Sarutobi and Uzumaki

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Chapter 14


The next morning, Kushina was the first one to wake up as her guys slept in. At 6 in the morning she prepared breakfast, wearing her usual green housewife dress. Naruto and Konohamaru would have to get up soon as both needed to be in school at 7. Minato was usually up already and sometimes even had left for his office, around this time. But he didn't have a set time that he needed to be there, which allowed him to sleep in some days if he wanted to. Considering how tired all three of them were yesterday, Kushina was in no rush to wake them up. She would wake up the two academy students in half an hour if they had not woken up yet.


Before she prepared breakfast, she took care of the dishes she had left in the sink yesterday. About five minutes after she got to the kitchen, someone went into the kitchen and hugged her from behind.


“Good morning honey” he said and kissed her cheek.


“Good morning” Kushina said with a forced smile as her husband let her go. Minato smiled as he stared at her “There is something about you lately Kushina, you are almost glowing. If you get any more beautiful I will have to create a law to prevent that” Minato said, still smiling.


Kushina turned to him and rolled her eyes “Well I'm glad you still find me beautiful, sometimes I wonder if you don't find me attractive at all”


Minato's raised an eyebrow, then he said “That's not true at all, you know that” he said before hugging her from behind again. He kissed her neck as Kushina closed her eyes, giggling “Not now Minato”


Konohamaru had gotten up a minute earlier and saw everything as he stood in the doorway to the kitchen. He felt a bit bad as he watched them doing what was so normal and natural. Kushina is after all still Minato's husband and it was Konohamaru that did not fit into the picture. Konohamaru still didn't like it, he didn't want anyone else to put their hands on Kushina, especially not kissing her like that. But at the same time, he was doing the same behind Minato's back. He started wondering if was worth it. Was it worth to ruin what seemed almost like a perfect marriage, making an enemy of the most powerful man in the world and most likely ruining his good relationship with his best friend and big brother figure, Naruto. Konohamaru scratched his head in thought as he cleared his throat, then said “Good morning” before sitting down at the table.


Minato let go of Kushina as he smiled at Konohamaru before joining him at the table “Good morning Konohamaru-kun”


Kushina had her back to them as she still stood at the sink, she placed a thumb on her chin in thought, wondering if Konohamaru had seen that. She was just playing her part of being Minato's wife, she had not enjoyed it, in fact she got annoyed by his kissing and touching. She figured she would have to talk with Konohamaru about that later, to make sure he didn't misunderstood something, which he had done judging by his earlier thoughts.


Naruto joined them soon after, sitting on Kushina's side again as Konohamaru and Minato sat on the other side of the table. The rest of their breakfast played out pretty normally as they ate and talked about training and school while Kushina was all over Naruto with hugs, kisses on the cheek and playing with his hair. Naruto and Konohamaru then left to school together while Minato left for work at the hokages office.


Kushina didn't have much to do at home but she found something to do by trying on different underwear, lingerie and outfits that she could show Konohamaru. She also planned on practicing some of her dancing routines after lunch as she hoped to show Konohamaru a new dance. At lunch she headed out to the village as she headed towards the apartment block where Kurenai lives. She was hoping to invite her out to lunch so they could talk about her and Naruto's relationship. Unfortunately for Kushina, no one answered the door when she knocked on it. Kurenai probably wasn't home then.


“Another time then” she thought as she left the apartment complex and went straight to Ichiraku ramen to get her lunch. After greeting Ayame and Teuchi, she sat down and ordered her usual order as Ayame leaned over the counter, excited to start gossiping.


“Did you hear about what the younger sister did again?” Ayame asked.


“No, who or what did she sleep with this time?” Kushina asked, having heard about Maho's visits to the Inuzuka ninja dog kennels.


“She slept with that elder again, Homura” Ayame said with an expression of disgust “I can't believe they go so far just to get ahead in their ninja careers”


Kushina shook her head “They aren't even getting much for it in return, sure they have the chuunin rank but Minato still only assign them missions suitable for genin, with a jounin going with them.”


“Maybe they just want the status of the higher ranks then?” Ayame spoke with a thoughtful expression.


“Or maybe they are just sluts” Kushina said which had both of them giggle. Teuchi scratched the back of his head as he overheard them. He could testify to the both of them being sluts as both of them had on several occasions offered him sex as payment for the meals they ate here. He took the offers, but that is a different story.


“There is no doubt about that” Ayame said with a laugh as she wondered if she should bring up Tsunade and Udon to Kushina. She decided not to, considering that Kushina and Tsunade are like family.


