He who snoozes...

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He who snoozes…


            Minato was friskier than usual, though he was hardly ever frisky.  He was always so stoic, the one who was frisked.  For him to come home and grab his wife from behind, no warning given, it made her heart jump to her throat.  He grabbed both breasts at once, shoving them up as if to show off their weight for once; she always preferred to keep her figure under wraps.  She’d once clobbered Jiraiya for a stunt like this. For Minato, the Habanero changed to that awkward schoolgirl that had first arrived to Konoha from Uzushio.  “Mi-Minato!” she stuttered, her cheeks matching the vibrancy of her hair as she turned to him.  “I haven’t finished the dishes!”

            He was grinning like an idiot, snickering, losing that calm cool.  The alcohol, she realized.  So Jiraiya-sensei coaxed him into it tonight…  Normally, after tossing back a few, Minato would go out like a light.  He must’ve found a balance to still be up and coherent with a breath that stank of saké.  “Kushina-chan,” he gushed, and she blamed the alcohol with some prejudice when she saw his nose running; hopefully it was the cause of the nightly chill.

            “Ahh!”  She felt a chill crawl up her back when her husband daringly pinched both nipples, extracting them against her orange t-shirt.  He bit at her earlobe, breathed in her conditioner, and sucked the nape of her neck.  He asked her to the room, but by his possession of her body, coaxing the parts of her that he’d not teased before, she felt it difficult – and ultimately impossible – to say no.  The moment her eyes flashed back to him, her wicked smirk in place, and gave consent to his forwardness, he bore her breasts, revealing to anyone who might’ve been watching her from the kitchen window the liberty she took from clothing and comfort.

            “No bra,” Minato breathed wondrously, as if he could not recall that his wife found such things bothersome.

            “Minato!” Kushina exclaimed, gawking down as her tits knocked and wobbled to stillness.  Her nipples – a bit tender from their earlier plucking – stuck out, pink buds atop mounds of creamy flesh.  She threw both arms across her breasts, concealing and squeezing them against her sternum.  But Minato’s drunken need for them was too great for her modesty, for his hands – one from above and one from below – went after them, prying her covering away until she relented.  He took the soft hills and squeezed while she tried at least to turn away from the opened window; close the curtains a least, but the moment her arm reached out, her husband’s weight tilted her forward.  She shrieked, catching the window’s edges and giving whatever peepers she feared a good show of her unbound breasts swinging forward and hanging from her slant.

            They immediately returned to Minato’s hands, jostling them and telling Kushina he wanted her in the room.  Feeling overwhelmed and hot with embarrassment, exposure and arousal, Kushina agreed.


            She was much more accommodating in the bedroom, her exotic flare returning to her eyes now that no other eyes could steal the privilege of her nudity.  She took her husband to bed by the hand, though she kept a teasing hand across her bosom.  When he shut the door behind him – on her order – he faced her expectantly, and she was at the foot of the bed.  With the greatest deliberateness, she leaned forward and pushed out her posterior so that the spandex squeezed her tightest as she peeled it down.  Her modest rump revealed itself in all its splendor.  The ninja lifestyle tightened those cheeks, and bowing forward, they separated and exposed both of her holes in lewd fashion.

            Minato, momentarily mesmerized, wiped some spittle from the corner of his mouth.  Tantalizing…  And when she giggled, seeing his slack-jawed expression, he gave in.  He rushed her, not even giving her the chance to lie on her back, forcing his face between her cheeks and licking immediately.  She gasped, very unused to this erratic behavior.  His tongue shoved across her pussy, collecting the moisture wrought from the earlier temptations.  The sharp flavor cut across his taste buds, but instead of sampling, he sought her source of pleasure.

            She surged and fell onto the bed.  It rocked with her weight.  Moaning out to him, she adored this behavior.  It normally took so much coaxing and teasing to take the initiative.  Still, she was ill-prepared when that same tongue of his daringly traveled to unexplored frontiers.  He lapped that hole unabashed, even when she reprimanded him, though her voice carried no will.  She was more nervous than offended to have that opening licked.  Yet all the same, Minato persisted, his eyes happy arches as he waggled his tongue over Kushina’s intimate parts.

            Was this Jiraiya-sensei’s influence, she pondered while fisting the sheets of the bed.  She’d given in, flopping down once more after it was clear Minato would not disengage from her asshole.  Truthfully, she had been curious…  But Minato took a far step and quite a chance to throw himself so readily there without her consent; she’d not been above decking him before, when he had accidentally walked in on her changing, back before they were intimate.

            Jiraiya-sensei must’ve taken him to a brothel, where alcohol helped rid the mind of inhibitions.  Kushina didn’t fully mind, for Minato gave her no reason not to trust despite being a handsome man.


            Stop thinking…  Just enjoy…

            She did just that, rid her mind of ideas and let Minato do as he wanted.  Her slit burned, and her rushing blood caused her body to quake.  Her anticipation had peaked, but the need was not yet slaked.  And Minato seemed not to have any intention of indulging her, even when he suddenly flipped her on her back, pitching her fully on the bed.

            “Careful, Minato!” she told him as the headboard slammed into the wall; in a few minutes, it’d be doing much more slamming.

            Minato’s face had already ducked, returning his mouth to hover just above her cunt.  Her thighs had to be nudged apart when they instinctively tried to close around his head; he pressed them open with his left hand so that his face and other hand could adore her mound.

