There's a journey to the hot springs!

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            “What are we doing here, Ero-sennin?” he whined.

ccc Amegakure ccc

            Rain; the rain was constant and could be seen miles off.

ccc Three years ago ccc

            Jiraiya turned to his young protégé and snickered.  He tugged on the rim of his green rain hood.  “Hey, a kid like you should be excited to journey to all these new places!  What do you have to complain about?”

            Naruto, underneath his own rain coat, scowled up at the old man.  They’d been traveling only for three months together, leaving the security of Konoha to prep the youngster for the brutality of life.  “Hmph!  We’ve done more walking than anything else!  And we only visit places where you want to go to those girl places!”

            Jiraiya’s grin took a more lecherous façade; nostrils flaring and smile drooling.  “Well, if you insist!  I heard there was a great bar that just opened up in town!”  He suddenly frolicked ahead, leaving Naruto to fume behind.  The boy quaked in place, frustrated by his chosen teacher’s lack of focus.  “That payload from our last mission has been burning a hole in my wallet, after all!  Kukuku~!

            “Hey!”  Naruto gave chase, waving his fist overhead furiously.  “That’s my wallet, dammit!”  His feet splashed on the wet concrete.


Start of Part 0


The Hook


            “Amegakure was once a war-torn country,” Jiraiya explained to little Naruto.  His young fox-faced companion glanced around and saw the peddlers of the land with their rickety carts and caravans, setting down wherever they thought profit could be made or moving to another.  Their desperation and woe filled the air as much as the rain.  “I’m sure you know that I was involved in a war that took place here.  Heh, that was when I was given the title of Sannin.”

            He spoke so proudly of it, but Naruto was aware that it wasn’t his title alone.  He didn’t say this, of course.  His attention was suited on the misery around him.  He saw men much older than him huddling under awnings or roofed stoops, with faces of less hope than when he was just a whelp in the academy.

            “This village itself.”  Jiraiya looked up, wincing slightly as the raindrops hit his face.  “It was closed off to outsiders, but I imagine that the situation of the economy had become so dire that they’ve opened up again.  That’s why you see people setting up shop even in this unending rain.”  He turned back to Naruto and held up a finger pointedly to stress his lecture.  “It is just as important to know your environment, the history of the world, as it is to know your opponent and how to fight properly.”

            Naruto eyed him skeptically.  “It’s hard to take you seriously,” he grumbled, and then raised his voice to a sharp shriek when he pointed at the shamelessly-advertised brothel in front of them, “when this is the place you wanted to visit all along!!

            “Oh, come on!” laughed Jiraiya, patting Naruto forward.  “Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you out in the rain!  I’m sure they have a lobby where you can wait for me.  Hee-hee!

            Naruto pursed his lips as he got nearer and nearer to the entryway.  All those magazines, all the times he tried to use his Sexy Jutsu to sneak into the women’s bath (and failed); they couldn’t prepare him for an encounter of this kind.  Eyes expanded over his heavy blush, he was ushered into his first brothel…

ccc Minutes later ccc

            “Oh~♥!  Jiraiya-sama~♥!”

            “Hee-hee!  Ah~!  Mmph!

            The sounds of it all; it rattled the solitude of the room Naruto was forced to wait in.  Hardly a lobby, he thought, sitting stiffly, staring at the floor, redder in the face than ever before.  He didn’t like this at all.  How was he supposed to face his trainer after this, after hearing the noises he made and the words he used and the sounds he created?  Naruto’s stomach turned so fast, he was sure he was about to vomit all over the tiled floor.

            “Guh…”  As a precaution, he bent his head between his knees and tried to block out the sounds of fornication.  Ero-Sennin was too old!  Why was he meeting with these young girls?!  The three vices of ninja: money, women and alcohol, and Ero-Sennin indulged all three each and every day.  Why am I following him to these places anyway?!  Naruto chided the floor’s silence.  If he had just stayed back beyond the miserable borders of this soaked land, he could get some self-training in.  He could do all sorts of things without this pervert dragging him along to all these brothels!

            “That damn pervert,” Naruto seethed, and then lurched when a hand caressed his shoulder.

            “Are you alright?” asked the woman who had startled him, big doe eyes on him, gloved hand raised anxiously to her plump bottom lip.

