Sarutobi and Uzumaki

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Chapter 9


Not much happened at school on Monday except for two conversations that Moegi had with Ayame and Konohamaru. She and Ayame gossiped over a bowl of ramen during lunch again. Ayame had new information regarding Shizune and the male academy students she has been seen with in the evenings around the school. Apparently she seduces them in the infirmary to have sex with them, sometimes for hours. Most of the times she seduces one guy, but a few times she has taken on more than one at a time, allowing them to gang bang her in the school infirmary.


The strangest thing about this is that none of the guys who has been seduced by Shizune, remembers ever having sex with her. They only remember being called to the infirmary at the end of the school day, then they have a ten hour or so black out. Most of them don't even remember how they got home that day. Ayame's informant has been spying on Shizune for a few weeks and was able to see her in action. Apparently she gives all the guys she seduces some kind of pill as soon as they enter the infirmary. That is likely the cause of their memory loss.


That's just a theory that Ayame and her informant has for now, nothing has been confirmed yet. That was the only new thing Ayame had to gossip about, and she also asked Moegi to keep quiet about it. They wanted to find out more about what Shizune does before spreading rumors. Moegi told Ayame of a few of the things she has seen this weekend as well. She told him about Shizune and Shikamaru going on what seemed like a short date and Naruto having a threesome with Kurenai and Anko. Confirming that Ayame was right to be suspicious of Kurenai. She didn't tell her about the other things she saw though.


Later during the same lunch break, Moegi had a conversation with Konohamaru. She had pulled him along with her, taking him behind the school building for some privacy.


“Konohamaru-chan, I saw you and Kushina-sama together” Moegi said with a smile.


“What, when?” Konohamaru asked in confusion, he and Kushina had made sure no one was following them around during the trip.


“You were kissing her on top of a mountain” Moegi said with a blush “I didn't think people kissed like that”


“That's how we kiss, we like it kore!” Konohamaru said excitedly, then he sighed “How were you able to see us? We checked to make sure no one was following us”


Moegi grinned “That's a secret, I'll just consider that a compliment to my skills in stealth if even Uzumaki Kushina weren't able to notice that I was tracking you guys since you left the beach”


Konohamaru shook his head as he blew out some air “You should really stop spying on people like that you know”


Moegi chuckled “It's all practice for future missions, I want to become a stealth expert!”


“Well now you know everything about me and Kushina-chan, we became a couple this weekend after kissing for the first time this Friday. I hope you can keep your promise to not tell anyone about this” Konohamaru said with a serious expression.


“I promise, besides I'm happy for you, I'm rooting for the two of you and I'm gonna try my best to help out a little once our new team gets going, give the two of you some chances to be alone” Moegi said with an eye wink.


“Hehehe” Konohamaru chuckled perversely “Please do, Moegi-chan!”


Moegi and Konohamaru then turned to class, meeting up again together with Udon after school as they headed towards Kushina's house. They were greeted by Kushina who waited from them in her backyard. She wore the exact same clothes she had worn when she and Konohamaru snuck out in the woods to make out on Friday night. Her usual white blouse, a pair of tiny green biker shorts, ninja sandals and now she had also attached a small weapons pouch to her right leg. Another new addition to her outfit was her heart shaped necklace around her neck. Konohamaru wore his as well, but it was hidden under his scarf. This was the outfit she would wear whenever they train together. Watching Kushina bend and move around in that skimpy outfit was something both Konohamaru and Udon enjoyed very much the hours that they trained. Konohamaru had been expecting some kind of fooling around with Kushina between breaks, but he got none of that. Kushina was all business between 3 PM to 8 PM. She trained them hard, not allowing them to take more than a few breathers. By the time they were done training at 8, all four of them were pretty exhausted.


