Toad Sage and Cherry Blossom

BY : Lannister
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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters. I don't profit on this story in any way. This is fiction and should not be treated as, or confused with reality.

This story is part of the same series as my other two stories on this site "Sarutobi and Uzumaki" and "Uzumaki and Yühi". Sarutobi and Uzumaki focuses on Konohamaru and Kushina while Uzumaki and Yühi focuses on Naruto and Kurenai. This story is part of the same world as those two stories. In the future I will likely create even more stories connected to these three, focused on other pairings.


I won't mention the age of any anyone in the story as I prefer to have my readers use their imagination and decide on that themselves. They can be the same age as they would in the manga at the same timeline or the academy age is raised to 18+ . But for safety, everyone in this story, unless their age is specified to be something else, is 18 or older.


Next I'm going to describe the outfits of the characters that will be a part of this story. As well as introduce a few original characters that may have a part in the story.


Sakura dresses up the same was she does in part one of Naruto as well, a red dress and dark green, skin tight, biker shorts. Ino also wears her part one outfit has the same hairstyle.


Jiraiya wears his usual outfit.


Naruto dresses very casually, he is often seen wearing a pair of blue pants and a white t-shirt with the Uzumaki swirl on it. When he eventually graduates he will wear an outfit similar to Minato's, without the jounin jacket and hokage jacket. His clothes is a darker blue than Minato's.


Kurenai wears a few different outfits, sometimes she wears red pants and a red shirt under a green jounin vest but most of the time she wears her standard white and red outfit with a black pattern on the white dress. Both outfits can be seen in this picture:


Anko pretty much always wears her most common outfit as well, a tan trench coat, orange miniskirt and a transparent body armor that doesn't leave much to the imagination.


Konohamaru wears his part one outfit. A gray hat, blue scarf, yellow t-shirt and gray shorts.


Kushina always wears her green dress and white blouse unless specified otherwise. Other normal outfits for her would be an orange t-shirt, blue pants and a gray apron and lastly a tan dress and a light blue blouse similar to her first outfit.


Hanabi wears and looks the same as she does in the movie “Road to Ninja”. She is also older than in the manga. She is just one year younger than Hinata in this story.


Hinata dresses the same way as part one of Naruto, but has the same hairstyle as she would later on in Shippuuden. A hime hair cut but much longer hair.


Uchiha Satsuki is an original character. A one year younger sister to Sasuke. She dresses in dark Uchiha styled clothing and she looks like a younger version of her mother, Uchiha Mikoto.


Uchiha Sara is also an original character and an elder sister to Sasuke, one year older. She also dresses in dark Uchiha styled clothing, although slightly more revealing clothing than her younger sister. She is very popular and good looking, with a body frame that most women dream of. She also looks like a younger version of Mikoto.


Yamanaka Butao is Ino's mom. In the anime she is only shown in filler episodes and isn't given a name. In the anime she is shown as an old looking gray haired woman


I also decided to change her appearance completely, basically making her an original character. This is how she looks in this story instead:


Yui is the name I have given Moegi's mom, another original character. She has orange hair just like her daughter, although she has much longer her hair than her and a different hairstyle. She is a widow after her husband and Moegi's father passed away on a mission six years ago. She is currently single but is a very attractive and sought after MILF. She looks very similar to Inoue Orihime in Bleach:


Akane and Maho are two more original characters, they are Udon's older sisters. Akane is the oldest of the two. Both have long brown hair, the same brown as Udon. They are known for being very slutty.


Everyone else wears their standard outfits during part one of the Naruto anime or whenever they were introduced in the manga, unless otherwise specified.


For my other story, A Different Take on Naruto (on adult fanfiction), which is basically this story but with more main characters, I made a map to give you guys an idea of where things are located in this version of Konoha.


Sometimes I may post a link to an image of an outfit that a character is wearing. This is due to me being horrible at describing clothing and female clothing in particular. Lastly, this is fiction and should not be treated as, or confused with reality.


Chapter 1


The story starts as Naruto, Sakura and the rest of their classmates begins their fifth and final school year in the ninja academy as seniors. Jiraiya who had been training Naruto and sometimes Konohamaru, for the most part this summer, thought that now was a good time for him to do something else, such as leave the village for a while to gather information on his former teammate, Orochimaru.


