Sarutobi and Uzumaki

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Chapter 12


“Hey get up dattebayo!” Konohamaru heard for what had to be the tenth time the last minute. It was early Sunday morning when his boss and big brother figure had showed up in his room to wake him up. This was probably the first time that Konohamaru found Naruto's voice to be annoying since he had only had a few hours of sleep since he was with Kushina to 5 AM. Now it had turned to 8 AM which means he has barely gotten three hours of sleep.

“Get up now, you little shit! We are training today!”


“I'm tired Naruto-nii, let me sleep a little more” Konohamaru whined.


“Who isn't? I only slept two hours tonight but that's not an excuse to skip out on training, get up now before I throw you out of bed!” Naruto said in a stern tone. He has had a similar weekend as he had spent most of the evenings and nights in bed with Kurenai. Last night he and Kurenai outdid Kushina and Konohamaru as they started their long sex session before them and ended it one hour after them.


“Just ten more minutes” Konohamaru said, turning around in his bed and covering his head with his pillow. Naruto shook his head, saying “You asked for it” as he grabbed the mattress of Konohamaru's bed and flipped it over, along with Konohamaru who fell down on the floor.


“Damnit boss!” Konohamaru said nursing the side of his torso which he landed on “I will be out in a minute, just let me get dressed!”


“Good, I will come back and get you if you aren't” Naruto said as he walked towards the door, he stopped as he reached it “By the way, I saw Sasuke's mom and Hinata leave earlier when I got here, what were they here for so early?”


“I don't know, why don't you ask gramps?” Konohamaru said as he put on his yellow t-shirt and gray hat, then grabbed his blue scarf which was the last piece of his regular outfit.


“I did, he told me he was too tired to talk to brats right now” Naruto said with a frown “I'm not leaving here until I have gotten him back for that comment”


Konohamaru nodded “I'm in, let's fuck up that lousy old man kore!” he said as he walked towards his closet “I got some itchy powder we can mix in with some smoke bombs to throw at him kore!”


“Great, get all of it. I will fill up a bucket of water to wake him up with before you throw the smokebombs at him dattebayo!” Naruto said with a mischievous grin that reminded Konohamaru a lot of Kushina's mischievous grin, at least he knew where Naruto got it from. As Naruto left the room to get the bucket, Konohamaru filled a few smoke bombs with the itchy powder.


“Hehehe, you deserve what's coming for you gramps!” Konohamaru spoke to himself as he headed out towards the hall way, carrying the smoke bombs. Naruto arrived next to him a moment later, with a large bucket filled to the brim with water.


“Let's go shrimp” Naruto said as they walked down the hallway towards Hiruzen's bedroom located the furthest back of the house. Konohamaru opened the door for Naruto who jumped inside and then threw the water over Hiruzen who had just fallen asleep a few minutes before.


“Take this old man, that's what you get for calling me a brat dattebayo!” Naruto yelled.


“Fucking hell, what are you doing Naruto!?” Hiruzen yelled as Konohamaru threw all the smokebombs into the room while Naruto sneaked out of there.


“Are you both retarded!?”


“Yeah take that kore, fuck you old man!” Konohamaru said grinning from ear to ear as he hid behind Naruto, knowing fully well that his grandpa could still surprise attack them and take them both down if he wanted to.


Hiruzen laid coughing in his bed, scratching the itch of his whole body “Damnit brats, I'm gonna kill you for this!” he said as he stood up, only wearing his old man underwear.


“Run Konohamaru, let me deal with him” Naruto said as he stood at the door way.


“Okay boss!” Konohamaru said, running down to the front door where he stopped to see what Naruto would do.


Naruto created what looked to be around 10 shadow clones of himself, which Hiruzen could see once the smoke disappeared.


“You think you can take me on brat?” Hiruzen asked with a clenched fist “I won't go easy on you this time!”


“Henge, Harem no Jutsu!” Naruto said (basically means Transformation, Harem Technique) as he and all of his clones transformed into a female version of himself, that was completely naked, that he had created. The old man flew back into the wall of his bedroom, with a nosebleed shooting out of his nose, as he hit the back of his head into the wall, knocking him out.