It's been a while since Kushina has trained this hard and while Konohamaru was pretty used to train for long hours, no one really pushed him this much before. The two of them were still doing better than the other two though. Moegi and Udon had to lean on each other as they helped each other slowly making their way home. Kushina had to push them this hard since they needed to condition their bodies to be ready for missions that could require them to move around for days without any rest. While this team was mainly created because she wanted to be with Konohamaru, that didn't mean that she would put Moegi and Udon in danger by not training them properly so they can defend themselves. By the time the three of them graduates, she will have made sure that all three of them deserves the rank of genin.


At 8 when Udon and Moegi were leaving, Kushina leaned down and whispered to Konohamaru, telling him to stay for dinner. At the same time, Naruto and Jiraiya arrived at the house to eat dinner. They had also been training all day together, ever since school ended. While they weren't in such a horrible and exhausted state like Konohamaru, they were both pretty tired as well. They are way more hungry than they are tired though, which is the reason they are here.


“Looking good Kushina!” Jiraiya said with a perverted laugh.


“Oh, shut up you pervert!” Kushina yelled at him.


“Hey mom, is dinner ready?” Naruto asked as he looked around in confusion, wondering why the “three little shits” was here and why they all appeared so exhausted. Udon and Moegi could barely walk as they slowly made their way towards the road. Naruto knew Moegi was tired when she didn't fuss about him the first thing she did, all she did was give him a lazy wave before leaving.


“No, I was just about to start dinner. I have been training Konohamaru-kun, Udon-kun and Moegi-chan until now” Kushina explained as everyone went inside. Jiraiya pretty much carried the exhausted Konohamaru to the kitchen and placed him on a chair. Konohamaru rested his head on the table, listening in on the others as they talked.


“Not that I really care, but since when have you been training those three?” Naruto asked as he sat next to Jiraiya on the other side of the table.


Kushina gulped, she didn't really want to have this conversation with Naruto this soon. She feared that he may get upset if he finds out that the goal with the training is to have them graduate early. She couldn't lie to him though.


“Starting today, I am going to train them until they graduate and become genins. At that point I'm going to return to being a ninja as their jounin teacher” Kushina said as she turned on the heat on the stove.


She looked around to see Naruto's reacton, to her surprise, he smiled “Really? That's great mom, you're so damn strong it's a damn shame for you not to be an active ninja dattebayo!”


“Thank you, Naruto” Kushina said smiling lovingly at him, she then breathed out before saying “You may not like what I'm about to tell you next. The goal with my training is to have them graduate as soon as possible, so that we can become a real team and start going on missions”


“Oh, well that's pretty cool” Naruto said nonchalantly.


Kushina blinked “You are fine with that? I thought you would be jealous since you know..”


“That I wanted to graduate early as well?” Naruto asked as he finished her sentence for her.


Kushina nodded as Naruto spoke “That was before I even started the academy, I am grateful that you and dad convinced me to go to the academy, if I didn't I probably wouldn't be friends with Shikamaru and the other guys”


Kushina smiled again “That was the reason we wanted you to go, even though you were already strong enough to be a genin back then”


Naruto stood up and patted Konohamaru on the back “Tough first day, huh?” he asked with a chuckle. Naruto knew all too well how it was to be trained by Kushina. She didn't know the meaning of going easy on someone.


“Yeah..” Konohamaru said in a tired tone.


Naruto laughed as he smacked Konohamaru on the back “Hang in there and make sure you show up to training as usual with me and the old pervert on Sundays”


Konohamaru just grunted tiredly as Naruto headed out of the kitchen “I'm gonna take a shower while the food is cooking”


When Naruto had left the kitchen, Jiraiya spoke for the first time “I don't think this is such a good idea, Kushina”


Kushina rolled her eyes at him “You are just saying that because you are worried you can't come here and freeload of our dinners if I'm away from the village”


“You're right” Jiraiya said with a loud laugh as he stood up “I'm just kidding, I actually agree with Naruto and I look forward to seeing Konohamaru's progress under your guidance as well, since he is also my student”


“Well, look at him” Kushina said nodding at her exhausted boyfriend “This is just from one day of training”


Jiraiya laughed as he also made his way out of the kitchen “I'm gonna take a shower as well, mind if I use the one down here?”


