Sarutobi and Uzumaki

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Chapter 7


Moegi was the last one to arrive at Kushina and Minato's house, where everyone who was going on the trip, was meeting up before they left. She arrived at exactly 4 PM. Konohamaru had already had enough time to go home and grab his stuff and return back here, before she made it here. She had to prepare a lot for this trip after what she has seen this past week. After seeing Tsunade sneak into Udon's room last Saturday, she started spying on Udon, as she wanted to find out whether that was a one time thing or not. She didn't think it was a one time thing, considering the show they gave her the first time she saw them. Also, that time they got right into it, both knowing exactly why Tsunade was there.


She saw Udon and Tsunade meet up a lot more on the days leading up to today. Most of the time, it was Tsunade visiting Udon in his bedroom, early in the morning or late in the evening. She now also understands why Tsunade and Udon always ends up on the same team whenever they play ninja at Kushina's. There was no doubt in her mind that they were doing something like that in Kushina's backyard as well. And while she had yet to confirm it, she also suspects them of meeting up somewhere in secret sometime during the day, in between her morning and evening visits to Udon's room. So far she has only seem them do four things which is, making out, Tsunade stripping completely naked in front of him, sometimes giving him a lap dance while she doe so, Tsunade giving him many blowjobs and lastly, giving him titty fucks. In other words, she has not seen them fucking yet. She figured it was only a matter of time before they do though.


So far only Moegi is aware of their secret meetings, although Ayame and her gossip allies may be on to them. They have at least figured out who that young guy was that Tsunade left the strip club with last week, as they have seen Tsunade with Udon a few more times after that. But none of them have seen what is they actually do when they are alone, unlike Moegi. She has no plans to let them know either, at least not for a while. Just as she had no plans to let anyone know that Konohamaru is supposedly dating Kushina. Moegi has started to enjoy her new hobby as a voyeur, which is why she had to make preparations for this trip. She had brought along a camouflage outfit, to blend in with the forests, along with binoculars to spy on others from a distance. Jiraiya would be proud if he knew of her secret activities.


While she plans on spying on Tsunade and Udon again this weekend, they are not her only focus. She has her doubts about Kushina and Konohamaru. Even though she has seen Tsunade and Udon together, she just couldn't see Kushina doing something like that with anyone that isn't Minato. Kushina has Minato already and they have always seemed like they are happier than ever together when Moegi sees them near each other. She is also Naruto's mom, the guy that every member of the Konohamaru corps idolize and looks up to. There is no way they could actually be dating, considering the people they could hurt if it's actually true and people find out about it. Not to mention that Konohamaru is younger than her own son. That's why Moegi wants to spy on them, to find out what is truly going on. Then there is Naruto and Anko, while she has a pretty good idea of what is going on between them, after she saw them making out, she could at least make sure it wasn't just a one time thing.


Ayame has also told her about another interesting rumor about two other people who are joining them on the trip. Shikamaru and Shizune has been seen going on what looks like two dates in Konoha. This rumor of Shizune was different from the previous ones, where she snuck around with academy students late in the evening around the school, as Shizune and Shikamaru were openly dating. At least that is what Moegi has heard, she had yet to confirm anything about that herself. Which just made this voyeur mission so much more interesting. Who knows what else she might see during their stay at the Yamanaka's summer house? She will keep us updated.


When Konohamaru got back earlier, he noticed that everyone was acting like normal. Kushina was all over Naruto like always, who in turn appeared annoyed by her, like always. None of them seemed to have seen them earlier, which made Konohamaru breath out in relief. Konohamaru also couldn't help but notice how annoyed Jiraiya appeared, as Sakura stood next to him. Jiraiya's only reason for wanting to go on this trip was to get away from Sakura for a while. His annoyed expression was due to him finding out that Ino had invited her. Konohamaru and Kushina acted as normally as they could, but when no one else was looking, she kept giving him these flirty eye winks and naughty smiles.


The group then headed out, starting their travel towards the east coast of Fire Country, where the property that the Yamanaka's own, is located. It took them four hours to get there, meaning that it was already evening when they arrived. As they neared their destination, they walked through a pretty big village which was located near one of the large sandy beaches, near the sea. The Yamanaka's property was located 20 minutes away by foot from that village. The summer home was in a pretty secluded spot out in the woods. When they arrived, the first thing Konohamaru saw was the many cottages, which they would stay in. There is about twenty small cottages in total. They wouldn't have time to do much tonight, like going to the beach or hiking or something.


