Sarutobi and Uzumaki

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters. I don't profit on this story in any way. This is fiction and should not be treated as, or confused with reality.

Very long introduction:


In this world Naruto grows up with both of his parents being alive as they survived the nine-tailed fox's attack. They survived it thanks to both Tsunade and Jiraiya being in the village at the time, which was enough to send the masked man away, as well as re-sealing the fox before either of the two could do any big harm to either Kushina, Minato or the village. While Naruto gets to finally have a family this time, he is not the main character of this story. The main characters of this story is his future pupil, Sarutobi Konohamaru and Naruto's mom, Uzumaki Kushina. This story tells Konohamaru's journey as he becomes one of Konoha's most powerful ninja of all time. Kushina's role in the story is Konohamaru's eventual jounin teacher and maybe something a little bit closer than that.


This story is connected to my other story on this site "A Different Take on Naruto". A few of the events that happens between Konohamaru and his love interest in that story, will play out the same way here. This story focuses solely on Konohamaru, Kushina and their relationships, while the other relationships of that story is something that will still happen in the background or "off-screen". There will still be a lot of new scenes and events that happens before and at the same time that that story takes place. Which means that there will be new stuff for readers of that story involving these two as well. I won't mention the age of any anyone in the story as I prefer to have my readers use their imagination and decide on that themselves. They can be the same age as they would in the manga at the same timeline or the academy age is raised to 18+ . But for safety, everyone in this story, unless their age is specified to be something else, is 18 or older.


The story starts when Naruto and his classmates begins their final year in the ninja academy. Konohamaru and his classmates are starting their second year in the same academy. They are three years younger than Naruto and the rest of the senior class. Uzumaki Kushina has been a retired jounin ever since she first found out that she was pregnant with Naruto, and still is to this day. Lately, Kushina has been thinking of returning to the ninja force as a jounin due to a lack of other interesting things going on in her life.


In the previous years she has been busy raising Naruto, mostly on her own as her husband worked long hours as the village leader, the hokage. She also trained Naruto for the last couple of years, but her son learned faster than she expected and she now has pretty much nothing left to teach him. Her husband, Namikaze Minato, trained him before her. Their training was completed even faster than her and Naruto's. Minato never told her exactly how much he taught him, but she knew he was capable of using both of the techniques Minato was the most famous for. Combine that with the training she did with him and he was already a powerhouse in the making. Kushina taught him in the arts of seals and also helped him become a much better hand to hand combat fighter, along with teaching him her best and most useful elemental ninja techniques.


After she considered her training with him done, Naruto started training with Jiraiya who had a few things he wanted to teach him before he graduates. Some of those things were useful for a ninja while a few other things may be something Kushina didn't want Naruto to learn since Jiraiya is a notorious pervert that wouldn't have a problem teaching him about all kinds of things of perverted nature. After a while of Naruto training with Jiraiya, it became apparent to her that Naruto was a lost cause. He and Jiraiya were always up to no good, and now just recently they have added a third into their league of perverts, one Sarutobi Konohamaru.


Kushina wasn't happy about that either, but knew that it was only a matter of time for that to happen. Konohamaru looks up to Naruto more than anyone, he almost idolizes him. She adores how he calls him big brother, Naruto-nii or boss, something even Konohamaru's two friends, Udon and Moegi, has started doing as well. Out of all of Naruto's friends, Konohamaru and his two friends are probably the only ones Kushina can tolerate. She wouldn't admit it to anyone but she didn't think very highly of the rest of his friends. When they are around she is slightly annoyed while she always encourages Naruto to invite Konohamaru and the other two over more often.


Naruto isn't too keen on that though. He very rarely brings anyone home anymore as he prefers to spend his weekdays training alone at the edge of their enormous backyard. Their backyard is even bigger than some clan compounds in the village. The only time he invites Konohamaru over is when they train with Jiraiya on the weekends, mostly on Sundays. It wasn't a big surprise to Kushina when she found out that Konohamaru eventually joined them as he always asked Naruto to join in for anything he did.


Kushina's relationship with the men in her life are all pretty complicated. It all starts with her relationship with her husband. As early as when Kushina was a genin, Kushina fell in love with Minato, who in turn had been in love with her long before that. Her love for Minato increased a lot after Minato saved her from a kidnapping attempt by a team of Kumo ninja. They didn't start to date officially until a few years later though. But from there on out, she knew that Minato was the one she was going to marry.


Eventually they got married in their early twenties and a year after they married, Kushina became pregnant with Naruto. Kushina and Minato's relationship was unique in the village, in a way. Konoha isn't such a great place with respectable people with high moral standard as the village reputation may otherwise tell. People sleeps around a lot, some people cheats on the spouses, some people of power uses that power to order others for sex. There are a lot more example of the Konoha population's degenerate sex activities that is kept secret.