“Go ahead” Kushina responded.


“Thanks” Jiraiya said as he left the kitchen.


Kushina walked up to the kitchen door and looked at Jiraiya, seeing him enter the bathroom. She then sat down next to Konohamaru, joining him at the table while she waited for the water to boil on the stove.


“Hey, wake up” Kushina said, ruffling his hair. Konohamaru stopped hanging his head in favor of staring at her “I wasn't sleeping, I just rested a bit”


Kushina laughed lightly “Sorry, was the training too much?”


Konohamaru shook his head “No I'm fine now, just needed to rest for a few minutes kore!”


“You can sleep here tonight, you can use the guest room upstairs. I will have Minato tell your grandfather that you are staying here” Kushina said with a warm smile as she played with his hair.


Konohamaru grinned and nodded tiredly.


Kushina smiled “For now, why don't you use the shower in the basement, the food won't be ready for another twenty minutes”. Their house had three showers. One on the second floor that Naruto is using, one on the first floor that Jiraiya is using and one in the basement.


“Okay” Konohamaru said while yawning, almost dragging himself out of the kitchen. He was a little disappointed that he and Kushina couldn't make out while the others wasn't there. Before he left the kitchen, he felt Kushina pull him back, she then shoved her tongue inside his mouth. Konohamaru returned the kiss instantly, throwing his arms around her as they joined for a long hot kiss.


After the kiss, Kushina said “There, now go take that shower or I won't make out with you later tonight ttebane!”


“I'm going kore!” Konohamaru said in an excited tone, regaining some energy as he ran down the stairs towards the basement.


An hour passed as Minato also returned and the five of them ate dinner together. Kushina also had time to take a shower of her own and change into her normal clothes during that time. Jiraiya and Naruto left after eating, saying they were going back to train more. That was just Jiraiya looking out for Naruto, who had told him he was going on a date without specifying with whom. Naruto was going to Anko's apartment to “watch a movie” with her and Kurenai. It was the last night Anko would be in Konoha for a while as she was leaving on mission that could keep her away from Konoha for a few weeks.


Kushina, Konohamaru and Minato still sat at the kitchen table, talking a bit. It felt a bit weird for both Kushina and Konohamaru. Here was Kushina casually chatting with her husband and her secret boyfriend, who she made out with just a few minutes before Minato returned earlier. As for Konohamaru, he had similar thoughts. The whole situation was still a bit surreal to him. He was talking to the man that he looked up to and respected, the strongest man in Konoha. But later he would most likely be making out with his girlfriend again, who just so happens to be Minato's wife. He wondered what Minato would do to him if he found out about them.


Minato ruined their plans to make out, at least for a while as he said “Hey, since Naruto went out, why don't the three of us watch a movie?”


“Okay, Hokage-sama” Konohamaru said, trying to sound as respectful as he could manage.


“Just Minato is fine Konohamaru” Minato said with a kind smile as Kushina chuckled, finding the whole situation a bit funny.


The three of them then sat down in the couch in the living room. Kushina sat in the middle as she had her husband to the left of her and her boyfriend to the right.


“Hmm, this one seems interesting” Minato said as he started an action movie, while he did that Kushina and Konohamaru stared at each other, smirking. Kushina blew him a kiss before she focused on the television. Minato was so into the movie that about an hour into it, he had not even noticed that both Kushina and Konohamaru had fallen asleep. When the movie ended, he turned to them to see them both cuddled up at the end of the couch. Kushina slept with her head resting on Konohamaru's shoulder while he held her, with both arms around her. Minato actually thought they looked adorable and didn't wake their up. It was like seeing Kushina with Naruto. Minaro was happy she and Konohamaru was so close. It's almost like she has another son. Or well, that's what Minato thought at least, as he made his way upstairs, leaving his wife in the arms of her new boyfriend.


