Tables Turned

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Tables Turned


            Hunting him?  Uchiha Sasuke sneered at the foolishness that Jugo had informed him of after consorting with a sparrow.  Apparently, a team of three had set out from Kumogakure, seeking retribution for the kidnapping of the Raikage’s younger brother.  Apparently, they weren’t even aware that Bee had escaped, using a mere clone to satisfy Akatsuki’s need for him.

            “I’ll take care of them myself,” Sasuke said, treading into the sunlight from the catacombs he and the rest of Taka had taken refuge in.  “They believe they know the meaning of revenge?”  His Sharingan activated from his boiling rage, though he kept a placid exterior.  “I will teach them true revenge…”


            “Maybe, with all the water here,” Omoi deduced, kneeling on the water’s surface with the aid of his chakra, “Bee needed to take a leak, and while he was relieving himself, Sasuke attacked.  And since he was caught with his pants down, Bee…”

            “Would you shut up already?!”  Karui swatted him with the pommel of her katana.  While Omoi muttered about possibilities of brain damage, she sheathed her weapon.  “It’s obvious what happened: that Uchiha brat’s team ambushed Bee-sama, and they got away with it.  That blond kid at Konoha was covering up for that Uchiha.”  She paused in consideration before looking at Omoi.  “Do you think that they’re in league with each other?”

            Omoi cupped his chin in thought.  “Possibly.  He did take a beating just so that he wouldn’t reveal anything about Sasuke.  Maybe it was to cover up; maybe the blond asked Sasuke to kidnap Bee as a favor.  You know, like he wanted to be the only Jinchuriki.”

            Further away from her two subordinates, Samui scouted the actual battlefield, taking note of all the areas that now bore the scars of a fierce battle.  What power did Uchiha Sasuke obtain to defeat the mighty Killer Bee, and in full Tailed-Beast form?  Going after the rogue ninja would mean her team would have to exercise extreme caution.  He defeated their instructor, and Bee had more of an advantage than his apprentices.

            More ground could be covered if they separated, she knew, and they could call for reinforcements, but Samui was calculating.  Separating was unwise when searching for such a deadly adversary, but increasing their numbers was no use either since it made them obvious targets, targets that were easier to lead into a trap.  It would have to be the three of them.

            She looked over at her squabbling team.  They were eccentric a lot of the time, but they did their job well when things were dire.  If they cornered Sasuke, worked as a unit, it was likely that they could capture or kill him; they’d probably be forced to extreme measures if he pushed them far enough.

            It seemed they would get nothing more from just standing around the battle site, as Team Samui had been scouring it since morning for clues.  Samui called out to Omoi and Karui, “We’re heading out now!  Southeast; we’ll begin our search for the rogue-nin, Uchiha Sasuke, in the forest!”

            Karui, ever dutiful, obliged and made to follow after Samui, but Omoi lingered.  “What if Sasuke wants us to go this way, but really he’s the opposite direction?”  Before he could carry on, Karui snagged him by the back of his collar and towed him along.

            They searched the woods thoroughly, but with no results; Omoi came up with elaborated theories whenever they spotted any forms of wildlife, saying that they were probably already trapped in an illusion, or the lizards and birds might’ve been spies for Sasuke.  Any turned stone was another conspiracy to him.

            Though Karui had the strength to rebuke him, Samui hadn’t the time or the patience to deal with his theories.  Her sharp eyes did regard everything as closely as Omoi, but she knew what was to look for.  She knew when it was necessary to inspect blades of grass that appeared to have been trampled, even though her large breasts got in her way and were uncomfortably squashed beneath her.  Once, while she was bending over, Omoi noticed and made a remark that the woodland creatures might think that she was presenting herself to mate; Samui was satisfied by the harsh crack to the groin that Karui bestowed upon him.

            Then, at long last, Karui surprisingly made the first find: a simple twig, but upon closer inspection of the tip, there was squid ink – Killer Bee’s signature.  She had found it while searching for something to throw at Omoi’s head when he refused to shut up.  Killer Bee was rarely seen without his little notebook and crude pen.  For her and the other former subordinates of the weapons-master, it was an easy tool to identify, and it was not one that would fall easily from Bee’s possession.

            “Could it be a trap?” asked Omoi, kneeling at the area where the writing utensil was found.  He looked to Samui.  “It could be the Uchiha leading us on.  He was clever enough to take on Bee in his Biju form.  If he was injured, maybe he placed this here to lead us in the wrong direction while he makes a getaway.”

            It was difficult to pick out a motive, if this was a trap and not some haphazard sign leading them to Taka’s hideout.  And action had to be made quickly, lest the Kumo suffer an even more devastating loss than Yugito’s execution.  Trap or not, Samui had ultimately made the decision to keep the course and chase down this single lead.  Omoi expressed his worry for what awaited them, but nevertheless charged onward faithfully.

            Team Samui delved deep into the woods separating the lands of Fire and Thunder.  They knew their way well enough in this far-off land, but the deeper they trekked, they could sense the presence of anger and hatred like a shroud of fog; yes, Uchiha Sasuke had come this way.  With this certainty in mind, Samui ordered her team at a quicker pace.


            “We’ve been searching for two days straight now,” exhaled Omoi while staring at the small campfire they had made in a small clearing surrounded by high shrubbery.  Karui was cooking a fish, Samui was contemplating their progress, and Omoi was staring distantly in the dancing flames.  He looked over at Samui, paused, and then said, “You should eat more, Captain Samui.  With us starving and running all day, your breasts will begin to shrivel like raisins.”

