Toad Sage and Cherry Blossom

BY : Lannister
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Chapter 2


After school the following day, Sakura was heading out to Jiraiya's house again as she is walking through Naruto's parents huge backyard. When she arrived she found Jiraiya standing outside his front door. In front of of him stood Naruto's mom, Kushina.


“You have to stop teaching Naruto and Konohamaru-kun all those indecent things Jiraiya-sensei!” a very angry Kushina yelled at him.


“I'm innocent Kushina. Those two are out of control, they don't listen to a word I say!” Jiraiya countered.


“Then why do I hear about you taking the two of them with you to go spy on women in bathhouses?” Kushina said as she clenched her fist.


Jiraiya frowned “There is nothing indecent about that, they need to learn about the anatomy of the female body!”


“You lousy pervert!” Kushina yelled before pummeling Jiraiya, throwing a few hard punches to his face. Jiraiya took the punches like a man. Taking a beating like this was part of being a super pervert, you just had to get used to it.


Sakura was hiding as she watched Kushina stomping off after leaving a beaten Jiraiya laying on the ground, which was kind of a funny sight.


“Stupid perverts corrupting my sweet cute son and the innocent cute Konohamaru-kun” Kushina muttered angrily as she left.


Sakura couldn't help but feel a bit bad for the super pervert. She knew that Naruto and Konohamaru were far from two innocent young men who had been corrupted by Jiraiya. If anything it was those two corrupting him. Especially Konohamaru. That damn pervert had spanked her butt again today in school. He did it once in the morning and once just before she left school. Luckily she managed to beat him up the second time, similar to how Kushina beat up Jiraiya just now. Then again if Sakura were in Kushina's shoes, she would probably do the same thing. Those perverts all deserved it.


Once Kushina had walked off far enough, Sakura walked up to Jiraiya who was now sitting on his porch, pouting.


“Are you okay, Jiraiya-sama?” Sakura asked.


“Yeah, I'm fine. I probably deserved that.” Jiraiya said in a bored tone, he then glanced at her “Why are you here?”.


Sakura smiled “I told you yesterday that I would come here again today.”.


“Right” Jiraiya said as he stood up “Well, why don't you continue practicing the tree walking technique? It will help you work on your poor stamina and chakra mass.”.


Sakura nodded “I will try my best, Jiraiya-sama!” before going over to the same tree where she had practised her tree walking yesterday.


Jiraiya sighed as he sat down again. He wasn't angry at Kushina, she had been the victim of perverted pranks similar to what Sakura has to endure at school, courtesy of Konohamaru. Konohamaru did it on Naruto's orders, something Jiraiya really tried to put a stop to. She also had the right to be angry at him for taking them on the research missions. Not that it would stop any of them. Jiraiya couldn't be upset with Kushina knowing all of that, she is like a daughter to him. She had even gone easy to him, especially if you compare it to the beatings he would receive from Tsunade in the past.


Jiraiya went inside and grabbed a water bottle, a notebook and a pen. Then he sat down on his porch again, scribbling down in his notebook while Sakura trained nearby. He didn't use Sakura for any inspiration this time as he didn't even look at her. He just let her do her thing. There was just one thing he took notice of, which was that she was getting pretty damn good at using the three walking technique. She probably have good chakra control or at least a good grasp of how to use her chakra correctly. She is probably ready to move on to the next step, which would be water walking.


After four hours, Sakura was exhausted. She was sitting down in the grass, a few meters in front of Jiraiya, panting as she caught her breath.


“I think I'm done for today Jiraiya-sama” Sakura said.


Jiraiya nodded “Good work, Sakura. Tomorrow you should start your training with running a long distance, then repeat what you did today.”.


“Can I bring a few friends tomorrow?” Sakura asked.


“No” Jiraiya answered quickly “You don't even have to come here, you already know what to work on”.


Sakura teasingly stuck out her tongue at him “I'll come anyway and I'll bring my friends!”.


Jiraiya pouted “Just go home and get some rest”.


Sakura laughed as she got up and waved good bye to him before leaving. It was fun to mess with him due to the way he reacted. She understood now why Jiraiya was a constant target of one of Naruto and Konohamaru's most brutal pranks.


The next day, Sakura came over to Jiraiya's house again after school. This time she had her best friends, Ino and Hinata, with her.


