Not Right for the Job

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            Shikamaru wasn’t sure he was the right man for the job, and he had told Tsunade-sama so.

            “If Naruto was available, he might’ve taken the task,” she had answered, fingers steepled under her chin.  “Right now, though, no one is more suited to the task than you.”  She then went through the list; the tiresome list explaining why no other was suited to the task.  The Inuzuka were primal; Kiba would likely forgo the protection and attempt to breed rather than teach.  Choji was too kindhearted to be brazen, and there were uncertainties of his quality.  Hiashi spoke in Neji’s case that the Hyuga should not be subjected to use as a tool, though he said nothing to his own daughter’s defense.  And Lee…  There were assumptions about him.

            So Shikamaru, first of the rookies to achieve chunin rank, was given to this troublesome task.  He still wouldn’t say he was fit for it, though there were moments that were enjoyable.

            Tenten, naked as at birth, was currently riding his cock at a hitched but forceful pace.  Her cunt, lightly framed with chestnut hair, swallowed his length over and over.  The look on her face amidst shimmering skin and flushed cheeks; he saw that she was proud of her skill, though up-and-down was not enough to impress him.  It kept his cock hard and twitching, and the way her tits swung up and down were pleasing to the eye.  But he was forced here, in this room, fucking girl after girl…

            He’d like a smoke.

            “Huh?  You think you can take it easy?”

            Shikamaru blinked, realizing that he had been close to dozing in his reminiscence.  Tenten had sounded upset, but her quirked lips told that she had taken a challenge.  She splayed a hand against his chest, shifting his shirtfront (too much time to undress and redress).

            “It’s good,” he said, and then, to prove it, he picked a hand up from the mattress to hold her hip.

            She harrumphed, unconvinced or just wanting to bait him.  “Well…”  Her weight turned, and the comfort and warmth of her quim left him.  He bounced underneath his navel.  He hated thinking that he’d offended her; he’d hear from the Hokage from such displeasure.

            Instead, Tenten’s limbs carried her above him, rotating her until his head was caught between her thighs.  He faced the gash that his cock had been buried neatly in, and he already found his abandoned cock deep in Tenten’s mouth.  That, he liked…

            Cunnilings…  He was not a fan.  But he had his duty.  Weakly hugging Tenten’s waist, he drew her down to his mouth and began to slurp, unenthused, at the pink folds.

            Temari had taught him how to eat pussy, though on her tireless terms.  Since then, he tried to avoid it, especially since Tsunade forced this mission on him.  Hinata didn’t want it.  She came to him modest and nervous.  She had tried to keep as much of herself under wraps, and he did his best to respect her modesty.  They hadn’t looked – aside from lining up – when he pushed in and met her as a fellow chunin of Konoha.  He had been on top; obviously, since she was stiff on her back with anxiety.  She lost her moans and squirmed a bit and even came, wetting his cock and balls.  It was in his own throes that he pushed open her shirt, one large breast and fattened nipple coming out for him to see before grabbing it.  Seconds later, he flooded her womb, and he stayed in as his semen roiled into her.

            Sakura’s was a surprising performance, he had to admit.  She had been waiting there for him, sitting on the floor in ceremony, though her attire wasn’t changed from her usual wear.  Hinata had been a mess of nerves, even when confronted by one as docile and discrete as Shikamaru; Sakura addressed him outwardly, asked him to take care of her, and then proceeded to undress.  Her breasts were an embarrassment when compared to Hinata’s, but they still had some weight.  He held them when she stood before him, and he could say his cock grew quickly.

            That wasn’t enough for Sakura.  She was known for her thoroughness, after all, surpassing even Sasuke’s grades back in their academy days.  She unzipped his trousers, sized him up – “Not bad” – and wrapped her pretty lips around them.  Getting his cock sucked was actually relaxing.  He needn’t do anything but let the girl work.  He might’ve liked it better if he was lying down, though.

            Sakura sucked and licked, spat even at one point to help her hand glide along the shaft.  She aimed the tip upward and was generous to give his balls a thorough turn with her mouth and tongue.  She licked them wetly, spit hanging from her chin, and then sucked one in; sucked one, and then the other.

            When she was done, and Shikamaru was rather disappointed that she hadn’t finished him – though that violated the covenant of kunoichi and their trainer – she took a position on the table rather than the bed that had seen Hinata’s visit.  The color of Sakura’s pussy was… enticing.  Pink around pink; it seemed like it should be dull, but his cock ached to be in it.  He touched her pussy hair, stroking softly before separating her lips.  Following that, he aimed his cock, and they both exhaled as he rolled into her.

            It was rare for him to take the initiative, yet he couldn’t help thinking of those times when she annoyed him – her and Ino – gushing mindlessly over Sasuke, putting all other boys in the class to shame.  She certainly wasn’t thinking of him now as he pumped into her, harder and harder until they wound up on the table.  His hips lifted and dropped, plummeting the head of his cock through her pussy until he rammed into her cervix.

            This was not accomplished solely by his own persistence.  Sakura hoisted her legs up in her hands, holstering the back of her knees while pulling them apart.  Shikamaru’s face twisted up in a half-sneer.  No wonder why so many of the Rookie 9 pined after her!  He grabbed a tit, pinched the nipple, and sped up his thrusts.

            I shouldn’t be doing this, he thought last before unloading his endeavors into Sakura.  Sweating and panting, she relaxed a little and let him recoup.  She thought it was over, but his cock hadn’t waned as it should, and before she knew it, he was churning the cum inside of her with renewed vigor.  I’m not right for this job.  He put a mouth on her breast, sucking on its pink center, and fucked her hard again, listening to his cum splat between their thrusts.

            She came before he did the second time.  When she came, she was loud, and he took account of her fearsome strength as muscle groups flexed violently; notably inside, around his shaft.  She gripped so tight, she halted his insert.  His cum frothed midway inside.  This time, he did flag, though he steered all the way in after his ejaculation.  He felt his own cum surround him, more than Sakura’s own honey.

            He retreated, she sat up, they dressed, she left.

            Now was Tenten’s turn.  She had acted like it was some competition, some show-off to prove to Tsunade-sama her dedication.  She swung him onto the bed, fished out his cock, and was jerking it while undressing.  She then tossed a leg over, straddled him, and took him inside with ease.

            Choji couldn’t stand it; a different girl each time.  He was too softhearted, easy for him to fall in love if a girl so much as brushed his hand in idle passing.  But this… the pussy-eating…  Choji might excel in that.  Shikamaru would have gladly given his current spot to his best friend right now, let him chow down on Tenten’s muff in his stead; even let him fuck her.

            Maybe her mouth wasn’t extraordinary, but when her hands cradled him, fondled him, handled him…  He could feel her appreciation for weapons and the art of them.  So much so that he began twitching violently.

            She knew enough.  She stole her pussy from his mouth and ate his cock with it a second later; just enough time to catch his first shot between her walls.  The rest filed neatly into her womb.

            Shikamaru exhaled heavily and dropped his head onto the bed.  That single moment of exhilaration, release, and relax; it was a moment that made the duty worth it.

            But then Tenten’s pussy, packed with his cum, went against his mouth.  Looking up, past her pelvis and tits, he caught her leer.  “Tsunade-sama never said it was only once.”

            He wasn’t the right man for this job.


I may expand on this, but this was a complete 'impulse' write.  Sat down with the sudden idea, wrote until I was done.

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