            “Wow…”  He touched the red hair, caressing its softness.  But then his interest returned to the flesh itself, the delicate folds that bore passage to a man’s greatest pleasure.  With thumb and forefinger, he opened those folds and gazed at the tight tunnel within.  Experimentally, he pressed a fingertip into her hole, immediately finding its way forward delightfully narrow while Kushina gave a catlike yowl.  Her body tensed, her leg flexing against the hand holding it away, her toes curling.  “You haven’t been played with recently,” he observed, leering up at her.

            She peered down the valley of her breasts, seeing him smirking up at her.  She smirked back, though her cheeks were full of color and strands of hair stuck to her perspiring brow.  “That’s not my fault,” she told him accusingly.

            Minato giggled, whipped his tongue at her clit briefly, and made his move.  Kushina was flipped over and put up on all fours; her favorite.  Despite the haste of it, she found herself smiling expectantly.  Normally, she liked to put her mouth on him, balance the pleasure and anticipation.  If he was willing to skip, she was okay with…

            “Gah!  Minato!”

            He stuck her without warning, meeting her snatch with his swollen head and prying his way inside.  It must’ve been longer than she thought!  Her body stretched around him like he was a size bigger than she was used to!

            His initial puncture of her body was quick, as if hurrying before she could change her mind.  But once wedged in, he took appreciation of her tightness by crawling in with impatient savoring.  He exhaled his held breath when he came up against her wall, barring him from further entry.  Well, he was deep enough.  He reveled for a moment, wading in the heat of the Red-Hot Habanero.  “It’s… better…” he drooled, eyes rolling upward to Heaven and that unsightly bit of slobber returning to his ridiculous grin.

            “What are you waiting for?” wheezed the redhead, and her body rocked against him.  She brought him from his trance, and she whined, “Fuck me~!”

            He gasped.  “Ah!  Of course!”  He quickly wiped his mouth, swallowed his salivation, and caught both sides of her hips.  “I hope you’re ready, Kushina-chan.”  He drew back, waited, and then lunged.  Kushina screamed unreservedly, throwing her head back while a modicum of a smile appeared on her wide mouth.  Minato retracted again, and again, hit against her womb the next moment.  He repeated several times, building up to a quicker pace each time.

            His right hand stayed latched to her waist, but his left moved to fondle her when he set a pace.  Back and forth, harder and harder; he smacked against her ass with each dive.  He grabbed her tits, swinging underneath her as she followed his body’s instruction.  Both breasts were thoroughly molested, twisting and tugging her nipples, leaving them throbbing when he finally pulled back.  He admired her rump next, sitting up erect fully feel the curve.  And then came the swat, the abrupt palm that left its print on her left ass cheek and made her wail out louder than before.

            She looked over her shoulder at him, not stopping her cooperative bucking.  “What… what was…?”

            “Have you wanted this, Kushina-chan?” he grunted hoarsely at her, swatting her again.  “Like a bad girl?”

            The headboard pounded harder and harder against the wall, threatening to put a crack in it from the uncommon force of Minato’s thrusts.

            Kushina gasped, the sting of the spanks heightening the pleasure.  Her body became a lightning rod for pleasure, drawing in each sensation and transporting it as a shock of pleasure.  Minato always made her scream and cum and wallow in the incredible aftershock of multiple orgasms, but never like this!  This was so different and new.

            Still caressing her ass like a precious globe, his other hand snuck around to fondle her clitoris, striking her senses relentlessly.

            “Have you…”  He gulped, his mouth and throat dry.  “Have you ever thought… of fucking other men… Kushina-chan?”

            Dirty talk? …  Kushina had always been curious to try.

            With half a smile, she answered.  “I have.”

            Dirty girl…

            Minato’s thrusts hastened, and Kushina was rewarded with a pace she could not even hope to match.  His voice came again, struggling with the next question.  But it came, a low and soft one.  “Have you thought about… Jiraiya-sensei fucking you?”

            Kushina panted for a moment.

            “… Yes…”

            “Argh!!”  That was it.  All expectancy of Minato’s unleashed itself, the night’s ambition coming to fruition.  He made a very un-Minato-like look, the cords of his neck stressing against his skin, his eyes bugging above teeth clenched and seething.  “Ku-shi-na-chaaahhhn!!”  He vanished in a cloud, and the one who remained, cleverly dressed in Minato’s garb, cock still buried up to the hilt between Kushina’s slick lips, held her firmly in place.

            “Jiraiya?!” Kushina exclaimed in utter disbelief, and then turned into a whimper wrenched from her throat as the hot speed of Jiraiya’s released into her womb.


            Elsewhere, still in the solitude where Jiraiya had drunk him under the table, Minato – the real Minato – stirred.  He felt amiss, something odd.  Clothes?  Eyes, creaking open and stinging with fatigue, took in the view of the ceiling.  “S-Sensei?”  He wiped at his mouth.  His body twitched.  His clothes; they felt… loose?  His body, bigger?  And when he made to sit up, a female’s hand pressed him back down…


So ‘Games with Kushina’ – or ‘A Night…’, some stupid and lazy title I’m unproud of – is staggering with its next installment, and this is my solution.  Originally, the plot for this story was meant to be that story’s conclusion, but while writing it, it was forced and weak and obvious and stupid.  But I really liked the idea of Jiraiya pulling this ploy, as it seemed more or less expected of him.  So one or two chapters will follow this one, and I’ll finally start weaving a proper ending for ‘Games…’

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