Sarutobi and Uzumaki

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Chapter 11


Kushina couldn't help but smile when she woke up at around 8 AM, the next day. Konohamaru's arms still held her gently, as he laid behind her. His morning wood was resting against her butt and her lower back, the under side of the length of his dick pressing against her skin. Kushina just laid there, thinking for a while as she took Konohamaru's hand in her own. She thought that Yesterday had been both wonderful and a bit strange. The woman that Kushina had been in bed with Konohamaru yesterday, was something new to her. That was more like the woman she was in her sexual fantasies with Naruto, rather than what she normally is.


The sex yesterday had been truly amazing and exactly what Kushina needed. It wasn't that Konohamaru was an amazing lover, who had mastered the art of sex in one night. It was more so that she needed it so badly and she was very excited to test some new things. The sex could only get better from here, as both she and Konohamaru gets more experience as lovers. She was not satisfied with her mediocre blowjob, if you can call it that, that she gave him yesterday. That was one thing she had to practice, and she doubted Konohamaru would mind helping her with that.


Kushina moaned as she felt Konohamaru's right hand reach for her breasts “Good morning, Kushina-chan” he whispered into her ears.


Kushina turned around to face him, while at the same time grabbing a hold of that morning wood that had been pressing against her, then slowly jerked him off.


“Good morning, baby” she said with a naughty smile. Konohamaru groped her breasts with both hands as the two of them met for a kiss. That kiss turned into a lengthy make out session, starting another one of their now regular tongue wrestling matches while they felt each other up simultaneously. Kushina broke of their make out session as she got out of the bed “We should take a shower and get ready for the day” she said as Konohamaru nodded before jumping out of the bed as well. He stood next to Kushina, both butt naked as they stared at each other with perverted grins.


“But first” Kushina said as she created a shadow clone, which wore her jounin outfit that she had worn yesterday “Just in case Moegi and Udon gets up early and comes looking for us” she said with an eye wink. The clone then left the room and headed out towards the hotel's lobby where it would wait for either Moegi or Udon to show up. The real Kushina then walked towards the bathroom, swaying her hips teasingly as she did so, while Konohamaru stared at her back.


“You can go first then, I'll shower after you kore!” Konohamaru said with a wide grin, taking in the great view.


Kushina glanced backwards “What are you saying, just join me in the shower ttebane!” she said with a loud laugh.


“Okay!” Konohamaru said excitedly, as he ran into the bathroom to join her. The two of them entered the very large shower cabinet and let the water wash them clean. Konohamaru covered Kushina's whole body with some kind of soap or body wash that she had handed him, giving extra attention to her chest, ass and thighs, while she applied shampoo to his hair. Kushina then sat down on her knees as they swapped duties, as she covered his body in soap while he applied shampoo into her very lengthy hair. Kushina gave as much attention to his penis as he had done to her privates earlier, as she pretty much gave him a hand job while they washed each other. She didn't let him cum though, that was something that would have to wait for a while as she was going to use this chance to practice her blowjob skills. After rinsing their bodies, while making out in the shower, the two of them moved over to the very large, heart shaped, bubble pool. Kushina asked Konohamaru to sit down on the edge of the bubble pool as she sat down in the water, in between his legs.


Kushina smirked while she stared up at Konohamaru, as she rubbed his dick gently, while pressing the tip of it against her cheek. Konohamaru leaned back and just enjoyed the feeling of Kushina's pecks against the tip of his dick before she took it into her mouth.


“Ah damn!” Konohamaru moaned “That feels so good, Kushina-chan!”


“Mmhm!” was Kushina's response as she bopped her head back and forth, trying to take more of his length down her throat than she was able to do yesterday. That proved to be much harder than she thought. The impressive length of his dick was one thing, but that wasn't the main problem as she could probably get more of it down her throat if it weren't for how thick his dick is. Unknowingly to Kushina, while Konohamaru's dick is slightly shorter than Jiraiya and Naruto's, it's the thickest one out of the three. That is quite impressive considering that both Jiraiya and Naruto's are much thicker and longer than the penis of a normal sized man. It wasn't so much that Kushina was bad at “deep throating”, the problem was more that she had the thickest dick in Konoha, and most likely in the elemental nations, to get down her throat. She had no success this time, as after a mere two minutes, Konohamaru said “Shit, I'm gonna cum, Kushina-chan!”.


Just like yesterday, he came inside her mouth, but this time Kushina was ready for it as she sucked as hard as she could on the tip of his dick, while swallowing every drop of his cum. Kushina giggled as she kept licking the tip of his dick as Konohamaru panted and jerked his body slightly every time her tongue touched his sensitive mushroom head. After having her fun, she motioned for Konohamaru to sit down next to her in the bubble pool.


“I don't believe you have never done that before, because that felt amazing kore!” Konohamaru said with a huge grin. Kushina grinned as well, as she sat down in his lap, with her back against him, placing his member in between her thighs as she rubbed them against his length “I won't be satisfied until I have taken your full size inside my mouth, I hope you will allow me to practice on you a lot, Kon-kun!”


Konohamaru smirked “Of course!” he said with a perverted laugh as he started playing with her breasts. The two of them then fooled around a bit in the bubble pool for a while before heading out of the bathroom to get dressed. Kushina's clone had dispelled and delivered information to her on Moegi and Udon, who are waiting for them in the lobby. The clone had first told them that she was going to get Konohamaru and also pick up a few things they would be using in their morning training.


Konohamaru had quickly put his clothes on and was now watching Kushina as she stood in front of a mirror, with only her underwear on. She was putting on her jounin outfit again. Once she was done, she said “How do I look?” while posing.


“Great as always” Konohamaru said with a warm smile as he walked up to her “Except for that pony tail, I prefer you with your usual hairstyle”


“Is that so?” Kushina said with a smirk as she reached for her hairband and let her hair free “Hair down it is then ttebane!” she said as she swung her head a couple of times before leaning down to give Konohamaru a kiss. She then stared at herself in the mirror again. She had to agree with Konohamaru, she looked better with her hair down. The only reason she sometimes put up her hair into a ponytail was because Minato said she looked good in it.


“You should meet up with your teammates now, I will join you shortly, I just need to prepare a few things” Kushina said as she went over to the bed to grab her backpack.


