Sarutobi and Uzumaki

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Chapter 17


The next day, Kushina woke up in her own bed, sleeping next to her husband, wearing a very plain and boring pajamas. After Konohamaru had fallen asleep last night, she had gone upstairs to sleep in her own bed, which was the reason for that. As much as Kushina wanted the two of them to get more daring, sleeping next to Konohamaru naked in the basement when Minato and Ino is in the house, was probably not the best way to go about it. That's like asking to be caught. Today it wouldn't have made a difference since Kushina was the first one to wake up in the house. After her usual shower, she headed downstairs to prepare breakfast.


About ten minutes later, the other three joined her in the kitchen. She had made pancakes this time, which she and the others devoured. Even Ino ate a lot and fast, which was unusual for her. Maybe Konohamaru's words yesterday had affected her, Kushina thought with a chuckle. They were seated on the same side of the tables like yesterday, only difference being that Naruto was not on their side this time.


After Kushina finished her plate, she reached towards Konohamaru's pants as she wanted to play a little with her favorite toy again. Before she could sneak her hand into his pants, she heard Minato say “Kushina”


Wide eyed Kushina stared at him “Yes, honey?” she said as she sneakily pulled her hand back. Had her hand not been covered by the table, she would have definitely been caught with her hand close to Konohamaru's crotch. He sounded a bit serious which had her wondering if he had actually caught her.


“Would you like to eat lunch together with me today at my office? There is something I would like to talk with you about” Minato said with his usual warm and kind smile. Kushina nodded with a smile, no longer worried about getting caught “I would love to, do you want me to cook us something or should we order something?”


“If it's not too much trouble then I would love it if you cooked for us, Kushina” Minato said with a chuckle “There is no restaurant food better than your cooking”.


“Thank you” Kushina said with a warm smile.


Minato who had also finished his plate then got up and said “I'm gonna head out to the office now, thanks for breakfast, honey”.


“Any time” Kushina said with an eye wink, then as Minato turned around, she sneaked her hand inside Konohamaru's pants. Ino then got up as well and bowed politely “Thanks for breakfast Kushina-sama. I'm gonna head out a bit early as well, I'm meeting up with Hinata and forehead girl”.


“Have a nice day at school!” Kushina said cheerfully as Ino waved good bye. Ino and Minato then left the house, leaving Kushina and Konohamaru alone together. As soon as Kushina heard the door close, she let go of Konohamaru's dick in favor of throwing her arms around her as she kissed him. After a long french kiss, she said “Looks like we are all alone ttebane!”.


Konohamaru grinned “Hehe I know, what do you want to do, Kushina-chan?”.


“You still have half an hour before school starts right?” Kushina asked as she smiled at him that naughty, sexy smile of hers.


Konohamaru nodded as his grin got wider, he then stood up and pulled down his pants and underwear in one go. Kushina bit her lip as she stared at his impressive dick, which was rock hard already. She still couldn't believe how big it was and the fact that Konohamaru of all people was the owner of it. She pressed it against her face and rubbed the tip against her cheek as she stared up at Konohamaru.

“Why do you always do that?” Konohamaru asked with his usual perverted grin.


Kushina licked the tip of his dick, then rubbed it against her cheek again.


“This?” Kushina asked as the tip of his dick pushed into her cheek.


Konohamaru nodded “Yeah, you seem to really like my dick or something” he said with a giggle.


Kushina gave the tip of his dick a peck “I do love your cock” she said with a giggle of her own “But the reason I do this is probably because I never had a dick anywhere near my face before because I thought it was such an indecent and improper thing to do. I know better now.”.


Kushina then smirked as she stared up at Konohamaru “Also, I can't help but wonder what Minato would think if he saw me doing this with you dattebane!” she said in excited tone before taking his dick inside her mouth.


“Ah fuck!” Konohamaru uttered in delight, while thinking “She is really getting into this cheating on Hokage-sama thing”.

