A Blossom Blooms in Kumo

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Sakura and the Thunderclap


            The war was done, yet there still seemed to be rogues lurking in the shadows, plotting with misbegotten hope that they’d achieve some sort of revenge.  This Zetsu found out quickly and painfully and fatally that even in peace, Ay was not to be trifled with.  An electrically-charged straight chopped the pseudo-human in half, but not before a thorn sprung out and jabbed the Raikage’s shoulder.  Muscle density did not make him invulnerable; he bled from the injury, but while others might not take notice, Darui spotted the tinge of green slime within the red stream.

            “Some kind of poison,” he guessed, though that went without saying.  The problem was that there were none within Kumogakure with skills to identify and cure unknown poisons.  Mabui was lost to them those two years ago, and none had lived up to the potential they had lost with her.

            Ay scowled at the seemingly-harmless wound.  What a bother the Uchiha’s drones were…  Even dead this long, Madara still was causing trouble.  And with Kumogakure still slacking when it came to medicinal teaching, there was no choice.

            A Kage needed expert treatment, and there was no finer expert in remedies than a village of leaves, herbs, and bleeding hearts.

            “Send a bird to Konoha,” he commanded, his robe flourishing with the swiftness of his turn.

~~~Two Days Later~~~

            Four minutes, forty-eight seconds!  A new high record, steadily climbing to a full night!  Sakura could pat herself on the back, for she was making childhood dreams come true!

            Well…. Kind of, at least.  True, Sasuke was finally giving her the time of day, taking her to dinner, talking – a little – for a couple of minutes, and then leaving her with enough cash to pay for their two meals and just enough hope that there would be one date that could be called a date.

            That was her true dream, but details had started to factor in, and she never imagined Naruto, blockhead of blockheads!, being such an important role in her later life.  When things seemed to actually exist with Sasuke-kun, Naruto had barged in an took a very firm seat.  She’d complain every now and then – more ‘now’ than ‘then’ – but just as Sasuke left her with small hope, she did the same for Naruto.

            “Be quick,” she grumbled at him, her green eyes scrutinizing the state of Naruto’s room.  She brushed a hand through her hair as if she was primping in the mirror.  Behind her, her eager host stumbled in haste.  She turned her head, pink tresses whipping and eyes narrowing beneath her sealed strength.  “I have a date with Sasuke-kun in only three hours, and I have to get ready.”

            Naruto pouted, grumbling that he wanted to take her out tonight; a proposal that she would not entertain as a possibility.  After all, where would he take her?  “To Ichiraku again?” she snapped at him, which immediately made him close his mouth in resignation.

            But his spirit was anything but sapped!  The moment she rolled down her spandex and panties, he went in a frenzy, bending her forward over his bend, his cock already jutting from his opened zipper.  Despite her displeasure with him, when he lined up with the pink slit amongst pinker curls, he sunk in with ease.  And as always, the first dip made his eyes turn upward and cross with a look of drooling bliss on his face.  “Sakura-chan’s insides are so warm,” he droned, and Sakura immediately told him to shut up.  She determinedly faced forward, trying not to seem overcome while her Inner – duplicating Sakura’s posture next to her on the bed – cheered him on, telling him to use his fat cock to teach her slutty pussy a lesson before her date with Sasuke-kun!

            All right under Sasuke-kun’s nose…

            Sakura didn’t consider the situation ‘slutty’, though her deep subconscious might revel in that.  She rationalized it that Sasuke staked no claim to her – physically – but Naruto had.  After Pain’s assault, she felt the weight of mortality bearing down on her, and it shoved her into Naruto’s bed.  In the morning, she had felt that she might have been hasty, but the intimacy, the sensations…  She tried not to succumb, and Naruto – while intending to be sweet – was no natural charmer, but needless to say, this was not the second, third or even fourth time she wound up alone in his apartment.

            Her breath hissed through her clenched teeth, her cheeks flushed and her body perspired as Naruto enthusiastically took her, secretly claiming her before Sasuke had a chance.  Neither of them had taken their clothes off, satisfied to expose to important parts and fit them together like that.

            “Don’t get it on my clothes,” wheezed Sakura after Naruto made a particularly deep thrust; she’d started to read the telltale signs of his release a while ago.  His response was to egg her on, saying how he’d like to try it inside her for once.  Before she could reprimand the very notion, he played her clit, restricting her lecture to a determined shake of the head with a “No!  No!”  She came from the wrongness that would seep into her with Naruto’s sticky payload if she ever allowed him to.  Whenever she reached climax, Naruto always stalled, trying to maintain his own pace and not finish early; he always tried to draw these meetings out as long as possible – as if the added stamina of the Kyubi wasn’t enough to overwhelm her.

            But it was a poor time for him to prolong it.  The curtains of his window were wide open, and Sakura was staring out at Konoha’s rooftops and a clear sky as she was fucked from behind.  Normally, in these times of rapture, such moments would bring her – or rather, her Inner – to fantasize about more daring encounters.

            Imagine Naruto with Sasuke-kun, drooled the Inner, who then imagined all sorts of circumstances that would change her debauchery forever.  Multiple partners, public displays, larger penises…  She had thought of it before, particularly when Ino had joked with her about Choji’s body-expanding techniques.  Did size really account for so much?  Naruto was more or less ordinary, yet he filled her out nicely.