Instead they decided to have a little barbecue. While all the women and girls, prepared the food, Inoichi asked Minato, Asuma and Shikaku to help him lock up all the cottages and the main building. In the meantime, Konohamaru and the others started a camp fire at a place that looked like it had been used as that before as it had large wooden logs around it for people to sit on.


About half an hour later, everyone was back outside, sitting around the camp fire, waiting for the meat to cook. All of them had picked a cottage in which they would stay for the night. There weren't any big surprises with the sleeping arrangements, as most of them made sense. Inoichi shared with Butao, Ino shared with Sakura, Minato with Kushina, Tsunade with Shizune, Shikaku with Yoshino and Shikamaru, Yui with Moegi and Udon, Anko with Kurenai, Hana with Kiba, Konohamaru with Jiraiya, and lastly Naruto and Asuma slept alone in their own cottages.


The only odd thing about these sleeping arrangements was the Inuzuka siblings sharing a cottage, and Kurenai not sharing one with Asuma. Inoichi didn't really think it was so weird for the siblings to share one, but why wasn't the couple of three years doing it? As they sat down, he decided to ask about that.


“Asuma-san, are you sure you don't want to invite your girlfriend to sleep with you tonight?” Inoichi asked.


Asuma blushed “Oh no, we couldn't possibly. We aren't at that stage in our relationship yet”


All of the adults, some of the soon to be genins and even Konohamaru, stared at Asuma in complete disbelief.

“Oh, I thought you had been together for over three years?” Inoichi asked with a raised eyebrow.


Kurenai spoke up, facing Inoichi with quite the angry frown “That's correct, is there a problem with me bunking with my best friend?”


“No no, you do whatever you want. I was just wondering” Inoichi said, slightly unnerved by how scary Kurenai appeared for a second there.


“Kurenai is very shy, we are taking it slow. The proof for that is that we have yet to kiss as we are waiting for the right moment” Asuma said with a warm smile “It's true love in its purest form”


Suddenly Minato began coughing as if he had gotten something stuck in his throat.


“Are you okay Minato?” Kushina asked in concern while Naruto began laughing loudly, earning him an angry glare from Asuma.


“Do you find that funny, Naruto? That I'm blessed with such a sweet and pure woman?”


Minato's coughing changed into full blown laughter as he and Anko joined Naruto in laughing out loud at Asuma. Neither Kushina or Konohamaru knew what they were laughing about, especially Minato. What was so funny about what he just said? Kushina wondered.


“Sorry about that Asuma-san, Naruto's laugh is contagious I think” Minato said as he tried to calm Asuma down. They moved on to a new subject after that, allowing Asuma to calm down and enjoy his food. While they were eating, Moegi was doing what she was here for, looking at Kushina and Konohamaru to see if what Konohamaru had said about them dating was true. She had not seen anything on the way here, or now, that would confirm it to be true. Not that they had many chances to do anything with everyone around. She would continue to keep an eye on them during the evening.


They spent the next three hours barbecuing the meat, eating, chatting and playing various outdoor games. They all had a very nice evening. Now it had started getting late, as it was already getting dark outside. Everyone began heading back to their respective cottages, some of them would go to bed, while some of them had other things in mind. As everyone was leaving, going to their respective cottages, Kushina and Konohamaru had gotten a chance to make secret plans to see each other later. They were whispering to each other as they made plans to meet behind the main building, the building with the kitchen and dining halls, in twenty minutes.


About twenty minutes later, Konohamaru, who wore the same clothes he always does, waited for Kushina behind the main building. After about five minutes of waiting, he saw Kushina walking towards him. She wore her white blouse, the one she usually wore under her green dress, along with a pair of tiny, tight green biker shorts, similar to Sakura's but shorter, as Kushina's shorts barely covered her thighs. The green color of her shorts is the exact same green as her green housewife dress. Konohamaru checked her out, staring at her up and down as she made her way over. She really shouldn't be hiding those sexy legs of hers, he thought with a perverted smile.


Kushina was able to easily get out of her cottage, without having to tell Minato anything since he left ten minutes earlier. He was going to talk with Jiraiya about something apparently.


“Hey, did you wait long?” Kushina asked with a sweet smile, as she bent down a bit and stared into his eyes.