An example of someone in power abusing that power for sex would be the previous three Hokage who often ordered young genin to sleep with them. When Hiruzen was the third hokage, Kushina were asked by Hiruzen countless of times to have sex with him, but always refused him. As much as Hiruzen wanted to sleep with her and the few others who refused him, he never punished them or anything for refusing him. Instead he saw it as a sign of them having some backbone, something worth his respect. Even so, to this day, he still wants to sleep with Kushina and a few of the other village beauties, like his son's girlfriend Kurenai, who also refused him. And that's while he still has a few of the lovers from that time when he was hokage left. One of them is Uchiha Mikoto who accepted Hiruzen's request to sleep with her when she was a genin, she has been his lover ever since. Even throughout her marriage with the now deceased Uchiha Fugaku, she and Hiruzen continued their adultery, cheating on their husband and wife respectively.


Sarutobi Hiruzen was otherwise a very respected man. Only a portion the female part of the ninja forces knew about this secret and a select few higher ups who has heard of it. Otherwise he is known as a kind, loving grandparent, yet a ruthless and powerful shinobi that gained the respect of every ninja in the world. Hiruzen is far from the only one who has secrets like this. It's happening all over the village. Kushina always goes to her favorite place to hear about the latest degeneracy going on in the village from the village's biggest gossip, Ayame. Ayame is the daughter of Konoha's best ramen stand owner, Teuchi, a place that Naruto, Kushina and Minato are regulars at.


That brings us to why Kushina and Minato's relationship is unique in a way. They have never participated in any of that. They also waited until they were married before they had sex, which was extremely rare for a ninja. Ninja were considered adults as soon as they graduated, which meant they could drink and have sex as much as they wanted as soon as they became genin. Kushina and Minato's relationship was something seen as pure and was something others wished they had. They are also known as the best looking couple in all of Konoha.


Kushina and Minato didn't go into their relationship and just decided that this is how they were going to be. It was just natural for it to happen this way due to their personalities. Kushina is extremely conservative when it comes to nudity and sex. There are very few people who has seen her wearing anything revealing at all. Most of the time if she and Minato attends a party, an important dinner, a wedding or anything else that normally requires you to dress up a bit, she wears traditional Japanese clothing such as kimono's or yukata's instead of a pompous or revealing dress.


As for Minato when it comes to sex, he isn't as conservative as Kushina. He is just a bit shy, but also very respectful of Kushina. He didn't mind at all to wait until they were married before sex. After they got married and started actively having sex, he once asked her if she could perform oral sex on him. She refused him in disgust and anger and Minato never asked for anything like that again. Kushina only allowed a few favorite sex positions, such as the missionary, whenever they did it. She didn't even let him take her doggy style. Things like oral sex and anal sex was out of the question. Missionary position under the covers in a dark room with a small lamp next to the bed, lightning up the room enough for Kushina to be able to stare into his eyes, was the way Kushina wanted it. Kissing wasn't something they did much either. Mostly just quick pecks or very short french kisses where neither did much with their tongues.


Their sex life at that point was otherwise fine, no one had any complaints and they were more in love with each other than ever. Their sex life suffered a lot after Naruto was born though. The few years after Naruto was born, they only had sex a handful of times each year, on their birthdays or their anniversary for example. A few years later the times they did the deed became rarer and rarer. And now for the past three years they haven't had sex at all. This was the only problem in their otherwise perfect marriage. Both still love each other just as much as before. They just never have sex anymore and neither of them really wants to. Neither of them has cheated on the other either and none of them can really think of the reason why they don't want to have sex. Their just isn't the same spark there anymore.


They haven't brought it up as a problem and never even thought about getting a divorce either. Both of them are mostly happy with the way things are now, it's only the sex that is missing. A good way to describe them for the past three years would be two best friends living and raising a kid together. While they have never cheated on each other, that doesn't mean that they haven't fantasized or dreamed about it. They are both adult human beings with the same needs as anyone else after all.


That brings us to Kushina's relationship with Naruto and Konohamaru. Starting with Naruto, their relationship is mostly just your normal mother and son one. Kushina mostly raised Naruto on her own since Minato worked long days in the Hokage office. She thinks she did a pretty damn good job with that and is very proud of Naruto. Some are of the opinion that Kushina has a habit of getting a little too close and touchy with Naruto sometimes. She loves to cuddle up to him, hug him and she even sits in his lap from time to time. Naruto mostly doesn't mind, especially not when they are alone. She is his mom, but she is also arguably the village's most beautiful woman and Naruto wasn't blind. That's about as weird as their relationship gets, at least from what others can tell.