“I'm afraid there isn't much else new that I can tell you about, I guess the village is starting to get boring” Ayame said.


“What about Naruto and Kurenai being together? Surely you must have known about that before I found out” Kushina said with narrowed eyes.


Ayame laughed awkwardly “Yes I did, I just.. Since Naruto is such a good friend I don't want to gossip about him, especially not if it could mess things up for him. I would do the same for you, you know”


“Don't worry Ayame-chan, I'm not mad at you. What do you mean by doing the same for me? There isn't really much going on at my house to gossip about you know, unless you are you are trying to steal my secret cooking recipes” Kushina said, ending it with a playful laugh.


“I know, what I meant was that I don't like gossiping about friends” Ayame said.


“I get it, like I said don't worry about it, I was just messing with you” Kushina said chuckling.


Kushina could then eat her lunch normally without any gossip as she got a chance to converse a little bit with Teuchi for once. Catching up with the old ramen chef who had always had to keep himslef to the back to avoid getting dragged into any gossiping. She then headed back home and practiced her dancing routines for a couple of hours before getting ready to train with her students. At 3 PM sharp, her students arrived in her backyard where Kushina was waiting for them, stretching while wearing her skimpy training outfit.


They then trained like normal until 8 PM, without any flirting or teasing going as Kushina was going to wait until they were done training this time. She was happy to see that Udon was able to walk without Moegi supporting him as the two of them left after saying good bye. To Kushina's surprise, Konohamaru also left with them after hesitating for a few seconds “Bye Kushina-chan” he said, following his teammates.


“Wait Konohamaru-kun” Kushina said which had Konohamaru stop as Kushina walked up to him. Moegi and Udon turned left to go around the house at the same time.


“Don't you want to stay for a while?” Kushina asked, blushing slightly.


“I would love to but I promised gramps that I would be home at 8, he wanted me home at that time for something” Konohamaru answered which was a complete lie. He had been thinking about his and Kushina's relationship the whole day after seeing her and Minato in the kitchen this morning. He wants to be together with Kushina more than anything, but she is still Minato's wife and Naruto's mom. He hadn't considering calling it off though, he just wanted some time to think.


“Okay, can I have a kiss before you go?” Kushina asked, leaning down.


Konohamaru nodded as he met her for a quick french kiss before he left. Konohamaru then went home to practice drawing those seals that they had been given as homework by Kushina. He certainly needed a few of those sound isolation seals right now, as his grandfather was once again in the dojo with a very loud Hinata, who moaned loudly the whole evening.


Kushina didn't have anything interesting going on for her either, she just made dinner for her family, then watched a movie alone before going to bed.


The next day played out pretty much the same way. Kushina even went to go find Kurenai to invite her out for lunch again, without any luck as nobody answered the door. Later on she trained with her students again from 3 to 8 PM. Just like yesterday Udon and Moegi left first as Konohamaru hesitated before saying that he had to leave as well, for some reason.


Kushina put her hand on his shoulder gently and said “Konohamaru-kun can we talk about something?”, at the same time Moegi and Udon turned left again, to go around the house to reach the street at the front of the house.


“Sure, whats up Kushina-chan?” Konohamaru asked as he turned around to face her, smiling at her as he rested his hands behind his head.


“Is something wrong? I can't help but feel that you are avoiding me lately” Kushina said with a pout.


Konohamaru shook his head “Of course not, it's just, well I kinda saw you and Hokage-sama in the kitchen yesterday and I started feeling pretty bad about what we are doing” he said, staring into the ground as he scratched the back of his head.


Kushina giggled which had Konohamaru stare at her with a frown “What's so funny kore?” he asked.


“Is that what this is about?” Kushina asked, getting a nod as an answer.


Kushina sighed “I have to let him do that since I need to pretend that I'm still his loving wife. He didn't do more than hug me and kiss my neck and cheek. I even turned away as he tried to kiss my mouth, as I didn't want to let him do that now that I'm with you. If you are feeling bad because you think you are destroying a happy marriage, then trust me, you don't have to worry about that.”


Kushina leaned down and stared into his eyes “You have nothing to worry about Konohamaru-kun, you are the only one I want to be with ttebane”


Kushina was pretty much on point, as that was what Konohamaru had been thinking about. Konohamaru realized that his worries had been for nothing, he had just wasted precious making out and sex time by doing that. Kushina had told him before that she and Minato weren't attracted to each other anymore, and they hadn't even had sex in more than three years. Kushina had also told him how they were going to make their relationship work, once they go public with it. Part of that plan was for Kushina to keep being Minato's wife, at least until Konohamaru graduates and becomes a genin.


