Toad Sage and Cherry Blossom

BY : Lannister
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Chapter 3


The next day, early in the morning, Jiraiya jumped into the hokage office through an open window. He found the hokage, Minato, sitting in his office chair, glancing at him an open eye brow.


“Hey there brat” Jiraiya said while scowling. Jiraiya was scowling because he was upset with Sakura and other “brats” constantly coming over to his place to bother him.


Minato eyebrow was still raised as he asked “Hi sensei, something wrong?”.


“Yeah, everything is wrong in this stupid village” Jiraiya said as he walked over to the desk and leaned his elbow on it, pouting in a funny way “These damn brats won't leave me alone!”.


Minato sweat dropped “What did Naruto and Konohamaru-kun do this time?” he asked, assuming that those two troublemakers were the reason for Jiraiya's bad mood.


“Nothing! It's not those two, it's the pink haired one and her two friends” Jiraiya spoke through gritted teeth.


“Pink haired one?” Minato asked.


Jiraiya nodded “Yeah, Ino-chan's friend, the one with pink hair. Since I gave that speech at the ninja academy, she has been coming over to my house every single day, demanding that I train her. And don't get me started on Ino-chan, she is out of control!” he said in almost a yell. Jiraiya was seriously considering talking with Inoichi if Ino continued with her very suggestive teasing around him.


Minato chuckled at Jiraiya's at the way Jiraiya pouted when he said that.


“Isn't that good? It means that your speech actually motivated some of the students. And if you ask me, you would do well with training a few more future ninja instead of wasting time peeking on women or doing other indecent things” Minato said.


“Well” Jiraiya said as he stopped leaning his shoulder on the desk in favor of turning towards the window “No one asked you” Jiraiya added which had Minato sweat drop “Then why are you here?” Minato asked in return.


“I'm just here to tell you that I'm gonna head out of the village for a while” Jiraiya said.


“We talked about this two weeks ago, I want you to stay in the village since Orochimaru could be on the move” Minato said in a serious tone.


Jiraiya sighed “You know as well as I do that I don't give two fucks about your orders, Minato. If I want to leave the village, then I'm leaving”.


Minato's eyebrows started twitching in annoyance, but he knew what Jiraiya said was true. There really wasn't anyone that could boss Jiraiya around, he could do what ever he wants. He usually does what Minato asks of him due to them being pretty much family.


“Besides, I'm doing this for the village and myself. I'm going to look for Tsunade-hime and ask her to return to the village. I will return as soon as I find her” Jiraiya said with a smile, his mood seemingly improving as soon as he talked about the female sannin. He thought this reason to leave the village was something even Minato could agree with.


“Do you think she will come back with you? As far as I know, she still hates the village” Minato said.


“Probably not” Jiraiya said with a shrug “But there is no harm in trying. She would be a great asset to the village with her medical skills and I sure do miss her two greatest assets” Jiraiya said with an eye wink “She will also strengthen our ninja forces just with her mere presence. Orochimaru would be a fool to attack the village with you, me, Sarutobi-sensei, Tsunade-hime and Kushina being in the village” Jiraiya continued, knowing fully well that the chance of him actually finding Tsunade was very slim.


“I know” Minato said with a sigh “If you believe that you can convince her to come back, then I have no reason to stop you”.


Jiraiya chuckled “I have a secret weapon to convince her”.




“Your brat” Jiraiya said with a laugh “I have yet to see a single lady in the village who doesn't fall heads over heels for that little brat. I'll bring him with me and have him help me convince Tsunade-hime to return”.


Minato sweat dropped again “While you do have a point, I don't think that would work with Tsunade-sama. She couldn't possibly be like those..”.


“Like who?” Jiraiya asked shaking his head “Every woman in the village? Tsunade-hime is a woman as well. And for your information, it will definitely work on her, do you know why?”


Minato shook his head.


“Because Tsunade-hime is into younger guys, especially brats like your son” Jiraiya said with a laugh “You should have seen the way she looked at him at his birthday party three years ago!”.


Jiraiya knew for a fact that Tsunade finds Naruto to be attractive, just like all other girls do. The way that she stared at him, with such a horny expression, at that birthy party, just confirmed that. Add in the fact that Jiraiya is very sure of Tsunade being into younger guys, due to her history with Nawaki, makes it a no-brainer.


