Sarutobi and Uzumaki

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Chapter 10


The next day, Friday, after school. Konohamaru had just gotten home and was able to find his grandpa alone in the living room, before the Hyuuga sisters showed up for their so called training.


“Hey gramps, what the hell are you doing with Hinata?” Konohamaru asked as he entered the living room.


“What do you mean?” Hiruzen asked with a raised eyebrow as Konohamaru marched over to the couch that he was sitting on “I told you didn't I? I'm training her and her sister Hanabi from now on”


“I saw you with her in the dojo last night, that didn't look like training to me, you old perv!” Konohamaru said with an angry frown.


Hiruzen frowned as well “Why are you going around spying on me?”


“I weren't, the two of you weren't exactly discreet yesterday, our neighbors probably heard you as well!” Konohamaru yelled. Konohamaru was a bit disappointed in his grandfather, he didn't think he could do something like that with someone so much younger. He wasn't aware of Hiruzen's history, as Hiruzen had done that a lot in that past. To Konohamaru, Hiruzen was his kind, yet a bit goofy, and also respectable grandfather.


Hiruzen sighed as he patted the couch next to him, asking Konohamaru to sit down. As Konohamaru sat down, Hiruzen spoke “I understand that you may not have expected to see something like that yesterday, but please let me tell you the full story before you start judging me”


“I sure didn't, especially not with her. I have seen her faint when Naruto said hello to her, I thought she was some super shy girl. She didn't look very shy yesterday” Konohamaru said as he remembered Hinata's loud moans and that lustful expression she made.


“She was at first, but that shyness disappeared as soon as we did it the first time, she started opening up and allowing herself to be who she is. Now let me tell you the full story so you know what is going on here..” Hiruzen said as he began telling the full story.


This past weekend while Konohamaru and the others was at the Yamanaka's summer home, Hiruzen was invited to yet another dinner by Hiashi. This time, Hiashi finally told Hiruzen what the point of all these dinners were, and what it was that he actually wanted from him. Hiruzen had made some observations during those dinners. Things such as Hinata always being dressed in very revealing outfits or nice dresses, while her younger sister Hanabi wore more traditional Hyuuga clothing, such as a Kimono. Hiruzen isn't stupid, far from it. He has been praised for his intelligence and his strategic mind ever since he became a ninja all those decades ago.


So Hiruzen weren't surprised when Hiashi, after asked his daughters to return to their rooms after the dinner, asked Hiruzen if he was interested in marrying Hinata. He had pretty much been showing her off to him all these dinners, after all. Hiashi knew about Hiruzen's history, sleeping around with young genin when he was the hokage, and still does from time to time when he gets a chance to. That's why he made this offer, in exchange he would only ask Hiruzen to put in a good word with Minato for him, to make it easier for Hiashi to buy up the unused land of the almost wiped out Uchiha clan. Hiashi thought he had made an offer that Hiruzen wouldn't be able to refuse, but the old wise man used this offer to his advantage to get something much better out of it. He rejected Hiashi's offer but offered a counter offer.


His counter offer was what we already know about, that he would train Hinata and Hanabi until the both of them graduates. He said it would be good for them to learn how to fight in other ways than just relying on the Hyuuga very specific fighting style. Hiashi agreed to it and that finalized the deal. As far as he knows, the only thing Hiruzen is doing is training his daughters. While he may suspect that something else could be going on, since he knew who he made this deal with, he has not yet heard anything from his daughters about it, other than Hanabi complaining about cooking and doing house work.


Hiruzen then went on to explain to Konohamaru his plans for the two Hyuuga sisters. Only he and Mikoto would know about it so far, his true plans for the Hyuuga siblings. His plans for Hanabi is simple, he wants to marry her. That's why he has Mikoto teaching her to cook and do housework as that would be something he would like his future wife to be able to do. Out of the two sisters, Hiruzen prefers Hanabi when it comes to looks. Hanabi doesn't know about it yet, she just thinks she is cooking and doing housework as some kind of punishment or something.


As for Hinata, she is actually being trained by him, in a way. His plans for her is to train her to become a seductress, someone that could use her body or sex to get information out of someone with some bed talk, or gathering information in their homes when they sleep. It's also a good way to assassinate an enemy. A man is never as unguarded as when they have a beautiful big breasted kunoichi riding them. While, or after she has sex with her enemy or target, she could hide a small weapon, like a kunai or a senbon, the latter which is a pretty large metal needle than can be deadly if used right. While he is going to take his time and enjoy the training he does with her, he actually is trying to help her become a very valuable asset to Konoha, as one of their most deadliest and most useful kunoichi.


