Sarutobi and Uzumaki

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I'm considering writing more versions of this story where the main characters are some of the characters in the other pairings. For example, a story with a focus on Naruto & Kurenai or Tsunade & Udon, Sakura & Jiraiya, Minato & Ino and so on. It's verly likely that I'll write the Naruto and Kurenai story, but I want to see if there is any interest for the others also?


Chapter 13


The next day, Konohamaru woke up early after going to bed early last night, finally getting a much needed good nights of sleep. Since he didn't have to get creeped out by Hinata's, Hanabi's or Mikoto's presence during breakfast, he could enjoy his breakfast with his grandpa before going to school. His school day was also normal, nothing interesting or unusual happened other than Konohamaru not pulling a prank on Sakura for once. That didn't mean he had stopped it completely, he just didn't want to do it today since he would rather save any perverted action to later today when he and his teammates visits Kushina for training.


Konohamaru had a rather uneventful school day, so did Moegi, but she at least got another visit at lunch time from Ayame, the ramen chef and Konoha's number one gossiper. Just like every week, she was here to treat Moegi to a tasty ramen lunch as the two of them gossips of the latest going on in Konoha. They are sitting alone on a bench on one side of the school building. As Moegi took her first bite of the delicious ramen noodles, Ayame said “It's been pretty quiet in the village this past week, I haven't heard of any news. The only thing the other people told me was that Shikamaru and Shizune are still going on dates and that Shizune is still sleeping with academy students in the evenings inside this school”


Moegi nodded “I've seen Shizune and Shikamaru together as well. Sadly I have also seen Naruto-kun with Kurenai-san every day. I think it's safe to say that those two are together”


Ayame frowned “Yes it's a shame, but I'm not giving up on him that easily!”


Moegi smiled “Me neither” she said.


“I uhm..” Ayame started as she appeared a bit uncomfortable “I asked you about Kushina-sama and Konohamaru a while back, any news on that? I also heard you guys are now training together to form a team?”


“Yeah, Kushina-sensei and Konohamaru-chan are just good friends, there is nothing going on there” Moegi lied “As for the team, yes we are training together as a team with the goal of graduating early. We got the idea after spending almost a year at Kushina's, playing ninja and training with her” Moegi explained, lying again as she had nothing to do with this decision. She just wanted to keep Ayame and anyone else out of the loop. For now, only Moegi would be the one to know about Kushina and Konohamaru's true relationship.


“Makes sense in a way, I didn't think there was anything there anyway. I just thought it was strange that Kushina-sama out of all people suddenly started dressing up in those fancy outfits, only when she is together with him.” Ayame said.


Moegi shook her head “No she wore similar clothes at Hana's birthday party and she has worn clothes like that other times as well”


“Yes, you are probably right. It was silly of me to even think there was anything there” Ayame said with a chuckle.


“What about Tsunade-sama and your other friend, do you know anything about that? Those two don't have any history like Kushina-sama and Konohamaru does, I doubt they are just good old friends also?” Ayame asked which had Moegi frown inwardly but didn't visibly change her expression. This was much harder for Moegi to somehow explain. Especially since the first time someone part of Ayame's army of gossipers saw them together, they were seen leaving a strip club together.


Since Moegi was thinking on what to say and hadn't spoken in a while Ayame said “What do you think Moegi-chan? They couldn't possibly be, you know.. could they?”


Moegi laughed “Hahaha, of course not. Tsunade-sama and Udon-chan? That's ridiculous. There has to be some kind of explanation for it. I surely haven't seen those two together any other time, not even when we train since Tsunade-sama is busy training Sakura-san nowadays. I didn't see them together last weekend either. I think Udon-chan was just helping her with something that time”


“Yeah that's what I thought at first as well, until I heard from several others that they have actually been meeting up quite often this past week. One saw them walking hand in hand in the park, another one saw them eating together at a restaurant and so on..”


“Damn you Udon-chan!” Moegi cursed inwardly as her friend and Tsunade surely didn't help her cover for them.


“I really don't know what to say, like I said I haven't seen anything strange between them and frankly I really doubt there would be anything either” Moegi said, sounding a bit annoyed.


Ayame caught on to her annoyed tone as she patted Moegi on the top of her head “I get it, I won't ask more about it. Enjoy your lunch Moegi-chan and make sure you come visit our shop whenever you hear anything new!”