“No way” Minato said in disbelief “Even Tsunade-sama?” he asked.


Jiraiya nodded “Especially Tsunade-hime, trust me on that.” he said, choosing not to expand more on it since he didn't want to tell anyone of Tsunade's history with Nawaki.


Minato face palmed “While I don't like the idea of you using my son as bait to get Tsunade-sama to return, the village sure could use her help. You can take him with you, but try to be back before Monday so he can be back in time for school next week”.


“I make no promises about anything, but we'll be leaving once your brat gets home from school. I will let Kushina know as well” Jiraiya said as he climbed out the window “Later, brat!” Jiraiya said before jumping off at a high speed.


Several hours later, once Naruto had gotten home from school and was on his way to his usual training spot in his backyard, Jiraiya captured him and threw him on top his shoulders. He carried him back to the Uzumaki/Namikaze home while Naruto squirmed and yelled insults at him.


“Let me down, Ero-sennin!” Naruto yelled.


“Shut up brat, we are leaving on a very important trip. We are leaving right away, we just need to tell your mom about it first” Jiraiya said in a serious tone.


“What important trip?” Naruto asked as he stopped struggling to get loose.


Jiraiya smirked “We are going to head out to search for the most beautiful woman in this world, my old teammate, Tsunade-hime”.


Naruto stated squirming away, even more aggressively than before as he tried to get away from Jiraiya “Hell no, Ero-sennin. If you want to find that old drunk, then do it yourself dattebayo!”


“You are going whether you want to or not. I will knock you out and bring you with me if I have to” Jiraiya said with a frown. He was bringing Naruto mostly for entertainment as that brat could be really funny sometimes. Plus, he could actually be used as “bait” if they were to somehow find Tsunade.


“Also, make sure you don't call her that to her face. She will hurt you badly” Jiraiya said with a shiver as he remembered the many times he had gotten punched by Tsunade.


“I'm not scared of some old drunk hag” Naruto said with a pout, which had Jiraiya think that Naruto had realized he wasn't getting away from Jiraiya this time. Jiraiya thought wrong, as Naruto starting gathering chakra to cover his whole body then releasing wind natured chakra taking the forms of tiny blades. Jiraiya dropped Naruto on the ground before taking any damage. He then watched as Naruto threw a tri pronged kunai into the distance. Before Naruto was able to get away, using his fathers signature technqiue, Jiraiya placed a seal on Naruto's back, preventing him from using any chakra.


He then threw Naruto back on his shoulder, as the young blond continued to squirm and yell insults at him. While carrying Naruto like a sack of potatoes thrown over his shoulder, Jiraiya soon arrived at Minato and Kushina's house. He found Kushina sitting on their veranda in their backyard, greeting the third member of the pervert trio, Konohamaru, and his two friends Moegi and Udon.



"Let me down, Ero-sennin!" Naruto yelled, glaring at the perverted hermit.


"Not this time, I am bringing you with me for this trip" Jiraiya said then laughed heartily.


"What's going on, Jiraiya-sensei?" Kushina asked in a concerned tone.


"You'll regret messing with me, Ero-sennin, let me down this instant!" Naruto roared before Jiraiya could answer Kushina's question.


"I'll let you down, but if you try to run away again, I'll knock you out and carry you all the way to our destination" Jiraiya said as he put the blond prodigy down on the ground.


He then turned to Kushina as he answered her question "Things are starting to heat up, my former teammate is starting to make his moves. Minato thought it would be best for both the village and Tsunade for her to return to the village, since he may approach her. As such I have been asked to find her and ask her to return. I'm bringing your shit stain of a son with me"


Jiraiya was lying for the most part as this trip was mostly just to cure his boredom and to get away from Sakura for a while.


Naruto snorted at that insult while Kushina cracked her knuckles "What did you call him, Ero-sennin?" she asked in a threatening manner.


Jiraiya shrugged "I stand by my words, he is a shit stain. Even so, I'm still bringing him with me to have some company on this little search for Tsunade-hime, I think he can be of big help when it comes to convincing her to return" Jiraiya said, once again referring to Naruto being the bait without being too obvious about it.


