A medical problem

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A medical problem

This is a story of NaruKiba, I hope you enjoy it.

Kiba had been facing the door for 5 minutes and still did not have the courage to turn the knob. I had waited a long time to get to this, years and years of dreams about what would happen and how it would end. And although this appointment was not for any lie, his problem inhibited him; possibly if Dr. Naruto knew about Kiba's dreams, he would have already placed a restraining order. But he had to be strong and face the risks of this situation.

Naruto yawned and stretched backwards in his chair. His fingers latticed over his head, pulling a beautiful ache into his tired shoulders. He felt something crick in his spine, and he sighed as he relaxed back to a normal seated position.

The afternoon summer sun slatted warmly through the half-shut blinds on the right of his office, leaving stripes of pale yellow all the way across the left wall, where the examination bed-table lay in wait for the next patient. The entire room felt muggy, but Naruto was sure that was only in his imagination.

He watched the door situated in the far left corner of the room, hoping the day’s final patient would not have anything oozing or infectious. The gentle sunlight and the physical fatigue he felt made him lazy by default; he didn’t think he had the stomach to deal with anything more gruesome than a bruised toe.

He smiled, thinking of a phrase word-for-word: thank God it was Friday.

He heaved a cleansing sigh, using the quiet time to tidy up the files on his desk. No sooner than he’d brushed a fleck of dust to the carpet, the door to his office opened.

“Ah, Mr. Inuzuka!”

“Hey, Doctor.”

The bowlegged man who entered gave a nervous wave, checked the hall outside with a fast glance, then closed the door until it clicked. Naruto was glad to see him, but he wouldn’t say such a thing aloud.

“What can I do for you?” Naruto asked, taking Kiba’s medical file in hand and scooting out from behind his desk on his wheely chair. He stopped at its side, resting his elbow on it, his ankle hooked over a knee. He smiled.

Kiba fidgeted with his gray jacket, which he’d worn specifically so he would feel more at ease - or, perhaps, to flatter his figure, but that was essentially the same thing. He didn’t sit, even when Naruto gestured politely to the chair that was set before the doctor’s desk.

Kiba gulped. “Uh. I’m not... I’m not really sure what you can do for me,” he said, wishing he had pockets to hide his fidgeting hands.

Naruto noticed how nervous the other man was, but said nothing about it. He had never seen him so on edge. “Well, why don’t you take a seat, and tell me about it?”

Kiba let out a strained breath, swallowing down as much discomfort as he could before he sat. The chair was plastic and smooth-surfaced, not particularly comfortable, but not uncomfortable either. He had nothing to rest his hands on, and nothing to grasp except his own thighs.

Dr. Naruto wore a white shirt with no jacket, sleeves hitched past his elbow in a relaxed scramble of cotton. His orange silk tie was draped over his crotch, and he gazed at Kiba with a very discerning expression, like he was trying to diagnose him from his cold sweat alone. But Kiba’s ailment had nothing to do with that, and Kiba didn’t want the wrong diagnosis, so he made a great effort to say, clearly, “It’s about...” He looked down at his crotch, then back to the doctor. “My dick,” he said, offering a cocky grin that he was sure camouflaged how much he hadn’t wanted to say that.

“I see,” the doctor said, making a note.

Naruto was drawing triangles. “Is there anything specific the matter?”

Kiba cleared his throat, slipping his hands between his thighs, which he kept parted. “It’s just that... Uh. Look, I mean, I can get - hard, and that, but it’s kind of really...” He huffed and lifted a hand to rub the back of his neck. Naruto tried not to smile, enthralled by the blush that flooded the man’s freckled cheeks.

“Please, don’t be embarrassed,” Naruto said, meeting Mr. Inuzuka’s eye and giving him a reassuring nod. “Erectile dysfunction happens to nearly every man at some stage of his life. Tell me as much as you can.”