            Samui did not respond.  Since she did not reprimand his audacity, Karui scowled at him.  “Don’t talk that way about our leader, Omoi.  Stop staring at her like that.”

            Omoi sucked on his lollipop.  His eyes drifted down to the cooking fish.  “You’re just jealous,” he concluded.  “That’s why you’re having a second fish, but it won’t help your breasts grow as large as Captain Samui’s.”  He threw himself backward on the ground to avoid the kunai pitched with deadly accuracy at his face.  He felt his heart beating in his chest from how close he came to being assassinated by his own teammate.  Sitting back up, he frantically asked what she would have done if he didn’t dodge.  Would she have given him a proper burial, or just toss him in a nearby lake for the fish to feed on?  Karui said she’d choose the latter.

            Samui tuned them out.  She could feel it in her gut that the enemy was aware of a team tracking him.  That was good, because if he was conscious of them, they were soon to encounter one another, and Sasuke would be brought down.  Revenge for Kumogakure and the Raikage would be extracted on the rouge Konoha ninja, no matter what his supposed-best friend said.

            The sun had set completely, but Samui was still wandering about camp.  Her narrow eyes shifted to her teammates; they were lax.  She would have preferred if they were on guard, but Omoi was too busy pondering unasked questions, and Karui was sure to put up whatever debate she could.  But even they stilled their talking for a while to just meditate.  There was only the crackle of the fire and the sudden hoot of an owl that had made perch near the outside of the firelight.  Omoi stared at the night-bird for a moment before muttering how creepy it looked with its eyes shimmering in the light; Karui agreed, but called him a wimp nonetheless.

            “I think we’ll need to make a stop at the nearest village,” Omoi muttered.  “We need to restock.”

            “Restock what?  We haven’t used any of our provisions this entire hunt,” Karui reminded him, though she had forgotten the kunai she had launched at his face earlier.

            Omoi pulled the shrunken lollipop from his mouth.  “I’m down to my last three.  What if I run out?  I could start getting cravings while we’re engaged with the Uchiha, and then that’ll throw off my timing.  What if that causes him to target me only?  I could lose my head.  Then what will all of my secret admirers do?  They might commit a mass suicide in all countries.”

            “Like that many girls admire you, if any!” Karui admonished him.  Omoi didn’t make any direct comment, but he did mutter under his breath that she was jealous that no guys were interested in her.  She ignored him for now, willing to punish him when he wouldn’t suspect it.

            Samui was about to give the go-ahead for the two to get some rest, as she would take the first watch, but something caught her eye from the tree branches above.  Clouds the color of blood decorating a cloak of cloth blacker than the night sky…

            Uchiha Sasuke had appeared, his front shadowed with the bright moonlight at his back.  His Sharingan was not activated, but his emotionless gaze was a bottomless well of contempt and malice.  This was Bee’s kidnapper, enemy of the Thunder Country and rouge to Konoha.

            “Karui, Omoi, get up!” Samui ordered immediately.  Her partners snapped into action, wheeling to the lone figure looming over them.  Even outnumbered, Sasuke did not waver in the slightest.  Samui narrowed her blue eyes on him, determined to bring him down and force him to tell her where he was keeping her former mentor.  “Target: Uchiha Sasuke… has been found.”

            “Ugh, I was hoping to at least get some sleep before encountering him,” grumbled Omoi.  “What if I get drowsy when it comes time to strike the finishing blow?  I don’t want him to get away on my account.”

            “Then don’t get drowsy,” Karui firmly told him.  “This is Bee’s abductor.  You want to give him a chance to go free?”

            Omoi became stern.  “No way.”

            Sasuke had yet to say a word.  He quietly waited in the moonlight.

            Without warning, he turned and leapt in the opposite direction as if to flee; he was gravely mistaken to underestimate the determination of Team Samui.  Under her order, the three gave swift pursuit.  It was not long before they had gained ground on their target and forced him to increase his efforts to escape.

            They could very well be running headfirst into a trap, Samui knew, but she could not let this opportunity to pass her by.  Perhaps at a certain point, she could stop and gauge the situation while still preventing Sasuke from eluding them.  He peered back at her to ensure that they were still at a safe distance.  What was expressed in those eyes that zeroed in on her?  It gave Samui the chills, but she wouldn’t stop now just because of a mild prick of fear.

            He was heading for a formation of large rocks where a single cavern was created.  An ambush could lie in wait; Samui warned her team to proceed with caution if this snake lured them into his dark burrow.  Sasuke’s pace increased to the point where he started to increase the distance.  There was something awaiting them; the wisest thing to do would be to retreat and hope that the catacombs Sasuke was heading so desperately to did not have a second mouth to escape from.

            He arrived at the destination moments before Team Samui caught up.  However, he did not enter.  He stood motionless for a moment, and then he turned about fearlessly.  He hadn’t made a single motion until the three pursuers were on the threshold of the forest, several meters from their adversary.  Samui inspected him.  He was even more handsome in person, but she wasn’t wooed like that; it wasn’t cool.  She spoke after a moment of silence, “You’re outnumbered, Uchiha Sasuke.  Surrender and give us the location of Killer Bee.  It wouldn’t be cool if we had to make a big scene.”

            Sasuke didn’t respond, his onyx eyes fixed solely on her.  A chilly wind ruffled his bangs and robe.  “You’re arrogant to think that you, alone, stand any sort of chance against an Uchiha.  Just by coming here…”  The first stage of his Sharingan activated, turning black to crimson.  “You’re defeat was sealed.”