"Can I come?" One of Konohamaru's friends then asked. It was Udon, a nerdy looking with glasses who always have a runny nose for some reason. Jiraiya wasn't a big fan of Udon for several reasons. One being that he constantly stared at women's chests, including Kushina who Jiraiya sees as something of a daughter to him. Another one is that he is a perfect example of a closet pervert. A poser, someone who tries to act like a normal person but at first sight of a little nudity, always overracts which often means flying backwards with a nosebleed. Another reason was that he thought Udon was kind of lame and his runny nose disgusted him.


"What?" Jiraiya responded with an annoyed expression "No you brat, go home and suck on your mommies tits or something"


Kushina clenched her right hand into a fist "Jiraiya-sensei.." she said in a warning tone.


"Forgive me for using such vile language, my sweet princess Kushina" Jiraiya said sarcastically, due to Kushina's prudish nature, he then turned to Udon "Sorry kid, I don't have time to babysit. I can take Naruto along with me because he is something of an abnormality. He isn't a normal academy student since one wrong move against him in spars would mean that I lose to him. He can fend for himself outside of the village walls"


"Are you saying I'm a freak or something?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.


"Yeah you are, especially with that half bat you are swinging around" Jiraiya said laughing loudly at that. Jiraiya was talking about Naruto's penis which was far bigger than the average adult man. Jiraiya was pretty sure that he himself was the owner of the biggest dick in the elemental nations, while Naruto most likely had the second biggest. Jiraiya called it half bat since it was only slightly smaller than his own, the full size baseball bat. Naruto hated that nickname though, Jiraiya had even called him that inside his classroom last week when he held that speech for his class.


"Just because you said that, I won't come unless you let the three little shits come with us. They can entertain me while you go search for that old drunk" Naruto said in a bored tone.


Jiraiya frowned "Damn it brat! Fine, but you will look after them. If anything happens to them it's on you!" Jiraiya said, agreeing to it mostly because that would mean that Konohamaru would come as well. The pervert trio heading out together to the Tanzaki Quarters, a place known for its many brothels, strip clubs and other fun things, could only end in a fantastic trip or a huge disaster. Either way, Jiraiya was looking forward to it.


"That was what I was saying, you imbecile" Naruto insulted Jiraiya in calm tone, while Jiraiya yelled at him in anger "BRAT!"


"Calm down Jiraiya-sensei, let's see what they say first" Kushina said as she turned to Konohamaru and the others "Does all three of you want to go with them or is it only Udon-kun?" she asked.


"Sure sounds fun!" Konohamaru said with a confident grin as he rested his arms behind his head.


"I can't, I already made plans with my mom" Moegi said in an almost apologizing way.


"Don't worry Moegi-chan, there will be more chances for small trips like these" Kushina ensured her. She then turned to Jiraiya "How about this, I will tag along with you so that I can look after them, at the same time I can keep an eye on you and Naruto to make sure you don't do anything stupid"


"My mom!?" Naruto screeched "Hell no, I'm going back to training". Jiraiya was thinking the same thing at first, but then realized that Kushina coming along could be something he could take advantage of. She could look after the brats during the evenings while he enjoys the fruits that Tanzaki Quarters has to offer, alone.


"NARUTO!" Kushina yelled loudly as her hair raised above her, taking the shape of nine tails. That scared the hell out of everyone there, especially Naruto who slumped his shoulder and said "I'm sorry mom, we would love to have you come with us"


Kushina returned to normal "Good" she said with a sweet smile.


Konohamaru chuckled at that which earned him a death glare from Naruto. Konohamaru immediately stopped chuckling due to that, looking scared as hell. Jiraiya had no further complaints. Bringing Kushina along would be a big help in the search of Tsunade. Especially since they want to return before Monday, so that Naruto and the others doesn't miss school. All that was left was for Konohamaru and Udon to talk to their parents, or grandparent in Konohamaru's case, to see if they were allowed to go. For Udon it wasn't a problem at all when they knew that Jiraiya and Kushina would be going with them. Those are both top five strongest in the village with Jiraiya only being surpassed by Minato.


