as an old looking gray haired woman https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/naruto/images/f/f2/Inos_mother.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/300?cb=20120927231337


I also decided to change her appearance completely, basically making her an original character. This is how she looks in this story instead: https://cdn-eu.anidb.net/images/main/207698.jpg


Yui is the name I have given Moegi's mom, another original character. She has orange hair just like her daughter, although she has much longer her hair than her and a different hairstyle. She is a widow after her husband and Moegi's father passed away on a mission six years ago. She is currently single but is a very attractive and sought after MILF. She looks very similar to Inoue Orihime in Bleach: https://www.anime-planet.com/images/characters/orihime-inoue-101.jpg?t=1606368783


Akane and Maho are two more original characters, they are Udon's older sisters. Akane is the oldest of the two. Both have long brown hair, the same brown as Udon. They are known for being very slutty.


Everyone else wears their standard outfits during part one of the Naruto anime or whenever they were introduced in the manga, unless otherwise specified.


For my other story, A Different Take on Naruto (on adult fanfiction), which is basically this story but with more main characters, I made a map to give you guys an idea of where things are located in this version of Konoha. https://imgur.com/trI5Qfu


Sometimes I may post a link to an image of an outfit that a character is wearing. This is due to me being horrible at describing clothing and female clothing in particular. Lastly, this is fiction and should not be treated as, or confused with reality.


Chapter 1


The hokage of Konoha, Namikaze Minato, is currently enjoying a coffee in the afternoon in his office within the hokage tower. He had given out all the missions he had available to different teams and now only had boring paperwork left to work on. Minato wasn't too upset about that though, he loves his job and he loves being the one that everyone relies on as the fourth Hokage of Konoha. Minato doesn't only love his job, he is satisfied with pretty much everything in his life. He has the most wonderful family, being his beautiful wife, Uzumaki Kushina and his extremely popular prodigy son, Uzumaki Naruto. Minato loves the two of them more than anything in this world.


Minato is so proud of his son, who has become so strong in just a few years. Naruto has just recently begun his last year at the ninja academy before he can graduate and become a genin. That didn't mean that Naruto was at a normal academy student level. He was far above that. Even before Naruto started the academy, almost four years ago, Naruto was strong enough to graduate and become a genin. He would most likely be able to fight evenly against chuunins back then. Minato was a big reason why Naruto became so strong at a young age. He trained him the two years before Naruto started attending the ninja academy, teaching him pretty much everything he knows. Minato was very surprised by how fast Naruto learned and how hard he worked.


After that he started training with his mother, Kushina. She trained him and taught him almost everything she knows as well. For the past two years Naruto has mostly been training with Jiraiya or alone. Other than Naruto being strong, Minato is also proud of him because he is quite the chick magnet. Minato can't think of any girl or woman that he has met that doesn't check him out the first thing they do. That's also a cause of worry for Minato as he doesn't want Naruto to become a sexual deviant, such as the former Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen.


Hiruzen is a very respectable man for all his time as a very reliable and strong Hokage. He is also a good friend. But he has one glaring fault that has hurt his reputation quite a bit. He is a shameless sex addict. He shamelessly invites all women he finds attractive to have sex with him and has done so for decades, even when his wife Biwako was still alive. Hiruzen has constantly made such invitations to Minato's own wife, before and after she and Minato married. All of Minato's adult female friends also have their own stories of his shameless invitations. Minato wasn't worried about Kushina or any of his female friends accepting that invitation at all. They all just treat him as if he is some annoying pest that bothers them from time to time. It is well known that some women has accepted the request and considering that he has been doing it for decades, it's hard to know exactly how many.


Considering Naruto's popularity, he could easily become like that. Luckily there are some things that has prevented that from happening. The main reason being that Naruto is very oblivious when it comes to women. Most girls around Naruto's age are pretty much throwing themselves at him, and he still doesn't understand that they like him. Not to mention the women closer to Minato's age, all the sexy moms flirting with him any chance they get. Even married women like Yoshino, Butao, Mebuki and Tsume has done that. Everyone is fully aware of it happening as Naruto's insane popularity is no secret. The only one who doesn't seem to understand that is himself.