“Think Ero-sennin is home?” Ino said after they had knocked on the door.


“I don't know, I hope so” Sakura said.


“Ano, i-is Jiraiya-sama o-okay with all of us being here?” Hinata stuttered.


Sakura shrugged “It's fine”.


Ino nodded “It's Ero-sennin, he is probably delighted that three pretty girls are coming over to his house”.


Jiraiya opened the door “Pretty girls? Don't you mean three annoying brats, Ino-chan?” he said with a twitching eyebrow.


Ino giggled as she turned around and lifted her skirt “Is that so Ero-sennin?” she asked as she exposed her bandage covered thighs and ass, which Jiraiya gladly checked out. This wasn't the first time she had done this to him or others. Ino is a big tease who reminds Jiraiya a bit of Mitarashi Anko. Ino is also well aware of her good looks and uses it often to tease men like him. They can look but they won't get to touch any. Jiraiya know full well that Ino didn't do this to flirt, this was just her teasing him because he is a notoriously famous pervert. She just couldn't accept that no one didn't consider her good looking, especially not the biggest pervert in the world. Ino couldn't accept that someone like him just brushed her off as being just some brat. That's why she loved to get these kind of reactions out of him, which pretty much confirmed that even he couldn't deny her good looks.


Jiraiya's eyes grew in size as he took in the sight, he couldn't help himself. Ino only flashed him for about two seconds before she turned to face him again, laughing at his perverted expression. Sakura elbowed Ino lightly “Don't do that, he is gonna help us train” while Hinata was blushing, staring to the side.


“Stupid brat, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you act like that since you are part of Naruto's group of brats!” Jiraiya said.


“Stop calling me brat, Ero-sennin!” Ino yelled.


“Then stop calling me Ero-sennin!” Jiraya yelled back. Sakura couldn't help but sweat drop. It was almost like watching Jiraiya interact with Naruto.


“What do you brats want?” Jiraiya said as Ino glared at him.


“We just want some help with our training, is that okay Jiraiya-sama?” Sakura asked, smiling cutely. Jiraiya eyebrow twitched again since he knew he was going to let them stay, since it was her asking. He couldn't say no to her for no reason. He was also starting to get a bit annoyed by the quiet one due to the way she kept staring at him. She kept glancing at him while blushing slightly, then looking away. Just how shy was she?


“Do as you like” Jiraiya said with a frown “Hiashi's daughter, what is your name?” he asked.


Hinata stared at the ground, blushing “I-It's Hinata, Hyuuga Hinata” she stuttered.


“Okay, Hinata, Ino-chan and Sakura, go to the middle of the grassy field here” Jiraiya said, using the -chan suffix for Ino since they are familiar with each other.


“Okay” Sakura said as she and her friends walked out to the middle, then turned to face him as he stayed back at the porch.


“Now turn around” Jiraiya said, smirking. After the three of them had turned around, Jiraiya grinned as he said “Now without bending your legs, try to touch your toes”.


Sakura and Hinata did it without hesitation, giving Jiraiya quite the nice view of their rears, Sakura's was by far the most appealing sight for Jiraiya due to her wearing her tight dark green shorts, compared to Hinata's blue pants. Ino on the other hand was staring at her friends in disbelief “Are you really gonna fall for that?” she asked.


“What? It's a stretching exercise right?” Sakura said as she touched her toes with ease next to Hinata who did the same.


Ino pointed at thumb at Jiraiya who was leering at them with his signature perverted grin.


Both Sakura and Hinata stood up straight again as Hinata blushed even more than earlier while Sakura glared at Jiraiya. Ino couldn't help but laugh at them “Well played, Ero-sennin!”.


“Jiraiya-sama, stop messing with us!! Teach us something real!” Sakura yelled.


Jiraiya crossed his arms in front of his chest as he sighed “It's actually not a bad idea to stretch a little bit before you start training. Anyway let's see, Ino-chan and Hinata, do you know the three walking exercise?”.


Hinata nodded shyly while Ino said “Of course, my father taught me that years ago”.


Sakura felt a bit bad when she hard that, thinking she was further behind Ino and Hinata than she previously thought.


“That's good, what about water walking?” Jiraiya asked.


“Water walking?” Ino and Sakura asked at the same time while Hinata remained quiet.


