Sarutobi and Uzumaki

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Chapter 3


After returning to the village, Tsunade took the position as head doctor at Konoha's hospital, along with becoming an active jounin again. She and Shizune got settled in the village again, the two of them living in a large house located in the old Senju clan compound. Months passed as their every day life continued like it had been. Konohamaru and the rest of the Konohamaru corps kept visiting Kushina to play in her backyard, but after the first two months they visited her less often. Half a year after Konohamaru and the others first started playing there, their visits had lessened to maybe once every two weeks.


At this point everyone was used to Tsunade being back in the village and she herself had gotten used to life in Konoha. Her days were a lot less hectic now and she found herself having a lot more free time than before. Shizune started working as the school nurse a week after they got back and has been ever since. Jiraiya left the village a lot more often than before. Sometimes he could be gone for a full month. This was his way of trying to avoid Sakura, who he still trained, as much as he could.


Speaking of Sakura, she was currently enjoying the fresh air out in the school yard of a very warm and sunny spring day. Later after their lunch break, the whole school would do something she had dreaded. The school nurse and the head doctor was going to perform a full check up on every student, including a naked full body check up. She is very sensitive when it comes to her body, especially when it comes to showing it to others. Mainly it's her chest size that has her anxious. She knows that she is smaller than pretty much everyone else in her class, they already make fun of her for it. She wasn't looking forward to exposing herself like that to Tsunade or Shizune, who is pretty much strangers to her.


Another one who was anxious about today's body check up, was Konohamaru. He was currently sneaking up on Sakura to prank her again. He had good reasons to be a bit anxious, especially after what happened the first time he bathed in a hot springs together with Jiraiya, Naruto and Udon. The hot springs they bathed at was a natural hot spring located in the woods of Naruto's parents backyard. The first time he joined them for a bath at that hot springs was a week after they returned from their trip to Tanzaku Quarters.


Jiraiya, Naruto and Udon had all already gotten inside the hot springs. Konohamaru hesitated a bit as he made his way there, covering his waist with a towel.


“What's that about brat?” Jiraiya said nodding at his groin “Just let it hang free, we're all men here”


“He does that at school also, I don't know what the big deal is” Udon said.


“Mind your own business Udon!” Konohamaru snapped as he stepped closer to the water.


Naruto grabbed a hold of his towel and said “Stop being weird and gay, like the old perv said, we're all men here”


“Stop it!” Konohamaru said as Naruto yanked the towel down, revealing Konohamaru's privates. Konohamaru stared at the ground in embarrassment “See, I'm a freak”


Udon gasped “Holy shit that's one big dick you got there Konohamaru!”


“Bwahaha!” Jiraiya laughed loudly as he stood up “That's nothing, look at this one”


Naruto stood up as well “Don't be embarrassed about who you are, Kon, if you are a freak, then we all are”


“Hell, am I the weird one?” Udon asked, he had a normal sized dick while the three of them were all freakishly huge. Jiraiya appeared to be slightly bigger than Naruto who in turn was slightly bigger than Konohamaru. Konohamaru in turn had a wider girth than both the others, who still both had quite the wide girths themselves.


Konohamaru was shocked, he had thought he was some kind of freak of nature since everyone else in his class was so much smaller. Yet here he had his boss and the old perverted sennin, showing off their even bigger poles as if it's nothing.


“No one is weird, just sit down and enjoy the bath now” Naruto said with frown, having had enough of their little dick show.


“Naruto is right for once, get in here Konohamaru” Jiraiya said with a smirk. Konohamaru got in the bath with grin. He was happy to find out that he wasn't that weird after all. That happiness disappeared when Jiraiya laughed out loud and yelled “Looks like we got another bat in the club!”


Even Naruto couldn't help himself as he joined Jiraiya in laughter, leaving a beet red Konohamaru to glare at them.


It was one thing for Konohamaru to show his best friends, while it was completely different to show Shizune or Tsunade. They would make fun of him for sure, especially Tsunade, he thought. To take his mind out of things, he was going to mess with Sakura a little.


He ran up to her and pinched her butt “Nice ass, Sakura-chan!” he said with a grin as Sakura jumped at the touch. She turned around, glaring at him.