“You are right, I was worrying about that but after hearing what you just said, my worries are gone” Konohamaru said as he hugged her “I love you Kushi-chan, you are the only one I wan to be with also kore!”


Kushina grinned “You don't know how happy it makes me to hear you say that, I love you so much Kon-kun ttebane!” she said before giving him several quick pecks on the mouth.


“Do you still need to leave or do you want to stay for dinner?” Kushina asked before giving him a few more pecks on the mouth as Konohamaru answered “Hehe, I'll stay Kushina-chan” between kisses.


“Great ttebane” Kushina said with a wide smile as she giggled before standing up straight. “Since Naruto and Minato aren't home yet, I'm gonna take a quick shower before I start dinner. You should do the same so that you can join me in the kitchen later” Kushina said giving him a suggestive eye wink as she stepped inside, while Konohamaru got up as well and followed her.


“It's too bad we can't shower together since Minato and Naruto could come home any minute” Kushina said with a naughty smirk.


“Yeah” Konohamaru answered with a chuckle and just as he did that, Naruto came home as he entered the front door. He saw Kushina and Konohamaru stand in the hallway as they had just entered the house from the backyard.


“Hey mom, Kon, did you just get done with training?” Naruto asked.


“Welcome home Naruto” Kushina said with a warm smile “We did actually, I'm just gonna take a shower then I'll start dinner”


“Okay I'll do the same, are you using the shower upstairs?” Naruto asked.


Kushina nodded “Yes, I think Konohamaru-kun is gonna borrow our basement shower so you can use the one down here”


“Kay” Naruto said as he headed straight for the bathroom.


“Hey boss!” Konohamaru said with a warm smile as Naruto passed him “Yo” Naruto greeted him casually. The three of them then headed for the three different bathrooms on the different floors and showered. Even though Kushina had said she was just going to get a quick shower, she was the last one to get out of the shower. When she got out, she thought she might put on some nice clothes for once, nothing too fancy or revealing though. She decided on an outfit she had worn on one her dates with Konohamaru:


She didn't wear a bra which really made her large breasts stand out in that outfit, as well as her nipples whose shape you were able to see through the shirt. She headed downstairs wearing that, glancing at Konohamaru and Naruto who sat on the couch in the living room, both staring at her wide eyed.

“I'll get dinner started ttebane” Kushina said, not able to hide how happy she was about getting that reaction from her two favorite guys in the whole world. As Kushina went inside the kitchen, Naruto turned to Konohamaru and said “Damn she looks nice in that, don't you think?”


Konohamaru gulped “Sure, boss” he said nervously.


Naruto grinned mischievously “She is practically asking for you to go prank her, why don't you go and spank her butt like you used to?”


Konohamaru eyes widened as he stared at Naruto “Are you sure boss? You know I'm her student now right?” he asked.


“Stop being a whiny little bitch, common just do it, it'll be funny” Naruto said then pointed at the kitchen door “Chop chop”


Konohamaru knew that he had to do it and he really didn't mind doing it either, but he had to put on a little bit of theatrics as to not give away any suspicion. Konohamaru walked slowly towards the kitchen door, then glanced back at Naruto who grinned and gave him a thumbs up. Konohamaru then stepped inside the kitchen and walked up to Kushina who had her back to him as she stood at the stove.


“Hey” Konohamaru whispered.


“Hey you” Kushina whispered back, figuring that Konohamaru was here for something they needed to be quiet about.


“Boss wanted me to prank you like I used to, I think you need to pretend to get angry at me so we can make him think that I did pull a prank on you” Konohamaru whispered.


“Okay, let's do this then, I'll show you something, then I'll chase you out of the kitchen ttebane” Kushina said while biting her lip.


“Okay?” Konohamaru asked, wondering what she was going to show him. Kushina then lifted up her skirt, showing her completely naked shaved pussy, as she didn't wear any panties under that skirt. Kushina smiled at him with that naughty, flirty smile of hers, as Konohamaru gaped at her, wondering if she was insane.


Kushina then turned around, while still holding up her skirt, showing her naked, perfect, round little butt for him “Why don't you spank me hard enough for him to hear it, then I chase you ttebane” she whispered. Konohamaru couldn't help but think Kushina is by far the most daring and most mischievous one inside this house, even though both he and Naruto is there who are well known pranksters.


