Sarutobi and Uzumaki

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Chapter 16


The next day, Kushina woke up at lunch time. She had slept in a few hours since she and Konohamaru had been going it at the whole night again. They didn't stop until 6 AM this time. She went up to her own bed to sleep just half an hour before Minato got up to go to work. They weren't worried about getting caught last night, even though both Naruto and Minato were home most of the time. Before dinner, Konohamaru and Kushina had spent an hour having sex on the bed down in the basement. They then continued their fun in the shower, before the two of them went upstairs. Kushina then prepared dinner for everyone. At that point Naruto and Kurenai were still upstairs having their own fun, while Minato didn't return home until 8 PM, about an hour later.


After dinner, Minato went to bed early as he was still very tired after pulling an all nighter. Naruto and Kurenai went out to Naruto's training spot, were Kurenai were most likely watching Naruto train for a few hours. After those two left, Kushina and Konohamaru returned to Konohamaru's new bedroom down in the basement. After taking the necessary precautions, being a bunch of seals, one of which would release a high pitched sound if anyone were to touch the locked door, the two of them continued fucking each other like rabbits. That loud sound which the seal would release, would only be heard by Konohamaru and Kushina, since the noise suppressing seals would block out the sound for anyone outside that bedroom. That would give them enough time to get dressed and Kushina could even hide herself somewhere before Konohamaru unlocked the door.


Kushina couldn't help but smile as she took her usual shower, washing away all the sins of last night. She had never had this much sex before in a week, and she certainly didn't mind it. It wasn't like she was going to get tired of it anytime soon. No she wanted more, a lot more. People love to make fun of her for being such a prude and being so conservative when it comes to sex, but after this week, she herself is starting to wonder if she is a nymphomaniac. For the two of them to be able to have more sex, they need to become even more cautious than they already are. Or alternatively, a lot more daring.


Now that Kurenai is getting comfortable staying here and Ino is going to move in today, it would raise the risk of them getting caught by a lot. She would have to figure something out later, for now she had other things to take care of. First being to get a cup of coffee, second being to go see Tsunade and ask her if she could help her train Udon.


When Kushina entered the kitchen, she saw Kurenai sitting at the kitchen table alone, drinking coffee.


“Morning, Kushina-sama. I hope you don't mind that I brewed up some coffee” Kurenai said, taking a sip of her cofee.


“Not at all, that saves me the trouble of making my own” Kushina said with a kind smile as she got herself her own cup. She then sat down on the other side of the table, at her usual spot.


“You seem in a good mood” Kurenai said with a smirk.


“How so?” Kushina asked, still smiling.


Kurenai chuckled “Usually you always frown or scowl when I'm around, not that I blame you”.


Kushina smirked “That was because I was suspicious of your intentions with my son, turns out I was right about that all along”.


“Like I said, I don't blame you, I would probably do the same if I was in your situation, considering how friendly certain women can get with him sometimes” Kurenai said, shaking her head.


Kushina sighed “Certain women? Don't you mean every woman?”.


Kurenai frowned “Yes, every woman” she said in a sour tone.


Kushina chuckled “That is for you to worry about now. Although seeing as you already have some kind of weird three way relationship, I guess you'll be alright”.


“It's not a three way relationship” Kurenai said in a stern tone “I'm his girlfriend and so is Anko-chan. Do not think under any circumstances that I and Anko-chan are involved romantically”.


“Oh, how does that work? You get him half the week and she gets the other half? I thought you were having threesomes or something” Kushina said, taking a sip of her coffee.


“Kushina-sama, is this really you? I have never heard you talk this way before” Kurenai said with a giggle.


“Well, I'm curious, I want to hear more about your relationship with Naruto” Kushina said with her cheeks turning a bit red.


“I see. To answer your question, we haven't figured out all of that yet since Anko-chan hasn't been Naruto's girlfriend long enough yet, she left on a mission pretty soon after they got together. As for threesomes, yeah we do that, but I stay out of her way and she stays out of mine” Kurenai said, appearing a bit uncomfortable to talk about the whole thing.


Kushina shook her head “Sounds like a pretty good deal for Naruto”.


Kurenai frowned as she stared out the window “It's a good deal for me and Anko-chan, Naruto-kun can have whoever he wants, whenever he wants. We are lucky to be the ones he choose”.


“I hate to admit that you're probably right about that. What about Asuma-san, have you still not told him?” Kushina asked.


“Told him? Now why would do that? I'm enjoying sneaking around with Naruto-kun at Asuma-san's place far too much” Kurenai said with a wide grin.


Kushina shook her head “I don't understand how you are able to keep it from him. I never see you with Asuma-san, unless its at a party or some boring friends and family dinner at the Sarutobi's, but I see you with Naruto all the time. Hasn't he been asking questions?”


