Her Smile Always Leads to More

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“…yeah, and that was when pervy-sage told the asshole ‘That’s what it means to be a true shinobi’ and slammed the guy with a Rasengan! It was so cool Sakura-chan, I wish you could have seen it yourself.” Naruto excitedly recounted one of his stories from his three years of travel with Jiraiya.

Sakura giggled at his expressiveness. She found it supremely cute that her friend would consistently disparage and complain about the great Sannin for being lazy and a pervert, but half travel stories were about what an amazing person Jiraiya was.  “That was a good story Naruto, I love hearing about them.”

Naruto stared at the pink-haired girl momentarily, before quickly looking a head. The tips of his ears turned red from the mild compliment. “Yeah, Sakura-chan, no problem. I can tell you one, anytime.”

The two walked side by side, headed towards Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto asked Sakura after training, just for some lunch, not as a date. Sakura thought that the young man grew a lot since departing for his training. He was a few inches taller than her now, his shoulders were broad, his muscles were compact and well developed, and his face had a roguish appeal to it, compared to the pure baby fat he used to have. He was not unattractive in the least, but all that being said, Sakura found her teammate to fall more into the ‘cute’ spectrum rather than the ‘handsome’ spectrum.

As they were walking, their hands would occasionally brush against each other. Sakura did not find it unenjoyable, but she was uncomfortable that she noticed the sensation. A quick glance at Naruto told her that he was totally oblivious to the physical contact. Sakura’s worries were needless since, as they turned the corner, she saw Ichiraku’s a few feet ahead. At the same time, Sakura saw that her long-time friend, Ino, lounging right outside the ramen place. Sakura found it strange that her best friend was alone in the middle of the day, she was one of the most sociable ninjas in Konoha, and that she was standing outside Ichiraku’s as well. Sakura could not remember the last time the platinum blonde ate ramen.

Sakura was ready to call out to her best friend when the pleasant feeling of Naruto’s rough hands brushing slightly against hers stopped. She turned around to see that her teammate stood frozen in place. He was staring toward the ramen stand. His cobalt eyes were glazed over as if he were remembering something. Sakura frowned and waved her hand in front of Naruto’s face.

“Earth to Naruto, what’s wrong? What are you thinking about?”

Naruto snapped to attention at Sakura’s prodding. He scratched the back of his head sheepishly. “Ah, it’s nothing, just wondering what ramen I should get.” The boy let out a weak chuckle. Sakura knew he was hiding something from her, but it did not seem serious, so she let it slide. She decided to call out to her best friend instead.

“Hey, Ino-pig! How are you?” Sakura moved toward the flaxen-haired girl, whose seem to just realise Naruto and Sakura were there. Sakura saw Ino’s lips morph into an impish smile.

“Oh hey, forehead. I missed you, it’s been a while.” Ino hugged the pink-haired girl before she set her full attention on the other blonde. “And hello, Naruto. You are looking good.” Sakura blinked in surprise at the coquettish tone Ino used to address Naruto. Ino was a shameless flirt, Sakura knew, but she always thought Naruto would be out of her scope.

“Hey, Ino, nice to see you.” Naruto’s voice cracked, and he began coughing to clear his throat and hide his embarrassment. Meanwhile, Sakura blinked owlishly at his display, while Ino looked on, thoroughly amused.   

“So, Ino, what are you up to?” Sakura asked her friend.

“Oh, nothing much, just thinking about having some ramen for lunch. I…had a craving, you know?” Sakura thought she saw Ino glance at Naruto while saying the last part. The boy, himself, was staring at the ramen stand intently.

“Naruto and I were just about to get some, join us.” Sakura told the aquamarine-eyed girl. Ino glanced between the team seven cellmates before she responded.

“Ah, wouldn’t I be intruding?” Ino said with a false sense of worry in her voice.

“C’mon Ino, you know it’s not like that.” Sakura quickly shut down Ino’s implication. “She can join right, Naruto?” She turned toward her teammate, who was looking at everything except the two girls.

“Uh, yeah, s’fine.” Naruto mumbled in an unusually subdued manner. He walked toward the ramen stand, without waiting for either girl.

“Sorry, he’s acting so weird.” Sakura told her friend as they approached the stand as well. Ino waved her hand, dismissing the pink-haired kunoichi’s worries.

“He’s probably just upset he didn’t get to have you all for himself.” Ino said cheekily, causing Sakura to roll her eyes.

“Oh whatever, Ino-pig.”

Entering the stall, Naruto seated himself at the furthest end, closest to the wall. Ino sat next to him, and she heard him suck in his breath. That made her smile. Sakura sat next to Ino and the three ordered their food.

While making chit-chat, Ino let out a yawn unintentionally. “Excuse me.” She said as she covered her mouth.

“Tired from partying last night? Sorry I couldn’t make it.” Sakura missed out on her friend’s birthday and felt bad. She was able to give her wishes, and a small present, a blue barrette, early yesterday, but spent the whole night doing rotations at the hospital.

“Don’t worry sweetie, everyone was busy that day. I just hung out by myself for the most part. Actually, I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

Sakura was about to lecture Ino on the importance of sleep when she saw the playful smirk on her face. Sakura put two and two together and giggled unintentionally. “Oh my god, pig, what are you saying in public.”  

Naruto looked a head, trying to ignore the gossiping girls next to him. Their topic of discussion made him very uncomfortable and was relieved when the ramen was placed in front of the trio. Naruto expected some reprieve while they ate, but quickly found out that these two girls were excellent at talking and eating. Groaning internally, he swiftly supped on his ramen, planning to finish and make a getaway.

“Woah there, cowboy, your ramen is not going to runaway.” Ino interrupted her conversation with Sakura to make an amused comment about her fellow blonde.

“Ah, I got to get going soon. Y’know, training and stuff.” Naruto brought the bowl up to his faced and pulled the last remnants of broth and noodles into his mouth. Sakura frowned at his poor manners, while Ino seemed to find it entertaining. He wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve, prompting a “gross” from his teammate, and fished out his toad-wallet to pay for his ramen.