Konohamaru wasn't worried that she was only together with him for that reason. He felt very safe about the fact that their relationship was based on pure and true love. This sneaking around and cheating kink, was probably just a way for Kushina to let out her mischievous prankster side. She sure did enjoy her pranks.


He let Kushina try her best at trying to get more than about a third of his length inside her mouth, for about a minute. Then he pulled back, and said “We only have twenty minutes until school starts. I want to fuck you before I leave kore!”.


Kushina stood up as well, pressing her body against his as she leaned down and frenched him. She then said “Hurry up and fuck me then, baby”.


Kushina pulled down her panties as Konohamaru pushed the chairs to the side. Kushina then leaned over the table, as she bent over to allow him easy access. Konohamaru then grabbed her by the waist as he started fucking her from behind. He fucked her hard and fast from the get go. Kushina came instantly, in one of her violent long orgasms that had her squirt and her whole body shake. Konohamaru could feel how she tightened up, but he didn't slow down. Instead he fucked her even faster.


“Mmh, mmh! Harder!” Kushina moaned in delight as the noise of slapping sounds due to their bodies connecting filled the kitchen. Just a minute after her first orgasm, she felt another one coming. That continued for another fifteen minutes as Konohamaru never slowed down, he just went faster for every minute that passed and Kushina came more than ten times, every time just as violently as the first. It ended because Konohamaru finally was about to cum as well.


“Fuck, I'm cumming. Where do you want it babe!?” Konohamaru exclaimed loudly.


“Cum inside, cum inside!” Kushina moaned in delight.


When Konohamaru came, he buried his dick all the way inside her as the two of them both screamed out a loud moan. He kept his dick buried inside of her as his beautiful lover started shaking lightly again. She arched her back backwards, looking almost as if she had passed as she came. Konohamaru just held her and kissed her neck while waiting for her to return to normal. He was used to this by now, that she would disappear for about a minute whenever she had her most aggressive orgasms. This was a different kind of orgasm then when she would squirt, this seemed to be the way she reacted when she came the hardest.


Eventually Kushina returned to normal, as she started grinding her ass against Konohamaru with his dick still inside of her.


“Oh my God, you are so fucking good, Konohamaru-kun” Kushina moaned.


Konohamaru grinned as he pulled out of her “You are the best Kushina-chan, I still can't believe we are actually a couple and fucking each other every day” he said with a giggle.


Kushina turned around and smiled warmly at him as she leaned down and gave him a few more french kisses. “It's like a dream for me as well. I don't think I have ever been happier than when I am with you. I hope you never change and always want me this much. I never want a sexless relationship again like I had with Minato” Kushina said as she bit her lip, staring into his eyes.


“That will never happen, I promise you that” Konohamaru said, sticking out his tongue. Kushina responded in kind as their tongues started dancing against each other as they licked each others tongues aggressively in a very erotic fashion. They lost track of time as Kushina glanced at a clock on the wall in the kitchen. She pulled back and said “Shit, you're gonna be late”.


“Oh crap!” Konohamaru said as he finally pulled his pants up “Gotta go, see you later, babe!” he said before rushing out of the kitchen.


“Have a nice day, baby!” Kushina said with a warm smile. She then sat down at her usual seat at the kitchen table. She just sat there, smiling as she was so happy with how things had turned out with her and Konohamaru. As much as she enjoyed the thought of starting to have some sneaky sex whenever Minato was around, this wasn't about that. That was just extra fun. This was never about cheating or just some affair. This was her wanting to be with Konohamaru, no one else. She was happy with that choice as she was truly in love with him. She realized now that she was fully committed to this relationship. If Konohamaru asked her to divorce Minato so that they could get married tomorrow, she would say yes. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him.


Later at lunch time, Kushina had taken another shower because she she really needed it after that short fuck session in the kitchen. She then prepared lunch for herself and Minato. Dressed in her usual green conservative housewife dress and white blouse, she headed over to his office. She wondered what it was he wanted to talk about. He sounded so serious when he called her name, which just so happened to be when Kushina was about to sneak her hand inside Konohamaru's pants, covered by the kitchen table. He couldn't have seen that could he? She wondered.