Jiraiya's former student who is the current Hokage of Konoha, Namikaze Minato, thought otherwise. He seemed to think it would be better for Jiraiya to stay in the village another month and he also asked him to deliver a speech for the new senior class in the academy. Jiraiya would do as Minato asked, not because he is the hokage, Jiraiya couldn't give two shits about that. Jiraiya listened to Minato because he is like family to him. Minato's wife, Kushina and their son Naruto are also his family. Jiraiya currently gets along the best with Naruto, who is something like a grandson to him. He has taken him under his wing, teaching him all kinds of important stuff.


An by important stuff he means everything that doesn't have to do with being a ninja. It worked out well since Naruto is pretty much just as big of a pervert as he is. Jiraiya would take Naruto out on “reference gathering” missions and such, telling him about all the good spots in the village to spy on women. Jiraiya didn't do this because he wanted to turn Naruto into a hopeless pervert like himself, he did it because that boy did nothing other than train all day. Naruto needed to lighten up a bit and fill his mind with something that wasn't ninja training, learning new techniques and stuff like that. Otherwise Konoha may be dealing with a new Orochimaru in the future.


Pretty soon after taking Naruto out on those reference gathering missions, Jiraiya had realized just how wrong he had been about Naruto. He may have been a bigger pervert than him before they even started. Naruto even added a third guy into their league of perverts, the pervert trio as Kushina has referred to them once, in one Sarutobi Konohamaru. Jiraiya accepted him with open arms when he found out he was pretty much a Naruto clone with brown hair. Those two usually comes over to Jiraiya's place on Sundays to train or just to go spy on women or what ever they felt like doing really.


Not everyone was happy about the three of them forming the pervert trio. One of them is Kushina who has given Jiraiya a piece of her mind many times. Jiraiya loves that woman like she is his own daugther, but damn can she be a hard ass sometimes. You couldn't find a bigger prude anywhere in the village either, that didn't mix well with his perverted nature. Luckily for him, she has somehow accepted him for who he is and treats him like he is part of the family. Jiraiya was still a bit scared of her though.


When Jiraiya entered the academy grounds, he found most of the students outside, either eating or just running around. Just seeing them kinda pissed him off. He didn't like brats and would never go over to the academy to deliver a speech if it wasn't a favor for Minato. To make things worse for Jiraiya, his allies within the pervert trio turned on him. As soon as people started noticing him as he made his way towards the school building, Konohamaru and Naruto started messing with him. Konohamaru that little brat was trying to kick him in the balls while Naruto was throwing oil at him, probably in preparation to put him on fire using a fire technique afterwards.


“Get out of here you old pervert!” Konohamaru yelled.


“Yeah fuck off Ero-sennin, you can't come here to perv on academy girls!” Naruto added.


“Shut up brats, I'm here on official matters. Your father wants me to give your stupid a class a stupid speech” Jiraiya yelled back “Besides I only like mature women with a real nice curvy figure!”


“Stupid pervert!” Naruto said as he grabbed Konohamaru and left Jiraiya alone. Jiraiya frowned as he stared at them. Those two could really get out of hand sometimes. He watched as Konohamaru ran up to some girl with pink hair, who appeared to be a bit older than Konohamaru, than started spanking her butt before being chased off by said girl.


Jiraiya could only shake his head at what he saw. He wasn't surprised by it since he knew that Naruto was the one that egged Konohamaru on. Jiraiya has seen Naruto do similar things to all kinds of girls, both at parties and in public. Unlike Konohamaru, Naruto always got away with it due to him being the most popular guy in the village. Naruto had even put Konohamaru up to do similar things to Kushina, since he couldn't do it himself with her being his mom and all. In their defense they would just shrug and say “It's just a prank”.


In Jiraiya's opinion, they should just hurry up and get girlfriends instead of going around harassing girls like that. Even he didn't do that unless it was the appropriate time for it. The worst thing he would do is leer at someone or maybe give a few sexually suggestive invitations or inappropriate compliments. Jiraiya also didn't want them to become like him, a man living alone due to being in love with a woman that doesn't love him back.


Jiraiya has never had much luck when it comes to love or relationships. He's had plenty of sex with plenty of women but he has never had someone he could call his girlfriend. There has only been one person Jiraiya would want to have a romantic relationship with. That would be his old teammate from his genin team, Tsunade Senju. He has loved her even since their team was formed so many decades ago and still loves her to this day. While Jiraiya has accepted that he will never win her heart, he and Tsunade still have a very close relationship. Not only are they very good old friends, they are also fuck buddies.


