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Chapter 8


Saturday morning, everyone got up early as they were going to spend most of the day at the beach. Konohamaru saw something interesting before they left for the beach. He was trying to find Naruto, to ask him if they are still going to train with Jiraiya tomorrow, since they usually train on Sundays. He didn't find him inside his cottage, instead he found him together with Kurenai behind the cottage. Naruto had his left hand between her bandage covered thighs, fingering the woman who moaned with closed eyes. Naruto and Konohamaru made eye contact, then Naruto just smiled and used his free hand to put his index finger in front of his mouth, silently asking Konohamaru to keep quiet a about this. Konohamaru grinned as well, giving him a thumbs up before walking off to find Udon, not giving Kurenai a chance to see that they had been caught.


Konohamaru wasn't angry that Naruto was messing around with his uncles girlfriend or anything. Konohamaru wasn't a big fan of Asuma anyway and thought he was kinda lame. He was just happy for Naruto and it really wasn't that surprising that he was with such a hot woman that Kurenai is. He could probably have whoever he wants anyway. The most important thing Konohamaru pondered about after seeing Naruto with Kurenai, was if Kushina would like it if Konohamaru did that to her.


When the group had arrived at the beach, all wearing their swimsuits, all the guys took a moment to appreciate how their female company looked in their bikinis. (Sakura, Ino, Yoshino and Hana's swimwear: Yoshino wears what Hinata wears in the picture, Hana wears what Tenten wears. )





Kushina, Tsunade, Shizune, Yui. Shizune wears what Konan wears, Yui wears what Mei wears in the picture:


Butao is wearing a very revealing bikini. Her bikini top barely covers anything more than her nipples. Moegi is wearing a regular one piece swimsuit.


While the girls were being checked out, all of them, Kushina included, took a moment to check out Naruto as he stretched his arms, standing next to Kurenai and Anko. Even if some of the girls had other partners, Naruto was still eye candy to them.


Konohamaru was obviously checking out Kushina, even though he had already seen her in that white bikini when he bought it for her. He couldn't understand how she could be so damn sexy. When he noticed her drooling at the sight of Naruto, he took a chance to check out the other girls. Tsunade and Kurenai's killer bodies in their green and black bikinis wasn't bad either.He also couldn't help but think that Sakura looked really cute in her pink bikini.


When Kushina was done drooling at the sight of her own son, she saw Konohamaru checking out Sakura. His eyes lingered on her for quite a while. She found herself glaring at Sakura for a second in jealousy, but stopped when she noticed that Konohamaru's eyes was back on her. Konohamaru grinned at her as he walked up to her, then he grabbed her hand in front of everyone. “Last into the water is a stinking fish kore!” he yelled as he ran towards the water, pulling along a laughing Kushina with him. The others followed them as everyone got into the water for a swim.


Even though Kushina and Konohamaru are mischievous and daring by nature, they didn't exactly get a chance to fool around in the water due to everyone being there with them. They did stick close to each other though, as they played around in the water along with the rest of their friends and family. Moegi, along with Sakura, had mostly been lifted and thrown around in the water playfully by Jiraiya. But when Moegi saw that Shikaku and Butao were heading back to the beach, as the first two to get out of the water, she also got out of the water. She needed to find a place to hide again, where she would have a good overview of the beach and the road leading up to it, as she was going to spy on the others again. Her targets are mainly Konohamaru and Kushina, but she wouldn't mind seeing more of the others screwing around like yesterday either.


As she made her way back to where she and the others had left their things, she saw Butao and Shikaku. They were already there, drying themselves with towels, standing very close to each other. Moegi could spy on them without any real risk since the beach was so big, as she still had to walk about a hundred meters to get back to where their things are. Maybe that distance between the water and Shikaku and Butao, was the reason for what she was able to see next. She saw the two of them embrace and kiss, Shikaku then carried the woman further away from the water. She saw them going back to the trail that they walked on earlier to get here, then take a turn to the left. She couldn't see them after that since several trees and large bushes covered her view.


Moegi grinned as she ran back to get her things. While she had seen the two of them together yesterday, in some sort of swinger foursome, with her own mother and Inoichi also participating, those two sneaking around was still a bit suspicious. Why are they hiding? And how does Yoshino fit in to this whole swinger arrangement, does she even know about it? Does Inoichi know that those two are seeing each other when he isn't there? Those were some of her thoughts as she put on a camouflaged t-shirt and a pair of camouflaged shorts. She grabbed her stuff, including her binoculars then went towards the direction she had seen them at earlier. When she reached the beginning of the trail and turned to her left, she saw that she wouldn't be needing her binoculars to spy on them. They were sitting just a few meters to the left of the trail. The bushes and trees hid them from everyone at the beach and people heading towards the beach. Only Moegi could see them through a small gap of some bushes, where they had entered.