“Damn it Konohamaru-kun, not today!” She said with an angry frown.


Konohamaru grinned “Aren't you gonna try to beat me up?”


Sakura sighed “No, just leave me alone”


“Well you're no fun today” Konohamaru said as he left her alone as she had asked. He joined Udon, Naruto, Kiba, Chouji and Shikamaru who were eating lunch together instead. They had seen his latest prank.


“Well done” Naruto acknowledged as Konohamaru sat down next to him.


“Thanks boss” Konohamaru said as he unwrapped his sandwich he had bought from the school's cafeteria.


“I was hoping to see her beat you up today again, is she sick or something?” Kiba said with a chuckle. He had tried doing something similar to Sakura after seeing Naruto and Konohamaru's many pranks on her and other girls. The first time he tried was also his last. He would rather not feel that pain in his groin again, which was the result of Sakura kicking his nuts in. She had never been that brutal with Konohamaru or Naruto before though.


“I kinda wanted a fight, I'm bored as hell” Konohamaru said.


“If you want a fight, then should try doing that to Ino” Naruto suggested.


Konohamaru shook his head “Hell no, she won't go as easy on me as she does on you boss”


Naruto nodded “Very wise words, pick your targets right”


Naruto's classmates stared at him in disbelief, they couldn't understand why this blatant pervert was so popular with all the girls. They sat there chatting and enjoying their lunch until the bell rang. It was now time for the check ups that Konohamaru had dreaded. He got in line together with the rest of his class, outside of the infirmary. Naruto and his class was just about to finish their check ups when they heard Tsunade's loud voice from inside the infirmary.


“My aren't you a healthy one brat?!”


“Yes, can I go now, granny?” Naruto responded.


A minute later he came out of the infirmary with a twitching eyebrow. He didn't like the way the blond medic nin had looked at him and he was sure he had to spend more time in there naked than anyone else. As he passed Konohamaru outside in the hallway, he placed his hand on Konohamaru's shoulder and said “It's a damn curse, what we have” then left, looking as annoyed as ever.


That didn't help Konohamaru's nervousness at all. It was soon his turn, he is going in after Udon who is entering now. He was in there longer than the rest also and Konohamaru who closest to the door overheard a few things.


“You are perfectly healthy but you have a condition that makes your body produce more bodily fluids than is normal. That's nothing that should stand in the way of you becoming a ninja” Tsunade said.


“Okay, Tsunade-sama” a dejected Udon replied.


“It's a blessing if you ask me, don't be upset” Tsunade said with a chuckle.


“Yes, Tsuande-sama” Udon said, the dejected tone gone.


Udon left the infirmary grinning from ear to ear after that, which meant that it was Konohamaru's turn. He and Moegi entered at the same time. Moegi went to a different part of the infirmary where Shizune would do the check up. Shizune did the check up on all girls while Tsunade did the guys.


Everything went as normal, she checked his heartbeat, balance and all that normal stuff. That is until he was asked to remove all his clothes, Tsunade blatantly stared at his groin.


“Oh my, seems like you and Naruto are more alike than I thought” Tsunade said with a giggle.


Konohamaru frowned “Is everything fine?”


Tsunade patted him on the stomach “You are perfectly healthy, you can get dressed again, we are done here”


As Konohamaru dressed himself, Tsunade sat on an office chair, watching him as he got dressed with a smirk on her pretty face. Konohamaru rushed out of the infirmary after that, happy that it was finally over with. The only good part about school today was that their school day ended early. After their check ups they could go home. It was also Friday which meant they wouldn't have to go back until Monday. Konohamaru had no plans today, other than the usual training he did with his grandfather. He would prefer to change that since Hiruzen had made him train more things than just ninja stuff. For the past month, he has gotten Konohamaru a private dancing tutor.


That dancing tutor was a very overweight woman in her fifties. Konohamaru had to take lessons from her twice a week, where he would dance with her for two hours. While it did serve as some training since she was anything but easy to carry, he had to do that sometimes in the dances they performed, it was nothing short of hell in Konohamaru's opinion. He hated it. So when he got out of the school's property and found Naruto there looking like he was waiting for someone, he was more than happy to see him.