After that Ayame left to return to her and her fathers ramen shop. Other than the usual school work, that was the only thing that really happened in school that day before the school day ended. While Kushina's pupils were in school, she was at home the whole day before they arrived. She had a lot of time to plan out the training she would have her team do. She also thought back on this weekend and what had happened. This weekend couldn't have gone better as everything had went exactly how Kushina had wanted it to. When she decided to take them on that training trip, the whole purpose of that training trip was to give her a chance to have sex with Konohamaru for the first time. Kushina wanted their first time to be out of the village because she didn't want there to be any interruptions and they wouldn't have to worry about getting caught, which they would have to worry about if they had done it somewhere in Konoha.


Kushina's only regret this weekend was what she told Konohamaru yesterday when he came over for a quick visit. She had been regretting telling him that they shouldn't have sex again until Friday, ever since telling him that yesterday. Her reasoning for even thinking about that was that she didn't want Konohamaru to get sick of her or vice versa. She didn't want to repeat the same mistake that she had done with Minato. She realized yesterday that what she had told Konohamaru yesterday was her making the same mistake. She wanted an active sex life, preferably as often as possible, not a sex life where they only had sex on rare occasions, like she had with Minato for the bigger part of their marriage.


After making up her mind about this, she figured she would see what happens this week. She knew that neither of them probably wasn't going to be able to keep their hands to themselves anyway. If it so happens that they don't have sex until Friday, she is going to make sure to tell Konohamaru to forget about what she had told him yesterday. For now she is just going to see what happens, and she is going to enjoy teasing and flirting with Konohamaru to see how long he lasts.


Her teasing started as soon as Konohamaru and his teammates arrived in her backyard. Kushina was dressed the same way she had been the previous week when they trained in her backyard. On her upper body she only wore her regular white blouse, without a bra under it. On her lower body she only wore those tiny pair of skin tight green biker shorts, a pair of ninja sandals and had a kunai/shuriken pouch attached to her left leg.


“Hey Kushina-sensei!” Moegi who was the first to greet her said cheerfully.


“Hey guys, ready for some training?” Kushina said with a slight smile. “Yeah!” The three of them answered at the same time. Kushina walked over to them and leaned down as she put her right arm around Moegi's shoulder. Her left hand she placed on Konohamaru's groin and rubbed against it, outside his pants. Neither Udon and Moegi noticed it since their focus was on Kushina's face as she spoke.


Kushina smirked “Good” she said as she stared at Konohamaru, who stared back at her with a huge grin, as Kushina bit her lip, she grabbed his dick outside his pants gently before letting it go. “Before we start with our regular training today, I would like to see the three of you in spar to get an idea of what your fighting abilities are and what your strengths and weaknesses is”


“Yey!” Udon and Moegi cheered, happy to avoid their usual stamina, conditioning and strength training for at least a while.


“Finally! I'm gonna show you all why I'm the leader of the Konohamaru corps!” Konohamaru said with a confident smirk. The Konohamaru corps is what Konohamaru and his group of friends has named their group ever since they started hanging out together.


Moegi frowned “I won't let you beat me that easily, Konohamaru-chan” She then turned to Kushina and said “Kushina-sensei please let me go up against Konohamaru-chan first!”


Kushina chuckled in a rather evil way, then she said “I think you misunderstood what I meant, the three of you aren't going to beat up each other, your opponent is going to be me” she stared straight at Konohamaru as she said “I want you all to show me your best, and Konohamaru since you are so confident I expect you to give me a good pounding ttebane!”


Both Konohamaru and Moegi's eyes widened after she heard that, Moegi was thinking if she heard that right. Did she really say that? Udon didn't think much of it, since what she said had a double meaning. In this case he just thought Kushina was asking him to go all out against her.


Konohamaru saw Kushina's naughty smirk as he said “You don't have to ask me twice, Kushina-chan” giving her an eye wink. As Konohamaru and Kushina flirted right before her eyes, Moegi couldn't help but nurse her forehead as she stared into the ground. Trying to pretend that she knew less than she did as she tried to not show anything that would make them think otherwise.


Udon was the first one that got to spar against Kushina. It wasn't much of a spar truth be told. He was too slow to dodge any of Kushina's attacks and he did not land any attacks of his own. He didn't use any ninja techniques other than one horrible attempt at a substitution technique to get away from one of Kushina's attacks. There was only one positive to take away from this spar. Udon had managed to keep track on her movement, following her with his eyes throughout the whole spar. Unfortunately the reason for that was that his eyes were glued on her chest as he stared at her bouncing breasts during the whole spar. Kushina knew she had to find a way to get him to stop doing that. She knew that it wasn't just her that she did that to, he couldn't keep his eyes away from any woman with a sizable bust.