The next morning was a first for Kushina as she woke up with someone that weren't Minato's arms around her waist, holding her. In their sleep they had changed position from sitting up, cuddling each other to laying down on their sides, Konohamaru spooning her as he held her. Kushina turned to face him causing Konohamaru to readjust his hold around her, lowering his hands down to her butt, grabbing a hold of that instead. Kushina smiled as she stared at Konohamaru's sleeping face, their faces only a few centimeters apart.


She gave his cheek a few quick smooches to wake him up. Konohamaru smiled as he slowly opened his eyes as Kushina gave him a quick peck on the lips “Good morning” she said.


“Good morning” Konohamaru said with a giggle. He realized where he had his hands and said “Hehe, sorry” as he placed them back on her waist.


Kushina chuckled “I don't mind, besides it's not the first time you touch me there ttebane”


Konohamaru knew she was talking about when they had their prank wars, he would often touch or pinch her ass back then “That was different..” Konohamaru said but was interrupted when Kushina frenched him. Kushina pulled back her head a bit to get some air as their tongues separated but was still joined together by their mixed saliva. She went in for more but their passionate kiss came to a halt immediately when they heard Minato say “Hey Kushina, are you up?”


Kushina sat up on the couch and breathed out in relief when she saw Minato sitting at the kitchen table, he had not seen them from there as they were covered by the couch's armrest. She glanced at Konohamaru who had turned around and was pretending to be asleep. She then walked towards the kitchen “Yes, good morning”


“Morning” Minato said with a warm smile as wife walked through the door “Slept well?” he asked with an amused expression.


“Yes, our couch is surprisingly comfortable” Kushina said as he went over to the kitchen counter “Coffee?”


Minato nodded “Yes please”


As Kushina prepared the coffee, Minato said “You two looked so adorable yesterday that I didn't want to wake you up”


“O-okay” Kushina stuttered a bit uncharacteristically and chuckled nervously.


“Konohamaru is a lucky man to have slept a full night with my beautiful wife” Minato said, still with that amused smile plastered on his face.


“Well thank you” Kushina said, showing a bright smile of her own.


“Should I worry that he is trying to steal you from me?” Minato asked jokingly


Kushina rolled her eyes “Haha, very funny” she said sarcastically, while thinking “He already has”.


“Sorry, you know I'm just joking around” Minato said as Kushina brought two cups of coffee to the kitchen table. She sat down and joined her husband in a more normal conversation, talking about the upcoming genin exams, Naruto's whereabouts and Kushina's intentions for her new team. Minato knew that Naruto was probably with Kurenai but covered for him by lying to Kushina, saying he was sleeping at Jiraiya's house again. A few minutes into their conversation, Konohamaru joined them in the kitchen. Kushina then prepared breakfast for the three of them.


Minato and Konohamaru later left for work and school at the same time, Konohamaru and Kushina would see each other again soon though as their team would train again today.


Later after school, they trained with Kushina again. Kushina had them do pretty much the same thing as yesterday with the only difference today being that they were started to getting used to it. While all three of them was pretty exhausted when they were done, none of them was as tired as they were yesterday.


Moegi was fast to get herself and Udon out of there as she wanted to let Konohamaru be alone with Kushina for a while. Neither Naruto or Minato had come home yet even though it was starting to get pretty late at 8 in the evening. As they were about to leave the backyard, Moegi turned to give Konohamaru an eye-wink, silently wishing him good luck.


“Want to stay for dinner?” Kushina asked with a flirty smile.


“Of course, I love your food Kushina-chan!” Konohamaru said in an excited tone as the two of them started heading inside. While they stepped up on the porch, Konohamaru placed his left hand on her ass and rubbed it slowly. He was testing the waters a bit since she had told him that she didn't mind it this morning. Kushina didn't say anything, she just turned and smiled at him as they made their way inside, walking like that. As they entered the kitchen, Konohamaru squeezed her butt a little, the same way that he used to do.