Kiba nodded, licking his lips. “It doesn’t stay up. I thought it was just a one-off problem, I - you know - apologised to the girl I was with, and she kind of laughed, but I figured it wouldn’t happen again. But it did, with the next girl.” Kiba was frowning now, looking at his knees. He wasn’t embarrassed any more, but ashamed. “I stopped trying to pick up girls about a month back, it just got ridiculous. I’d get her clothes off and we’re both naked and raring to go, and I see her and...” Kiba pointed a finger at an angle towards the ceiling in demonstration, and made a powering-down noise as he let the finger relax. He laughed softly and dropped his hand back to his lap, eyes lifting again in time to see Naruto’s return smile.

“What about when you masturbate?” Naruto asked in a calm manner.

Kiba grinned quickly. “That works. Same thing though, I get hard and I’m pretty into it, but... God, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m almost there, and then it just deflates like a fuckin’ punctured tyre.”

Naruto chuckled, shaking his head forgivingly when Kiba made to apologise for swearing.

“Do you have an erection in the morning?” Naruto asked, making a proper note this time.

Kiba shifted in his seat, then cleared his throat and nodded. “Yeah,” he forced out. “Yeah, and - actually―”

“Yes?” Dr. Naruto’s blue eyes caught Kiba’s, holding his gaze as he waited for the rest of Kiba’s confession.

Kiba wasn’t sure how much he could really say without needing to blushed. He could feel heat on his cheeks, and a tightness in his pants that shouldn’t be there. It wasn’t his fault - his dick knew they were talking about it, and wanted to join the party.

“Um,” he said, “I’ve kind of been having... dreams.”

“Wet dreams?”

Kiba nodded, slipping his hands under his thighs, then removing them again. “It’s the only way I’m getting off. I wake up and the sheets are soaked.” Dr. Naruto was squinting at his page, jotting something down in handwriting that, from a distance of a few feet, looked untidy but still fluid. On a shaking breath, Kiba went on, “These dreams, they’re not what I usually think about. They - freak me out a little.”

“Is it the same thing every time?” Dr. Naruto inquired.

Kiba shook his head. “No. Well, sort of. Same person, same ch-... character.” He frowned and looked determinedly at his lap.

“Ah, a fictional character,” Naruto said brightly. Kiba glanced up to see the doctor set his pen down, hands together as he leaned back in his chair, wrists relaxed on his folded leg. “Don’t worry, Mr. Inuzuka, that’s quite normal. Fiction gives us fantasies we wouldn’t otherwise consider.”

“Yeah,” Kiba smiled, but didn’t really feel it. The embarrassment wasn’t abating, and Naruto’s quiet scrutiny wasn’t any help.

“Do you have any past history of impotence?” Naruto said, lifting his pen and poising it over the manilla paper that he tugged into his lap. Kiba shook his head. Naruto hummed, narrowing his eyes and returning the paper to the desk, setting his pen down firmly on top.

“I looked it up online,” Kiba said, stroking a thumb over a rip in his jeans. “Said it could be caused by alcohol, so I cut down. But it’s not that. And I don’t smoke, and I’m not depressed, and I’m not on drugs or anything, so...” He shrugged.

Naruto gave Mr. Inuzuka a tight-lipped smile. “The internet would surely put me out of a job, if it provided every answer to patients’ questions,” he remarked.

“So what else is there?” Kiba asked, his green eyes lightened by the lines of sun on the side of his face.

“Well, I could conduct an examination, if you would allow it,” Naruto said, releasing his folded knee and letting both of his shoes rest flat on the floor. “Sometimes there’s an abnormality with the penis structure that could cause a dysfunction, or a disruption of the blood flow. You’re only thirty-five, but from age forty onwards men do tend to have more problems with blood flow. How is your diet?”

Kiba took a wide-mouthed breath. “I... Okay, my diet’s not great. Mostly, I can’t resist a good burger.”

Naruto began to smile, unable to help himself. “Yes. No, don’t worry, I understand. Burgers are troublesome obstacles when it comes to healthy eating.”

“But the ones I like aren’t fried,” Kiba added, and Naruto nodded. “Just a good old grill-‘n-bun. Maybe some onions, a little lettuce and tomato if I’m feeling brave.”