Next up was her spar against Moegi. Moegi showed that she was a much better fighter than Udon as she was able to block Kushina's kicks and punches and even land a few of her own. Of course Kushina was holding back when fighting against them, but she still gave them more of a fight than any of the current genin in Konoha could, with a few exceptions like the genin in Maito Gai's team. Moegi weren't able to show off her stealth abilities since that was kinda hard to do in the area that they sparred, an open grass field behind Kushina's house, which looked more like an actual backyard. Moegi had the basics down and is a quick learner. Kushina knew what she needed to work on with Moegi, she was the kind of student, a kunoichi (female ninja), that all teachers wished they had.


Konohamaru's spar against Kushina would turn out to be even more lackluster than Udon's. That wasn't Konohamaru's fault though as Kushina had made it impossible for him to focus. Kushina's teasing continued after Konohamaru and Moegi had swapped places as Moegi stepped to the side while Konohamaru walked into open grassy field to square off against his teacher and girlfriend. Kushina had walked over to him and whispered “I want you to pound the shit out of me ttebane”, then sucked on his earlobe before going back to her original position across from him.


Konohamaru stuck a fighting pose while Kushina tugged on the hem of her shorts, pulling them down slightly while staring straight into Konohamaru's eyes, smiling in that way that always got him and biting her lip in a flirting way. Konohamaru got excited and couldn't avoid getting a hard on as his mind filled with things he wanted to do with Kushina, none of which involved fighting or sparring. As Konohamaru began to smile in a dumb and perverted way, Kushina walked over to him casually and leaned down in front of him. She pressed her breasts together by placing her arms below her chest, and smiled at him with closed eyes, causing him to chuckle in a perverted way, almost drooling at the sight “You fail, Konohamaru-kun” Kushina said as a shadow clone of her appeared behind Konohamaru and kicked him hard enough that he got sent flying towards his teammates who had to catch him.


“If that was a real fight I would have kicked your head in, pay attention Konohamaru-kun!” Kushina said with a shake of her head. Konohamaru sat up and glared at her, causing her smile teasingly at him. With gritted teeth, he thought that he was going to get her back for this, two could play that game. Kushina knew that she weren't being completely fair to Konohamaru, she just couldn't help herself as she was enjoying this too much. She was going to make it up to him later tonight, hopefully double fold.


“That wasn't fair, you fight dirty!” Konohamaru said in an accusing tone.


Kushina was about to say “I thought you liked it when I play dirty” but held herself back as she had already crossed the line with her flirting.


“That's how ninja fight, there are no rules in a real battle” Kushina said while chuckling.


“That was lame, Konohamaru-chan” Udon said staring at at his friend while shaking his head “Even I did better than you”


“I did better than both of you, that means I'm the best one in our team right?” Moegi chirped in an excited tone.


“That doesn't count! Give me another chance I'll get her next time!” Konohamaru said with a pout.


Kushina sighed “Okay that's enough whining and pouting, get ready for some real training. We'll start with running, follow my lead ttebane!” Kushina ordered joyfully as her three students grunted before following their stamina freak of a teacher. Kushina and her students ran laps around their gigantic backyard, which should probably be called their property or land rather than a backyard due to how big it was.


After two hours of running, her students kept up with without complaining. She did notice that Udon and Moegi were starting to slow down during their last lap though, so when they got back to her house she allowed them to rest a bit before continuing their training. Konohamaru and his teammates sat down in the grass just outside of Kushina's house, catching their breaths while Kushina went inside. She came back a moment later with four water bottles, giving one each to drink. As her students started chugging down their water, Kushina sat down behind Konohamaru, snaking her arms around him as she rested her legs on his side.


“If you find a way for us to be alone for a while I might use my mouth on your little friend downstairs” she whispered into his ear, then giggled. Moegi and Udon both saw them, but this wasn't that strange of a scene for them to see. Kushina were always all over Konohamaru, something that started long before they started dating. And compared to the way she sometimes cuddled or snuggled with Naruto, this was nothing. Neither of them could hear Kushina's whispering, but Moegi had a pretty good idea what it was about considering Kushina had been flirting with him and teasing him since they got here.


Moegi figured now was a good chance for her to finally help Konohamaru have some alone time with Kushina, as she had promised to help him. She just didn't know how, she could suggest that she and Udon goes elsewhere to train on something, but that wasn't for her to decide and she thought that was something that could piss Kushina off. As Moegi bit her lip, trying to think on something, Kushina was surprised when Konohamaru whispered back “As lovely as that sounds, we are training now Kushina-chan. The boss always told me to focus on my training and to not fool around during training. After we are done though..” Konohamaru ended with a perverted chuckle.