“Yes, sensei!” Konohamaru said with a halfhearted saluted which had Kushina throw a pillow at him “Don't call me that!”


Konohamaru chuckled as he closed the door behind him, heading out to meet up with Moegi and Udon in the lobby. He found Moegi sitting on a couch, alone, in the lobby.


“Good morning, Moegi-chan” Konohamaru said with a proud smirk as he sat down next to her.


“Good morning” Moegi said eyeing him with a set of calculating eyes “You seem in a good mood”


“How can I not be” Konohamaru said as he leaned into her and whispered “I had sex with Kushina-chan last night after all”


“What, no way!” Moegi said with an open mouth, staring at him in disbelief.


Konohamaru chuckled “It's the truth, why would I lie about that now? You are the only one I talk to about this”


Moegi smiled “It's not that I don't believe you, it's just still a bit hard to comprehend that you and Kushina-sensei are together in that way”


Konohamaru nodded “I can see why, I still can't believe this is happening. But I will tell you more about that another time, in case Udon or someone else overhears us”


“Okay” Moegi said with a wide smile “Congratulations on being the first of us three to lose your virginity”


“Heh, thanks” Konohamaru said with a light shake of his head, he then looked around the lobby “Where is Udon anyway?”


“Bathroom” Moegi said as Udon came into their view, walking through the hallway as he headed towards them. When Udon returned, the topic changed to ninja training and techniques as they wait for Kushina. Kushina arrived ten minutes later, with her hair down the way Konohamaru had asked her to, while grinning from ear to ear, similar to how Konohamaru done earlier.


Kushina then asked her future genin to follow her outside to continue their training. They went to the same spot where they had trained yesterday. Instead of ordering them to run laps or do push ups, Kushina brought out a pencil along with a few sets of scrolls.


“I'm giving you all an assignment or homework if you will. Using these scrolls I want you to practice two different kinds of seals. First one is avery basic seal, the explosion tag seal” Kushina said as she quickly drew the symbols for an explosion tag and ripped that part of the paper off of the scroll.


She held it up for the three of them to see “Is there anyone here that can already create these?” Kushina asked.


Konohamaru raised one arm “Yes Kushina-chan, my grandfather already taught me how to create those and me and Naruto like to throw them at Ero-sennin when we're bored”


Kushina chuckled “That's a good use for them, these are designed to be used against your enemy. Since Jiraiya-sama is the enemy to all women, you are doing us all a favor”


Konohamaru nodded giving Kushina a thumbs up as Udon scratched the back of his head while taking notes. Moegi on the other hand was thinking “Eh, she isn't going to correct him on that suffix or what? And why doesn't Udon-chan seem to care?”


“How about you, Moegi-chan and Udon-kun, do you have any experience with drawing seals?” Kushina asked.


Both of them shook their heads as an answer “Okay, then I will show you both how to create them later and you will have until Friday to show me that you've learned it” Kushina said before drawing another set of symbols to create another seal. She removed that part of the paper from the scroll as well and held it up “How about this one, do any of you recognize this?”


“No sensei” Moegi said as Konohamaru shook his head “Nah, the explosion tag is the only seal I've learned”


“That's a sound isolation seal I think” Udon said, staring at it in thought.


“That's right, have you had any experience with these Udon-kun?” Kushina asked.


Udon shook his head “Not personally, I have just seen them before”


Moegi stared at Udon with suspicious eyes as Kushina spoke


“Okay, let me explain how this sound isolation seal works. It's a seal that can be used both during missions but also in your regular daily life at home” Kushina smirked as she turned to Konohamaru “Konohamaru-kun, help me show them how it works”


“Okay” Konohamaru said as he stepped forward. Kushina then drew three more identical seals on that scroll before seperating into three more sound isolation seal tags. She then placed on of those tags on top of Konohamaru's forehead.


“Tell your teammates what your name is” Kushina told Konohamaru who said “I'm Sarutobi Konohamaru” in a very low tone due, almost as quiet as a whisper. Konohamaru's eyes widened, he had been talking normally “Hey this thing actually works!” he spoke excitedly.


“What's that Konohamaru-chan, I can't hear you?” Moegi asked as Kushina placed all four tags on Konohamaru.


“Now tell your teammates how you spent your night” Kushina whispered into his ear “Yell it out”


Konohamaru tried to yell from the top of his lungs, that he had been spending the night together with Kushina, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn't make a sound.


“I FUCKED KUSHINA-CHAN LAST NIGHT!” He tried to yell as Kushina giggled at him. Udon stared at Konohamaru with a raised eyebrow “I'm not much of a lip reader, Konohamaru-chan”


Moegi shook her head “It's the seals, it's preventing him from making any sound, right sensei?”


“Right!” Kushina said as she leaned down and whispered “Okay, that's enough, remember a gentleman never speaks of what women he lays with” she said before removing the tags.


Konohamaru just grinned as he went back to standing next to his teammates “Wow, that's a pretty damn cool seal, Kushina-chan!” he said while resting his arms behind his head.


“Yes and a very useful seal, especially for someone who wants to become a master at stealth, right Moegi-chan?” Kushina asked as the girl nodded with a grin.


“Like I said earlier, it's also useful in your every day life, as you can use it on objects, floor and walls if you were to do something that would normally be noisy and want to reduce that noise. For example, if you live in an apartment block and you are about to move furniture but don't want to trouble your neighbors, you can use these on your walls and your floor to isolate the noise” Kushina said as she held up the tag, staring at her students with a smirk “Or any other activity that may get noisy” she said with an eye wink.


Konohamaru definitely understood what she meant by that and so did Moegi. She sweat dropped as she realized why Udon had seen those tags before, Tsunade must have been using them in his room whenever she visits, that's probably how they get away with it.


“Learning how to create your own explosion tags and the sound isolation tags will be your homework for this week. As I said earlier, you have until Friday afternoon which is when I expect all three of you to be able to show me that you can draw these. Since Konohamaru-kun already knows how to create an explosion tag, I expect you to be the fastest one to draw them come Friday, which means that you still have to practice drawing them”


“Yes sensei” Moegi and Udon said while Konohamaru grunted “Yes, Kushina-chan” this time, Udon did turn to stare at him, raising an eyebrow “Call her by the proper suffix, Konohamaru-chan. That's Naruto's mom you know”


Kushina waved him off “Don't worry about that, I asked him to call me that since we've been friends for such a long time”


“I see, sorry for butting in Kushina-sensei” Udon said.