Naruto couldn’t keep his smile from widening. Kiba was describing one of his favorite foods.

Chuckling, Naruto pushed Kiba’s file away from him. “The picture is much clearer now. Is there anything else you wish to tell me, or may we begin a physical examination?”

Kiba wet his lips with the tip of his tongue, thinking. “While I was looking it up online - yeah, I know, I know, the internet lies - but I saw, I read... that it might maybe be caused by - prostate problems.”

“Ah,” Naruto said, squinting in consideration. “Any trouble urinating? Is it painful, do you feel like you need to go all the time?”

Kiba’s lips pulled sideways and he shook his head. “I just thought it might be important.”

“I see. Are you a doctor, Mr. Inuzuka?”

Kiba seemed startled for a moment, then he ducked his head and laughed. “Naw. Nah, I’m a, uh - I'm breeding dogs. I feed them, I take care of them, I wash them, but, but the most medical experience I have is take them to the vet..” He relaxed a little, leaning back, one leg stretched out, one crooked with his ankle pressed to the silver leg of the chair. He gave Naruto an easygoing smile.

Thus, Naruto discovered the way to coax information out of his patient, and was glad Kiba felt more settled now. “I hear your dogs are the best dogs in state in town,” Naruto said to him, and smiled when Kiba’s expression wrinkled with a smile. Lines pulled beside his eyes, a nice curve turning his red lips.

“I do,” Kiba nodded, licking his lips again. “Yeah, I really do. You oughta come to visit me by sometime.”

Kiba tried to eat those words as soon as they were out of his mouth, but there they were, floating in the now-silent air. Dr. Naruto was smirking.

“Perhaps I shall,” the doctor said. “But for now,” he looked to the examination bed, “if you wouldn’t mind undressing? We can begin.”

Kiba felt another spark of feeling between his legs that was decidedly inappropriate. Seriously, if he couldn’t get it up in bed, why the hell did Little Kiba feel like it now?

Kiba stood up, turning away from the doctor, who politely shuffled some papers so Kiba could disrobe in peace. Kiba went to the teal padded-leather patient table and shed his outer jacket, leaving it crumpled on the chair beside the bed, which was set up against a children’s height-measuring chart. There was a privacy curtain dangling open against the chair, which would close around the examination table, but Kiba was pretending he was confident enough that he didn’t need it, so he didn’t draw it shut. The table came up to his waist, and had a protective layer of tissue paper unrolled down its centre and over the pillow at the head.

Kiba toed off his boots, then removed his t-shirt and glanced over to the doctor, who was checking something on his laptop screen. Kiba began on his pants, flipping open his belt and undoing his buttons as casually as he could.

He stepped onto the cold linoleum that surrounded the examination table, and decided that if he was going to get naked in here, he might as well do it properly. He bent down and took off his socks, tossing them carelessly into the ankles of his boots.

Naruto stood up when he sensed Kiba was almost undressed. He closed his laptop, leaving his notes where they were. He went to the sink to the left of his desk, tugged out two latex gloves from the box affixed to the wall, then put them on. He let the second one snap against his wrist, grinning when Kiba turned around with a fearful shine in his eyes.

“Apologies, I like to make the gloves make that noise,” the doctor said, making Kiba chuckle.

“They always do that in the movies,” Kiba smirked.

“Exactly,” Naruto said, stepping up to Kiba’s side.

Kiba was broad in the shoulder, and had twice as many freckles there than he did on his cheeks. He still wore his boxers. Naruto looked him in the eye. “Mr. Inuzuka, I must ask you to remove your underwear. A penis examination is not the easiest thing to do when said penis is hiding behind elasticated cotton.”

Kiba was blushing again, and trying very hard not to get... well, hard. Maybe it was the warmth in the room, or the fact he didn’t entirely know what to expect. Maybe it was the whole semi-forced nudity thing, he always liked that. Maybe it was the fact he was being told what to do by an authority figure, and since he was here by choice, he wasn’t even allowed to argue like he usually would. It could have been any reason. Getting an erection now scared Kiba as much as it excited him.