Konohamaru scratched the back of his head in thought when Hiruzen had finished talking “That's pretty messed up gramps”


“I understand that you may find it a bit weird, but I'm not getting any younger. I want to enjoy the few years I have left of my life” Hiruzen said with a sigh.


“Yes, I do think it's weird, but I guess I understand somewhat. But why marry Hanabi? Hinata is so much nicer and prettier while Hanabi is such an asshole!”


Hiruzen chuckled “Well I like ladies with a bit of an attitude” he said as he pictured Kushina, Tsunade and Kurenai in his mind.


“I trust you understand that this stays between us, everything that I just told you and what you saw yesterday, at least until my marriage to Hanabi is official, if it were to play out that way” Hiruzen said in a serious tone, a tone that was unusual for Konohamaru to hear from him when its just the two of them talking.


Konohamaru nodded “I won't say anything, but I would ask you to remember this conversation we had in case you find me doing something with someone that I want to keep secret”


With a confused expression Hiruzen asked “And what would that be? Is this about your mystery girlfriend?”


Konohamaru chuckled “No, but it's just good to know that I can call in a favor some day, you know?” he said as he quickly wanted to change the subject from his girlfriend.


Hiruzen chuckled as well, before he spoke “I wouldn't rat you out anyway, if you did something I wouldn't approve, I would deal with you myself, using my fists!” he said as he clenched his right hand into a fist.


“I can live with that, and I will respond in kind if I hear that you treat either of those girls bad, old man!” Konohamaru said, aiming his fist at Hiruzen's as they met for a “brofist”.


Hiruzen stood up and said “They should be arriving soon, I have a long weekend ahead of me in that dojo. It's probably for the best that you are going on that training trip with your new team since we'll probably get louder than yesterday” he said with a loud perverted laugh.


With an expression of disgust, Konohamaru jolted up from the couch “Please don't remind me, what I saw yesterday is already making me sick!” he said as he ran out of the living room “I'm gonna get my stuff then head over to Naruto's, see ya tomorrow gramps!”


“Have fun!” Hiruzen said with a chuckle.


Konohamaru barely had time to get inside his room before he heard someone knocking on the door. Hiruzen called for him, telling him that Moegi and Udon was here to pick him up. He grabbed a bag with a change of clothes and some ninja utilities such as kunai and shuriken, before heading out. The three of them headed down the street to meet up with Kushina, who was waiting for them outside her house on the same street. She wore an outfit she used to wear when she was an active jounin, as she would use this outfit whenever they go out missions or go out of the village to train. Her new training outfit, which is much more revealing, is something she will save for her teams eyes only. Her jounin outfit: (The only change is that her hair covers most of her headband/forehead protector as its placed under her hair, only part of her forehead protector and the Konohagakure symbol is visible on her forehead).


Kushina frowned when they arrived “I told you 3 PM sharp, its 5 minutes past!” she said, playing her role as the strict jounin teacher.


“Me and Moegi-chan were ready at 3, we were waiting for Konohamaru-kun to get ready” Udon said, sweating slightly as an angry Kushina really scared him. Training with her this week was not only exhausting, it was also a bit scary. But seeing Kushina's tits bounce around as she trained with them was what motivated him to try his hardest anyway.


“Yeah sorry about that, I had to talk with gramps about something” Konohamaru said scratching the back of his head sheepishly.


“Oh?” Kushina said in a bored tone “Then you can carry our bags on the way over” she said as she and the other two dropped their backpacks on Konohamaru while grinning at him teasingly. They then started heading out of Konoha. Konohamaru may be angry at her now, but Kushina would make up it up to him later. That was the whole point of this trip, to give them a chance to be together without worrying about being caught, for once. Konohamaru had to run along with them, carrying everyone's bags, for two hours until they reached their destination. Running there was part of their training.


The village they arrived to was located pretty close to the Fire country's Lord, the Daimyo's palace. A few kilometers away from the Daimyo's palace, you can find this village that can be described with just one word, luxurious. It is a village that has many fine restaurants and luxurious hotels. One of those luxurious hotels is a hot spring resort and a hotel. Kushina and Minato spent their honeymoon in the honeymoon suite of that hotel, that is also the hotel where she now had booked three rooms for her and her new students to stay at for one night.


