Saint Of Calamity In The Naruto World

BY : Leonhart
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Saint Of Calamity In The Naruto World - Prologue - Part 1

Ah, it seems that the moment of my death has arrived...

All my memories quickly flashed before me.

My Name -- Yuuki Akatsuki; born in Tokyo, Japan in the year 2006.

I was always an unlucky person, and my bad luck always destroyed my closest ones.

They all died one by one, and when they all died, and I started developing a very precise sense of value of life, I finally thought it was the end, but suddenly it started destroying others as well. Starting from my close friends to my friends, to my acquaintances and even to those that I hardly know.

As I started seeing that, I left on a journey to save people, in order to increase my Karma that must have depleted from all that destruction I caused.

I traveled around the world helping everyone, and eventually I was given the name 'Saint Of Calamity'.

And eventually, at the age of 36, I died.

And thatbrings us to this point of time, I at the age of 36 in the year 2042, dies.

Sensing that, I closed my eyes, and when I opened them again, I was in an endless white space.

Just when I was about ask where am I, I hear a female voice.

"Host, you are already dead. You should already be able to sense memories of your Past lives."

I was about to deny, but then I sensed them within me.

There were countless past lives, and in all those I retained much information.

I also recalled them; me watching an anime called Naruto. It had always been my favourite anime.

"Host, now it is time to talk about your previous life. Remember that you will not retain any of your memories upon being reincarnated. Also, you will be reincarnated in a world similar to an anime you watched - Naruto. Right now, you will select all your privileges you will obtain before going there. You will be introduced to a currency called the Karma Points, which you can spend to obtain the privileges, which, as it sounds, represent the Karma you have accumulated in your Cycle of Reincarnation. Now, please choose your privileges. And don't worry, there is no concept of Time here."

Then, a screen appeared, and it mentioned something like this

Karma Points=180,670,956,830
Please choose your Species in the Next Life
Human | 10 Karma Points
Toad | 0 Karma Points

Countless Options appeared.

"Err, lady, why do I feel that this much Karma Points are too much?"

"Eh, weren't you known as a Saint in your previous life? Obviously your Karma will be high." A Feminine Voice replied.

I wanted to retort many times on that but chose to not mention it, for the sake of happiness in my next life.

Like that there were names of many animals (no tailed beasts though), so obviously I chose Human.

Then I had to choose my Gender without any price, and I chose male.

After that, such a screen appeared.

Would you like to select

Then it asked,

Would you like to choose the clan you'll be born into and the Time?
Note: If NO is chosen then the selection will be randomised. NO is also the default answer.

I clicked NO.

As for why it was just my gut feeling that I'll regret it if I choose YES.

After that, it was this screen.

Please Choose your Previleges
Kekkei Genkai

Seeing that, I got excited all of a sudden.

I started with clicking on Talents, and there was a screen like so


Countless options appeared again

I started with all the necessities for a Ninja, including a maximum affinity for all the basic Chakra Natures, and also obtained peerless talent in everything Combat-Related.

In Addition, I also obtained a near-infinite amount of Chakra, surpassing even that of the Kyuubi Kurama.

Even after all that, I only spent around 25 Billion and was left with more than Half.

After that, I jumped to the Kekkei Genkai Section.

Kekkei Genkai
Nature Transformation
Bloodline Characteristics

Seeing so much was still left, I was fascinated, and started with Dojutsu.

Byakugan (Locked; Unlock Conditions: Hyuga Clan's Bloodline)
Sharingan (Locked; Unlock Conditions: Uchiha Clan's Bloodline)
Jōgan (Locked; Unlock Conditions: Byakugan Lv7+, Otsutsuki Clan Bloodline, Six Paths Bloodline)
Ketsuryūgan (Locked; Unlock Conditions: Chinoike Clan's Bloodline Lv3+)
Yūreigan (Locked; Unlock Conditions: Ranmaru's Bloodline Lv3+)
Tenseigan (Locked; Unlock Conditions: Otsutsuki Clan's Bloodline, Byakugan Lv9+)
Miraigan (Locked; Unlock Conditions: Shion's Bloodline)
Taidagan (Locked; Unlock Conditions: Yome's Bloodline)
Awaken Unique Dojutsu

I see...

Everything is locked.

So, I directly opened the Bloodlines Section.

There were various people there and clans as well.

All the clans I know of, plus many people I know of.

Heck, there is even Hashirama Senju's Bloodline for 20,000 Karma Points.

So, I directly bought many bloodlines, and every time it told me to choose the level of the bloodlines from 1 to 10.

I bought many of them, spending around 18 Billion Karma Points.

Then, I directly went to the Dojutsu Section and bought the Dojutsu's other than the Unique one.

They also had levels from 1 to 10, and I chose 10 for all of them.

It cost only around 10 to 20 Million.

After that, I clicked the Awaken Unique Dojutsu.

Then, this screen appeared.

To Awaken the Dojutsu, please invest any amount of Karma Points. The more Karma Points you invest, the more useful your Dojutsu will be.

Seeing that, I awakened 3 Unique Dojutsu with 3 Billion Karma Points each.

After that, I went into the Nature Transformations section, and bought almost all of those I know, and against asked for the level, so I chose 10 in all of them.

It cost me as many as 36 Billion Karma Points.

Seeing that I still had a myriad of Points left, I did some more miscellaneous Purchases, until only 80 Billion Karma Points were left.

After that, I called out.

"Lady, I am ready."

"I see, then have a good life!" The vice resounded, and I lost my conciousness.


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