Kurenai shook her head “No, he is completely clueless. Asuma-san seem to think that I am some shy little princess, who is to shy to take our relationship to the next level. And by next level I mean do something more than holding hands” Kurenai ended with a laugh “He hasn't even tried to make a move on me and it's been more than three years now”.


Kushina shook her head “He doesn't seem like he's anything like that disgusting perverted father of his, or his nephew who is quite the little pervert as well”.


Kurenai giggled “Konohamaru-kun can get away with it since he is cute, less could be said about that awful old man. If he asks me to sleep with me one more time, I think I'm going to send Naruto-kun after him, like he did for you and Anko-chan”.


“Cute?” Kushina thought as she narrowed her eyes at Kurenai “What do you mean like Naruto did for us?”.


“Didn't he tell you? When was the last time Lord Third made one of his disgusting invitations to you?” Kurenai asked.


“Huh” Kushina uttered as she gained a thoughtful look “Now that you mention it, it has been over a year”.


“You can thank Naruto for that, after overhearing Lord Third make those invitations one too many times, he decided to act like the man of your house by letting Lord Third know that he would get his ass kicked if he continued.” Kurenai said with a proud smile.


“Did he really?” Kushina said with a warm smile “I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since he is always looking out for me”.


“What I don't understand is, why hasn't Hokage-sama told Hiruzen-sama off before that?” Kurenai asked.


Kushina frowned “Minato knew about it and he was not happy about it at all. Minato has talked about punching his face in many times. He actually wanted to confront him about it, but was worried it could ruin the friendship of our families. It could also ruin his career since he is already on pretty bad terms with the other powerful elders of the village, Homura-san, Koharu-san and that bastard Danzo. Lord Third is actually a pretty decent man and a good friend, if you overlook his sex addiction. Us friends aren't the first ones he has done this to, Tsunade has told me he has been doing this for decades.”


“I know, I have heard all about it. Still, Naruto-kun did what needed to be done” Kurenai said with a proud smile.


“I completely agree with that. It's good to hear that he is still thinking of his poor old mom even now” Kushina said with a smile.


“Old?” Kurenai said “Kushina-sama, you don't look a day over eighteen. I wish I had your genes” Kurenai said shaking her head.


“Well thank you Kurenai-chan, you don't look so bad yourself, Naruto picking you is proof of that” Kushina said with an eye wink.


Kurenai smirked “-chan?”.


Kushina nodded “I hope we can become better friends for now on, I enjoy talking to you”.


“Can I call your Kushina-chan then like Anko-chan does?” Kurenai asked.


Kushina laughed “Hahaha, of course dattebane!”.


Kushina then stood up “I need to leave for a while as I have a few errands to run, you are welcome to stay here though”.


“I was just leaving myself, I need to get some rest and freshen up a bit, get ready for Naruto-kun's visit tonight. I will come back tomorrow to see what I can help Moegi-chan with”.


“Okay, thanks again for doing that by the way”


“No problem, want to accompany me into the village?” Kurenai asked.


“Sure!” Kushina said with a bright smile. Happy that she and Kurenai had become even better friends. She had kept Kurenai at an arms length before due to her suspicions of her. Now that she has accepted her and Naruto being together, she no longer had a reason to do that.


About ten minutes later, Kushina and Kurenai had said their good byes and gone their separate ways as Kushina was heading to the almost abandoned Senju clan compound, where Tsunade lives. Knowing Tsunade and since it's a Sunday, she is probably nursing a bad hang over right now. Kushina thought she had been right about that after she had knocked on the front door and heard a loud scream of “One minute!” coming from a window upstairs. When Tsunade then opened the door wearing a bathrobe, Kushina was even more sure about those thoughts.


“Kushina? What do you want this early?” Tsunade said said, looking awfully tired.


“Early? It's past lunch time” Kushina said with a sweat drop “I have a favor to ask you, Tsunade-sama”.


“If you want to ask me for a favor, you should start with not using that suffix. You know I hate it as much as you do” Tsunade said with a frown.


“Would you prefer old hag?” Kushina asked with a teasing smile.


Tsunade clenched her fist and held it up threateningly “Now is not the time to piss me off, Kushina-sama”.


“Okay sorry, don't call me that Tsunade” Kushina said with a laugh.


“Would you prefer Kushina-dono or Mrs Namikaze?” Tsunade asked, smirking.


Kushina sighed “Let it go Tsunade”.


Tsunade chuckled “So what is this favor about?”.


“Have you heard about me getting my own students? That I'm training three academy students? Konohamaru-kun and his friends” Kushina said.


Tsunade nodded “I overheard you talking the last time you called me old, when we were returning from the Yamanaka's summer home”.