“Wow, this place looks amazing” Moegi said as she took in the sights of the village. Rich and important looking people were walking the street along with their partners and guards. Judging from what Moegi saw at first glance, no one would really bat an eye if Kushina and Konohamaru were to be open about their relationship here, since it seemed pretty normal for these nobels and rich people to have younger partners.


Kushina nodded with a grin “Wait until you see our hotel later, but for now we still have few hours to train before it gets dark outside!”


“Ugh!” her three students groaned simultaneously before Kushina ordered them to continue their daily training routine. They were still only focusing on conditioning, strength and stamina training and so on. She hadn't even started training them in any form of training that would require chakra, weapons or even hand to hand combat skills. Once they had gotten used to this training and Kushina considered them to be in good enough shape, then she would start teaching them other things.


She didn't have to do this with Naruto, because he was in better shape than her by the time they started training. Instead of trying to keep up with him, she just pushed him harder instead, which worked out since Naruto was something of a training addict, who had to be ordered to get him to stop training. Having her Uzumaki genes, which greatly improved Naruto's regenaration abilities, stamina and energy, along with being the host for one half of the nine tailed fox's chakra, just like her, also helped. Those Uzumaki genes was most of the times a blessing, since they were always full of energy and they lived longer lives than other people. It also helped them look much longer than their actual age.


As has been mentioned before, while Kushina is not old, at the age of thirty something, she doesn't look a day older than twenty. You could argue she still appears to be in her late teens even. That is a blessing, just like their improved regeneration abilities. But those regeneration abilities can also be a bit of a problem, especially for a woman like Kushina. It doesn't only regenerate injuries, it regenerates anything that has been changed or damaged, including her hymen. Her hymen won't be restored or regenerated if she is sexually active, it takes a couple of months for that to happen. But Kushina has been anything but sexually active for the past ten years. Every time she did it with Minato, the few times they did it, she would have to endure the pain as it felt like the first time they had sex, every time they did it during those years. That was part of the reason they stopped having sex all together for the past three years, along with Minato never being in the mood or asking for it either.


After training for four hours, the four of them finally entered the village. Before going to the hotel, they visited a restaurant and ate a very expensive dinner, which Kushina treated them to. Since arriving here, Kushina hadn't been flirting or even talked much to Konohamaru at all, so far. Instead she talked mostly to Moegi and Udon, paying attention to them instead, for once. After spending an hour in that restaurant, enjoying a very big and nice tasting dinner, the new team eventually ended up in the hotel where they are staying tonight.


It was a large luxurious hotel built in a very old fashioned Japanese style, surrounded by pools and natural hot springs which was part of the hotel's property. Moegi, Udon and Konohamaru looked around and took in the sights of the building in awe.


“Are we really staying here, Kushina-sensei?” Moegi asked as bit shyly.


“Yes, why wouldn't we?” Kushina asked in confusion.


“It seems so very expensive, you don't have to treat us to something like this” Moegi said.


Kushina chuckled “You're such a sweet girl Moegi-chan!” she said as she ruffled her hair “Money isn't a problem for me, I could live five lifetimes in this hotels most expensive room and still have money left” she said with a sigh “Besides, the three of you have worked hard this whole week, you deserve some kind of reward for all that hard work”


“Okay” Moegi said with a smile.


Kushina asked her students to wait for her in the lobby as she went to talk to receptionist behind the reception counter. The receptionist was a very beautiful young lady, a girl with long dark hair. She appeared so disinterested and bored as she frowned when Kushina made her way over.


“She must really hate her job” Kushina thought with a sweat drop.


“Hi, have you made a booking? Otherwise please leave as all rooms are booked for tonight” The receptionist said in a bored tone while she kept frowning.


With a twitching eyebrow, Kushina said “Hi, yes I have booked three rooms for tonight, my name is Uzu Hina”, she had booked the three rooms using a fake name as she had her reasons to keep her stay at this hotel secret.


The frowning receptionist had her eyes widening as she looked over the list of rooms, seeing that Kushina or “Hina”, had booked two of their most expensive rooms along with their most expensive room, the honeymoon suite. Only nobles, lords, rich businessmen and people like that could afford all that.


“Oh, sorry for my late welcome Hina, I have your key cards right here!” The receptionist said with a huge fake smile, sweating a bit nervously.


Kushina raised an eyebrow as she took the three cards in her hand “Thanks..” she said as she turned around and joined up with the others “What a bitch” Kushina thought as the receptionist was being an unpleasant little bitch before she noticed what rooms Kushina had booked, realizing that she was rich.