But Kiba did as he was told, bending down, eyes on Dr. Naruto’s as he bent from the waist, scrolling his boxers down his legs. Dr. Naruto looked away for only a moment before his eyes found Kiba’s again, and Kiba himself had to turn away, at the mercy of his unwanted arousal.

“There,” Naruto said, as cheerfully as he could, once Kiba stood straight again. “That makes things a lot less tricky.”

Kiba gave him a grin that was far less cocky than the one earlier. He put his tangled underwear on top of his pile of clothes, then stood to attention, throat tucking to his jaw as he swallowed.

“Now, I’ll explain what I’m going to do, don’t worry,” Naruto said, standing less than a foot away from Kiba. “I’m going to touch your penis. The glove might feel a little strange, but I’m only going to poke about a bit, it won’t hurt.”

“What’re you looking for?” Kiba asked, lowering his eyes to watch as Naruto’s hand reached for his crotch.

“Abscesses, rashes, swellings, anything out of the ordinary.”

“There isn’t anything,” Kiba said.

“No, but I ought to still look,” Naruto said.

Skin though latex did indeed feel strange. Naruto was used to his hands being surrounded by the gloves, but for Kiba it was a whole new sensation of slidey. There was human warmth, but smothering that, there was that rubbery, slick plastic feel. It was almost like his own cock was inside an unlubricated condom, touching his dick - Kiba gasped silently, feeling and seeing his cock pulse as Naruto’s fingers held his member.

“S- Sorry,” Kiba whispered, frowning as Naruto pulled his foreskin back, making Kiba’s cock twitch again.

“Don’t worry, sir,” Naruto said, with as much vocal respect as he could muster. “The penis is a sensitive organ.”

“You’re telling me,” Kiba breathed, flushing hot as Naruto lifted his penis, running his fingers along the underside, pushing to the base. “Oh God―” Kiba’s eyes fell shut and he lost himself for a moment, absorbed by how it felt to have someone else touch him. His hands gripped the examination table behind his hips, making the leather judder as he squeezed.

“Turn your head to the side. I’m going to check for hernias.” Naruto cupped his fingers to Kiba’s inguinal canal behind his scrotum, and gently ordered, “Cough?”

Kiba tried to cough but it came out as more of a startled reverse-hiccup. Naruto supposed that would do, he felt nothing out of the ordinary there. Kiba had a very well-balanced manhood.

Kiba panted, lifting his head and meeting Naruto’s curious eyes. Naruto saw shock in Kiba’s face. It was like the poor man had never felt arousal before.

“I’m not gay,” Kiba whispered, total desperation in his voice. “I’m not.”

Naruto’s mouth gaped a little, slowly retracting his hand from Kiba’s rising erection. “The - um, the penis reacts to touch, Mr. Inuzuka. An erection doesn’t always mean arousal.”

Kiba was blushing pink, his eyes watering. He took a while to reply.

The thing was, he did feel arousal, and he couldn’t explain it. It wasn’t just the touch - he’d been getting hard since he walked into the room. But he couldn’t say that to his doctor. “But, umm... But when I’m jacking off,” he gestured vaguely as Dr. Naruto took a step back, “I’m touching, then, and I can’t keep it up.”

Naruto licked his lips, trying so very hard to hide the fact that Kiba’s bare-faced shame was actually turning him on slightly. “That’s what we’re here to fix, Mr. Inuzuka,” he said. He nodded in Kiba’s direction, not meeting his eyes this time.

“So now what?” Kiba asked, nervously wrapping his arms around his middle. He was staring at his semi-erection, which was growing as Naruto determinedly looked away.

“Now,” Naruto said, fetching the pump-bottle of lubricant from the shelf on the other side of the curtain, “if you will allow it, I will conduct a digital prostate check.”

“Digital? You’ve got machines for that?”

“Oh,” Naruto said, putting the lubricant down on the examination bed. “Digital. As in, fingers.”