Jiraiya walked up to them “It's the same thing as tree walking, except you walk on water this time. Before you worry about that, the three of you should start with a little bit of running. Take advantage of this huge backyard, run a few laps around it, and if you come across the training maniac, don't bother him”.


“Training maniac?” Sakura asked.


“It's Naruto-kun” Ino said with a giggle “He is probably training at his usual training spot. If we're lucky we can catch him shirtless”.


“Let's go!” Sakura said as she started running but got passed by Hinata who seemed really eager to find out if Naruto was shirtless, Ino followed them soon after, but not before turning to Jiraiya and sticking out her tongue at him teasingly.


Jiraiya scratched the back of his head “And they call me pervert..” he thought out loud. Hinata and Ino were going to be a problem. He didn't handle them well. Sakura on the other hand seemed a lot more easy to deal with. She didn't tease him at every chance like Ino did, or stare at him weirdly while blushing, which Jiraiya caught Hinata doing several times.


The three girls found Naruto at his usual training spot, but they decided to leave him alone. He wasn't shirtless and he was currently training together with Konohamaru out there. All three of them agreed that it would be a bad idea to interrupt their training since neither of them wanted a perverted Konohamaru coming for them, or Naruto's anger directed at them. They were using his parents backyard after all.


They ran a few laps around the backyard, working up a sweat. After two hours of running, they stopped outside Jiraiya's house again. As they caught their breath, they saw Jiraiya sitting in his kitchen, eating snacks and drinking sake.


Flustered and angry, Sakura walked over to the window and knocked on it “Jiraiya-sama, shouldn't you be helping us with training!?”.


“I never said I would, you decided that yourself” Jiraiya said as he downed the contents in his sake cup before going outside.


“Come with me brats, I'll show you the water walking technique” Jiraiya said as he walked into the forest of the backyard with three girls following him. He lead them to a natural hot springs, which was located about two hundred meters away from his home.


“This is a natural hot spring, one of two within this huge backyard. This natural luxury is the reason why I built my house out here” Jiraiya said with a smirk. While the girls paid attention to him, he walked on top of the water, showing how to perform the water walking technique “This is what the three of you should practice next. Every ninja should know about it. This is probably not the best place to do it since there are no waves and the water is shallow, it would be better if you find a lake or a river to train at”.


“Would it be easier to start here?” Sakura asked.


“It would but it would also be pretty pointless. It's better to learn it properly at a real lake since in most situation where you will use the technique when out missions would be on a real lake or at the sea.” Jiraiya said.


“Isn't there a lake pretty close to here?” Ino asked “I remember Naruto showing me one just outside his parents backyard”.


“There is, I can show the way. But first the three of you should probably go home and get your swimsuits, if you mess up you are are definitely gonna get wet” Jiraiya said with a loud laugh.


Ino smirked “You just want to see us in bikinis, don't you perv?”.


Jiraiya sighed “I don't, besides, I don't plan to stay there after I have showed you the way.”.


Ino laughed “I'm just messing with you Ero-sennin, you can stay” she said which had Jiraiya's eyebrows twitch. She probably wanted him to check her out, just so she can tease him about it.


Sakura leaned into Ino and whispered “What do you mean he can stay, isn't he like super perverted? We're gonna be in our swimsuits”.


“Don't worry, he is a super perv but he won't do anything to us, he is harmless. Ero-sennin is actually a very kind old man, I just like to mess with him because he acts so funny” Ino whispered causing the two of them to giggle.


“What's so funny? You are scheming something aren't you?” Jiraiya said with a frown “If you do something to me I'll send Naruto and Konohamaru after you”.


Ino started sweating a bit “Please don't, we aren't going to do anything” she knew very well that you didn't want to mess with those two. She has been the victim of their pranks many times. Sakura agreed with Ino, mostly because she didn't want Konohamaru chasing her around, trying to spank her butt or to feel her up.


Jiraiya laughed “That's right, show me some respect, this pervert has got some dangerous allies”.


“Whatever” Ino said rolling her eyes “Let's go get our swimsuits”.


Sakura nodded “We'll be back soon, Jiraiya-sama”.


“See ya pervert!” Ino added as the three of them turned to leave, lifting her skirt again for a couple of seconds, showing off her behind..


