Any Time the Fly Goes Global

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“Come on, Nar! We’re going to be late again. You always make us late. Always.” Sasuke was pacing their room, trying to get his lazy partner to finish getting dressed so they could get to the airport. It was the fifth trip they had taken together since their commitment ceremony, and they had missed their first scheduled flight for every single one. He had hoped this time they might be on time because the rest of the band was here to help get Naruto moving.

The band had agreed to come to North Dakota, on the promise that the weather was nice. Now they were flying off to Japan. The band had just released a new album, and Sasuke was going with. He no longer worked at Kakashi’s studio, but worked for Kakashi’s studio around the world while touring with the band. Most of the bands that opened for Any Time the Fly had Sasuke’s ink on their skin.

Kiba pounded on the door. “We don’t have time for you two to fuck. Time to leave.” Sasuke sighed at Kiba’s brash, though usually accurate, assessing of the situation. Usually they missed planes because a quickie turned into something longer.

Sasuke tossed the door open. “Does it look like we’re fucking? Naruto can’t decide what to wear.”

Kiba laughed. “If you’d stop buying him clothes, he wouldn’t have choices to make.”

Sasuke gave an exasperated sigh. “If I stop buying him clothes, he’ll only own orange. I need him to branch out a little.”

Hinata blushed as she came up behind Kiba, with Itachi and their son, Baki, trailing behind. “If I can get a baby ready quicker than you can get Naruto ready, we have problems.”

Sasuke nodded. “I know. Why don’t you guys get to the airport? Nar and I will follow, most likely taking a separate plane.” Sasuke rolled his eyes. “We’ll meet you at the hotel.”

Kiba smirked. “As long as you’re going to be late anyway, right?” He laughed at the blush on Sasuke’s cheeks. “No worries. We’ll see you in Toyko sometime in the next few days.”

Sasuke smirked. “Not if I have anything to say about it.”

Kiba shook his head. “You guys have gotten even worse since you made your relationship official.” He waved and turned back toward Hinata and her family. “Let’s just go.”

Itachi and Hinata smiled at him as they both took one of Baki’s hands. They’d decided to honor Itachi’s dead lover by naming their son after him. Hinata was proud of her husband, not jealous of his past lover. “Come on, Baki,” Hinata smiled at the little boy between hers and Itachi’s bodies.

Sasuke smiled softly as he shut the door. His wounds had all healed, both mental and physical. Though the mental wounds took a lot of time and patience on Naruto’s part to get him through. He smiled thinking about his wonderful, happy blond. They had managed to stay true to each other even with Naruto in the limelight, and Sasuke becoming a big name in the art world. Sasuke walked to their walk-in closet and wrapped his arms around the blond’s shoulders. “What’s taking so long baby?”

Naruto sighed and waved his hand wildly at the closet. “I can’t find a freaking thing to wear. Seriously, I don’t have any good clothes. Why don’t I have orange or yellow or that fire-engine red tank top?”

Sasuke smiled and placed a tender kiss between his partner’s shoulder blades. “Baby, you look too tacky in those colors. That’s why you don’t have much. I buy you the same shirt or pants in a normal color and then give your other clothes to goodwill.”

Naruto’s shoulders slumped. “Bastard,” Naruto muttered under his breath. He knew Sasuke had heard when he felt the small chuckled passing through Sasuke’s body. Resigned, Naruto grabbed a dark blue tank top and a pair of jeans. “Can’t I have something orange?”

Sasuke smiled and hugged Naruto tightly before walking over to their dresser. “I thought you might feel that way, so I decided your underwear and socks could be orange.”

Naruto smiled. “Acceptable compromise.”

Sasuke feigned disbelief. “Two words more than 5 letters long? I didn’t think you knew that many long words.”

Naruto growled and tackled Sasuke to the floor, being sure to cushion his fall with his hands. Naruto’s lips found the sensitive spot on Sasuke’s neck almost immediately. Sasuke moaned as he wrapped his hands in Naruto’s hair, pushing Naruto closer to the spot he was sucking on. “God, Nar. You’re a fucking sex machine.”