“Don't worry about it, normally you would be right and had it been anyone else calling me by such a familiar suffix, I would have reprimanded them myself”


Udon nodded before Kushina grinned from ear to ear “Now lets start training, we don't have much time left before we have to get back to Konoha again. Start with ten laps around the village!” Kushina cheered as she took the lead while her students, whose legs still ached from their training from yesterday, followed her lead with questionable enthusiasm.


Several hours later, at 4 PM, Kushina and her now very tired team had returned to Konoha. They had been training for several hours, from morning to afternoon. Before leaving the luxurious village, Kushina had her team help her shop as she bought several different expensive ingredients for the dinner she was going to cook for her and Minato once she gets home. After they were done shopping, they spent the past two hours running back to Konoha, that way they got a little extra training in.


After saying good bye to Konohamaru and Kushina, who were heading the same way for several reasons, mainly because they live on the same street, a very tired Moegi was supporting an even more tired Udon, on their way back to his house. She thought that now that she was alone with Udon, as she helped him get home, was a good time to let him know that she knows about him and Tsunade.


“You better rest when you get home if you plan on seeing Tsunade-sama tonight” Moegi said with a teasing smirk.


“What?” Udon said, raising his head enough to stare at her “Tsunade-sama as in the female member of the sannin? Why would I need to see her tonight?” Udon asked, trying to act calm.


Moegi sighed “You don't have to lie Udon-chan, I have seen the two of you together many times. I think you know exactly what I mean”


Udon frowned “Have you been spying on us?” he asked.


Moegi nodded “Of course, it's my specialty after all!” she said in a cheery tone.


“Shit!” Udon said, face palming “Now the whole village is gonna know, she said we had to keep it secret for a while!”


Moegi giggled, he reacted pretty much the same way Konohamaru did when Moegi found out about him and Kushina. She couldn't exactly blame them though, she was part of the group of Konoha's most notorious gossipers after all.


“Don't worry, I'm not telling anyone. The reason I told you now that I know about you and her is that I have a few shocking secrets that I'm sitting on myself. I need someone I can trust to talk to about them” Moegi said as they reached the road that led up to Udon's parents house.


“They can't be more shocking than Tsunade-sama being my girlfriend” Udon said with a chuckle.


“I don't know about that, I have seen and heard about a lot of incredible things this past week. I can tell you all about them as long as you promise not to talk about it with anyone except myself, and I promise I will keep your secret and you can talk to me about your relationship with Tsunade-sama” Moegi said.


As they reached the front door of Udon's house, Udon nodded as he let go of Moegi who he had used as support the whole way back “Deal, I will keep your secrets as long as you keep mine, and I will listen to anything you want to share, Moegi-chan”


“Great” Moegi said with a kind smile as she stretched her arms above her head “But that will have to wait until tomorrow, I need to get home and rest as well”


After that Moegi went home to get some rest before she would head out to spy on some interesting people in the village, later tonight.She left Udon who slowly made his way towards his room to drop himself on his bed for a nap. A bit later, Kushina and Konohamaru had made it to the street where both of their houses are located. It had taken them quite a while to get back there since they had found a place to make out for a while, away from prying eyes, on their way back. They got to Konohamaru and Hiruzen's house first as it was closer to the village. Kushina walked him all the way to the door as she planned to kiss him good bye. Those plans got changed when she saw her good friend Uchiha Mikoto wave to her through the kitchen window. Mikoto was inside the kitchen teaching a grumpy Hanabi to cook again.


Kushina waved back at Mikoto with a smile, before leaning down to whisper into Konohamaru's ear “Do you want to come over at around 9?”


“I thought you were celebrating your anniversary with Hokage-sama tonight” Konohamaru said.


Kushina giggled as she spoke “I fear that won't take more than a few hours, besides, the real celebration will start when you arrive dattebane!”


“I will be there” Konohamaru said with a grin as Kushina gave him a quick peck on the lips and said “See you later” before leaving. As Kushina walked further down the street, Konohamaru went to take a nap to get some much needed the rest. He would probably need it for what Kushina has in mind for this evening.


When Kushina got back, the first thing she saw when she stepped inside the front door were Naruto and Kurenai making out, confirming her suspicions about Kurenai. Naruto and Kurenai had the house all for themselves last night since Kushina was away with her team while Minato was spending the night in Ino's room.


“I'm back” Kushina said with an angry frown, causing the two lovebirds to stare at her. Naruto stared at her with a slightly fearful expression while Kurenai seemed to be slightly amused.


“Hey mom, I eh well, uhh..” Naruto said trying to figure out what to say before he shrugged “Well shit, I guess its no point in hiding it from you any longer. Mom, Kurenai-chan is my girl dattebayo!”


Kurenai's amused expression grew from slightly amused to very amused as Kushina gained a tic mark on her forehead due to her anger “I can see that!” she said through gritted teeth.


“Great, well I'm gonna sleep at Jiraiya's tonight as to let you and dad celebrate your anniversary alone” Naruto said with a nervous smile as he grabbed Kurenai's hand and started walking towards the front door with her.


“At Jiraiya's?” Kushina asked while rolling her eyes “As you said earlier, there is no point in lying now Naruto, just say that you are sleeping at Kurenai's”


Naruto turned to stare at the annoyed red head while gulping “So you are okay with this? You aren't going to murder us?” he asked nervously.


“I haven't decided on that yet” Kushina said with an angry glare “I would like to talk to Kurenai-san alone before you leave”


“Mom, please don't..” Naruto said with Kurenai interrupted her “It's fine Naruto-kun” she said giving him her apartment keys “Why don't you go ahead and warm the bed for us, I will join you shortly” she said, then kissed him in front of Kushina. Kushina gasped at how bold Kurenai was and the fact that she seemed completely unaware of the situation she was in.


“Okay dattebayo!” Naruto squeaked out as he left the house using a teleportation technique to get out of there as fast as he could.