“Here is your key, Udon-kun” Kushina said giving him a card key, she then handed another to Moegi “Here is yours Moegi-chan, both of your rooms should be on the second floor”


Moegi and Udon smiled “Thanks!” they said as Kushina handed Konohamaru the third and last card key “Here is yours, your room is on the first floor I believe” she said, knowing full well where the honeymoon suite was located.


“Okay” Konohamaru said as he grabbed the key.


“I already got mine, but I think I will join you for a bath Moegi-chan, if you don't mind” Kushina said with a kind smile.


“Of course not!” Moegi said in an excited tone as she and Kushina headed inside her hotel room. The rooms that Moegi and Udon stayed in had their own very large bathrooms, it had showers, normal bath tubs and even a small indoors pool in it. As Kushina joined Moegi for a bath, Konohamaru checked out his room, the honeymoon suite. It was a large room, decorated in mostly red. The walls were colored red, the bed sheets, heart shaped pillows and some of the furniture was also red. On the bed he found chocolates within a red heart shaped case along with a few sake bottles.


As he made his way to the bathroom, to take a shower of his own, he found a heart shaped bubble pool in the bathroom, along with a large shower. Unless Kushina planned to join him later, he wondered if she was playing some kind of practical joke on him. Especially considering how cold she has acted towards him today. While he understood completely that they couldn't very well go around holding hands, making out or doing the stuff that they usually do, now that Moegi and Udon is with them, she could at least not treat him as the black sheep of the team.


While Konohamaru enjoyed a shower, Kushina was washing Moegi's back and talking to her female student.


“How are you holding up with all the training Moegi-chan? I haven't pushed you too hard have I?” Kushina asked with a chuckle.


“The truth is that I'm barely holding up, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm grateful for this opportunity, and I understand that you have to push us to get us ready to become genin, Kushina-sensei” Moegi said with a warm smile, enjoying the feeling of Kushina washing her back with a towel.


“I'm glad you see it that way, you and Konohamaru-kun seem to be holding up fine so far, but I'm a bit worried about Udon-kun. He almost looks exhausted every time he arrives, before we even start training” Kushina said.


“That's probably because he has shot one of his gallon sized loads all over Tsunade-sama, before we start training” Moegi thought as she rolled her eyes, then she said “Yeah, but he isn't complaining either. I think he is just as grateful for this opportunity””


“It's good to hear that he is motivated, but enough of that boring stuff. Now tell me,do you like any of those two troublemakers Moegi-chan?” Kushina asked with a teasing smile.


Moegi sweat dropped, was she checking to see if she had any competition for Konohamaru? She wondered, before she said “Konohamaru-chan and Udon-chan? No way, they are like brothers to me. My heart belongs to Naruto-kun!”


Kushina laughed “Haha, I figured. I'm rooting for ya, better he be with you rather than Anko-chan or that woman..” she ended her sentence with a frown.


“Kurenai-san?” Moegi asked.


“Yeah” Kushina said in confusion “How do you know about that?”


“Just a feeling I had, she acts a bit suspicious around Naruto-kun” Moegi said, unsure if she should tell Kushina about what she saw last weekend. It was probably not a good idea to do it now, considering it may put her in a bad mood. She knew that Kushina was most likely going to see Konohamaru after this, she wouldn't be much of a friend if she sent her there in a bad mood. Especially not after she had promised to help him progress with his relationship with Kushina.


“I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that” Kushina said with a thoughtful look on her face “I think there is definitely something going on between her, Naruto and possibly Anko. Anko visited us two weeks ago, she spent most of the time in Naruto's room as always, but she abruptly stormed out of our house, cursing out some backstabbing and cheating slut. I suspect that slut is Kurenai” Kushina said with a frown.


“You could be right, but honestly it could be anyone, considering how popular Naruto-kun is” Moegi said with a sigh, hoping they could change the subject.


Kushina chuckled “I suppose you are right about that, I'm just happy he is so oblivious about the fact that pretty much every girl likes him. Otherwise I might had been a grandmother by now” Both Moegi and Kushina laughed due to what Kushina had just said, it was funny because it was true. Kushina and Moegi spent another fifteen minutes in the bathroom, moving over to the indoors pool to soak in the water. Moegi was the first one to get out, giving Kushina a chance to prepare a little bit for Konohamaru. She put on that very same outfit she had worn when she performed a dance routine in front of Konohamaru, in her living room. She covered up the outfit with a bathrobe, leaving only her feet and a small part of her lower legs showing, they were covered by those dark blue stockings, which was the only part of her outfit showing as the bathrobe covered up the rest.