“Not at all” Konohamaru said, then closed the distance between them as they met for a quick kiss, a fast peck on the lips.


Kushina smiled mischievously as she took his hand in her own, then said “Let's go somewhere else, just to make sure that nobody sees us ttebane!” in an excited tone.

Konohamaru nodded, he understood why it was important for them to keep their relationship secret. They walked along a narrow trail in the forest that surrounded the place. They talked a bit as they looked for a nice spot where they could spend some time together.


“On our way here to this place earlier, I had some time to think about us and the risk we are taking” Kushina said with a serious expression before she chuckled “Well, me mostly”.


Konohamaru nodded, frowning slightly “Yes, since you are Hokage-sama's wife”

“Right, we haven't talked about him yet, have we?” Kushina said, frowning since she had not really thought about that herself.


“No, I've been wondering about that, aren't you his wife? Is it really okay for us to do this?” Konohamaru asked as they headed further into the woods.


“Well it's not really okay, after what happened between us today, there is no doubt I am cheating on him ttebane!” Kushina said shaking her head, yet she sounded kinda excited.


She then frowned as she went on, in a more solemn tone “Honestly, I don't know if Minato would care if he found out, our relationship isn't the same as it used to be. I still love him and consider him to be my best friend, it's just not how it used to be. There is no romance to speak of anymore, the spark between us that brought us together isn't there anymore. We are basically just two very good friends, raising a kid together” Kushina explained.


“There must be something wrong with him, if I were married to you I would never stop loving you kore!” Konohamaru said with a wide grin.


Kushina smiled for a short moment, she then said “Unfortunately, we don't know how Naruto would react if he found out, maybe he would start hating the both us. The same could be said about your grandfather, a long time friend and father figure to me and Minato. The rest of our friends as well, maybe they will all shun us” Kushina said as she sighed depressingly.


Konohamaru stared at her with a worried expression “We don't have to continue this if you regret what happened. I never want to see you cry like you did earlier again, even if that means that I can't be with you”


“Oh, don't get me wrong, Konohamaru-kun. There is nothing I want more than to be with you dattebane!” Kushina said with a wide smile “What I'm talking about is that we have to be very careful, to make sure that no one finds out about us for a while. At least not until you graduate” Kushina ended with the same smile as Konohamaru smiled back at her in return, his worries gone.


“I hope graduation comes soon then, because I want the world to know that I have the worlds most beautiful girlfriend kore!” Konohamaru said excitedly while grinning.


“You are so sweet” Kushina said, ruffling the little hair that stuck out the top of his hat “That was what I was thinking about on the way here. To find a way for us to be together without having to hide it from everyone, or without hurting the people we love”


“I see, did you come up with something?” Konohamaru asked.


“Yes, one thing, that is that you have to graduate early from the academy. For that to happen you will need a team and someone to teach you. What I would suggest is that you, Moegi-chan and Udon-kun become my students. I will teach you until I consider you ready to take the genin exams. If everything works out, I would also continue as your jounin teacher after that. What do you think about that?” Kushina asked, scratching the back of her head.


“That would be awesome!!” Konohamaru said in an excited tone, not only because he can be with Kushina more often then, but also because he would become a ninja much sooner.


“But is it really possible? I mean, even Naruto-nii hasn't graduated early and he is the strongest guy I know” Konohamaru said.


“I know, Naruto wont be happy when he hears about it, especially since both me and Minato convinced him to attend the academy to be with his friends, instead of graduating early. Although at this point he may not care too much, since he will have or will soon be been a genin himself at that point” Kushina said with a sigh, that was one conversation she wasn't looking forward to. Naruto probably wouldn't make such a big deal out of it, he wasn't that petty. But there is a slight chance he might get jealous and angry, since he has “wasted several years in that place” as he calls it.


“You are right, probably” Konohamaru said with a chuckle “I really like this plan of yours, I wanna graduate as soon as possible kore!”


Kushina giggled “I bet, you just want me all for yourself don't you dattebane?” She said with a cute smile as Konohamaru nodded with a grin.


“To make that happen, I first need to ask Minato about it, since it's his decision to make as the Hokage. I'm going to bring it up to him tomorrow or on Sunday when we get home, if he isn't against the idea, then I will go ahead and tell your friends about it and talk to their parents” Kushina said.