Kushina let out a quiet “Eeep!” as she jumped slightly “Hahaha, you caught me off guard you little pervert!”


“So you really don't mind when I do this?” Konohamaru said as he rubbed her butt again before grabbing it lightly, pressing his fingers into her butt cheeks through those green biker shorts.


Kushina just smiled in a naughty way “I don't, but you should probably stop for now, Minato and Naruto could come home any minute”


“I'll take my chances” Konohamaru said with a grin as he kept his hand on her butt.


“So will I ttebane” Kushina said as she sat down in front of him, giving him a few pecks on the lips “I was thinking our new team could go on a little training trip this weekend” she said in between pecks “I know a place that has a very nice and luxurious hotel with great service, that village is surrounded by open fields and forests. It would be the perfect place for us to train and also a chance for the two of us to have some privacy” Kushina said with a naughty smile.


“I like the sound of that” Konohamaru said as he stuck out his tongue, Kushina responded in kind as they let their tongues battle for a minute. This time he was groping her ass with both hands while they made out. Kushina then got up and walked over to the stove “I should start dinner now, you can borrow our shower in the meantime”


Konohamaru nodded as he headed down to the basement with a grin on his face. Before he left the kitchen, Kushina turned around “Oh, and don't forget about Hana's birthday party on Thursday. I will wear something nice for you if you will be my secret date ttebane!”


“I will be there kore!”


Nothing more really happened between them after that as Minato and Naruto returned for dinner. The four of them spoke about Hana's birthday party which all their friends and family had been invited to like usual. As Konohamaru headed home, Kushina brought up her idea to have a training trip this weekend to Minato.


“This weekend?” Minato asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Yeah, why?” Kushina asked in confusion.


“Our wedding anniversary is on Saturday, don't tell me you forgot?” Minato said with a slight frown.


Kushina's eyes widened. She had actually completely forgot about it. It wasn't like they celebrated it much nowadays anyway. The two of them would usually just have a nice dinner alone before going to bed. A few years ago they used to also have sex on their anniversary, which was the only time they did it during those years.


“Of course not, we will be back on Saturday afternoon, I have already made plans for the two of us on Saturday night” Kushina lied, she then frowned “It was supposed to be a surprise for you, you jerk!” she said with a nervous laugh.

Minato scratched the back of his head “Sorry, I just got worried for a second there. I know things hasn't been the best between us, but I want you to know that I still love you more than anything in this world, Kushina”


Kushina swallowed her saliva nervously “I love you too, Minato” she said giving him a peck on the cheek. She then went upstairs, going into that large empty room where she practiced her dancing and did her make up. She rested her back against the door, shaking her head “Did I really forget about our anniversary?” she wondered in disbelief.


Once Konohamaru got home, he was met by a strange sight. Uchiha Mikoto and Hyuuga Hanabi was in his kitchen, cooking food. While he had seen Mikoto in the house before as she is his grandfathers friend, who visits from the time, he had never seen Hanabi here before unless she was here with her family as guests to some birthday celebration or a boring dinner.


“Uh, hello?” Konohamaru asked in confusion.


“Hey Konohamaru-kun” Mikoto said as she turned around, smiling at him “Don't mind us, I'm just teaching Hanabi-chan to cook”


Hanabi frowned “This isn't training, why do I have to do this while big sis gets to train with the former Hokage?”


“Maybe it's because you need to learn to be more feminine, miss firecracker” Konohamaru said with a laugh.


“Shut up you little shit” Hanabi said frowning at the down pot in her hands “Is Naruto-kun with you?” she said with hopeful eyes.


Konohamaru shook his head “Nah, he is training probably. By the way, where is gramps anyway?”


“He is training Hinata in the dojo, he doesn't want to be disturbed right now” Mikoto said with sweet smile.


“Okay..” Konohamaru said “I'll talk to him tomorrow, I already ate at Naruto's so if you see him later, tell him I went to bed early” Konohamaru then dragged himself to his bedroom, dropping down on his bed. He needed to sleep early since he needed all the rest he could get to be able to handle Kushina's training tomorrow.