After putting her clothes on, she joined Moegi in her room again, talking to her a little bit as they sat on Moegi's bed. At 11:50 PM, she left Moegi's room, heading down a floor as she was heading to her room, or her and Konohamaru's room rather. She just hoped he hadn't fallen asleep yet. She wanted to join him in the honeymoon suite earlier, but she was nervous about what she had planned for the both of them.


Konohamaru was not asleep. He was sitting on the bed, eating chocolates while reading a book on advanced chakra control that Naruto had given him. He was a bit tired after all the training today but he wanted to stay up since he suspected Kushina might be joining him later due what room he is in. He also drank a little bit of sake since it was available, it wasn't first time drinking since Jiraiya had treated it to him before. He just had a few cups, not much as he wasn't that much of a drinker anyway. Konohamaru had showered earlier, then changed back into his normal clothes as he sat on the bed. He heard the door opening as he raised his head to stare at the door as it slowly opened. He smiled as Kushina stepped inside, closing the door behind her.


“Hey, I had a feeling you would show up kore!” Konohamaru said, jumping off the bed as he was going to greet her properly at the door.


“Wait, sit down on the bed again ttebane” Kushina said, blushing furiously, in a way that she hasn't done since the two of them started kissing last week.


“Okay?” Konohamaru said in slight confusion as he sat down again.


Kushina then took off the bathrobe and threw it to the side, revealing her outfit. Konohamaru stared at her with a gleeful expression “Damn, you look sexy wearing that, Kushina-chan!”


“T-thanks” Kushina said as she stepped over to a shelf which had a cd player on it. She had requested that the hotel staff prepared that CD player with a CD in it, ready to play a certain song. She turned on the CD player as Konohamaru heard the beautiful sound of that song, the same song she danced to last time. (Her outfit, dance and the song )


"I hope you don't mind if I show my dance again, I couldn't end it the way I wanted to last time dattebane!" Kushina said in an excited tone as she began dancing.


"Hell no, go ahead beautiful!" Konohamaru said with a perverted grin, watching Kushina shake her hips as she danced. While she performed her kinda erotic and also very sexy dance, she kept staring at Konohamaru with that smile that he loved so much. He had only seen her show him that smile, it was something so naughty and playful about it. Konohamaru got a hard on as soon as she started dancing. He just couldn't help it, Kushina was sexy when she didn't even try, but when she tried, it was something else. No other girl could compare to her, in his eyes. Once the song ended, Kushina walked over to Konohamaru and sat down in his lap, facing him, just like last time.


"What did you think, did I improve since last time?" Kushina asked as she stared into his eyes.


Konohamaru nodded "Yeah, I could watch you dance like that all day" he said with a perverted laugh.


Kushina chuckled as well, then she moaned slightly "Oh, what's this hard thing?" she asked as she felt something very hard, and surprisingly big press against her thigh. She pressed her body tigther against his and pressed her thighs together, slowly grinding along the length of it.


Konohamaru blushed furiously as she asked that "T-That's.. my keys, it's my keys!" he sputtered out.


Kushina smirked mischievously as she thought "And I have a hole for that key" she then turned to look at a clock, which was placed on the wall. It was now past midnight at 12:01 AM. Technically it was now Saturday, and she was about to give herself a reason to never forget the date of her anniversary again as she pulled the two white collars of her dress to the side. That allowed her to slowly pull down her dress, teasingly, as she exposed her large perfect breasts for Konohamaru for the first time. Konohamaru stared at them wide eyed, drooling slightly "This can't be real, this can't be real" he thought.


Kushina grabbed his arms and lead them to her breasts as Konohamaru wasted no time to feel her up as he started groping her aggressively.

"Damn these feels amazing" Konohamaru said he stared at the two perfectly shaped globes in front of him. His fingers dug into the soft flesh or her breasts as he played with them while Kushina moaned quietly in delight.


"I'm glad you like them ttebane!" Kushina said as she leaned in for a french kiss. At the same time she started unwrapping Konohamaru's scarf until she could remove it.


“Now this is how I wanted to end my dance the last time I did it” Kushina said in a sultry, joyous tone.