            Samui’s expression did not falter, but she was left curious.  “Alone?  The three if us…”

            “Three?  Your own senses haven’t caught up with us.”

            Confused by this game that he was playing, Samui glanced to Karui… who was not there.  Looking to her other side, Samui discovered to her great horror that she was alone and facing the one who overwhelmed Killer Bee.  But she was sure that Karui and Omoi were right behind her!  When did this happen?  How?!  She recounted all the steps backwards.  They had chased Sasuke through the treetops after spotting him; before that, they had no contact with…

            Samui’s eyes widened in realization.  There was nothing else that they had encountered… but an owl that all three of them had looked at; Omoi even mentioned that its eyes were strange.  It was the lure for him to entrap them all in a genjutsu!  Before even encountering Sasuke, Omoi and Karui must’ve been taken out of commission.  And now, Samui was on her own.

            When she snapped back to reality, she only saw those crimson eyes with three black teardrops right in front of her.  Darkness swiftly took her afterward…  Her last thought was the whereabouts of her back-up.

            At camp, Karui and Omoi were under the deep sleep of hypnosis.


            The floor was moist and hard, cold and uncomfortable.  Samui stirred awake, pale-blue eyes sensitive to the flickering torchlight.  Due to the abruptness of her comatose, it took her a moment to realize where she was, making her panic as she jerked upright.  Her arms tried to stretch out, but they were securely bound behind her waist.  At once, she inhaled and exhaled and regained her cool.  There was a reason she hadn’t been relocated – as this was obviously the same cave she had confronted Sasuke at.  Her sleek gaze wandered around to check if she was alone; solitude would provide her the perfect opportunity to escape, for a simple rope was no match for a Kumo shinobi of her skill.

            Unfortunately, seated across from her in shadow, Uchiha Sasuke was watching her intently.  His Akatsuki cloak had been removed and set aside, leaving him in his opened top with short, wide sleeves.  The sword and its sheath that he normally wore at the back of his waist were set over the black, red-clouded cloak; Samui’s own short sword had also been relieved from her as a precaution.  Sasuke’s left hand fumbled with a round rock, thumbing its smooth surface.  Then he spoke, his quiet voice echoing in the deafening silence, “Your name.”

            Samui straightened her posture, keeping her sight intently on him.  “Samui of Kumogakure,” she answered coldly.  She went right to the point when she opened her mouth again, “What do you intend to do with me?  Why refrain from killing me offhand?”

            The rock was dropped from his hand.  Raging emotion flashed in his shadowed eyes for a moment.  “It would be too easy, too quick,” he replied.  His sandals scraped the earth floor when he rose.  Though he was an intimidating presence, Samui didn’t flinch even when he approached.  “Konoha will suffer the most for what they have done to my clan, to my family, but all nations will know the wrath of the Uchiha.”

            Samui’s straight mouth tilted downward.  “And kidnapping Bee was part of your plan as well?”

            Provocation… implying that he was simply a mechanism of the Akatsuki.  But Sasuke knew that the ends justified the means, and when he had completed his revenge, nothing would stop him from eradicating all traces of Akatsuki; only the Uchiha would be Itachi’s legacy, not this band of renegades.

            “He was merely a piece of the game.  I don’t care what happens to him, but in the end, all your fates will be the same.”

            Samui pulled against the line fastening her hands together, tight enough to prevent her from making any sort of hand symbol.  Her struggling was futile.  Sasuke wasn’t about to slip up and give her a chance to escape.

            He knelt to eyelevel with her.  His gaze wandered over her features, noticing everything about her while she simply stayed her sights into his eyes.  “What do you want with me?  Do you intend to use me as a hostage?”  She would ignore, for now, the fact that his eyes had wandered down to her cleavage and lingered there for more than a second.  “My village is loyal to every one of its residents, but I will not be used in such a way.  I choose death before…”

            “Those are not my plans,” Sasuke interrupted her, his leering eyes returning to hers.  “You sought me to seek revenge, yet you don’t understand vengeance in the slightest.”  His hand came up swiftly to press against the supple mound of Samui’s right breast.  The sudden molestation caught her off guard, and a gasp escaped her.  She corrected her reaction and sealed her mouth, though she could not help a pained wince when the grasp tightened.  “I will give you… the slightest sample of the hatred fueling the blaze in my heart,” he whispered as a threat.

            The pale skin of her cheeks tinted towards the color of pink.  “This is your plan for me?”

            Sasuke did not answer; no point.  His hand drifted away from the breast, trailing up past the mesh of her undershirt until his fingertips met her soft skin.  His touch tingled her like steady, harmless currents of electricity.  Again, she had to fortify herself against reacting to the intimate touches.

            He seemed so controlled, so placid, that it was shocking when he made an abrupt move, yanking down the sides of her top, causing a significant portion of threads of her mesh top to rip.  Her sleeves restricted her arm movement all the more, but she was more concerned with the unveiling of her beasts.  The heavy globes swayed from their abrupt emergence.  Her top bunched around her modified flak jacket – modified because the normal suits of the Kumo didn’t fit comfortably over her full bosom.  She grunted softly when both of Sasuke’s palms cupped either tit, lifting them just slightly to sample their weight.  The draft of the grotto made the sensitive flesh tighten with goose-bumps until her pink nipples puffed out.