“Kushina-sama” Kurenai said walking up to her with her arms crossed above her chest “I should have told you earlier about me and Naruto, at least one of us should have told you before you found out this way, I apologize if we surprised you”


“Earlier? Just how long have the two of you been together?” Kushina asked, sounding a bit upset.


“It's been about a year now, 346 days to be exact” Kurenai said with slight blush.


“You are counting the days?” Kushina asked in disbelief.


Kurenai nodded “Of course, I am crazy about your son, Kushina-sama. I truly do love him and so does Anko”


“Anko-chan? What does she have to do with this?” Kushina asked.


“They didn't tell you?” Kurenai asked as Kushina shook her head as an answer “That's surprising, I would have thought Anko would have told everyone about her being together with Naruto by now”


“Wait, I thought you and Naruto were going out?” Kushina asked “And now you are saying he is with Anko-chan?”


Kurenai chuckled “I guess you are in for another shock after hearing this. I am together with Naruto but as of a few weeks back, Anko is also dating him. In other words, both of us are his girlfriends”


Kushina stared at Kurenai with an open mouth, she couldn't believe what she just heard.


“I have to sit down” she said, nursing her forehead. The two of them moved into the living room and sat down on the couch, continuing their conversation.


“How can he have two girlfriends? And if you have been with him for a year, why did you even agree to let him take another girlfriend?” Kushina asked.


“Anko has been in love with Naruto for longer than I have, she also happens to be my best friend who told me about her crush even before I approached Naruto. Naruto has had a thing for her as well and because of that I thought this was the only way for me and Anko to remain friends while everyone gets to be happy. Trust me when I say that I and Anko make your boy very happy, Kushina-sama” Kurenai said with an eye wink.


Kushina face palmed “I'm sure you do. Can I expect Naruto to come home with any more girlfriends in the future or does it stop with you and Anko?”


“He will not have any more girlfriends, I can assure you of that” Kurenai said in a stern tone.


“Good” Kushina said with a sigh as Kurenai added “But I can't really make any promises about seeing him with any other girls. Me and Anko talked about his popularity and how every girl throws themselves at him. We decided to let him do what he wants, as long as we don't have to hear about it unless we ask him to tell us, meaning that he can sleep with whoever he wants, but only me and Anko get the privilege of being his girlfriends”


“Oh my, what a privilege that is” Kushina said sarcastically, shaking her head “Especially considering you are already Asuma's girlfriend, or at least that is what I and everyone else thought”


Kurenai nodded “That means that it worked, everyone is supposed to think that I am dating Asuma-san”


“What worked?” Kushina asked.


“Oh well, it's a long story” Kurenai said with a slightly evil chuckle.


“Tell me the short version, I have to start cooking the dinner for my anniversary dinner soon” Kushina said.


“Well, let's just say that a few years ago I were pestered about my friends to get a boyfriend and were asked out on dates by men daily, men that didn't interest me. There is probably only one, maybe two guys, that I have ever had an attraction to and the one I'm attracted to the most and love is obviously Naruto, who I have been in love with before I started my fake relationship with Asuma-san. My relationship with Asuma-san is just that, a fake relationship. I used him to get other men to stop asking me out, since no one would dare to ask out the girlfriend of the mighty Sarutobi Asuma, and my friends also stopped pestering me about getting a boyfriend. Since Asuma-san has been in love with me for as long as I can remember, it was easy to get it started. I had to be the one that asked him out, since I knew he didn't have the balls for it, otherwise he would have done it much sooner. He has never made a move on me, or shown any interest in making a move either.


Most of the time he can't even look me in the eyes and when we are together he blushes like a little school girl. Needless to say, we haven't kissed, or even hugged. I do make sure to hold his hand whenever we are in public or at a party, to sell the picture of us being together to my friends and people who I benefited from thinking that I was together with him, such as you. Then you wouldn't suspect me of trying to get close to Naruto, which I did for the bigger part of the three years that I have been in that fake relationship. Trust me when I say that there is nothing you have to worry about when it comes to me and Asuma-san. Naruto-kun is the only one for me” Kurenai ended as she finished her very bizarre story of her and Asuma's relationship.


“While I don't like what you are doing to that poor man, I'm not worried about Asuma-san, I'm worried about Naruto and that you will hurt in a similar way. What does Asuma-san think of this and is he angry at Naruto?” Kushina asked in the same upset tone, she couldn't believe what she was hearing.


“Oh he doesn't know, he thinks we are still dating. I am going to enjoy doing this to him as much as possible, hopefully he will find out about me and Naruto by seeing us have sex inside his apartment. That's how I always pictured him finding out about us.” Kurenai said with a wide grin.


“Why? Why would you do this to him?” Kushina asked in disbelief.


Kurenai frowned “The mere thought of being together with him disgusts me to no end. He has had the pleasure of believing that we have been together for three years. Now it's my turn to enjoy myself and the thought of sneaking around with Naruto behind his back, hopefully around him as much as possible, really turns me on” Kurenai said with a naughty smile.


She continued “I hope he finds us having sex in his bed, preferably doggy style with us facing the door so that he can see my expression as..”


“Okay, that's enough” Kushina interrupted “I have heard enough and I have had enough of you for one day. We will continue this talk another day since I really need to get dinner started”


Kurenai stood up “I will be visiting more often then, I can come downstairs for a chat after or before me and Naruto-kun go to bed, if you know what I mean”


“Just go” Kushina said through gritted teeth, doing a full face palm as she couldn't stand talking to that woman anymore right now. She was right about one thing though, which was the one thing that had prevented her from punching Kurenai's skull in, Naruto is most likely very happy. Never mind having just one of Konoha's hottest jounin as a girlfriend, he had two of the most popular and sexiest jounin as girlfriends. This was probably a mistake on Kushina's part, but she would do nothing to stop that for now. She felt like she wasn't really in any position to ruin Naruto's or Kurenai's fun, considering that she had just fucked Konohamaru for the first time on the same day that is her and Minato's wedding anniversary.