            Naruto heard ringing in his ears; his nausea shifted.  He took in the sight of this woman, and it embarrassed him.  She was much like Baa-chan with her buxom figure and blonde hair, though that might be where their similarities ended, for she was also heavy; not fat, but she had more meat on her than Baa-chan, but Naruto wouldn’t dare say she was unattractive.  Her eyes were sleek and hazel, contrasting the light of her hair.  She had a smile – when it overcame her initial worry – that spread across her broad cheeks in a red curve.  And as expected of a woman in such an establishment, her attire was themed and revealing.  A cow; and with udders like those, Naruto pondered with his slitted eyes, it was a well-earned costume.  In the breast-holstering getup, each motion of her arms resounded in the supple swells.

            “You… seem out of place here,” the woman said nicely, fixing the strap along her shoulder.  “Are you waiting for someone?”

            Naruto stiffened and reflexively sat properly: head down, hands clasped on knees.  “Y-yes, ma’am,” he got out, now sweating profusely in the steamy room.  He’d met beautiful and luscious women before, but he had not spoken directly to a woman whose profession depended on her beauty.  He swallowed hard at the ball of anxiety bulging in his throat.  Stealthily, he glanced up to take mark of her beauty; he stopped at her heavy breasts again, saddling the front of her dress with their weight.  “My… my…”  How exactly should he define Ero-Sennin?  How did he want to?  Thinking of the perverted old man in terms of a sensei set him on par with the likes of Kakashi-sensei and Iruka-sensei, both of whom had earned more respect than the lecher that pilfered his pockets.  Yet still…  Murmuring behind closed lips, he finally came out and said, “My master wanted to visit here.”  He grimaced with a look of shame when an especially loud hoot came from the other side of the wall.

            The woman looked to the noisy wall; casual indifference where Naruto cowed out and shied away from the noise.  His discomfort was new, as this brothel was a home to the dull men of the Rain Village; the types of people who would pay to control others, if only briefly and with terms.

            She smirked at the boy blushing and tightening in his seat.  His legs were drawn together as if to ward away the temptation of imagination.  He pursed his lips and forced his face as solemn as possible, though his lips quivered and his eyes darted often to reassess just how much skin she was comfortable showing.

            “My name is Tezuna,” she said warmly, taking the open seat next to him on the comfortable love seat.

            A waiting area, Naruto thought with a gulp.  He tried not to look, but surely the woman deserved one more glance… dressed in such eye-grabbing attire.  A waiting area for men who were waiting for her and other beautiful, buxom women.  His gaze fell into her cleavage, and it was a deep trench to fall into.  She perhaps exploited her breasts more that Baa-chan, though Baa-chan’s were definitely bigger.

            The cow woman named Tezuna leaned forward to catch his focused stare.  He was hardly the first to gawk at the benefits of her outfit.  A finger branched out, nudged his drooping jaw back up with a click! of his teeth, and invited him to make eye contact.  He practically steamed from the ears; she could feel the heat of his skin by the mere contact she maintained with his chin.  He radiated inexperience!

            “What’s your name?” she asked in exchange for her earlier introduction.  Her head cocked cutely to one side, not needing any of her usual tricks to turn the male to a glob of stutters and forgetfulness.

            “I’m Uzumaki Naruto,” he said at last, getting it out with a puff from his chest.  Less tactfully, he addressed himself as a Konoha ninja.  Ero-Sennin had warned him against brazen outbursts in foreign lands, but the headband kind of gave away the secret.

            Even so, it was the first time Tezuna gave attention to the metal protecting his brow.  The little squirt was just too comely, she had to take him in all at once.  She was no enemy of Konoha – as she was not a ninja – so it mattered naught where he was from.  He – or rather, his master – came with deep pockets to her brothel, and Rain villagers did not quickly turn away patronage.  “My fiancé is also a ninja,” she said, and then tnked her fingernail on the Leaf brand.  “Is this your master’s headband?”

            Defensively, Naruto pulled away and covered his headband like Tezuna meant to snatch it away.  All sense of modesty turned to offense as he half-pouted, half-scowled.  “It’s mine.  And it was given to me by Iruka-sensei.”  As if she knew who Iruka was…

            All the same, Tezuna giggled, putting her hands deep in her lap which caused her arms to press her breasts together.  “A ninja at your age?  My fiancé didn’t become a genin until a few weeks ago.”  She laughed some more at her Ryusui’s expense.  He had bragged about his acceptance to ninja-hood, yet children as green as this boy were walking around with headbands of their own.