The next day, Wednesday, was pretty much the same as Tuesday for Konohamaru and Kushina. School, training, making out after training, dinner then going to bed. On Thursday they only trained between 3 PM to 6 PM since all four of them was going to Hana's birthday party at 7. He did get a chance to talk to his grandfather at their home before they left to go to Hana's birthday party. Apparently Hiruzen had taken on two students of his own, as part of some kind of deal he made with Hiashi, the Hyuuga clan head.


He told Konohamaru that he should get used to having the two Hyuuga siblings around in the house, as he planned on training both of them until they graduate. That meant that, while Hinata would graduate soon enough, Hanabi would be around for another year then. If Konohamaru could choose, he would prefer if it was Hinata that would be around longer. Not only is she better looking and has bigger tits, she is also much nicer and more pleasant to be around than the fiery firecracker that is Hanabi, in Konohamaru's opinion. At least he enjoyed seeing her cooking in his kitchen and doing other house work. Konohamaru didn't understand how that counted as training. Maybe she was doing as some kind of disciplinary training? She sure as hell needed it, in Konohamaru's opinon.


Kushina had made herself ready for the party as well, as she joined up with her husband and son at their front door. She wore a pair of light blue jean shorts, which were even smaller than the previous pair of jean shorts she had worn on a date with Konohamaru. She also wore a tight fitting white stomach shirt. She had a pair of black suspenders connecting to her shorts on the front, going around her shoulders around her neck then back down again. She got the inspiration for her outfit from a Konoha pop (K-pop) dancer, whose routine she had been practiced lately. Her outfit:


“Wow, you look amazing Kushina” Minato said and he didn't say it just to be kind this time as he truly meant it.


Kushina closed the door behind her as she joined them outside “Thank you, Minato” she said with a kind smile. Naruto stared at her with an annoyed frown “Mom, are you really going to wear that?”


“Yes, what's wrong?” Kushina asked in a worried tone “Do I look bad?”


“Not at all, you look great Kushina, don't be stupid Naruto” Minato said frowning at Naruto.


“You don't look bad, it's the opposite. I don't want every pervert there leering at you” Naruto said with a pout.


Kushina ruffled his hair “If they do, you can kick their asses like you usually do”


Naruto nodded “Trust me I will”


Minato sighed as the Namikaze/Uzumaki family began walking, walking down the street that would lead them into the village “You are quite the mommas boy, Naruto”


“Fuck you dad” Naruto said with a frown “At least I give a shit when old farts and other perverts leer at her”

Kushina chuckled “That's enough out of the both of you, we are going to a party so cheer up ttebane!” she said hugging her arms around them both as she walked in the middle. The very good looking family made their way through the village, gaining quite the few stares as they did so. Once they arrived, they were met by Tsume at the gates of the Inuzuka clan compound. Inside the clan compound they saw what had to be the whole Inuzuka clan, standing outside the kennels where the ninja dogs lived.


“Welcome!” Tsume said with a warm smile as she glanced at Kushina and her outfit. She had made the right decision to have the whole clan guard the dogs. They wouldn't be able to contain them otherwise, especially not with Kushina looking like that. To explain the reason for that, we would have to go over a little bit of the Inuzuka clan's history and some of their secrets that they only keep within the clan. It will also explain Kiba and Hana's relationship and why Kiba even tried to get Naruto together with her a few weeks ago.