"Kushina-chan?" Konohamaru asked as Kushina pulled his shirt over his head "You have to stop me if you don't want to do this Konohamaru-kun, because I need you so badly!" she said with an expression of pure lust. She stood up started taking off her stockings, one by one. Giving Konohamaru quite the show as she stripped out of her clothes. Konohamaru gulped as he watched the red headed beauty strip in front of him "Are we going to have sex?" he wondered in disbelief, he couldn't help but wonder if he was dreaming.


Next, Kushina slowly shimmied out of her dress as she pulled it down her torso and legs, revealing that she had gone commando under it, as Konohamaru now could clearly see her naked thighs and a shaved, pink, little pussy. She was so wet already as droplets of her pussy juice were covering her thighs. She had never been this horny before.


"Get those pants off and stop staring so much, its embarassing" Kushina said with a blush as she looked to the side.


"No, I won't stop staring, you are beautiful Kushina-chan, I want to see all of you" He said as he stood up and pulled down his pants and boxer shorts in one go. As soon as he did, Kushina gasped when she saw his penis, she had not expected it to be that big. "That penis has to be double the size of Minato's and probably even bigger than Naruto's" she thought as she sat down in front of Konohamaru, staring at it while literally drooling. Konohamaru had grown since the time he did the check ups in the academy, but so had Naruto. Currently Naruto is the biggest of the pervert trio, having passed Jiraiya even, while Konohamaru is still ranked third. Yet his is bigger than what Naruto's was that time Kushina caught a glimpse of it, two years ago. That was what started all those fantasies she had of Naruto and his large tool. Now she had a new one to play with.


"Something wrong?" Konohamaru asked nervously, wondering if his unusually large penis was going to ruin things for him. He still had a bit of a complex about that.


"What?" Kushina asked as she kept her eyes on Konohamaru's dick, which was pointing straight at her face.


Konohamaru cleared his throat "Uh, I asked if there is something wrong"


Kushina stood up, then pushed Konohamaru lightly so that he landed on his back on top of the bed "No, nothing is wrong" she said with a smirk. As she leaned down and got up on the bed, hovering above Konohamaru, she couldn't help but think how perfect Konohamaru was for her. Most of the time he was just as mischievous and playful that she is, making him the perfect match for her. But he could be the perfect gentleman when needed to as well. Now she found out about this. While his dick size is never something she had been worried about before, it certainly didn't hurt that he had a big one just like Naruto's, which she had fantasized about having inside her for the past two years.


Kushina pulled the cover of the bed over them, then started kissing him. She tried to cover the two of them up, like she always did when she had sex with Minato. Konohamaru quickly threw the cover away, saying "I told you, I want to see all of you!" as he would have none of that. He wanted to see Kushina in her full glory.


Kushina nodded with that sexy smile of hers, while she started jerking Konohamaru off, slowly, as she guided the tip of his dick to her entrance. At the same time, Konohamaru kept his hands on her tits, playing with them as much as he wanted, enjoying Kushina's quiet moans as he did so. She rubbed the tip of his dick against her opening, trailing along her pussy lips and clitoris, soaking it in her own love juice. She bit her lip as she placed the tip against her entrance again, then lowered her body enough to take his full size inside of her in one go.


"AAAAAH!" Kushina screamed out both in pain and in lust, as she she arched her upper body backwards, as her pupils rolled into the back of her eyes. Konohamaru moaned softly as well, feeling the warmth of Kushina's tight insides hugging around his member. He was also worried about Kushina as he saw blood along with other juices leaking from her sex, while she shook and seemed unresponsive. She had orgasm just from taking him inside of her, and she was close to orgasm before it, just due to the thought of it.


"Kushina-chan, are you okay?" he asked as he leaned his upper body up to a sitting position, staring at her with a worried expression.


Kushina who had been staring at the ceiling with her head leaning backwards, stared back at Konohamaru as she started grinding against him slowly "Ahh, ahn" she moaned "Never been better!" she said in a delightful tone. That had hurt as well, but it also felt so good at the same time. She had waited for this for so long, even dreamed about, She thought with a slutty smirk as she had Konohamaru's abnormally large penis deep inside of her.


"Oh!" Konohamaru grunted as he laid back down again, enjoying the feeling of Kushina's movements as she kept grinding back and forth with his whole dick still buried inside of her. Kushina started slowly raising her hip as she began riding him cowgirl style, while still keeping most of him inside her. She leaned down and frenched him "Can you believe it Konohamaru-kun, we are fucking ttebane!"