“Stupid brats..” Jiraiya muttered as he watched them leave. Twenty minutes later they returned, all three of them wearing T-shirts and shorts which they wore over their swimsuits. Sakura wore her usual dark green tight shorts, Ino wore similar shorts but in a lighter orange color, while Hinata's shorts covered a lot more and was a lot more baggy. Jiraiya then took the lead as he lead them towards the lake.


Once they arrived near the shore, Jiraiya sat down and closed his eyes “Go ahead brats. If you need any advice you can ask the blue haired one. You know this technique already don't you?”


Hinata nodded shyly “Y-yes”.


“I thought so. I would be surprised if one of Hiashi's daughters didn't know about it already” Jiraiya said with a chuckle. His chuckle stopped when he saw Hinata almost wince at the mention of her fathers name. Jiraiya and Hiashi weren't good friends or anything but they did talk every now and then. Jiraiya, just like everyone else, couldn't help but notice how Hiashi had changed after his wife died. He became a stuck up hard ass who took everything way too seriously and couldn't even joke around a bit like he used to.


The reason he thought of Hiashi now is due to how he used to talk about his daughters. He used to always praise them and boost about their small accomplishments. His favorite back then seemed to be Hinata, maybe due to her getting her moms looks, as he often talked with joy about her. After his wife died, the way he spoke about Hinata changed. If he ever mentioned her, he would be stating that she was a disgrace to their clan, who didn't live up to his expectations. Hanabi didn't get any praise either, but at least she was “performing as would be expected of a Hyuuga in training”.


The way he talks about Hinata nowadays, and the way she reacted to his name, made Jiraiya wonder if this girl was being mistreated in any way. Other than what he can already guess, which is zero encouragement and constant reminders that she isn't good enough for him. It couldn't hurt to ask her about it, see if she wants to talk about it. If there is something going on, he would have Minato deal with it.


“When did you learn water walking?” Sakura asked Hinata “I don't remember, I learned it a very young age” Hinata answered. Meanwhile Ino bent over as she pulled down her shorts, exposing her bikini covered ass to Jiraiya who sat behind them. She stared back at Jiraiya and eye winked at him. Jiraiya giggled as he stared at her wide eyed, his perverted nature took over for a second. Sakura and Hinata wasn't really paying attention to that as they started taking off their shorts as well. When Ino took off her T-shirt, she turned around and faced Jiraiya. Teasingly she lifted her T-shirt and stopped before she would expose her bikini top.


“Oops, I think I forgot my top” Ino said sticking out her tongue. She then pulled the T-shirt over her head as Jiraiya eagerly watched on. She had not forgot her bikini top.


“Haha got ya!” Ino said with a loud laugh “Stupid pervert!”.


“Stop messing with him, Ino-pig!” Sakura yelled.


“What was that, forehead girl!?” Ino countered as the two of them glared at each other.


Jiraiya sighed “As fun as your little show was Ino-chan, If you keep this up I'll have to talk with Inoichi about the way you have acted today”.


Ino frowned “Please don't do that Ero-sennin”.


“Focus on your training then” Jiraiya said as he took a second to check out the three beauties from the current senior class in the ninja academy. No doubt these three would be competing with Kushina, Tsunade, Kurenai, Anko and other village beauties for the title of Konoha's most beautiful woman in the future. Jiraiya would always rank Tsunade as the number one, but tabloid like newspapers that publish actual list of beauty ranks yearly, most often then not rank Kushina as number one. Other has won as well, such as Kurenai, Tsunade, Anko and Uchiha Mikoto, but every other year its Kushina winning.


The three girls he is currently checking out as they are talking among each other, are wearing these swimsuits:


After leering at them for a while, Jiraiya yelled “Get started, brats!” which had the three of them start their training. It was a good thing that they had brought their swimsuits because both Sakura and Ino fell into the water the first thing they did. But after fifteen minutes both of them were walking on top of the water surface with ease. Jiraiya wasn't surprised, the water walking technique is not hard to learn when you already know the tree walking technique. And for some reason, female ninja always seem to have a good grasp of chakra control. These three were certainly no exceptions.


“Seems like you got the hang of it, you should start sparring against each other, using only hand to hand combat. That way you will get used to fighting on a water surface. When you are done, go home!” Jiraiya said with a loud laugh as he turned to leave “Don't bother me more today, you lousy brats!”.