Kushina shook her head as she stood up, letting Konohamaru go. She didn't expect that answer from her pervert of a boyfriend. That just goes to show how much Konohamaru looks up to Naruto and listens to him. Naruto's influence on Konohamaru was both good and bad, considering the things Naruto could get up to, and it was probably due to Naruto that Konohamaru became one of the members of the pervert trio. The pervert sannin. Kushina thought she was going to be the one leaving him blue balled until they were done training, but now she found herself being the horny one not getting what she wanted. She really wanted to go inside and fool around with him right now.


They continued training normally after that, doing their regular training routine which they had done most of the days last week. As the time neared 8 PM, they were getting done with their training. Kushina leaned on Konohamaru and whispered “Stay for dinner okay?” which had Konohamaru nod excitedly. They then saw a sight they had been seeing a lot lately, which was Moegi supporting a very tired Udon to the side of the house as they left.


“Bye Kushina-sensei, Konohamaru-kun, see you tomorrow” Moegi said as Udon only said “Bye” before of them turned around and left.


“See you tomorrow!” Kushina spoke in excitement as Konohamaru got in front of her and put his arms around her thighs, lifting her. Konohamaru stared up at her intently as Kushina stared back at him with that naughty smile of hers that she only showed him. She couldn't help but giggle loudly as she snaked her arms and legs around Konohamaru as he carried her towards the veranda. Udon was too tired to look around to see what Kushina was giggling at, but Moegi weren't. She saw Konohamaru carry Kushina who had her arms and legs around him, while they stared at each other intently. With a grin she pulled Udon along as they turned left to go around the house.


“Someone is excited” Kushina spoke in a joyful tone as she kept giggling after they had entered the house. Konohamaru carried her into the living room, then towards the couch “You have been teasing me all day Kushina-chan, do you know how hard it has been to try and focus on the training?”


Konohamaru let her down on the couch as Kushina laid down on her back and pulled Konohamaru down on top of her, he got in between her legs as she rested them on top of him. She gave him a quick peck on the mouth then stared into his eyes with that that same smile “And do you know how hard it's been to try to get you to do this earlier? I have been trying to get you to take me inside and ravage me all day dattebane!”


“What about what you said yesterday” Konohamaru asked as Kushina pulled down her shorts and panties, leaving them hanging around her ankle on her left leg.


“You're dating your best friends mom, you're a bad boy ttebane. Bad boys doesn't care about rules do they?” Kushina said as she bit her lip, staring at him with pleading eyes. She wanted it badly. Konohamaru placed his right hand against her pussy, using his finger tips to feel her up as he rubbed them against it. His naughty girlfriend were soaking wet, he figured she had really been wanting this the whole day based on that. Konohamaru also thought that now was a good time to test out that fingering thing that he had seen Naruto do to Kurenai last weekend. Her certainly didn't need to wet his fingers as Kushina's juice had done that for him, he thought as he stuck his index finger against her pussy, trying to locate the hole.


Kushina giggled as he missed it quite a few times “A little lower..” she said just like the night between Friday and Saturday when he struggled to find it as well.


“I know, just give me a second here...” Konohamaru said as he stared intently as he found the correct spot to stick it in. He pressed the tip of his fingers inside as Kushina started instructing him. She knew how she wanted to get fingered since that was probably the one thing that Minato excelled at when it came to sex. Kushina was pretty sure the only times Minato had given her any real orgasms was when he fingered her. His technique was good, but what made his fingering so good was that inhuman speed of his. One of the best things Kushina knew when it comes to sex was having a drunken Minato, who cared a little less about Kushina's rules and nagging when it comes to sex, finger her aggressively.


“That's it, start out slow” Kushina said as she leaned backwards, resting her head on the couch as Konohamaru moved his finger in and out of her slowly “Ooh!” Kushina moaned before saying “Use your middle finger as well and move a little faster”


Konohamaru did as he was told as he worked both of his fingers inside her wet pussy, moving in and out a little faster than before. About thirty seconds of doing that, Kushina moaned “Aah, ahh, ahhhn! Faster now, as fast as you can!”


Konohamaru fingered her as fast he could while Kushina's moans got louder and she moved her hips, pressing his fingers back inside of her every time he got out, she was trying to fuck his fingers. “Mmmh! That's it!” Kushina moaned a bit quieter before which had Konohamaru giggle “Hehe, do you like that?”