Kushina sweat dropped “I see. One of them is interested in learning medical techniques. I know you are already training that” Kushina's expression turned a bit sour as she spoke her name “Haruno girl” she said as her expression returned to normal “But if you have the time, would you be able to train one of my students once or twice a week?”


Kushina wasn't the biggest fan of Haruno Sakura since she is of the opinion that she is trying to seduce Konohamaru and steal him away from him. She doesn't know the full story of all the things happening in school.


“Which one?” Tsunade asked.


“His name is Udon-kun. He is a little weird and is by far the weakest out of my three students. He needs the most work as he is already pretty far behind his future teammates. That's why I asked you since I really need you help” Kushina answered.


“Oh?” Tsunade said with a funny expression “Is he the little brat that always leers at my chest?”.


Kushina face palmed “That's the one, he does that to everyone!”.


Tsunade punched her open palm “I have been meaning to teach that little brat a lesson”.


Kushina gulped “I didn't ask for help to beat him up, I can do that myself. I'm going to try to somehow help him stop doing that, since he does it even in spars. He could get hurt in a real battle if he doesn't pay attention”.


“That would be unnecessary” Tsunade said with a twitching eyebrow “My old teammate was the biggest pervert in the world remember? He never paid more attention then when he sparred against me or when we fought an attractive female enemy. It was impossible to get away from him, It's some kind of hidden super power that those perverts have”.


Kushina sweat dropped again “I don't think you can compare Udon-kun to Jiraiya-sensei”.


“Definitely not” Tsunade said with a chuckle “They're nothing alike”.


Kushina nodded “What do you say Tsunade, will you help me out?”.


“Anything for you Kushina” Tsunade said with a warm smile “Send the brat over tomorrow”.


“Thank you ttebane!” Kushina said happily.


“No problem” Tsunade said as she started closing the door “Now I need to get back to bed, this hang over is killing me. See ya, Kushina”.


“See ya Tsunade!”.


Kushina then headed into the village to do some grocery shopping before returning home. While Kushina ran her errands, Konohamaru was training with the rest of the pervert trio. In the morning he got used to performing and keeping up the shadow clone technique, which he had learned yesterday. He then sparred against Jiraiya, getting used to incorporate shadow clones into a battle scenario. Konohamau spent the rest of the time practicing chakra control by performing advances chakra control techniques which Naruto had just started teaching him. They were much more advanced than the water walking technique for example. Naruto and Jiraiya sparred meanwhile. They ended their day of training by taking a bath in that natural hot spring which was located close to Jiraiya's house. Konohamaru and Naruto then returned back to the Uzumaki/Namikaze home.


They arrived just in time to see Inoichi and Ino standing in the hall way, just inside the front door. They were talking to Kushina.


“Thanks again for this Kushina-sama, we are really grateful for this” Inoichi said scratching the back of his head.


“Don't worry, it's going to be so fun to have Ino-chan around here. Right Ino-chan?” Kushina said with a bright smile.


“Right!” Ino said with a matching smile.


“I think I better get going, Butao should have come back from the Nara's, she was just going over to say good bye to Yoshino. She is probably waiting for me” Inoichi said he turned to leave “Take care Ino-chan!”.


“Bye daddy!” Ino said, waving at him.


“Have fun!” Kushina said with a chuckle as Inoichi blushed before walking a bit faster.


Kushina grabbed one of Ino's bags with her stuff and said “Come Ino-chan, let me show you which room you are staying in”


“Okay” Ino said as the two of them headed towards the stairs. Ino eye winked at Naruto as she walked passed him and Konohamaru.


“Fuck” Naruto said as he plopped down one the couch in the living room “I'm gonna have to move in with Kurenai-chan or something while Ino-chan lives here. She's gonna bother me constantly dattebayo!” Naruto whined.


Konohamaru shook his head as he sat down on the couch as well “You're probably the only guy I have ever heard complain about having a hot girl all over you, boss”.


Naruto frowned “I already have two hot girls”.


“Why not make it three?” Konohamaru said with a chuckle.


Naruto narrowed his eyes at Konohamaru “Two are plenty”.


Konohamaru gulped “Yeah, just kidding boss”.


Naruto sighed “Either way, this is probably not ending before Ino-chan winds up being on top of me, literally. Not that it would really matter since Kurenai-chan and Anko-chan has pretty much given me a free card to bang how many chicks I want”.


“Eh? For real?” Konohamaru said in disbelief, as his jaw dropped.


“Yeah” Naruto said with a sigh before turning to Konohamaru with a bored expression “You wouldn't know what I'm talking about anyway, you little shit”.


“I know plenty enough. I'm part of the pervert trio, remember?” Konohamaru said with a giggle.