Kushina has a little secret that she has never told anyone about. She happened to see Naruto completely naked last year and noticed that Naruto was anything but small downstairs. He was freaking huge. Since then, Kushina has started dreaming and fantasizing about herself and Naruto having forbidden and taboo fun together. It's not something she thinks she will ever make a reality, but she sure doesn't mind the thought of it. Just like Naruto, Kushina isn't blind. Naruto is the village's most popular guy and you would be up for quite a hard task to find any female in the village who doesn't have the hots for him, married or not. At some birthday parties where some of their friends and family get together, a few women has tried to get Naruto to head elsewhere for some “fun” only to be stopped by mostly Ino, Anko or Kushina before they had the chance to. To make a long story short, Ino and Anko are two that everyone knows has a thing for Naruto and they don't try to hide it.


Naruto can have pretty much any female in the village without much effort. Yet Naruto himself is either playing stupid or is completely oblivious about that fact. That's why he still hangs out with Jiraiya, gathering “reference material” and such.Naruto's popularity is due to him being the son of the famous and handsome fourth Hokage and the also famous and beautiful Uzumaki Kushina, Konoha's Red Death. It's also due to his own skills as he is at much higher level than his peers. And lastly the most obvious reason, it's because quite frankly they just think he is handsome. His good looks is not lost on Kushina and it's part of the reason she has those dreams and fantasies about him. But she has no plans on ever letting it be anything other than that.


Other than good friends like Jiraiya, Hiruzen, Inoichi, Shikaku and others, those are the only two men in Kushina's life if you ask her. She does however have one more man in her life that she hasn't really figured out what her feelings for him mean yet. As most of you have probably figured out by now, that guy is Sarutobi Konohamaru. A year ago their relationship was exactly what you would think it would be. They were friends due to their connection to Naruto and also because their families is close friends. Back then Kushina might refer to him as “Naruto's cute friend” while Konohamaru may thought of her as “Naruto's pretty mom”. But during the year that has passed those slight attractions to one another has evolved into mutual full blown crushes. It all started with a prank war set up by Naruto, who wanted to get his mother back for all of her pranks which he and others, like Konohamaru, were the victim of. He had Konohamaru pull pranks on Kushina that he couldn't nor wanted to do himself since she is his mom.


Most of those pranks involved Konohamaru touching Kushina in inappropriate ways, something he was used to doing since he had been pulling similar pranks on Haruno Sakura in school ever since he started attending the ninja academy last year. He performed similar pranks on Kushina that he had done to Sakura on almost a daily basis for a year. Usually those pranks was just Konohamaru lifting the skirt of Kushina's dress and complimenting her on her choice of underwear before trying to make his escape. Or he would simply just pinch or spank her butt lightly before running away. Most of those times he didn't get away and Kushina could get some revenge. Her revenge mostly involved her straddling or pinning him on the ground, then either tickling him or pulling his ear while restraining his hands. While that was going on, Naruto pulled his own pranks on her as well, but those didn't involve any inappropriate touching, he left that to Konohamaru who he trusted to not take things too far. It was a full on prank war between the three for a while.


Naruto wouldn't ask any of his other friends to do it since he knew they weren't up to the task as they were either too lazy (Shikamaru) or they would enjoy doing that to Naruto's mom a little too much (Kiba, Choji). Naruto hated when other men that wasn't his father checked out Kushina. That includes his friends who he has caught drooling at there mere sight of her, something which was common with other men whenever they walked through the village as well. At least Naruto enjoys kicking their asses afterwards, letting them know by his actions that they weren't even allowed to stare at his mother in that way. Naruto was a bit overprotective of his mother to say the least. In Naruto's eyes, Konohamaru is a bit different from the others, he is like Naruto in many ways and someone Naruto can trust. At least that's how Naruto's thought process goes.


It was Naruto setting up Konohamaru to do this that eventually lead up to a day, about half a year ago ,which was the day that the prank wars stopped. It was also the same day that Konohamaru realized that instead of Kushina being just his friends pretty mom, she was the most beautiful woman to have ever walked this earth. He has had a secret crush on her ever since. It was also what happened that day that made Kushina wonder about her own feelings for Konohamaru. She had already been fantasizing and dreaming about him for a few months at that point. Although in a different way than she would dream about Naruto. In her dreams and fantasizing of Konohamaru it was more in a romantic way, she saw them going on dates, romantic dinners, dancing and eventually she even dreamed about marrying him. In other words, what she dreamed about was a romantic relationship with Konohamaru while her dreams of Naruto was more of a fuck buddy arrangement. While she did not realize or admit that she was in love with Konohamaru that day, she did start to act a bit different around him.


The event which lead up to Konohamaru gaining that crush on her and their prank war ending, was started almost the same as any other prank. One big difference this time was that Kushina and Konohamaru was alone. Usually either Naruto or Konohamaru's two friends, Udon and Moegi, would be around whenever Konohamaru pranked her. That way Konohamaru had proof of doing it since he “only did it to impress Naruto”. While it started of as that, Konohamaru would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy feeling up the beautiful red head. Just like he enjoyed doing it to Sakura or any other hot chick that he felt like “pranking”. He was part of the pervert trio after all. Jiraiya had a way of finding people of his kind and wouldn't even allow him to join in if he didn't fit in. With that said, we have now recognized that Konohamaru is a bit of a pervert.