Naruto smirked. “Only where you’re concerned.”

Sasuke moaned and arched up to rub his now very hard erection against Naruto’s stomach. Naruto raised an eyebrow. “What happened to we have to go to the airport?”

Sasuke smirked now. “We’ve never made it for the first flight; why start now?” He knew his body was still stretched enough from their earlier session that Naruto would be able to push straight in. He quickly pulled his clothes off and rid Naruto of what he was wearing.

Naruto moaned at the sight of Sasuke’s welcoming body writhing on the floor underneath him. “Sasuke, baby, I’m going in dry unless you’ve got lube nearby.”

Sasuke sighed and grabbed his pants, taking the tube from the pocket. He’d started carrying a tube around because apparently Naruto’s sex drive was insatiable. He never knew when he’d be attacked by his husband. Sasuke handed the tube to his impatient lover. “Just hurry it up. This really has to be a quickie; we’re not the only ones going on this trip.”

Naruto laughed. “Don’t worry, Sas. I don’t think I can last long. You look so goddamn appetizing.” Naruto slathered the cold goop on his throbbing member and quickly sheathed in Sasuke. He saw the small tear in Sasuke’s eye that meant he needed a few moments to adjust before Naruto fucked him to oblivion. When Sasuke barely moved his head, Naruto pulled out and thrust back in as hard as possible.

Sasuke cried out in intense pleasure as Naruto slammed mercilessly against his prostate. It was the way a quickie was supposed to be, which shocked Sasuke. It was hard, fast, and dirty. Sasuke arched up as he screamed in pleasure, having wave after wave of his seed squirting against his and Naruto’s bodies. Naruto came only a fraction of a second later than his lover. Sasuke was panting as he forced out, “Okay, now you have to get dressed, and we have to go.”


Naruto laughed as Sasuke growled for the millionth time at the kid sitting in the row in front of them. For the first time, with a stroke of luck, they had made their first flight. Because Sasuke was used to missing their flights he had taken to booking coach seats. When they missed the flight and had to catch the later flight, he would just pay the extra to bump their tickets up to first class. This time, there wasn’t a luxury class that Sasuke could close his eyes and simply enjoy the presence of the man next to him; this time he was listening to the kid in front of him crying.

Sasuke clenched his jaw. He felt Naruto’s comforting hand softly rubbing circles on his thigh, but he was beyond being comforted. He leaned over and hissed in Naruto’s ear. “Never EVER for ANY reason let me buy a fucking coach ticket again. I swear I’m going to throw this kid into the bathroom and flush him down the toilet.”

Naruto laughed harder, drawing the attention of those seated nearest them. Naruto grinned sheepishly. “Uh, sorry. Go back to whatever you were doing.”

Sasuke would have glared, but he loved the way Naruto looked when he was embarrassed. There was something so truly innocent and honest in that look that Sasuke could only smile softly. The crying infant ahead of him was momentarily forgotten. He leaned over to Naruto again, but this time he placed soft kisses along the man’s cheek and jaw. “You always find the perfect time to remind me why I love you.”

Naruto smiled as he felt the growing excitement in his groin whenever Sasuke’s lips were on his body, regardless of how innocent the touch may be. It was difficult to be so sexually excited by his partner, but he couldn’t help it. Sasuke just drove him mad, and he wouldn’t have it anyway. He shifted in his seat to get a little more comfortable; a move that did not go unnoticed by Sasuke.

Sasuke smirked as he “accidentally” brushed Naruto’s erection. Naruto had to physically stop himself from moaning by biting his tongue. Though Sasuke would have loved to continue the game of torture, the child in front of them began screaming even louder, effectively killing the mood. Sasuke glared hard, hoping to burn a hole in the mother’s head. Stupid people bringing stupid babies on the stupid plane. Babies didn’t need to travel. It wasn’t like they’d remember anything anyway, and if the parents were moving somewhere, well, Sasuke thought the babies should be forced to be sent over on boats. At least people weren’t so cramped on boats. Really, who in their right mind chose coach seats? Damn Naruto for actually listening to him for once.