“Know plenty of what?” Kushina said having just returned downstairs together with Ino. “You're not talking about something perverted again I hope!”.


“Just talking about training mom, calm down” Naruto said.


“Yeah, that's right!” Konohamaru added.


“Naruto-kun, did you miss me?” Ino said as she sat down next to him, then hugged his arm to her.


“No, I saw you at school this Friday” Naruto said with a frown.


“I'm gonna get dinner started” Kushina said as she stared at Konohamaru. She glanced at Naruto who had his attention on Ino, who in turn had pushed her face close to his, pressing her cheek against his. Kushina returned her focus on Konohamaru again, then she licked her lips and gave him an eye wink before going into the kitchen.


“Someone's horny” Konohamaru thought with a perverted smile.


“Enough Ino-chan, let me relax a bit before dinner” Naruto said with twitching eyebrows.


“This is relaxing” Ino said as she rested her head against his while she held her arms around him. The front door opened, then Minato made his presence known “Honey, I'm home”.


“Just in time Minato, I'm about to start dinner” Kushina said in response.


“I'll go bother our stupid son for a while then” Minato said as he walked the past the kitchen and into the living room.


“Oh, Ino-chan is here already?” Minato asked.


“Yeah Hokage-sama, I'll be here for a month starting today” Ino said as Minato sat down next to Naruto. Naruto took this chance to get away from Ino as he got up “I need to take a shit” Naruto said.


“Too much information” Ino said with a chuckle before she sat down in Minato's lap. That was her favorite seat whenever Minato was around and everyone knew about that and was used to it.


“Aren't you a little too old for this, Ino-chan?” Minato said with an awkward chuckle. Konohamaru who was the only one there to hear them, unless Kushina was listening in from the kitchen, thought that question was a bit weird. Especially since Kushina's favorite seat used to be Naruto's lap and if Ino is too old to sit in Minato's lap, then what does that make Kushina? Nowadays, Konohamaru is pretty sure that Kushina's favorite seat is one of the positions she usually rides him in.


Ino pouted cutely “No I'm not”.


“Hehe, I'm just kidding” Minato said with a chuckle.


Eventually Naruto returned downstairs, which just so happened to be about the same time as dinner was ready. The five of them then sat down at the dinner table in the kitchen. Kushina and Konohamaru sat down at their usual side while Naruto and Minato had the female blond sitting in between them on their side. Kushina and Konohamaru sat close enough to each other that their chairs almost touched, even though they had plenty of free space on their side of the table.


While they ate, Minato opened the conversation by asking Naruto “How was training with Jiraiya-sensei today?”.


“It was fun, I got to kick Ero-sennin's ass a couple of times” Naruto said with a smug smile which had Ino giggle.


“Are you sure it wasn't the other way around?” Minato said with chuckle.


Naruto frowned “I won most of the times”.


“You got your ass kicked, boss” Konohamaru said with a sweat drop.


“Konohamaru..” Naruto said threateningly causing the others to laugh.


“Naruto-kun, he is a sannin. It's impressive that you can even spar against someone like that. You will kick his ass soon enough” Ino said with a wide smile.


Naruto nodded “Ero-sennin and dad can enjoy the little time they have left winning spars against me. Soon they'll both bow before me as they praise my greatness”.


Minato snorted “As if” causing Naruto and Ino to chuckle. Kushina and Konohamaru were silent due to Kushina having moved her left hand inside Konohamaru's pants. She was just smiling as she ate with her right hand while she gently held Konohamaru's dick with her left. Konohamaru was just sitting still, trying not to make a sound or change his expression as he was terrified of any of the others noticing what they are doing.


“Is she crazy?” Konohamaru wondered.


“Did you start training again dad?” Naruto asked.


Minato nodded “I did actually. I won't let you surpass me that easily, I'm going to get stronger than I was during my prime”.


“That's a very.. big.. goal” Kushina said slowly as she bit her lip while moving her hand along Konohamaru's semi hard cock “Minato”.


Minato nodded “It will take a lot of hard work to get up to that level again. Luckily I have Jiraiya-sensei and my stupidly strong son to train with and spar against, to help me get there”.


“What do you mean stupidly strong? I'm nowhere near you or Ero-sennin yet. Aren't you the stupidly strong ones?” Naruto said with a pout, causing Minato to chuckle and Ino to giggle. Kushina just kept smiling as she stared at them across the table, due to her focus being on something else. Konohamaru kept sitting quiet, trying his best to keep his poker face.


Kushina cupped Konohamaru's balls as Minato said “You haven't even graduated and the only ones you want to spar against are the hokage and one of the sannin. Besides, that was a compliment Naruto, you don't have to argue with me over everything”.