The two of them were making out. Moegi thought this was a good opportunity to try out a new technique she had been reading about. It was a technique that would greatly improve her own hearing, allowing her to hear people talking or making noise from a far distance, that she normally wouldn't be able to hear. But first she needed to change location, find a place where she could still see them but was far away for neither of them noticing her using her chakra for that technique. Thanks to Moegi paying attention and actually trying to learn in class, she had already mastered the wall walking technique, allowing her to walk up walls and trees with the help of chakra. That helped her climb a tree on the other side of the trail. The bushes didn't cover the two of them from above and Moegi could clearly see them from her with her binoculars. She also had a great view of the whole beach and the trail. She could spy on everyone from here, including her friends that are still swimming or playing around in the water.


Moegi performed the technique and had some success using it even though it was her first time. She could hear them talking, but to her it sounded like they were whispering. She had to practice the technique more, she figured.


“I'm not sure about this” Shikaku said.


“You were the one that carried me here” Butao said in a flirty tone “Besides, Inochi didn't seem to mind yesterday, remember?”

“But would he be okay with us doing it again, without even talking to him?” Shikaku asked, seeming a bit hesitant.


“Well, we could always go ask him” Butao said with a smirk before she removed her bra, freeing her large round breasts “Or he doesn't need to know about it”


Moegi didn't need to use her technique more on them after that, as Shikaku had gotten on top of Butao in a hurry and started fucking her missionary style. Maybe she had just seen and overheard the start of an affair? Moegi thought with a smirk on her face. She then turned her binoculars back to the beach, wanting to keep an eye out on the others. None of the others had gotten out of the water yet. She had to wait almost two hours until she finally saw two of them getting out of the water. The wait wasn't that boring since Butao and Shikaku entertained her with the show they gave her for almost the full duration of those two hours. The two of them then went back for a swim, most likely washing themselves off of the smell of their two hour sex session.


The two that got out of the water around the same time that Butao and Shikaku went back, were none other than her two main targets, Kushina and Konohamaru. They didn't leave the water together as Kushina was the first one to go back to their spot on the beach. There she just grabbed her towel and then headed straight for the trail. About a minute after, Konohamaru went and grabbed his things before heading towards the trail as well. She saw Kushina, standing behind those large bushes, waiting for him. When Konohamaru joined her at that trail, Kushina took his hand in her own before the two of them started walking, heading back towards the direction of the Yamanaka's summer home. Moegi started following them, keeping an eye on them from a safe distance with her binoculars.


After about ten minutes of following them, Moegi had yet to see them do anything other than holding hands and talking. But now that they were almost at the halfway point between the beach and the Yamanaka's summer home, Kushina and Konohamaru took a turn to the right. They went off road, heading towards what looked like a small mountain, a few hundred meters to the right of the trail. Moegi found a much bigger mountain to the left of the trail where she headed, as she was going to use that spot to spy on them.


After she had climbed up the mountain, using the same wall climbing technique, she could see them clearly as Kushina and Konohamaru was sitting next to each other on top of the mountain that Moegi suspected they were heading to. It was a good spot to hide from others since you wouldn't see them from the trail. The two sat close to each other, a little too close in Moegi's opinion, as Konohamaru had his arm around her. They seemed to be in good spirits as they smiled at each other. Then Kushina turned her head towards Konohamaru, sticking out her tongue as Konohamaru did the same. Moegi couldn't believe her eyes as she saw what happened next as Kushina and Konohamaru's tongues wrestled.


“Do people really kiss like that?” Moegi thought with a blush as Kushina and Konohamaru changed it up with a french kiss. At least now she knew that Konohamaru wasn't lying about the two of them dating. He may also have been holding back information about them since last time they talked about it, he said that they had not kissed yet. Either he was lying about that or the two of them started kissing recently.


“I can't believe this, Kushina-sama and Konohamaru-chan?” Moegi thought out loud as the two of them continued making out, only wearing their swimwear.