That day when he and Kushina were alone inside the Uzumaki/Namikaze home, he had been invited inside for lunch after he had come looking for Naruto, who was outside training as always. While Kushina prepared sandwiches for Konohamaru and Naruto, which Konohamaru would bring to Naruto at his spot at the edge of the backyard, Konohamaru had snuck up on her like many times before. This time, instead of just pinching her butt or lightly spanking it, he grabbed her butt with both hands, lightly groping her ass cheeks. To Konohamaru's surprise, Kushina didn't do anything for the first few seconds. She just let him feel her up. Normally he would be running away with her chasing him as soon as he touched her, until she eventually caught up and opened a can of whoop-ass.


It was maybe two or three seconds after he started, that Kushina turned her head and stared at him with the sexiest smile he had ever seen in his life, giggling as she did so. With a wide grin, Konohamaru let his perverted nature take over as he grabbed her ass cheeks with a firmer grip as he let his fingers dig into her butt cheeks. Maybe what he said next is the cause for it to end.


“You like that kore?” He said in excitement. Kushina who had returned her focus on the sandwiches she was preparing, seemed to have come to her senses by that comment.


“Okay that's enough, you pervert!” Kushina said as she turned around and grabbed Konohamaru by his blue scarf with her left hand, while her right hand was clenched into a fist threateningly in front of his face.


“Shit!” Konohamaru screamed, knowing he was in for a beating. He tried to pull himself backwards but he wouldn't move as Kushina had a firm grip on his scarf, keeping him in place. With all of his might he pulled backwards, causing himself and a shocked Kushina, who couldn't believe his strength, to both fall down on the ground. Konohamaru fell backwards while Kushina fell on top of him. They landed with Kushina laying on top of him, Konohamaru's hands were around her while their faces were close enough for their noses to touch. It was at this moment that everything changed as they stared into each others eyes, for what felt like minutes but in reality was just a few seconds. It ended as both of them got up, blushing furiously.


“I'm sorry Naruto's mom, really” Konohamaru stuttered.


“It's okay ttebane!” A completely red faced Kushina said, not being able to look at him “The sandwiches will be ready in a minute”


“O-okay” Konohamaru said as he sat down, waiting for her to finish the sandwiches that he and Naruto would later share. They didn't say another word to each other after that and it only took a minute for Konohamaru to be out of his house and be on his way to Naruto's training spot. Since that day the pranking stopped, but something else started as they acted differently around each other. They couldn't look into each others eyes without blushing, something uncharacteristic of both of them as neither of them are the shy type. Both of them are loud and very outgoing.


Another change was that instead of Konohamaru feeling her up due to a prank, Kushina started getting a lot more touchy with him instead. She would play with his hair, through that gray hat of his, whenever he sat next to her. She also hugged him a lot more often. She had yet to start sit in his lap though, as she does with Naruto. And since she acts that way with Naruto, no one has thought twice of seeing Kushina and Konohamaru that way. Even Naruto isn't bothered by it since he is used to his and Kushina's cuddling which is a lot more inappropriate than that.


It's pretty obvious that Kushina has romantic feelings for Konohamaru, she is in love with him even. She hasn't realized it yet, even though all the signs are there.


And that sums up Kushina's rather unusual relationships with the men in her life. As for Konohamaru, other than his crush on Kushina, he has a slight interest in one Haruno Sakura. It's not something you would call a crush, maybe more of an attraction. He did love to prank her though, her reactions was just as funny as Kushina's. Sakura hated his pranks at first, but lately she doesn't mind them as much. At least someone is giving her any kind attention in school, attention she would prefer to get from either Naruto and formerly Sasuke instead.


The latter she has completely given up on due to his complete lack of respect for others. Sasuke used to have a pretty big base of fan girls in school, but all of those has pretty much all switched sides to the Naruto fanbase instead. He has a few stragglers left though, but none of them would win any beauty contests if you know what I mean. Sasuke couldn't care less about any of them or anyone else for that matter. The only thing on his mind is getting revenge on his big brother, Itachi. When the time comes to re-populate his clan, he has his mother and sisters available who can bear his children. That way they would be full blooded Uchiha's. That's how Sasuke's mind worked.


Back to Konohamaru. He doesn't really have any other interesting relationship with girls except for being very good friends with Moegi and Ino. He also knows Kurenai Yühi well due to her being his uncle, Sarutobi Asuma's, girlfriend. She is a kind and pretty woman, that's pretty much sums up his thought on her. He also knows Anko pretty well, unfortunately if you ask him. Anko isn't too keen on how Konohamaru always tries to follow them around when Anko finally gets a chance to be alone with Naruto. Due to that she can be a bit rude to him at times. She is still sexy though, so that's a plus in Konohamaru's book.