Naruto raised an eyebrow “How is being called stupid a compliment dad?”.


Minato frowned “I didn't call you stupid but now you are being stupid”.


“At least I don't spend every day sitting on my ass in some run down office stamping papers” Naruto said as he downed the contents on his plate in one go.


“Seconds!” Naruto yelled.


Kushina had her eyes closed as she kept smiling. She was currently playing with Konohamaru's balls and wasn't paying attention.




“Yes?” Kushina said as she opened her eyes and brought her hand out of Konohamaru's pants.


“Can I have seconds, please?” Naruto said as he stared at her with a raised eyebrow.


Kushina smiled warmly “Sure, anyone else?”.


Minato glared at Naruto for a second before mimicking him by downing the contents on his plate in a few seconds. He then held up his plate “Me too please”.


Kushina nodded with a smile as she grabbed their plates and went to get them their seconds serving. In the meantime Konohamaru was awkwardly moving his chair closer to the table so that he could hide the large tent on his pants that has formed due to him having a boner.


“Why do you eat like that? Why not savor this amazingly tasty food that Kushina-sama has cooked for us?” Ino asked, shaking her head.


“Because I want to eat more faster” Naruto said staring at her as if she was an idiot. Minat nodded sagely “The quicker you eat the quicker you can get more”.


Konohamaru who had barely touched his plate earlier due to what Kushina had been doing, was trying his best to catch up to Naruto and Minato as he had lifted his plate and was shoving food inside his mouth with his fork. When Kushina returned to the table with Minato and Naruto's plates full of new food, Konohamaru raised his now empty plate “Seconds please!”.


“Sure!” Kushina said with a wide smile, eye winking at Konohamaru as she grabbed his plate.


“Atta boy” Minato said before he started on his second plate.


“Kon, If you are gonna become great like me some day, you have to eat at least more than dad. Don't lose to him today” Naruto said as Konohamaru nodded with a grin. He certainly didn't want to lose to Minato. Naruto then downed the contents of his second plate before Kushina returned with Konohamaru's food “More!” Naruto yelled.


Ino sweat dropped “Kushina-sama, do you need help serving them?”.


“It's okay Ino-chan, I'm used to it. I'm just happy they like my food so much” Kushina said with a smile as she served Naruto his third plate and Konohamaru his second. Kushina didn't get a chance to sit down again until the three of them had finished eating. By that point Naruto had eaten twelve plates of food, Minato three and Konohamaru two and a half. Ino had just finished her first. Kushina sat down and started finishing her first plate. She then ate twelve more faster than Naruto ate all of his plates earlier, as Ino stared at her in disbelief.


“Oho! Looks like Kushina isn't letting you win this time!” Minato said with a bright smile.


“Calm down mom, you shouldn't eat that much” Naruto said with a twitching eyebrow.


“Every now and then I have to show who is the real food champion in this house” Kushina said a smirk as she went to get her fourteenth plate of food.


“I'm not losing!” Naruto said as he got and went to get another plate as well.


“Don't lose to him Kushina” Minato said with a laugh. He then stared at Konohamaru “At least I got in the top three, you still have a long way to go Konohamaru-kun”.


“I'll get you next time, Hokage-sama” Konohamaru said as he rested his head on the table due to being stuck in a food coma.


“Am I the only one not competing?” Ino asked with a sweat drop.


“You should join us next time, it's fun” Minato said with a warm smile.


“I'll get fat if I eat like that” Ino said shaking her head.


“No you won't, just train more, stupid girl” Konohamaru said with a frown, he felt like he had to defend Kushina here a little since she ate the most, and she had the best body as well.


“You are just as skinny as Sakura-chan, you should eat more”.


“Skinny!?” Ino spoke through gritted teeth as Naruto and Kushina sat down at the table again.


“Look at Naruto's mom and baka-Anko-nee, they always eat a lot but they also train a lot. You won't get strong if you eat like a little girl” Konohamaru said while snickering.


“I don't want to hear that from you, you little twerp” Ino said glaring at him.


“Speaking of little, your breasts won't get bigger either if you don't eat. Flat chest” Konohamaru said with a bored expression. Naruto then tried to hold in a laugh as Kushina lightly bonked Konohamaru on top of his head “Don't talk like that”.


Ino kept glaring at him, but now she was red faced and steam was coming from her head. “You are dead Konohamaru-kun. You and me outside, now!”.


“Let's go Ino-chan, I'll show you the result of my training” Konohamaru said as he got up, smirking at her confidently. “Thanks for the food, Kushina-sama/Naruto's mom” the two of them said politely before walking out to the hallway.


“Hmm.. This should be interesting” Minato muttered to himself while Kushina was busy smirking at Naruto who still was one plate of food behind her.