Realisation slowly dawned on Kiba’s face. He smiled slightly, and he blushed, and he looked so scared that Naruto reached a gloved hand out towards him, taking him by the arm and rubbing him reassuringly. “It won’t hurt, Mr. Inuzuka.”

“It’s not that.” Kiba’s heart was pounding, and for fuck’s sakes, he was getting harder by the second. “I’ve never... I mean―”

“What happens... Here, it’s like this.” Naruto rested back against the table with Kiba, pulling off his gloves. “Pretend this is your prostate gland.” He made a fist at shoulder height, and Kiba nodded. “It reality it’s no bigger than a hazelnut. This here is your bladder, this is your rectum.” He demonstrated a much larger shape for the bladder, right up against the side of the prostate, and then a long shape for the rectum.

“Rectum’s the inside of the ass, right?” Kiba said, then laughed and looked away.

“Yes, it is,” Naruto smiled. He did enjoy talking to people who would clarify things in layman’s terms. Or children’s terms, in some cases. It made his job more entertaining.

“The prostate,” he went on, when Kiba looked back. “is inside you, in the place where your penis is rooted. By inserting a finger, I will feel if there’s anything the matter. Your prostate should feel soft like skin, a little rubbery perhaps. Otherwise, it could be hard, or painful, and that will lead us towards finding a solution to your... ahm... problem.” Naruto’s eyes lingered on Kiba’s erection. Kiba shifted on his feet, one hand almost - but not quite - touching his half-hard cock.

Naruto let out a breath and looked away. Lazy Fridays were getting to be too lazy, it seemed. His sensibilities were falling slack.

Kiba licked his lips, a sigh escaping. “So you’re gonna put your finger up my butt.”

“I won’t unless you’re comfortable with it,” Naruto said, looking back. He locked eyes with Kiba. Kiba probably wasn’t aware, but Naruto could see that his pupils were dilated.

Kiba gulped twice, then panted as he nodded. “All right...” He nodded again. “All right, do it.”

“Then I’ll ask you to turn around, rest your elbows and forearms on the examination bed.” Kiba did as he was told, and Naruto retrieved his latex gloves, putting them back on. “Spread your legs.”

Kiba moaned under his breath, weak at the knees as he parted his legs, baring his naked ass to the doctor. Fuck, he was getting so hard. So fucking hard. He wanted it, he fucking wanted it. What the hell was wrong with him?!

“I’m not gay,” he whispered to himself, shutting his eyes and lowering his forehead to his clenched hands resting on the bed’s tissue cover. “I’m notgay.”

“Sorry, what was that?” Naruto asked, pumping lubricant onto his fingers. “Did you say something?”

Kiba shook his head, breath coming ragged. “I’m fine,” he said, loud enough for Naruto to hear this time.

“I’m ready to start now, Mr. Inuzuka, so if you could just relax...”

Kiba bit his lip, feeling pre-come oozing from his slit. It dripped off him, and his toes curled on the linoleum. He was almost certain he heard the drip hit the floor. “Shit...”

Naruto took Kiba’s left hip under his hand, thumb pressed gently to the dimple above Kiba’s freckled, round ass. In another life, Naruto would have paid money for a chance to spread these cheeks apart and sink his tongue in, but this was not another life, this was his professional job. He intended to keep it that way. He cleared his throat. “Are you ready?”

Kiba whined, trying to stop his hips from pushing forward, fucking something invisible. He gasped out, “Yes!”

Naruto used his left hand to nudge Kiba’s buttocks apart, firstly checking with sight to see if there was anything strange. He saw only a perfectly crinkled anus, the surrounding area smooth, without hair. Naruto ran his dry finger against it, checking for lumps or irregularities― He grew concerned for a second when Kiba tensed all over, but then the moment passed, and Kiba sank his torso lower against the table, a tremble coursing up his curved, muscular thighs.

Naruto was not unaware of Kiba’s extreme arousal. He wondered if Kiba was going through something in his life that made him reject something that was coming naturally to him - the stifled moan spoke to that effect. Naruto peered over Kiba’s shoulder, and true enough, Kiba had put his fist into his mouth, and appeared to be biting it.