            Naruto stayed bristled, thinking that she was making light of him, but then it dawned on him.  The question formed and rose and came to the forefront of thought.  “You have a fiancé?”

            “That’s right.”

            Naruto, with his squinty fox face, murmured in contemplation before his big blues reopened.  “Then why are you working here?  Isn’t this…?”  A hard thud against the wall – followed by the sequence of shameless moaning – interrupted him, but after addressing it with a wince, he continued, “Isn’t this where women… are with other guys?”  The lines on his face were more pronounced with a pink background.

            Tezuna didn’t pause, she nodded right away.  “That’s right.”  She seemed really girly; really flighty to act so casual about business that made a pervert – by his own rights – blush so hard.  “When you become an adult, you make certain compromises,” she explained like a tutor, lifting a finger.  “Ryusui doesn’t mind my work, as it brings in more money so that he can go drinking.”  The pleasantness of her face faltered for that one instant.  “He drinks a lot, even when working, so he has nothing to complain about however I bring in money.”

            Naruto understood, though he didn’t like to think he’d make such a compromise if it meant sharing his girl.  This Ryusui had poor morals to let his buxom fiancée philander with other men, Naruto thought possessively.

            “And when you’re an adult,” she went on with her smile back, “you realize that things that seemed unpleasant or unlikely before can actually be very…”  Her head duck, and she made that all-too-girlish look again, complete with a timid flush.  “… exciting!

            Naruto blushed with her, thinking of how it’d be to share Sakura-chan.  It made his stomach clench and knot, and the back of his neck heated and sweated uncomfortably.  He didn’t like it at all.

            “And with Ryusui being a ninja now,” he heard Tezuna chirp thoughtfully, “well, it only seems fair.”

            This made Naruto turn quickly to her to seek an answer.  What did being a ninja have to do with this?  She just beamed coyly at him and left him guessing until he blurted out, “What do you mean?”

            “As a ninja, there’s all sorts of unpredictable situations, right?”  Her sleek eyes were wider now, scanning Naruto’s face.  “And sometimes, being away from home so long…  I understand that he needs to keep focus.”

            Naruto was taking these bits of info like jigsaw pieces.

            “I told him that I wouldn’t mind… because it brings in money.  So why should he worry about what I’m doing?”  She ended with a shrug; a simple gesture that all of Naruto’s worries were unnecessary.  The circle of adulthood always came back around to money, and she and Ryusui had chosen their means and compromises.

            Naruto took a moment or two to figure it out, but he accepted what he could from her lesson like a pill very hard to swallow, but it went down and settled.

            For a while, the woman and the boy sat quietly, growing accustomed to each other’s unusual presence while Jiraiya continued to spend coin for hour.  The frustration Naruto felt of his earnings going to waste for his woman-hungry master had lulled back.  His attention was much better suited to noticing how much leg could be seen of Tezuna sitting next to him.  Fleshy… and attractive…  With his hands protectively shoved in his lap, he felt the usual stirring whenever he hoped to catch a naughty peek in the hot springs back home.  The cock rose in his pants and jabbed into his palm, poking to get attention.

            “Do you have interests in these places?”

            “Huh?!”  Naruto jerked like he’d been wakened suddenly.  He collected his thoughts, repeated her words in his mind, and gestated.  “Ero-Sennin just comes to these places… and I had nowhere else to go.”  The structure of the Rain Village did not permit many inns, and Jiraiya was wary of staying at such places in such a seedy and desperate area.

            “They’re a good place for wayward ninja to relax,” Tezuna said, and a hand found its way onto Naruto’s knee; not sensual or anything, just a simple touch.  “Your master must be a very carefree man.”  She looked to the wall, listening to the sounds of on-going sex.

            Naruto had to agree with her.  Jiraiya was completely irresponsible and worried about nothing.  “I guess,” was all he said to her.

            “Have you ever kissed a girl?” she asked airily, looking at him and sizing him up.  A genin like her husband; same set of responsibilities and opportunities.