The Inuzuka clan had some very interesting clan secrets. Secrets that even the legendary gossiper, Ayame, had not found out about yet. One of those secrets revolves around Kiba's mom, Inuzuka Tsume, who is the current clan leader. Just like her many predecessors Tsume has never had a human male partner. The father to Kiba and Hana is also the father to Tsume's current ninja dog partner Kuromaru. Their father passed away a few years back. Kiba and Hana has been aware of this for a long time and know all about their clan's history. Tsume's father was also a ninja dog


The ninja dogs of the Inuzuka clan are special in the way that their sperm can impregnate human women. If a human woman gets pregnant with the sperm from a ninja dog, then she will have a 50% chance to give birth to a human child after nine months. She also have a 50% chance to give birth to a litter of puppies, after just a few months of pregnancy. Female ninja dogs can give birth to puppies like every normal dog, but they won't be nearly as strong as the ninja dogs born from a human woman. It doesn't work the other way around, with a female dog and human male. Of course, the humans born this way can still have children the normal way with another human as well.


Since the male ninja dogs are almost always horny, Tsume started running something of a brothel where she allowed her dogs to have some fun with horny women who were willing to pay for it. The only rule was that the women couldn't be on their period when they came and due to their inhuman sense of smell, they could easily smell if a female customer was on her period. This way they could keep this secret safe, for now.


The women of the Inuzuka clan has breed with their male ninja dogs for many generations to insure that the clan stays strong. And now it's finally Hana's turn to get her own male dog partner as she has come of age. This is something that Hana has been prepared for ever since Tsume told her and Kiba about their clan history. Neither her or Kiba wanted her to actually go through with it. He likes his sister a lot and doesn't want to see her hurt. He has heard his mom and sister argue about this for the past few weeks, just like they are at this current moment. After comforting his sister two weeks ago, after an argument with Tsume, Kiba and Hana got together as a couple. Tsume didn't find out about that until two days ago, when she walked in on them having sex in Hana's bedroom. Due to that she has been in a pretty sour mode lately. She would let them be together though, she would just have to continue doing her duty as the matriarch of the Inuzuka clan for a while longer. At least until Hana accepts her role in the clan or she finds a substitute for her.


The reason Tsume had the whole clan guarding the kennels was because of all the good looking women that would visit tonight. Just the smell of them would let the dogs recognize who they are and get them going. Kushina, Tsunade, Kurenai and the others had the dogs howling just at the smell of them. Kushina especially. There is one dog inside that kennel that is almost twice the size of the others. That one is someone that only Tsume can handle, none of the customers dares to go near him. That dog is almost obsessed with Kushina, Tsume has even given him a picture of her to calm him down. Due to their dogs and the way they are, Tsume rarely invites people over to their clan unless its for special occasions like today.


Tsume then lead Naruto, Kushina and Minato inside, where most of the other guests where already seated in couches, chatting or enjoying some snacks. Kushina spotted Konohamaru, sitting next to his grandfather and the two Hyuuga siblings. He stared at her wide eyed, drooling almost at the sight of her. He wasn't the only one doing that, most men in there had their jaws dropping in surprise. To them this was new, seeing Kushina in skimpy clothing like that.


Naruto carved up the arm sleeves of his shirt as he raised his hand threateningly "What are you looking at perverts!? Never seen a pretty woman before huh?"


Everyone except Konohamaru looked away, pretending that they hadn't been looking, while the women chuckled and teased their partners or friends. Konohamaru was still staring at Kushina, who stared right back at him, licking her lips. As Kushina and her family got seated as well, her next to Minato and Naruto next to Kurenai who had Asuma next to her at arms length, a safe distance between them. Anko wasn't here as she left for a mission earlier this Monday, she would be out of the village for at least another week. As the party continued, they ate dinner and birthday cake, while Kushina and Konohamaru kept staring at each other, flirting. About half an hour after eating the cake, Kushina turned to ask Minato, who had moved over to sit next to Inoichi, and just happened to have Ino next to him as well, if he wanted to dance with her.


"Dance? You know I'm not much of a dancer, besides, dancing here in front of all our friends?" Minato said scratching the back of his head "Sorry Kushina"


While pouting Kushina walked over to sit in Naruto's lap, gaining her an angry glare from Kurenai "Do you want to dance with me, Naruto?"


"No way mom" Naruto said with a grin, kinda enjoying having her in his lap, while trying to pretend not to.