Konohamaru didn't have it so easy though. Hiruzen wasn't too keen on letting Konohamaru spending a weekend with Jiraiya out in those areas where Tsunade usually visits. But he eventually let him go, mainly because Kushina was going with them. She wouldn't let them partake in any strange activities that Jiraiya may otherwise treat them to if she weren't going with them. It would be hard to find a bigger prude than Kushina in the village, in Hiruzen's opinion. The five of them then headed out of the village, starting their search for Tsunade.


After leaving Konoha at early afternoon, the five of them was now close enough to see their destination. It was now evening as they were walking down a road, leading to the town which they are visiting. Kushina spoke to Jiraiya as they neared the town "I heard that you took on a new student, Jiraiya-sensei".


"I'm sure you did" Jiraiya said with a frown, having a pretty good idea who Kushina heard that from. That would be the village gossip queen, Ichiraku Ayame. If she knew, then everyone in the village will know soon as well. It was this exact thing that he wanted to avoid as people could get the wrong idea about them or start spreading false rumors about them.


"I didn't think you were looking for more students, a female academy student no less" Kushina said in an amused tone.


At this point Naruto had taken Udon and Konohamaru with him as they ran towards the entrance of the town in excitement. Jiraiya frowned as he stared ahead at them running while he responded to Kushina "I'm not, and she is not my student. That girl has been bothering me non stop for two weeks, demanding that I train her. She is as stubborn as it gets, almost as stubborn as you and Tsunade-hime".


Kushina giggled, finding it funny how annoyed Jiraiya was with the whole situation "Sakura-san was it?"


"Yeah.." Jiraiya said while sulking. To change the subject he said "Let's go find somewhere to sleep before we head out to search for Tsunade-hime for a few hours".


Kushina's answer was a nod as the two of them made their way inside the town. The town is called Tanzaku Quarters or Tanzaku Gai. This is the type of town that Jiraiya loves to visit, unlike Kushina who he is pretty sure has never been here before. This is a town filled with clubs, bars, gambling halls, brothels, strip clubs and sex workers walking the streets. It is basically everything she hates in one place.


"Are you sure we will find Tsunade at this horrid place?" Kushina asked as they followed Naruto and the others who had ran ahead of them. She looked around, taking in the sights of the town with a disgusted expression. Everywhere she looked, she saw sleazy drunk men and female sex workers wearing revealing outfits. Those female sex workers was what Jiraiya was currently leering at as he spoke "Uh-huh, not for the things you see here though. She is only here to drink and gamble away all her money" Jiraiya said with a loud laugh "That's why people thinks she is known as the legendary sucker!".


Jiraiya called her that for a different reason, being that she is the only one that has ever been able to take his whole dick inside her mouth and throat. No one has ever given him a better blowjob than her.


Kushina sighed "Okay, let's hurry up and find a place to sleep at, preferably at the least sleaziest place in this town"


Jiraiya snorted at that "Sure, but don't expect me to know where to find such a place".


Kushina rolled her eyes at him "I wasn't expecting you to know either, you lowlife pervert".


Jiraiya lowered his head in a depressing manner "That's insulting you know" he said, then raised his head, showed her two thumbs up before declaring loudly and proudly "I'm not a pervert, I'm a super pervert!".


Jiraiya quickly jumped out of the way of Kushina's incoming punch after that, barely dodging her punch that would have most likely broken his nose if it hit. He had escaped to safety as he now sat on a roof top next to the road, staring ahead.


"Looks like Naruto and the others already picked a place" he said as he pointed at them.


Kushina looked at where he was pointing, where she saw what Jiraiya was pointing at. It was Naruto, Konohamaru and Udon standing outside a building with a topless blond woman in front of them. Udon fell backwards with a burst of blood shooting out of his nose as Kushina sprinted towards them in anger. Jiraiya followed after her, taking his time as he was struggling to keep himself from laughing, but still did his best not to laugh as he didn't want Kushina's anger directed at him again. It got even harder not to laugh when he got close enough to hear his two pupils conversation.


"Boss, this seems like a nice place kore!" Konohamaru said with a perverted giggle, watching the blond woman return back inside the building after inviting them inside to stay there.