When she entered his office, carrying a basket with their food, Minato stood up and smiled warmly at her.


“Hey honey!” he said excitedly.


Kushina smiled, happy to see that Minato was his usual self. This probably meant that he was still clueless about her and Konohamaru.


“Hi, are we eating in here?” Kushina asked as she put the basket down on his desk.


Minato nodded “Unfortunately I have to get back to work as soon as we are done.” he answered as he smelled the air “Smells delicious”.


“I hope it tastes as good as it smells” Kushina said as she served the food for herself and Minato on plates.


“So what did you want to talk about?” Kushina asked with a raised eyebrow as she handed over a plate filled with food to Minato.


Minato grinned as he smelled the food, taking a bite before answering “I have been thinking, wouldn't it make sense if your students dropped out of the ninja academy completely?”


Kushina was silent for a few seconds as she wondered if Minato had really just said that. This was to good to be true.


“C-can they really do that?” Kushina asked, letting a stutter slip out due to how excited she got. If they dropped out of school, she would be able to be with Konohamaru all the time.


Minato nodded “I could make it happen today. I could even have them graduate today if they could prove that they are ready for it. But that is not what I had in mind, yet. What I'm thinking is, wouldn't it be better if they trained under your guidance the whole day instead of going to school? It's six to eight hours that could be spent training under the supervision of one of Konoha's strongest ninja, that has to be a more efficient way to get them ready to be genin faster. That was the goal, wasn't it?”


“Yeah, it would really help speed things up as I would be able to teach them a lot more every day” Kushina spoke calmly, as she struggled to keep herself from grinning.


Minato took another bite of his food before saying “It would also give you guys the opportunity to go on longer training trips, if they don't have school to worry about”.


Kushina's eyes widened. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. It was almost as if Minato was suggesting everything Kushina had thought of would help her and Konohamaru, not only keep their secret, but be together more openly. Out on training trips, they only had Moegi and Udon to worry about. If they are alone somewhere, they wouldn't have to hide anything, just like at that village where they got their heart shaped locket necklaces. She wanted to say “Yes, that's a brilliant idea, my dear husband!!” but she calmed herself, and instead poked a little fun at him.


“Are you getting sick of me? Trying to get me out of the house or something?” Kushina asked with a teasing smirk.


Minato started sweating a little “Of course not, I was just trying to help” he said nervously.


Kushina started laughing “I was just kidding. I think you are right about everything, even though it would mean that I wouldn't be seeing you and Naruto everyday”.


“I don't want you away either, but that's the life of a shinobi. It is what you wanted, right?” Minato asked.


Kushina nodded “I'm not only doing this to teach them, I'm also doing this for myself. I want to see if I have what it takes to fulfill my other dream dattebane!” she ended excitedly.


Minato grinned “You have my full support, and if you were to get back to your former level or even get stronger than me, I will gladly let you become my successor”.


Kushina shook her head “I don't want that. I no longer want to become hokage, I just want to be strong enough to know that I could have been the hokage. I also don't want to be left behind, I want to fight side by side with Naruto some day, that's why I need to get stronger.”.


Minato smiled when he heard that “I also wish to regain my former strength. I am not going to give up the position as top dog that easily”.


“That's the spirit Minato! It's good to see you motivated again. Also, you shouldn't even be thinking about a successor, we are still young, your era as the hokage has just started” Kushina said, smiling warmly back at him.


Minato chuckled “Thanks, but let's get back to the reason I wanted to talk to you. Do you want me to go ahead with this? I could have it arranged today, meaning that starting tomorrow they would no longer have to attend the ninja academy. You will get to decide how many hours they train and which time of the day you start training, as you will be in complete charge of their future training


“Yes” Kushina said with a slight smile, as she still hid her excitement. She was overjoyed and couldn't wait to tell Konohamaru the news.


“Good” Minato said as he took another bite of his food “I will just have to talk with Udon and Moegi's parents and Lord Third, just to make sure that they wouldn't be against it.”.