“If you want to make noises, sir, please feel free. It does make it easier for me to know if you’re in pain or not.” Naruto smirked, feeling devilish. Friday was a day for half-truths, perhaps.

Kiba released his fist and sighed, pushing his hips back against Naruto’s finger, which Naruto only then realised was still resting on Kiba’s anus.

“Please,” Kiba whispered. “Oh, God - Doctor, please...” His voice had gone husky and rough, and Naruto’s mouth had gone dry.

Naruto glanced down, growing unnerved when he saw he was getting an erection of his own. He’d never lost control as completely as this, or ever been this unprofessional in this establishment. He dreaded to think how else he might fall from grace today.

“I’m going to put my finger in now,” Naruto said. “Relax.”

Kiba nodded, a hand screwing into his hair. “Mmmm...”

Gently, Dr. Naruto put his lubricated forefinger against Kiba’s hole, and Kiba swore he could have come then and there from excitement alone. But it was only getting started. That finger slipped inside, and Kiba’s whole body felt the shock of it - he gasped aloud, ripping the bed’s tissue under his chin with a fist. His legs had turned to jelly, he was barely keeping himself upright. He could feel it, the doctor’s finger, inside his ass, in the place men made use of when they had sex with each other. Kiba moaned aloud before he could silence himself, “Doctor Sexyyy...”

Naruto heard the moan, and he chuckled, wriggling his finger about to loosen Kiba’s rectal muscles. “Doctor Sexy, huh?”

Kiba whimpered, hips bucking forward. Naruto shushed him softly, holding his left hip with his dry hand. “Hold still.” Kiba shook, but managed to make himself stop writhing. Naruto swallowed. “Is Doctor Sexy who you dream about?”

Kiba nodded, feverish. “Yeah. Yeah. Oh God, Doctor...”

“He is very attractive, isn’t he?” Naruto said quietly, thumb stroking Kiba’s hip, his right forefinger gradually sliding forth to reach Kiba’s prostate. “What about when you masturbate, do you think about him then?”

Kiba blinked a few times. Dr. Naruto must have a professional reason for asking that, he was sure. So he answered, forcing away his shame, “No. I - oh my God, oh my God - I think about girls. I always think about girls oh shit oh shit oh shit―”

“That’s your prostate gland,” Naruto told him, rubbing it softly. “It’s not swollen or hard, I think it’s okay. Does it hurt?”

Kiba’s body squirmed in pleasure, crooning as a hot, filthy sweat broke out over his body, all of him set on fire. “Aaaahohhgodd,” he cried, tearing the paper on the bed cleanly, knocking the pillow onto the floor.

“Does it hurt, Mr. Inuzuka?” Naruto’s inner professional angel and his lusting demon were doing battle. On the one hand, he was perfectly well aware that both he and Kiba were enjoying this more than they should. On the other hand, it was a legitimate question; a man screaming in his office usually meant pain.

Kiba moaned again, spine arching. Naruto held him down by his hip, slipping his finger slowly in and out of Kiba’s little hole. “You must tell me if it hurts, Mr. Inuzuka...”

Kiba gasped and whimpered, lifting himself off the examination table enough that he could look down and see his cock flushed red, leaking pre-come in wet streaks all the way down to his balls, sticking in the soft hair. Dr. Naruto was going to make him come, and Kiba didn’t know how he would ever live that down.

“No―” he grunted, frowning, dizzy, burning hot. “No, it do- doesn’t h-hurt.”

When Naruto sighed and let his finger slip out, Kiba sobbed, “Don’t stop...”

He couldn’t believe what had just come out of his mouth, but he couldn’t argue that he wanted it.

“I must stop,” Naruto said plainly. Far more than Kiba’s ability to orgasm was in jeopardy - one wrong move and Naruto would be out of a job. He took his gloves off, turning away and bundling them together.

Kiba staggered off the linoleum, almost chasing Naruto the two steps he took to the pedal bin, where he threw the gloves in the trash. When Naruto turned around, Kiba was looking at him like a lost puppy, but displaying every sign of male human arousal.