            Naruto’s ears steamed.  He swallowed and shook his head.  He’d just met this woman!  He wasn’t about to confess that he’d never kissed… a girl.

            Damn Sasuke!

            His answer made her laugh slightly.  She brushed her thumb over his glowing cheek.  She felt so smooth; like warm cream, he pondered with a dumb, relaxed smile.  “I wasn’t much younger than you when I had my first,” she said quietly.  “Do you at least have a special girl?”

            To this, Naruto could say yes, but he was no less embarrassed about it.  “Sakura-chan…”  He pursed his lips then, preventing himself from spilling any secrets over.

            “Does she know?”

            “… Yes.”

            “Does she like you?”


            His silence was cute.  The woman twittered a little.  A boy in love was a boy hopeless; he was adorable, she thought.  The thumb that had brushed at his cheek came down and caught his chin.  He was turned up to face her.  “Do you think she’d mind?”  Smooth as cream was her descent as well.  She leaned down so casually, Naruto had no way of preparing when she kissed him.  Red lips cascaded over his slightly-agape mouth, sealing and holding him.  Hers were softer than Sasuke’s, and she tasted of strawberry… an aftertaste of alcohol.

            Naruto bristled as his first real kiss was taken.  Tezuna was talented.  She caressed the side of his face, her fingernails dragging tingling lines down to his jaw.  Her lips moved across his; deep kisses.  He stayed stiff, though he wanted to put his hands on her!  She was touching his knee, after all.  Maybe just brush her midsection…

            He touched the cow grab a moment before she pulled softly away.  His hand retreated as if it had been burned.  Was it that mere brush to the right of her navel that ceased the kiss?  Naruto’s thoughts swirled, but nothing came clear.  He breathed in and out, eyes slowly rolling front from the back of his head.  And before him was Tezuna, touching her tingling lips and comforting him with that practiced smile.  She was unabashed, unlike him.

            He squirmed, unsure if it was right to show just how giddy he felt all of a sudden.  All at once, he recalled the experience in detail: lips smooth with lipstick, sweet and tangy, and the merest hint of tongue swathing across his upper lip.  Tezuna-chan certainly deserved money for this!  Naruto, with his eyes wide circles, ghosted his fingertips along where his lips still felt hers.  “Te-Tezuna-chan,” he stammered, not having the nerve to look at her.  He was on the verge of a fit of boyish giggles.  “What are you doing?”  His heart felt like it was lunging, sharing his excitement.  He wanted to save his first kiss for Sakura-chan, but boy, she’d be jealous to learn that he had a move made on him by an older woman!

            “You are very tense, Naruto-chan.”  Her hand dragged up from the knee and felt along his thigh until he grabbed her wrist, trembling and shaky in breath.  “It’s alright,” she told him.  “I don’t mind showing you what it feels like.”  Naruto’s hand still latched on her wrist, but its sturdiness gave when her trek continued.  His enthusiastic, naïve curiosity was confused as permission.  She kindly brushed away his other hand and found out that he was already hard.  “I see,” she said with a knowing smile, not at all shocked by his reaction or length.  Of course he was stunted, being so young.  She could work with it.  Better than the men who arrive, yet were smaller still.

            “What are you doing?” Naruto stumbled amongst shallow swallows and uneven gasps.

            “Is it okay?  It doesn’t seem like you know how a shinobi should relax.”

            Naruto was baffled by the allowance.  Should he…?  A ninja must avoid the tree temptations, and women topped that short list easily.  But still, he could only observe with hands downed by pressure as Tezuna-chan worked past his zipper.  Before he could start to utter his second thought, he popped out; a rigid mass of flesh that Tezuna was not daunted to behold.  His size or her experience?  What made her immune to reaction?

            The clear froth at the tip was new.  Naruto was worried that he was close to bursting with urine, Tezuna’s presence distracting him from the need.  But it didn’t feel like he was holding in his bladder.  He went not that long ago anyway, and had nothing to drink since.

            Tezuna was less inquisitive and more forthright, messing the clear dewdrop and smearing it like oil over his hidden head.  The same finger then helped descend the foreskin, which receded with a wet roll.  She pushed it all down as if fitting an outfit on a doll.  Pinching lightly, she kept the knob exposed and regarded it with a quaint smile.  “Very nice.”