Jiraiya, Minato's old teacher and something of a father figure to him, has told Minato not to worry about that. He is more worried about Naruto's insane training regime as he is quite the training addict. Jiraiya thinks that it would only do Naruto good to focus on something else other than ninja training. Such as taking advantange of his popularity and charm all those women. Minato and his wife Kushina doesn't neccesarily agree with that.


Especially not Kushina. Minato loves that woman so much, but damn if she is not the biggest prude in the village. Minato is actually scared that she would attack any girl that tried anything with Naruto before he becomes a genin. Once he is a genin is he considered an adult and can do whatever he wants, no matter what Kushina thinks about it. Kushina is not only prudish, she is also very conservative when it comes to the way she dresses. You will never find her in outfits showing any cleavage when she is walking around in the village. At home she dresses pretty much the same. The only time Minato gets to see more is when they used to have sex, at least for a little while before she covered them with a blanket or the bed covers, as they go at it in the missionary position. One of the few position she allows.


Forget about doggy style, stand and carry or anything fun like that. Nothing “indecent” as Kushina calls it. Same goes with foreplay, blowjobs are out of the question and if his sperm went anywhere near her face, she would probably castrate him. She doesn't even seem to like tongue kissing. Just a few quick pecks every time they do the deed is enough. But mostly the only foreplay she wants is a quick fingering from Minato before they have slow, boring missionary sex, in a dark room with either the bed covers or a blanket covering them. As been mentioned, that was all happening when they used to have sex. They don't anymore. They haven't had sex for over two years now. Before that they didn't do it often either, maybe once a year. Their sex life really took a turn after Naruto was born as that was the start of them doing it less and less.


Minato can't really understand why. His attraction for her hasn't changed, she is still the most beautiful woman he has ever put his eyes on. But he also can't understand why he never really wants to have sex with her anymore, and the few times he does, she is either to tired or not in the mood. It's not only Kushina's fault though as Minato often gives her the same excuses when she is the one that asks. Their sex life is the only thing that Minato isn't happy about with his marriage. He has never thought about leaving her or cheating on her or anything like that. Instead he wants to try to work on it. When Naruto graduates they will have more chances to be alone in the house for long amounts of time. Minato is hoping they will restore their sex life then, or even better, improve the sex life they had before.


Minato wasn't too worried about that though. Sex isn't everything in life. He still loves that woman so much anyway.


As Minato took a sip of his coffee, staring out the window at the village he is in charge of protecting, he heard the door to his office open.


“Hi Hokage-sama!” Minato heard the very cheerful and recognizable voice of Yamanaka Ino say. He turned his chair around to face the desk, as he smiled at “Hey Ino-chan, what can I help you with?”.


Ino smiled as she ran up to Minato. Ino is the daughter to Minato and Kushina's very close friends, Yamanaka Inoichi and Yamanaka Butao. Minato and his family has known her for her whole life and she is very close friends with all three of them. To Minato and Kushina she is almost like a second child, a daughter. To Naruto she is one of his not so secret admirers. She is very much in love with Naruto, which is something only he hasn't figured out yet. Minato couldn't help but smile as he watched her run towards him. She used to be so cute when she was younger as she came visiting him, and always came over to sit in his lap. Back then Minato would give her a treat as well whenever she came by. Now she is still cute, but she is also beautiful. She has grown into quite the beautiful young woman. Unfortunately she still likes to get up in his lap whenever she gets a chance to. Today was no different as Ino sat down in his lap, facing away from him while holding up a letter. Minato gulped, he couldn't help but find this is a bit awkward nowadays, she was definitely to old to act this way with him.