Sasuke glanced behind him and saw Itachi, Hinata, and Baki cuddled together in two seats. Why couldn’t more kids be like Baki? He was sound asleep. Sasuke hadn’t so much as heard more than a babble out of him the entire trip. And Kiba and Ten-Ten were both sound asleep. Seriously! Why couldn’t he and Naruto be back in those seats, farther away from the screaming poop machine in front of them?

Naruto took Sasuke’s hand and smirked. He knew first class wasn’t full, and he really thought his partner had been patient thus far. Naruto kissed Sasuke’s temple. “Please don’t kill the kid while I’m gone.”

Sasuke snorted. “No promises. I’ll try though.” Sasuke’s fist clench and his teeth ground together as the child’s screams suddenly became an octave higher.

Naruto gave Sasuke a reassuring pat on his leg before standing and heading toward the stewardesses. Flashing them his patented smile, Naruto cleared his throat. “Um, I was wondering if I could upgrade to first class. I need two seats, if you have them.”

A blond stewardess gave Naruto the once over. “Why do you need to upgrade, Mr. Uzumaki?”

Naruto smiled. Of course she knew who he was. She couldn’t have been more than 21, and that was their core fan base. “Sasuke’s going to murder the baby in front of him, if we don’t.”

The stewardess blushed. “Why didn’t you just buy first class tickets in the first place?”

Naruto blushed. “Well, see, usually we don’t make our flights on time, so Sasuke buys coach tickets, which we inevitably trade in for first class. This time we made our flight.”

The stewardess nodded. “Bring your carry-on luggage and come back up here. I’ll show you to your seats.”

Naruto nodded. He turned back toward Sasuke and grabbed both of their bags from below their seats. “Come on, sweetie,” Naruto teased, “There are seats available in first class.”

The woman in front of them turned to stare. “Why do you get first class?”

Sasuke glared the famous Uchiha glare before smirking. “Because we have the money to do so.” Naruto tried to stop Sasuke before the next words were out of his mouth, but failed miserably. “And because we don’t have little poop machines to disturb the respectful people of first class.”

Naruto sighed and pushed Sasuke along in front of him, apologizing profusely to the now almost irate lady. Sasuke pouted when Naruto let go of his hand. “But, Nar!”

Naruto shook his head. “No, Sasuke. I told you weren’t allowed to act like your uncle just because you have the blood in your body.” Naruto smiled. Obito, while normally very mild mannered and easy to get along with had the worst temper of anyone he had met. When that temper flared up, Obito was as bad as any of the family members that had made up the mafia.

Naruto frowned for a moment, as he always did when thinking back to the beginning of his and Sasuke’s relationship. There were still days, though few and far between, that Sasuke would stare at the scar in his leg and scream and cry. There hadn’t been anything the doctors could do to heal the name carved in Sasuke’s thigh. While it in no way influenced Naruto’s love of Sasuke, it did make Sasuke feel dirty and broken. Naruto hated seeing his Sasuke that way.

Sasuke leaned over, seeing the frown on Naruto’s face and knowing exactly what caused it. “I’m okay, Nar. Smile for me, please?”

Naruto looked into Sasuke’s black eyes. “Yeah,” he said with a grin, pulling Sasuke into a quick kiss, “I think I can do that.” Naruto sighed contentedly as Sasuke settled into a chair next to him in the first class section. Sasuke spread out immediately and was visibly relaxed. The sound of the screaming infant was now just a distant hum in the background, and something he could deal with. Naruto laughed softly. “You look better.”

Sasuke quirked a brow. “I don’t feel like I’m going to kill anyone anymore, if that’s what you mean.”

Naruto nodded and draped an arm around Sasuke. “Can we just sleep now? I’m kind of worn out from yesterday still.”