"It must be, I have never seen boobs with such power, she knocked out Udon without doing anything" Naruto said with a chuckle, watching their fainted four eyed friend on the ground


"Naruto, Konohamaru-kun!" Kushina yelled in anger as she grabbed them both by their ears and dragged them out of there. Both of them glaring at her in anger, begging her to let go, as she dragged them away with a hurry in each of her steps.


"Jiraiya-sensei, get the other one!" Kushina ordered firmly, as both Naruto and Konohamaru screamed out in pain while Kushina dragged them along.


Jiraiya laughed as he watched the scene "Serves you right, stupid brats" he thought to himself. He then stared at Udon for a second, thinking he had been right about him. He had scouted him before since he was friends with Naruto and Konohamaru. He came to the conclusion that he was not someone that would fit in in their group, since he was someone that liked to act like they weren't a pervert, but would always react like this due to a little nudity. Udon was more in the league with the closet perverts like Hiruzen, Minato, Kakashi, Iruka and others. Jiraiya picked up the guy, covered in his own blood, with an expression of disgust. Seemed like this stupid brat always had some kind of bodily fluid leaking out of him.


The group then started searching for an appropriate place to stay in for the night. Eventually, after searching for a full hour, Kushina found a place that she deemed good enough for them to stay at. It was a small hotel located at the nicer and more expensive part of the town. She had more than enough money to last her for several life times, and that's without counting Minato's money. Not to mention that Jiraiya farts money due to the riches he has made from his famous Icha Icha book series. Needless to say, they could afford it.


They got two small rooms and one big room with more beds in it. Jiraiya and Kushina got a small room each while Naruto and the others shared the bigger room. Jiraiya having his own room suited him perfectly. Now he could more easily sneak out during the night to enjoy what this town had to offer. After placing their bags inside their respective room, they all joined up again outside a small lobby at the entrance of the hotel. Naruto suggested they split up. That way they would likely find her faster, if she actually was staying in this town. Jiraiya liked that idea as well since that meant he could get away from the prudish red head, who is ruining his fun.


Kushina wouldn't have that though. Jiraiya couldn't really blame her for that after what she had seen tonight. This wasn't exactly the nicest place to let your son room about alone during the evenings. She got Naruto to agree with her after accepting that they could split up in the search for her tomorrow, if they didn't find her tonight. Naruto knew he couldn't convince her otherwise, not after what happened earlier at least, so he didn't argue against her.


The five of them then searched nearby bars and gambling halls which they thought were places that Tsunade may visit. Their search that evening lasted for only two hours until they decided to head back to their hotel due to it getting too late. On their way back, Konohamaru stopped to stare at a woman passing them as the rest of the group kept walking. Kushina stopped as well as she turned to see what it was he was staring at. It was a woman wearing a small black dress that looked several sizes to small for her. She wasn't that pretty but her body was at least an 8 out of 10. Jiraiya and the others turned to see what was keeping them, seeing that Kushina was getting Konohamaru, they continued walking back to the hotel. A minute later, they were passed by Konohamaru who was screaming in fear as Kushina chased after him "What did you call me!?" she asked angrily, causing the others to laugh.

Once they got the the hotel, it was still pretty early in the evening at 11 PM. They all went to their respective rooms and got ready for bed, all except Jiraiya who had gotten himself a bottle of sake. He enjoyed his sake in his hotel room as he waited two hours before heading out to town again. He was pretty sure that the others had fallen asleep by now, which meant that it was safe for him to sneak out without any of them noticing. Normally he wouldn't care but he didn't want to have any of the brats following him and then get the blame from Kushina for what ever happens during the night. That's why he, being the oldest one of the group by far, had to sneak out of their hotel during the night.


Jiraiya went to a building he had visited many times before. It was a building that was mostly known to be a strip club, which was also known for having very beautiful strippers. Unofficially it's also a brothel, but only the super rich and powerful are let into that little secret. Jiraiya being both as he is one of the sannin and the rich author of the Icha Icha series, was a very welcomed customer. When Jiraiya got there, he got a warm welcome by the personnel of the strip club/brothel. He was treated almost like royalty. He was taken to a private room, a large room that had a small stage where strippers could perform, a large bed and a couch where he could sit to enjoy his drinks and the shows.