“See ya Ero-sennin!” Ino yelled cheerfully.


“T-Thanks for training with us, Jiraiya-sama” Hinata said in a loud enough tone that Jiraiya could hear him.


“See you tomorrow Jiraiya-sama!” Sakura yelled as she waved which almost had Jiraiya fall over comically. He choose not to answer that, even though he wanted to yell back that she should stay away. At least she wasn't as annoying as the other two.


Later that day, at around 8 PM. Jiraiya was heading out of his house again, this time to go freeload a dinner at the Uzumaki/Namikaze house. Jiraiya often did that, not because he was cheap and wanted to save money, it's because Kushina's food is the tastiest food he has ever eaten. There was just one problem though, which was as soon as he stepped out of his house, he found Sakura standing in his way.


“Hey Jiraiya-sama” Sakura said smiling widely. Her friends had already gone home as they were done training. She told them she was going to talk to Jiraiya, to apologize for Ino's behavior and make sure it was okay for her to keep coming over. Ino had told her she was worrying over nothing and that “Ero-sennin had enjoyed every second of her teasing”.


“What now? I thought I told you people to go home” Jiraiya said, scowling.


“You people?” Sakura asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Yeah, as in brats. Annoying little brats who never me alone. That's you people” Jiraiya said with a twitching eyebrow.


“I just want to say sorry for how Ino-pig kept messing with you today. I didn't know she would do that, I hope you still want to train me after this” Sakura said.


Jiraiya snorted “She always does that, that's not your fault. I blame Mitarashi Anko who has been a bad influence on her, little Ino-chan takes after her. Also I don't train you, I'm not your teacher”.


Sakura hung her head which had Jiraiya sigh “I didn't say you can't come over any more to ask for training advice like you have been” Jiraiya said which had Sakura raise her head and smile.


“But please, don't bring those two over every time you come here” Jiraiya said with a twitching eyebrow “There is something wrong them!”.


Sakura laughed “I won't Jiraiya-sama. Just once in a while if that's okay”.


“Yes, once in a while” Jiraiya said with a nod “Now I need to leave, I'm going over to Minato's house to have dinner. Kushina will certainly let me eat a lot today after she gave me that beating yesterday. Knowing her she probably feels bad about it even though I definitely deserved it” Jiraiya said as he walked off, laughing loudly.


Sakura headed home after that, smiling the whole way. She had gotten to know Jiraiya a bit better now. She was happy that Jiraiya had pretty much told her that she weren't as annoying as the other two. At least that didn't mean that he hated having her around, even though he acts like it sometimes. With Jiraiya's help she was definitely going to get stronger, she already felt like she had learned a ton in just two days.


A week passed as Sakura kept going over to Jiraiya's place to train for a few hours every day. The only exception was the Sunday as Jiraiya weren't home due to him and the rest of the perverted trio doing their usual research missions. Jiraiya didn't really teach her anything as he continued to tell her to practice the basics. That was not only because Jiraiya was lazy and didn't have an interest in training her, it was actually what she needed to work on the most. She needed to improve everything, from conditioning her body to throwing and handling kunai and shuriken. He also didn't really mind having her around as she mostly just trained on her own and let him do his thing.


Sakura had gotten to know Jiraiya a bit better now and found out that he is much more than just a perverted old man. When he kept his perverted antics to a minimum, he is very likable as he is a very kind and gentle old man, just like Ino described him.


Everything was going fine, until today, a Wednesday, due to Sakura letting her friends tag along once again, just like last Wednesday. First thing Ino did was to tease Jiraiya in a similar way as last week. And Hinata kept giving him those weird glances while blushing. Ino stopped her teasing after Jiraiya threatened once again to bring Inoichi over and tell him how she is acting. He then instructed Ino and Sakura to practise their kunai and shuriken throwing, while asking Hinata if he could speak to her alone.


As Ino and Sakura walked off to a tree with drawn target markers on it, Ino said “Scream if he touches you, Hinata”.


“Get to work, brat!” Jiraiya yelled as Sakura and Ino laughed at his reaction while Hinata blushed, staring at the ground.


Once Ino and Sakura began training, Hinata said “Uhm, what did you n-need to talk w-with me about, Jiraiya-sama?”.