Kushina tried to get that conversation out of her mind as she took a shower and changed into her green housewife dress before cooking the dinner she would share with Minato and Konohamaru. She didn't wear her usual white blouse under it, instead the only thing visible on her shoulders were white straps from her bra, resting on her shoulder next to the green straps of her dress. She cooked extra food for Konohamaru since she had invited him over tonight. That was something she didn't need to tell Minato about though. She didn't plan on letting him know that Konohamaru was coming over any way. She had a feeling he may not notice that he was ever here, since she had something planned for Minato, a little something that she is going to mix into his food.


The dinner was ready at around 7 PM, at which time Minato had yet to come home. At around 8 PM, Kushina was starting to get a little bit tired of waiting for him, as well as a little worried that they wouldn't be able to finish the dinner before 9, which was the time she told Konohamaru to come over. Luckily for her, Minato finally did come home a few minutes past 8, saving her the trouble of having to go chase him down.


“Sorry, I had a meeting that delayed me, I hope you didn't wait long” Minato said with a kind smile as he entered the door. His meeting was a one on one session with a certain Yamanaka girl.


“Not at all, I just got done with dinner” Kushina lied as she didn't want to have an argument right now. She just wanted them to eat as soon as possible.


Kushina welcomed him back home with a quick hug “Happy anniversary, Minato” she said afterwards, staring up at him with a slight, forced smile.


“Happy anniversary, honey” Minato said with the same kind smile as always.


“Are you hungry?” Kushina asked.


Minato nodded, he could smell the food that Kushina had prepared for them “I'm starving and that smells delicious”


“Good because I'm also starving” Kushina said with a chuckle as the two of them went over to the kitchen and sat down at the kitchen table. Kushina had decorated the kitchen table with lit candles and some flowers along with their plates of food. Minato had been given a very large serving, his plate full of food. Kushina on the other hand barely had any food at all on her plate. That was something Minato picked up on, especially since she had just said she were so hungry.


“Are there more food, you couldn't possibly eat your fill with just that?” Minato asked, nodding towards her plate.


“Are you saying that I'm fat?” Kushina asked in a playful tone.


Minato chuckled “Of course not”


“There is plenty more if you want seconds, don't worry about what I eat” Kushina said with a warm smile.


“Okay” Minato said scratching the back of his head before he took a bite. Her cooking was wonderful as always “Mhm, this tastes great Kushina”


“Thank you” Kushina said politely, as she just played with her food with her fork.


Minato took more bites while talking in between them.


“How has your week been training those three?” Minato asked “I hope they haven't given you too much trouble”


Kushina took a small bite of her own food before answering “It's been good so far, the three of them are really working hard. None of them are giving me any trouble, they are very respectful and go along with my training without questioning it”


“That's good” Minato said with a smile, then he scratched the back of his head “I thought Konohamaru-kun might give you some trouble, that boy is like Naruto in so many ways.. I'm glad to hear that is not the case”


Kushina giggled “He is like Naruto in more ways than you can imagine” she said, licking her lips “And he hasn't given me any trouble so far, out of the three of them he is performing the best, working hard and motivating the other two to follow his lead”


“Lord Third will be glad to hear that” Minato said as he finished his plate “Was there any more?” he asked holding up the plate.


“Wow, you ate that fast” Kushina said grabbing the plate “Sure, let me get it for you” she said then walked over to the kitchen counter. She gathered another large portion of food for him, then grabbed a package of sleeping pills that she had placed in one of the shelves earlier. She mixed some sleeping pills into his food, just in case the ones she had mixed into his first portion earlier wasn't enough. This was her plan to get Minato out of the way tonight when Konohamaru comes over. She could be with Konohamaru while Minato gets some much needed rest. It was a win win situation in Kushina's mind.


With a sly smile she placed the plate in front of Minato “There you go, Hun”


“Thanks” Minato said as he dug into his second plate, finishing the contents almost as fast as the first one.


After Minato finished eating, and Kushina ate very very tiny portion, they spent the next forty minutes at the kitchen table talking while enjoying a glass of wine. As the clock neared 9 PM, Kushina was starting to think that she may have underestimated her husband a little bit. While he did appear a bit tired, and was yawning a little bit, he still didn't look like he had to sleep. Since he wasn't asleep yet and Konohamaru was going to show up any minute now, she had to think up some kind of excuse for Konohamaru to be here.


“Let's go over to the living room so we can sit more comfortably on the couch” Kushina said, grabbing both of their wine glasses and the bottle of wine.


“I like the way you think” Minato said with an eye wink before he yawned “Damn, I don't know why but I'm starting to feel really tired”


“You have worked hard as the village leader, you should be enjoying yourself tonight and make sure to get some rest” Kushina said as the two of them sat down on the couch. Just as Kushina poured the both of them more wine, she heard someone knocking on their front door.


“Who could that be?” Kushina said, knowing fully well who it was.


“I don't know, let me send them away” Minato said and was about to stand up when Kushina ushered him to sit down again “No, let me get it. You just sit down and relax, honey”


“Okay” Minato said, yawning once again. As Kushina walked towards the hallway where the front door was located, she glanced back at Minato and saw him close his eyes, forcing them back open. The pills were finally starting to effect him for real. With a grin she walked over to the front door and opened it. Kushina opened the door to find Konohamaru standing there, waving at him with a wide grin “Hey!” he greeted loudly. Kushina stepped outside and closed the door behind her, she then leaned down and frenched him.


“Hey baby” she said before giving him another long and wet kiss. Konohamaru placed his arms around her thighs and lifted her “I can't wait any longer, I want to fuck you now Kushina-chan!”


“W-wait, put me down” Kushina said with a slight blush while still showing him that naughty smile of hers. She loved how forward Konohamaru could be.


“Minato is in the living room, give me a moment to get him out of the way ttebane”


Konohamaru put her down, gaping at her in due slight fear but mostly due to surprise “You should have told me earlier, what if he saw us?”


Kushina chuckled “Don't worry about that, for now just do what I say..” she then instructed Konohamaru to go use their bathroom and stay in there until Kushina calls for him. The two of them then entered the house. Konohamaru waved at Minato as he went passed the living room while he was on his way towards the bathroom. Kushina walked back to her husband who finally appeared to be very tired.


With a series of yawns, Minato asked “Was that Konohamaru-kun?”


“Yeah, he has been training nearby but nature called so he asked to use our bathroom” Kushina lied as she sat down next to him again.