            Sasuke bumped them with his thumbs before circling the tingling areola.  He was being surprisingly gentle for the moment, creating jolts of pleasure to rush up Samui’s spine.  It was hard not to moan while having her large breasts fondled so carefully.  When he pinched her right nipple, she bit back a noise.  Sasuke did not take his eyes away from her breasts, switching from one to the other while the method of massage altered between hands.  His left hand was becoming more assertive while the right maintained smooth caresses that were almost tender.

            He said nothing when he lifted her right breast, cradling it so that he could dip his mouth down to fasten his mouth around the nipple.  His tongue darted around the pink area, probing thoroughly.  When his teeth closed on the tender nub, Samui hissed and feared that he might’ve broken skin; he didn’t, but it did sting.  Increasing the suction of his lips, he tugged on the tip until it popped from his mouth and wobbled into place.

            Samui held her breath, expecting him to begin nursing on her other breast, but he just sat back and gazed coldly at her tits.  Once again, his thumbs began to roll over the taut peaks and tweak them intently.  It was becoming harder and harder to keep herself from reacting as he worked against her, but Samui would not give her enemy the satisfaction… not easily.  Kumo kunoichi, more than any other nation, were trained to resist.

            Her left tit was molded like putty in his hand.  He jostled it, squeezed it, and bounced it before letting the heavy globe drop.  His sleek eyes narrowed before he suddenly slapped the breast with enough force to make both mounds wobble and wreck her resolve with a sudden grunt.  Did it hurt, or did her body process pleasure from the smack?  Her head dropped, yellow hair draping around her face.  When she looked at the area where she was slapped, she could see the red imprint of his palm tainting her creamy skin.  It stung and made her shiver; another dosage of heat spread to her crotch, and she was sure that her panties were becoming saturated with arousal.  Her face turned a darker shade of pink, almost red, at the prospect that she was some kind of pervert.  Her past lovers were gentle, treating her like fine china; she never knew she could generate pleasure from abuse.

            She lifted her head.  Sasuke wasn’t touching her at all now, content to just stare at her.  Then, all too easily, he moved in close to her so that she could feel his electric aura, and his hand slipped underneath the hem of her skirt, bunching it up over her thighs as his fingers pressed firmly against her crotch.  Her eyes widened with a sharp gasp.  For just that one moment, all of her muscles tensed before immediately giving out.  She fell against him, and it was the first time he smirked; she felt it like ice on the nape of her neck, but the following chuckle felt like the blaze of hell.

            “Did you suddenly lose your nerve, Samui?” he breathed, saying her name mockingly while digging his fingers harder against her snatch, confirming that her arousal was growing.  He nipped at the sensitive area beneath her ear.

            She gritted her teeth to scowl at him, but she could not say anything.  Her heart was in her throat, pounding so hard that it wracked her entire body.  Her core throbbed as Sasuke’s fingers continued to wriggle against her.  She was losing control of herself, her hips starting to gyrate against the Uchiha’s hand.  Not cool at all.  The Sharingan…  His electric touches…  Countermeasures did not prepare her for them.

            “Dammit…!”  She moaned when her panties were shoved to one side and Sasuke’s fingers boldly invaded that private space.  He explored her slick folds, easing them aside so that his middle finger could probe the entrance of her depths.  When the digit sunk into her, tight walls clinging tightly around him, Samui’s hips began to quake as she fought against the involuntary urge to buck against him; it was becoming increasingly difficult when his thumb met and rubbed against her pearl.  The strength of her contracting muscles increased around his invading finger.

            With flushed cheeks and sweat glistening on her forehead, she sneered at her captor, clenching her teeth.  She fought against him to try and remove his persuasive fingers from her pussy.  She wanted to speak her distaste of this Uchiha, kidnapper and killer, but her voice turned against her.  Instinctive response was in control now and was shutting down any form of protest she could give to try to dissuade his advances.  In her head, she was screaming how she wanted to get out of there, but the rest of her was screaming for more.

            Sasuke moved away then, spacing themselves out before hooking his hands underneath her knees.  She grunted softly in discomfort when her butt was dragged over the stone floor.  “What are you doing?”  She felt the use of her voice was wasted on a stupid question; she felt that she should’ve taken advantage of its sudden cooperation by cursing Sasuke.

            Again, the impassive rogue just ignored her and kept to the course.  He readjusted himself, legs pulled underneath him so that he was almost curled in a ball.  For a moment, he glanced at her, smirking at her with his eyes rather than his straight mouth.  Then, his whole attention was trained to the uneven hem of her gray skirt; just the tiniest hint of her undergarment could be seen from this vantage point, but he was not hesitant to push up the skirt to eye his prize.  With a powerful, sure hand, he discarded the white panties.

            Samui huffed at his audacity, not revealing her embarrassment when he inspected her closely.  His middle and index fingers spread the engorged petals of her sex.  Then those damned Uchiha eyes regarded her before he could dive in, mouth first.  He observed from his previous intrusion of her snug vagina.  “You’re tight,” he told her.  “Have the men of Kumogakure been neglecting you, or have you been the one neglecting them?”  His grin was slight and snakelike.

            Smug, little bastard.  Samui retorted coolly, though hardly trying to mask her hatred, “Is that not what you’ve been doing to your friends of Konoha?”  Sasuke ceased all movement, his eyes suddenly intense and muscles tautening subtly.  A nerve had been struck.  “The blond boy and pink-haired girl…”  Samui sought a greater reaction, hopefully deter Sasuke from proceeding; instead, he immediately crammed both of his fingers into her hole, making her exclaim in the quiet of the cave.

