Slaves of the Uchiha

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Naruto knocked on the door to the Uchiha compound's main house and he heard Sasuke call out, "It's open!" When he entered, what he saw shocked him to his core. He just stood dumbstruck, unable to look away from the sight of his mother naked, moaning as she bucked her ass back and forth on Sasuke's large dick with Sasuke's mouth sucking on one of her large tits. Naruto exclaimed, "Sasuke! What the hell man?!"

Kushina, only now noticing that it was Naruto present, having been unable to put a face to the voice that had been speaking through the door due to being consumed by the pleasure of riding her master's cock. She stopped moving as she exclaimed, "Naru-chan! What are you doing here?"

Kushina squeaked as she felt Sasuke slap her ass. He then said, "I didn't tell you that you could stop, slut."

"Sorry Master!" Kushina said, a pathetic look on her face, before ecstasy took its place. She moaned as she resumed her actions, getting turned on that Naruto could see what a slut she truly was.

Naruto said, "Stop that right now," not really knowing if he was talking to Sasuke or his mother.

Sasuke said, "Why should I?"

"Why should you? She's my bloody mother."

"You know what. You're absolutely right. You shouldn't have to see this," Sasuke said, cupping Kushina's ass gently. "Kushina, get off of my cock." Kushina let out a groan of disappointment as she felt Sasuke's cock leaving her ass. She then stood by the couch and waited for further orders like the dutiful slave she had been trained to be. Sasuke said, "What d'you think you're doing, slut?" Kushina shook her head, not knowing what she should be doing. "You should know that I like my cock cleaned by now."

"Right! Sorry Master. I wasn’t' sure since Naru-chan is here."

Naruto, disbelievingly said, "Maste…what the hell?" as Kushina knelt on the couch next to Sasuke before she bent over Sasuke's cock and took it into her hand so that she could direct it into her mouth. She grabbed hold of Sasuke’s left leg to brace herself as she took Sasuke’s dick into her mouth.

Naruto said, "Stop that Mum. You're the Red-Hot Habanero. You don't need to do what he says."

As Naruto talked Kushina felt Sasuke's dick start to swell in her mouth and she thought, 'It's coming!' in glee and somehow managed to smile around her master's cock. Seconds later her mouth was filled with Sasuke's thick, hot, liquid and she kept it in her mouth as she moved her mouth off of his cock. When she was sitting straight she let it flow out of her mouth. She smiled as she said, "I know, but all strength pales in comparison to master's dick."

Naruto looked at Kushina horrified by her words. Sasuke said, "You know what dobe. I would be willing to part with her, as long as there was a very good reason for it."

Naruto said, "Such as?" as Kushina looked at Sasuke, terrified by the concept.

"Well, there's two ways that you could go about it. One, your mother is a masochist, so you could just steal her from me, and become her master in my place…"

"Are you suggesting that I…that's sick!"

"Then there's only one option available."

"What's that?"

"Take her place for two months and she's all yours."

"Take her place? Eww. That's gay man!"

Sasuke made a face and said, "Not in your current form, Dobe. In that other form you have."

"You mean…" Naruto said, trailing off at the end.

"Yes," Sasuke said, nodding once.

"What if I pay you?"

"What good would that do me? Can money get you off within its hot, wet pussy? Can it take care of your morning wood?” As he talked, Kushina felt herself begin to anticipate taking his cock into her once again and her juices started to roll down her legs as she kneaded the cum into her large tits. Sasuke idly noted her actions, but continued saying, “No. Of course it can't, so there's no point even considering such a thing, is there?"

Naruto growled as he said, "Fine then," and made a handseal, saying, "Oiroke no jutsu." When the cloud of smoke disappeared, left behind was a buxom blonde, wearing orange shinobi pants and jacket that were clearly too small for her curvaceous form.