“Konohamaru-chan must enjoy having her pressed up against him in that sexy bikini” Moegi thought with a perverted smile. She continued spying on them for another ten minutes. She only stopped because Kushina and Konohamaru stopped their make out session. The two of them joined for another kiss back at the trail, before Kushina headed back to the beach. Moegi saw Konohamaru wait for ten minutes before he as well headed back to the beach. They were being smart about this, not wanting to get caught, Moegi thought.


As she also headed back to the beach, she thought about what she had just seen. While it was still very hard to believe, even though she should be used to seeing the strangest of couples together by now, she couldn't help but be happy for Konohamaru. Judging from what she had just seen, the two of them didn't seem to have gone further than kissing yet. While they had been embracing and pressing their bodies against each other, she didn't see Konohamaru cup a feel on either her tits or ass when they made out. That's a bit surprising considering the way they were making out and Konohamaru being such a big pervert normally.


Maybe that was something Moegi could help him with, give him some advice to take their relationship to their next step. That was Moegi's thought as she climbed the same tree she had earlier, watching everyone on the beach again. She didn't manage to catch any of the other odd couples in the act, most likely due to everyone being here which made it harder to sneak around. She wasn't worried about that though, as she knew she would likely see more than she needed when evening comes.


Everyone walked back to the Yamanaka's summer home together a few hours later. Kushina and Konohamaru weren't planning on staying for long though. When they were walking to that mountain earlier, they made plans to go check out that village nearby together. They were also trying to figure out a way to see each other again this evening without raising any suspicion. Konohamaru lied to his friends as he said he was gonna train a bit, go for a run in the forest. Instead he outside of the property and just waited for Kushina. Kushina in the meantime went back to her cottage as she was gonna change clothes. Kushina grinned as she found that white summer dress she had worn on one of their previous dates, that one would be perfect for this occasion.


She met up with Konohamaru on a dirt road which they needed to follow to get to the village.


“Hey you” Kushina said with a warm smile as she leaned down and kissed him, a quick french kiss.


“Hey!” Konohamaru said with a huge grin “You look nice, I really like that dress”


“Thank you ttebane!” Kushina said with a giggle. The two of them weren't as shy around each other anymore, nor blushing as much at every single compliment or just simply staring at each other. Confessing to each other and making out several times probably helped with that. The way they acted around each other now was more normal, more in character for them, as neither of them are usually shy.


The two of them arrived at the village about twenty minutes later. The village was not that big but there were hundreds of people walking the streets, shopping a bit after taking a swim. Konohamaru let go of Kushina's hand as they entered the streets of that village.


“What's the matter?” Kushina asked.


“I figured if we don't want to get caught we shouldn't be holding hands, especially not when you are looking like that” Konohamaru said with a perverted smile.


Kushina sighed as she grabbed Konohamaru's hand again “No one knows who we are here, who cares if they look?”


Konohamaru grinned “You are right”


Kushina then sat down, caressing Konohamaru's cheek, before frenching him in the middle of that street. They got quite a few shocked onlookers who watched the odd couple making out in public. After ten seconds, Kushina got up again and smiled at him “As long as no one we knows shows up here, we don't have to hide anything ttebane!” she said while thinking “And when our team starts training or going to missions together, we will take every chance we can to visit other villages” with a naughty smile.


“Yeah kore!” Konohamaru said a wide grin as the two of them began walking through the village. This was the first visit to this village for the both of them. Neither of them really knows what the village has to offer, so they are just looking around trying to see if there is anything for them here. After a while of walking around, they stopped at a small outdoors shop that sold many different kinds of jewelry. Kushina was the one looking at the items, mostly necklaces from what Konohamaru could see. He wasn't interesting in any jewelry, but he wondered if maybe he should look for something to buy her.


Kushina held up some kind of necklace, showing it to the store owner “Excuse me, would it be possible to engrave something on this one?”


The owner nodded “Their is a blacksmith further down the road, he could help you with that”


“Okay, thanks” Kushina said with a kind smile.


“What you got there?” Konohamaru asked.


Kushina held up a heart shaped locket necklace, the kind that you can put a picture in. “Oh just this one, I thought it looked nice and thought of buying it for you as a gift” Kushina chuckled “But I guess a heart shaped necklace isn't something you would want”


“Do you want one?” Konohamaru asked as he grabbed another necklace, looking exactly the same as hers.


“I do but, you don't have to pay for me” Kushina said while smiling.


“I have to do something with my money” Konohamaru said as he grabbed the necklace in Kushina's hand, then held up both for the store owner to see “Old man, I'll get these two!”


After Konohamaru paid for both necklaces, he handed one to Kushina, grinning at her “Now we got one each kore!”