“Oh yea..” Kushina moaned louder and just when she felt like she was close to coming, the front door opened and Naruto stepped inside “Mom, is dinner ready?”


“Shit!” Kushina whispered as she sat up immediately, pulling her panties and shorts up again while Konohamaru jumped away from the couch. He walked towards the window, staring out at the backyard, whistling innocently as Kushina got up to greet her son.


“Welcome back Naruto!” Kushina said sounding genuinely happy to have him back, which she was even though he had just interrupted her and Konohamaru's fun “I was just about to get dinner started, why don't you wait with Konohamaru-kun? He is in the living room, he is eating here tonight again”


Naruto peeked inside the living room from the hall way and said “Hey Konohamaru, how was training?”


“No complaints here boss! I could probably train for a few more hours to be honest!” Konohamaru said, showing him a thumbs up and a huge grin.


“Hmm” Naruto hummed as he turned towards the kitchen “Hey mom, I think you are going too easy on the little shits!”


Kushina laughed “Haha, you should have seen the other two, they wouldn't agree with you. Besides Konohamaru-kun could barely walk last week after our training and I'm going to increase our training soon anyway”


“Good, don't let them slack off. I won't let three weak little shits go on missions with my only mother” Naruto said as he moved towards the stair “I'm gonna get a shower. Kon, you should do the same, you can use the shower here or the one in the basement. I'll talk to you afterwards, I kinda wanna hear more about your training”


“Roger, boss!” Konohamaru said with a salute which had Naruto shake his head before he went up the stairs. After Konohamaru had made sure that Naruto was upstairs, he then headed inside the kitchen where Kushina was, standing at the stove with her back towards him. He walked up to her and hugged her from behind “Should we continue what we were doing?” Konohamaru said as Kushina turned her head and smiled at him “Later, I don't want to fool around when Naruto is around. That's another rule, maybe the most important rule since Naruto is the last person I want to find out about us by catching us in the act”


“I agree” Konohamaru said as he fondled her ass quickly before spanking it lightly but it made for quite the loud “slapping sound”.


Kushina turned around and giggled “Come here you little pervert” she said as she leaned down and stuck out her tongue. Konohamaru met her as he stuck out his tongue as well as they licked each others tongues outside their mouths, kissing in their signature way. Kushina pulled away saying “Now go take that shower before Naruto comes back and make sure you clean that huge cock thoroughly, I don't want to suck a sweaty cock again ttebane” she said with an eye wink before turning towards the stove again.


“I'll wash it good for you beautiful” Konohamaru said with a grin as he ran towards the stairs of the basement. As he was heading down the stairs, Konohamaru heard the front door open again and Minato's voice “Honey, I'm home!” as Kushina's husband just got home. Konohamaru gulped as he got out of his clothes down in the basement, as he realized that he and Kushina almost got caught twice by both Minato and Naruto, in less than five minutes. He thought that maybe dinner time at this house wasn't the best time and place for them to get daring.


When Konohamaru was done showering, and done cleaning his cock thoroughly as Kushina so kindly had asked, he got dressed again in his usual clothes. His clothes didn't smell and weren't dirty as they were clean and as good as new, that's just how it worked with clothes in the world of Naruto. Watch the anime or read the manga if you don't believe me. Konohamaru then headed upstairs again. He saw Kushina alone in the kitchen, still working on dinner, while Naruto and Minato sat on the couch where Konohamaru had fingered Kushina less than twenty minutes ago. He joined them at the couch, as he waited for dinner with them.


“Hey Konohamaru-kun, you staying for dinner again?” Minato asked with that kind smile of his.


“Yeah, Naruto's mom makes the best food, I won't say no to that” Konohamaru said with a huge grin.


Naruto raised an eyebrow as he stared at Konohamaru “Do you call her that when you train also?” which had Minato chuckle.


“Maybe” Konohamaru said in a childish way which had both Naruto and Minato laugh.


“You should call her Kushina-sensei you know, she is your teacher after all” Minato said, he didn't sound reprimanding instead he sounded more amused than anything.


Naruto shook his head “Don't listen to him Kon, I called her mom when she trained me also” he said jokingly as Naruto and Konohamaru grinned at each other, causing Minato to sigh “Why do I get the feeling that you are a bad influence on him Naruto..”


“Hey” Naruto said defensively “No one is forcing him to do what I do, besides why do you care? Shouldn't you stick your nose in some paperwork or something?”