“Aw, that’s so cute.” Ino fluttered her eyes while inspecting Gama-chan. Sakura snorted.

“You have weird taste, Ino-pig.”

“Nah, Gama-chan is totally cute, Sakura-chan. Almost as cute as you!” Naruto stated easily.

Ino’s grin grew wide at Naruto’s unconscious flirtation, while Sakura choked a bit on her ramen. She knew the boy meant well, but she wanted to bash him on the head, nonetheless. This time she held back on her impulse.

Naruto handed his money over the Ayame, who quickly noticed a discrepancy.

“Naruto-kun, this is way too much.” Ayame began to hand back the extra money.

“That’s for Ino’s meal as well.” Naruto said, waving an arm dismissively. He looked into the aquamarine eyes of the kunoichi, which were filled with confusion. “Not much of a gift, but happy belated, Ino. Bye you two.” He gave the girls a warm smile before he left.

“Wait, Naruto, you d-” Before Ino finished her sentence as the boy already bounded away.

“Aw, that was sweet of him. I thought he’d be too dense to do anything like that.” Sakura commented, pleased with her teammate’s behaviour.

“Yeah...” Ino stroked her cheek gently, thinking about the rambunctious blonde’s gesture.

Naruto opened his front door to see the flaxen-haired girl waiting outside. It was dark out.

“Hi.” She said simply, her cute lips curved in a smile.

“Uh, hey. What’s up.” Naruto asked nervously, scratching the back of his head.

“I wanted to thank you for buying me ramen…mind if I come in?” Her eyes fluttered, making Naruto squirm internally.

“Well, it’s pretty dirty, I don’t th-”

The kunoichi pressed on the door letting herself in.

Naruto figured there was no reason to beat around the bush.

“Listen Ino, you were drunk yesterday, and maybe lonely, so I understand it.” Naruto watched as the kunoichi walked to the center of his room and stretched languidly. As she leaned back, the swell of her breast pressing against her tight fitted purple top.

Naruto licked his lips and continued. “But you probably have someone you like, y’know like Sasuke or something, and I certainly do.” This time the girl slowly unbuttoned her top, letting it slide off one of her creamy shoulders onto the ground. Her black bra only covered the bottom two thirds of her breasts, allowing Naruto to glimpse the top portion of the milky white globes. “And…and…I can’t…Sakura…I can’t betray her.” Naruto found the words he wanted getting stuck in his throat as his eyes glued themselves on the gorgeous kunoichi.

The blonde vixen reached behind her back, removing the clips from her bra. She leisurely removed her arms through the loops of the bra, but kept it pressed against the luscious bosom. Cobalt eyes met aquamarine, and the two stared at each other for what felt like an eternity to Naruto.

Ino let the bra go, and it fell softly to the ground. Naruto’s mouth became devoid of moisture. His lust filled eyes danced across the platinum seductress’ upper body. He drank in the site of the porcelain flesh of her tits, paying extra attention to her hardened nipples; light pink rocks that contrasted perfectly with her milky tit flesh. He ran his eyes over her taut abdomen, wishing he could run his fingers across her torso and then down into her hidden panties.

“Ino…we s-should stop,” Naruto wet his lips again, “I’m sure y-you’ve got…plent-”

“Ah~” Ino gasped. Naruto moved unconsciously toward the young lady while he poorly attempted to dissuade Ino, or, truly, dissuade himself. The platinum blonde’s gasp came from Naruto pressing his pelvis against the kunoichi’s, as he trapped her against the wall by placing both his hands on them.

Ino stared into Naruto’s eyes and looped her arms around his neck lowering it such that his head moved forward, and their lips were almost brushing against each other as she spoke. “What was that about forehead?” She murmured to the lust addled boy. Her warm breath washed over him. “Would you rather worry about her, or this wet…tight…pussy right here waiting for you?” She ground against his prominent erection.

The teasing was too much for Naruto and he let out a groan of desire before closing the gap between their lips, crushing hers against his. He was not gentle, but Ino eagerly matched his pace, kissing back with ferocity. She bit his bottom lip and swirled her tongue in his mouth the second he parted them. The whole time he bucked his hips, his prominent erection straining against his pants and digging into Ino’s covered pussy. Both moaned as Naruto began to saw away at Ino’s lower half in a clumsy attempt to pleasure himself.

He broke this kiss, taking in a small gasp of air before he attacked the platinum blonde’s neck. Peppering kisses across the exposed skin, occasionally taking time to bit and suckle on the flesh, earning him moans of approval from the chunin. He also displaced his hands from the wall; placing his right hand on her hip, caressing it and squeezing it, while slowly moving it toward her rear. His left hand was playing with her right breast, kneading it gently.

“Fuck, Naruto…that feels niiiccee.” Ino hissed, her head lolled back, giving Naruto total access to the pliant flesh of her neck. Playing around for a few more moments, Naruto left bruising bites on her neck causing Ino to yelp in simultaneous pleasure and pain. Naruto licked the freshly abused skin giving Ino some relief and causing the writhing blonde beneath him to purr in delight. Satisfied with his dedication to her neck, Naruto began to descend his kisses down her body, through the valley of her breasts, avoiding the tits themselves. He was completely leaned over to make sure he could continue his merciless molestation of her breasts and ass while he kissed down her chest. It was an awkward position and forced him to stop the delicious friction against their lower bodies. Naruto decided he did not care for this new position and sunk to his knees, letting go of her body, but kissing and nipping at the skin of her belly with his teeth. Naruto stopped to revel in the tautness of the kunoichi’s toned abdomen, rubbing his nose and cheek against it. Ino giggled at the sight and let out a playful insult under her breath, maybe ‘Fucking idiot’ or something similar. Her giggles turned into hasty gasps when Naruto dug his tongue into her navel, an unusual sensation she was not prepared for.

“Ah, what the fuc- Uhn!” Ino attempted to ward Naruto off by pressing his head down and away from her belly, but that prompted him to seal his lips around her navel and sucked on it forcefully. Ino felt embarrassed by the oddly fetishized nature of Naruto’s ministrations but was even more embarrassed that her knees buckled some from the pleasure and she realized she just discovered a new erogenous zone she never thought about before. “N-naruto please!” She begged the boy below her and he finally relented.