Kushina nodded before she started eating as well. Minato then started talking about usual boring stuff, which Kushina mostly zoned out from. She was already thinking about the future training trips. Which locations they could visit and so on. She was sure about one thing, and that is that they would be leaving on a training trip soon.


After finishing her meal, Kushina returned home. She put on her skimpy training outfit and headed out to the backyard to get some training in before her students arrived. A few hours later, the three of them arrived together with Kurenai and Naruto.


“Hey Kushina-sensei!” Moegi greeted her excitedly as she lead the charge. She ran over to Kushina with a bright smile adoring her face.


“Hey Moegi-chan, I see you got Kurenai-chan and Naruto with you” Kushina said, smiling down at her.


Moegi nodded “We met them on the way over here”.


“I see” Kushina said as the rest caught up to Moegi.


“Good day, Kushina-chan” Kurenai greeted politely.


“Hey Kurenai-chan, Naruto” Kushina said with a warm smile.


“Hey mom” Naruto said in a bored tone “I hear you are stealing Kurenai-chan away from me today”.


Kushina rolled her eyes “Oh you poor thing. She is just going to help Moegi-chan a little”.


Naruto sighed “I feel bad for Moegi-chan” he said as he started walking away “I'm gonna head out to train as well, see you at dinner”.


“See you later” Kushina said with a warm smile, as she waved at him. She then faced her team and Kurenai “Udon-kun, I have gotten someone to help you learn medical techniques. It's the best possible teacher you could ask for in that field, it's none other than Tsunade-sama”.


“Woah!” Udon said, looking very surprised. Which had Moegi roll her eyes at his bad acting. She had already found out that Udon and Tsunade had already talked about it, since he had been inside her house yesterday when Kushina went over to ask her.


“Tsunade-sama is going to help me train?” Udon said in awe.


Kushina nodded “She is waiting for you at her house within the Senju clan compound. Do you know where it is?”


Udon placed his thumb on his chin in thought “I think it's pretty close to my house. It's that old abandoned place isn't it?”


“That's the place” Kushina said with a chuckle “Her house is the only not in terrible condition. You will easily find it once you get there”


“Okay” Udon said as he was about to turn around to leave.


“Wait, before you go” Kushina said, gaining his attention again “I need both you and Moegi-chan to come back here after you are done training with Tsunade-sama and Kurenai-chan. I have something I need to tell the three of you”.


“Yes, sensei” Udon said “I'll be off now” he added before running off.


Konohamaru giggled “He probably can't wait to get over there to stare at grandma's giant titties!”.


Kushina face palmed “You are probably right about that” Moegi sighed as she nodded in agreement to what Kushina said. Kurenai frowned as she said “I think that thing was staring at my chest the whole way over here, what is his problem?”.


“He can't help it, he is obsessed with large breasts. He does that to everyone, including Kushina-sensei and Tsunade-sama” Moegi said shaking her head.


“And lives to see another day?” Kurenai said, scowling “Let him know that if he looks at me like that again, I'll either castrate him or send Naruto-kun after him”


Konohamaru and Moegi gulped, both knowing that Udon wouldn't stop either way. It was probably best to try to keep him away from Kurenai.


“Don't worry” Kushina said as her eyebrow twitched in annoyance “I'm going to try to help him stop doing that, even if it means beating him until he stops looking”.


Kurenai smiled “How wonderful, I will leave it to you then”.


Moegi and Konohamaru looked at each other, both silently telling each other not to mess with Kurenai. She seemed really scary in a way.


“Anything else or can I take this other thing with me and begin training?” Kurenai asked.


“My name is Moegi!” Moegi said, glaring at the older woman.


“You can start training, but please don't kill my student” Kushina said with a nervous laugh.


Kurenai smiled reassuringly, before turning to Moegi “Let's go then Moegi. Let's go train near Naruto, he might be shirtless”.


Moegi blushed “Sounds good, Kurenai-sensei”.


