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Authors Note – Read this before reading the story:


What you will notice pretty fast while reading this, is that there is a big age gap between characters in pretty much every relationship. Due to that, I have decided to never mention the age of anyone in the story. This way the reader can decide themselves how old everyone is. The graduation age could be changed to 18 or 20 if you prefer everyone to be grown up. Or you can have them be the same age as in the anime during the same timeline. Sometimes I may post a link to an image of an outfit that a character is wearing. This is due to me being horrible at describing female clothing. Lastly, this is fiction and not to be treated or confused with reality.



Chapter 1



Here is a "map" I made of my Konoha giving you guys a better idea of where everyone lives and where they are in the story. https://imgur.com/trI5Qfu


This story is set in an alternative universe of the Naruto world. Naruto grew up with both of his parents being alive in this world. Kushina is a retired jounin while Minato is the Hokage. Tsunade lives in Konoha and works as the head doctor of the hospita. Jiraiya is around a lot more often than in canon. The Uchiha massacre did happen but Sasuke were not the only survivor, his mom and perhaps a few female original characters survived as well. The story starts with Naruto and the rest of his class in the academy having one month left until they will take on the genin exams.






It's a warm and sunny day in Konoha like it usually is in this village located in the Fire country. It's early May and the graduation exams for the oldest students at the academy will be held in a month. Jiraiya is currently in the Hokage's office, visiting his old student, Namikaze Minato, the current hokage. Jiraiya has just returned to the village after spending a few months on the road, taking care of his spy network.


“I believe Orochimaru is on the move, it's likely he may target Konoha in the near future” Jiraiya said as he stood in front of Minato's desk, facing the Hokage who sat in his office chair on the other side of the desk.


“Just as we suspected” Minato said with a thoughtful expression “Great job as always sensei, we will prepare for him”


“I do what I can” Jiraiya said with a chuckle “Should I head out again and track his movements?”


Minato shook his head “No, I will send a team of ANBU to track him. I want you to remain in the village until after the chuunin exams in four months”


Jiraiya sighed when he heard that which had Minato chuckle “I'm sure you can find some woman in the village that would be willing to have sex with you in exchange for money, even if we don't have any brothels”


Jiraiya frowned “The ones that would accept money for sex here are all fat, ugly or old hags. That's why I like to travel, there are countless of brothels and prostitutes in other countries”


Minato shook his head at Jiraiya's antics “Why not get yourself a girlfriend then? It's never too late.”


Jiraiya frowned at that motion “I can't promise myself to a single woman, it would have the other women across countries far and wide, weep in sorrow”


Minato sweat dropped in response while Jiraiya asked “What am I to do in the village, if you are so set on keeping me here?”


“You will just be extra insurance in case Orochimaru does attack. But as of today, I do have something in mind for you” Minato explained which had Jiraiya raise an eyebrow “Oh?”


“I want you to visit the graduating class in the academy and introduce yourself to the young students and tell them about what it means to be a ninja. Tell them your story, how you became such a legendary ninja. I think a speech from you may encourage some of the weaker students”


“A speech for a bunch of half wit brats!?” Jiraiya exclaimed loudly as his whole body shook “Damnit, okay. I will do it, but you're treating me to saké later!”


“Deal” Minato said with a smirk as Jiraiya jumped out of one of the open windows “Smell you later, Hokage-sama!” he said the Hokage-sama part in a sarcastic way.


Jiraiya arrived at the ninja academy, soon after that. The class was about to go home for the day when he arrived, so Jiraiya's speech would be the last thing that happened in today's school day for them. When Jiraiya got there, he greeted Naruto in a way that confused the others.


“Hi there, half bat!” that nickname was a reference to Naruto's dick size, which Jiraiya usually says is the size of half a baseball bat, while his own is the size of a whole base ball bat. Jiraiya is well aware of Naruto's unusually large penis and loves to tease him about it and tell him how much the women will love him for it. Jiraiya was pretty sure that he had the largest dick in the village with Naruto's being the second largest as the difference between their size isn't nowhere near half a bat but more like a few centimeters.

However, in a few years, Naruto will without a doubt outgrow him, he was sure about that and he didn't mind at all. After all, Naruto and his monster sized dick doing work on all the horny ladies, and there is a lot of those horny ladies around who all seem to have thing for Naruto, would give him so much reference material for his smutty novels.