“Hey boss, waiting for someone?”


“Yeah you, let's go train” Naruto said as he started walking, not waiting for Konohamaru's response.


“Okay boss!” Konohamaru said in excitement as he caught up to him. They went to Naruto's usual training spot. They trained there for an hour until Jiraiya joined them. He had seen Sakura coming towards his house, so he made his escape, hiding out here.


When Jiraiya arrived, the two of them were taking a break. Both looking a bit lost in their thoughts.


“What's the matter with you guys, something happened in school?” Jiraiya asked.


Naruto nodded “Yeah we did the body check ups in school today. Granny was drooling when she checked up one me.. It's gonna give me nightmares dattebayo”


“Yeah, she did that to me too” Konohamaru said nodding in agreement.


“Oh boy” Jiraiya said scratching the back of his head “You two should probably be a bit on guard around her”


“What do you mean?” Naruto asked.


“Yeah, granny doesn't seem that bad” Konohamaru added.


“No she isn't, but I still feel like I have to warn you because I know something about Tsunade that very few people know about. It all starts back when we were teenagers..”


Jiraiya went on to tell them a little about Tsunade's first and only romantic relationship. She told them about Shizune's uncle, Dan Kato. Dan was someone that was dating Tsunade for a few years before he passed away on a mission. At least that is what people thought back then. In reality she and Dan's relationship was nothing more than a charade on Tsunade's part. She had no interest in the man at all. The furthest she allowed him to go with her during all those years, was to feel her up a little. She never even kissed him on the mouth, she only gave his foreheads pecks in public when other saw them. She wanted people to know that she was dating Dan after all.


Her real lover was someone much closer to home. Her younger brother, Nawaki. Tsunade happened to be into guys that is younger than herself. She and Nawaki had a relationship that started before Nawaki graduated the academy. They were planning to be together for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Nawaki passed away on a mission, just a year after he graduated, which was the same month that Dan also passed away in a similar way. They were both victims of a long lasting war between the great five ninja villages. Jiraiya had never seen Tsunade so devastated as the day she found out Nawaki died. It was like a part of Tsunade died with him.


“And that explains why she always drinks so much. Now the reason that I told you this is because like I said, she has a thing for younger guys. The two of you both fit that category” Jiraiya said as he ended the story.


After hearing that, Naruto and Konohamaru agreed with what Jiraiya said, it may be best to be a bit on guard around her after all. Jiraiya then used a transformation technique, turning himself into a small rock. A second later, Sakura came running into the training area.


“Naruto-kun, is Jiraiya-sama here? I thought I heard his voice” she said as she caught her breath. She had been running around looking for him.


“Yeah, over there” Naruto said nodding towards the rock.


“I think he is trying to avoid you, Sakura-chan” Konohamaru added with a grin.


Jiraiya cancelled the transformation, glaring at Naruto and Konohamaru “Thanks for the help guys..”


“Anytime” Naruto said as he saw Sakura grab Jiraiya by his arm and pull him along with her “Let's go train, Jiraiya-sama!” she spoke in a happy tone.


“Yes, I was just about to go find you” Jiraiya lied as he turned around to glare the two again, letting them know that he would remember this.


After those two had left, Konohamaru turned to Naruto “Shall we continue, boss?”


Naruto nodded “We are done training chakra control, let's move on to hand to hand combat”


Konohamaru grinned as he got into his fighting pose “Ready when you are, boss!”


“Training with a friend today, Naruto-kun?” Konohamaru heard someone say behind him. He jumped in surprise as he had not even noticed the person arriving. He turned around to see Kurenai Yühi sitting on a large rock. In her hands she had a book which she had already opened as she was about to read it.


“Yeah, I'm teaching Konohamaru some stuff” Naruto said scratching the back of his head, smiling warmly at her.


“Kurenai-san? What are you doing out here?” Konohamaru asked, not expecting to see his Uncle's girlfriend at Naruto's secret training spot in the middle of nowhere.


“Hey Konohamaru-kun, I'm just here to read, it's my favorite spot out here. It's so peaceful and quiet” Kurenai explained.