“Unbuckle.” Naruto growled against her stomach, and the standing kunoichi hastily slipped her hands down to her skirt to remove the belt and unzip it. She pressed against Naruto’s neck during the maneuver, but it did not interrupt his gnawing of her abdomen. Naruto wrapped his hands around hers to stop Ino from removing her skirt and panties. “I’ve got it.” He rested his chin on her abdomen allowing him to look up and straight into her baby blue eyes. The kunoichi’s eyes were hooded with potent lust and he knew his expression neared hers or something similar. He ran his calloused hands up the back of her extremely toned legs. A kunoichi’s legs. Naruto felt his bludgeoning erection spring in delight. Naruto fought against his instincts to rip off the blonde babe’s skirt and panties to instead continue his laborious teasing. The panting blonde above him looking down in abject desire for pleasure, with her gripping and caressing his hair, made it awfully difficult to maintain his patience.

As Naruto made his way up her thighs, dragging the back of his nails against her impossibly plush skin, he felt the blonde bombshell’s fluids leaking from her hidden spot, coating his hands in her girl cum. Feeling the deluge of natural lubrication as he passed her inner thighs sent the blonde shinobi into a tizzy.

“Naruto. If you keep teasing me, I will kill you.” Ino promised, her voice husky with desire that long passed the point of sanity. Naruto obliged, swiftly grasping the black cloth of her panties and her purple skirt and furiously brought them down her legs. Ino nearly jumped out of them as Naruto forced both her legs on his shoulders, wrapping his arms and hands around her thighs, holding her in place. Her upper back was pressed against the wall, while her lower back was inclined toward Naruto’s body and her legs lounging on Naruto’s back.

“Naruto, this position’s pretty awkward for eating pu-unghhhhh!” Naruto shut down Ino’s complaint by digging his face into her pussy lips, rapturously attending to her already sodden cunt. His nose bumped lightly against her clit with every upward motion. “Ngghh…fuck fuck…keep it up, babe!” Ino gasped her encouragements. Trusting Ino to keep her balance, Naruto unhooked his right arm and hand from her thigh and used his index and middle finger to pull up on the hood of her clit. He began to rub the clit gently with his thumb.

Ino initially grasped Naruto’s hair for support, but began pulling on it while bucking her hips up to smother his whiskered face as deep as it could go against her pussy. “Yessssss. Dontstopdontstop.” She wailed breathlessly.

Naruto kept up the same routine for a few more minutes, with Ino flailing on top of him before he switched it up again. He halted his movements and removed his face from her cunt. Ino looked down her eyes filed with murder. “Naruto, I’m about to get a fucking kunai!” The Yamanaka heir hissed venomously. Naruto responded by meeting her eyes, and smirking. Then he moved his right hand down and sunk two fingers inside her.

“You, like that?” Naruto growled, slowly increasing the pace of his fingers pumping in and out. He looked up and saw Ino nod, one of her hands bracing herself on his shoulder, her sharp nails digging into his tanned skin, almost breaking it, and the other still in his hair, stroking it with an affection that greatly betrayed the anger she had moments before. Naruto rotated his wrist, so the pads of his fingers were facing upward in her vagina and pressed up and stroked, trying to find her g-spot. He also placed his mouth on her clit and clamped his lips around the sensitive nub, sucking on it.

“So close, fuck, fuck fuck, I’m going to cum, Naruto, fucking hell!” Ino cried from on top of the whisker-faced blonde. Naruto increased his pace of fingering and sucked harder on her clit. After a moment, he heard the lithe blonde squeal incessantly and felt his fingers being clenched by the impressive pressure of her lower mouth. Once the undulations stopped, Naruto tapped Ino’s legs to signal her to remove her legs from his back. Ino leaned back against the wall while Naruto stood tall and proud. Ino still breathless from her orgasm, her face and upper chest flushed. Naruto smirked at her, he could feel her juices slowly dribbling off his face and he licked his lips, the pungency of her girl cum was starting to become an acquired taste for him. Ino grasped Naruto by his collar, pulling him into a searing kiss, unperturbed by the taste of her own lubricant, lapping up the leftovers that coated his mouth. “Take me to the bedroom, stud.” Ino’s voice was husky with desire as she pulled back from the lip lock. Naruto grabbed her hand lead her to his bedroom. “Strip, let me see my big boy.” Ino demanded. Naruto quickly discarded his t-shirt first, throwing it to the side. His sweatpants soon followed. Naruto wore no undergarments while at home, so his erection was immediately exposed to his fellow blonde.

Ino sauntered over and pushed Naruto on the chest, forcing him to sit down on his bed. She kneeled between his legs, eyes lust addled as she ogled his man meat. She forced his thighs wider, giving herself better access to his package. “Kami, it looks bigger than it was yesterday. Is it because of me or the foreplay, babe?” She wrapped her a hand on Naruto’s penis and began pumping. It was big enough for both her hands to easily fit on and still have more room leftover, but for now she just wanted to warm him up.

“It, ah, it’s probably…ah kami that’s nice… probably both.” Naruto tried to answer between his groans of pleasure. Naruto groaned in displeasure right after when Ino stopped caressing his shaft. He looked down at the blonde who was staring at his penis. The red and bulbous head of his cock was poking out against his foreskin, the slit already leaking out a rivulet of almost opaque precum that ran down the underside of his shaft.  Ino pressed her small nose against Naruto’s shiny cockhead and inhaled loudly.

Naruto’s eyes bulged out at the erotic display.

The blonde kunoichi let out a deep moan of approval from the man musk seeping into her airways. She continued nuzzling her face against the shaft and head of Naruto’s cock, taking deep breaths from time to time, presenting Naruto with the single most lewd sexual display in his young life, somehow far surpassing anything that he found while proofreading Jiraiya’s notorious books. “Fuuuck Naruto, your cock stinksss.” The bombshell hissed in a cross between anger and delight. She had slowly made her way to his testicles and began mashing her nose against his scrotum taking in deep whiffs of her new favourite perfume. Naruto’s cock was pressed up against her face, his ruby mushroom head hovering over her scalp. His dick quivered from each wanton huff from the engrossed blonde between his legs, letting out a small splattering of viscous precum into Ino’s hair. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, your smell is invading my brain.” Ino grunted against his weighty ball sack, completely oblivious to her new conditioner, which she would normally protest. 

