A Quick Quickie

BY : Cool Burn
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A/N: I wanted to challenge myself by writing a lemon of exactly 1k (excluding the title and author's note, naturally). It forced me to do the most with the little I had, which was a good writing exercise.

Hope you enjoy!

Warning: PWP / lemon

A Quick Quickie

The door to the bedroom was thrown open.

There was no time for foreplay. "... will come home soon," Hinata reminded her husband before throwing him on the bed. Hands underneath her red Chinese dress, she seized her panty, sensually shaking her hips as she slid herself out of her underwear.

In all honesty, it wasn't like his wife to be so frisky. He must have been more engrossed in his duties than he thought if she went this far to get his attention. Dressed in a form-fitting dress he hadn't seen her wear in years, showing off her excellent curves, he had been delighted when she took hold of his hand and guided him to their bedroom.

Lifting himself up with his elbows, Naruto eyed her with hunger. Unfortunately, her barren labia still eluded him, hidden underneath her dress. He nodded eagerly, sliding his thumbs underneath the sides of his trousers and tugging them down just low enough to release his rock-hard staff from its prison. Already, he throbbed eagerly at the thought of being imbedded inside his buxom wife.

She placed her hand on his muscular shoulders and straddled him, his hands on her shapely waist to help her keep her balance – as if she needed it. Leaning forward slightly, her hot breath on his skin, she took hold of his twitching prick. Naruto droned appreciatively as her dangling breasts were shoved in his face, the top of her jugs exposed by the cut in her dress, giving him a generous ogle of her cleavage.

Shifting her hips and angling him in line with her dripping labia, she cooed as his tip brushed against her sensitive snatch, her body trembling with desire. Their eyes met when she dropped her hips, her agape lips claimed by his mouth whilst her nether ones were parted by his cock. Slightly bigger than she remembered, she sobbed in his mouth when he bottomed out, his blond pubic hair mashed against her neatly-cut tuft of raven. Her legs wrapped around his waist, her feet meeting at his tailbone.

"Come on, Hinata" he beckoned impatiently, planting his hands underneath her plump bottom and giving them a squeeze whilst gyrating his hips. "Start moving."

With an embarrassed stutter and rosy cheeks, she told him to be patient before setting herself in motion. She lifted her hips and reveled as his girth surged against her delicate walls. Even after birthing two children, her hidden channel retained its narrowness. When only the mushroom-like head of his prick was still spreading her, she plunged back down, her weight landing on his thighs with a heavy thud. Hidden in her top, her developed breasts came down with a wobble. "Nya!"

With his length, it wasn't hard to build up a rhythm, and soon nothing but the sound of sex filled the room – mouths panting, loins clashing, and the slurping melody of her pussy accepting him time and time again.

"Hinata!" Naruto whimpered, his hips spasming as his wife noticeably contracted around him. He was already pulsing fervently. Gritting his teeth, his eyes squeezed shut as he forced himself to endure. His hold on her pliable butt cheeks tightened, his fingers whitening. He only needed to lower his eyes to get an excellent show of her malleable tits, glistening with sweat, flopping uncontrollably as she wildly bobbed her hips over his length. After two children, her bust had only grown. It was apparent that she wasn't wearing a bra – even in her dress, they shook enticingly to boast their suppleness. He groaned, biting his tongue. If this kept up, he wouldn't be able to last much longer...

Hinata yipped her husband's name when he curled her knees over his arms, lifting her in the air; her meaty legs tightened around his waist as a reflex. She hissed as her hot body was pressed against the cold wall. The blond simply held her for a moment, slightly hovering above her, gazing into her eyes. When she asked him if something was wrong, he smiled wryly, admitting that he needed a moment before setting his hips in motion.

When he did, it didn't take long for him to discover a faster rhythm than his wife had previously been using. He bore down on her with a relentless assault, once again feeling his balls rising.

"Na- Naruto-kun!" Hinata sobbed, her body trashing and her muscles spasming when she found her sweet release. Her legs tightened and her hips dropped, trying to keep him as deep as she could, but he did all he could to retain his pace. Against the narrowness of a woman's climax, however, he proved powerless.

"Hinata!" His wife's cavern collapsed around him, the proof of her release soling his cock and thighs. She was so tight that it became hard to move, her walls wrapping around him, trying to milk him, begging him to spray his seeds inside her womb. With more force than intended, he pushed the buxom brunette against the wall and pressed himself as deep as he could, his balls resting against her labia whilst he emptied them.

One burst... Two bursts... Three bursts – Hinata counted, feeling him pulse significantly against her walls with each bullet of cum.

Naruto opted to keep himself inside her even as his cock began to wither. Their sweat-filled foreheads met when his blond head dropped. They only stared as they caught their breath, their nostrils huffing and puffing. Their hair was matted to their skin. It wasn't until he shriveled completely that Hinata's muscles managed to eject him. As her slightly-agape hole slowly sealed itself, she felt his white spunk ooze out of her, combined with the remnants of her own climax. It ran down her inner thighs and onto the floor.

Placing her right hand on his whiskered cheek, she smiled lovingly. "I love you, Naruto-kun."

Naruto's heart skipped a beat, and he presented her his signature grin while he gazed into her eyes. "I love you, too, Hinata."

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