            Sasuke lifted his face to be hardly a centimeter away from hers.  For that singular moment, Samui was gripped by fear.  “I have no ties whatsoever, no bonds to anyone but my family,” he cautioned her.  His fingers shoved deeper into her to make her yelp.  “Everyone else is nothing to me.”  He continued his onslaught of her nether regions by brutally rubbing her clit.  He watched the unwanted pleasure play across her face, and became satisfied that she was now silenced.

            Back to his objective, he dropped himself back down to her crotch, pulling his saturated fingers from her depths to be replaced by his mouth and tongue.  He was tender at first, like an actual lover, touching her inner thighs close to their heated apex.  The trimmed, blonde hair of her mound tickled his lips when he headed straight for her snatch.

            She felt his hot breath on her moist flesh, his lips dangling so close, ready to offer pleasure at the moment of his choosing.  A frustrated grunt left her; it was wicked enough to force himself on her, but even more so to have her expecting it, yet not delivering.  What was he waiting for?  Her head fell back with a relieved sigh when the handsome Uchiha pushed his lips against her pussy.  The tongue wriggled against her folds, seeking her entrance and finally succeeding.  The taste of her arousal flowed over the intruding muscle.  Sasuke made a soft sound as he compressed his mouth more firmly against her to reach further; this led the tip of his nose to nuzzle her clit for double stimulus.

            Samui’s chest heaved as the tongue-lashing continued.  When she glanced down, all she could see was the sleek, pushed-back points of Sasuke’s raven hair, shifting ever so slightly with every change of his mouth’s technique.  “Ah…”  The pleasure was overwhelming her.  Droplets of sweat trickled down, seeping in the deep valley of her cleavage.  Her nipples were so tight, begging for more attention.  She found herself to be glad that her hands were tied behind her; if they were free, she was afraid that she might start pulling on Sasuke’s shoulders and urging him to go on, or that she would grope her breasts and put on a show for him to enjoy.

            The stroking of his tongue increased when her pussy began to flutter more violently.  Oh no, I’m gonna cum, she shamefully realized while squeezing her eyes shut and trying to fight back at the tidal wave ready to overcome her.  Every muscle within her began to give off spasms, her breath hitching in her throat like hiccups.

            Sasuke moved a finger up to pet her labia.  Yes, he was breaking her with every swath of his tongue.  He removed it entirely so that he may run it up and down her quivering slit.  To hurry her to bliss, he paid rapt attention to her clitoris, flicking it with his tongue or sucking it in between his teeth, working her until she lost all restraint and started bucking her hips against his face.

            Yes, Orochimaru’s demented training involved such methods.  Sasuke had learned and practiced them on fellow Otogakure kunoichi and captured prisoners alike as test subjects.  He’d learned how useful his lightning nature was when employed to certain interrogation techniques.

            So close…  So close!  Samui could almost cry.  It was to be her first release of sexual tension in so long.  Her hands balled into tight fists, her palms stinging as her fingernails dug into her flesh.  A real orgasm, given to her by the one she was hunting!  The shame!  What was it about this tragic scenario that seemed to raise her to such a peak?

            Yet, when the dam was just about break and her climax achieved, Sasuke stopped altogether, and she couldn’t feel so much as his breath touching her pussy.  Coldly, while she panted and suffered the unsatisfying decline from completion, Sasuke sat back and wiped his wet mouth over his arm-guard.  He observed her, leering as her hips jerked yearningly for any sort of stimulation.  She could act cool all she wanted, but when she was brought to the brink, she cracked like all others, and her feelings could be read like a book.

            “Did you want more?” he asked her, resuming his emotionless face.

            Samui did not even bother to hide her hatred for him when she cussed at him, calling him a despicable bastard.  She made a valiant struggle, but her muscles had yet to regain their potency; she fought with the tenacity of a dying fish out of water.  Her foot kicked out against his thigh, but it was a glancing blow that he easily ignored.  Perhaps if she was a bit more on the mark, he would’ve been reeling and maybe even lost interest in violating her.  However, that was not the case, and the sworn enemy of Konoha rose to full stature, an ominous figure shrouded in shadow with the flickering torchlight behind him.

            There was a bulge at the front of his loose trousers.  He was not immune to his own provocations.  The large bow that wrapped around his waist was undone, tossed over near where Samui’s wet panties lay in ruin.  The waistline of his trousers went slack, but they did not drop altogether.  Only when he deliberately tugged them down did Samui hold her breath while being exposed to his manhood.  He was long and wide, unexpected from someone so sleek.  Samui’s mouth went partially opened.  The tip had been cut – maybe the Uchiha clan’s tradition at birth – and down the six-inch shaft, it jutted from pubic hair that had been trimmed short.  He twitched, pre-cum emerging with an intent gleam from the torchlight.

            “Intimidated?” he asked.

            She scowled.  He was hardly the biggest she’d seen, but the circumstances did leave him in a seat of domination.

            The silence brought a chortle from Sasuke’s grinning mouth.  Like lightning, he came down on her, her tits mashing against his chest.  There was his breath again, on her lips, tasting like ash.  “If that were true,” he murmured before slipping to her ear, “you would not be so tense.”  His fingers found her entrance again, this time keeping their involvement brief, merely testing her.  He felt her breathe heavily against his shoulder; she did well at holding in the sounds of pleasure, but her body practically screamed for more.  She was so drenched.  Her pussy would probably suck him into her when he began.