“Holy shit, that’s hot Ino.” Naruto exclaimed, his cock throbbing and sputtering more Cowper’s fluid from her lascivious worship of it.

Ino finally pulled away from her fuck buddy’s pelvis, her lungs and brain packed with Naruto’s lewd scent. At some point during her olfactory feast she began drooling, her saliva running down her right cheek and down her pert breasts. Ino collected the drool with her right hand and began pumping Naruto’s long shaft once more to the shinobi’s pleasure. “Ah, Ino, babe, could you…?”

Implicitly understanding what the young stud wanted, the kunoichi began plastering kisses on Naruto’s penis, starting on the shaft and making her way up to the head. Naruto sharply sucked in air and his penis responded in kind, by pulsating with every kiss. When she got to his glans, she kissed his slit once, the shinobi’s frothy precum not wasting a chance to stain her luscious pink lips, then swallowed the tip of his penis with her mouth. “Ahhh, Kami!” Naruto moaned. Ino smiled inwardly while she continued to service her partner’s oversized sex organ, bobbing her head up and down on the thick shaft, drooling around the man stick. Her tongue harassed, poked, and massaged Naruto’s shaft as well, earning herself animalistic grunts of approval from the sitting blond.

Naruto sucked in his breath and clenched his bed sheets between his hands. When they had sex yesterday, Ino did not give him a blowjob. This was his first time experiencing her talented mouth. She barely covered his dick and it already felt so good. Ino pulled her mouth off his dick, a mixture of saliva and pre-ejaculate coated her mandible. Naruto narrowed his eyes and let out and unpleased growl. The bombshell just smirked up at him before hovering over his dick, jacking it off with both her hands, and, with a “gwuck” sound, let out a torrent of spit over Naruto’s cock, quickly coating it with her swift hands.

“You like that baby? You like my little hands stroking your fat cock?” Ino mewled in a honeyed pitch, her aquamarine eyes fluttering up at her boy toy. Naruto looked down at the gorgeous blonde, his own eyes hooded with a gnawing desire for release.

“It’s good, you are so good.” Naruto huffed out. “But, Ino, I need your throat. I need to fill your stomach up with my jizz. I need you to choke out on my-” Naruto began to growl out his demands, but his dirty talk overcharged the fair skinned beauty between his knees and she began shuttling her mouth over his rigid member, eager to dine on his cock juice. Her plump lips gripping tightly in a seal on his prick as she sucked and drooled wantonly all over it, making piggish sounds unbefitting of a Yamanaka heir.

“Guk, guk, schlllp, chullp, guhk, gluk,” never letting her young stud’s penis pop out of her lips, the kunoichi slowly began taking the cock deeper and deeper into her throat, discovering for the first time how far she could physiologically stretch her esophagus. Naruto, who, until now, maintained a level of passivity, gripped the back of Ino’s head with his right hand, grasping the base of her ponytail between his index and middle finger, and burrowing her throat deeper on his cock. Ino let her partner begin to take over the rhythm and pace of her deepthroat as he aggressively lifted her off and then back on his turgid penis. Her pursed lips letting out audible pops when they lifted off his fat cock head and creating greedy slurping sounds as she approached the base of the tanned boy’s pelvis. Naruto growled in appreciation.

“Kami, I wish I could keep you on my dick forever, Ino.” Naruto breathed out slowly, head lolled back and eyes shut tight, enjoying the carnal sensations of Ino’s snug throat and slovenly mouth. Naruto maintained his pace for a few moments, appreciating the symphony of grotesque sounds coming from Ino’s cock loving mouth. Violent gurks, sloppy schlups, and the occasional retching which followed with a deluge of saliva splashing across his pelvis and soaking his pubes. Maestro Ino was directing Naruto to a rapid orgasm.

Naruto looked down at the Yamanaka heir, her pale skin turned fiery red from exertion, sweat dripped off her forehead and matted some strands of flaxen hair against it, tears streaking down her face carrying along it ruined mascara, frothy bubbles of saliva forming and popping around the vacuum shut plush lips of the lithe blonde…Naruto felt his heart racing from bringing the pretty, pretty girl to such a deplorable state, and his testicles responded in agreements, churning and getting ready to produce the biggest orgasm of his life.      

 “Ugh, I’m getting real close.” Naruto cautioned his partner. Ino gripped his wrist and brought it off the back of her head. She dipped low one more time, still a few inches shy of his dampened pubes and pulled back slowly, letting out wet schlop schlop schlop sounds on her way off his shaft. Her vice-like lips caught on the uncovered head of his penis for a moment before her lips gave way with a mighty pop. Ino took in several deep breaths, filling her lungs with much needed air after servicing Naruto’s meat for so long. Her fair complexion rapidly returned to her face and chest, the stained mascara marks popping more vividly against her pale, porcelain skin. She looked up at her fuck buddy, his eyes swirling with lust and appreciation, a look that made her core burn delightfully.  

“Alright, watch close now, Narutoooo.” She smirked up at her fellow blonde. She placed both her hands against the floor and leaned forward. She took half his cock in her throat, easily reaching halfway. She took another inch and Naruto felt the resistance in her throat. She looked up at him, her aquamarine eyes wide, a few tears pooling at the edges. The sight made Naruto’s heart explode in his chest, and his testicles started to stir, preparing to produce hot spunk. Ino winked at the boy causing another flutter of his heart, and then took the rest of the prodigious cock down her throat, her nose, for the first time, pressing up against his blonde pubes. Delighted with her accomplishment, Ino rubbed her nose against the pubes, wet from both the copious amounts of saliva she produced and the backwash of precum that coated Ino’s throat, but she was unable to swallow. Even with the weight of Naruto’s full turgid cock expanded against her tight throat walls, giving her the sensation that his thick pole will rip her jaw apart from how much it strained to maintain the full thing, she took the personal pleasure of sniffing the pungent cocktail of sweat, precum, and backwashed saliva that soaked the shinobi’s pubes.