Naruto took a steadying breath, attempting to gather up whatever semblance of professionalism he still had. “I will help you to try it for yourself,” he offered, taking Kiba’s bare elbow and leading him back to the bed. “Have you ever masturbated that way?”

“What? With my fingers in my ass?” Kiba looked scandalised. “No.”

Naruto smiled. “I think it’s time to try, don’t you? Here, I’ll get you some gloves, and there’s the lubrication. You can just lie back on the table―” He broke his sentence to take the old tissue Kiba had ruined off the table, then offering the uncovered leather to Kiba. “Lie on your back, and we’ll see what you can do about not leaving here with an acute case of blue balls.”

Kiba nodded like a chided schoolboy, head down. His eyes searched the floor like he was reading it, eyelashes fluttering. Naruto touched his arm again, which appeared to draw his attention, and he guided him up to the table.

Kiba climbed up, then rolled over and lay on his back, legs apart, automatically taking up the missionary position. He looked over at Naruto pleadingly, and Naruto had to mentally kick himself and force his eyes away. He went to the sink and got a single latex glove, then went to Kiba’s side and handed it to him. “Put this on.” He picked up the lubricant bottle, and when Kiba had put on the glove, he pushed the pump down to put some lube onto Kiba’s ready fingers.

“You know what to do now, I think,” Naruto said confidently. “Do you need anything else?”

Kiba held his eye for a few seconds, then shook his head. He kind of wanted Dr. Naruto to watch, to make sure he was doing it right... but that would never leave his mouth. “I’m okay.”

Before Naruto had the chance to turn away, Kiba put his slippery, gloved hand to his entrance, and lifted his hips to slide in a finger. Naruto’s eyes were of course drawn to the sight, and Kiba’s cock pulsed heavily, watching Naruto.

There was something about Dr. Naruto - his calm demeanour, the way he touched, the way he was happy to guide Kiba - that made Kiba think... perhaps he was a little bit more sexy than Doctor Sexy. He had wonderful blue eyes, and such a scruffy blod hair. And very nice hands.

Kiba pretended it was still Dr. Naruto’s finger inside as he slipped his own in deeper.

Naruto actually gasped aloud once a few seconds had passed, and flew into retreat. Kiba figured the doctor hadn’t really realised he’d been staring. The curtain beside the bed was zipped closed immediately, and Kiba saw the silhouetted figure of the doctor pacing up a down a few steps on the other side of the curtain.

“What’s wrong?” Kiba called, shutting his eyes and enjoying the tingle as his finger finally found his prostate. It wasn’t as good or unexpected as when the doctor had found it, but it was still nice.

“I - I ought to leave you to your privacy,” Dr. Naruto said. His voice was breathy.

“You don’t have to,” Kiba said. “I don’t mind, seriously. There’s a curtain, you don’t have to leave the room.”

Fifteen minutes ago Kiba would rather have jumped off a building than let his male doctor sit in while Kiba got himself off. But things had changed for him very quickly, and something made him want Naruto close.

Naruto didn’t reply, nor did he leave, which Kiba took to mean he had agreed to Kiba’s suggestion. Kiba lifted his head and looked down at himself, seeing his legs spread wide, right hand stroking his erection as his finger slipped in and out of his hole. His eyes lost focus for a moment, and he grinned, loving it, loving it so much. This was how men had sex. The thought was so dirty and naughty to him, but fuck, it was so much fun to try it for himself. He touched, imagining lying back on an examining table as Doctor Sexy fingered him, or as Dr. Naruto showed him how to feel good.

After half a minute it didn’t matter that Dr. Sexy and Dr. Naruto were both men. Kiba loved how it felt, and he was getting off on thinking about it. He hoped Dr. Naruto could hear how much he enjoyed it.

Naruto, in fact, couldn’t escape how pleasured Kiba was. Every hitch in Kiba’s breath and every stuttering moan made Naruto harder, and even though he couldn’t see Kiba fucking himself on his fingers, that didn’t seem to matter - maybe it even made it easier to fantasise.