Sasuke rose an eyebrow as he said, "Oh, that was easier than I thought it would be," and he stood up, leaving Kushina on the couch. Sasuke stalked towards Naruto and, when he was close enough, he gathered lightning chakra to his hand and extended a blade off of the tips of his fingers and slashed Naruto's ill-fitting clothes to shreds. He said, "You won't be needing them for a long time." Then he walked around Naruto and stood behind her. He then slapped her ass. Naruto let out an eep and jumped as Sasuke's hand came into contact with her now sexy derriere. Sasuke menacingly whispered, "I don't like it when my slaves try and deceive me. When they do, they get punished. In your case though, I'll make an exception. Instead of punishing you, I'll just extend the time that you need to serve me to get your mother back."

"What do you mean? I did as you…"

Sasuke spanked Naruto again. "That's two months and two weeks."

"What do you…"

"Kushina was the Kyūbi's jinchūriki before you and I made sure to squeeze her for all information about it before calling you out here," Sasuke said as he reached around to squeeze one of Naruto's large breasts, causing her to let out an unwilling mewl of pleasure. "So I know that being the Kyūbi's jailor grants you the ability to take on the form of a female fox demon. That is the form that I want you in."

"You know about that?" Naruto asked, glancing at her temporary master out of the side of her eyes. The arrogant smirk on Sasuke's face told her that he did indeed know all about it. Naruto gained a look of resigned disgust on her face as she said, "Kitsune-ryū: Kitsukaihen." Sparks of fire ran up her body, disappearing almost as soon as they appeared. In less than a minute, where the blonde had been standing, was another blonde, this one had her long hair in a ponytail, the same dimensions that Naruto had been earlier, but now with blonde tufts of hair, similar to fox ears on the top of her head, though she did still have her human ones. There was one other change that Sasuke noticed. The whisker marks that had been on Naruto's previous transformation were gone. She snidely said, "Are you happy now?"

Sasuke spanked her and said, "That would be, 'are you happy, Master'." He then looked at Naruto expectantly.

Taking the cue for what it was, Naruto forced herself to say, "Are you happy…Master?"

"Not yet, but I'm sure that I'll get there. Eventually." Naruto felt a shiver run down her back when she heard Sasuke's words, fearing for any future that had her temporary master's words ring true. Sasuke said, "Now then, first things first, vixens need training when they are first captured. So, for starters, I'll need to put this on you."

Naruto heard a drawer slide closed behind her, causing her to idly wonder what Sasuke was talking about. She didn't have to wait long as, not even five seconds later she felt Sasuke's hot dick pass between her legs, splitting the lips of her pussy, as he reached around her, holding some sort of pink leather band. She said, "What is…" then she felt the band come to rest against her neck and her nipples involuntarily hardened as she felt a bit of metal come to rest against her neck. She then realised that Sasuke had just fitted a collar around her neck, the first of what she could only imagine would be many signs of her submission to her master.

After he fitted the collar to Naruto's neck, Sasuke reached up to his shoulder and took from it the second item that he had taken from the drawer. He then lifted the bit of cloth up to Naruto's face, letting her see it. When she registered it for what it was she said, "What is that fo…" but didn't finish the question as Sasuke rose it to her eyes and tied it around the back of her head. Once that was done, Sasuke spanked her again and said, "That's another week." As Sasuke lead Naruto from the living room, he said, "Kushina, while I set your new sister up, I want you to go and buy some appropriate attire for her."

Kushina jumped up from the couch, causing her tits to bounce about, as she knew her master loved seeing. She said, "Yes Master," and went to her room to get dressed to go to the shops to buy some clothes for her daughter.

When Kushina had left the room Sasuke grabbed Naruto's arm and guided her to the door under the staircase and opened it. He said, "There are stairs here," and let go of her arm, going down them himself first. When he was down the stairs, he waited for his newest slut to join him.

Sasuke watched as Naruto tentatively moved her right foot forward, feeling for a stair going upwards. Finding nothing, she shakily lowered her foot. Finding purchase on the first stair, Naruto sighed in relief. She then repeated the process again, and again, until she was down the stairs with her master. Naruto said, "Okay, now what?"

Sasuke slapped Naruto's right cheek, sending her crashing to the floor. It also caused Sasuke's dick to twitch as he did so love seeing large breasts bouncing all over the place. He thought, 'I might need to look outside Konoha's flock if I want to see more of that.' But put it to the side to focus on the current issue. "That's three months now."