Naruto, watching the blonde slut engross herself with his smell again, gripped her head, fully ready to skull fuck her until he exploded only for Ino to suddenly hum loudly around his trembling cock. The vibrations reverberated throughout his totally swallowed penis and even reached his testes, causing an intense rush of pleasure that finally pushed him over the edge.  

“Innnnooooo!” Naruto roared, the dam holding back his cum burst as his seed poured out in thick ropes down the kunoichi’s gullet. She took the first two blasts in stride, the jelly-like jism dragging down her throat and settling in her stomach, but the third rope caused her choke, sputtering and coughing from the amount and speed it was shooting into her stomach. She quickly pulled herself off Naruto’s member and gasp for air between coughs. Naruto blasted out two more times, one completely missed Ino, whose face was leaning away from Naruto’s thighs, splatting on the floor. The other jet of cum splashed on her right leg and foot. “Kami, you okay Ino?” Naruto asked the heaving blonde, her chest expanding to accommodate air, her normally pale face once again flushed red, as a disgusting mixture of saliva, sweat, tears, make up, precum, and pubic hair stained her usually prim and proper face. Naruto found the debased look of the proud kunoichi maddingly hot and his spent manhood returned to full mast in record time.

“I’m fine, just need to catch my breath.” She told him taking deep breaths, however each time she did so the absolutely pungent smell of his cum flared through her throat and into her nostrils, causing her quim to shutter from a smell most women would balk from in disgust. When she finally settled herself, Ino stood up and walked over to his discarded t-shirt. “Can I use this?” Naruto nodded and the lithe blonde wiped her face, cleaning the accumulated fluids and hair off. Unintentionally, Naruto let out a whine of disappointment, causing Ino to look over at him and smile impishly. “What was that Uzumaki? Liked seeing me caked up in your nasty filth?” The bombshell crooned suggestively, gyrating her hips for added effect.

“I, uh,” Naruto felt his throat become parched as he hypnotically followed the Yamanaka’s movements, “you are really sexy without or without, my, uh, y’know, filth?” Naruto finally sounded out nervously. Ino giggled at his foolish response, a sound that set his stomach flipping again, and smiled widely at the boy.

“I guess that’s sweet, or maybe it’s gross?” She chuckled, prompting a scowl from her partner. “Hmmm, you look like you are ready for the main show,” Ino stared at his throbbing cock, bobbing and ready to breed. She bit her lip, almost drawing blood in her excitement. “…lie down on the bed for me, Naruto.” Naruto scrambled into position. Ino languidly made her way to the impatient blond, earning her self a searing look irritation and desire. Ino’s pussy was already beyond lubricated, a sodden mess already from Naruto’s carpet munching and possibly even more so by his use of her throat as a masturbation tool, but Naruto’s passionate looks throughout and even now did not slow down the torrent coming from her cunt.

 Ino reached the bed and ran a finger from the bottom of Naruto’s cock to the head, which twitched spastically at the teasing, causing Ino to purr in delight. She kissed the tip before she sat on Naruto’s pelvis, her ass cheeks pressing up against the top of his penis shaft. Ino could feel the blood-filled organ digging against her and reaching up to her lower back. She reached around and placed the flat of her palm on the shaft and then pressed his penis against her large rear, grinding against it. Naruto, bit back his moans. “You’ve got a real monster here, you know that Naruto?” Ino licked her lips unconsciously as she enjoyed the friction of the hot sex organ bumping against her thick backside. Naruto did not respond, he did his best to desperately hold back from thrusting against her. “You ready?” She smiled widely at him. Naruto nodded furiously. Ino raised her lower body and lined up her entrance with the cockhead. She slowly took him inch by inch, gyrating and swiveling her pelvis as her pussy swallowed his cock. She placed her hands on his solid chest, allowing her self to easily move up and down his cock.

“Tight, tight, how the hell?” Naruto tried to formulate a sentence as Ino’s slick and warm cavern ate up his dick. He gripped the contours of her hips, while he sawed his own hips as slow as he could, knowing if he thrusted fully, with his size and girth, it would probably hurt the smaller girl.

“Mhh, almost there baby, almost have this tight pussy completely filled up.” Ino moaned in encouragement as she descended further on the thick manstick, slowing down her gyrations as she approached the base of his penis. “Mhgn, Naruto, you can thrust, let me completely swallow your dick.” Naruto did not hesitate, but still took his time thrusting slowly but surely, the bed creaking as they met pelvis to pelvis. 

“Shit, I’m so full.” Ino groaned in pleasure as his cock head began to kiss her cervix with each of Naruto’s thrusts. She began to shake her hips, climbing up and down on her fellow blonde’s cock, meeting him thrust for thrust, her hands starting to roam around the muscular chest of the shinobi, massaging it gently. She thoroughly enjoyed the muscles flexing underneath her finger tips. Meanwhile, Naruto shifted one hand from her hips to her bubble butt, squeezing and rubbing the thick flesh and muscles, causing the girl riding him to let out a gasp of appreciation.

“Ino this feels amazing.” Naruto exclaimed, enjoying the feeling of her warm and wet pussy walls milking his dick with every bounce. He retracted his hand from her thick ass and grasped her hips once more, squeezing the flesh underneath his fingers, and began to return each of her bounces with harder thrusts of his pelvis. Each slap of the flesh-on-flesh contact let out a loud clap sound, “Ah, you’re so hot, and wet. Fuck!” Naruto hissed in approval.

“That’s it babe, keep slamming those hips. Oh, Kami, keep it up.” Ino moaned. She pressed her hands down on his chest once more, to help leverage her body so she could slam into him quicker and harder, matching his rougher pace. “Naruto, oh Naruto, this feels sooo gooood.” Ino slurred, her tongue lolling out of her mouth, saliva dripping down her jaws and dripping onto Naruto’s tanned chest.