            She came again, just when the clear late-afternoon sky was blotted with the approach of a hawk.  It seemed like just a bypassing bird; sex would make such trivial things seem even more trivial.  But then it cried out and began to circle over Naruto’s home.  It screeched again.

            Sakura, her cheek resting on the mattress while Naruto still rode her, stared up with one eye whenever the bird passed through the window. Her mind cleared somewhat, and she recognized the hawk: Sebun.

            Kakashi-sensei was summoning Team 7.

            She righted herself at once like a preppy puppy and looked back at her partner.  “Kakashi-sensei is calling for us!”

            Her urgent, dutiful look panicked Naruto.  He frantically took hold of her hips and began to jackrabbit, pumping harder and harder inside her.  “Bu-but, Sakura-chan…!”

            “Just hurry and finish!” she gasped back at him, already pushing back to hasten his orgasm.  Whatever could be said ill about her sexual morality, it could not be said that she was a selfish lover.

            “I want to do it on Sakura-chan’s face, tebayo,” he wheezed to her, and she rejected him.

            He begged again, she refused, and the roundness of her butt received the sticky eruption.  He celebrated the end of his three-week celibacy with an eruption of white streamers splattering across her rump.  By the time he’d finished, Sakura saw the result of his stockpiled labor.  As he stumbled off to grab her a towel – from his dirty laundry pile, no doubt – she lamented the likely tragedy of explaining to Sasuke the reasons for a blond-haired, whisker-faced, mischievous child… when they’d never had sex.


            “Apparently, the Raikage was attacked,” Kakashi said as his two former students stood before his desk.  He held up the scroll that the Kumo bird had brought, looked it over, and then observed Sakura and Naruto.  Sakura stood with attentive poise; Naruto, on the other hand, stood on legs of jelly, an enraptured look of heavenly bliss on his face, and some spittle running from the corner of his mouth.

            Kakashi pointed with a lazy finger at him and asked if he was alright.  Sakura, knowing the reasons for Naruto’s dumbfounded joy, laughed nervously and grabbed Naruto’s shoulder with a hand.  “It’s nothing,” she jabbered.  “He just heard that Ichiraku is going to have an ‘All You Can Eat’ deal soon!”


            “Heh-heh!  Yes!”


            A tap from Sakura’s elbow could be like taking a charging rhino to the gut.  Naruto awoke from his stupor to double over, hacking and grabbing his abdomen.  “He just needs some time to get over it,” Sakura continued to laugh weakly, secretively holding Naruto aloft from the scruff of his outfit.  Her smile quickly shifted to a more-appropriate, shinobi expression.  “The Raikage was poisoned?”

            “Apparently,” Kakashi said, easily able to disregard Naruto’s odd behavior, though maybe he was more used to Naruto being loud and energetic instead of imitating a gurgling crab, foaming at the mouth with dead eyes.  “It was a rogue Zetsu.  Hmm.  So there are still some out there.”

            “Kabuto said that he and Obito cultivated beyond count,” Sakura said, though it was no new information to the Sixth.  “He predicted that more than a few would be unaccounted for.”

            Kakashi quietly deliberated the matter.  “It seems that we should do something about it then.”  He looked at Naruto, and decided he’d wait until after he got over his daze to relay the plan of an S-rank mission to the fiery lad.  Being that Naruto was the only one in all the lands to decipher Zetsu from people and plants, he would have to assemble a unit of trackers to hunt down these troublesome assassins.

            “But for you, Sakura.”  His unenthused gaze focused on his brightest student.  “Your mission starts immediately.”

            Sakura blinked.

            “Head to the Cloud Village and treat the Raikage’s poison.  There is no one in the whole Thunder Country with the poison acumen that you possess.  You’ll travel on your own to the border of the Fire Country.  The Raikage has sent an escort to meet you there and bring you the rest of the way.”

            “Immediately?” Sakura stammered in disbelief.  She lost interest in feigning Naruto’s ability to stand and let him drop in a heap.  “But…!  But tonight, Sasuke-kun and I…!”  If there was anyone who understood how monumental this was, it was Kakashi!  “We have a date tonight!”

            Kakashi’s eyes widened, though only slightly; he still held a look of uninterested boredom.  “Really?”  He flipped through his papers – recent documents – until he found what he was looking for.  Confirmation of Sasuke’s whereabouts…  “He left for Kumogakure last night.”  He looked over the form at Sakura and watched her shock turn to deadpan gloom and depression.  “Uh, are you alright?”

            Sakura, amongst a dark-blue cloud of despair, wobbled in place.  “He left last night… after setting a date?”  She crumpled to the floor in a fetal position next to Naruto.

~~~A day later~~~

            Sebun arrived, and Darui took the message from his leg.  He read Kakashi’s words quickly, and then relayed it to Ay.  “They’re sending Tsunade-sama’s ward.”  He looked at the scroll, reading aloud the name Haruno Sakura.

            “Hmph!  A child?  Kakashi thinks lowly of us to not send Tsunade herself!”  For someone burning up with fever, he remained in strong spirits, hefting a dumbbell even while bedridden.  While Darui mentioned that Kakashi apologized for not providing Tsunade – she had disappeared for a while, dodging debt collectors now that she had the chance to – and spoke on Sakura's behalf for her contribution to the great war,

Ay was unimpressed.  “I guess we’ll have to see what this Haruno Sakura is made of!”  With a great roar, he heaved the weights up and tossed them across the room.


copier: so obviously this is a remake of 'Sakura and the Thunderclap', but now that I have something 'better' to work with, it'll flow better than what I consider the colossal mess that 'Thunderclap' was

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