That's where we are now at the point where the story will begin. Next I'm going to describe the outfits of the characters that will a big part in this story. As well as introduce a few original characters that may have a part in the story.


Konohamaru wears his part one outfit. A gray hat, blue scarf, yellow t-shirt and gray shorts.


Kushina always wears her green dress and white blouse unless specified otherwise. Other normal outfits for her would be an orange t-shirt, blue pants and a gray apron and lastly a tan dress and a light blue blouse similar to her first outfit.


Naruto dresses very casually, he is often seen wearing a pair of blue pants and a white t-shirt with the uzumaki swirl on it. When he eventually graduates he will wear an outfit similar to Minato's, without the jounin jacket and hokage jacket. His clothes is a darker blue than Minato's.


Sakura dresses up the same was she does in part one of Naruto as well, a red dress and dark green, skin tight, biker shorts.


Hanabi wears and looks the same she does in the movie “Road to Ninja”. She is also older than in the manga. She is just one year younger than Hinata in this story.


Hinata dresses the same way as part one of Naruto but has the same hairstyle as she would later on in Shippuuden. A hime hair cut but much longer hair.


Uchiha Satsuki is an original character. A one year younger sister to Sasuke. She dresses in dark Uchiha styled clothing and she looks like a younger version of her mother, Uchiha Mikoto.


Uchiha Sara is also an original character and an elder sister to Sasuke, one year older. She also dresses in dark Uchiha styled clothing, although slightly more revealing clothing than her younger sister. She is very popular and good looking with a body frame that most women dream of. She also looks like a younger version of Mikoto.


Yamanaka Butao is Ino's mom. In the anime she is only shown in filler episodes and isn't given a name. In the anime she is shown as an old looking gray haired woman


I also decided to change her appearance completely, basically making her an original character. This is how she looks in this story instead:


Yui is the name I have given Moegi's mom, another original character. She has orange hair just like her daughter, although she has much longer her hair than her and a different hairstyle. She is a widow after her husband and Moegi's father passed away on a mission six years ago. She is currently single but is a very attractive and sought after MILF. She looks very similar to Inoue Orihime in Bleach:


Everyone else wears their standard outfits during part one of the Naruto anime or whenever they were introduced in the manga, unless otherwise specified.


For my other story, A Different Take on Naruto, which is basically this story but with more main characters, I made a map to give you guys an idea of where things are located in this version of Konoha.


Sometimes I may post a link to an image of an outfit that a character is wearing. This is due to me being horrible at describing clothing and female clothing in particular. Lastly, this is fiction and should not be treated as, or confused with reality.


Chapter 1


The first day of Konohamaru's second school year could be summarized just like any other day in school, which was simply boring. School isn't that fun when your grandfather is the former Hokage who has already taught you pretty much anything you can learn in the academy. The only thing fun about his first school day was when Jiraiya came to visit the school. He had been asked to hold a motivational speech for Naruto and the rest of the students in the senior class. Both Naruto and Konohamaru got a chance to mess with Jiraiya in the school yard before he made it inside the school. Pissing off Jiraiya was just as fun as pissing off is grandfather, Hiruzen.


When the school day ended, Konohamaru was looking for Sakura to pull a prank on her. Unfortunately for him, he was a little bit too late as Sakura and her two friends, Ino and Hinata, had decided to follow Jiraiya out of school, demanding that he tells them more stories of his ninja career. To students at the school, those three girls are known as the three popular beauties of the senior class. To Jiraiya they are nothing but annoying brats though, which made Konohamaru chuckle at the mere thought of those three chasing that old pervert around. Speaking of beauties in the school, Konohamaru just passed another two of them in the class one year below Naruto and the others. Hyuuga Hanabi and Uchiha Satsuki. Satsuki looks very much like her mother Mikoto and her elder sister Uchiha Sara. Sara was along with Tenten was the popular beauties of last years senior class. The three Uchiha ladies looks very much alike to the point that some people sometime mistakes the three of them for twins.


There aren't any more girls that are close to that popularity level of those named in the younger classes, although Konohamaru's close friend and classmate Moegi is quite popular already. Konohamaru couldn't see why, Moegi was just Moegi, one of the guys kinda. As Konohamaru thought about the girls in school, his two friends caught up with him as he was about to leave the school grounds.


“Hey Konohamaru-chan, I just saw Naruto-kun leave, lets follow him and see if he wants to play ninja?” Moegi suggested.


Playing ninja wasn't as childish as it may sound. It was more like playing out real battle scenarios or missions without the risk of anyone getting hurt as no real weapons or forceful attacks were used. It was a fun way to train and also a very good way to improve your strategic thinking when it comes to battle.


“Okay, let's go kore!” Konohamaru said with a grin as the three headed towards where Moegi had seen Naruto earlier. They caught up to him in the middle of a street in Konoha, where he was walking with his hands in his pockets, looking mighty bored.