Naruto's clone disappeared as Naruto returned to normal, walking down the hallway towards Konohamaru with a proud smirk.


“Easy enough” He said.


“That was amazing boss! You knocked out the old man with one move, you have to teach me that kore!” Konohamaru said with an expression of awe.


Naruto opened the front door as the two of them stepped outside “Let's go, Ero-sennin should be waiting for us”


Konohamaru nodded as the two of them began running down the street before heading into Naruto's family's very large backyard where Jiraiya lived in his house somewhere in the middle of said backyard. Jiraiya lived out there for many reasons, one reason being that he didn't have to buy the land where he built his house upon. It didn't matter that he is very rich, he is still a cheap bastard. Another reason is that he didn't have an official address and that made it harder for people to find his home. He didn't want people to come looking for him, in fact the only people he would want a visit from, are so few that he could count them on the fingers of one hand.


As they were halfway there, Konohamaru decided to ask on what he saw last weekend at the Yamanaka's summer home.


“Boss, I know it's none of my business but do you remember when I saw you with Kurenai-san last week?” Konohamaru asked as he tried to keep up with Naruto who ran in front of him.


Naruto turned his head slightly to stare back at him “I don't mind if you ask, you seem to have kept it a secret so far. What you saw was me and my girlfriend having some fun dattebayo!”


“So she is your girlfriend then? What about my uncle Asuma?” Konohamaru asked.


Naruto shrugged “I don't really know the details about that, I try to ask as little as possible when it comes to Asuma since Kurenai-chan seems to outright hate him for some reason. The only thing I know is that she does not like your uncle that way, sorry”


Konohamaru chuckled “I don't really care about that, uncle Asuma has always been lame, that's what grandpa always tells me. Way to go by the way, Kurenai-san is a fine woman!”


“Thanks, I'm also dating Anko-chan, just so you know” Naruto said with a toothy grin.


“What!? “ Konohamaru yelled “Even though she is a mean old hag I must admit she is a sexy woman. Dating two women like that? I guess that's to be expected of our boss kore!”


“I guess so” Naruto said as the two of them had arrived outside Jiraiya's house where the first thing they saw was their friend and Konohamaru's most common victim of his pranks, Sakura, leaving his home. She wore her regular outfit, but there was one slight difference to her normal looks that both Naruto and Konohamaru noted. Her hair was messy as hell and she had red marks on her neck. That was not a common thing to see since both she and Ino and a few other girls are very shallow and care very much about their looks.


“H-hey Naruto-kun” Sakura said with a shy smile, she then frowned as she spat out “And Konohamaru-kun..”


“Hey Sakura-chan, why don't you bring that cute behind over here?” Konohamaru said with an eye wink.


Before Sakura could retort loudly, Naruto said “What are you doing here and is Ero-sennin awake?”


Sakura scratched the back of her head “Oh I was just here to get some training advice before I go meet up with my new sensei, Tsunade-sama. And yes he is awake”


“You're training with Granny?” Naruto asked with a chuckle “I pity you”


Sakura's hung her shoulders as she stared into the ground depressingly “Yes, that woman doesn't know the meaning of going easy on someone, I don't even get Sunday's off shannaro!”


Konohamaru walked over to her and tapped her behind with an open palm quickly “Well you should better get going then, we real ninja need to train now and this training is for boys only kore!”


Sakura gritted her teeth “I was going to” she said before turning to Naruto “Bye Naruto-kun, see you in school tomorrow!” she said with a sweet smile before she left.


Naruto and Konohamaru then walked up to the front door, as Naruto grabbed the door handle, Konohamaru said “Did you see her hair, what's up with that?”


“Morning hair probably? Maybe she didn't have time to fix her hair before training with that old hag today” Naruto said while scratching the back of his with his free hand. Konohamaru couldn't help but think that Naruto was thinking something else by how thoughtful he looked. He also seemed almost surprised to see Sakura there when they arrived.