Naruto flipped Jiraiya off as Jiraiya began his speech. After he was done, everyone except Naruto was in awe. They all respected Jiraiya even more than before after hearing his story. Now, Jiraiya thought that he was done here and could make his way home and start drinking early. Unfortunately for him, three “brats” had decided to not let him leave the academy grounds as they chased after him.


“Jiraiya-sama! Please train with us” One Haruno Sakura yelled with a bright smile as she chased after Jiraiya who stared at her with a scrunched nose.


“Why would I do that? Get lost brat” He said, waving his hands in front of her as if he was swatting away a fly.


The other two that had chased after him, was Ino and Hinata. They decided to give up a little faster than Sakura though, as it seemed Jiraiya wouldn't train with them no matter what. Sakura wasn't about to give up anytime soon though. While Hinata headed home and Ino decided to visit her favorite person in his office, Namikaze Minato. Sakura kept chasing Jiraiya for another thirty minutes around the village until he finally gave in and decided to help her with her training. They headed to Jiraiya's house which was built on Minato and Kushina's stupidly large backyard.


While Sakura and Jiraiya headed to his house to train and Ino headed to the Hokage's office, Naruto had a run in with three of his friends outside of the academy. It was Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi who all wanted to play ninja with Naruto.


“Come on, boss. We haven't played for over a week, kore!” Konohamaru pleaded since Naruto had already told them that he wanted to focus on his training.


“Sorry Konohamaru, another time okay?” Naruto tried.


Konohamaru frowned at Naruto's answer while Moegi tried the cute puppy dog eyes technqiue “Please, Naruto-kun!”


“Sorry guys, like I told you I have to focus on my training” Naruto said then turned to leave.


He was heading to the outskirts of his families large backyard, where he usually trained in the company of Yühi Kurenai. Kurenai would be there, reading and giving Naruto some pointers whenever he asked for it. Sometimes they made a little small talk but most of the time, they kept for themselves. Kurenai had been showing up at his backyard every day for about two months now. Naruto didn't mind that at all, even though he originally went out there to get away from others, since he likes Kurenai and has something of a crush on her. Kurenai's main reason for being there every day was to make sure that no other woman or girl tried anything with Naruto. She also wanted to get closer to Naruto and one day muster up the courage to ask him out. She secretly has a crush on Naruto and she is crushing on him badly. Sadly for Kurenai, she is hardly the only one that has a crush on him as pretty much every single female, no matter what age, also has a thing for him.


While Naruto headed off, Konohamaru and the others left the school grounds then headed into the village. Pretty soon after leaving school Konohamaru was whining about Naruto never playing with them anymore. Naruto's mom, Uzumaki Kushina happened to overhear them as she was returning to her home after having enjoyed a cup of coffee with Tsunade at a café. Kushina felt her cheeks heat up and her heartbeat raise when she saw Konohamaru. Konohamaru and his friends had noticed her as well, staring at them. Kushina was wearing her usual outfit which was a long green dress with a white blouse under it.


“Hello, Konohamaru-kun” Kushina greeted with a kind smile while her cheeks turned redder.


“H-Hi Kushina-sama” Konohamaru stuttered, a bit ashamed as he figured she must have heard him complain about Naruto.


“I didn't mean to badmouth Naruto.. It's just that I really want to play with him, kore!”


Kushina waved him off “I understand your frustration, he is so set on training these days, I imagine he doesn't spend much time with any of his friends anymore”


The three friends nodded with sad expressions.


“Hmm” Kushina put a finger on her chin as she thought “Would you three want to come to our place and play? Our backyard is huge as you already know”


“What, really!?” Moegi exclaimed excitedly.


“Of course!” Kushina answered with a bright smile.


“Okay then, we will be intruding on you then!” Konohamaru said with a confident smirk, resting his hands behind his head as the four of them began walking to Kushina's house. Kushina couldn't help but inwardly squeal as she finally had a chance to get a little bit closer to Konohamaru. She didn't know why she always wanted to be around him, or why she is so nervous, giddy and excited whenever he is around. Kushina is normally very outgoing and social, not at all shy, but whenever Konohamaru is around she becomes a blushing mess. It's obvious that she is in love with him but hasn't realized it yet. All she knows is she can't stop thinking about him and wants to spend more time with him.