“She is here pretty often but she doesn't bother me or disturb my training” Naruto said as he took a fighting position as well “Let's get started!”


“Yes sir!” Konohamaru said as the two of them started their hand to hand combat spar.


The two of them then trained for the rest of the day together, while Kurenai sat to side reading the whole time. When Konohamaru got back home later in the evening and told his grandfather why he had missed his dancing lessons and usual training, he was rewarded rather than punished when Hiruzen heard who he had trained with. Hiruzen told him they could eat whatever he wanted that night.


The following day Konohamaru tried to find Naruto so he could train more with him, but he was nowhere to be found. He gave up and went to hang out with Moegi and Udon instead. They met up outside a cafe where they pondered on where they should go and what to do. As Moegi excitedly suggested that they head to Kushina's to play, Kushina and Tsunade happened to leave that cafe and overheard her.


Konohamaru liked that idea, he had not seen Kushina in a while either “Sounds fun, let's go find her!”


“Ara ara, I was just about to invite the three of you over” Kushina said as she and Tsunade made their way over to them.


“Play? What kind of games are you playing?” Tsunade asked.


“Ninja, you know old man Hiruzen's game” Kushina answered.


Tsunade smiled “I haven't played that in decades, mind if I join you?”


“Not at all, the more the merrier, right guys?” Kushina said.


“Yeah!” Udon said excitedly.


They walked towards Kushina's house after that. Everyone there noticed that Udon kept blatantly staring at Tsunade's chest, without any shame, the whole time. Tsunade also noticed it but she pretended not to. The others were getting worried, thinking Tsunade's rage was building up and she was about to pummel him into the ground. Surprisingly, nothing happened and they started playing like normal.


After playing for two hours, they took a small break as everyone rested on Kushina's porch. Kushina then said she was going to treat them all to some lemonade and snacks. Before she went inside to get everything, she asked Konohamaru “Konohamaru-kun, mind helping me carry some of the stuff outside?”


“Sure thing, Naruto's mom” Konohamaru said as he got up and followed her inside. Once they got inside the kitchen, Kushina turned around and said “Konohamaru-kun, I have been meaning to ask you something”


Konohamaru gulped, he didn't know what he had done this time but he was probably in trouble “Okay?”


At first he thought he was right to be worried as Kushina's face started turning red. After twenty seconds of her not saying anything and the way she kept biting her lip, he realized she wasn't angry, she seemed more nervous than anything. Konohamaru couldn't help but think that she looked incredibly cute. Kushina is normally not shy at all, but now she readied herself to ask Konohamaru something she had been wanting to ask him for months.


“Uhm” Kushina said blushing as she turned her head to the side. She gathered her courage and continued “Do you want to go out with me sometime ttebane?”


Kushina stared at anything that wasn't Konohamaru as she waited for his response. What he said made her nervousness disappear a little “Sure why not, I'll bring the others and we can play ninja elsewhere!”


She realized Konohamaru either had no idea what she had just asked him or he completely misunderstood. She giggled and ruffled Konohamaru's hair as she said “I meant just you and me alone”


Konohamaru's eyes blinked as he stared at her in confusion “You want to play with me alone?”


Kushina laughed as she returned to her usual self “No, I'm not talking about playing, we could do anything. Go out somewhere, watch a movie, get something to eat or something like that”


Kushina stared to the side again to hide her blush “Only if you want too ttebane!”


“I..I'd like that” Konohamaru said, blushing slightly as well now. He didn't understand exactly what it is she wanted to do, but he wouldn't say no to hanging out with Kushina, just the two of them.


“That's great!” Kushina said as she leaned down to hug him. Konohamaru was surprised by the hug, but he hugged her back after a few seconds. “We're gonna have so much fun, I'm sure of it” Kushina said as they kept hugging. As they hugged, Kushina was overjoyed. She had been so nervous about asking him about, but now they were finally going on their first date. She didn't care if Konohamaru didn't see it as that, in her mind it was a date at least. Their hug lasted for well over a minute. It was the longest Konohamaru had ever hugged someone. He certainly didn't mind it.