Konhamaru appeared slightly nervous as he asked in almost shaky tone “Are you going to tell him about us?” the reason for his nervousness was that he was reminded of whose wife he was dating. The hokage of Konoha, the yellow flash, known to be the strongest man in the world. As an academy student, how could he possibly not be a bit scared of him finding out?


Kushina laughed, knowing exactly what Konohamaru was thinking “Of course not, not yet at least”


Konohamaru breathed out in relief, while Kushina said “And don't mention it to Udon-kun and Moegi-chan until then, we don't want to give them any false hope”


“Okay, I won't” Konohamaru said as the both of them stopped walking. They had found a pretty open, grassy area, which was surrounded by trees and bushes.


“What about here, I doubt anyone will find us out here?” Konohamaru asked in a rather hopeful tone. He wanted to get back to making out again.


“Yes, this looks like a nice spot” Kushina said as they both sat down next to each other out in the dark forest, the moonlight giving them their only source of light. They both sat there, blushing for a while as they stared at each other. Both of them knew why they had come here, and it wasn't for talking. But there was something Kushina wanted to ask him.


“We have told each other pretty much everything about our lives” She said as she tugged on Konohamaru's blue scarf “But you never told me about your scarf, what's the story behind it and why do you always wear it?”


“Do you think it looks stupid?” Konohamaru asked, staring at the grass below them dejectedly.


Kushina shook her head “Not at all, I think it suits you really well, I'm just curious”

“This is my treasure, it's the last gift I got from my parents before they died” Konohamaru said as he touched the blue fabric.


Kushina hugged him “It must have been hard for you, losing them at such a young age”


“Yes it was, that's why I want to keep this scarf with me wherever I go. I want to become a ninja they would be proud of, while wearing it” Konohamaru said as he returned the hug.


“I'm sorry for asking, I didn't mean to bring back all those sad memories for you” Kushina said, hugging him tighter.


“Don't worry about it kore, it's been so many years now. I have accepted what happened and have moved on” Konohamaru said, he sounded more happy than sad.


When Konohamaru had finished talking, Kushina pressed her lips against his, giving him a long and passionate french kiss.


“Enough about the past and past relationships, lets just focus on the now, and right now what I want is to make out with you, my handsome new boyfriend ttebane!” Kushina said as a bit of their saliva still connected their mouths together like a tiny thread of spider web.


Konohamaru grinned before going in for another long and wet kiss. “I still can't believe this is real kore!”, Konohamaru said in between kisses.


“Me neither, I have wanted this for so long!” Kushina said as they kissed once again. This time they met for a series of long tongue kisses. It lasted for well over a minute until Kushina pulled back again. They breathed hard as they stared at each other with rosy red cheeks. “Is it true what you said earlier, that you have been in love with me for over a year?” Kushina asked.


Konohamaru grinned as he nodded “Yes, I meant what I said earlier. I have had a crush on your for at least a year. I never thought I actually had a chance with you, since, well you know” Konohamaru said as both of them laughed “I thought you were pulling a prank on me when we first started going on the dates and you dresseing up in all those sexy outfits” Konohamaru continued as Kushina gave him an eye wink “What I'm wondering is, since you were the one that asked me out, when did you fall in love with me?”


Kushina smiled “I think I have been in love with you for almost two years, but I didn't realize what my feelings for you meant until last Friday after we danced. I wanted to kiss you back then” Kushina said as both of them smiled at each other “I thought the same thing you did, that I had no chance with you, because I'm older than you, and I'm your friends mom. But eventually I guess I stopped lying to myself and decided to just ask you out”.


Konohamaru smiled when he heard that, then his eyes widened as he remembered something “Does that mean you liked me back when I was messing with you, you know touching your butt and stuff?”


Kushina chuckled “Isn't that obvious? I would have killed you if I didn't”


Konohamaru swallowed his spit “I remember the last time I did that, when I felt you up in the kitchen, you turned around and smiled at me with the sexiest smile I have seen, what was that all about?”


Kushina pouted “Well, you finally did it when no one else was around, if you had done that more often, who knows what else I would have let you touch” She ended with a flirty smile “I couldn't very well let you grope my ass in front of Naruto or your friends ttebane!” she said with a laugh.


“You still tried to kick my ass that time though” Konohamaru said with a frown.