“Must be a a number two since he didn't take care of it outside then” Minato said with a chuckle.


Kushina shook her head“I guess so” she then glanced at Minato and just for the hell of it she asked “You know since it's our anniversary today and it's been a few years.. Do you think we could you know?” Kushina asked, seeing if he would show the slightest interest in having sex with her. Minato understood that she was asking if he wanted to have sex with her, without mentioning it.


“I'm sorry, I'm very tired Kushina” Minato said with a sigh “I don't know what is up with me today, I can barely keep my eyes open”


While Minato was telling the truth about being tired, he was also gladly dodging her wish of having sex. Minato was no victim here, the reason he had been late for dinner was because he had been fucking Ino in his office for a few hours before going home. He used a shower inside the Hokage tower to get rid of the smell. While Kushina was out of the village yesterday, he spent the night in Ino's room, taking all the precautions necessary to make sure that her parents didn't find out about them, using seals similar and more advance versions of the noise suppressing seal.


“Don't worry, I understand. I can see that you are very tired, maybe you should rest a bit?” Kushina asked.


“Yeah, that sounds good. I could probably fall asleep here on the couch right now..” He said with another yawn.


Kushina got up and stood next to the couch, reaching for the knot that held her dress in place on her back, then said “Go ahead, good night Minato” she said.


“Good night..” Minato said as he laid down and closed his eyes. A moment later, Kushina pulled her dress down, revealing what she wore underneath it. As Minato started to snore, Kushina called for Konohamaru “Konohamaru-kun, are you done in there?” she asked, still standing next to the couch.


“I don't know, am I?” Konohamaru asked, standing in the bathroom but with the bathroom door open.


“I think you are..” Kushina said in a playful tone, while Minato mumbled something before his snoring resumed.


Konohamaru got out of the bathroom and headed towards the living room. There he saw Kushina standing next to the couch that Minato slept on, only wearing an almost transparent white bra and white panties of the lingerie kind. Kushina's underwear NSFW:


At first Konohamaru couldn't help but gawk at the sexy goddess before him, but after a while he glanced at Minato nervously “Kushina-chan, is he asleep?”


Kushina chuckled “What do you think?” she asked in a teasing tone.


Konohamaru heard a quiet snore coming from the couch that answered his question for him. He closed the distance between them as he walked up to Kushina, who still stood next to the couch, and placed both of his hands on her bum. He took a firm grip with both hands as he groped her butt aggressively.


“You look so sexy in that Kushina-chan” Konohamaru said with a perverted smile. Kushina just moaned quietly in respond as she placed her arms around his head, pressing him into her.


“You got the right idea, Konohamaru-kun” Kushina said with a giggle as she played with his hair as the academy student kept fondling her perfect little behind. After a while, she got down on her knees and kissed him passionately. She then stared into his eyes “Are you hungry?”


“Yeah, I didn't eat anything before coming over. I woke up about twenty minutes ago” Konohamaru said.


Kushina gave him a quick peck on the mouth “I'm glad you got some rest because I might keep you up very late tonight” she said with a naughty smile, she then added “I have food ready for us, but before that I want to try my luck at conquering that big beast inside your pants”.


Kushina then fished out Konohamaru's dick from his pants and began jerking it while the two of them stared into each others eyes with lustful expressions.


“You did a pretty good job of that yesterday” Konohamaru said with a grin as Kushina pressed the tip of his dick against her cheek while she kept jerking the length of it “I won't be satisfied until I can give you a proper blowjob, that whole thing is going inside my mouth ttebane!”


Kushina licked the tip a few times before pressing the tip against her cheek again, rubbing the tip against her cheek with the help of the movement as she jerked him “Besides, that was earlier today since the time had passed midnight, make sure you remember today's date as the day we first had sex” Kushina said with a slutty smile before she took him inside her mouth.


“Ooh!” Konohamaru moaned in delight as Kushina's head bopped back and forth, taking about one third of his size inside her mouth as the most.


Outside, Konoha's most sneaky voyeur had the best seat possible to watch Kushina cheating on her husband with her new lover. Moegi was sitting in some bushes connected to the forest a pretty close distance from the house. Since the living room was the room that lead to the veranda and porch of the backyard, and the living room had large windows instead of walls in that direction towards the backyard, she could easily see them, and Minato, with the help of her binoculars. She wore her camouflaged t-shirt and miniskirt to complete her voyeur kit.


Earlier today after she had dropped off Udon at his home, she wanted to go home to get some rest of her own. That didn't happen as she were far too excited to get out to spy on others. Instead of resting, she had spent the past 4 or almost 5 hours going around Konoha, trying to find some people to spy on. After leaving her house in the same get up she is currently wearing, she found the first couple to spy on as they walked down one of Konoha's streets.


It was Shikamaru and Shizune who walked hand in hand towards the ninja academy. As Moegi spent another half an hour spying on them, she found out that their relationship was still pretty innocent as they went on what appeared to be a normal date. At least she caught them kissing a few times, but that was nothing in comparison to what Moegi has heard Shizunes does with male academy students in the infirmary almost every night and not what Moegi headed out to see. Moegi stopped following them around, but made note of maybe visiting Shikamaru's home later tonight to see what he and his mother, Yoshino, might get up to.


She had to look around in the village for over an hour before she found the next thing to catch her interest. It was Maho, the younger of Udon's two older sisters, who were walking together with one of the village elders, Homura. Homura is an adviser to the current hokage along with being a very respected figure in the village, just like Hiruzen, Koharu and Danzo is. The latter may not be as respected or well liked by all though. Moegi had a pretty good idea what they were about to do since Maho is one of the biggest sluts in Konoha, along with her sister Akane. Both of them lack talent when it comes to being ninja but have somehow made it to the rank of chuunin. Sleeping with powerful people such as Homura may have helped their cause. Moegi has even sparred against the two of them, before she even started training with Kushina. In those spars, Moegi fought evenly against the both of them. Considering that she at that point still had three more years left in the academy, that proves just how little talent those two sisters actually have. Moegi was not surprised to see Maho enter Homura's home together with him. Even less surprised when she found them together in his bedroom, watching them through a window from a tree top. The young chuunin rode that old man who seemed very pleased with the situation.