While they headed to Kushina's house, Ino had reached the Hokage tower and was now standing outside of Minato's office. She knocked lightly on the door and shortly after heard Minato say “Come in”


She opened the door and was greeted by Minato who smiled at her after he saw who had come to visit him. Ino mirrored his smile “Hi Hokage-sama!” she greeted loudly and happily as she rushed over to Minato behind his desk.


“Hi, Ino-chan” Minato said as he waited for Ino to jump up and sit in his lap as she always does. Minato then gave her a piece of chocolate, something he has done ever since she was a kid and came visiting him. He used to tell her that she would only get one if he got a hug in return, something he always received since then, and today was not different. Ino hugged her arms around him, while Minato hugged her back and stared at a letter that Ino had put on his desk.


Minato and Kushina has been good friends with Ino's parents long before Naruto and Ino were born. Their families see each other often outside of school or ninja missions as they have dinners or celebrate birthdays together. Ino took a liking to Naruto early and gained a crush on him just like most other girls, she also had a short lasted crush on Sasuke before people found out about his secret. She has also always liked Minato the most of all the other adults and now that she is getting older that has turned into a crush on him.


“A letter from your father?” Minato asked.


They let go of each other and created a little bit of space between them, but Ino was still sitting in his lap, Ino then nodded.


Minato grabbed the letter and began reading it while Ino sat staring straight into his eyes with a longing expression.


“Hmm. Seems like he is inviting us over for dinner on Saturday” Minato said as he put the letter back on the desk. A second later he saw Ino lean in closer to him, her eyes closed as she pressed her lips on his own, giving him a quick peck on his lips. Minato's eyes widened in surprise while Ino appeared almost shocked. She had only done something like that before in her dreams, she didnt even realize her body had moved until she felt her lips press against his. Ino jumped off Minato and began crying after realizing what she had done. “I'm sorry Hokage-sama!” she cried as she ran towards the door.


She knew Minato would never be interested in her, he was married to the most beautiful woman in the village after all. The very same woman who Ino looks up to and respects the most, she pretty much idolizes Kushina. Not surprisingly, Minato the fastest man in the world, caught up to her before she reached the door. He sat down on his knees and embraced her, allowing Ino to cry into his chest.


“Why are you crying all of a sudden, Ino-chan?” Minato asked in a soft tone.


“Because..” she said while sniffling “I kissed you and I know that you are married..” Ino stopped crying as she stared patiently into Minato's eyes. She knew her crush on Minato would never amount to anything as she had no chance with him. How could she compete with Kushina? And even if she could, she wouldn't want to do that to her, the one she idolizes and adores. Minato surprised her as he brushed her tears aside and said “What's so bad about a little kissing? You can kiss me whenever you want, Ino-chan”


Now it was Ino's eyes that widened. “What, for real?” If Minato said it was okay then she would be okay with it as well. Maybe Kushina wouldn't mind? She wondered.

Minato answered her by leaning in and giving her a quick peck on the mouth, the same way she had done to him earlier. They then embraced and laughed at what they had just done “See, that wasn't so bad?”


They let go of each other and Ino started heading towards the door “May I kiss you again the next time I come visit?”


“Of course, you can kiss me whenever you want” Minato said with kind smile which caused Ino to smile at him in a way that he had not seen her done in a while. She looked so happy at that moment.


“Great! I can't wait to visit you again, Hokage-sama, good bye!”


“Take care, Ino-chan” Minato said as Ino closed the door behind her. He then stared down at his crotch, his dick was hard as a rock. That girl had really grown into quite the young woman. He had never really thought of her as a woman before, but he really liked what they did today. He loved to kiss her. He felt a little bit bad since he felt like he was kinda betraying Kushina. Although, at the same time he told himself that there was no harm done if she never found out.


Kushina, Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi


They had been playing “ninja” for a couple of hours. Kushina had enjoyed it a lot more than she thought she would as it kinda served a light work out for her and she loved to work out. The reason she invited them wasn't exactly because she wanted to play ninja, it was mostly because she wanted to spend time with Konohamaru. Now that she had played ninja with them, she definitely wanted to invite them over again since she got her work out and she got to see Konohamaru. After playing, Kushina invited them inside and treated them to lemonade and cinnamon buns.