Tsunade is a very complicated woman with a very complicated past. A past that Jiraiya is fully aware of and it is the reason why he will never win her heart. About three decades ago, Tsunade was supposedly dating a guy named Kato Dan, Shizune's uncle. While she was dating him, her younger brother Nawaki got killed on a mission in the midst of a ninja world war. When Tsunade heard the news from the Third Hokage himself, she cried her eyes out and broke down. Jiraiya and Hiruzen tried their best to comfort her, but she just kept crying. After a few hours of Jiraiya and Hiruzen just sitting there with her, she started spilling some things about her and Nawaki.


Nawaki was not only her brother, he was also her lover. It wasn't just about sex with them, she loved him and was going to spend the rest of her life with him. Her relationship with Dan was a fake relationship. Dan thought it was a real relationship but Tsunade just used him and their relationship to cover up her relationship with Nawaki. After spilling out the truth to her teacher and teammate, who were the only ones there, Jiraiya carried the grieving woman back to her home. Jiraiya would visit her every day for a week, just to see how she was doing and he had completely stopped flirting with her or made any perverted comments. He was just looking after her. Sadly she started drinking, a lot, after Nawaki passed.


About a month after Nawaki passed, Jiraiya was over at Tsunade's home, drinking with her. That night the two of them had sex for the first time. Very drunken messy sex. They started having sex more often the few years that their team remained active. The sex was great, Tsunade was very experienced and knew what she was doing. But Jiraiya knew she only did it with him to make her stop thinking about Nawaki.


For the past two decades the three members of the “Legandary three”, the sannin, has gone their separate ways. Orochimaru became a missing nin. Tsunade left the village, taking Dan's niece Shizune with her. Jiraiya remained in the village but would often take long trips out of the village. Jiraiya and Tsunade still met every now and then, once every few years or so. Sometimes Jiraiya got lucky and they would have hot rough sex some of those nights, but most of the time Tsunade just didn't want to. The last time she was in the village was three years ago when she came over to visit the Uzumaki/Namikaze family on Naruto's birthday. That night Jiraiya saw the way she was checking out Naruto, similar to how Naruto's classmates or Anko did, and he just knew that he would never win her heart. She liked younger guys.


Things wasn't that bad for Jiraiya though, he and Tsunade still got together every few years and when Tsunade isn't around he can always just pay for sex. While there is no brothels in Konoha, there are countless of brothels in other villages and countries. That's why he kept taking trips out of the village so often. He could probably get laid in Konoha if he tried, but that could become troublesome. The people of this village are pretty damn immoral and likes to sleep around a lot, even if they are married. Jiraiya didn't want to sleep with the wrong woman and make an enemy of a friend. That's why he didn't look for a one night stand or someone willing to take money for sex, in this village.


After talking to Naruto's teaecher, a man named Iruka, Jiraiya was now standing at the front of the classroom, scratching the back of his head wondered what he should tell the brats. First thing he did was to look at Naruto then yell out “Hey there half bat, how is it hanging?”


“Shut up Ero-sennin!” a very angry Naruto yelled back at him, causing the class to laugh. Half bat was a nickname Jiraiya had for Naruto, which Naruto hated. He called him half bat because Naruto and Jiraiya both had been very blessed with it came to penis size. Jiraiya was only slightly bigger than Naruto, but still bigger, which is why he is the half bat. Jiraiya is pretty sure that Naruto is going to outgrow him by the end of the year though. That's kinda sad news for him because he has always took pride in having the biggest dick in the village, and probably the elemental nations as a whole. They are that big.


Jiraiya then began talking a bit about his past, about how he acted like a clown in the academy and was always the dead last. He then started working hard, his motivation being that he wanted to protect the village of Konoha. He then told them a little bit about his most famous battle with some strong opponents he has fought. Pretty much every student in there was in awe, very impressed by his story, except Naruto who just wished Jiraiya would leave. Unknowingly to Jiraiya, he had impressed three girls in that class so much that they decided to follow him in hopes to get them to train him, after he left school. He recognized all three of them somewhat.