“Watch it Naruto” Minato said in a stern tone.


“What are you gonna do about it?” Naruto said as he stood up and walked over to the kitchen, completely ignoring Minato who stared at his back with an angry expression, a very rare sight in this household as Minato almost never got angry. Konohamaru was just staring at the table, trying to keep quiet. He was pretty scared right now to say the least. If only they knew what transpired on this couch a few moments ago. He and Kushina were playing a dangerous game, that was for sure.


“Is dinner ready soon?” Naruto asked Kushina who responded “In ten minutes”


“Naruto!” Minato said as he got up as well, walking up to Naruto placing his hand on his shoulder with a strong grip “I think you and I should spar tonight”


Minato's angry tone got Kushina to turn towards them “What's going on, what did you do Naruto?”


Naruto turned to Minato “Sure, I'll kick your ass dad” before pushing his hand off his shoulder.


“Naruto don't talk that way to your father!” Kushina reprimanded loudly as her hair rose in anger, taking the shapes of nine tails which looked very much like the tails of the nine tailed chakra fox, which half of its chakra resided inside a seal on Naruto and one on Kushina herself.


Konohamaru bit a knuckle on his right hand as he the thought “Great, now Kushina-chan is angry as well”. He was not very comfortable right now, to say the least. There was something about these three getting angry that scared the hell out of him. It was almost as if their anger were affecting somehow as he struggled to relax and even found it hard to breathe. He realized now why that was. One of them, ore maybe all three of them, was showing off their powerful chakra. That must be what is causing Konohamaru's unease.


“Calm down mom!” Naruto said pleadingly as that was the parent that he did not want to have angry at him. She scared him far more than Minato ever could “I was just joking about him doing paperwork all the time and he started picking a fight with me”


“I find that hard to believe” Kushina said as her hair returned to normal “What's going on Minato?”


“It's no big deal Kushina” Minato said as that kind smile of his returned, which was the same time Konohamaru suddenly felt more at ease as he could relax and breath normally again, “I just didn't like the disrespectful tone our son used with me earlier”


Kushina nursed her forehead “Fine, settle it after dinner then. But if you are going to go all out like last time, then you better get Jiraiya-sensei here so he can intervene if the two of you go to far again!” Kushina said


“I agree, go get the old pervert so he can save you again, old man” Naruto said with a chuckle before getting back to the couch. He flopped down next to Konohamaru and said “Sorry you had to hear that, sometimes my dad has to be put in his place”


“Naruto...” Kushina spoke in a threatening tone from the kitchen as she had overheard him.


Minato ignored Naruto's comment as he sat down on the couch again as well “Listen to your mother, momma's boy”


“Oh boy..” Konohamaru thought in fear as he thought the two of them would start fighting again as Naruto turned to his father with a very angry frown “You should really go get Ero-sennin to hold your skirt for you later because I'm gonna break every bone in your body, dad”


“Skirt” Minato said with a snort “Good one, son”


“Well you certainly aren't the one that wears the pants in your relationship, Minatolisa” Naruto said with a loud mocking laugh. They could hear Kushina trying to hold her laughter back from the kitchen as she just couldn't help herself.


“Heh” Minato said shaking his head before standing up “Hey Kushina honey, did I ever tell you about who I saw Naruto with that night I went looking for him?”


“No, was it Kurenai?” Kushina asked.


“What?” Minato asked with a frown as Naruto pointed at him and laughed “Haha, she already knows, too bad for you dad!”


Minato sat down again, pouting “If she knows why hasn't she killed her yet or grounded you for life?”


Naruto scratched the back of his head, laughing nervously “I'm wondering about that myself..”


“Hey!” Kushina yelled jokingly which had everyone there laugh, including Konohamaru. The mood lightened up a bit as Kushina moments later told them that dinner was done. They sat down around the kitchen table, Naruto next to Kushina on one side and Konohamaru next to Minato on the other. Kushina didn't mind sitting next to Naruto for once, as he only sat on this side now since he was angry at Minato, but she also wouldn't have minded if Konohamaru sat there instead. She thought it would have been funny to see him squirm as she rubbed his thighs and maybe felt him up between the legs as they ate.


“Minato what is this about anyway, are you really fighting because he joked about your paperwork?” Kushina asked.


“It's none of your concern honey, me and Naruto will settle it on the battlefield later” Minato said as he took a bite then frowned as he stared out the window.


“You sound like you are going to war” Kushina said with a chuckle.


“We are!” Minato and Naruto said at the same time, before glaring at each other while they ate.