They were sitting on a couch in the living room of Kushina and Minato's rather large house. The house had three floors with many spacy rooms and bedrooms. It wasn't unusual that their friends would sleep over at one of the many guest bedrooms after a dinner or birthday party.


Konohamaru was sitting at one end of the couch, with Kushina sitting next to him. Moegi sat between Kushina and Udon who sat at the other end of the couch. They were making small talk about how Konohamaru and the others thought of school and so on while eating their buns. While they did so, Kushina was staring at Konohamaru while blushing, the whole time. No one else, other than Konohamaru seemed to notice that. Even Kushina wasn't even conscious of it.


When they had finished eating, Kushina finally realized that she had been staring at Konohamaru non stop since they sat down. She turned her head and focused on the other two, not realizing that she had now placed her hand on top of Konohamaru's hat covered head. She ran her hand through the bangs of hair that stuck out from a hole in the hat and played with his hair while they continued making small talk. This time it was Konohamaru's turn to blush, something he had been trying really hard not to when Kushina was staring at him earlier.


Konohamaru was in love with Kushina and had been so for as long as he can remember. He sees her as the most beautiful woman in the world, and he isn't alone in thinking that. Kushina is regarded as one of if not the most beautiful woman in the village by most men. Her only competitors for that title is Tsunade and Kurenai. Konohamaru is loving this, being this close to her and spending time with her like this. But just like with Ino's case with Minato, he knew it wasn't realistic to believe that he had an actual chance with her.


A few minutes passed and it was time for Konohamaru and the others to leave after saying good bye to Kushina. But not before Kushina invited them all to come over to play with her again if they wanted to. They all told her with wide smiles that they will come over to play again tomorrow.


When they had left, Kushina sat down at the couch, thinking about what just happened. She knew that she wanted to get to know Konohamaru better and spend time with him. She knew that she had been dreaming about Konohamaru, mostly romantic dreams. But she couldn't possibly be in love with him, could she? She wondered.


What ever it meant, she decided she would take this chance and just enjoy spending more time with him. What she was sure of however, was that she wasn't interested in him in the same was as she was with Naruto. She had started longing for Naruto and his extremely large package downstairs after seeing him step out of the shower naked two years ago. Back then Naruto was even bigger than her husband Minato and she couldn't wait to find out how much he had grown in two years. Kushina wanted nothing more than to seduce Naruto and rock his world, hopefully starting a “fuck buddy” relationship with him. She didn't want a romantic relationship with him since that would never work seeing as they are mother and son.


In her dreams about Konohamaru it wasn't like that at all, at least not from the get go. She saw her and him going on dates, holding hands, hugging and kissing each other. In some of the dreams she was even marrying him. Even with all of these signs, Kushina had still yet to realize that she was in fact in love with him.


Naruto and Kurenai


Naruto had just arrived at the edge of his parents large backyard. He always trains here as the area is covered by a large forest and he likes to be left alone when training. Naruto looks a little bit different to what he did in the anime at this age. The main difference being that he was slightly taller and was wearing different clothes. Usually Naruto dressed in blue clothes similar to his father, a blue shirt and blue pants, wearing a white T-shirt under it. All of his clothes had a red Uzumaki swirl on it, as he really wanted to show that he is a member of the Uzumaki clan.


When he got there, he saw that Kurenai had already arrived. She sat on top of a large rock with her long and slender legs crossed while reading a book. As mentioned before, Naruto doesn't mind Kurenai being here while he trains, even though the main reason he trains out here is to get away from all the fan girls and other annoying people.

Kurenai wore her regular outfit (white and red blouse with black markings and bandages). She had been sitting on that same rock while she read a book at Naruto's favorite training spot every day for the past two months. Naruto figured she just wanted to read at a nice and quiet spot, just like he wanted to get away from all the girls asking him out or the countless of challenges he gets from other male students. Naruto didn't mind Kurenai being here since she was always rather quiet and did not get in the way of his training. Usually Kurenai would just read and not talk much, sometimes she would give him a few tips or pointers while he trained, and Naruto would nod to her as a thanks. They didn't really talk more than that.