It was Yamanaka Ino, Haruno Sakura and Hyuuga Hinata. The three popular girls of the senior class in the academy. Jiraiya knows Ino pretty well, he wouldn't say they are good friends or anything but he has gotten to know her a little since she and her family are very close with Naruto's family. The other two he has seen before, mostly at Naruto's once again at birthday parties and such. He knows that Hinata is Hiashi's daugther and that Sakura is Ino's friend but he can't remember ever talking to them. These three are mainly popular in school due to their good looks. Something Jiraiya didn't care about at all since he considered them to be “brats”, just like Naruto.


“Jiraiya-sama, please train with us!” Sakura said as she, Ino and Hinata chased after the man on the roads throughout the village. She seemed to be the most vocal of the three.


“I don't know you people, leave me alone!” Jiraiya said as he ran away with a horrified expression. The villagers laughed at the scene, finding it funny that Jiraiya was running away from girls instead of the other way around. After thirty minutes of chasing him, Ino and Hinata had enough. Since Jiraiya didn't seem interested in training them for a little while, the two of them decided to do something else. They left Sakura who had not even noticed that she was the only one chasing Jiraiya for another ten minutes. She was set on getting Jiraiya to train her, she needed to catch up to Ino and Hinata or even get stronger than them. That way she hoped she would be able to impress Naruto.


Sakura along with pretty much every single female in Konoha, has the hots for Naruto. Sakura originally had a thing for Sasuke as well, for a short time during their first year in the academy. It was the mysteriousness around the brooding good looking Uchiha that had caught her attention. Even Ino who seemed almost obsessed with Naruto was all over Sasuke for like a day. Ino then went back to bothering Naruto. Even though Sasuke was there and he was pretty popular, most girls still favored Naruto. Sakura was one of them but she wouldn't had said no to Sasuke either. At least not until she found out what a pissy personality he has.


He also pretty much told Sakura and a few other girls that he would never give them any time of his day since he was only interested in Uchiha girls. Apparently he was hoping to rebuild his clan with the help of his sisters or maybe even his mom. Another one of Sasuke's fault was how petty he could get towards Naruto simply because Naruto is stronger than him. Sakura didn't blame Naruto for beating Sasuke up sometimes, he definitely deserved it.


Sakura's friendship with Ino took a hit a few years ago when she revealed to Ino that she had given up on Sasuke and was now gunning for only Naruto. Ino took it so bad that Ino told her they weren't friends anymore, they were now rivals instead. As the years passed, Ino started warming up to Sakura again though. Maybe due to realizing that the whole female population of Konoha wants Naruto one way or another. Hell even Ino's mom is flirting with him and trying to get some alone time with him whenever they are over at Naruto's.


Sakura know for a fact that her own mom is the same way, she definitely has an interest in Naruto. She has lost count how many times her mom, Mebuki, has told Sakura how handsome and cute Naruto is and things such as “If I were not married..”.


So Sakura main love interest is someone who she has a lot of competition for. Half of the village population is her competition. Since she doesn't have an interest in anyone else and she really wants to be with Naruto, she isn't going to give up on him any time soon.


Sakura was now chasing Jiraiya down a road to lead to Naruto's house. They had just passed the Sarutobi clan compound when Jiraiya suddenly stopped running. He turned around and stared at her with a frown. Sakura then stopped in front of him “Please Jiraiya-sama!” she pleaded.


“Your friends seem to have already given up” Jiraiya said.


“Huh?” Sakura said in confusion, looking behind her “You guys?” she said wondering where they had gone.


“Hahaha” Jiraiya laughed loudly “Well fuck it, I'll reward your stubbornness this time. If you want me to overlook my training we can go over to my house which is located on Naruto's backyard”.


“Really?” Sakura asked, smiling cutely. Jiraiya nodded which had Sakura cheer “Let's go Jiraiya-sama!” she said as the two of them started walking down the road. Jiraiya figured he could humor her for an hour or two, before she would most likely go home on her own accord, since he wasn't going to go easy on her. He hoped that would get rid of her for good and she would stop bothering him.


Later when they arrived at Jiraiya's house, Sakura saw a rather small house. Next to it was some even grassy ground, part of the Uzumaki/Namikaze family's backyard, which Jiraiya had evened out to create a little training grounds for him and Naruto. Jiraiya's small house didn't look very impressive from the outside, but the inside is very luxurious. Jiraiya is filthy rich so he could afford the most expensive furniture and household items.


“This is my house” Jiraiya said nodding towards it “Most girls avoid this place”.


Sakura giggled “Because you are a pervert right?” she asked.