“Me too, Ino, this feels great for me too.” Naruto slipped one hand up to roughly knead her breast. He loved the feeling of the weighty globe in his hand, the hard nipple grinding into his palm. He switched over to the other breast and focused on the pink nipple, flicking and rolling it in between his fingers. Ino mewled at his ministrations. “Shit, dammit Ino, you’ve got to slow down. I’m getting close.” Naruto grunted, stopping himself from bucking his hips with each bounce from Ino to preserve his orgasm.

“No, no, no, no, Naruto, I’m getting close. You’ve got to hold on babe.” Ino demanded her voice pitching higher in agitation, wildly thrusting against him, her large ass clapping ferociously against his well muscled thighs as she tried to reach an orgasm before he spewed his baby batter in her thirsty cunt.

“I’m trying to, but – oh Kami - you feel, ugh, so, ugh, good. I can’t hold on mu-oooh fuck Ino, stop right now I’m gon-fuck!” Naruto gripped her hips hard, his fingers digging into her skin leaving marks, as he slammed his hips one last time and exploded inside of her ravenous pussy. His thick spurts of cum stained her walls white and blasted against the entrance of her womb. The feeling caused her to shudder in delight, but to her dismay, it did not push her into an orgasm of her own. She slid off his member and fell onto the bed, both shinobi panted from their exertion, sweat pooled on different parts of their bodies. Naruto’s semen began leaking out of her vagina, mixing with her love juices and dribbled down her body, eventually staining his sheets.

“Sorry about your sheets, Naruto.” Ino apologized between deep breaths.

“Don’t worry about it, come here.” Naruto grabbed her shoulder and brought her closer to him. He gripped the back of her neck and brought their faces together, mashing his lips against hers and running his tongue roughly against hers. He felt her whimpering from his treatment.

He pulled away, letting her breath. He leaned to her ear and growled deeply, “You are going to come from my dick. That’s a promise.” Ino squeaked as Naruto flipped her over. Her face and chest pressed against the bed, her back curved and her ass was pointed high and facing Naruto. “Your tits are great Ino.” Naruto gave a slap to one of her ass cheeks, causing her to yelp. “But this ass?” He slapped the same ass cheek again before massaging it. “This ass is divine.” Normally such a cheesy line would cause Ino to snicker at the relatively inexperienced blond, but he smacked her ass cheek again, sharply, breaking any sort of thought pattern she had. He gave the same rough treatment to the other untouched cheek, causing Ino to whine both in pain and delight. Naruto saw her cunt begin to flood once more, her lubrication mixing with his thick cum and forming a mixture that dripped out of her and onto his sheets. Naruto lined himself up against her snatch, rubbing his shiny red cockhead against her pussy folds, going all the way to bump against her clit, causing the girl below him to shudder some.

 “Kami, Naruto, are you hard already? That’s not normal.” Ino claimed, both astounded and a little worried by her fellow blonde’s stamina. Still her body paid no attention to her mind and pressed her ass up against his dick, trying to create some more pussy pleasing friction.

“Hun, I’m everything but normal.” Ino couldn’t even roll her eyes at the silly quote before he plunged into her completely, forcing her to gasp as his hefty girth forced her walls open. He forewent any of the gentle precautions from earlier and began pounding away, viciously. He continuously bottomed out before almost fully pulling out, his glans slamming against her womb’s entrance with each full-bodied thrust. One of his hands placed on the small of her back to leverage himself, while he used the other to take turns spanking each side of her ass cheeks, slowly turning her pale hide cherry red. Ino’s eyes rolled to the back of her head from the indecent mixture of pleasure and pain.

With control over his ability to plunge his dick and reposition himself, Naruto had an easier time finding her weak spots. His cock poking and dragging against them with his brutal thrusts. He found them by luck last night, but this time it only took a few estimated guesses until he forced the Yamanaka to cry tears, overcome with pleasure.

“Stopstopstopstopstop.” She blabbered uncontrollably; Naruto saw her knuckles turn white from how hard she was gripping his bed sheets. “Kaaaamiiiii, you are, unk, filling me, ohmygodohmygod, Naru-ughhhhn!” Ino so overcome with sexual gratification her sentences left unfinished, as she kept interrupting herself with grunts and cries of delight.

Naruto leaned over and grabbed her throat lightly with hand, pulling up so her neck would crane back and let him speak into her ear clearly. “That’s it Ino, come for me. Come for me baby. Don’t you want me to explode inside of you?” Naruto hesitated for a second, his mind flashed with the memory of Ino indulging herself on the stench of his cock and nutsack. He continued his dirty talk with conviction. “Don’t you want me to paint your insides some more and have every. Single. Inuzuka. Know that you’re my property?” The whiskered youth matched his punctuation with full bodied thrusts that had the Yamanaka girl bubbling saliva from the mouth. “I’m going to fill you up so much you smell like me for a week!” Naruto snarled at he pounded viciously into her, the slow gyrations and thrusts from before completely replaced by animalistic rutting.

Naruto grunted as he felt Ino’s walls spasm violently in climax, attempting to expunge him of every drop of his semen. Ino herself screeched so loudly, Naruto thought it might damage his ear from the sheer volume. Naruto impaled his dick violently inside her with a few more deep strokes. He noticed Ino’s heels kicking against him from the back, a futile gesture to try and stop him from inflicting more delicious damage to her tender pussy. But, Naruto was extremely close himself, and he refused to stop until he exploded inside of her once more. “I’m close, I’m getting real close!” Naruto hissed while pounding into the platinum blonde’s vagina with little concern for her pleasure or lack thereof. The thought of ejaculating inside her supplanting anything else in his mind.

“Naruhooo, narudoooo!” Ino struggled to enunciate clearly, her mind fried from the indescribable pleasure and her tongue laying floppy in her drooling mouth as a result. “Fuhhge meeee, cum in meeeh.”

 “Ino, shit, Ino, tell me you like it, tell me-god damn it! Tell me how much you like it.” Naruto begged through gritted teeth, his hips like a jackhammer slamming against her plush ass, still burnt red from his abusive slaps.