“Yeah you are probably right as always boss!” Konohamaru said as the two of them marched into Jiraiya's house. They found Jiraiya sitting on a chair in his kitchen at the kitchen table, still wearing his blue pajamas.


“Good morning Ero-sennin!” Konohamaru said with a toothy grin.


“Mornings brats” Jiraiya said, taking a sip of his coffee “Did you see that girl when you arrived, why does she never leave me alone?” he asked in a sulking manner.


“We can talk about that another time” Naruto said giving Jiraiya a serious look “But now, why don't you get ready, we should have been out training five minutes ago!” he yelled.


“Oh jeez, calm your tits!” Jiraiya said as he grabbed two pieces of paper from the kitchen table “I already got your training assignments for today ready. Grab a pair of earphones and microphones then head out. I will join you shortly”


An half an hour later, Konohamaru was sitting in a very large tree, looking into windows of apartments part of the apartment block where Kurenai, Anko, Kakashi and many others lived. His first “training assignment” was to look into every window to see if he could find a scene that Jiraiya could use as reference material.


“Nothing here so far, over” Konohamaru spoke into his microphone.


“Keep looking brat! I have the best view right now on top of the bathhouse roof. There are some really nice civilian women with amazing bodies bathing right now hehehe!” Jiraiya said as he laughed perversely into the microphone at the end. “What about you, Naruto?” Jiraiya asked.


“Only babe around here is Ayame-nee, she is appropriately dressed for a ramen chef. The ramen is great though” Naruto said in a bored tone.


“Stop eating ramen! Your assignment was to see if any babes would be bathing down at the river!” Jiraiya yelled. “Shit, they saw me because of you, now I have to move location. Good going brat!” Jiraiya yelled even louder.


Konohamaru chuckled as he listened in on them. This happened every week but was just as funny every time.


“We might as well do some real training now” Jiraiya said as the two of them could hear him huff through the microphone.


“Wait” Konohamaru said as he saw something that would qualify as reference material.


“That big eyebrow guy that gramps tells me to stay away from is having sex with a young brown haired girl in one of the apartments” Konohamaru said.


“What, wait right there I will come to you!” Jiraiya said in an excited tone.


“Big eyebrow guy? I hope you're not talking about big eyebrow-sensei” Naruto said in a disgusted tone.


“Yeah that's him, the funny looking guy” Konohamaru said as he watched the freaky man thrust into a girl, with brown hair, who appeared younger than him, missionary style on a bed. Konohamaru couldn't tell who the girl was other than somehow recognizing her face from somewhere. He couldn't think on a name for the face to figure out who she is though.


“Maito Guy? Fucking hell, that's not something anyone want to see. Get out of there, let's just go meet up back at my house again!” Jiraiya said in an equally disgusted tone.


“How does a man like him get laid anyway?” Naruto wondered out loud.


“There are some very strange women in this world, my boy.” Jiraiya spoke sagely.


“Yeah like Sakura right? I especially think those red bruise marks I saw on her neck this morning to be very strange dattebayo..” Naruto responded.


“Yeah ha ha, she is a strange one..” Jiraiya said, sounding a bit worried.


“She told me she had a boyfriend, maybe that guy has been kissing her neck kore?” Konohamaru asked.


“Maybe he has” Naruto said with a chuckle.


Jiraiya cleared his throat into the microphone “Just get back here now.. And Naruto you and me need to talk later..”


Naruto just laughed into the microphone as a response as Konohamaru wondered what was so funny. He joined in and laughed at Jiraiya though, since it seemed right and since his boss was doing it.

They spent the next ten hours, until 8 PM, training under Jiraiya's supervision. He had gone harder on them than usual today. Even Naruto, who just like Konohamaru was short on sleep, seemed tired once they were done.


“Fuck I'm tired, I'll just sleep here tonight Ero-sennin” Naruto said as Konohamaru was getting ready to head back.


“You might as well, we have that thing to talk about” Jiraiya said narrowing his eyes at Naruto.