            Naruto looked back and forth between her and the stubborn bit of muscle that was bolder than the rest of him right now.  “I think I need to go to the bathroom,” he confessed, feeling a stronger pressure than when he simply looked at girls in magazines before shop owners clobbered him.  He never got to the stage of twitching and pre-cum before…

            “Does it hurt?  Here.”  Her fingers maneuvered around and trapped him in a light fist.  With a steady motion and his own lubricant guiding her, she stroked.  More of the clear, sticky juice came out; she squeezed the tube within the shaft and eased it out from his slit.  It drizzled out and down for Tezuna’s fist to catch it and work it in a screwing motion around his short length.  The whole of her fist captured the whole thing, after all; she opened her pinky and ring finger for movement.

            The wet rub stimulated a shockwave that Naruto was not prepared for.  He pitched himself back, sticking into the couch’s fake leather.  A sound came from his throat that was not quite a shout; it cut off like his throat was suddenly squeezed.  His eyebrows turned upward with a look of pitiful helplessness.  He moaned out her name again, needing to know the cause of this sensation.  “Just relax,” she cooed while she also made herself comfortable, scooting up close to him and taking a more possessive hold of his little prick.  It slanted towards her, though that did not hurt.  Naruto knew that pointing it straight down – as he had tried when experiencing arousal around Sakura-chan – caused discomfort; he was glad Tezuna did not do that to him.  If anything, her goal seemed more determined to settle him.

            “Boys can do this on their own… if a girl’s unwilling.”  Tezuna’s eyes flashed up to him with a wry smirk.  “If you’re Sakura-chan is not in the mood…”

            Again, Naruto made a half-yell and felt the head of his penis grow more damp.  Behind him, he heard his master still in the throes of his own passions.  Hearing the woman, though, was more pleasing to the ear and encouraging to his erection.  Without thinking, he swung his head against the woman; the side of his face sinking into the side of her breast.  It was soft, softer than a pillow, and more satisfying to grab.  He had grabbed on impulse with his right arm, and his left was trapped between them.  One hand was enough to enjoy, though.

            “My, you’re aggressive, Naruto-chan,” Tezuna gasped, and then gave him a hard but not painful tug.  She shifted, now reaching with her left hand to work his cock, allowing the right to support his head to her bust.  His head shoved her right breast into the other, his heaving, gaping mouth nearly latching onto the black splotched dress.  Seeing him so thirsty, Tezuna chose to detach from his dick for the moment it took to shove her clothes inward and expose the soft mountain.  “Is this better?”  She led him as a mother led her babe to milk and forced Naruto’s open mouth across the risen, pale pink surface.

            His face sunk into her plump flesh.  An airy moan escaped from his nostrils as he latched.  Never having a mother to suckle from before, nursing on Tezuna’s dry nipple was comforting and mournful.  He puffed, opening one side of his mouth from her breast to gulp up some air and slobber over her.  Then he suckled, grasping onto Tezuna’s waist after motioning her to continue.

            Normally she charged for this service – breast-sucking and handwork – but she’d allow this youth a favor.  And she knew she was good at what she did.  The proof of it came surging out of Naruto-chan’s shaft in high arches that came back down around her hand, wrist and arm, some on his own pants or even jacket.  A first ejaculation; it had been years since Tezuna bore witness to one of those, and she could not contain her disbelief at the volume.  It flooded out after the first pulsations shoved out the leaping lances.  White glaze slid down, enveloping the entirety of his shaft even after Tezuna disengaged.

            She brought up the payload, regarding it with amazement.  It was so much!  She almost felt sorry for the poor boy, carrying around such a load and for so long.  Did he even know about it?  His spunk dripped off the side of her hand.  She brought it to his face, and he, being well exhausted, glanced with eyes near sleeping.  “You shouldn’t store up like this, Naruto-chan,” she told him softly.  “It could be dangerous.”

            Still half-embedded, Naruto could smell the white stuff.  It was strong and pungent; he didn’t want to smell more of it.  Yet Tezuna must’ve found the bleachy aroma pleasant.  Nothing stopped her from bringing the milky substance up to her lips and tilting her head back.  She was careful not to miss a sloppy drop, though she made a sound not dissimilar to his own as she supped from her hand.  Naruto couldn’t explain why, but seeing her drink the smelly stuff that his cock spat out insisted that his cock remain rigid.  Her nipple held in his mouth as he gawked up to her and her filthy act.  Her throat pulled down his bounty; all of it until she gave a steamy sigh of completion.