Kushina shook her head “If you hadn't said, 'do you like that kore?' ” Kushina said mimicking Konohamaru's voice the best she could “With that perverted laugh. I may not have remembered that I'm a married woman and you are my sons friend”


“Me and my stupid mouth” Konohamaru said as they both laughed.


“Let's stop worrying about what could have been” Kushina said as she sat down in Konohamaru's lap, facing him. She hugged her arms and legs around him, just like she did back when Konohamaru carried her after their dance last Friday.


“Yeah” Konohamaru said with an expression of lust as he shoved his tongue inside Kushina's mouth who responded in kind. They exchanged long and passionate french kisses for almost ten minutes, sitting like that. They only took small breaks to catch their breaths. They took another one of those breaks, as Konohamaru pulled back his head to catch his breath. Kushina's tongue was still outside of her mouth and she leaned back towards him, wanting more. Then Konohamaru did something that took her by surprise, he stuck out his tongue and licked the tip of her tongue. Kushina pulled back her head and asked “What was that?” while giggling.


Konohamaru scratched the back of his head “Sorry, am I not supposed to do that?”


Doing something so indecent such as licking their tongues, outside of their mouths like that, like you would see in some kind of erotic movie, was something Kushina had never done with Minato. She wouldn't allow such indecency. Kushina had already made up her mind about being more open to try different things now. Especially since whenever she has those erotic dreams or fantasies about Naruto, and lately Konohamaru, they are always doing things Kushina always thought was indecent. Kushina did not want to repeat the same mistake she did with Minato, She needed an active and fun sex life. Besides, what Konohamaru just did intrigued her, as she smiled at him with a naughty, flirty expression.


“No it's just, I haven't done that before, I don't mind trying it” Kushina said, blushing slightly as she thought Konohamaru might think she was a slut.


“Then, should we try it kore?” Konohamaru said with a huge smile.


“Yes ttebane!” Kushina said, mirroring his smile.


They both leaned in towards each others as they stuck out their tongues until eventually the tip of their tongues touched. They played around a bit with the tip of their tongues, barely touching, as their tongues danced around, almost as if to tease each other. Then Konohamaru slowly licked the underside of her whole tongue, Kushina did the exact same thing when he was done. That started a long and heated tongue wrestling match between the two that made for a very erotic scene, while Kushina still had her arms and legs around him pressing her body tightly against his. They sat there playing and licking each other tongues outside of their mouths, for about half an hour. They looked almost like two animals kissing. They both loved it. It was so naughty, and so much fun. And they couldn't get enough of each other.


They didn't want it to end and they only took a few breaks to kiss normally with a few long french kisses every now and then, they then went straight back to their open mouth tongue wrestling. Finally they stopped for a second, to catch their breaths “Wow, we should do more of that ttebane!” Kushina said in a cheerful tone.


“Yeah..” Konohamaru said as he went in for another kiss, which had him and Kushina get back to what they were doing, starting with another long french kiss. They were soon back to the tongue wrestling though, and that is what they kept doing for another twenty minutes. They then returned to the Yamanaka's summer home, standing behind the main hall again. There, they embraced and frenched each other for another minute, until ending their secret date.


“See you tomorrow!” Kushina said with an eye-wink as she was the first one to leave.


“Yeah” Konohamaru said with a huge grin, as he waved good bye to her. He waited five minutes before returning to his cottage, making sure no one saw them together.


When Kushina returned to her cottage, she found Minato, who had returned before her, resting in the double bed, looking like he was about to fall asleep.


“Minato, are you awake?” Kushina said as she grabbed her pajamas from one of her bags.


Minato rolled over to face her “Yes” he said in a tired tone “What is it?”


Kushina entered the bathroom “I'm just gonna change, do you mind if we talk about something after?”


Minato nodded “Sure thing, honey” he said as Kushina closed the door behind her. He couldn't help but think that she looked nice in those clothes, a simple blouse and a pair of shorts he never had seen her in before. If here weren't so tired, he may suggest doing something they haven't in years. Have sex.


Kushina returned a minute later, wearing a very boring and plain, white pajamas. She was going to ask Minato about what she talked with Konohamaru earlier. She was so excited about the possibility of it that she couldn't wait until tomorrow to do it.


“What did you want to talk about?” Minato said got up, sitting in the bed resting his back to the wall.


Kushina sat down on the other side of the very large bed “I have been thinking about going back to being an active jounin again”


“Really?” Minato asked with a raised eyebrow “What's changed?”