Naruto sighed “Yeah I want to hear the story, let me get something to drink first”


“Hey I'm gonna go home now” Konohamaru said to them who both seemed to have forgotten that he was still there.


“You better shape up Kon, first you are late and then you train like you are a tired old man. It's embarrassing to be seen with you” Naruto said, then added with an evil grin “I guess I have to tell my mom to stop going easy on you guys”


“Trust me, she isn't going easy on me. That's the reason why I'm so tired” Konohamaru said. That was true but Naruto didn't know the full context of that.


“Why are you still here? Go home and sleep you look like you are about to pass out” Jiraiya said shooing him off like if he was some kind of insect.


“Bye!” Konohamaru said, forcing himself to sound cheerful even though he just wanted to go find a bed and sleep. He then made his way back to the street between his and Naruto's house. Once he reached Naruto's house he wondered if he should give Kushina a quick visit. From outside the backyard he glanced into the big windows where he could see parts of the living room, hall way and kitchen from. He saw Minato sitting in the living room, reading a newspaper but didn't see Kushina anywhere downstairs. He glanced up at the windows upstairs as well. The curtains still covered the window to their bedroom. In the window next to it, he saw Kushina's shadow. She was in that large room where she practiced her dances, had her large mirrors, her closet for all her clothes and so on. It was like her private lite room for a bit of everything.


At least he knew that she was at home now, but would she even want him to visit now since Minato is home and awake? If he knocked on the door, Minato would be the one to answer it most likely since he is the one downstairs. What would he say to him, he wondered. Then he remembered that he actually had a pretty good excuse to come visit her. He is her student, he could come asking for training advice or something like that. With a smirk, he went around the house then up to the front door and knocked on it. A moment later, Minato opened the door as expected, staring at him with a kind smile.


“Hey Konohamaru-kun, Naruto is not home yet” Minato said.


“Hi Hokage-sama, I know we just got done training with Ero-sennin, he is sleeping in the perverts house tonight” Konohamaru said then added “I'm here to see Kushina-cha..” Konohamaru eyes widened as she quickly corrected himself “-Sensei since I'm struggling with drawing some of the seals she wants us to work on”


“Oh yeah, I heard about that. You know the three of you are really lucky to have Kushina as a sensei, she is the best seal user in Konoha” Minato said with a smile before he turned around “Why don't you come inside, I will go find her for you”


“Okay” Konohamaru said as Minato let him in. “You can wait in the living room” Minato said as he started walking up the stairs. Konohamaru sat down on the couch where Minato had been sitting on earlier, the same couch where Minato had slept on yesterday when Kushina gave Konohamaru a wonderful blowjob in front of him as he slept.


Minato came down a minute later, his kind smile ever so present. He scratched the back of his head as he said “She asked me to send you upstairs, she is in the big room next to the bathroom”


“Okay thanks” Konohamaru said as he ran past the hokage, feeling his heartbeat raise a bit as he did so. Minato was after all the strongest guy in the village. He is also the ninja that Konohamaru looks up to the most and is someone Konohamaru wants to surpass. It felt a little strange that he was now sneaking around inside this powerful mans house, with his wife who is now his own girlfriend. Konohamaru knew what room she was in since he had seen her shadow from outside earlier. The door was closed so he opened it and stepped inside with a cheeky grin.


“Hi Kushina-chan” He said quietly as the woman stood with her back to him, but he could still see her face since she was looking into a large mirror. She wore her regular green housewife dress and white blouse.


“Ara Ara” Kushina said in a flirty way “I heard you needed advice on seals? And here I thought you were ahead of Moegi-chan and Udon-kun already” she said as she turned around, licking her lips.


Konohamaru sat down on a chair to the side and said “I just wanted to see you for a while, I'm really tired after training today. I barely got three hours of sleep”


“Oh I'm sorry for keeping you up so late ttebane” Kushina said as she leaned down to stare into his eyes, she then sniffed the air and held her nose “No offense but you smell horrible Kon-kun, just how much training did you do with Naruto and that old pervert today?”