Konohamaru couldn't hold back his laughter as he let out a loud laugh. Kushina joined him laughing and even Minato couldn't help but laugh. Naruto didn't join them in laughing as he stared at Konohamaru “What's so funny, little shit?”


Konohamaru chuckled “It's nothing, it's just you guys remind me of me and gramps when we fight”


Now Naruto laughed as well “Yeah I can see that, that old man likes to pick fights with everyone”


“No he doesn't” Minato said shaking his head “It's you that pick fights with everyone with your disrespectful attitude and your pranks, and now you have taken Konohamaru under your wing. I feel bad for Lord Third”


“That pervert deserves anything they throw at him” Kushina said with a frown.


Konohamaru and Naruto nodded in agreement to what Kushina said as Minato scratched the back of his head “Yeah, you are probably right about that Kushina”


Ten minutes later, they had all finished eating and Kushina was cleaning up the table by taking away the dishes. At the same time, Minato and Naruto were getting ready for their spar as they put on their ninja sandals, kunai/shuriken pouches, large scrolls similar to what Jiraiya wore on his back and more. To Konohamaru, they really looked like they were heading out to war, not for a simple spar in a backyard.


“Did you get the pervert?” Naruto asked as he and Minato stepped outside “Yes, my clone told him to come here, he should be here soon”


Konohamaru was standing in the hallway, just outside the kitchen door, staring at them as he wondered if he should go out and watch them or stay with Kushina. Kushina had moved the dishes over to the sink and left them there to take care of later. She then walked up to Konohamaru, who stared at the front door in confusion, then leaned down and hugged him from behind “Hey baby, want to stay over tonight?” she whispered.


“Of course I do, Kushina-chan” Konohamaru said as he snapped out of his little daze as he stared at the door.


“Sweet, we can continue what we started earlier later then. Let's just watch Minato and Naruto first as while they spar so I can make sure they don't go overboard” Kushina whispered.


Konohamaru nodded “Sounds good, I actually really wanna see this spar kore!”


After that the of them went outside and sat down next to each other on the veranda. Kushina leaned her head on Konohamaru's shoulder as they saw Jiraiya arrive to be the referee or something of the spar. For the next twenty minutes, Konohamaru was watching the father and son duo spar with his jaw dropped. He couldn't believe what he had just seen, it was something out of a movie or a fairy tale. The most impressing thing about their fight was at the high speed they were fighting in. They moved so fast that they appeared as blurs, and even faster sometimes when they used the technique that Minato is famous for, the flying thunder god. They were also throwing multiple large and deadly techniques against each other non stop, which they countered or dodged just as easily, as if it were child's play for them.


The fight ended with Naruto laying on his back while frowning as Minato kneed him into the chest while pointing a rasengan at his face.


“I won again, Naruto” Minato said with a chuckle as the rasengan disappeared.


“You got lucky” Naruto said as Minato got off of him and helped him up. Naruto held his back in pain, after taking a few kicks to his back “Damn, you didn't hold back at all this time dad”


“Of course not, you won the last time I held back, remember?” Minato said as the father son duo smiled at each other, both having forgotten what they were fighting about. Everything was now fine and well again.


“Phew, I thought I would have to go get Tsunade-hime to heal one of you for a while there” Jiraiya said as he sweated a little bit “That was one hell of a spar you guys”


“Hehe, thanks for coming Jiraiya-sensei” Minato said as his regular kind smile returned.


“No worries, I wouldn't miss that for anything. Let me know the next time the two of you decide to beat each other up, I'll bring popcorn and grab a front row seat to watch it” Jiraiya said as he started walking down the backyard, heading back to his place while laughing loudly the way only he could.


Naruto had been quiet because he was actually struggling to stay awake. Minato was tired as hell as well, but didn't show it as much. Both of them had used a lot of chakra in this fight and Naruto had even trained for most of the day before it. Minato was tired because he wasn't in the best shape to say the least. He didn't get that many chances to train ever since he became the hokage, especially not after he was done training Naruto.


“Are you okay Naruto?” Kushina asked in a worried tone as she stood up and walked over to them, she then turned to Minato “You could have held back ya know?”


“I'm fine mom, don't be too hard on dad, he won fair and square” Naruto said as he walked inside. He was heading upstairs to go straight to bed.


Minato leaned down and panted when Naruto had gone inside, not wanting to show any weakness “I wish I could say I held back. It's scary how strong Naruto have gotten”


Kushina shook her head and chuckled “You're just out of shape Minato, you better shape up!”