“Okay kore” Konohamaru said with a giggle as he walked up to her and raised his hand, he then spanked her quickly, not very hard but it was fast enough that it made a loud spanking sound.


“Kyaaaa!” Kushina responded loudly enough for Naruto to hear. Naruto had heard the spanking sound as well, he was currently laughing his ass off “Woah!” he said to himself as Konohamaru came running out of the kitchen. A second later, Kushina came running after him, screaming “Get back here you damn pervert!”


“Save me boss!” Konohamaru screamed as he ran out to the backyard while Naruto laughed at the scene. Kushina stopped just before reaching the door to the backyard. She turned to stare at Naruto with a frown “What's so funny, did you put him up to that again?”


Naruto shook his head innocently “Of course not mom, Konohamaru is just a pervert”


“Mmh, I don't believe you” Kushina said in an accusing tone as she walked up to him “He wouldn't dare do that without your permission!”


Naruto gulped “I promise mom, I wouldn't do that” he said nervously as Kushina leaned down and put her arms around his neck, for a choke hold. She then pressed his head into her chest while she pressed her knuckles into the back of his head playfully for a few seconds “That's your punishment, next time I'll slap your behind instead” Kushina said with a giggle as she walked back into the kitchen, leaving a blushing Naruto on the couch.


Konohamaru returned a few seconds later, peeking inside the living room from the door to the backyard “Is the coast clear, boss?” he asked.


Naruto shrugged “Yeah, she took out her anger on me instead of you”


Konohamaru chuckled as he sat down next to him again “Sorry boss”


Kushina then peeked out from the kitchen, smiling at them which surprised Naruto a little as he thought she would be pissed at the both of them “You can come sit down at the table now, kitchen will be ready in a minute”


“Alright” Naruto said as he stood up, walking to the kitchen with Konohamaru following him like a subordinate. As they entered the kitchen, Kushina placed her hand on Konohamaru's shoulder, guiding him to the side of the table where she usually sat, as Naruto sat down on the other side of the table. She wanted him and everyone else to get used to him sitting on her side on the table.


“I hope your father comes home soon or his ramen will get cold” Kushina said as she went to back to the stove to prepare three bowls of ramen for them.


“Oh yeah, I met dad at Ero-sennins house. He is going to be there for a while, he told me to tell you that he won't be eating dinner at home tonight and may come home very late” Naruto said scratching the back of his head.


“Okay, more ramen for us then” Kushina said with a grin.


“Hehe, sucks to be dad!” Naruto said as he drooled at the two bowls Kushina was bringing to the table, serving Konohamaru and Naruto a bowl each. She then brought her own bowl before sitting down on her usual chair, next to Konohamaru. Since ramen was on the menu today, there weren't much conversation going on while they ate as all three of them devoured their first and second bowl of ramen. Naruto got a third one while two was enough for Kushina and Konohamaru. As Naruto started tearing apart his third ramen bowl, Kushina and Konohamaru stared at each other with longing looks. As much as Kushina wanted to flirt with him, feel him up or even flash him again, she didn't want to do that with Naruto on the other side of the table. They stopped staring at each other as Naruto finished his third bowl.


“Are you done eating?” he asked, sounding surprised.


“I'm full ttebane” Kushina said with a giggle.


“Yeah even thought that's the best ramen I ever had, I'll explode if I take another bite” Konohamaru said with a kind smile.


“I know you are lying, but thanks anyway” Kushina said smiling at him.


“No he is right mom, you make the best ramen. In fact I love all the food you make, that's why I hate missing dinner” Naruto said as he got up “That's the reason I came home, I have to leave now” he then turned and walked towards the kitchen door “I guess since you both already know about me and Kurenai, I can tell you that I'm going to spend the night at her place ttebayo!”


Kushina sighed “I still don't like it, but at least make sure you get up in time for school tomorrow”


“I will, see you tomorrow!” Naruto said before leaving to the sounds of “See ya boss!” and “Take care Naruto”


As soon as Naruto left the kitchen, Kushina grabbed Konohamaru's hand as the two of them got up as well and headed towards the hallway.


“Bye” Naruto said as he opened the door.


“Have fun” Kushina said with a smile as Naruto closed the door behind him. She then leaned down and as she faced Konohamaru, licking her lips “take off your pants baby, I'm gonna ride you on the couch dattebane”


Konohamaru smirked before he said something that he immediately regretted, he couldn't help but giggle perversely as he spoke though “That sounds great but considering we only have two more days until our date on Friday, maybe we should wait until then?”