Kushina shook her head “Nothing, It's just Naruto is getting older and more independent every day. He doesn't need me to look after him 24/7 every day anymore and I kinda miss going on missions”


“Okay, that shouldn't be a problem, all I have to do is register you back as active, if this is what you really want to do” Minato said with a kind smile. Kushina was a bit surprised by how easily he accepted it. She thought she would have to convince him.


Kushina nodded “It is, but it's not the only thing I wanted to talk to you about”


“Okay?” Minato asked.


“You may have seen Konohamaru-kun, Udon-kun and Moegi-chan visiting our place a lot more often” Kushina said as Minato chuckled “I sure have” he said, as he had seen them around the house a few days every week for about a year now.


Kushina smiled “I started playing ninja with them for a while, then I started instructing them in real actual ninja training. I'm starting to get impressed by how well they work together as a team. Moegi-chan really reminds me of how I used to be when I was younger, she and her teammates are the reason I want to be a jounin again. I want to train them” Kushina said, lying about most things. They haven't trained much at all and the reason she wanted to form this team was to be with Konohamaru, not to train Moegi because she reminds Kushina of her.


Minato smiled “I think they would be overjoyed if they heard that, you are a great ninja Kushina, anyone would want you as a teacher”


“Thank you” Kushina said, smiling at her husband in return. Once again a little surprised by how easily he went along with it.


“There is one more thing, I want to start training them as soon as we get back, to get them ready to become genin as soon as possible. If I get them up to that level within a month or two, would you let them graduate early?” Kushina asked with a serious expression, hiding the fact that she was nervous as hell when she asked that.


Minato looked surprised for a second, not saying anything. Then he faced her with his usual kind smile “Anything for you Kushina, knowing you, it won't take long for them to be strong enough to become genin. As long as their parents and Hiruzen is okay with it, then I won't stand in the way of you taking on a team that has impressed you so much that you want to become a jounin again”


“Thank you Minato” Kushina said with a huge smile as she got into bed “Good night!” she said cheerfully.


“Good night, Kushina” Minato said with a chuckle.


Konohamaru didn't have a partner waiting for him in his cottage, unless you count Jiraiya as a partner in perverted crime. But Jiraiya wasn't alone when Konohamaru arrived. Just as he opened the door to the cottage, he was met by Sakura who seemed to be on her way out of the cottage. He grinned when he saw Jiraiya's annoyed expression, figuring Sakura must have visited him, to beg him for more training or something, again. Even though he had Kushina now, Konohamaru couldn't help himself as he gave Sakura's tight, sexy little ass a little love tap, as she walked past him.


“Pervert!!” Sakura screeched at him, as she rushed out of the door, she turned around and said “Thanks for the advice, Jiraiya-sama. I will practice that next time” Sakura said as she left.


“You do that, good night” Jiraiya said in a tired slur, as he turned to Konohamaru “Where have you been, you damn brat?” he asked in an almost angry tone.


That pretty much confirmed that she was here for more training stuff. Although, Konohamaru didn't really care about why she was here, all that was on his mind was what happened between him and Kushina today. Starting with their confessions and first kiss in the afternoon and ending with their erotic make out session in the forest just now. He couldn't be happier.


Konohamaru grinned from ear to ear “I was just out for a walk with Udon and Moegi” he said as he walked to his bed “Good night, you old pervert”


“Good night brat..” Jiraiya slurred as he turned off the lights and the both of them got into their respective beds.


Earlier, after everyone had finished eating. Moegi had gone back to her cottage to change into her camouflaged clothes and grab her binoculars. She then searched for a spot where she would have a good overview of the whole place, where she could see all the cottages. She found it, on top of a large mountain about two hundred meters away from the cottages. From here, she could see clearly see everyone that was outside, and she could also see into most windows of the cottages, using her binoculars. She didn't see Konohamaru and Kushina meet up behind the main building, as they had already met up before Moegi found this spot.