Jiraiya was seated in that couch with a newly filled cup of sake as the personnel brought in every single stripper working at the strip club. The strippers were only wearing sexy lingerie as they all walked up on the stage and posed for Jiraiya. They were being shown off to him so that Jiraiya could pick whichever one he wants. He decided on three girls, a blond girl with a sizable chest and a hairstyle resembling Tsunade's. A red headed girl with pretty small bust but a very nice ass, with a hair style resembling Sakura's and a dark haired girl with the same body type as the blond girl, but with a hair style resembling Uchiha Mikoto's. These were not Charlie's angels, these are Jiraiya's angels.


From 1 AM to 4 AM, Jiraiya enjoyed getting a striptease and lap dances from each of the girls that he had bought for the night. The last hour, he got a blow from the three of them were they used team work to cover as much of his dick and balls as possible. None of them were even close to be able to take his whole dick inside their mouths on their own. Instead they took turns at different stations. One of them was sucking him off, trying her best to take as much of his length inside her mouth as he could. Another one was sucking, kissing and licking the base of his dick that the one sucking the shaft, couldn't cover. The third station would be for the girl gurgling his ball sack around inside her mouth. The fantastic blowjob ended with Jiraiya standing up and cumming in the face of all three of them. All in all it was a lovely experience for the super pervert which already made this little trip to one of his favorite places worth it.

The next day, to Jiraiya's ire, he was woken up early in the morning by the others. They joined each other for breakfast which was served by the hotel. While they ate, a tired and easily irritated Jiraiya suggested they head out to enjoy the festival that would be held in the town today, since it was no point to search for Tsunade this early in the morning. That old drunk is probably sleeping off a really bad hangover after all. But more importantly, if the brats went out to enjoy the festival with Kushina, that would allow him to sleep for a few more hours. He may have overdone the sake intake last night a little bit.


While the others did like the idea of going to the festival, Jiraiya did not get any sleep. Instead Kushina ordered him to stick around to make sure that Naruto and the others didn't get into any trouble, while she heads into the town to look for places suitable for them to search later that day. The brats didn't get into trouble, they just enjoyed the various games and attractions the festival had to offer.


At 4 PM in the afternoon, all five of them had joined up again. They had just eaten food bought from the festival together. They would now start their search for Tsunade again. This time Naruto got it his way. They split up into three groups. Naruto would search by himself, at least until 8 PM which was when Kushina said she would go find him. Jiraiya would have to drag Udon along with him the whole day, which really pissed him off. He would much rather team up with Naruto or Konohamaru, but Kushina was dead set on having Konohamaru with her. She told the others it was because of what happened yesterday, when he got sidetracked while they headed back to the hotel. Due to that, he had to be with her so she could keep him in line.


They then headed out to search for Tsunade again. A very grumpy Jiraiya and Udon walked through the streets of the town, searching for her in every bar and gambling hall that they could find. Jiraiya was constantly whining about the fact that he always had to look after some brat, which seemed to annoy Udon. After three hours without any luck finding her, the two of them were walking down a road, looking for the next bar.


They stopped as Udon said "What about here?" pointing at a restaurant. It wasn't a bar, but they seemed to serve alcohol judging by the amount of drunk looking people, sitting outside eating and drinking.


Jiraiya snorted before saying "That old drunk wouldn't be at a place like that, look for the most run down bars you can find. She is just looking for the cheapest sake, since she is mostly likely broke after gambling away all her money".


"Okay, Jiraiya-sama" Udon said, taking one more glance at the restaurant. Jiraiya then kept walking, wanting to find another street since this one was mostly filled with decent restaurants where they most likely wouldn't find his old teammate. About ten minutes later, he walked into the street that had gambling halls, bars and less nicer restaurants.


Jiraiya smirked "I wouldn't be surprised if we find Tsunade-hime here somewhere".


After not getting a response from Udon, he looked behind him to see that the brat wasn't with him. He had lost him. Jiraiya face palmed and whined when he realized that. Now Kushina was going to blame him if anything happens to Udon or if gets up to no good. This is one of the reasons he hates brats so much. Instead of searching for Tsunade, he spent half an hour looking for Udon. He had no luck finding him either. Since he was going to meet up with Kushina and the others at the hotel in fifteen minutes, he headed back there to tell them the bad news.