“You are right, we would follow that stupid rule I made up then” Kushina said with a chuckle, as she led Konohamaru to the couch “If I ever get any more stupid ideas like that in the future, make sure to spank me” Kushina said before sitting down in front of him. She pulled down his shorts and underwear, then gave the tip of Konohamaru's dick a peck before getting up. Kushina then raised her skirt again, flashing her wet pussy in front of Konohamaru's eyes “Do you want to wait until Friday or do you want me to fuck your brains out ttebane?” Kushina asked in a naughty tone.


“Hmm, let me think” Konohamaru said joking as he sat down on the couch “Just kidding, give me your worst Kushina-chan, because I'll be the one to fuck your brains out kore!”


Kushina sat down in his lap and then steered the tip of his dick towards her opening “Oh God, I've missed this” Kushina said as she lowered her hips as she took his full size inside of her. She started riding him as fast as she could from the get go, almost jumping up and down as she rode him “Yes, yes, yes!” Kushina repeated as Konohamaru held her by her waist with his left hand while playing with one of her tits with his other hand that he had sneaked inside her shirt. Kushina already felt like she was about to cum.


“Damn you're tight, baby!” Konohamaru said, clenching his jaw.


Without slowing down, Kushina leaned down to kiss him, sticking her tongue inside his mouth from the get go. She moaned into his mouth as the slapping sounds of their bodies connecting became louder and faster. Konohamaru pulled her shirt above her head to free her magnificent globes so he could play with them as she rode him. About a minute later she screamed out “I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come, I'm coming!”


“I'm cumming as well Kushi-chan!” Konohamaru said with a loud moan as the two of them came simultaneously as Konohamaru's cum filled Kushina up. Konohamaru panted as he stared at Kushina with a smile as his girlfriend seemed to be feeling pretty good right judging by how she had her tongue out of her mouth as she moaned loudly with a very satisfied expression.


“Mmh! I love your cock so much Kon-kun!” Kushina moaned as she stared riding him again. Even though Konohamaru had just came, he was still hard. Konohamaru just leaned back and enjoyed as Kushina kept riding him. He gently slapped her butt from time to time and played with her tits as Kushina moaned loudly in delight, enjoying her ride.


At the same, Moegi was with Udon in his room as the two of them was going to talk about their secrets as they had agreed to. This is the first time they got together to talk about this ever since they spoke about it after the training trip. They sat on the floor in his room, resting their backs on Udon's bed.


After hearing Udon tell the story of how he and Tsunade got together and became a couple, Moegi was scratching the back of her head in thought. They had been together much longer than Moegi thought they had. (I won't get into too much on how they became a couple as I might write a separate story on that with a focus on Udon and Tsunade).


As Moegi was about to begin telling Udon what she had seen, they both turned to the window where they saw Tsunade, climbing inside the room. Both Udon and Moegi gaped as they stared at her while she appeared very calm about the fact that she had just been caught climbing into an academy students room in the evening.


“Tsunade-sama?” Moegi asked as Tsunade sat down on the bed, smirking at Moegi as she said “Are you going to join us this time instead of spying on us in the bushes?”


Both Moegi and Udon's eyes widened “You knew?” they both asked.


“Of course I knew, do you think I wouldn't be able to tell if an academy student tried to spy on me?” Tsunade asked with a chuckle.


“It's okay Tsunade-chan, she promised that she wouldn't tell anyone about us” Udon said as he got up and sat next to female sannin.


“Yeah like Udon-chan said, I won't tell anyone” Moegi said nervously as she gulped due to her being a bit afraid of Tsunade. Tsunade's drunken raging during parties, directed at mostly Jiraiya, Naruto or Konohamaru, may have a played a part in that.


“I figured as much since if you did tell anyone, everyone in the whole village would have heard of it by now” Tsunade said with a warm smile “Also, just for your information, I really don't care if people find out about us. It's not going to change anything for me as I'll still be with Udon-kun”


Moegi smiled as she stared at Udon “I'm happy for you Udon-chan, you seem to have found someone who genuinely loves you”


Udon grinned “Thanks, I couldn't ask for a better girlfriend”


“Well, enough talking” Tsunade said as she took off her jacket “I came here to suck dick!” she said before going down on her knees in front of Udon who sat on the bed.


“Eh, okay I'll just leave the two of you alone then” Moegi said in awkward tone before heading towards the door.