Jiraiya sighed, these brats never learned “No silly” he said before showing her with a wide grin, throwing two thumbs up in front of his face “I'm a super pervert!” he yelled excitedly. Jiraiya was almost expecting her to run away screaming after that. Instead Sakura just laughed “Hehehe, your funny”.


Jiraiya sighed, he really hoped that would have scared her off “So what training do you want me to help you with?”.


“I don't know” Sakura said meekly as she placed her hands behind her back and one foot over the other in a cute shy way.


“You don't know? You have been chasing me for almost an hour begging me to train you, and you don't even know what you want me to help you with?” Jiraiya asked in an annoyed tone.


Sakura blushed slightly, she didn't think on that, she just wanted to get stronger “I want to become stronger, Jiraiya-sama. Please!” Sakura said with the cutest puppy dog eyes expression he had ever seen.


Jiraiya nursed his forehead and sighed once again “I can't help you train if I don't know what you need help with. Why don't we spar so I can get an idea of what you are capable of, try using every little trick you got down your sleeve against me”


Sakura nodded with a serious expression as she struck a fighting pose. It was the cutest fighting pose Jiraiya had ever seen, not the least bit imitating. After sparring against her, or more like letting her try to punch, kick and throw ninja weapons at him without hitting him once, Jiraiya was at a loss of words.


Sakura sat down, panting after the spar as Jiraiya stood with his arms crossed in front her.


“Are you really in Naruto's class?” Jiraiya asked.


“Uh-huh” Sakurs responded nervously, she had got the feeling that Jiraiya wasn't very impressed with what she had shown.


He closed his eyes as he spoke “Being a ninja is not a game. If you aren't going to take it seriously then you should quit before you get yourself hurt”.


Sakura hung her head “I'm trying my best even though I don't have someone who helps me like Hinata-chan or Ino-chan who trains with their parents. I'm pretty close to their level with any help.”.


“Do you know what happens to female ninja if they lose a battle?” Jiraiya asked.


Sakura frowned “They get killed”.


Jiraiya shook his head “No, first they are raped, then if they are lucky they get killed. Depending on how good looking they are, they might get brought somewhere else to become a sex slave for our enemies. Once they are done with them, or they get too old and lose their looks, then they are killed”.


Jiraiya got angry as he spoke about this, knowing how close it had been for both Kushina and Hinata to have suffered something like that when Kumo tried to kidnap them. They would have become sex slaves for Kumo and been forced to give birth over and over again to give Kumo children who may have gotten their respective clans powers. Kumo was the worst when it came to sexual war crimes and kidnappings of girls and women, but they were far from the only ones that did it. There was always that risk for a female ninja if they found themselves on the losing side of a battle, be it against enemy ninja or bandits.


Jiraiya knows that Tsunade even went so far to create a technique that would to kill her instantly just in case she ever found herself in that situation. Konoha isn't perfect either, they have their bad apples who would do the same to any female ninja they defeat. But there are a large group of ninja in Konoha who look down on that, it's the same people who Jiraiya get along the best with. The Sarutobi's, Naruto's family, and most of the strong clans in Konoha along with many civilian familes like Sakura's. An example of the difference would be Akimichi Choza, he is someone who may not have the best moral standards, since it's pretty well known that he cheats on his wife with all kinds of girls, but he would never rape someone.


Sakura shivered at Jiraiya's words, knowing that every word of it was true. She just didn't want to talk about it “I know Jiraiya-sama.. That's why I want to become a ninja, I want to fight to make this rotten world a better place, shannaro!” she said with a raised fist.


Jiraiya smirked “Heh, at least you got the right idea”.


“Will you train me then?” Sakura asked hopefully “Please!” she pleaded.


Jiraiya let out a long drawn sigh “Tell you what, I'm not going to be your teacher or anything but I will give you a little advice on things you can work on.”.


“Really!?” Sakura said excitedly, smiling brightly. Jiraiya hadn't really been paying attention to her before, but now that he did he couldn't help but think that she was incredibly pretty. She had an amazing smile as well that could steal the heart of any man. Any man that isn't him that is, he thought.


Jiraiya nodded which had Sakura cheer again “Sweet!” she said victoriously “I'm gonna catch up to Ino-buta in no time!”.


Jiraiya sighed as he pointed to a tree further down his backyard “See that big tree over there”


“Yes” Sakura said.


“Climb it without using your hands”.


Sakura turned to Jiraiya with a raised eyebrow “Is that even possible?”.