Kushina then went and grabbed five plastic cups and gave them to Konohamaru “Take those out, I will get the rest ttebane!” she said, not being able to stop her verbal tic due to how happy she was. Soon the two of them joined the others outside, eating the snacks and drinking the lemonade. They played ninja again after that for a few hours. After they were done, Konohamaru asked Kushina if he could get a glass of water. Kushina obviously didn't mind that and the two of them once again walked into the kitchen alone.


Kushina poured him a glass of water and handed it to him. Just as she was about to talk more about their date, she heard Minato from the front door “I'm home!” he said loudly as he entered the house. Kushina leaned down and whispered into Konohamaru's ear “Are you busy tomorrow evening?”


“I'm free after I'm done training with the boss and Ero-sennin” Konohamaru whispered back, wondering why they were whispering.


“Do you want to go out then?” Kushina asked, she got a nod as an answer “Great, I'll pick you up at your house tomorrow at 7 ttebane!”


“Okay” Konohamaru said with a grin before drinking all of the water in the glass in one go. He then waved good bye to Kushina as Minato entered the kitchen “Hey Hokage-sama!”


“Oh, hey there Konohamaru-kun” Minato said with a chuckle before greeting his wife. “Hey honey, had a nice day?”


Kushina faced him with a forced crooked smile “Yeah I sure have, welcome home Minato”.


Kushina then prepared dinner for her family. After they had all eaten together, even Naruto who had made a short to stop at home to get some grub in him before going back training, Kushina headed upstairs. She went inside a room that she used whenever she practiised her dancing. It was a very spacious room that didn't have much furniture in it. She also had her closet and large mirrors in this room. Her closet is the reason she went upstairs. She was finally gonna get a chance to try on one of her new dresses after all. Since that time when they brought Tsunade back to Konoha, she has bought several new outfits in Konoha to add to her collection of new clothes. She has never worn any of them, not even the underwear that no one would be seeing her wearing anyway.


She tried on a few of her new outfits, liking how she looked in most of them. She had already decided on which outfit she would wear tomorrow.


The next day, Kushina spent the whole day preparing for her date. She brushed her very long hair, that reached below her knees, to perfection which took longer than you would think. She also put on a bit of make up, not much, but still more than she usually wears. She had to redo it a couple of times until she got it just right. She also had to decide on which of her expensive perfume she would use as well, as she wanted to smell good tonight. But most of the day was spent trying on different outfits as she couldn't decide on which one to wear. In the end she decided on the same outfit she decided on yesterday, a black keyhole dress. ( )


While not being the most revealing of outfits, it was by far the most revealing one she had worn outside of her home, without counting swimsuits. By wearing this, she hoped that she could get a sign or a reaction from Konohamaru that he thought she looked good in it. She was of the belief that her attraction for Konohamaru was one sided and that he had no interest in her at all in a romantic way. While Kushina has still not admitted to herself that she has romantic feelings for him, her actions tell differently as she aims to win his heart. At 6:50 PM she started heading towards Konohamaru's house, which was located on the same street as hers.


Five minutes later, Konohamaru heard her knocking on their front door. He had just gotten back from training with Naruto and Jiraiya, the only thing he had time for before Kushina arrived was to get a shower and get dressed again. He wore what he always wore as he had no idea that this was a date or that he was expected to dress in nicer clothes or anything like that. When he opened the door to see a smiling Kushina greeting him, he stared at her wide eyed.


“Wow” He said as he took in the sight of the goddess before him. He didn't think she could become more beautiful than she normally was but he was surely wrong about that. Kushina smiled cutely, that was exactly the kind of reaction she had hoped for.


“Hey, Konohamaru-kun. Ready to go?” She asked with a smile.


“Y-Yeah” Konohamaru stuttered as he closed the door behind him. The two of them then walked side by side, heading into the streets of Konoha.


“Are you hungry?” Kushina asked.


“I sure am!” Konohamaru said excitedly, he didn't have time to eat as he had been training earlier.


“Want to get a bowl of ramen or two at Ichirakus? My treat ttebane” Kushina said sounding happier than ever.