            Complete only after she lavished the sticky remnants with her tongue, though she was particularly liberal with the final, gooey finger, making eye contact with the drained boy as her talented tongue rolled around it.  Naruto twitched more until a final spill of his virgin seed came forth.

            “Very good.”  She daintily brushed away the cum staining his lively staff.  She hummed thoughtfully, swiping at his tip to watch it spring.  Afterward, she held securely at his base.  “You have a lot of energy.  That’s impressive.”  She was not being kind or coy; she was genuinely impressed, especially after releasing such volume.

            Naruto dumbly nodded, and nuzzled her smooth tit.  He could fall asleep if she’d let him.  Unfortunately, that could not be allowed.  “I’m still working,” she told him, though she had allowed him five minutes of recuperation beforehand.  He slouched on the couch as she skittered away and brought him a towel.  Full-service; she cleaned his lap for him, even before cleaning her own hand.

            Naruto was embarrassed by it, but he liked watching her and her doting nature.  Perhaps she forgot herself, but he was glad that she left her tit uncovered the entire time.  He watched it jiggle softly, to-and-fro as she wiped him down.  She even went as far as to secure his cock back in his pants, careful not to exacerbate its rigidness.

            “I hope you enjoyed your stay, Naruto-chan,” she said, and kissed his cheek.  He wasn’t at all discouraged by the kiss, even if it tasted mildly of his own essence.

            “I liked it,” he said, smiling at her, though still on the verge of sleeping.

            She patted him on the leg, bowing in front of him – cleavage view – though her hanging breast was a fine sight.  “I hope you visit again.  Of course.”  Her smile expressed her intention.  “I may be busy.  It’s still a business here.”  She straightened, sliding her tit into place and fixing her cow outfit.

            Naruto watched her go, hardly noticing how she had to walk around Jiraiya as he moved out from the back rooms with a sated smile on his face.  He flapped his vest like a bird coming awake from a good rest.

            “Naruto!” he said loudly, beaming at his protégé.  “I forgot you were here!  Well, it’s been a good day of research!  How about we look around and try to find a ramen shack?!”

            Strangely, Naruto wasn’t hopping up and down with frustration from waiting or excitement from ramen.  He drunkenly stood up and held the wall of support.  His legs were weak underneath him.

            Even the rain was heavy.  Jiraiya grabbed him by the scruff of his jacket after the third fall and led him like a marionette to a food bar.  No ramen on the menu.  “We specialize in fresh catches here,” the chef said, which made sense.  Water, water everywhere, which carried food to eat…

            Jiraiya ordered for the two of them, as Naruto seemed winded from the new experience of a brothel.  He leaned forward, eyeing his dreary-looking student.  “Hm?  Naruto?  Are you alright?”  He knocked at Naruto’s head.  “Did something happen?”

            “The… the woman,” Naruto slurred, and then smiled dreamily.

            “Ah!”  Jiraiya folded his arms and chuckled.  “Of course!  Those places are known to exploit the charms of exceptional women!  A young boy like you, inexperienced and not even having kissed a girl!  It must’ve been a very exciting experience to meet the women I work with!”

            Naruto frowned suddenly, leering at the lecher.  Tezuna-chan wouldn’t like this lecher, let alone work with him.  But it brought in the prospect that Ero-Sennin wasn’t ready to move on.  And that meant another chance to meet Tezuna-chan.  And if it was business she wanted…

            Naruto figured it might not be hard to get some cash that Jiraiya couldn’t get his hands on.  If it was business that got Tezuna-chan’s attention, Naruto would deliver…!

            Not knowing that, in underground business, to entice an addict, the first is always free…


Really, it was supposed to be one chapter; one ‘handjob’ chapter to open Naruto to the idea of sexual relief, which ties directly into the next girl on the list.  But Tezuna – the rare filler character that I know – gets one more part since I thought of a nice twist to help strengthen a mentioned goal of Naruto’s in the main ‘There’s a hole…!’ storyline

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