The two of them then started heading off, as Kurenai glanced back at Kushina with a smirk on her face. Kushina couldn't help but sigh as she wondered what went on inside Kurenai's mind sometimes. Once the two of them had gotten far enough, she threw herself at Konohamaru and started bombarding him with tongue kisses. Their make out session didn't even last ten seconds until they both heard Ino's voice from inside the house “Kushina-sama, are you home?”.


Kushina jolted up, as the two of them had been laying on the grass, making out. She then went up to the veranda and looked inside the open door “I'm in the backyard, Ino-chan”.


She saw Ino at the front door, looking like she had just arrived. That had Kushina breath out in relief, they were safe for now.


Ino walked through the hall way, down to the door leading to the backyard and handed a letter to Kushina “Hokage-sama wanted me to deliver a message for you”.


“Oh? When did you see him?” Kushina asked.


“I visited his office to ask when we are going to start training” Ino said innocently “He did say he would start training me yesterday”.


“Oh right” Kushina said, remembering that Minato would start training Ino to get her ready for another spar against Konohamaru in a month.


Kushina then opened the letter, which didn't have much written on it other than some very good news. Hiruzen, Yui (Moegi's mom), and Udon's parents, had all agreed to let them drop out of the ninja academy and start train with Kushina full time.


“This is great news!” Kushina said in an excited tone.


“What news?” Ino asked in a curious tone.


“It's about my team, it's something that is really going to help us out” Kushina said, smiling. She didn't want to tell Ino too much details. She could be spreading the news around which could make other ninja academy students jealous. Especially the ones in the senior class who had to spend five years in the ninja academy. They had the right be jealous, Konohamaru and the others were getting special treatment. Although, if you consider the training Kushina has planned for her team, maybe they would be better off at the academy. She wasn't going to go easy on them at all.


“Well that's good, I guess” Ino said in a bored tone “Is it just you and Konohamaru-kun today?”.


Kushina nodded “Moegi-chan is training with Kurenai-chan and Udon-kun is training with Tsunade-sama. That's why I'm stuck with that little pervert outside” she said with a chuckle.


“Hey!” Konohamaru yelled from outside, sitting on the veranda.


Kushina and Ino both laughed at that. Ino then asked “Mind if I train with you for a while? I have nothing else to do for a few hours, but I have plans with a friend later”.


“We would love to have you join us” Kushina said with a kind smile, while thinking “Damn it, we were finally going to be alone for once!”.


For the next two hours, the three of them trained together. They only did the same training Kushina had her team always do, which was a physical work out. Ino had no trouble keeping up with Konohamaru, which surprised Kushina a little. It was good to see that she hadn't been slacking off too much. Although, she seemed to be in a hurry to leave after those two hours. Maybe she was starting to get tired but didn't want to show it? Once Ino left, to go meet her friend, Konohamaru and Kushina were finally alone again. As soon as Ino went out the front door, Konohamaru carried Kushina inside as she wrapped her arms and legs around him, kissing him.


“Where?” Konohamaru said “Downstairs?”.


“My bedroom” Kushina said with her naughty smile. They then went upstairs and had sex in Kushina and Minato's bed for a full hour before returning to the backyard to get more training done. They had about two more hours left to train until they would usually end their training at around 8 PM. Kushina started teaching Konohamaru a few techniques that he could start working on in the coming days. One of which was very similar to the shadow clone technique, it was a technique which allowed him to create clones of weapons such as shuriken and kunai. Another technique that she showed him, but wanted him to work on later, was the clone explosion technique.


Both of those techniques are powerful techniques that didn't require any nature chakra manipulation, such as water or fire techniques. They are also both very effective in battle if used right, Kushina knows that all to well as its two of her favorite techniques.


Half an hour before 8, Moegi, Kurenai and Naruto returned as they were done training. Kurenai and Naruto didn't linger around very long as the two of them headed inside to take a shower. They didn't even try to hide the fact they were going upstairs to shower together. While they waited for Udon to return, Kushina asked Moegi about what training she had done with Kurenai. Most of it was chakra control, but Kurenai did show her one technique that would be very useful for spying.