"No, I can't believe it!" Konohamaru said with a grin as he grabbed a hold of her waist and started guiding her. He helped her move faster and move higher up as she was almost jumping up and down on his dick. Their bodies made a loud slapping noise every time she landed, as she reached the root of his dick. The faster they moved, the louder Kushina's moans became.


"AAAAH, fuck me!" Kushina moaned in delight, as she felt another orgasm coming her way. Konohamaru kept playing with one of her tits with one of his hands while he sucked the nipple of the other one. He had his other free hand, on her ass, pressing her down as far as she could go every time she raised her hips.


"I'm gonna cum!" Kushina screamed as she moaned even louder.


"Me too, I think something is coming!" Konohamaru said as he felt the his dick almost vibrate, as his dick began releasing cum inside Kushina. He enjoyed the first release of his life as the two of them came simultaneously. Both of them leaking out their love juices as Konohamaru came inside of her.


"Oh, fuck!" Konohamaru spoke loudly as he pressed Kushina down with both hands, burying his dick deep inside of her as they both came. Kushina screamed out in delight "YES, YES, OH FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD DATTEBANE!"


Kushina laid on top of Konohamaru, resting for a bit as Konohamaru had his arms around her. They booth panted as they stared at another while smiling.


"So that was sex?" Konohamaru asked with a grin.


Kushina shook her head, mirroring his grin "No that was the sex best I ever had, are you sure you are a virgin ttebane?"


"Hehe, not anymore I aint!" Konohamaru said as they started kissing. They frenched for a couple of seconds, before they started their little tongue dance, outside of their mouths, which has become something of their favorite way of kissing. Kushina took a firm grip around the shaft of Konohamaru's penis and slowly jerked him "You are still hard" she said with a flirty smile.


Konohamaru nodded with a mischievous smile "It will stay hard for as long as you are in bed with me kore!"


Kushina giggled "Sounds like you are ready for round two!"


As Kushina was getting in position to ride him again, Konohamaru said "Wait, can you use your mouth?"


"W-what?" Kushina asked in a nervous tone.


"You know, can you suck my dick?" Konohamaru asked without any shame, with a dumb smile.


Kushina gasped in response due to the shameless question. Minato didn't dare to ask her that until a year into their marriage, and even then she didn't want to do it. But she had promised herself already that she wouldn't repeat the same mistake. If this is what Konohamaru wanted, and what she needed to do to have a fun and active sex life, then so be it.


"Okay, but I have never done it before, I don't know if I will be very good at it" Kushina said in a low tone as Konohamaru got up on his feet, standing up on the bed.


"You haven't?" Konohamaru asked in surprise "I thought this was something lovers normally do"



Kushina sat on her knees in front of him, staring at his dick. She had always thought doing something like this was indecent and that using your mouth on someone else's sex was something gross. Yet when Konohamaru pressed the tip of his dick against her lips and she smelled it, she quickly opened her mouth to let him in. This was Konohamaru, she didn't think that his dick is gross, nothing about him is. She started lightly sucking and licking the tip of his dick, as Konohamaru stared down at her with a huge grin. Even though she had just had him inside of her, she thought it didn't taste bad. In fact she quite enjoyed the taste and the smell. It wasn't as gross as she had feared it would be, quite the opposite in fact.


Konohamaru's grin grew wider as he placed one hand behind Kushina's head, guiding her as he helped her take more of his length inside her mouth "Do you like that kore?"


Kushina pulled back as she let the tip of his dick rest against her chin, she stared up at Konohamaru with a naughty grin of her own "Don't get cocky now, Kon-kun" she said before she took as much of his length inside her mouth as she could, all the way into her throat. She had not yet even covered half of his dick at this point, if she wanted to the whole thing inside her mouth, she would have to get it down her throat as well. She stared up at Konohamaru as she bopped her head back and forth, taking that same length in and out of her mouth as she moved her head. She couldn't help but enjoy seeing him with that expression. He must feel so much pleasure from her little blowjob, and she loved the way he looked when she pleasured him.


Konohamaru sure did enjoy the blowjob, but more so he enjoyed seeing Kushina on her knees with his dick in her mouth ,as she stared up at him with those adorable big blue eyes. As Kushina continued sucking him off, trying to take more and more of his length, as she tried to get it down her throat, without much luck, Konohamaru felt another orgasm coming. Konohamaru moaned quietly, as he without warning climaxed inside her mouth. He released a couple of strings of cum inside her mouth before she could take his dick out. When she did that, he continued to squirt a few more times, this time right in her face. With an angry frown Kushina stared at Konohamaru with cum in her mouth and her face. This was something she would never allow and he was going to hear it.