Moegi spent another half an hour watching them before she moved on. Maho and Homura weren't done but when Maho started rimming Homura, Moegi decided that she had seen enough. She found herself on the street which leads to both Konohamaru and Naruto's houses. She was headed to Naruto and his family's house in hope of finding Naruto together with Kurenai, Anko or anyone else. During the week she has seen Naruto and Kurenai together many times, but never clearly as there is always curtains or drapes in the way of her view whenever the two of them have sex. The most she has seen them do in public was making out outside Asuma's apartment before the two of them, for some reason entered it together, after Asuma let them in.


On her way to Naruto's house, she passed Hinata, Hiruzen, Hanabi and Mikoto who were outside Konohamaru's house. They were sending Hanabi home who were done with her training for the day. Unknown to Moegi and Hanabi, the other three would remain for some special training where Mikoto joins Hinata and Hiruzen. Hanabi who still had no clue what was going on in that dojo, appeared angry and jealous as she left. She thought she was missing out on some serious ninja training by the former Hokage. The fact that her household and cooking lessons continued didn't help her current mood. Since Moegi had no knowledge of any of that going on, she had no reason too stick around to see exactly what Mikoto and Hiruzen had in mind for Hinata.


Instead she kept going down the street, towards Naruto and his parents house. She got there and find the same spot she is currently sitting and began searching for any sign of Naruto. Unfortunately for Moegi, both Naruto and Kurenai had already left at that point. The only thing she was able to see within the house was Kushina, cooking the anniversary dinner for her and Minato. Moegi spotted Kushina grabbing a package of sleeping pills and placed it next to one of the plates. This caught her curiosity as she decided to stay here to spy on Kushina. She witnessed Kushina and Minato's rather boring and dull dinner, up to the point when Konohamaru arrived. When he did arrive, things immediately got more interesting. She couldn't see their first kiss outside the front door since that was on the other side of the house. But she saw everything else, from Kushina taking of her dress to her starting to suck Konohamaru off, in front of her sleeping husband. Seeing that Kushina and Konohamaru were already doing things like this weren't a big shock to Moegi, she knew it was only a matter of time due to the way they acted each other and the erotic way they kissed. It also confirmed that Konohamaru had told her the truth this morning, when he told her that he and Kushina had sex last night.


Moegi had seen a lot of things this past week, but this had to be the hottest thing she had seen so far. Kushina, the woman known as one of Konoha's biggest prudes and more flattering things such as Konoha's most beautiful or finest woman, was going down on her best friend. Her best friend who is an academy student like her and while Moegi would never admit it to him, is one of the hottest guys in the village, who just happened to have the biggest fucking dick she had seen in her life. She had seen quite a few before this week and even more during the week due to her active voyeurism. She had yet to see either Naruto or Jiraiya's which is why Konohamaru's is currently the biggest one she has let her eyes on. While Minato, Inoichi and a couple of others weren't small, they were just slightly above average. Shikaku and some of the older men she has seen, such as Homura, were very average. Her other friend Udon was more on the smaller side. While Moegi wasn't someone who normally got attracted to other girls, she couldn't help but find Kushina attractive. She deserved her title as Konoha's most beautiful woman, a title she often won in Konoha's various tabloid like newspapers. Moegi would give her the title of Konoha's sexiest woman as well, she had seen that body up close when they bathed together, she had the perfect body that Moegi was very jealous of.


She saw as Kushina really tried her best to get that monster down her throat, her saliva running out of her mouth with every time she bopped her head. Moegi couldn't fault her for not being able to take even half of it. She doubted anyone else could. After watching them for a few more minutes, while touching herself inside her very soaked panties, she saw Konohamaru cum all over Kushina's face and then some more. Unknowingly to Moegi, some of that extra cum had shot over Kushina's head and landed in Minato's hair. Moegi saw Kushina lick up all the cum on her face after she had sucked out every last drop out of Konohamaru's dick. Afterwards, she had turned around with a smile, a small that then turned into a horrified, almost disgusted expression. A moment later, Konohamaru was putting his pants on again and was heading towards the front door while Kushina sat in front of Minato, touching his hair.


Inside with Kushina, she had just sent Konohamaru home, telling him that what they were doing was wrong, that they shouldn't be doing it anymore. That was after she had seen that some of her new lovers cum had landed on the back of Minato's head, in his hair. It weren't much, but it was still enough to make Kushina think that what they were doing was so wrong. She called it off, she had to call it off. Yet, as she sat there, gathering the cum from Minato's hair with her fingers, then licking it up. She couldn't help but smile in a naughty way. She decided that she had to stop lying to herself. The only wrong thing that has happened this evening was her overreaction to this little accident. Konohamaru is her new life, her new lover and her future. Before Konohamaru could reach the front door, Kushina had stopped him by grabbing his scarf, pulling him back.


“I'm sorry I didn't mean that” Kushina said, pulling him into her arms.


“It's okay, I didn't wanna do that to him either, damn that's messed up” Konohamaru said, hugging her back.


“It doesn't matter, I just overreacted a little bit. Let's go eat now and continue what we were doing after that” Kushina said with an eye wink as the two of them headed to the kitchen. Kushina served them both two large plates of food, her own was much larger than that she had before. She sat down next to Konohamaru, placing her chair close enough that it touched his chair. She then unclasped her bra, letting the twins free as she smiled teasingly at Konohamaru who already started eating. He glanced at his favorite toys while he ate, then placed his free hand on top of one her tits and played with them.


“Mmh!” Kushina moaned after swallowing her food, she ate with her right hand while she placed her left hand in between Konohamaru's legs, rubbing his once again hard dick through his pants. Konohamaru was ready to go again as he let go of Kushina's tit in favor of lifting the plate close to his face so he could empty the plate faster. He finished the plate in a personal record time and put it down on the table. He then turned to Kushina and grabbed a tit en each hand “Hehehe, I love your tits Kushina-chan!” he said with a giggle.


Kushina finished swallowing what food she had in her mouth, having finished half of what was on her plate, before she stood up.


“Let's fuck now Kon-kun!” Kushina said in an excited tone.