“Leave? I thought you were going to join us?” Tsunade asked, pulling down Udon's pants “Come here, I'll teach you” she said patting the floor next to her.


Moegi and Udon stared at each other wide eyes, both not knowing what to say. After a while Tsunade said “Well?”


After hesitating a while longer, a beet red Moegi opened the door and said “I got to go!” before running away, while Tsunade silently laughed at her.


Back with Kushina and Konohamaru, Kushina were still riding him on top of that couch. She still wore her skirt and shirt since if either Naruto or Minato would come home, she could just walk away and meet them at the door while Konohamaru pulls up his pants, pretending like nothing is out of the ordinary. Kushina has already two more orgasms since the first one while Konohamaru has yet to cum for the second time. As Kushina pushed all the way down, taking his full size inside of her, Konohamaru cupped Kushina's breasts with both hands and dug his fingers into the soft flesh of the large round globes. With Konhamaru's dick completely swallowed up by her warm and wet pussy, Kushina began grinding back and forth as Konohamaru felt that second orgasm coming.


“Oh yes! Your fat cock feels so good ttebane!” Kushina screamed.


“Ah, Ah, I'm gonna cum soon Kushi-chan!” Konohamaru announced as he closed his eyes and pressed his fingers harder into her soft breasts.


“Not yet, I won't let you come yet, I'm almost there!” Kushina screamed as she moved her hips up and down again, jumping on him “Fuck!” Kushina screamed in delight as she as well felt another orgasm coming. Konohamaru grabbed a hold of her waist and slammed her down as hard as he could every time she wet up. It was a good thing Kushina's closest neighbors were Jiraiya and the members of the Sarutobi clan within the Sarutobi clan compound, otherwise the neighbors would have heard Kushina's very load screams and moans, and they would also probably hear the loud slapping sounds of their bodies connecting over and over again.


Kushina hugged her legs and arms around him as she pressed down once again and stayed there. Konohamaru hugged her back as they pressed their bodies against each others tightly, as Kushina screamed out in delight once again as the two of them came together. Konohamaru had his face resting in Kushina's cleave, a very comfortable place where he enjoyed being, as he filled Kushina with his cum again. He felt Kushina's body skake, almost convulsing as she had a very violent orgasm. He had also felt a lot more of her fluids leaking out of her, down onto his thighs and on the couch as Kushina this time came by a squirty fountain orgasm. That was the first time in Kushina's life that she had ever squirted like that as she was normally not a squirter. They held each other like that, with Kushina keeping Konohamaru's cock inside her for around two minutes, as the two panted and and just relax.


As they sat there on the couch, Konohamaru still with his face inbetween her breats, he couldn't help but think that if anyone came home now, or passed through the backyard, they would easily get caught in the act. Especially since Kushina still seemed to be out of it somewhat as her body kept shaking lightly as she kept grinding slowly on him as they embraced tightly. About a minute later, Kushina stared down at him with a smile as she had made some space between them, freeing his face from the tight hug against her chest. She didn't say anything as she started to bombarm him with french kisses, while moving her hips again, up and down as she bounced on Konohamaru's once again fully erect cock.


“Kushina-chan” Konohamaru managed to get through between Kushina's constant kissing.


“Mmh?” Kushina moaned.


Konohamaru pulled back his head and said “Shouldn't we go somewhere else in case someone walks through the backyard or Hokage-sama comes home?”


Kushina stopped moving her hips as she sat still, staring at Konohamaru with a mysterious smile “You have a good point” Kushina said before she moved her hips again “We don't want to get caught ttebane” she yelled before moaning louder than before. She them screamed as loud as she could “Oh yes, fuck me Konohamaru-kun!! Harder, fuck me harder ttebane!”


Konohamaru grinned, she basically answered his question with her carelessness. Instead of fussing about being caught, Konohamaru started spanking her butt lightly again with one hand while guiding her with the other hand.


“You don't have to be so gentle with me, I'm not made of glass you know, Ahh!” Kushina said ending with a moan “Spank me harder, baby!”


Konohamaru did just that, spanking her perfect little butt hard to the lovely sounds of Kushina's loud moans. It didn't take long for Kushina to cum again in a very violent and squirty orgasm. Konohamaru kept moving his hips while she was out of it, leaning her head on his shoulder, drooling. When she came to, they finally moved somewhere else. They headed down to the basement where Konohamaru took charge as he fucked her in the missionary and doggy style position until 2 AM. They then fell asleep down in the basement, Konohamaru holding Kushina as he spooned her, while his cock was still inside her warm wet cunt.


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