Kushina's pout remained as she got off of Naruto, glaring back at Kurenai as she walked directly towards Konohamaru, on her way over she heard Jiraiya say "I can dance with you, Kushina"


"Go away pervert!" Kushina said in disgust, which had Jiraiya laugh loudly.


Kushina smirked as she stared directly at Konohamaru, she then nodded to the side where the dance floor was located in the very big hall that they were all inside. Konohamaru sneakily got up and followed her to the end of the hall at the other side. You would have to really stare at them and pay attention if you wanted to see what they were up to, which was good for them since Kushina weren't playing it safe at all, while they danced. The only one who even paid attention to them was Moegi, whose eyes were glued on them. Kushina started with placing Konohamaru's hands on her butt, she then started swaying her hips, moving along with the rhythm of the music. Konohamaru mostly followed her movement as she did a dance routine that gave him a boner within seconds. It was just as hot as the last time.


This is how Kushina danced: , as Konohamaru just tried to keep up with her movements, while keeping his hands either on her ass, hip or waist. They dances for several songs like that, while Kushina kept staring at him with that sexy smile of hers that he loved.


They stopped dancing once Kiba and Hana, Shikamaru and Yoshino, Butao and Shikaku, joined them on the dance floor. Inoichi was busy talking to Minato, who had Ino sitting in his lap. Something like that weren't unusual to see, they have always been close. Of course Inoichi and the others aren't aware of what is going on under Ino's skirt, but that is nothing they have to worry about. Even Tsume had pulled Naruto to the dance floor, shaking of any glare she got from Kurenai or Moegi. After finding out about Kiba and Hana's relationship, and her refusal to her duty as the future clan head of the Inuzuka clan, she deserved a couple of dances with Konoha's most handsome and popular man. Even if he struggled and tried to get away, she was stronger than him anyway.


Kushina chuckled as she grabbed Konohamaru's hand and walked passed them. She took him out to an hallway next to the bathrooms and sat down in front of him.


"I want to kiss you so badly ttebane" Kushina whispered "But it's too risky with everyone around, we'll have to wait until we leave on our training trip tomorrow"


"I understand, but what about that dance, damn that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen Kushina-chan" Konohamaru whispered back with a huge grin.


"Thank you" Kushina said while giggling "I'm glad my training paid off"


The two of them then returned back to the others, pretending like nothing had happened. The party lasted about two hours more without anything interesting happening other than Jiraiya getting punched in the face by Tsunade after suggesting some night activities later tonight. Kushina went to bed as soon as she got home, she wanted to be well rested for tomorrow as she had some plans for her and Konohamaru.


Konohamaru was also thinking off going to bed early, but he heard some weird noises coming from the dojo. Loud, banking noises along with screams or was it moans? Konohamaru wondered. His grandfather had left the party an hour earlier, maybe he was in there sparring against someone? Konohamaru thought as he made his way over to a window to look inside. He saw nothing inside on the dojo's main floor where they usually trained. He decided to sneak inside, opening the door quietly before discreetly tip toing over to a small room inside the dojo. He glanced inside and got quite the shock as he saw Hinata on all fours with Hiruzen behind her.


“Yes, fuck me Hiruzen-sama!” Hinata moaned in delight.


“Don't worry, I'm gonna train you all night again, my little slut!” Hiruzen said with a loud laugh.


“Oh yes, I can't get enough, please fuck me harder, Hiruzen-sama!” Hinata moaned with the sluttiest expression Konohamaru had ever seen, her large boobs swaying in the air in front of her due to how hard Hiruzen thrusted into her.


Konohamaru slowly snuck out of the dojo again, having a similar expression and appearance that Moegi had once she showed up to his house looking like a pale ghost. He made his way to his bedroom and sat down on his bed, shaking his head at what he had just seen. He had a question or two for his grandpa tomorrow, that was for sure. That was Konohamaru's last thought as he tried to get some sleep, the noises Hinata and Hiruzen made prevented him from that for almost an hour.

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