Naruto sighed “Damn it. I give up mom, you are still the champ..”.


“Damn right I am” Kushina said with a giggle.


“Naruto you should referee their spar, let's go out before we miss it” Minato said.


The three of them then headed out the backyard to see Ino and Konohamaru spar against each other. Their little bout lasted for about an hour and ended in a draw. If you asked Naruto, it wasn't a very entertaining fight based on that fact that half way through it he had fallen asleep due to boredom.


Kushina was more impressed by the spar though. Her student had just sparred evenly against a top female ninja of the senior class, after spending most of the day training his ass off. This show he had put on just confirmed Kushina's thoughts about his current skill level, which she thought to be somewhere close to the top level students of the senior class. Not counting Naruto.


“You guys okay?” Minato asked, scratching his back sheepishly as Ino and Konohamaru laid on the grass, panting. Both of them had landed one last punch which had them both fall down on their backs, not being able to get up.


“Yeah, I'm fine” Konohamaru muttered, while Ino just gave a lazy thumbs up to show that she was okay.


Naruto woke up mid snore, looking around “Huh, who won the fight?”.


“It was a draw” Kushina answered with a giggle.


Naruto frowned “That's disappointing, I hoped Ino-chan would kick his ass”.


“Hey!” Konohamaru yelled as Minato helped him up to his feet by offering his hand.


“I tried my best” Ino said in a tired tone as Minato came over to help her as well.


“Considering that Konohamaru-kun has been trained by Lord Third, Jiraiya-sensei and Naruto, I think you did pretty well.” Minato said with a warm smile.


“But he is in second grade..” Ino said depressingly.


“With those three helping him with his training, and now that he and his friends are being trained by Kushina also, it's pretty damn impressive for you to fight against him evenly. Considering you are gonna live here for a month, why don't you let me help you train for a bit, then have a rematch against Konohamaru-kun in a month?”.


“What?” Ino said with a surprised expression “You're gonna train me, Hokage-sama?”.


“Haha, that sounds interesting, my student against yours” Kushina said with a grin.


“Your student?” Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow “Don't you mean our?”.


“Shut up boss, you wanted me to lose” Konohamaru said while pouting.


“I didn't say that. I said I wanted Ino-chan to kick your ass. I didn't care about the outcome of the fight at all” Naruto said with a sweat drop. “Judging by the amount of bruises on your face, I think she did a pretty good job”.


“Don't listen to him Kononohamaru-kun, you and Ino-chan both did great.” Kushina said with a warm smile.


Ino and Minato walked over to them, Minato having his arm around her shoulders to help her walk “Yeah, you really surprised me Konohamaru-kun. I didn't think you would be that strong” Ino said.


“You are the one that surprised me. You might look like a girl but you fight like a man” Konohamaru said grinning and giving her a thumbs up.


“A man?” Ino said with a twitching eyebrow.


Naruto smirked “Konohamaru is right. Puff out that flat chest proudly, just like a man, Ino-chan!”.


“Naruto-kun..” Ino growled, then she smiled as a very angry Kushina, whose hair rose due to her anger, double punched Konohamaru and Naruto on top of their heads. Both of them fell down on the ground with a large lump on top of their heads.


“I dare you to insult or tease Ino-chan again in my presence!” Kushina said in an angry tone.


“Hahaha take that!” Ino said as she laughed at them.


“Damn your mom hits hard, boss. She hasn't punched me like this since the pranking days” Konohamaru whined.


“I know right?” Naruto said with a sigh “You better not piss her off when training with her, or you will have to get used to this”:


“That's what you get for not acting like a gentleman. I have raised you to treat girls better than that” Minato said as he leaned down and stared at Naruto while shaking his head “Baka”.


Naruto jumped up on his feet , then while resting his arms behind his head, he started walking down towards the forest of the backyard “Whatever, I'm gonna sleep at Ero-sennin's place tonight. Don't wait up”.


Kushina and Minato looked at each other, knowingly. They both knew he was going over to Kurenai's place. They also both silently agreed that it was probably the best that Ino didn't find out about that for a while.


“I thought you were going to ba..” Konohamaru started when Kushina covered his mouth with her hand “Don't say another word” Kushina whispered. He was going to ask why he wasn't going to Kurenai's place, in a less formal way.


Naruto turned around in horror before he saw that Kushina had stopped him. He then disappeared using a teleportation technique, not wanting to be around in case Konohamaru would spill out the truth, or for Ino to question him.


“Damn, I was hoping to spend some time with Naruto-kun” Ino said while pouting.


Kushina patted her on the head “He'll be back tomorrow” she said while smiling.