Konohamaru sighed “Sorry about that, the boss somehow pissed off Ero-sennin and he decided to take it out on the both of us. We did actual ninja training the whole day today, instead of you know, regular Ero-sennin training” he ended with a chuckle. Kushina then gave him a quick french kiss, before she stood up straight, she then smiled down at Konohamaru “Well well, looks like Jiraiya-sensei finally did something useful. You on the other hand must be exhausted since we stayed up so late last night ttebane” she said, blushing as she thought back on some of the moments of yesterday.


“Yeah” Konohamaru said with a grin as he stood up, then put his arms around Kushina's waist and placed his hands on her bum “I wanted to see you before I go back home to sleep”


“Mmhm” Kushina moaned quietly as she hugged him back with one arm while the other played with the hair that stuck out of the hole of Konohamaru's gray hat.


“Did you come for a booty call? A quicky before bed hmm?” Kushina asked in a playful tone.


Konohamaru giggled as he let go of her and stared up at her “Like I said, I just wanted to see you, but I don't mind the sound of that kore”


Kushina shook her head “Sorry I'm not doing that, especially since you smell worse than a wet dog” she said teasingly.


Konohamaru pouted as he sat down on the chair again.


“Besides, I think we shouldn't do that every day. I feel like we already rushed some things in our relationship, at least its rushed compared to what I'm used to” Kushina said which had Konohamaru pout even more “Are you saying we aren't going to have sex anymore?” he asked in a way that Kushina found to be adorable. She fought the urge to get on top of him and ride him on that chair.


“Of course not, what I'm saying is maybe it's a good for the future of our relationship if we didn't do that every day. I'm in this for the long run, I don't want this to be just a short lasting affair ttebane” Kushina said as she sat down in Konohamaru's lap and placed her thumb on his chin, guiding him to stare at her, into her eyes.


“Don't you agree?” She asked with a cute blush.


Konohamaru nodded with a slight blush of his own “I agree with wanting a long lasting relationship but I don't see why we can't have sex when we want to”


Kushina giggled “I wasn't saying that we are never going to have sex again. How about this, if you promise to work hard this week in training, to get yourself prepared to become the leader of your future three man cell with Udon-kun and Moegi-chan, I will reward you with whatever you want on Friday after our date” she said with that signature naughty smile of hers which made Konohamaru's heartbeat raise. Kushina then leaned in and whispered “Depending on your performance this week, I will spend the whole weekend with you ttebane!”


“Okay kore! You got it, I will show you what I'm made of and then I will come take you out on that date you want on Friday kore!” Konohamaru said with a confident grin. Konohamaru then sighed “I guess I will go home and get some rest then”


“Already?” Kushina asked as she got off of Konohamaru in favor of sitting on the floor in front of him.


“Yah, well you didn't want to do you know, so if we are just hanging around we can do that when I'm not so tired right?” Konohamaru said scratching the back of his head.


“Okay” Kushina said that same naughty smile “Unless you want to stick around for a another twenty minutes so I can suck your cock?”


“W-what, but you just said we wouldn't be doing that until Friday?” Konohamaru said, before slapping himself on his forehead “Forget I said that” he then pulled down his shorts and boxer shorts in one go. Kushina licked her lips as Konohamaru's hard, giant member poked against her cheek as soon as it got released.


“That's just for fucking, we can still make out and do other stuff like this whenever we want” Kushina said with a giggle which had Konohamaru join her as he chuckled as well.


“I love it when you talk like that, Kushina-chan” Konohamaru said as he leaned back and let Kushina get to work, or practice as she calls it since she hasn't accepted her blowjobs as being a real blowjob until she has learned to take his full size inside her mouth. She started the same way she always did by pressing the tip into her cheek while staring at Konohamaru with glowing, playful eyes. “You have beautiful eyes, do you know that kore?” Konohamaru said.


Kushina gave him an eye wink, she then licked the tip of the dick and then moved slowly further down his length, varying with licking along his girth and giving it kisses. She then started suckling on the tip of his dick, teasingly as she stared at him the same way.