“That sounds great, I'm starving” Konohamaru said smiling back at her.


“Great!” Kushina said cheerfully as she grabbed Konohamaru's hand, intertwining his fingers with her own. They walked down a road leading towards the ramen shop. Konohamaru noticed that he wasn't the only one that was stunned by Kushina's looks, as pretty much every male that saw her reacted the same way he did earlier. He was pretty sure he even saw some guys on bicycles drive into a wall as they got lost staring at her. No one had ever really seen Kushina reveal this much skin before other than Minato, Naruto and her closest female friends. So it came as quite the shock for the village men that saw one of if not the most beautiful woman in Konoha like that. Kushina noticed the stares but didn't care about them, she only cared about what Konohamaru thought of her. If anyone else tried something with her, she would kick them in the nuts


After a few minutes of walking down the street, they arrived at the ramen shop. They could easily get seats at the small ramen shop since it was completely empty of customers. Kushina couldn't understand why, since she thought their ramen easily the best food in Konoha. After beeing greeted by Ayame, who was the only one working in the shop tonight, they made their orders.


When Kushina saw Ayame, she wondered if she had just made a big mistake by going here. Ayame was after all the biggest gossip in the village. Luckily, she is also a very good friend to Kushina and her family, she has never heard of Ayame gossiping or spread any rumors about them before. Ayame loved to gossip and she had a knack to find out about all the big scandals, rumors and what ever else people gossiped about. Kushina had heard a lot of very immoral stories from Ayame that turned out to be true. For example, the Inuzuka's are allowing horny housewives and women to have some “fun” with the Inuzuka clan dogs in exchange for a sum of money.


Ayame had also told her about a lot of the ninja that is cheating on their partners and where and how it happened. She had some unknown way to get this information and it was always confirmed to be true later on. That's why she needed to be a little bit careful around her now that she is “dating” Konohamaru.


As Ayame prepared their orders, Kushina said “Heard about anything interesting lately, Ayame-chan?”


Konohamaru face palmed when he heard that, they just sat down and now they were already about to gossip. Just like whenever he visits this place with his friends, he has to listen to Moegi and Ayame's gossip. He couldn't care less about the gossip of women, it didn't interest him. He just wanted to enjoy his ramen in peace and quiet.


“Well there is a few things, but I think it's best I tell you when you are here alone” Ayame said with an eye wink.


“Don't mind Konohamaru-kun, he won't listen anyway, isn't that right?” She said glancing at Konohamaru who nodded “You got that right, kore!”


“Well if you insist, did you hear about the two sisters and what they did last weekend?” Ayame said.


“Akane and Maho right? No I haven't anything about them since you told me that Akane seduced Morino Ibiki” Kushina said, scowling at the thought of the two slutty sisters.


Udon has two elder sisters, both brunettes like himself, but unlike him neither of them wears glasses and they are incredibly good looking. They were very popular back when they were students at the ninja academy. The sisters are one year apart in age. The eldest sister Akane, who is also the one that had seduced and slept with Ibiki, has got a sizable bust. She is a double D. She has long brown hair that she ties into a pony tail. She is very outgoing and social.


The younger sister, Maho, could pass for Akane's twin, except that she has slightly smaller breasts. Her hairstyle is also different as she lets it fall straight, similar to Kushina. She is also considered as a shy girl by those that doesn't know her too well, since she is not as social as her elder sister. Those that knows her well, knows that she is anything but shy since both of these sisters has more than looks in common. They are both extremely slutty. They have almost no talent at all as ninjas, so they have used their love for sex to get themselves promoted to chuunins by fucking the right guys.


The younger sister is also one of Tsume's regular customers as she likes to come over to “play” with the ninja dogs. The sisters being this slutty is not common knowledge in the village. The only people that knows is the guys they are fucking and the group of people Ayame gossips with. That group is pretty much the same group of families and clans that invites each other for birthday celebrations and such. The Uzumaki, Nara, Inuzuka, Hyuuga, Uchiha, Haruno, Yamanaka, Akimichi, Sarutobi and a few others like Jiraiya and Tsunade. There is also a few others that Ayame gossips with, but she prefers to keep that secret since they are the ones she gets most of the information from.