Kushina nodded as she stared at the necklace in her hand. She was thinking about telling him that he really didn't need to pay for her. She is probably one of the richest people in all of Konoha, she hardly needed an academy student buying her gifts. But it was that whole pride thing, the man pays not the woman. She showed him a kind smile and said “Thanks for the gift, Konohamaru-kun” and gave him a quick peck on the lips. After walking down the road for a minute, they reached a small house with a large sign with “blacksmith” written on it.


“What do we need a blacksmith for, custom made weapons?” Konohamaru asked.


“No, I want to engrave something onto both our necklaces” Kushina said then grabbed Konohamaru's necklace “Wait here, I will be right back”


Kushina returned ten minutes later with a happy expression, the blacksmith had done a fast and superb job engraving what she wanted on the necklaces.


“Thanks for waiting, here is yours” Kushina said, giving back the necklace.


Sarutobi stared at it, first he saw what looked like the symbol of his clan, the Sarutobi clan symbol to the right. In the middle was a small heart and to the left was some kind of swirl.


“My clan symbol, a heart and a swirl?” Konohamaru asked “What does that mean?”


Kushina chuckled “This is the swirl of the Uzumaki clan, my clan symbol”


“Oh right, it's the symbol Naruto has on all his t-shirts, I get it now” Konohamaru said with a smile as he stared at the engraved symbols.


“Do you?” Kushina asked with a teasing smile.


“Yeah it's our clan symbols right?” Konohamaru asked.


Kushina nodded as she sat down in front of him again, grabbing his necklace. She put it around his neck, hiding the heart of the necklace under his scarf “It symbolizes my love for you and hopefully your love for me, our two clan symbols joined by a heart”


“Yeah!” Konohamaru said with a wide grin, resting his arms behind his back. Kushina them embraced him and said “I love you!”


“I love you too, Kushina-chan!” Konohamaru said before the two of them made out in public again. They went easy with the animalistic tongue kissing as they mostly french kissed, letting their tongues do the dancing behind the walls of their mouths instead. This time, a lot more people saw them, staring at them in surprise while murmuring. Before their murmurs reached all the back to the Yamanaka's summer home, the two of them decided to leave the village, going back to said summer home. They didn't have time for more detours or make out sessions as everyone was expected be back soon to eat dinner. The only thing Kushina had time to do when she got back, was to change into her green housewife dress.


Unfortunately for the new couple, they didn't get a chance to meet up alone in secret again that evening. Moegi didn't get a chance to go around spying on others either, there was no reason to. Everyone had been forced to attend a celebration that Jiraiya first started. He didn't specify what they celebrated to anyone other than Konohamaru and Naruto. Apparently he had managed to convince Tsunade to take over Sakura's training for him, becoming her new teacher.


What they celebrated then changed, when the two Inuzuka siblings decided to tell everyone about their relationship. They wanted to tell their closest friends about them since if they wouldn't accept their relationship, then no one would. Apparently they had been a couple for over a week. Something most thought was weird at first, but when Yoshino and Tsunade congratulated them loudly and excitedly, a few others like Shikamaru did as well. While a few others still thought it was weird, they were at least happy for them. They could do what ever they wanted, it wasn't really unusual for family members within clans to get together so they could preserve bloodlines and genes.


Kushina had to settle to going to bed at around midnight when Jiraiya had finally calmed down and let everyone go back to his cottage. That man was out of his mind, Kushina thought. She settled into her bed, next to her frowning Husband, who unknowingly to Kushina, had made plans for a repeat of last night with Ino. Konohamaru on the other hand, didn't get to go to sleep early. Jiraiya had dragged him and Naruto back to their cottage, where the celebrations continued. He even let them drink sake as long as they didn't run away from him. Now that the others weren't around, he kept telling him that he was so happy he could finally going back to “researching” around Konoha, to get inspiration for his books, without Sakura bothering him for training.


The next day, they packed their things early in the morning as they were gonna travel back to Konoha. On their way back, Kushina decided to talk to Yui and Moegi about the whole team thing.


“Hey Yui-san, Moegi-chan can I ask you about something?” Kushina said with a friendly smile as she walked next to them. Kushina then told Yui how Moegi and her two friends had been spending a lot of time at her place. She told her that she had gained an interest in training Moegi since she “reminds her of her”. Moegi knew that Kushina was lying due what she had seen yesterday. It is pretty damn clear to Moegi that her main interest out of those three is Konohamaru. Even so, when Kushina asked Yui if she was okay with her training them, with the goal of having them graduate early, Moegi played along.


