The Loss of Sorrow... or 'Choza porks Ino'

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The Loss of Sorrow… or Choza porks Ino


            They met by chance, her bringing flowers to her father’s memorial, and he sharing a bottle of saké with those departed.  He stood cordially for the daughter of his friend, nodding and welcoming her warm presence.  The time to grieve had passed, but still, the visits to Konoha’s stone of heroes were frequent; the flowers Ino brought her father never had time to wither before they were replaced.

            In the crimson sunset, Choza had already taken a fair share of drinks, though no amount of alcohol could make the giant unfriendly.  He guided Ino to the memorial with an outstretched hand, and she gently placed the flowers, put her hands together, and said a silent prayer for the one who no longer came home.

            She did not take long, and smiling back up at the last of the first generation of Ino-Shika-Cho, she thanked him.  “Inoichi was one of my dearest friends since childhood,” he mentioned, though that was no big secret.  She nodded regardless and said that her dad frequently said the same; of him and Shikaku.  Choza’s smile was calm and warm on his wide face, his slanted eyes arched.

            They reminisced for a while after that; happy stories and upsetting ones that had now become fond.  Ino missed the threat of the Mind Destruction Jutsu should she not mind her mother.  Choza laughed and said that such a threat was not uncommon for the man who suffered no nonsense in his youth.  Ino leered at him, and then asked if he had ever misbehaved enough to garner such a threat.  Choza said no.

            “I miss him,” she admitted quietly, and he responded with a nod and a “Me too.”

            The silence that ensued was loud with their feelings.  His  They sensed it and looked at each other; him turning to her, and her noticing.  He said she had grown beautifully, and she gave a nod.  He kissed her first, and she did not protest.  A quick kiss; alcohol mixed with emotion, and he apologized for it.  She delicately wiped her lips with her thumb, looking downward as she told him it was alright.

            He pressed for another kiss without warning, without hesitation, and without an apology to follow.  The alcohol, maybe, Ino thought as she tasted it on his tongue; it pried through her lips.  She met the older man’s kiss, and he took her feet off the ground as he embraced her.  She squawked against his mouth, a small sound of apprehension.  She grabbed his casual kimono, but did not shove away.  Her hands were free to make the symbols necessary to condemn him to confusion or impotence, but they stayed fisted on his clothes.

            The heavy man drifted off, exhaling his bitter breath against her mouth.  “I’m sorry, Ino-chan,” he whispered, realizing that his arms had locked her against him, her young, perky body against his older bulk.

            Ino stared at his face.  A lot of Choji could be seen there, but for an authority that the son did not have…  She looked aside and waited to be set down.  Gradually, her feet found their bearings.  And once she was free of him, she fell to her knees.  He gasped for her.  Readily, she relieved the tightness of his trousers.  She did not hesitate.  She didn’t pause to admire his girth, to say he was larger than the other boys she’d been with.  Her lips stretched around him, carefully wedging him down her mouth until he came to her throat.

            “I-Ino-chan,” he gasped above her, shocked.  His wife and son would not like to know about the kisses; this would devastate the Akmichi household.

            They needn’t know, and he slid his thick fingers into her gossamer hair as she began to pump on his cock.  He mentioned, with bated breath, that no one could know.  She nodded, mouth stuffed with his cock.

            It was he who took her off of him, though her pouty lips hadn’t complained about moving over his length.  He moved her to her feet.  Maybe his conscience caught up and beat his haziness.  Not the case; his thumb slipped underneath her shirt, skillfully popping the bottom buttons, and then tugged her breasts free.  No bra.  He expected as much and went to paw her tits, pressing them together and flicking his thumbs across her erect nipples.

            Ino shivered.  Choza, unlike Choji, took his time with his plate, enticing his palate as he fondled her tits.  Large for her age, but his hands still enveloped them.  He pressed them up, and then wiped their perky pink tips with his fat tongue.  His mouth swept across the line between the compressed bosoms and pursed his lips around her left tit.  Her breathing deepened.  What was she doing?  She contemplated this while smoothing her hair back.

            Lifting her was no problem.  He hoisted her into the air, leaning her onto the memorial rock that bore her father’s name.  For now, the reverence of that rock didn’t exist; it was merely a post for a fat man to fuck a hot teen.

            Her legs stretched to accommodate him as he burrowed in.  Her skirt folded up, and she moved her panties aside for him before she could change her mind.  He angled his thick cock to her gash.  Soft yellow curls; he touched the pink line between them, and then pushed.  She gave a strained grunt.  The space between her legs reopened after so long, Choza burying himself deep until her body refused space.

            Ino grabbed his bulk, hiding her face to his fat chest.  She gasped his name, and he rolled against her.  Wheezing, she took his cock deep; a man’s cock filling her.  She was buried underneath his weight, crushed between him and the rock.  She turned her head, trying to find space to breathe as he took her.

            His pace was slow at first, building to a tempo he was not used to.  But very quickly, he was hammering into Inoichi’s daughter.  She grunted, grabbing at the rock for leverage as the older man taught her how he fucked.  She bit her lip as he caught her knees in the bend of his elbows.  He growled, a deep, bestial sound very unlike his usual kindness.

            She reached up and grabbed his spiky hair.  Tears had started to well up in her eyes as she started to cum.  Choji’s dad brought her to release, and she returned the favor.  Choza exhaled loudly, spilling his white infidelity over in Ino’s body with a  load that had been too long stored.

            He stayed plugged into her, waiting, recovering.  Ino had stilled beneath him; he almost thought that she’d fallen asleep until she shifted, wriggling her hips and dislodging his shrinking cock.  The wet mess oozed out of her, pouring over her back hole, down her thighs, over the names immortalized in stone: Uchiha Obito, Nara Shikaku, Yamanaka Inoichi…

            Choza eased off her, a pensive look on his face as he observed her countenance.  He kissed her one more time.  “It’s good of you to come here,” he told her, and then his kind smile returned on his face.  “We should… spend more time together.”

            She looked at him.  And she gave him a nod.


Considered calling it 'Chemistry of Fat'... more of a Choji title, though

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