But she did see enough of things that made this whole trip worth it. First she saw Kurenai and Anko enter the cottage next to the one that Asuma was getting ready for bed in. Moegi was pretty sure the cottage they entered was Naruto's, as she had seen him drop of his things in there earlier. But Naruto was outside, talking to his father, Jiraiya and Tsunade. She then looked around trying to see if she could locate Kushina or Konohamaru, while making sure she would go back to focus on those four if any of them moves. She spotted another interesting scene, Shikamaru's mom, Yoshino, was standing behind a tree, spying on Shizune and Shikamaru who seemed to be out of a walk, walking hand in hand. Moegi chuckled, thinking she was just an overprotective mom looking out for her son. Then she saw her own mother, through the window of one of the cottages. She was with Butao, Inoichi and Shikaku, drinking sake and playing spin the bottle by the look of things.


“Aren't you too old for that game mom?” Moegi thought with a sweatdrop.


She kept looking for Kushina and Konohamaru for a while, but had no luck finding them. She then focused on Naruto and the others again. Naruto was on the move, heading back to his cottage, while the other three stayed talking. She looked at Naruto's cottage, where the curtains had been pulled down to block her view into the cottage. It also appeared to be completely dark inside as the lights were off. She saw Naruto enter his cottage and close the door behind him. A second later, the lights turned on.


She couldn't see what was happening in there, but she had seen that Kurenai and Anko had entered his cottage together earlier. They had no reason to ambush him out of ill will, so that could only mean one thing. Moegi frowned as she came to the realization that they were going to seduce him. Their shadows confirmed that as she now clearly saw the shadow of three people behind the curtain. Two of them were standing up, kissing by the look of things, while the third one was sitting in front of one of them, her head moving back and forth in level with the persons waist. Moegi knew exactly what was happening in there, one of them was kissing Naruto, while other was giving him a blowjob. Anko was the one on her knees, her very unique hairstyle confirmed that.


Moegi gritted her teeth in anger, as she put down the binoculars. There was just one thing about what she had just seen that gave her some hope. He was with two women in there, maybe that means he doesn't mind seeing other girls as well? With a smirk she grabbed her binoculars again, her spirit somewhat raised again. It was time to see what the others were up to. The next thing she saw was Yoshino and Minato waving to each other as they crossed paths, heading towards different directions. Yoshino went back to her own cottage while Minato entered the cottage next to the one where Moegi's mom and her friends were at.


“Isn't that Ino and Sakura's cottage?” Moegi thought with a confused expression. She went back to looking at where Minato had been before, talking to Jiraiya and Tsunade outside Jiraiya and Konohamaru's cottage. Through the window, she saw Jiraiya and Tsunade sitting on a couch, drinking sake and laughing. Nothing out of the ordinary there, Moegi thought. But then she saw Sakura, pacing back and forth in between Jiraiya's cottage and the one next to it. She appeared to be worried or nervous about something. Moegi then kept looking around, finding another cottage. Kiba and Hana's, where the two siblings was currently in bed together, naked. Kiba was fucking his sister doggy style on that bed. She could somewhat hear Hana's loud moans from her position up there, along with more moans from other girls.


Moegi gasped “What the fuck!?” she thought out loud. The pervert inside her couldn't help but spy on them for a while, until Kiba came on top of Hana's back. As the two siblings took a break from their forbidden love making, Moegi continued to look into the other cottages, as she wondered who else she may found playing naked games together with someone they shouldn't. She didn't have to look long, it was the ones she already knew about. Kurenai and Anko appeared to take turns to let Naruto fuck them, and they were very loud. Moegi even saw Asuma stare out his window with a frown, before closing it, probably annoyed by all the ruckus that kept him awake. Moegi couldn't help but feel a bit bad for him, since she knew that his supposed girlfriend was in the cottage next to his, fucking Naruto.


She kept looking around after that, not interested in seeing the shadows of Naruto fucking some girls that wasn't her. She saw Shikamaru and Shizune go their separate ways after waving good bye, before returning to their respective cottages. A short date, Moegi figured. She then looked into Minato and Kushina's cottage, hoping to find at least Kushina. She had no luck, the lights was turned off, as it was completely dark inside. She still had no luck finding either Konohamaru or Kushina. But she knew where Kushina's husband was, inside Ino and Sakura's cottage, while Sakura is pacing around outside Jiraiya and Konohamaru's.