“Why don't we sit down” Jiraiya said as he sat down on his porch, patting the ground next to him. Hinata then sat down next to him, but kept looking away from him with that ever present blush adoring her cheeks.


“How is Hiashi doing?” Jiraiya asked as he stared at Hinata who flinched just like last time at the mention of her fathers name.


“G-Good” Hinata stuttered.


“I see” Jiraiya said, pausing for a while “Is he treating you well?”.


“Y-yes” Hinata stuttered, staring at the ground.


“Tell me the truth Hinata. I know how he changed after your mother died. The way he talks about you and the way you react to just me saying his name, is getting me a little bit worried about you” Jiraiya said with a warm smile.


“Uhm..” Hinata paused as she fidgeted with her thumbs “He is a bit strict b-but he isn't mistreating me”.


“It still worries me due to how you react to his name and it seems that you can't even look me into the eyes. Are you afraid of men, Hinata?” Jiraiya asked.


“N-No” Hinata stuttered, her cheeks growing redder as she glanced at him again “It's not like that, Jiraiya-sama”.


Jiraiya laughed “Well that's good to hear. Guess I worried over nothing. But do know that if you need to talk to someone, I will always listen to you. And if you prefer to talk to a woman rather than an old pervert like myself, you should try talking to Kushina. There is no sweeter and more caring woman in the village, she will definitely hear you out”.


“T-Thanks, I'll keep that in mind, J-Jiraiya-sama” Hinata stuttered.


Jiraiya nodded, still smiling warmly at her “Now go join your friends. I have novel to write”.


After that Hinata ran up to Ino and Sakura and trained with them. Jiraiya wasn't re-assured at all with Hinata's answers. There was definitely something going on with her and Hiashi. He has never seen a girl that shy before and the way she almost seemed afraid to just talk about Hiashi was not normal. He kinda wants to confront Hiashi about it to find out what is really going on. But it isn't really his place to do so. At least not until Hinata starts talking. Hopefully she takes his advice and talks to Kushina about it.


Sakura and her friends continued to train until 8 in the evening. After that Ino and Hinata returned home again as Sakura stayed behind as she wanted to talk to Jiraiya for a bit. Jiraiya was still sitting on his porch with his pens and notebooks next to him. For the past hour he has been snoring as he had fallen asleep, while sitting down.


Sakura sat down next to him and stared at him as he drooled in his sleep. She couldn't help but think that he is kinda handsome for an old guy. He also has a very well built body, which she could definitely tell as Jiraiya only wore shorts and a t-shirt in the summer heat of August. Sakura wondered what it would feel like to be held by those big strong arms. She blushed slightly as she imagined it at the same times as Jiraiya woke up.


“Huh, where am I”? Jiraiya said looking around. When he spotted Sakura next to him he yelled “What are you doing here, you brat!?”.


Sakura sweat dropped “We just finished training, Jiraiya-sama”.


“Then why are you still here?” Jiraiya asked while yawning “Go home!” he added in a yell.


Sakura was used to his comical outbursts by now, she just ignored it in favor of smiling at him “What did you talk to Hinata-chan about earlier?”.


“Nothing you have to worry about” Jiraiya said with a sigh “Is she always that shy?”.


Sakura shook her head “She has always been a little shy but it seems she is a lot more shy when talking to you. She can be really shy sometimes, mostly when Naruto-kun is around. Can't really blame her for that though, most girls are shy around him. I think she is just shy around you because you are such a famous person”


“Or maybe she can't resist my manly charms?” Jiraiya said with a loud laugh.


Sakura smirked “Well she would be the first then”.


Jiraiya frowned “I'll have you know there are plenty of women who find me irresistible”.


Sakura grinned “Is that before or after you have paid them?”.


“Go home” Jiraiya said with a scowl as he stood up.


Sakura stood up as well, then gave Jiraiya a quick hug “Thanks for helping me out so much, Jiraiya-sama” after she let go she waved before leaving “Bye Jiraiya-sama!”.


“Uh?” Jiraiya uttered as he stared at her in confusion. He never agreed to any hugging and frankly it made him a bit uncomfortable. Now was probably a good time to get out of the village for a while, before that becomes a regular thing. He barely knows her and has no interest getting to know her better. He already had enough friends and he certainly already had something he could call a family, which was the Uzumaki/Namikaze family. This girl didn't fit into the picture.



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