Naruto’s demands seemed to bring some clarity to the Yamanaka heir and she started eagerly bucking against the whiskered youth. Her exhausted body was somehow already approaching another climax.

“I loooove your dick Naruto. I love it more than pudding! I love it more than I love Sasuke! Fuck me, cum in me, I’ll die without your dick!” Naruto knew the squirming blonde beneath him lost her fucking mind when she began peddling such unbelievable bullshit, but despite his mind knowing better, his cock reacted proudly to her claims.

“Take it, take it you fucking slut!” Naruto snarled, battering her overworked cunt with reckless abandon to the gorgeous kunoichi’s delight.

“Yes, yes, yesssss, give it to me!” Ino shrieked trying to buck back and meet Naruto’s thrusts, but finding it almost impossible to do so with the way the muscular shinobi was pressing down on her.

“Here. It. Is!” Naruto roared, his cock head burrowing deep as it could go against her cervix, trying impossibly to break through it before he blasted out unbelievably dense spurts of viscous semen that banged on the cervix entrance with each spasm of his cock.

It was too much for Ino no sounds came out of her gawking mouth this time as her body jerked violently in a massive orgasm, her legs twitching as if some used a Raiton jutsu on her.

Naruto pulled out. His orgasm so violent and productive that it displaced most of the cum that Ino had inside of her, pushing it all over her thighs and inner legs. The sight titillated him so much that even though his thrice spent cock felt fatigued beyond belief, it maintained a rigid and ready posture.

Naruto dragged himself next to Ino and laid his head down so he could look her eye to eye. She was limp, barely moving. Her eyes heavy with weariness, but clear now that her lust was sated. Naruto grinned at her and she returned a weak smile. She peaked at his pelvis and saw his still hard cock and let out a wail of disbelief.

“How is that even possible?” Ino pulled herself up and kneeled next to the monstrous appended, poking it. Naruto’s cock trembled in response.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders, “Dunno, it was like that yesterday too, remember?”

“Just bits and pieces, I remember getting fucked hard, but I don’t remember how long for, or the fact you could keep it up this long.” Ino began stroking the undefeatable penis, somehow disturbed her body wasn’t enough to calm it down, taking it as a challenge to her sexual ability.     

“Ino don’t.” Naruto groaned, putting his hands to cover his dick from the Yamanaka heir, but yelped when she slapped his hands away harshly. “C’mon Ino, don’t start something you can’t finish! It’s okay now but if you keep it up, I’m going to feel so blue-balled.”

“Excuse me, you think I’ll let that slide?” Ino harrumphed, pushing Naruto’s legs back so she could lie down, her head between his legs and having complete access to his dick. Also, she let her body spread out completely on the bed, although a part of her legs hung off the edge. “Well, I’m going to have to take it slow though, I am pretty tired.” She admitted, slowly stroking Naruto’s cock, glancing at the boy who seemed like he might fall asleep anytime, except for the breathy gasps he let out.

She licked the inhumane organ, tasting the indescribably obscene flavour of the whiskered youth’s leftover cum, mixing with her juices, and both of their sweat. It felt like her pussy was crying, telling her to give up and go home, as she felt it moisten once again.

“Naruto, maybe you should get this checked at the hospital. You know, maybe get it cut off and experimented, for the betterment of womenkind.” Ino joked as she toyed around with the appendage.

“Don’t even joke about that Ino.” Naruto warned, “Men are very sensitive about our little guys.”

“I don’t see any little guys.” Ino suckled on the mushroom head, lapping at the never ending precum. Seriously, there was something wrong with the boy!

“You’re so…our dicks, Ino.” Naruto leaned back and let out a sigh, his irritation instantly melting away as she continued her dedication to his cock. It was fucking unbelievable he got to sex up this bombshell of a woman two days in a row. And not only that, she, at this moment, continued to pleasure his dick! “Hey, Ino…”

“Yash?” She sounded out over the dick in her mouth.

“Sorry for calling you a slut. I didn’t mean it.” Naruto apologized, feeling guilty for several things he said to her during their rutting.

Ino popped the cock head out of her mouth and, yet, did not even stop her ministrations as she rubbed the head with her palm while she answered him. “Oh my god, Naruto, were you worried about that?” She smirked at the boy who frowned back.

“C’mon Ino, I wouldn’t want you to think I really thought that about you.”

Ino rolled her eyes, one hand going down to play with his balls, while the other went back to stroking his shaft. “It’s just sex talk Naruto…I mean did you really think I was going to die if I didn’t fuck you?” She stuck her tongue out at him, before turning it toward his cockhead and she began slurping away again.

“Oh right. Well still, I wanted you to know. And, uh, the whole property thing and the Inuzuka clan thing.”

She popped off his dick head again, more annoyed this time. “Naruto, you know, if you keep apologizing about the dirty talk, it makes it way less hot. Now shut up about this, yeah? My jaw is about to fall off trying to get you to cum again. I don’t need to waste my breath talking.”

“Wait! One more thing.” Naruto bit his lip, unsure if he should actually ask, but Ino’s impatient glare spurred him on. “So, the Sasuke thing was a joke too, right.” Naruto felt her hand stop moving.

Ino’s eyes widened and she blushed unintentionally. “Uh, well…”

Naruto felt his dick twitch in anticipation.

“Listen the thing about Sasuke, is he’s been gone for so long and you’re here, and you have a really nice dick, see that’s the real thing in this situation…” Ino rambled before stopping and letting out a huff. “Look, between the fantasy of Sasuke and your actual fat dick right here, I prefer your dick, okay?”

Ino sputtered in shock when, on his fourth ejaculation, Naruto’s cum bursted out of his cock like a plugged hose being set free. The oily secretions slapped against her cheeks, nose, forehead and lips with surprising force, causing her to let go of the seizing organ. Another rope flew high in the air and she could feel it land on her hair and neck, she was too surprised to let out a groan that her hair was ruined with his spend. Naruto grasped his cock through his grunts and tried to aim it toward the sheets but failed miserably, instead coating Ino’s chest and then her abdomen with his ridiculously thick baby batter. With that he flopped on his back, his dick finally limp, and his chest heaving from the sudden exertion.   