Sasuke smiled and nodded. They had decided to play tennis yesterday, and Naruto must not have ever played before. Sasuke was kicking his ass all across the court, but it had been fun. Neither of them quit until their sore muscles loudly protested. Sasuke had recovered fairly quickly, being used to playing hard, though he never played competitively. Sasuke let his lips brush against Naruto’s temple. “Just sleep. It’s a long flight anyway.”

Naruto was already burying himself in Sasuke’s chest and making himself comfortable. Sasuke smiled to himself before closing his eyes. Sasuke didn’t know when he fell asleep, but he was plagued by the dream that had haunted him since his kidnapping. Naruto felt Sasuke’s body tense and woke immediately. He had become used to the nightmare and would do whatever was necessary to help Sasuke through his trauma. He loved the man with all his heart, and if they lived in a less conservative state, he would marry the man in a heartbeat.

Naruto rubbed Sasuke’s arm softly. He whispered in Sasuke’s ear, “Wake up, love. You’re safe.”

Sasuke didn’t wake. He was fast asleep. Naruto knew he needed, for Sasuke’s sake, to wake him up before he began screaming. Pushing a little harder, Naruto shook Sasuke’s upper body. Sasuke shot straight up, gasping loudly. He trembled as Naruto pulled him close. “Sasuke, shh. Sweetie, I’m here. You’re safe.”

Realizing where he was, Sasuke forced his body to calm down. He hated that he was still so weak, even years after the event. He looked at Naruto with adoration. Nuzzling the blonde’s neck, Sasuke sighed. “Thank you for putting up with me.”

Naruto shook his head softly. “It’s not putting up with you. Sasuke, it’s been over three years since we met. It’s been over a year since we had our commitment ceremony. Baki calls me ‘uh na’, which I’m positive means Uncle Naruto. I love you more than I’ve loved anyone in my life. The fact that I wasn’t able to protect you, tears me apart. The fact that I can’t stop these nightmares makes me feel like you deserve someone better.”

Sasuke grasped Naruto’s hand hard. “Don’t ever say something so stupid. I could never ask for anyone better than you. I love you with all my heart, you stupid moron.”

Naruto shrugged. Sasuke was fine now. It was what he was striving for. “You don’t have to be so rude about it, bastard. Especially since I got us away from the crying ‘poop machine’ as you called him.”

Sasuke smiled seductively and ran his fingers along Naruto’s arm. “I haven’t properly thanked you for that; have I?” He let his fingers ghost over Naruto’s abdomen before trailing them down to the growing bulge in Naruto’s pants. Naruto’s breath hitched as he felt Sasuke’s fingers softly massaging his hard on.

Naruto moaned softly. He grabbed Sasuke’s hand and pouted. He really didn’t want to stop, but he wasn’t getting banned from another airline. “Sasuke, we can’t. I’ll take you on the runway after leaving the plane, but don’t get us banned again.”

Sasuke smirked, but his fingers relented their tormenting. “I believe you were the one who got us banned. I wasn’t the one who hollered ‘Fuck! Take it all you slut!’ when he orgasmed.”

Naruto blushed. “Yeah, but that little comment sure got you off fast.” Sasuke nodded. “You like when I talk dirty to you.” Another nod. “You like when I take you hard, fast, and dirty.” A nod and a slight shifting in the seat. “There, now we’re in the same fucking boat.”

Sasuke wanted to glare at Naruto, but seeing as he started the teasing he decided not to. He just lay his head on Naruto’s shoulder. “How many hours are left?”

Naruto looked at his watch. “Probably about five or so. I didn’t think the trip would be so long.”

Sasuke shrugged and settled against Naruto. “I’m going to sleep the rest of the way. Please wake me up if I’m going to make a fool of myself.”

Naruto nodded. “Of course, baby.”