“Hey boss! Let's play ninja!” Konohamaru yelled which had Naruto turn towards them with an annoyed expression.


“Not today, I need to train. I already wasted 6 hours in that damn classroom” Naruto said.


“Please Naruto-kun, you never play with us anymore!” Moegi tried and used the puppy dog eyes for effect. It didn't work on Naruto though.


“Another time guys” Naruto said before he disappeared using a teleportation technique, leaving the three members of the Konoha Corps behind.


Kushina, who was heading back home after buying groceries, happened to overhear and see them when Naruto rejected to play with them once again.


“Hey, Konohamaru-kun” Kushina greeted as her cheeks turned slightly red.


“Hello Naruto's mom” Konohamaru said, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. He had just been cursing out Naruto a bit for not going along with them.


“I didn't mean to badmouth our boss, It's just that he never does anything with us anymore” Konohamaru explained, thinking she must have overheard him earlier.


Kushina waved him off “No I completely understand why you would be upset, he doesn't do much other than train nowadays. I barely get to spend time with him myself as well”


The three young academy students nodded sadly in agreement with what Kushina said.


“Hmm” Kushina said placing her thumb on her chin in thought “I could play with the three of you at our place if you want, our stupidly large backyard that Minato bought should be big enough for playing ninja”


“What, really!?” Moegi exclaimed in excitement.


“Sure why not, I'm sure we'll have fun!” Kushina said.


“Alright then, old hag, we will be intruding on you then!” Konohamaru said with a confident smirk. Insulting Kushina like that was a way for Konohamaru to try to mask his crush on her a little bit as he still was a bit nervous around her due to his attraction to her. It was also an insult that didn't have any weight to it since Kushina may be in her early thirties, but she didn't appear to be a day older than twenty. Even so, Konohamaru gained a smack on top of his head from both Kushina and Moegi for that comment before the four of them started walking towards Kushina's house.


Kushina couldn't help but inwardly squeal in excitement as they made their way there. She had been looking for any reason to get Konohamaru over to spend more time with him. She still doesn't understand what her feelings for him means, all she knows is that she wants to be around him more. Playing with them would also be a good substitute for her normal exercise. Her normal exercise is usually her dancing at home. She practices dancing all kinds of dance routines. Although mostly routines from western songs, Konoha-pop (K-pop) and various popular dancing groups. She still planned to dance a little later, but playing ninja with them for a few hours would make for a pretty decent exercise as well.


On their way over there, Konohamaru offered to help Kushina carry her groceries. Even after she told him that he didn't need to, he insisted and pretty much took them out of her hands. After arriving at Kushina's house and Kushina had stocked up the groceries where they belong, the four of them split up into two teams and began playing.


After they had been “playing” ninja for a couple of hours, Kushina summarized that she had enjoyed it a lot more than she thought she would. The reason she invited them wasn't exactly because she wanted to play, it was only so that she could spend some time with Konohamaru. But now that she had played ninja with them, she definitely wanted to invite them over again. After playing, Kushina invited them inside and treated them to lemonade and cinnamon buns.


They were sitting on a couch in the living room of Kushina and Minato's rather large house. Konohamaru was sitting at one end of the couch, with Kushina sitting next to him. Moegi sat between Kushina and Udon who sat at the other end of the couch. They were making small talk about how Konohamaru and the others thought of school and so on, while eating their buns. While they did so, Kushina was staring at Konohamaru while blushing the whole time. No one else, other than Konohamaru seemed to notice that.


When they had finished eating, Kushina finally realized that she had been staring at Konohamaru non stop. She turned her head and focused on the other two, not realizing that she had now placed her hand on top of Konohamaru's hat covered head. She ran her hand through the bangs of hair that stuck out from a hole in the hat and played with his hair while they continued making small talk. This time it was Konohamaru's turn to blush, something he had been trying really hard not to when Kushina was staring at him earlier.


Konohamaru didn't exactly mind that seeing as he was very much in love with the woman. It was still a bit embarrassing for him though, especially with the others around. Luckily they didn't seem to notice or simply didn't care from what he could tell.


A few minutes later, they said their good byes as Konohamaru and the others took their leave. But not before Kushina invited them all to come over to play with her again if they wanted to. They all told her with wide grins that they would love to come over again tomorrow.


When they had left, Kushina sat down at the couch, wondering exactly what was going on. She knew that she wanted to get to know Konohamaru better and spend time with him. She knew that she had been dreaming about Konohamaru, mostly romantic dreams. But she couldn't possibly be in love with him, could she? She wondered. Whatever it meant, she decided she would take this chance and just enjoy spending more time with him.