“To be trained by Kushina-sama, Konoha's red death? That's like a dream come true, please say yes mom!” Moegi said in a very excited tone.


Yui blinked in confusion “I.. I mean of course I'm okay with that, to have my daughter be trained by the woman who is Tsunade-sama's rival for being the strongest woman in Konoha.. I couldn't possibly deny her that, even though it could mean that she could become a ninja earlier and be put into dangerous situations”


Kushina rolled her eyes “She is not my rival, I am way stronger than that old coot”


“Hey, I heard that!” Tsunade yelled in anger.


Yui chuckled “That sounds reassuring, I will rely on you to keep my daughter safe in your ninja adventures then”


Kushina nodded “I won't let any of them get hurt and I will train until they are on par with me, that is if Udon's parents and old man Hiruzen agrees to it”


A few hours later, they arrived back in Konoha. They split up after thanking the Uzumaki and Yamanaka family for the invitations and for the great time. Konohamaru was walking with the Uzumaki family back to his house, since they lived on the same street. On the way back, Naruto told his parents he was going to get ramen at Ichiraku's, then train a bit before sleeping at Jiraiya's house. What he actually did was to head straight to Jiraiya's house to sleep. He barely got any sleep this weekend due to Kurenai and Anko keeping him up both nights, with a little help from Jiraiya last night. He was exhausted. The reason he went to Jiraiya's place was to make sure that no one would wake him up, and he knew that neither of his girlfriends would visit that perverts place. Konohamaru couldn't help but notice that Jiraiya didn't seen to mind walking Sakura home, which was weird considering how he had acted yesterday.


He shook that thought of as Kushina called Udon over, telling him they would walk him home. She only did this because she and Minato wanted to talk to him and his parents about their possible future team. Konohamaru tagged along as well, having a pretty good idea what it was about and he very much also had an interest in this team forming. They didn't stay at Udon's place for long, unknowingly for them, that meant that Tsunade didn't have to wait long inside Udon's bedroom for him. They didn't stay long because both of Udon's parents and even his sisters were overjoyed, happy for their son and sibling that he was going to get a chance to be trained by Uzumaki Kushina and to graduate early. Something that hasn't happened since the war days.



After saying good bye to Udon, they started heading towards that street where they all lived. Since Sarutobi Hiruzen is Konohamaru's guardian, they only needed to get his okay now for this team to be formed. As they headed back, Kushina walked hand in hand with Konohamaru, staring at Minato in slight confusion. He almost seemed to be more excited about this team being formed than she was. She didn't think much more of it, shaking it off as him just being happy that she finally is returning to ninja force after all these years.


When they arrived at Hiruzen and Konohamaru's house, the old man came out to greet them.


“Welcome back everyone, I hope you enjoyed your trip” Hiruzen said with a warm grandfatherly smile.


“Thank you Lord Third, I can't speak for everyone but I did indeed enjoy it. I feel refreshed and rested and more motivated than ever to get back to work” Minato said, showing a kind smile of his own.


“We all had plenty of fun, right Konohamaru-kun?” Kushina said smiling at her boyfriend.


“Yeah, it was the best weekend ever kore!” Konohamaru responded with a cheeky grin.


“I'm glad to hear that” Hiruzen said with a chuckle.


“There is something we would like to ask to ask you before we leave, you see Kushina here wants to train Konohamaru and his two friends for a while to get them ready to become genin as soon as possible. She will then become their jounin teacher and continue to train them. I won't allow them to graduate before I consider them to be at least high level genin. Although with Kushina training them, and with their previous training, I believe that won't take long. That means that they will graduate early, would you as Konohamaru's guardian be okay with that?”


Hiruzen snorted “Yes I am, but do you really think this little squirt can be a ninja?”


“Shut up old man! I'm going to surpass you and Hokage-sama!”


Minato and Hiruzen laughed while Konohamaru pouted. Kushina was silent but cheered inwardly, she couldn't wait to get home to plan out their training, which they would start first thing tomorrow after school.


They then said their goodbyes. When Hiruzen and Minato had turned around, Kushina mouthed a silent “I love you” which Konohamaru responded to with a sly eye wink.


The first thing Kushina and Konohamaru did once they were both home, was to go find the five pictures they had taken of each other in that photo booth in the arcade. Both of them cut out the fifth picture so that it would fit inside that necklace locket. That was the picture of them embracing and frenching each other.

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