Sasuke smiled at Naruto’s enthusiasm. As they came off the plane in Tokyo, fans began mobbing them. Naruto took the time to sign every single autograph book handed to him and take a picture with anyone who asked. Sasuke was often dragged into the pictures as well. He smiled gracefully as his time with the extremely successful rocker had taught him to do. Naruto was just being pulled into a group of girls wanting a picture when Sasuke spotted a familiar face heading his way. Obito waved and walked over to his nephew. “Your luggage is all ready on its way to your hotel. I figured we’d give your rockstar another few minutes for his fans before forcing him to get into the limo. Itachi and Baki are already out there though, if you’d like to join them.”

Sasuke nodded. “Thanks, Obito.” He smirked a little evilly, “So, where’s your better half?” Kisame and Obito had moved to Boston just so they could legally be married. Now that he lived there, Obito would never live in Minneapolis again. He loved his new home and he loved that he could be with Kisame as husbands and not just as partners or even friends as Sasuke and Naruto were experiencing.

Kisame growled from behind Sasuke. “So, I’m the better half, eh? That makes me feel like a million bucks. Can we get away from these rabid fan girls?”

Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke’s waist. “For now. Kiba and Ten-Ten just headed out to the limo with Hinata.” His eyes sparkled as he looked at the man that he considered his idol. “Hey, Obito. How’s it going?”

Obito smiled. He had a soft spot for Sasuke’s husband. The man had not only been willing to risk just about everything to help save Sasuke, but he had stood by Sasuke through all the nightmares and insecurities, even years later. “Good. How’s my favorite punk?”

Naruto smirked. “Annoying as ever!” He kissed Sasuke’s neck. “Can we leave now? God, it’s like someone’s been standing here talking to fans for almost an hour already.”

Sasuke laughed quietly. “Yeah, someone should kick that idiot’s ass.” He wrapped his arm around Naruto’s waist as they began walking toward the car. When they piled into the limo, little Baki was already strapped into the car seat provided. Itachi smirked when he saw Obito and Kisame. The two of them had been in the man’s wedding, and Itachi never tired of mocking his uncle for being shackled. At which point Hinata would smack him in the arm and tell him if he didn’t get ‘shackled’ soon, she was going to get sick of waiting and find someone else. This time though, he was prepared. He’d bought her an engagement ring a few weeks ago, and was just looking for the right time to make his move.

Sasuke and Naruto fell asleep almost as soon as they were in their hotel room. Naruto’s arms were wrapped comfortingly around Sasuke’s waist. They slept soundly, and Naruto smiled in the morning when he found Sasuke still sleeping peacefully within his arms. Naruto’s hands began idly stroking Sasuke’s body. As they traveled lower a still sleeping Sasuke shifted just a little which gave Naruto more access to the tempting body.

Naruto brought his lips to the slender, pale column of Sasuke’s neck. His teeth skimmed the surface as he knew after two years of experience drove his partner mad. Sasuke sighed in his sleep. Naruto knew that soon Sasuke would awaken and enjoy every last one of his touches consciously. Naruto deftly undressed Sasuke before pulling his own clothing off. He leaned back down and brushed his lips against Sasuke’s before pushing Sasuke’s legs apart. Positioning himself between Sasuke’s legs, Naruto smirked before pulling the hips up and letting his tongue trace Sasuke’s most hidden parts.

Sasuke moaned softly as he dreamed about Naruto pounding him hard. He squirmed as he felt his mind begin to lose hold of the image in his dream and reality began pressing upon him. He was painfully hard this morning, not sure why. The dream itself was not enough to do that to him. As his mind emerged from the fog of sleep he realized two things: he was nude and he needed more than Naruto’s tongue pushing through his entrance. “Nar,” he croaked out, “I need something more.”

Naruto smiled and brought his lips to Sasuke’s as he lined himself up with Sasuke’s slicked opening. As he pulled back from Sasuke’s mouth he whispered, “Morning, beautiful.” Before Sasuke could formulate a reply he sheathed himself completely in Sasuke’s hot, tight cavity. Sasuke groaned and grabbed Naruto’s shoulders hard. He closed his eyes hard, trying to keep himself from reaching completion too soon. He had just been having an extremely erotic dream.