“Hell yeah kore!” Konohamaru said with a wide grin as the two of them headed upstairs, Konohamaru with one hand on Kushina's bum, while Kushina had one hand inside his pants. That was the last thing Moegi was able to see them do since they covered the windows upstairs with curtains. She did hear Kushina's very loud moans as she made her way back to the street in front of the house. With a smile on her face, happy for her teammate and teacher, she headed back towards the village. At the end of the street, near the Sarutobi clan compound, she heard the very recognizable sound of more moans. They were coming from the Dojo next to Konohamaru's house. Moegi curiosity got the best of her as she snuck into their backyard to listen in on them. She found the door open and glanced inside it, sneakily. Inside she saw Hinata licking and fingering the Uchiha MILF, Uchiha Mikoto, while Sarutobi Hiruzen sat next to them.


“Yes, yes! That's it Hinata-chan!” Mikoto moaned.


“Great job Hinata, your training is going great so far. Once you learn how to please women, we will move on with your training” Hiruzen said with a loud perverted laugh. He got no response from Hinata as she was busy sticking her tongue furiously into Mikoto's wet cunt. Moegi then snuck out of the backyard, shaking her head at what she had just seen. That was a threesome she never expected she would see in her life. At this point she would be more surprised to see a normal couple rather than what she had seen lately.


Back with Kushina and Konohamaru who are in Kushina and Minato's bed. Kushina is riding Konohamaru in a sitting cowgirl position, while Konohamaru is also sitting. They are facing each other, allowing Konohamaru easy access to her large, perfect breasts.


“Oh God I love your cock dattebane!” Kushina said as she moved her hips faster, while moaning loudly. Her moaning just seemed to get louder and louder which was natural for Kushina as she was a pretty loud person to begin with. She was much louder today than she had been yesterday.


“It's all yours kore!” Konohamaru said with a laugh as he slapped Kushina's ass.


“Ah, fuck me!” Kushina moaned as she road him into the night. Almost eight hours later, at 5 AM, they were still at it. Konohamaru was fucking Kushina doggy style on her bed as she stood on all fours. That was the position Konohamaru had fucked her in for the past two hours, allowing him to thrust into her as fast and hard as he wanted while spanking her perfect tight and round little ass.


“I'm gonna cum!” Kushina yelled as she bit into her pillow.


“Me too, I'm cumming!” Konohamaru said as she bit his lip.


“Cum inside me!” Kushina pleaded “Fill me with your cum, Konohamaru-kun!”


“Ahh!” Konohamaru moaned as he came inside her yet again this night. He had lost count of how many times he had orgasmed tonight, but most of them had been inside her soaking wet pussy. Kushina's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came with another violent orgasm, something which was new to her but had become a regular occurrence now that she and Konohamaru has started having sex.


“Yes, yes, yes!” Kushina moaned as the morning light started shining in on them through the curtain covered windows. Konohamaru collapsed on top of her as both of them rested, hugging her from behind.


“You are amazing” Kushina said while panting.


“That's my line, baby” Konhohamaru said, kissing her back.


Kushina stared at the clock on her nightstand and said “Shit, it's already 5, Minato could wake up any moment now” she said as she recognized that Minato had been asleep for about eight hours. They were lucky that he had not woken up yet.


Kushina got up and grabbed new sheets from a drawer. She changed the old, very soaked sheets with the new ones while Konohamaru stared at her naked body while dressing himself.


“You should put something on or I'm gonna have to fuck you again kore!” Konohamaru said with a stupid grin.


Kushina smiled as she turned her head towards him as she arranged the sheet on the bed “Haha, save some of that energy for later today. Besides aren't you and the rest of the pervert trio training together today?”


“Oh crap, you're right. I should really get a few hours of sleep” Konohamaru said with a nervous expression. Naruto would probably be at his house as early as 10 to drag him to Jiraiya's house. Kushina then put on some of her regular, slightly less sexy underwear and her housewife dress and blouse. She then followed Konohamaru downstairs, leading him out of the house. As they passed the livingroom, they were both happy to see that Minato had yet to wake up. As soon as they opened the front door though, they heard Minato say “Good morning”


Kushina gave Konohamaru a quick peck, whispering “I love you, see you tomorrow”


“I love you too, see you later!” Konohamaru whispered back excitedly.


Kushina then closed the door and headed back inside, going straight into the living room.


“Good morning!” Kushina said with a fake, forced smile “Slept well?”


Minato yawned and stretched his arms from his sitting position on the couch “Yeah, I slept really well. Sorry about yesterday by the way, I don't know why I was so tired”


“Don't worry about it, I had a wonderful evening anyway” Kushina said with a slightly naughty smile as she turned towards the kitchen “Want breakfast before you leave for work?”


“That's okay, I think I'll just grab a coffee on my way there” Minato said as he walked towards the bathroom downstairs to wash his face.


“Okay, I'll go back to bed then” Kushina said, not getting any response from Minato as he had closed the door. With a proud and slightly evil smile, Kushina headed upstairs to get some sleep. Everything had gone as she had wanted it, minus the small accident which almost ruined her evening. Not only was Konohamaru great and the sex very great, there was something about their forbidden adulterous relationship that really excited her.


As Kushina fell asleep, Konohamaru had just arrived back home to a pretty weird scene. His grandfather, and two very scantily clad girls in Mikoto and Hinata. Hinata was only wearing one of Hiruzen's T-shirts while Mikoto wore a lingerie which wasn't as revealing as for example the one that Kushina wore last night.


“Hey” Konohamaru said, walking passed them heading directly towards his room. He didn't wanna know why Mikoto was there as well, best to not ask anything. The others didn't even get a chance to greet him, instead Hinata could just stare at him wide eyed, worried that her secret was going to be all over school soon. Mikoto already knew that Konohamaru had been told about their secret, so she wasn't worried.


He heard Hiruzen's laugh from the kitchen as he dropped down on his bed “Don't worry, Konohamaru already knows everything!”


Even his grandpa's annoying voice couldn't remove the wide smile on Konohamaru's face as he tried to get some sleep. This weekend had been amazing, with Saturday being the best day of his life. He had spent more than ten hours having sex with Kushina, Kushina who he just a few weeks ago thought he didn't have a reasonable chance to be together with. He couldn't wait to find out what he and Kushina will get up to tomorrow.

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