Ino then headed upstairs to take a shower, while Konohamaru went down to the basement do the same. The four of them was going to watch a movie together in the living room after they had gotten cleaned up put on some clean clothes. Kushina had headed upstairs to that large room where she kept all her clothes, had a lot of mirrors everywhere, and was where she practiced all her dancing routines. This room will from now on be called the mirror room.


She was freshening herself up a little bit herself. While she never wore a lot of make up, simply because she didn't need to, she did put on a little lip gloss now. She planned to flirt and maybe even fool around with Konohamaru the whole movie, for her it was basically foreplay for what she planned to do with him later. Having her lips stand out a little bit with the help of a little lip gloss, wouldn't hurt. As much as Kushina wanted to go down there just wearing a thong and a bra, she couldn't do that with Minato and Ino there. She had bought so much lingerie that she wanted to show off to Konohamaru. That would have to wait until after the movie as well. She headed downstairs when she was done, wearing her usual green housewife dress, without the white blouse under it. It would just get in the way in case Konohamaru wanted to sneak his hands inside her dress.


After walking down the stairs, she found Konohamaru sitting at one end of the couch, while Ino sat in Minato's lap at the other end of the couch. Ino sitting in his lap wasn't something Kushina thought much of, but Ino's current outfit did make her raise an eyebrow. It was almost the same kind of outfit that Kushina would wear when she wanted to impress Konohamaru on one of their dates. Ino wore a tiny pair of jean shorts and a striped belly shirt:


While her outfit caught Kushina's attention as she thought Ino looked incredible in it, she didn't think too much of it. It was normal for other girls to dress up in fashionable and sexy civilian clothes whenever they had a chance to. Kushina was the one that didn't do that before, due to her thinking it was improper. As we all know, that has somewhat changed now.


“Hey, did you pick a movie?” Kushina asked as she walked over to the couch.


“They want to watch a boring action movie” Ino said with a sigh “Help me pick something else, Kushina-sama”.


Kushina chuckled as she sat down in the middle, in between Konohamaru and Minato, but noticeable much closer to Konohamaru. “Let them pick the movie this time, we can pick the movie next time” Kushina said while thinking “Not like I'm gonna watch much of the movie anyway”.


“Bah, fine” Ino said shaking her head “We'll watch your boring action movie then”.


“Better than a boring chick flic , right Konohamaru-kun?” Minato said.


Konohamaru nodded “Hell yeah, Hokage-sama”.


Minato then started the movie with a remote controller. As soon as the movie started, Kushina leaned her head on Konohamaru's shoulder. Without thinking, Konohamaru wrapped his arm around her and held her, due to him being so used to doing it by now. That wasn't exactly something that would shock either Ino or Minato if they had been paying attention. Kushina cuddling up to either Naruto or Konohamaru was as normal as anything in this house. Konohamaru holding Kushina like that wasn't, but it certainly isn't that big of a deal. If they saw where Kushina put her hand, about five minutes later, they might have been more surprised.


That's due to Kushina sneaking her hand into Konohamaru's pants again, just like at the dinner table earlier. Konohamaru stared at her as she smiled mischievously as she watched the movie on the TV, while she slowly rubbed her hand along his length. Konohamaru smiled as well as he turned his focus back on the movie as well, letting her have her fun. There was no mistaking that his girl was horny, as he had been suspecting all day. And she was going to get what she wanted later, as he was going to fuck her so hard tonight.


The movie was just above one hour and twenty minutes long and Kushina kept her hand inside his pants during the whole movie. She also kept staring at him whenever he wasn't paying attention, then teasingly going back to watching the movie when he caught her. She bit and licked her lip teasingly whenever he looked at her. Kushina kept her hand inside his pants until the movie ended and Ino got off of Minato.


“I'm gonna get some shut eye now, school starts early tomorrow” Ino said with a yawn.


Kushina nodded “Let me know if you need anything”.


Ino chuckled “I have everything I need already, you are spoiling me Kushina-sama” she said as she started heading towards the stairs “Good night”.


“Night” Kushina and Minato said at the same time. Konohamaru was quiet because he was sitting awkwardly, trying his best to hide his hard on. Kushina was going to make up some kind of excuse of her and Konohamaru having to talk about training, when Minato stood up and yawned “I'm going to bed as well, I good nights of sleep is exactly what I need”.


Kushina smiled “Yeah, you worked hard this weekend. I'm gonna stay up for a while and talk to Konohamaru-kun for a bit. I also need to plan out the training I will do with my team this week.”


“That sounds good” Minato said as he started walking towards the stairs as well “Good night honey, Konohamaru-kun”.


“Good night” Kushina said as Konohamaru cleared his throat “Good night, Hokage-sama”.