It was a very simple illusion technique which would allow Moegi to become invisible to whoever she applied the illusion on. It wouldn't work against any decent ninja, such as chuunin and above, but it would work against most genin and pretty much every civilian. Moegi couldn't ask for a better technique to start with, as she could use it to spy on a lot of people in the village. She also had a great time with Kurenai as the two of them were checking out Naruto a lot. Weirdly enough, Kurenai seemed to encourage Moegi to check him out.


Ten minutes before 8, a very tired Udon finally showed up, dragging himself over.


“Hey..” He said in a tired tone when he arrived.

“You look awful, what did Tsunade-sama do to you?” Kushina asked in a worried tone.


“I'm fine, we just trained a lot” Udon said before sitting down next to Konohamaru, leaning on him to keep himself up. Konohamaru frowned as he stared at his teammate. If Naruto had seen this, he would have called him a disgrace and a slacker. Konohamaru thoughts that Udon really had to shape up, he was going to slow down the team otherwise.


Moegi seriously doubted Udon and Tsunade had been training for five hours. The reason for his exhausted state were probably due to him releasing his barrel sized loads all over Tsunade one too many times.


“Now that you are all here, I have some great news!” Kushina said in excitement as she stood in front of them as they sat on the veranda.


“Starting tomorrow, you will no longer be students of the ninja academy. Instead you will be training with me full time!” Kushina said with a wide smile.


“Really!?” Moegi and Konohamaru said in excitement while Udon's eyebrows rose a little, being too tired to react more than that.


Kushina nodded “You haven't graduated yet, but you no longer have to attend the ninja academy. Starting tomorrow I want the three of you to be here at 8 AM and be ready to train. All three of you are training with me like normal tomorrow. Expect twelve hour days from now on, including weekends. Your only free days are Sundays. And look forward to a lot more training trips in the future. We could leave any time, and might leave on one as early as tomorrow”


“Sweet! Finally I get out of that boring school!” Konohamaru said with a toothy grin.

“This is amazing news Kushina-sensei, thanks for doing this for us!” Moegi said, just as happy.


Udon stayed quiet, as he appeared a little less excited than the other two. Maybe the added hours of training scared him.


“That's all for today, go home and get rested up for tomorrow. You will need it” Kushina said with an evil smirk which had Moegi and Udon start sweating a little in fear. Konohamaru wasn't worried at all, he was looking forward to it. Now he finally had a decent shot to catching up to Naruto a little.


Moegi and Udon then left together, while Konohamaru remained at the Uzumaki/Namikaze home like usual. After a quick shower, Kushina started dinner around the same time as Minato came back home from the hokage office. The rest of the evening then continued almost exactly like last evening. The only difference being Kurenai's presence, which they told Ino was because she had helped Moegi train, so she was just having dinner with them. Naruto and Kurenai then left, going different directions as Naruto headed out the door to the backyard, while Kurenai took the front door. That only really fooled Ino, as the other three was pretty damn sure they were going to meet up at Kurenai's apartment again.


After dinner, Kushina, Konohamaru, Ino and Minato watched a movie together again. This time Ino got to pick the movie, a movie that Konohamaru thought was very boring. At least he got to enjoy Kushina playing with his dick the whole movie again. After the movie, both Ino and Minato seemed really tired and headed up to sleep early again. And just like last night, Kushina and Konohamaru headed downstairs for a few hours of rough fucking before Kushina sneakily went upstairs to her own bedroom. She couldn't wait for tomorrow to come as she was going to take her team out on at least a week long training trip.


Before she fell asleep, she stared at the sleeping form her her husband next to her as he snored away. With a smirk, she couldn't help but giggle at the fact that her husband had given her and Konohamaru a helping hand. Not only did they have that hour in the morning all for themselves, they could also leave the village for training trips whenever they wanted. Outside of the village, they didn't have to hide anything to anyone, other than her other two students. That was a lot less to worry about than a whole village, which was the case in Konoha.


“Thank you” Kushina whispered at Minato before turning away from him. She fell asleep with a satisfied smile adoring her pretty face.

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