As mentioned earlier, Kurenai's real reason for coming to this spot every day is to make sure that no other woman or girl snatches him away from her. One of those women is Mitarashi Anko who is in love with Naruto. Pretty much everyone knows about Anko's crush on Naruto as she is pretty damn obvious about it, except for Naruto himself. However, she has only told Kurenai about her crush on Naruto. That is a problem for Kurenai as she would hate to lose her friendship with Anko while they competed for Naruto's love. Anko has seen Kurenai and Naruto being at this spot together, several times. Anko has confronted Kurenai about it and asked her what she is doing here with Naruto. Kurenai had answered that “I'm only here to make sure that no older woman such as yourself tries anything with him”.


She was making it sound as if she was taking the moral high ground by trying to protect him from the village women who would all pretty much spread their legs for Naruto with no questions asked. Of course this was just a lie she told so she could be the on to make progress with Naruto. What she wanted was Naruto. She was madly in love with Naruto and would stop at nothing to get together with him. Another thing that Kurenai has going for her when it comes to other women not suspecting her of trying to get with Naruto, is that she has had a boyfriend for three years, Sarutobi Asuma. Sarutobi Asuma is Konohamaru's uncle who is a few years older than Kurenai. He has been in love with Kurenai since his genin days, and was overjoyed when they finally started dating.


Unfortunately for Asuma, their relationship has not really gone anywhere as they have never kissed, never hugged and never cuddled. They weren't intimate at all, the only time they even touched was when they walked in public together, only then did Kurenai allow him to hold her hand. That way people wound't question their relationship as they held hands together in public for everyone to see. She would never allow it when they are alone though. The reason for all of this is because Kurenai is not interested in him at all. For her its a fake relationship that she only agreed to so that her friends would stop bothering her about getting a boyfriend and so that other men would stop asking her out. As the girlfriend of the strong jounin Sarutobi Asuma, pretty much no men dared to bother her for a date or try anything with her. This worked out perfectly for Kurenai, who didn't feel the least bit bad about doing this to Asuma.


In fact she fantasized about hurting him even more by messing around with Naruto behind his back before breaking up with him. She was going to make sure he knew that Naruto was all she cared about, that he was better than Asuma in every way possible. This may sound like Kurenai is a terrible person and she wouldn't exactly deny that. She was kind to the people she liked and not so very kind to the ones she didn't like. Sadly for Asuma he wasn't part of the group that Kurenai liked. In Kurenai's mind it was a fair trade off, Asuma got to call himself Kurenai's boyfriend just like he always wanted while she gets destroy his fantasy of ever beeing with her, just like she had wanted ever since he asked her out.


Kurenai didn't really like men, she only liked Naruto and somewhat Konohamaru. Konohamaru is her second choice. She has toyed with the idea to get together with Konohamaru if Naruto was to reject her. That way she could sneak around with Asuma's cute nephew which would most likely humiliate the man even more. Then there was the fact that Konohamaru reminded her of Naruto both in looks and personality.

But Konohamaru is just her back up plan, she will stop at nothing to get together with Naruto. When Kurenai woke up today, she decided that today was the day that she would start to get to know Naruto better. While spending time with him like this in silent has been nice, she wanted so much more. First she would let Naruto train for a few hours since he wouldn't do anything unless he at least has done a few hours of training per day.


A few hours passed and Naruto had been training nonstop since arriving. For the past hour he did so while being shirtless, something that Kurenai truly enjoyed. She had stopped reding in favor of checking him out for a while now. Naruto was thinking it was time to head back home to get something eat, so he put his shirt on, making Kurenai frown. Her frown disappeared as she closed her book and jumped of the rock she sat on, then she started walking towards Naruto.

“Naruto-kun” Kurenai addressed him loud and clear. Naruto who was about to leave, turned to her slightly suprised since Kurenai wasn't one to make small talk, with a raised eyebrow he asked “Yes?”.

“Are you getting food?” Kurenai asked as she had made her way up to Naruto with her hands crossed above her chest.

“Yeah, I'm starving, I haven't eaten since this morning dattebayo” Naruto responded with a sheepish smile as he scratched the back of his head.

Kurenai smiled as well, then asked “Want to get some Ichiraku ramen, my treat?”.