            Samui couldn’t stop the shiver that ran through her when Sasuke situated himself between her thighs.  Instinctively, mindlessly, she widened the space; she would need to spread herself as much as she could to take him into her.  Her eyes stayed transfixed on her crotch when Sasuke hiked up her skirt to bunch around her abdomen with the rest of her uniform.  That long appendage of his slowly approached her awaiting snatch, so very slow.  She wanted to tell him to get a move on it, but did not want to seem willing.  Secretly-anticipating silence; that was how she would endure.

            “Uhn…”  She held her breath when the swollen cockhead finally met her nether lips.  He brushed it up and down, slickening the tip with her juices while his pre-cum smeared the entrance.  Then, lining himself up, he moved inward, spreading her like she’d not been in a while.  She gasped, eyes widening as the impressive cock inched into her at an agonizingly slow pace.  How could he keep so collected, even now?

            It was difficult for him to maintain his cool; Karin was just as tight when he first coupled with her, and it was hard to endure.  He exhaled smoothly, retracting his hips a few inches before curling them back up to embed the final inches into Samui’s snug warmth.  One of his hands clasped onto the side of her waist while the other planted on the floor to support his weight.  He jerked his hips a few times to help her accommodate his girth, and then he went motionless.

            “You’re tight,” he suddenly said to her, looking into her eyes though she would not be distracted from the bodily union she was sharing with Kumo’s archenemy.  “Would you prefer if I removed myself from you?”  He drew out halfway, and when it seemed like he would vacate her entirely, she inadvertently made a sound of protest.  This did not stop him from pulling out until only the head remained.  Then he rammed back in her, the jarring force taking her by surprise and causing her breasts to bounce.  She sounded like she was crying.  Sasuke repeated the move, deeming that her body had fitted around him nicely like a sleeve.  He made several grunts as he pounded into his captive, her body wracking with pleasure and her hands yearning to grab onto something for support.  The lopsided smirk returned, more wickedly than before.  “Or do you want me to continue fucking you like this?”

            Samui couldn’t find the voice to answer, but her subtle sounds and sobs of pleasure were an acceptable reply.  Her hips were pulled against his, each thrust making a sloppy, wet sound.  When he would withdraw, her pussy ached for his immediate return, flexing about him like a vice when he fully reseated his length.  She could not hold back the sounds of her pleasure any longer; there was no point.  Enemy or not, she wanted him to fuck her into oblivion.

            Sasuke kept the pace hard and strong, though he did not limit himself to one style of thrusting.  He gyrated his pelvis against her, changed the timing of his movements, and included his hand to thumb her aching clit.  However, he took that hand from her pussy to support her left breast, holding it in place so that his mouth could slip around the taut nipple.  When he began to suck on it, nipping and licking, Samui cried out.

            Even during intercourse, he proved himself a genius.  In a matter of moments, the orgasm that was thought to have been lost came raging back to the busty blonde with a ten-fold vengeance.  Her head fell back, mouth wide and eyes unseeing.  Her pussy gripped frantically at Sasuke’s plowing cock, slowing his pace insignificantly.  She wished he would give her some time to adjust, otherwise she felt that she would be stuck on this high for far too long and would never want to come back down again.  Her flowing nectar seeped out from around his shaft, oozing down to the crevice of her ass and the tight ring of muscle.

            “No!  Slow down!” Samui gasped out, wishing that she had the use of her arms, if only to push against Sasuke’s waist to temper his motions.  However, her request only spurred the Uchiha on.  With a sound like a growl, his hands cupped either of her ass cheeks, and before she knew it, she was hoisted off the ground and had her back against the wall, her knees hooked over his arms with her feet flopping with every one of his vicious thrusts.  Now that he was standing up and had gravity on his side, it helped him reach deeper into her pussy.  The new feeling brought her orgasm to its peak again.  Her essence oozed down Sasuke’s thrusting cock to make a mess of his scrotum and lap.

            Sasuke was pleased; the only way her resolve could’ve broken more is if she shattered into pieces with his next thrust.  His hip movements became a little dull when he craned his head slightly and moved his left hand closer to his lips.  He inserted the middle fingertip, sucking a little on it and slathering it with a heavy coat of saliva.  Then, after slipping it from his mouth, the hand slipped underneath Samui and traveled along the crack of her spread ass until…

            “Ah!  What are you doing?!”  She looked wide-eyed at him, wincing when his middle finger pushed through and crawled carefully past her anus.  The experience was new to her, because while she had tried anal once or twice, she hadn’t felt something as nimble as a finger massaging the sensitive walls of her rectum.  She ground her teeth together.  He may have been exploring her without permission, but Sasuke was not neglecting taking care of her satisfaction.

            He paced himself, not willing to lose his seed just yet.  His invading finger continued to rub the insides of her ass to bestow her with more unusual pleasure.  But when the feeling became too much and her body entered the stage of her second orgasm, the Uchiha could not fight against the urge.  The undulating walls around him, the way her pussy yearned for him, the feeling of her soft breasts against his chest; he felt weak the instant his hot cum shot up his cock.  He made sure to bury himself all the way into Samui so that his semen would flow directly into her womb.  If she would turn out to be with child, it was just as well.  His clan was brought to the brink of extinction through hatred and fear; he saw it fitting that it should be reborn through the Uchiha’s vengeance.  He grunted and pumped his hips against her to aid the pulsations of his seed.

            Samui whimpered from the feeling of having hot fluid sprayed into her uterus.  No other man had been so careless – though Sasuke was being intentional – and usually pulled out to finish on her legs or tits.  This sensation was unlike any other, coating the walls of her insides and burning them with the heat of life.  A mini-orgasm was drawn from her with this very new experience.