Naruto waited until Sasuke opened his eyes again to pull back out. He smirked at Sasuke before slamming back in hard. Sasuke moaned and pushed back against Naruto’s body as Naruto slammed forward repeatedly. Apparently Naruto was in no mood to drag this session out. Sasuke groaned loudly, Naruto’s name falling from his lips in a continuous stream as he neared his end. “Fuck, Nar. You make me feel like such a needy bitch.” He groaned at a particularly vicious thrust struck his prostate, causing him to fall over the edge and release all over himself and Naruto.

Naruto screamed as Sasuke’s walls clamped down on him. It took him exactly two more thrusts before he shut his eyes and let his body just feel as he rode out his orgasm. Sasuke was breathing hard as he came down from his post orgasmic high. He ran his hands through the blond hair fanning across his chest. He softly massaged Naruto’s scalp, knowing full well the serenity it brought his husband. He leaned over to kiss the temple closest his mouth before whispering, “I love you, Naruto.”

Naruto smiled softly, entwining his fingers with Sasuke’s. “Love you too, Sas.” Sasuke smirked as Naruto rolled to the side. His eyes were closed and his breath had evened out to that of a sleeping man. Sasuke sat up and headed to the bathroom to take a nice, warm shower. The door opened just as Sasuke was turning the water off. “Thanks for letting me sleep a little longer, Sasuke.”

Sasuke grabbed his towel as he stepped from the shower and began drying off. He kissed Naruto softly. “Nah, it was nothing.” He smirked at Naruto. “After that wonderful wake-up call, it was the least I could do for you.”

Naruto laughed. “You going to come with us to the station or are you, Itachi, and Baki going out to explore the city?”

Sasuke shrugged. “I think maybe we’ll all go with you to the radio station. I know you’re going to get really busy with things we can’t accompany you to, so I’ll take my time with you while I can.”

Naruto smiled. “Okay. I suppose I should get showered so that we aren’t late.” He laughed as Sasuke tossed a towel over his shoulders and walked back out to the bedroom. “Thanks for making some sort of acknowledgment of my statement, ass!”

Sasuke sighed as he heard Naruto called after him. Even after years they had a volatile relationship. To the unknowing eye, they may even seem to dislike each other at times, but in actuality it was just the way they teased each other. They knew that they loved each other and neither had eyes for anyone else. It had been that way from the moment they met. Love at first sight, though Sasuke didn’t put much stock in that crap.

Sasuke was ready to go by the time Naruto was done with his shower. Sasuke pulled his blond to him and grabbed the towel from Naruto’s waist. He dried Naruto off quickly, but lovingly before pushing the blond toward their luggage. “Get dressed, baby. I’m not going to make you late to your own radio interview. Did you practice your Japanese like I told you to?”

Naruto blushed before shrugging. “No, but I know you learned it. I kind of figured you could just translate for me.”

Sasuke laughed. “Well, here’s the thing, Nar. I thought it would be smart of you to learn Japanese because I’m not always going to be with you. In addition, you’ll never know if I’m actually telling them what I want you to say.”

Naruto smiled and pulled Sasuke close, gently pressing his lips to the softer lips of his lover. “Yes, love, but I know you wouldn’t do that to me. Plus, I trust your learning ability more than mine.”

Sasuke shook his head, but there was laughter in his eyes. He pushed Naruto away once more. “Now, get dressed! Really!”


Sasuke listened intently to the DJ at the radio station. He laughed suddenly. Speaking in Japanese he answered the question. Naruto nudged Sasuke, “What did he say?”

Sasuke laughed again, wiping tears from his eyes. He whispered to Naruto, “He asked me if you guys are really as good as you sound on the record.” Naruto motioned Sasuke to keep going. “I told him I really wouldn’t know. Normally the only sounds I hear from your throat are moans of pleasure.”

Naruto went bright red. “No you didn’t.”