“Look” Jiraiya said jumping over to the three with one jump. He then walked up the tree by channeling chakra to his feet.


“Wow, how did you do that Jiraiya-sama!?” Sakura yelled from underneath him as she stared at him in awe.


“This is the basics of basics. Every ninja knows it. It's a good thing to start with, start with perfecting the tree walking technique, then you can come back and I'll help you out with something else” Jiraiya said.


“Okay, can I practise it here?” Sakura asked as Jiraiya jumped down from the tree, landing next to her.


Jiraiya frowned “No, I have things I need to get done”:


“Please!” Sakura pleaded again with those cute puppy dog eyes.


Jiraiya's left eyebrow started twitching in annoyance “Okay..” he said while thinking “Why can't I say no to her!?”.


Jiraiya sighed as he sat down, hoping to see her fail and fall of the tree a couple of times. He watched as she started walking up the tree, one step, then slipped.


Jiraiya laughed loudly at her which had Sakura pout before trying again “There has to be some kind of trick to it” Sakura thought. After trying again, using a little bit of chakra, Sakura was able to take a few more steps.


“I think I have it figured out” Sakura thought with a smirk while trying for the third time. This time she casually walked up the tree, without any trouble at all. Jiraiya was watching her, he was staring at her ass, not even realizing that she had already learned the technique. He hadn't been looking at it before since he was too annoyed to check her out.


“How does a girl like her have an ass like that?” Jiraiya thought with a perverted expression.



“I did it Jiraiya-sama!” Sakura said in a cheerful tone. She sat on a tree branch far up in that tree, sticking out her tongue at him with closed eyes.


Jiraiya gulped as he stared at her due to how cute she looked when she did that. “Good, now practice it until you run out of chakra. It's a good way to practise your chakra control while also increasing your overall chakra”.


“Okay Jiraiya-sama!” Sakura said cheerfully, running down the tree using the technique she had just learned. Jiraiya then went inside for a moment, wondering what was wrong with him. He didn't like that he was checking her out or having thoughts of her being pretty or cute. He had never been attracted by someone her age before. He was into women who was at least thirty, but they were best at forty. Maybe it wasn't attraction, maybe he just cared for her similar to how he cared for Kushina like a daughter? That's what Jiraiya decided was the case as he went back out to watch her train while drinking sake.


Three hours later, Jiraiya found himself standing next to a passed out Sakura, laying on her back. Jiraiya didn't know if she passed out due to chakra exhaustion or just due to a lack of stamina. Either way, she was not in good shape for someone trying to be a ninja. He was thinking of taking her to her home, but considering that he never asked her for her name, only knowing her as Ino's friends, and he doesn't know who her parents are, he couldn't know where to go.


Jiraiya sighed “Stupid brats, why can't you just leave me alone” he thought out loud. Sakura opened her eyes and pouted “That's not nice, Jiraiya-sama!” she said in a scolding tone.


“Glad to see that you are okay, you should go home and rest now” Jiraiya said with the same annoyed tone he had been using since she got here.


Sakura took a deep breath before standing up. She brushed off some grass from her red dress as she asked “Can I come back tomorrow?”.


“No” Jiraiya answered quickly.


“I will come back tomorrow” Sakura said sticking out her tongue the same way she did earlier “See ya Jiraiya-sama!” she said with a wave before running off.


“Hey, what's your name brat?” Jiraiya yelled.


Sakura stopped and turned around, facing him another cute smile, a really cute smile as she was really happy that he asked “It's Haruno Sakura!” she yelled before waving again and running off. Jiraiya didn't recognize the family name so that didn't help him figure out who her parents are.


Jiraiya face palmed, wondering how he got himself in this mess. Was the ninja God punishing him for all his perverted actions in the past by sending brats to his house?


Once Sakura got home she told her parents that she had been training with one of the sannin, Jiraiya-sama. Her parents didn't believe her, thinking she was making it up. Sakura was too tired to try to convince them, instead she ate dinner then went to bed early. Jiraiya aws thinking about going over to Naruto's house to have dinner with them. He decided not to when he remembered that Naruto and Konohamaru seemed to be having some kind war with Kushina. A prank war which had really gotten out of hand. He ordered in some food instead, then had some sake which he drank while scribbling down in his notebooks. Feeling a little ashamed that he had gotten a bit inspiration from Sakura to use in one of his upcoming erotic novels.

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