She turned back to Ino's cottage, seeing if she could see anything through the window. This time she almost broke the binoculars when she dropped them due to what she saw. On the bed, she clearly saw the fourth hokage, fucking Yamanaka Ino in the missionary position. He was fucking her so damn fast that he looked like some kind of machine. Ino had her tongue out, looking like she was drooling in delight, enjoying the hard and fast fucking by the look of things. She kept watching them as Minato kept going without slowing down, instead he seemed to get faster with every thrust. How could Ino take that? Moegi wondered. The fourth looked like he was some kind of sex beast that wanted to fuck her unconscious. Maybe she was gunning for the wrong blonde? Moegi thought as her perverted side took over, feeling her sex moisten up downstairs. Or maybe not, she thought as she heard Kurenai's loud moans coming from Naruto's cottage.


The next thing she saw was Minato sitting on top of Ino's shaking body, spraying his cum all over her face. He got off of her, sitting next to her while slowly fingering her pussy. The cum covered Ino, looked like she had been fucked unconscious as she just laid there, while her body convulsed as she enjoyed one hell of an orgasm. She seemed to be okay though, as she got up about a minute later, drinking some of Minato's cum. She sat in front of him, sticking her head in between his legs, licking the top of his dick as she was getting him ready for round two.


There really isn't anything that would surprise her anymore, Moegi thought after seeing all of this tonight. She turned her focus back on Jiraiya's cottage, wondering what Tsunade was up to. She happened to catch Tsunade leave at the same times as Sakura was entering the cottage. All three of them seemed to be chatting for a few minutes until the female sannin left, with a sake bottle in her right hand. Sakura stayed, closing the door behind her, but Moegi's focus was on Tsunade. Was she going to see Udon now?


She definitely was. Moegi spotted Udon, sitting outside a cottage that no one was staying in. She saw as Tsunade ran up to him and threw herself over him, kissing him. That looked almost like a woman in love, Moegi thought, weird as it may seem. They laid there, making out outside that cottage for a few minutes. Then Tsunade helped him up, before the two of them entered that cottage together. Moegi already knew what was coming next as she saw Tsunade strip out of her clothes again. She gave Udon another blowjob as she expected, before passing out on the bed. What she didn't expect to see was Udon, sharing that sake bottle with her. She also didn't expect to see him stay there with her, kissing her forehead lovingly and caressing her face. Sometime in the middle of spying on them, she saw an almost blinding yellow light shoot out of the window of Ino's cottage, traveling further down the property, directly into the cottage where Kushina and Minato is staying. The hokage using his famed technique to get back unnoticed? Moegi thought. About a minute later, she saw Kushina return to the cottage, looking very happy.



A few minutes later, she saw Sakura leave Jiraiya's cottage with a big smile on her face. At the same time she saw Konohamaru's back, inside the cottage. She must have just missed him coming back. At least it didn't seem like anything weird was going on in that cottage as Jiraiya was still sitting on that couch, with his clothes on. Sighing, Moegi figured she had seen enough of weird things for tonight, and as hot as those scenes may have been, she was starting to get a bit tired. Before she left, she looked to see if her mom was still with her friends, as she wanted to get back to the cottage before her, so she didn't know that she had been out late.


That was a big mistake. As if the threesome with Naruto wasn't enough, now she was also the witness of a foursome, in which her mother is participating in. Fucking Yamanaka Inoichi as she rode the married man. Inoichi's wife, Butao, was on all fours next to them, being fucked by Shikaku, another married man. As kinky as Moegi may be, seeing her mom having sex was not something that turned her on. Feeling a little bad for Yoshino, who didn't seem to be with them, she focused on the cottage where the Nara's should be staying in. Moegi put down her binoculars, shaking her head as she began climbing down the mountain. She had no reason to feel bad for Yoshino, since she was in her bed, making out heatedly with her own son.


Everyone there, except herself and Asuma, was hiding something from the others as they snuck around having sex, kissing, going on romantic walks and having secret meetings and what not. Moegi grinned as she landed safe and sound down on the ground below the mountain before heading back. She couldn't wait to see what tomorrow has to bring her, and if she can finally catch Kushina and Konohamaru in the act. Even after seeing all of this tonight, she just couldn't picture them being like that. Not Kushina of all people, she is the biggest prude in Konoha after all.


A few minutes after Moegi returned to her cottage, laying in the double bed in which she and her mother was supposed to sleep in, she saw Udon returning. She stared at him with a raised eyebrow as he wobbled over to the small bed and threw himself on top of it, face first. Falling asleep almost immediately.


“That's what you get for drinking sake, Idiot” Moegi thought out loud with a chuckle, before going to sleep herself.




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