“Daddy wanted me to give you this letter” Ino said as she placed it on the desk. She then turned to face the hokage and hugged him, while remaining in his lap. This was her teddy bear, her very handsome teddy bear, who had the most handsome son, who Ino plans to marry one day. Ino adores everyone in the Uzumaki/Namikaze family. Not only the guys as she is a big fan of Uzumaki Kushina. In her mind she is the best female ninja to have existed and the most beautiful woman. She is someone Ino looks up to a lot.


Naruto is a good friend who Ino has known her whole life and he is also the one she loves. She isn't going to lose him to anyone, especially not Anko-nee or her best friends, Sakura and Hinata, who also are in love with him. She used to have a one day long crush on Sasuke in their first year in the academy, but other than that, she hasn't had any interest in any other guys. Until now.


Out of all the adults in Konoha, Minato is the one that Ino has always liked the best. Not only because he is some damn handsome, but also because he treats her so well and makes for a great cuddly teddy bear. Recently her slight attraction to Minato has become a lot more apparent to her. Mainly due to him always appearing in her dreams. What they do in her dreams is enough to make Ino blush every time she remembers them. She knew she had a crush on him, but would never tell him or anyone else about it, or act upon her feelings.


Ino smiled cutely as she stared into Minato's blue eyes as he reached for the letter. He opened and read it, while trying to ignore Ino's stare as she kept staring into his eyes intently.


“Looks to be work related this time. I wonder why he didn't come tell me this himself” Minato said with a chuckle.


“I offered to be his messenger, I wanted to visit you Hokage-sama” Ino said she hugged him again.


“I certainly don't mind that, I enjoy your visits Ino-chan” Minato said, hugging her back. Minato let go of her as he placed the letter back on his desk, causing his body to lean forward a little bit. When he straightened up again, he saw Ino raise her head, moving closer to him.


Ino didn't know what was happening, her body was moving on it's own. She just closed her eyes as her lips pressed against his, she couldn't stop it, and she didn't want to stop it. A second later, she was staring into Minato's very surprised wide eyes, as reality hit her. She quickly got off of Minato and ran towards the door “Sorry Hokage-sama, I don't know what came over me!” she whined.


She knew Minato would never be interested in her, he is married to the most beautiful woman in the village, after all. The very same woman who Ino looks up to and respects the most, she pretty much idolizes Kushina. Not surprisingly, Minato the fastest man in the world, caught up to her before she reached the door. He sat down on his knees and embraced her, allowing Ino to cry into his chest


“What's the matter? Why are you crying?” Minato asked with a gentle voice as he comforted her by rubbing her back.


Ino sniffled out “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that” she said as she managed to stare at him.


“You have nothing to worry about. We have known each other since forever, don't let something like this make things weird between us. Besides, in some countries, a kiss is nothing more than a greeting” Minato said, smiling warmly at her.


“A greeting?” Ino said with a giggle. She cheered up a little bit but still felt so bad about what she had done. She knew her crush on Minato would never amount to anything since she thought she had no chance with him. How could she compete with Kushina? And even if she could, she wouldn't want to do that to her, the one she idolizes and adores. Minato surprised her as he brushed her tears aside and said "Yeah a greeting. I think in some countries they kiss when they say good bye as well"


Ino giggled again "Yeah, it was just a greeting Hokage-sama" she ended with a wide smirk.


"Are you going home now?" Minato asked.


"Uh-huh" Ino said with a nod "I was just going to.." she started when Minato pressed his lips against hers.


"Until next time" Minato said as he got up, turned around and held up his hand to wave at her. Leaving Ino to stare at him wide eyed this time. Minato nursed his forehead as he walked back to his desk, wondering why he had done that. Ino then grinned as she ran out of the office, feeling like she had butterflies in her stomach. She had gotten away with kissing Namikaze Minato and he even kissed her back. If that was how they would greet each other from now on, she would have to visit him more often.


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