She then turned to face Konohamaru, pressing her face close to his as she smiled at him that usual naughty way. It was still early in the evening, just slightly past 10 AM, meaning that she and Konohamaru had plenty of time to have some fun and still get a good nights rest.


“Control yourself beautiful, you have been looking at me like that all day” Konohamaru said with a perverted grin.


“Give me what I want then dattebane!” Kushina said before going in for a french kiss. After the kiss, Konohamaru got up then offered his hand for Kushina to help her up as well, like gentleman. He then lifted her by putting his arms around her thighs. Kushina hugged her arms and legs around him as she stared into his eyes “Hurry up” she moaned.


Konohamaru then carried her that way down the stairs, into the his bed room down in the basement. Once they reached the bed, they started fighting for who got to be on top, as they almost wrestled each other while they undress and made out. The lingerie that Kushina had put on didn't matter at all since Konohamaru had gotten her out of all of her clothes in a hurry. They then proceeded to do what they had been doing for the bigger part of this week, which was fucking each other like rabbits.


After two hours of non stop sex, Kushina was laying down next to Konohamaru cuddling and playing. She was laying down on the side, with one of her legs draped over him as she rested her head on his chest. Konohamaru had one arm around her back while the other was playing with her tit.


“You are amazing, do you know that?” Kushina said with a warm smile.


“That's my line, babe” Konohamaru said as he pinched her nipple.


Kushina giggled “You little pervert” she said jokingly which had Konohamaru giggle as well.


“Maybe I should thank you for being a pervert, you have given me new appreciation for sex. I didn't think it could feel as good and be as fun as when we do it” Kushina said as she stared at Konohamaru lovingly “I don't think you understand how much I love you”.


“I understand completely, because I love you just as much, Kushina-chan” Konohamaru said, kissing her forehead.


“Besides, you are just as perverted as I am. After what you did today I'm starting to wonder if you are more perverted than I am. You are certainly more daring” Konohamarur said with a chuckle.


Kushina smiled “As if you didn't enjoy it. It was fun wasn't it?” she asked.


Konohamaru nodded “Is it worth the risk though? What if they catches us doing it?”.


“They are gonna find out soon enough anyway. It's gonna be harder for us to get alone time in this house now that Ino-chan also lives here. I don't want that to stop us from having sex, instead we should use this as opportunity to have some secret fun, it's kinda hot to sneak around with you when Minato is around” Kushina said with that naughty smile “Next time I might suck your cock when is not looking”.


Kushina was trying to sell the idea of the two of them getting a lot more daring to him. After thinking about what Kurenai had told her about what she had planned for Asuma, she couldn't help but find it a bit intriguing. It wasn't that she wanted to hurt or humiliate Minato the same way that Kurenai wanted to hurt Asuma. It was more that she just wanted to have some risky fun with Konohamaru before everyone finds out about them. There was no going back from this, her and Minato's relationship is already over in her mind.


Konohamaru grinned “You sure are the biggest prankster, but I like the way you think.”


Konohamaru said that knowing full well what Kushina wanted to do. She didn't need to convince him, to say the least. Even though Naruto and Minato finding out about them terrified him, he couldn't turn down such an offer, due to his mischievous prankster personality. Kushina had a feeling he would say that. They are very similar when it comes to their personality and it's one of the reasons she started liking him.


“Now that you are on the same page, you should take some initiative as well” Kushina said with an eye wink.


“Careful with what you wish for. You don't know what's coming for you babe” Konohamaru said with a wide grin.


“Is this the return of the perverted prankster? Are you coming for me again dattebane?” Kushina joked.


“I guess you will have to wait and see kore!” Konohamaru said with a chuckle.


“I'm looking forward to it.” Kushina said licking her lips.


“Now I would like to talk about something less fun but equally important. I have convinced Kurenai-chan to help train Moegi and Tsunade-sama to help train Udon. As for you, you already have Naruto and Jiraiya-sensei who are helping your training.” Kushina said as she closed her eyes “But I am your actual teacher and when your teammates are training with Kurenai-chan or Tsunade-sama, you and I are going to make the most of every minute of alone time. And I'm not only talking about sex this time. I'm going to start training the three of you seriously now, I want the three of you to graduate sooner rather than later”.


Konohamaru smiled as he stared at his beautiful girlfriend who had gotten comfortable as she was about to sleep “I'm ready for any training you will put me through. But we're still gonna fuck when are alone right?”.


Kushina smiled “Whose to say that we can't do both at the same time? Why did you think I had you learn the shadow clone technique so early?”.


Konohamaru giggled “Damn, I see that you have planned ahead babe”.


“Of course, as soon as we became a couple I haven't thought of anything other than ways for us to be together more. Now get some sleep, you need it after this long weekend”.


“Good night babe”.


“Night baby”.

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