"You.." She said in an angry tone as Konohamaru's cum leaked out of her mouth and she couldn't help but taste his cum. Wide eyed, she swallowed it. She didn't dislike it, weirdly enough she found it to be kinda tasty.


"You should warn me next time you do that in my mouth" Kushina said in a playful tone as she had changed her mind about reprimanding about what he had just done. Instead she gathered the cum on her face with her fingers, before licking it all up. "Wow, I don't think you realize how hot that was Kushina-chan!" Konohamaru said as his dick, which was once again hard, poked against her cheek.


Kushina giggled as she grabbed a hold of the shaft of it and pressed it against her cheek "So you enjoy watching me with your cum all over me? Or is it when I swallow your cum ttebane?" she asked in naughty tone.


"Both" Konohamaru said with a wide grin.


"Let me get the last out before I ride you again" Kushina said as she sucked the tip of his dick for a short while, she then gave the tip a few kisses. When she was satisfied, she asked him to lay down again.


"Wait, can I be on top this time kore?" Konohamaru asked in an excited tone.


Kushina grabbed him by his arms as she dropped down on her back, pulling Konohamaru with her "Of course you can, just hurry and fuck me, Konohamaru-kun!" she said in almost a yell.


Konohamaru guided his dick towards her entrance, or what he thought was the entrance as Kushina laughed "A little lower.."


"Yeah, I got this" Konohamaru said with twitching eyebrow as he eventually found his way. He thrusted as hard as he could, slamming his whole length inside of her to the loud sounds of their bodies slapping against each other and Kushina's even louder moaning "Aaaahn, yes, harder!" Kushina moaned.


Konohamaru moved his hips as fast as he could, not being the most experienced in bed, he had to be a bit careful not to mess up, but he seemed to be doing alright.


"That's it, shove that fat cock inside me!" Kushina screamed as she hugged her legs around his back.


"I didn't know you enjoy talking like that, Kushina-chan" Konohamaru said as he played with her tit with one of his hands as he kept moving his hips.


"What I do in the bedroom is only between you and me, in here I will do anything to please you and I expect you to do the same" Kushina said with an expression of lust "I don't mind being a slut for you as long as we both enjoy it ttebane!"


Konohamaru shoved all the way inside and stopped as Kushina screamed out her moans again, enjoying another orgasm. Meanwhile, Konohamaru kissed her stomach, tits and neck "You are not a slut Kushina-chan, don't say that. But I sure do enjoy what we are doing now" he said as he pulled out. While Kushina was busy squirming around, enjoying a very lengthy orgasm, Konohamaru flipped her body over, lightly. He then grabbed a hold of her waist, raising her legs a bit as he was about to take her from behind.


When Kushina came to, she turned to stare at him as he stood behind her, grinning. He entered her and started thrusting once again. Kushina used her arms to get up on all fours as she made the sluttiest expression she had worn all night. He was taking her from behind, something else she would never allow Minato to do, yet she couldn't help but moan even louder as she loved it. Konohamaru went even faster than he had done previously, when they did in the missionary position. And Kushina enjoyed this even more, she couldn't help but think why? Why did she have to be so stubborn before. After ten minutes of Konohamaru taking her from behind, Kushina screamed out in another orgasm, the third one since he started doing her doggy style, as Konohamaru came inside of her.


Panting, Konohamaru laid in on top of Kushina who laid on her stomach, his now flaccid dick was still inside of her.


"That was so good, Konohamaru-kun" Kushina said while panting heavily "Are you sure this was your first time?"


Konohamaru got off of her as he laid down beside her "Yeah of course it was kore, it's just that you do this to me, I can't really control myself. You are the sexiest girl in this world Kushina-chan, I truly mean that"


Kushina giggled as Konohamaru began spooning her, pressing his dick against her back as he put one arm around her chest. Kushina was glad in a way that she had those regeneration abilities. Thanks to them, Konohamaru got to feel what it felt to be with a virgin as well, without all the awkward inexperience that a real virgin would offer. She is also glad she decided to finally have sex with him on one of her safe days. He would have probably made her pregnant otherwise. The day the two of them had sex for the first time, is a day she will never forget. It just so happens to be the same day as her and Minato's wedding anniversary. Funny how that works out. With those thoughts, the female Uzumaki fell asleep with a satisfied smirk on her face, next to her new lover who held her.


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