He found the others, minus Udon, waiting for him at the hotel entrance already. Jiraiya appeared slightly nervous as he made his way towards them.


"No luck either, Jiraiya-sensei?" Kushina asked.


Jiraiya shook his head, then laughed nervously "No and I kinda lost that Udon brat".


Naruto started rolling around as he burst into a loud laughter while Kushina yelled "WHAT!?" as she glared at Jiraiya.


"I don't know where he went, we were walking down a street when he suddenly froze in place, looking as if he had seen an alien or something. I turn away for a second and then he is gone, I have no idea where he went" Jiraiya explained, which was kinda what happened except for the fact that Jiraiya had kinda walked away from him carelessly.


"Damn it, you good for nothing pervert! Now we have to find Udon as well!" Kushina complained.


"Calm down mom, you have been yelling non stop since we got here. I have had enough of this town already, I'll find the little snot and granny myself" Naruto said as he did a hand sign. Jiraiya had to agree with him, Kushina had been constantly complaining and yelling at them. No one forced her to come on this trip, she pretty much decided on that herself.


Naruto used a technique which allowed him to create solid copies of himself. The shadow clone technique. Naruto who had a ridiculous amount of chakra, created several hundred shadow clones. He sent the hundreds of clones out in different directions throughout the town, searching every corner of every street. About half an hour later, Naruto had found both Udon and Tsunade inside a bar, they were in the same bar. Udon had found Tsunade first, it was she that had caught his attention, not an alien.


When the others arrived there along with Naruto, they found Udon sitting at the same table as Tsunade, Shizune and their pig pet, Tonton. Jiraiya couldn't help but shake his head at Udon, he was blatantly staring at Tsunade's chest, who in turn appeared to be very drunk. That is probably the only reason why Tsunade hasn't punched his face in yet. Even though she is into younger guys, she couldn't possibly fancy that four eyed, snotty little nerd? Jiraiya thought.


They overheard their conversation as they made their way over to their table. Tsunade was holding a sake bottle as she leaned into Udon, slurring "You said your name was Ukon-kun?".


"It's Udon, Tsunade-sama!" Udon said respectfully for the tenth time, he tried to sound respectful but he couldn't help staring down at her chest the whole time.


Shizune sat on the other side of the table, feeling bad for Udon who had to smell Tsunade's breath of alcohol "Don't scare him, Tsunade-sama!"


"Udon-kun of Konoha was it? And you want me to return to that hell hole of a village?" Tsunade asked in a loud enough tone that everyone could hear them.


Jiraiya grinned as they were now standing in front of the table "He is with us, we are here to ask you to come back to the village, Tsunade-hime".


"Eh?" Tsunade said with a funny expression, staring at him "Jiraiya?".


Jiraiya nodded "May we join you?" he asked, sitting down before she had a chance to answer.


"Of course, you can buy the next round" Tsunade slurred as she downed another cup of sake.


Naruto sat down, grinning widely "Hello you old drunk, how are you doing dattebayo!?"


"As rude as ever I see" Tsunade said with a frown "You little brat".


Jiraiya then saw her blatantly check out Naruto, licking her lips as she did so. She even appeared to look at Konohamaru the same way. The female member of their company then presented herself, as she bowed respectfully in greeting.


"It's been a while, Tsunade-sama" Kushina she said before sitting down as well.


"Kushina!" Tsunade said with a warm smile as she leaned over the table to hug the female Uzumaki. They then ordered food along with some sake for Jiraiya and Tsunade which they enjoyed while catching up. After they had eaten, Jiraiya brought up the reason they were all here again.

"What do you say Tsunade-hime, will you come back with us?".


The answer he got surprised everyone there, mostly Shizune judging by her surprised expression "Sure, I think returning back to Konoha could be very interesting" she said with a smirk as she glanced at Naruto, Konohamaru and even Udon.


After that, the group headed back to Konoha, mostly because Kushina was in a hurry to get out of that town. While travelling back to Konoha, Tsunade sobered up a bit as she and Jiraiya walked next to each other, talking about the old days. When they neared Konoha, Jiraiya took his chance to ask Tsunade something he always wanted from her when they meet.


"Tsunade-hime, since it's been a few years, why don't you let me warm you up in my bed tonight?" He said, winking suggestively at her.