"What? Three months! Why?"

"Okay, correction, three and a half months. I really shouldn't have to remind you of this again, but slaves do not question their master's orders, nor do they forget to address their master as such. Do I need to add on another week?"

'Another week!!' "No Master, sorry Master!" Naruto almost yelled.

Naruto could hear Sasuke's arrogant smirk in his voice when he said, "Good, you're learning. Now…" Sasuke grabbed Naruto by her ponytail and half dragged her to the centre of the room. He roughly grabbed her left arm and pulled it above her head and clapped what she assumed must be a manacle of some sort, in place. He then let go of that arm and locked the other one in place beside it. Naruto heard Sasuke move away from her and fumble about with something on the wall. Whatever he did raised her up so that only the balls of her feet were touching the ground.

As she heard Sasuke moving something around the table, Naruto asked, "What are you doing?"

Sasuke stopped moving things around and instead picked something up and moved over to Naruto. He moved right up next to her and whispered to her, "Bad girl."

As soon as he had said it, Naruto felt something come into contact with her arse. Naruto let out a pained cry as a pathetic look came onto her face. She whimpered, "I thought that you said that you wouldn't p…p…"

"Come on, say it, slut," Sasuke ordered, spanking her again to hurry her up.

Naruto cried out again. "Punish me!"

Sasuke said, "You want to be punished do you? You masochist!" and spanked her again before she could protest his statement.

"No!" Naruto said. "Why are you doing it when you said you wouldn't?"

Sasuke asked, "What am I doing?" punctuating his question with a spank.

"You're spanking me!"

"That's right. What's another term for it?" accentuating his question with another spank.

"Punishment," Naruto answered.

"Why do you think that would I punish you after I specifically said that I wouldn't?"

"I don't know!" Naruto said, starting to sob.

"That's I don't know, Master!" spanking her with the paddle once again. Naruto let out a cry of pain, which only caused Sasuke to smirk and his dick to twitch.

Naruto quietly said, "I see. I'm sorry Master. I won't forget again Master."

Sasuke said, "You better not, or a spanking will be the least of your worries," implanting a fear of disobedience into his newest pet. “Now. Open your mouth.” Naruto silently did as she was ordered, only to be spanked again.”

She exclaimed, “Sorry Master! Yes Master!” and kept her mouth opened.

Sasuke went to the table and picked something up. As he walked back, he said, “I was just going to give you a ball gag for your first time, but you clearly need something…more substantial. So…” he then forced something into Naruto's mouth. She didn’t move as he tightened the strap around her head, securing it in place. She moved her tongue around to identify it’s shape and started trying to move her hands to undo it, causing Sasuke to smirk. He said, “I’m guessing that you’re not going to need me to tell you that that’s a penis gag?” He paused before saying, “Don’t answer,” smirking as Naruto didn’t even attempt to reply.

She stopped moving, giving up on the idea of removing it herself, thinking, ‘Damn it! With my hands locked in these things while I can’t see, I’m not going to be able to free myself. I guess that I’m going to have to just endure whatever Sasuke throws at me until he lets me down himself.’ But she found that that was impossible as Sasuke appeared behind her and rammed something into her. she tried to scream and grind her teeth together, but could do neither thanks to the gag as she thought, ‘That’s my aaarggghhh!” and tears began to flow as pain spread through her ass as it stretched around the dildo that Sasuke had just thrust into her in one go.

Sasuke said, “Now, finally…” and reached down to jam another dildo into his slave’s remaining hole.” But, to his surprise, Naruto jammed her legs together. He thought, ‘Oh? That’s interesting. It would appear that she’s going to be a harder nut to break than her mother.’ He smirked and said, “Alright Naruto. I won’t take your cunt yet. Eventually, you’re going to give it up willingly.” With that, he kissed her on the cheek from behind. He whispered into her ear, “I’ll be seeing you later.” he lightly slapped her ass and sarcastically said, “Don’t you be going anywhere now.” And went back upstairs to await his pet’s return.





Kitsune-ryū: Kitsukaihen/Fox-style: Fox Transformation

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