A few minutes later, Konohamaru returned to his home, a large house within the Sarutobi clan compound, where he lived together with his grandfather. The Sarutobi clan compound is located on the same street as Kushina's house, so it didn't take very long for him to get home. His relationship with his grandfather was anything but normal. The former hokage wishes to raise him strictly to become an outstanding villager and ninja that people can look up to. That hasn't worked out at all since Hiruzen himself is way to goofy for that to work, not to mention that Konohamaru despises everything that has to do with that. Instead it had become more of a relationship similar to Naruto and Jiraiya's. An example of that would be how Konohamaru woke up Hiruzen this morning.


“Get up, kore!” Konohamaru yelled excitedly after he had snuck into Hiruzen's bedroom and then literally started jumping on him as he slept.


“Brat! Are you God damn retarded? Stop jumping on me!” Hiruzen yelled as he pushed Konohamaru away.


“You're the retard, why haven't you made breakfast yet? You know school starts again today kore!” Konohamaru countered as he sat on the floor, nursing his head which he hit lightly after being pushed off the bed.


Hiruzen chuckled. Konohamaru may not be the most well behaved or mannered, yet Hiruzen thinks he is perfect just the way he is. He knows that Konohamaru has goals of surpassing both him and Minato and an attitude of not taking any shit from anyone. He is the future of this clan, unlike his son, Sarutobi Asuma. While Asuma has gained a reputation as a respectable jounin, he was from what Hiruzen hoped him to be. The one that eventually inherits the clan leader position from him the day that he passes, should be at least powerful enough to always be a Hokage candidate. That's not something you could say about Asuma. If Minato was to give up his position tomorrow and the village were to decide on a new Hokage, Asuma wouldn't even be mentioned. Instead people like Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kushina, Kakashi, Gai or even himself or God forbid, Danzo, would all be brought up before anyone even thinks of Asuma.


The only thing Asuma has going for him lately is that he finally got together with the woman he has chased for many years, Kurenai Yühi. Although Hiruzen thinks something is a bit off about their relationship, as there is something with Kurenai and the way she acts that gives him a bad vibe. Yet he is happy for his son and hopes he will at least start a family soon to help the future of the Sarutobi clan in some way.


While Hiruzen may not have any high expectations for his son, he does have very very high expectations of his grandson. He is the one that is going to be the future clan head. Hiruzen will make sure of it.


After a little bit of something that would remind you of a drunken street fight, the two Sarutobi's had breakfast. It wasn't unusual for the two of them to act this way. Hiruzen even acted this way around Minato's son, Naruto. Naruto is like Konohamaru but ten times worse. Worst of all is that Konohamaru looks up to him and tries to copy everything he does. That wasn't such a bad thing since while Naruto may be a prankster and got a shitty attitude, he was still probably Konoha's biggest prodigy in decades. There is a lot worse people that Konohamaru could look up to. Therefore Hiruzen saw no reason to intervene.


Back to the present, Konohamaru had just made it back home where Hiruzen was, waiting for him in the living room.


“Where have you been? Out slacking off?” Hiruzen asked.


“Shut it old man, I haven't been slacking off, I was playing ninja with Moegi and Udon at Naruto's” Konohamaru said in an annoyed tone.


Now that Hiruzen didn't mind. He knew very well the advantages of that game as he is the very person who taught the game to Naruto a few years ago.


“Atta boy” Hiruzen said with a nod of approval “Do you want to train with me for a few hours before we get dinner or are you too tired?”


“Tired? Hah! Let's go old man!” Was Konohamaru's smug answer as the two of them headed towards a dojo next to their house. Konohamaru then trained with Hiruzen and studied it a bit for the rest of the evening until he went to bed.


Kushina's evening was even less interesting than that. She practiced some of her dance routines after Konohamaru and the others had left, until Naruto and Minato got home. She then prepared dinner for the three of them which they ate together. Afterwards, Naruto went back to training while Minato sat on the couch in the living room working on paperwork he had brought with him from his office. Kushina herself enjoyed a warm bubble bath before going to bed early.


The rest of the week and most of the week after, played out pretty much the same way. The exception was that Konohamaru and the others didn't visit Kushina to play on Wednesday since Konohamaru spent every Wednesday training with Hiruzen after school. On Sundays Konohamaru is still busy being up to no good together with Jiraiya and Naruto.


The Thursday of the second week was the day that broke that daily circle of events. When Konohamaru and the others had just arrived at Kushina's place for another day of playing ninja, they were met with Jiraiya carrying a pissed off Naruto like a sack of potatoes thrown over his shoulder.


“Let me down, Ero-sennin!” Naruto yelled, glaring at the perverted hermit.


“Not this time, I am bringing you with me for this trip” Jiraiya said then laughed heartily.


“What's going on, Jiraiya-sensei?” Kushina, who was already out in the backyard by the time Jiraiya and Naruto arrived as she was waiting for Konohamaru and the others, asked.


“You'll regret messing with me, Ero-sennin, let me down this instant!” Naruto roared before Jiraiya could answer Kushina's question.