Naruto's eyes shined up when he heard that “Are you sure? When it comes to Ichiraku ramen I tend to eat a lot dattebayo” he said in excitement.

Kurenai nodded as she walked up and stood next to him “There is nothing I'd rather spend my money on than you”

“What?” Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Eh-heheh” Kurenai laughed sheepishly as she realized what she had just said, with a hint of red starting to adore her cheeks “So what do you say?”

“Okay then! Let's go to Ichiraku!” Naruto spoke with a smile as they started heading back into the village together.

Kurenai noticed two things while they ate at the ramen stand. First thing was that Naruto did not lie about eating a lot. Second was that Ayame the gossip, the daughter to the owner of the ramen stand, kept glaring at Kurenai in jealousy. Kurenai wasn't surprised by that as she already knew that pretty much every single female had a thing for Naruto. To Kurenai, Ayame was just another silly girl after her man. She had to be a little bit careful when around Ayame though, as she is the biggest source of gossip in the village. Ayame loved to gossip and somehow she always managed to find out/hear about everything that goes in the village.

After eating his ten bowls of ramen, Naruto patted his stomach then said “Now I'm ready for more training, thanks for the meal, Kurenai-san!”

Kurenai nodded with a bright smile “No problem Naruto-kun, but instead of going back for more training, I'm wondering if maybe you want to hang out with me for a while?”

Naruto stared at her with a confused expression, raising an eyebrow “Hang out, what do you mean?”

Kurenai chuckled before she spoke “Every time I see you, you are always training. You are still young Naruto, you need to relax and have a little fun sometimes as well. That's why I'm asking if you want to hang out a bit and have some fun”

Naruto thought on it for a moment. She was right about him training too much, he had spent pretty much the last two years doing nothing but training. He wanted to live up to the expectations of him as the son of the Hokage and Konoha's red death. At the same time he wanted to make damn sure he wasn't weaker than anyone in his class. Already he is strong enough to fight equally against strong chuunins and low level jounin, at least that's what his mother has told him. Kushina is Naruto's main teacher who has taught him a lot and even sparred against him. With all this in mind, Naruto decided that Kurenai was right, he could have some fun for once and do something other than training.

He ended up hanging out with Kurenai as she had wanted. At first they just walked around the village, side by side, while making small talk. After a while they ran into a bunch of kids in a park that was in the middle of a game of football (soccer). They joined the game and played with the kids for about an hour. After that they went to an arcade and played all kinds of arcade games and just hung out for a few more hours. When they were done in the arcade, it had started getting late and they decided to call it a day. Kurenai's apartment was located towards the same direction as his parents house, so he walked her home. When they reached her apartment, Naruto halted and scratched the back of his head “I had a blast today, thanks for inviting me out Kurenai-san”

Kurenai smiled, then she surprised Naruto by hugging him “I had fun as well” she whispered into his ear. Kurenai hugged him for thirty seconds until Naruto asked “Uhm, Kurenai-san?” a bit confused. He wasn't blushing nor was he embarrassed over being this close to his crush, he was just wondering why she was hugging him.

Kurenai kept hugging him and whispered “Let me hold you for a while longer”

“Okay” Naruto whispered back and hugged the beautiful woman a little bit closer to himself. They let go of each other after about another thirty more seconds. Kurenai waved good bye to him and told him “I'll see you tomorrow again, Naruto-kun. I'll be there again when you train”

“Alright, dattebayo!” Naruto responded cheerfully “Good night, Kurenai-san!”

“Good night, Naruto-kun”

At the same time, Jiraiya and Sakura were about to be done training for the day. Sakura was about to leave, but not before convincing Jiraiya to keep training him. Jiraiya wasn't all for it, but went with it nonetheless. He couldn't say no to that girl with that cute smile that she has shown him all day long. Jiraiya decided to walk Sakura home, seeing as it was starting to get late. Her parents greeted them at the door when they arrived. After hearing where Sakura had been all day and what she had done, they were overjoyed. They were overjoyed by the fact that a legendary ninja such as Jiraiya was at their doorstep and the fact that he had taken and interest in Sakura and was even training her. Jiraiya then took off, wondering about how he managed to wind up in this situation. And like the pervert he is, he couldn't stop thinking "How can a girl her age have an ass like that?".

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