“Ah, your mouth feels so good Kushina-chan!” Konohoamaru spoke loudly as he rested one hand behind her head as Kushina started to move faster as she took more of his length inside her wet, warm mouth. As Kushina tried to force his thick cock down her throat, her saliva gurgled out of her mouth, Konohamaru caressed her cheek and smiled at her. She let more saliva then usual spill out of her mouth as she was trying to clean his dick and get rid of the taste of sweat at the same time.


“Why don't you use your big tits for the rest of it? They should cover more than half of my dick kore!” Konohamaru suggested. Kushina freed Konohamaru's cock from her wet folds with a quiet plopping sound, as she stared at him “What do you mean?”


“You know, like a tit job?” Konohamaru said while scratching the back of his head. He got the idea from a porn mag that Naruto had shown him a few months ago.


“I think you can do both at the same time, considering how big my freakish dick is” Konohamaru said.


Kushina shook her head “You are just trying to get me out of my clothes, aren't ya?” she said before she took his dick in her mouth again.


“Oh!” Konohamaru moaned as he guided her back and forth with his hand “No I was just trying to help out since you seem to think that your blowjobs aren't good enough. I can honestly say you give the best blowjobs I have ever had and I'm surely not complaining kore!”


Kushina pulled back to allow her to talk again “I'll consider it for next time, for now just tell me when you are about to cum ttebane!” she said before she got back to what she was doing.


Konohamaru's closed his eyes as he rested his hand on the back of her head, letting her do all the work “Mmh, you love sucking my dick don't you?”


“Uh-huh” Kushina responded which caused her saliva to spill out of her mouth onto the floor. Kushina began using her right hand to jerk him from the base up till about half of his length which was the part of his dick that she couldn't get inside her mouth yet. She started using both hands for that since she couldn't get her fingers around it, while speeding up her head movement and jerking at the same time. The faster she sucked and jerked him, the louder both she and Konohamaru got. She kept that up for a minute as they stared into each others eyes, Konohamaru grinning down at her as they did so.


“Fuck I'm gonna cum!” Konohamaru announced which caused Kushina to take him out of his mouth.

“Cum on my face ttebane!” she said in an excited tone as she kept moving her hands along his length. Kushina was very excited about getting to cum on her face, while Minato was downstairs. She wondered what he would think if he saw it, considering he never let her do anything close to this. After waiting another ten seconds, Kushina took the tip of his dick inside her mouth again, as she wanted to speed the process up. Konohamaru came instantly as she did so, squirting the first stream of his cum inside her mouth. Kushina quickly took him out of her mouth and pointed the tip of his dick against towards her face.


“Oh shit, here it comes kore!” Konohamaru said as Kushina moaned quietly “That's it, cum on my face baby!”


Konohamaru's continued to squirt his cum on her face, covering her nose, cheeks and even parts of her chin. It dripped down her face down to her lips and chin. Kushina licked her lips, licking up the cum closest to her mouth as she did so.


“Yummy” She said before standing up. She moved over to that large mirror where she had been standing before, staring into it with a naughty smile.


“I wonder what Minato would say if he saw me like this ttebane” Kushina said in a naughty tone which had Konohamaru chuckle. Konohamaru then pulled up his pants while Kushina walked back to him. She sat down in front of him and used two of her fingers to scoop up the cum on her face, then licking it off of her fingers in front of him.


“Mmhm, it's so tasty ttebane!” she said in that same naughty tone.


“Hehehe!” Konohamaru giggled as he watched her.


Once Kushina was done, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek and said “See you tomorrow at training, and remember if you ever feel like I'm pushing you too hard, just remember that I am going to reward your hard work tenfold” she ended with an eye wink.


Konohamaru stood up with a nod “You don't have to worry about that, all I need now is a good nights rest so that I can train even more tomorrow kore!”


“That's the spirit” Kushina said with a smile, watching Konohamaru moving over to the door “I love you” she said as he opened it.


“I love you too” Konohamaru said with a wide smile before closing the door behind him. He then ran downstairs, running past and waving good bye to the husband of his secret girlfriend as he did so, before heading home.


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