“I'll let you down but if you try to run away again I'll knock you out and carry you all the way to our destination” Jiraiya said as he put the blond prodigy down on the ground.


He then turned to Kushina as he answered her question “Things are starting to heat up, my former teammate is starting to make his moves. Minato thought it would be best for both the village and Tsunade for her to return to the village, since he may approach her. As such I have been asked to find her and ask her to return. I'm bringing your shit stain of a son with me”


Naruto snorted at that insult while Kushina cracked her knuckles “What did you call him, Ero-sennin?” she asked in a threatening manner.


Jiraiya shrugged “I stand by my words, he is a shit stain. Even so, I'm still bringing him with me to have some company on this little search for Tsunade-hime, I think he can be of big help when it comes to convincing her to return”


Udon's ears perked up after hearing that. Udon was a bit of a boob fanatic. The bigger the better was his motto. He had been caught staring at Kushina's chest quite a few times by both Konohamaru and Moegi who both elbowed him on the side to snap him out of it whenever he did. He also does the same whenever there is a female teacher instructing them at the ninja academy. His favorite subject in school is history because then he can always turn to the pages of the history books focused on the legendary three sannin. In those pages he can find pictures of Tsunade, the blonde beauty with the largest pair of hooters he has ever seen.


“Can I come?” Udon asked even though he barely knew Jiraiya.


“What?” Jiraiya said, turning to Udon “No you brat, go home and suck on your mommies tits or something”


Kushina clenched her right hand into a fist “Jiraiya-sensei..” she said in a warning tone.


“Forgive me for using such vile language, my sweet princess Kushina” Jiraiya said sarcastically, he then turned to Udon “Sorry kid, I don't have time to babysit. I can take Naruto along with me because he is something of an abnormality. He isn't a normal academy student since one wrong move against him in spars would mean that I lose to him. He can fend for himself outside of the village walls”


“You saying I'm a freak or something?” Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Yeah you are, especially with that half bat you are swinging around” Jiraiya said laughing loudly at that. Kushina turned away to hide her blush at that comment, she knew what he meant by that. Jiraiya was talking about Naruto's penis which was far bigger than the average adult man. Jiraiya called it half bat since it was only slightly smaller than his own, the full size baseball bat. Naruto hated that nickname though, Jiraiya had even called him that inside his classroom last week when he held that speech for his class.


“Just because you said that, I won't come unless you let the three little shits come with us. They can entertain me while you go search for that old drunk” Naruto said in a bored tone.


Jiraiya frowned “Damn it brat! Fine, but you will look after them. If anything happens to them it's on you!”


“That was what I was saying, you imbecile” Naruto spoke calmly as Jiraiya yelled at him in anger “BRAT!”


“Calm down Jiraiya-sensei, let's see what they say first” Kushina said as she turned to Konohamaru and the others “Does all three of you want to go with them or is it only Udon?” she asked.


“Sure sounds fun!” Konohamaru said with a confident grin as he rested his arms behind his head. Moegi wasn't so excited though. While she did want to go, she had already made plans for the weekend.


“I can't, I already made plans with my mom” Moegi said in an almost apologizing way.


“Don't worry about that Moegi, there will be more chances for small trips like these” Kushina ensured her. She then turned to Jiraiya “How about this, I will tag along with you so that I can look after them, at the same time I can keep an eye on you and Naruto to make sure you don't do anything stupid”


“My mom!?” Naruto screeched “Hell no, I'm going back to training”

“NARUTO!” Kushina yelled loudly as her hair raised above her, taking the shape of nine tails. That scared the hell out of everyone there, especially Naruto who slumped his shoulder and said “I'm sorry mom, we would love to have you come with us”


Kushina returned to normal “Good” she said with a sweet smile.


Konohamaru chuckled at that which earned him a death glare from Naruto. Konohamaru immediately stopped chuckling due to that, worried what Naruto may do to him because of it. Jiraiya had no complaints about that. Bringing Kushina along would be a big help in the search of Tsunade. Especially since they want to return before Monday so that Naruto and the others doesn't miss school. All that was left was for Konohamaru and Udon to talk to their parents, or grandparent in Konohamaru's case, to see if they were allowed to go. For Udon it wasn't a problem at all when they knew that Jiraiya and Kushina would be going with them. Those are both top five strongest in the village with Jiraiya only being surpassed by Minato.


Konohamaru didn't have it so easy though. Hiruzen wasn't too keen on letting Konohamaru spending a weekend with Jiraiya out in those areas where Tsunade usually visits. But he eventually let him go, mainly because Kushina was going with them. She wouldn't let them partake in any strange activities that Jiraiya may otherwise treat them to if she weren't going with them. It would be hard to find a bigger prude than Kushina in the village, in Hiruzen's opinion. In this case that was a good thing. Less so the many times he has offered her to sleep with him. The five of them then headed out of the village, starting their search for Tsunade.

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