Ayame nodded “Yes that was two weeks ago, last week I heard that she slept with another clan head. A married guy supposedly. Unfortunately we haven't found out who yet”


Kushina sighed “I hope it's not one of my friends” she said, fearing it was one of the clan heads she and Minato knew well.


“Yeah, there is also a few more interesting things going on” Ayame said as she served them both their bowl of ramen. As Kushina and Konohamaru began eating, Ayame continued gossipping.


“Shizune has been seen leaving the academy late in the evenings in the company of male students. I wonder what could be going on, maybe there is an illness at school?” Ayame said.


“What? That's the first time I hear about that, have you heard anything about that, Konohamaru-kun?” Kushina asked in a worried tone, she didn't want Naruto to get sick after all, not Konohamaru either.


Konohamaru shook his head “No, nothing is happening in school” he said in a bored tone before going back to eating his ramen.


“Hmm” Ayame said with a thoughtful expression “I wonder what they could be up to”


“I don't think it's anything strange, Shizune is such a sweet girl, she wouldn't do anything like that” Kushina said with a chuckle.


Ayame nodded, she agreed with that. They went on to gossip about a few other things but none of which was related to anyone part of this story. After paying and thanking Ayame for their food, Konohamaru and Kushina left the ramen shop, hand in hand.


“Where are we going now, Naruto's mom?” Konohamaru asked.


“I have a name you know” Kushina said with a frown.


“Okay, Kushina-san, where are we going?” Konohamaru said an annoyed tone.


Kushina pouted “I don't like that suffix, call me Kushina-chan”


“W-what, are you sure?” Konohamaru asked a bit nervously. He couldn't believe what he she just told him. Kushina-chan was what he always called her in his mind when he thought of her. Never would he have thought that she actually wanted him to call her that. Also what would Naruto think if he ever heard him call his mom that.


“Yes, I would like that” Kushina said with a slight blush.


“Okay, Kushina-chan then!” Konohamaru said cheerfully, he didn't have to worry about what Naruto would think now that they were alone at least.


“As for where we are going, I'm not sure myself. What do you want to do?” Kushina asked.


“We can go to the arcade, they have some new games I want to try out” Konohamaru said in an excited tone.


“Sounds fun, lead the way Konohamaru-kun!” Kushina said matching his excitement.


They then went to the arcade where they played all kinds of different arcade games, enjoying each others company. They were both really competitive as well, not wanting to lose to one another. The other people in the arcade where mostly a young crowd of civilian nerds or delinquents. They didn't care about the odd couple and minded their own business, although a few of them did think they looked like they were best friends having fun.


At 10 both Kushina and Konohamaru started to get tired and decided to call it a night. Kushina walked Konohamaru home and while they did so, she tried to plan another date with him.


“I really enjoyed our first date” Kushina said as they walked next to each other towards the street that both of their houses where located at.


“Date?” Konohamaru wondered what she meant by that, before shaking that thought off “Me too, I had a great time!”


“Do you have any plans on Friday?” Kushina asked.


“No, not that I can remember” Konohamaru said.



Kushina showed him a sexy smile as they reached Konohamaru's home “We will have our second date on Friday after school then, make sure you remember it dattebane!”


Once again Konohamaru was confused due to her calling it a date. What the hell is a date? He wondered. “Sure thing, Kushina-chan!”


Kushina sat down so that their faces were level and stared him straight in the eyes. She then hugged him “Thanks for a wonderful evening”


“Y-you're welcome?” A stuttering Konohamaru said, hugging her back lightly. Kushina sure had gotten touchy with him lately, not that he minded.


Kushina ended the hug after a few seconds and was now back to staring at him, this time she was blushing as she wondered if she should kiss him. “No, he'll probably be disgusted by an old hag like myself and start hating me, she thought before standing up. A silly thought since she didn't appear to be a day older than 21 due to her Uzumaki genes. Thanks to those genes she wouldn't visibly age for a very long time and live a much longer life than a normal person. Even twenty years from now she will still look the same.


“Good night!” Kushina said as she waved good bye.


“Night, Kushina-chan!”

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