            The last of Sasuke’s load had been spent, and he withdrew from her; his middle finger slipped out of her rectum as well.  The two dropped back down to the floor under the careful guidance of the Uchiha.  Both did not move or say a word, trying to collect themselves from their shared release.  Not surprisingly, though, Sasuke recovered first.  His hand came up to latch on her sweaty tit, squeezing his fingers into the supple flesh until she whined.

            “I’m not done with you,” he warned her in a harsh whisper before forcing his mouth over her nipple.  His hands pawed at her curves, squeezing her thighs and plump ass as best as he could.  She moaned and squirmed a little, but his ministrations did not last long; he stood up and presented his cock to her.  Did he wilt at all?  He was still at full-mast and covered in the mingling of their juices.  With a hand maneuvering it, he angled the prick at her face and gave her a single command: “Suck.”

            Samui recoiled in offense.  “No,” she objected in a quiet breath when the erection thrust towards her face.  She turned away and cringed when the blunt head bumped against her cheek.  Juices were smeared over her flushed skin.  He snatched her by the hair and forced her to face his cock.  She pursed her lips when he rubbed against her mouth.

            “Open your mouth now,” he said in a sterner tone.  The fist in her hair tightened until it threatened to rip the strands out by the roots.  He repeated himself, saying that it would be the last time.  Reluctantly, her lips parted, and he surged forward.  She tasted herself on him, so pungent on her tongue.  When he neared the back of her throat, she moaned.  She considered biting down as hard as she could, but it was too dangerous, not for herself, but for her comrades.  What was to stop Sasuke from leaving this cave now and murdering Karui and Omoi?

            Sasuke’s expression remained unchanged; only the merest grunt was given every now and then.  Once, he dove deep into her mouth, pushing into her throat until she gagged and forcibly tried to eject him.  His thrusts became harder, but he refrained from shoving in too deep.  Samui whimpered and closed her eyes as he pounded her face.  Then he extracted herself; immediately, she panted heavily, doubling over to try to steady her bated breath.

            The dick smacked the side of her face.  Little she could do.  He slapped her again with his cock before shoving her back against the cave wall.  He kept her pinned there while bending his knees, working his erection to her tits.  First, he rubbed the tip over those E-cups, prodding the taut nipples before slipping around and nestling in her cleavage.  After settling himself appropriately, he grabbed the outsides of her breasts and pressed them together to hide his penis; only the head protruded from her squashed bosom.  With a grunt, he began to move his hips in a steady rhythm.  The slickness of her saliva helped him glide easier through the crevice.  His thrusts were somewhat sloppy from this haphazard position, but when he got the hang of it, his pumping became much more confident and vigorous.

            Samui gave small gasps and other sounds.  The friction of his hot, throbbing dick rubbing through her breasts elated her.  She tilted her head downward so that she may watch the swollen head appear and disappear in her overwhelming assets.  She briefly considered trying to crane her neck enough to lick it, but decided against it; she could hold onto some honor and resist the boy.  But another thought also crossed her mind, making her breath that much more uneven; was he going to cum on her face?  She’d never experienced such a thing before.  Her mouth went wet and dry at the same time as she awaited the answer to her unspoken question.

            The answer came soon with unexpected results; Sasuke did not finish himself with her breasts and callously threw her onto her right side.  A slight bump on the head was the worst that she had received from the fall, but it left her confused to his new motives.  Was he going to fuck her again?  She shuddered in anticipation at the thought.  With her still on her side, helplessly bound and long legs sprawled out, Sasuke straddled her right thigh while bringing the other over his shoulder.  Oh yes…  He was going to fuck her.

            Without a word or warning, without prepping her – as if she needed it – or easing himself in, he lurched forward and buried himself to the hilt in one, strong thrust.  Her shriek of rapture echoed through the cavern; any passersby would take notice and would inspect out of concern, but the sound was wasted on woodland critters that scattered worriedly for fear.

            On her side, wrists tied behind her and leg hefted high for better exposure, Samui was rocked back and forth in time with Sasuke’s fearsome thrusts.  The load that he had deposited earlier into her was churned and made the passage that much slicker.  Her pussy was becoming sore from the brutal treatment, yet she found herself reaching the brink.  She gave a warning of her climax with a pleading cry.

            Sasuke clapped a hand on her ass and squeezed to the point where he left bruises with his fingertips.  “That’s right.  Scream for me,” he hoarsely said.  He made his thrusts more vicious when she tightened around him, ready to achieve another body-quaking orgasm.  In that final instant, he withdrew completely from her and left her wanting.

            Samui sobbed, picking her head up to stare down at him.  Was he leaving her?  Another cruelty?  “What…?”  She hadn’t the time to form the next syllable when Sasuke abruptly rolled her onto her front, elevating her posterior while the side of her face pressed against the cold floor.  Her hands rotated frantically, but uselessly.  She attempted to look back at Sasuke, but he kept her firmly in place.

            “Stay like that,” he warned, leaning over her to press down on her back.  “Like a prompt bitch.”

            She was at his mercy, and he was probing her anus again!  The odd tickle was too foreign to be welcomed; she tried to pull away, but was held fast in place and was punished with a spank that immediately turned her fair skin to a deep, throbbing red.  She hissed in pain.  Did he use chakra in that slap?  It felt like a paddle of pure lightning had whipped across her ass!  “Never try to fight back,” he said to her.  Another punishing blow was dealt, making her eyes water from the harsh stinging.  He threatened between the swats delivered to her buttocks.  The supple flesh rippled slightly with each blow, turning redder and redder after each time.