Minato chuckled as well “You're right about that, I really should train more to keep in shape. But for now I think I'm gonna head to bed early, I'm exhausted”


“What, already?” Kushina asked, faking disappointment as she tried to hide her smile “Don't you want to stay up for a while and watch a movie with me and Konohamaru-kun again?”


“No sorry, I think I would fall asleep as soon as I sit down, another time honey” Minato said as he did what Naruto did earlier by going straight to bed.


“Good night” Kushina said loudly and got a “Good night” in response from Minato who were walking up the stairs. Kushina then stared at Konohamaru who was still sitting on the veranda where she and him had been sitting earlier, watching them. He still had an expression of disbelief as he couldn't believe what he had just seen was real. He wondered if his grandpa could fight that way also? And just how strong is his grandpa if he actually were to fight someone seriously.


Kushina sat down next to him and rested her head on his shoulder again “Hey” she said rubbing her cheek against his.


Konohamaru just smiled as he put his arm around her.


“Seems like both Naruto and Minato went to bed” Kushina said, placing her left hand on Konohamaru's inner thigh and rubbed it. Konohamaru turned his head to stare at Kushina who was right in his face, biting her lip and smiling at him cutely. Konohamaru closed the little distance between them as he shoved his tongue inside her mouth, Kushina quickly responded in kind as they french kissed. After a while, Konohamaru pulled back and said “If you look at me like that I won't be able to wait until Friday kore!”


Kushina showed him that naughty smile again as she said “Then don't dattebane!”


Konohamaru stood up, offering a hand to help Kushina up on her feet as well “Where?” he asked with deluded eyes. Kushina could tell that he was really horny and he was asking her where she wanted them to have sex.


“Before that” Kushina said as she walked with Konohamaru, whose hand she held, out to the open grassy field of their backyard. She let go of of his hand and backed away a little bit “Why don't we have a real spar first? Besides I'm still all sweaty and wearing these sweaty clothes and I still need to see the way you fight and get an idea of what level you are at compared to your teammates.” Kushina said. This was how she was going to pay him back double fold, by sparring against him for real before they get down to the naughty business.


Konohamaru nodded with a grin “Just don't fight dirty this time”


Kushina smirked “Don't worry, I'm just gonna go topless ttebane!”


“W-what!?” Konohamaru said as Kushina giggled at him “That's totally unfair Kushina-chan!”


Kushina shook her head at him “I was just kidding” she said before striking a fighting pose. Konohamaru did the same before they started an actual sparring session. The spar lasted over an hour as Kushina allowed Konohamaru to give everything he had and show of all of his skills. While Konohamaru wasn't anywhere close to be a challenge for Kushina, it was safe to say that Konohamaru was far above his teammates. That wasn't very surprising considering that Konohamaru has trained with his grandfather for most of his life and for the past year, he has trained with Naruto and Jiraiya.


Konohamaru still had ways to go to reach Naruto's level though, which is the level he needed to be to give Kushina a real challenge. Kushina was pretty sure that Konohamaru would rank at the top of the current senior class, rivaling some of the strongest students like Kiba, Shino, Chouji and Shikamaru. He was obviously weaker than Naruto who was fighting at jounin level already and probably had a bit to go before he could reach the level of the other “genius” of that class, Uchiha Sasuke.


There was just one problem with this spar as Kushina had noticed Konohamaru's movement slow down a lot as the fight went on. The spar ended with Konohamaru almost passing out due to how tired he was. This weekend of non stop training and many hours of sex was most likely the reason for his exhausted state, even though he got a good nights rest last night. You could say that he lacked stamina but Kushina wasn't so sure on that. She thought his stamina was already way above what she could ask for of an academy student at the end of his second year in the academy.


Konohamaru laid on his back in the grass after the spar, breathing heavily “You got me Kushina-chan” he spoke to the red head who sat next to him, playing and caressing his hair that stuck out of his gray hat.


“You did good, baby” Kushina said with a kind smile “You look so tired, you should go to sleep”


Konohamaru nodded slowly, even though he really wanted to continue what he and Kushina started earlier, he could barely keep his eyes open. Kushina then helped him up on his feet, before supporting him as they made their way inside the house again. She told Konohamaru to go down to the basement and sleep in the guest room down there, one of many guest rooms in this house. Konohamaru fell asleep a few seconds after getting into the bed of that guest room. While Konohamaru went to bed, Kushina took a much needed shower before heading up to her and Minato's bedroom to sleep as well.

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