Tsunade looked disgusted as she stared at him "No chance in hell you old perv, I'm not that drunk" she said before stomping ahead, catching up with the others in front of them.


Once again rejected by the woman he loves, Jiraiya hung his shoulders. He already knew that he and Tsunade would never become a couple. Jiraiya considers himself lucky with the fact that he had gotten to experience those wonderful nights of sex with her. But he knew that their relationship would never be anything more than sex buddies, sex buddies that only get together on very rare occasions. The reason being what was made even clearer to Jiraiya this evening, Tsunade was only into younger guys. Jiraiya then made his way back to his home, in the company of Naruto and Kushina for the most part as they were obviously heading the same way, seeing as Jiraiya's house is located in their backyard.


Three days later, Monday, Sakura arrived at school early in the morning. At Thursday when Jiraiya and the others left, Sakura wasn't told by anyone that Jiraiya and the others was going on that trip. She went out to train at Jiraiya's like normal, only to find an empty house with nobody home. Sakura was later told by Ino that Jiraiya and the others had left and would most likely be gone for the weekend. The school day the day after, felt a little bit boring and empty as neither Konohamaru and Naruto were present. Naruto's presence at school was something that every single girl in the school missed, including Sakura. But Sakura also kinda missed Konohamaru's stupid pranks. She doesn't hate them as much as she makes people believe she does. It's kinda nice to have someone that appreciates her looks, even though it is that stupid pervert Konohamaru.


Today, she wouldn't have known that Jiraiya and the others had returned if it wasn't for Konohamaru creeping up on her as she walking into the school grounds. He had sat down behind her, grabbed her dark green biker shorts and tried to yank them down her legs to expose her underwear "What color are the panties you are wearing today, Sakura-chan?" he said with a perverted expression as Sakura screeched "I'm gonna fucking kill you, you pervert!"


Sakura started kicking him with the heel of her sandals, trying to get him away from her. But she couldn't help but smile as she did so. Konohamaru being here meant that Naruto and Jiraiya was back. She could go over to train at Jiraiya's again, something she missed doing a lot more than she thought she would. In fact, she missed Jiraiya a lot more than she thought she would as well.


Konohamaru eventually let go of her as he ran away laughing. Sakura turned to stare at her with angry frown, while Naruto walked passed, tapping her butt lightly "Yo" he said with a nod, before heading into school. With heart for eyes, Sakura ran after Naruto, wanting to let him know that he could do more than just tap her ass like that "Naruto-kun!", causing Naruto to sweat drop before disappearing out of Sakura's sight in haste.


Later, after school, Sakura headed out to Jiraiya's house alone. She found him sitting on his porch, scribbling down his notebook.


"Hi, brat" he said, with a lack of annoyance in his tone.


"Hi Jiraiya-sama" Sakura said with a sweet smile as she walked up to him, she leaned down and stared him into his eyes while pouting cutely "Why didn't you tell me that you were leaving?".


Jiraiya raised an eyebrow "Why? Was I supposed to?".



"Yeah, baka!" Sakura said, hitting his head gently "There was no one home when I came over to train on Thursday".


Jiraiya chuckled "Sorry. Let me make it up to you" he said as he stood up "I'll take your training a bit seriously from now on".


"Really!?" Sakura said in an excited tone smiling brightly at him.


Jiraiya nodded. During the weekend that had passed, after yet another harsh rejection from Tsunade, who hasn't even bothered to visit him yet, he decided that he was going to help out Sakura more. Sakura reminds him a lot of Kushina, who Jiraiya is almost like father to. That along with her stubbornness and motivation to train, made Jiraiya decide that he was going to start treating her better and take her training more seriously. But most importantly, she has a very fuckable ass that he loves to look at whenever she prances around his backyard on those tight shorts. With those thoughts, the super pervert smiled as he started giving Sakura some pointers and things to work on.


This is the third time I write the “Search for Tsunade” chapter. You can read it from Kushina and Konohamaru's point of view in “Sarutobi and Uzumaki” and from Udon and Tsunade's point of view in “Tsunade and Udon”. Soon you will be able to read it from Naruto's point of view in “Uzumaki and Yühi” as well.

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