            When her ass was numbed with pain and beaten red, Sasuke ceased the reprimand and reclaimed hold of her waist.  It wasn’t too difficult for him to manage without the guidance of his hand, taking only three off-target stabs before the cockhead met the tight rim.  He had given her little preparation earlier, but a finger was hardly enough to get her ready to invite his whole girth.  It felt like being ripped open when his girthy erection broke through the reflexively tightening hole.  He was slow, but only because the tension of her body did not allow easy passage.  Her mouth went wide to unleash a drawn-out groan of anguish.  She hissed and cursed softly.  The other times she had taken a lover in anally were brief, and the men had not been so well-endowed – one of the reasons why she even considered it to settle her curiosity.

            “It’s too big!” she cried at him, her calm demeanor giving way to this unbearable pain.  “You’re going to tear me!”

            She was wrong, Sasuke thought with a grin when he eased the last portion of his six-inch cock into the target.  Her rectal muscles held him tight.  It would take some time before he would be able to move freely in and out of her.  For her benefit, he kept the first thrusts slow and subtle, allowing her body to adjust around his bucking length.  When he felt that it was time, he started to draw out more and more, speeding his tempo eagerly.  In little time at all, much to poor Samui’s discomfort, he was fucking her with the assurance he had when he was in her vagina.

            Whenever his hips pounded against her backside, Samui winced and made a groan of pain.  The sting from the spanking had yet to be relieved, and his hips slapping against their tenderness did nothing but exasperate the feeling.  She felt like her insides were going to be rearranged as his tool rammed harder and harder into her, his sac slapping messily against her dripping cunt.

            Whether for her pleasure or for his own sadistic delight, Sasuke reached to the front of her pelvis and began to toy with the nub of ultrasensitive nerves.  The conflicting, powerful sensations of pain and pleasure mixed and jolted up her spine.  It was incredible, indescribable!  Before she knew it, she was creaming over Sasuke’s hand and convulsing in the throes of pleasure.  Let him continue calling her a bitch; for right now, she was his.

            Sexual depravity had taken over, and she willingly moved back against him, urging him to shove deeper; he complied.  After a while, he took his other hand from her waist and grabbed the thong binding her hands.  He pulled roughly, reining her up like a horse so that she was lifted by her knees so that her buttocks could also squeeze around his thrusting member.  It made her much tighter; every time he pulled back, she practically sucked him back in.

            He was nearing his end now.  Bringing the hand from her crotch to squeeze her breast, he exhaled heavily.  He could have tried to slow his pace and hope that his orgasm would recede, but he knew it would not.  Reluctantly, he plucked out of her rectum with some effort, leaving the hole gaping, gradually closing.  Gripping her by the hair of her head, he turned her to face him when he stood up, his left hand pumping his throbbing erection.

            Samui gasped weakly, eyes closing daintily when her face was sprayed with cum.  Patches of heat strung about her face, puddles of white streaming across her flushed cheeks.  When he aimed more appropriately, two globs sprung into her slightly agape mouth, staining her lips with the pungent flavor; sensually, she lapped it up and swallowed.  And as the last of his essence dribbled out onto her chin, he smirked.  She truly did look and act just like a whore in these final moments.

            “Look at me,” he muttered.  Obediently, Samui’s blue eyes peeked opened, careful not to let any Uchiha semen ooze into her sight.  Though shadow veiled his face, his eyes were aglow with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.  The sight of them was mesmerizing, and Samui could not look away.  Sasuke gave his last command for the night.  “Wake up…”

            “Captain, wake up!”

            Samui stirred drowsily.  Who was talking?  Was that Karui?

            “Maybe she was suffocating underneath her enormous breasts.”  That was definitely an ‘Omoi observation’.  “I should give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to be sure.”  He groaned loudly after a THUMP!  Karui must’ve hit him.

            Samui’s eyes hurt when they opened to the morning sunlight sneaking through the canopy of branches.  She was on her back, arms splayed out and legs closed in the usual, dignified manner.  Gaining her senses while hearing Karui breathe a sigh of relief, she pushed herself up into a sitting position, groggily looking around at her surroundings.  To her shock, she was not where she thought she would be; she was at the campsite, back with her team.  “What?  What happened?” she stammered out, putting a hand to her head to try to collect her thoughts.

            “Nothing,” Karui answered.  “You just fell asleep here, and you’ve been sleeping for a while now.  We thought you might’ve passed out.”  Omoi offered a brief explanation, reminding his captain that he told her to eat more or she would feel the effects later.

            It didn’t make sense to Samui.  She remembered very little about where she had thought that she was, but it wasn’t back at the campsite.  What happened to Uchiha Sasuke?  “Have I been here all night?” she asked the others.

            “As far as we know,” Karui said with a shrug.  She stood up straight, rubbing her shoulder.  “I think we should continue the search.  Who knows how far that Uchiha bastard has gotten by now?”  With Omoi following her, she wandered about the clearing.

            A dream?  Samui had to consider that as a possibility.  She had been working strenuously for several days straight with very little rest and nourishment, and Sasuke had been on her brain ever since learning that he had abducted Bee.  Well, it did not matter.  The mission had not changed.

            She moved to stand up, but then paused.  Last night was surely a wicked dream, but the draft underneath her skirt begged to differ…


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