Sasuke laughed softly. “No, I didn’t. See this is why I wanted you to learn Japanese, you moron.” He sighed and shook his head. “He asked me if we had a good trip over here, and I just told him about that goddamn baby.”

The DJ turned to Kiba and asked him a question. Sasuke shook his head. “Didn’t any of you learn the Japanese I gave you to learn?” Heads shook. He rolled his eyes and translated the question, “Do you feel the new album has shown musical growth from albums past?”

Kiba nodded. “Yep. Definitely. We have a much wider sound now than we originally had. We are still true to our punk rock roots, but we have begun to stretch into some other genres looking for good songs to cover. It’s influenced our own style.” Sasuke translated.

The DJ sighed and motioned the station’s translator in. “Well, I have to say I’m disappointed that the only one of you that can speak Japanese isn’t in the band.”

Sasuke laughed and shook his head. “It’s not entirely their fault. Naruto’s not big on studying, and I didn’t force it on him. I’ve probably been distracting him more than anything, if you know what I mean.”

The DJ chuckled, waiting for the translator to get into the studio. “So, what can you tell us about you and Naruto? Do you have plans to get married or anything like that?”

Sasuke shook his head. “You know about the event that happened at the beginning of our relationship, right?” The DJ nodded. “Well, due to that, I feel the need to stay in my safety net of a little, stupid town. One of the negatives of this place is its intolerance toward gays. Nar and I can’t legally get married.”

The DJ looked shocked. “I know we don’t allow same sex marriage, but I thought the entire USA did.” Sasuke shook his head sadly. “Well, we’ll petition for you. We like the two of you together here in Japan. Are you planning on seeing any sights while you’re here?”

Sasuke nodded. “My brother, his son, and I are planning on seeing as much of Tokyo as we can while the band is busy being famous.”

The DJ laughed and turned back to the band, now that his translator was ready. The interview went without incident from that point. Though Sasuke did laugh at a couple untranslated jokes. He told the band if they wanted to know what was said, they’d have to learn Japanese first.

Naruto stepped out of the radio station and into the throng of adoring fans. Sasuke stood back and watched as Naruto posed with hordes of teenage girls for pictures. He smirked as Naruto struck ridiculous pose after ridiculous pose. Suddenly a girl with dirty brown hair pulled him from the crowd and grabbed his ass while trying to suck his brain out through his mouth. Sasuke growled in warning as Naruto tried to extract himself from her grasp without actually harming her. When she didn’t let go, Sasuke walked over to Naruto and literally grabbed the bitch by the back of the neck. “Let go of my partner.”

The girl squeaked indignantly. “Put me down! Put me down! My father will have your ass for this.”

Naruto spit and gagged while scratching at his tongue. “Fuck, that’s gross.” He sighed when he noticed the girl hanging in Sasuke’s grip. He walked over to his lover and whispered in his ear, “You gotta let her go, baby.” He glared at the girl that dared to kiss him without permission. “After all, she can’t really rat on you to her daddy or she’d have to explain what she did to get you so worked up.”

The girl paled noticeably and Sasuke dropped her on her feet. “Don’t touch what’s mine, bitch.” He looked at the now frightened remaining girls. They either hadn’t gotten their pictures or autographs, or had forgotten how to move. Sasuke sighed and smiled softly. “Look, you’re all safe as long as you don’t try to ram your tongues down my boyfriend’s throat, okay?”

The girls nodded en masse, while Naruto resumed taking care of his fans. Sasuke smirked as Itachi came up beside him. “So, that Uchiha possessiveness is still in your blood, eh?”

Sasuke smirked. “What would you do if some guy was hitting on Hinata and making goo-goo faces at Baki?”

Itachi growled. “I’d kill the fucker.”

Sasuke smirked. “Should I call Obito now then, to arrange the cover story?” He pointed to where a male fan was gushing over Hinata and their son. Itachi’s face contorted with rage as he still managed to calmly make his way over to his family.

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