Ino, eyes like saucers, tried to take in the situation. She was absolutely drenched in cum now, the smelly and repulsive odour battering her brain as she tried to think. The whiskered youth finally settled down and… god his man juice absolutely soaked her. What the fuck did he eat to make it smell like that?

Ramen, duh. Her mind cleared after that thought.

“You…you came from that?” Ino felt confused, unable to decipher her own feelings about the matter.

“Fuck, I guess so? Maybe I have an inferiority complex or something.” The exhausted shinobi said absentmindedly, pulling himself up and leaning against his bed frame. He stared at her for a moment, and somehow, even though it was beyond its capabilities, and while it did not become erect, his dick still perked up as he looked at the absolutely soiled Yamanaka heir. “Kami, look at you, let me turn on the shower.” Naruto distracted himself by entering his bathroom and setting it up for the platinum blonde kunoichi. 

“Kami.” Ino said simply, flopping back on the bed and staring at Naruto’s ceiling. She can feel the cum drying out on her skin in the open air. She let out a sigh and…Kami did some of his cum reach the ceiling!?

What a god damn monster.

Bathed and dressed, Ino stood at the front door right outside of Naruto’s home. The whiskered blonde stood inside, leaning on the door frame. He still needed to take a bath. He wore an extra pair of clean pants, but no shirt, since he planned to take a bath after bidding Ino goodbye.

“So,” Naruto started, staring at the platinum blonde kunoichi.

Waiting for a moment, but without him continuing, Ino quirked an eyebrow. “So?”

Naruto cleared his throat before speaking. “Does this mean we are a couple now?”

Ino found his question surprising. “Is that what you want?” She really gave no thought on the matter before Naruto presented it to her. Honestly, she treated him as an amazing fuck and nothing else.

“I…I love Sakura.” Naruto whispers and Ino really strains to hear it. She lets out a sigh.

“I know that, stupid.”

“More importantly…” Naruto swallows, dropping his eyes. “I don’t know anything about dating.”

  “Well if you don’t know about it, the only way you can learn is through doing it, right?” Ino told him, hands on her hips.

“So, you want to date?” Naruto reiterated, shuffling his feet and looking at her again.

Ino sighed once more and ran her hand through her hair. Naruto watched the action closely. “Listen, Naruto, can I be honest with you?”

“For sure, that’s what I always want.” Naruto affirmed, nodding his head.

“As long as I have access to your cock,” Naruto blanched and looked around as Ino said such a vulgar word in the open. Ino seemed to notice, “Oh don’t be such a pansy, there’s no way your neighbors didn’t hear us knocking boots…fucking.” Ino reiterated when he gave a blank look at her euphemism. He instead cringed at her language once more. “Anyway, as long as I have access to Naruto junior, I don’t care if I’m your girlfriend, or your best friend, or your worst enemy. Get it?”

Naruto scratched the back of his head trying to figure the whole thing out. “So, basically, you don’t want to be my girlfriend?”

Ino slapped her face in her hands, her frustration mounting. Pulling her face up, she glared at the taller shinobi with such intensity he took a step back. Ino followed him, entering his home again and invading his personal space. “Listen here Uzumaki, I’m basically handing myself on a platter to be your fuck buddy and you are acting like an idiot. There’s no thinking about this, no needed to worry your pretty little head about it. When I say we fuck, we fuck. It’s as simple as that. Understand?”

Naruto nodded his head, not trusting his voice under such pressure from the aggressive kunoichi.

Ino leaned back into her regular posture and beamed at the whiskered boy. “Good, now give me a kiss before I leave.”

Naruto cautiously approached Ino, still shaken by her behaviour and now mood change. He bent over to place a chaste kiss on her lips. Instead the platinum blonde grabbed his head and proceeded to try and suck his tongue out of his mouth. He moaned easily, and when she broke the kiss, he felt the strands of her saliva sticking to his lips.

“Good night, Naruto.” The bombshell sang as she left his house, waving back to him on her way.

Naruto watched her leave. Then he took a bath. After that he changed his clothing and put his dirty ones in the hamper. Naruto decides he will wash them another time because he needs to wash his sheets first and it is already quite late. The whiskered boy picks up his dirty sheets and takes them to the washing machine in the basement of his apartment. Waiting for them to finish he walked back upstairs and into his kitchen.

Naruto made some instant chicken ramen. The shinobi waited the three minutes it takes to cook the ramen patiently, before opening the covered cup and tucking in. After that, knowing he still has time to kill, the azure eyed ninja gathers all the loose garbage around rooms in his apartment and throws them in a large garbage bag. Collecting everything he can find, Naruto ties the bag and takes it all the way down to the basement where the garbage disposal unit is.

Once he finishes this task he walks back to his room and washes his hands. Naruto goes back to the washing and drying room to check if the machine is done, but he there is still some time before the washer is finished. The shinobi decides to walk back up one flight of stairs to look at the stars. It is a very clear day, so he can see them throughout the sky. Naruto is not sure how long he waits, staring into the sky, but when he goes back down, the clothes are done washing, so he puts them in the dryer.

The blonde goes back up to his room and looks for a scroll to read. The whiskered youth finds one on fuinjutsu and sealing techniques, specifically one about the isolation of active elements, such as live fires or moving water. He thinks he read it once before, on his trip with Jiraiya, but he cannot remember the details, so it is something he can refresh himself on the topic anyway. Naruto reads through scroll and he finds it interesting, definitely more so than when he was twelve or thirteen, which is about the age when he first read it. The shinobi places the scroll back in one of his little scroll cubbies and then heads back down to the basement.

To his joy, the sheets are done drying and he takes them back upstairs. Naruto quickly takes them upstairs and prepares his bed. He is ready to fall asleep. After placing his sheets and quilts in order, Naruto goes to brush his teeth and have a glass of water before he heads to bed. Finally, he lies down and closes his eyes. After a few minutes he begins to fall asleep.

A few more minutes and his mind catches up to the events of the day.

Naruto’s eyes snap wide open.

“Holy fuck!”   

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