Naruto gripped both armrests of his wheely chair, safely behind the desk. He couldn’t leave and hide in the bathroom down the hall; he shouldn’t leave a patient alone, and he couldn’t get to the bathroom without someone seeing his tented slacks. He was stuck here, body pounding with an infuriating lust that he could do nothing about.

Kiba’s voice came from behind the curtain, gentle and malleable, “I’m so hard... oh Doctor, I’m so hard right now...”

Naruto rolled his eyes back, then his head, flopping back in his chair. He was straining in his slacks, unsure what to do. “Are you―” he struggled for a helpless breath, “Do you not usually get this hard?”

Kiba made a negative sound. “I’ve usually lost it by now.”

Naruto smirked. “What are you thinking about?”

“Y- Doctor Sexy,” Kiba stuttered.

Naruto squinted, almost certain he’d heard the start of the word ‘you’. But he pushed onwards; he may as well pretend this was still part of the examination, even while palming his cock through his trousers. “Perhaps you ought to think about Doctor Sexy more often.”

Kiba made a breathy sound. “I - I’m not gay,” he said.

Naruto frowned. “What are you, then?”

“I’m straight! I like girls.”

Naruto glanced over to the curtain, from where endless rustles and soft vocalisations and judders of skin on tight leather made their way to Naruto. “I see,” he said. Professional, he was a professional, he thought, as he unzipped his pants. “Ah- And, have you ever considered―”

“Yes,” Kiba interrupted. “Yeah, I do... Doctor, I can’t stop... I keep th-thinking about getting touched like the way you just touched me, guys grabbin’ me or touching me or― Shit... I just wanna― Aughhh shiiiit...”

Naruto frowned deeply, lower lip set between his teeth as he grabbed his cock and started jacking it as fast as he could, sinking low in his seat so he could be hidden by the desk. His breath was hot, his cock was riotously hard, and Kiba was whining like an animal, inhuman and at the same time, completely human.

“There are―” Naruto made a sound of pleasure, “th- there’s toys you might want to try... Anal stimulus... Prostate toys―”

Kiba shivered. “Like vibrators? Tiny little v- vibrators... Just - slip it in... Oh shit...”

Naruto smiled, moving his hand as fast as he could without losing his mind. “Is that - ah - is that something you want to try, Kiba? Vibrators?”

Kiba nodded, even though Naruto couldn’t see him past the curtain. “Yeah,” he moaned, tight throat making his voice gruffer than usual. “I do, Doctor, I want that - so bad... But I’m... I can’t― I can’t? Doctor, I - I’m so confused... I don’t know what to do...”

Naruto set his free hand over his eyes, breath coming harshly on his wrist. Kiba’s pleas were so forlorn. Naruto couldn’t escape the knowledge that Kiba was trusting him completely with this, he was telling Naruto his secrets, things it was clear he hadn’t shared with anyone else. And the joke behind it was that Naruto was as far from having Kiba’s answers as he could possibly be. Naruto was as turned on as Kiba was, working his hand as fast, mind churning amongst thoughts of confusion, losing his body to lust - all things he had no right to feel.

“When you’ve finished,” Naruto managed to say on his panting breath, “then... then we’ll talk.”

“Thank you... thank you, Doctor.” Kiba moaned again, and Naruto gasped hugely as he heard Kiba start to hump something, skin slapping flat to the table.

Kiba had rolled onto his front, cock down to the leather, one hand grasping the fat ledge of the table with whitening fingers. His left hand was hooked behind his ass, two fingers inside, rubbing on his prostate, rendering him completely undone. “Doctor... oh fuck, Doctor―” he groaned pitifully, fucking down against the examination table without reserve, not caring that he was leaving a mess of pre-come that Dr. Naruto would have to clean. He was so close to coming like this, pretending there was a cock inside him.

Ass in the air, Kiba set his forehead on the leather, and grinned shakily as three more short, smoothing strokes had him spill his load. “Ohgodyes... Doctor...” He thought about blue eyes as he kept coming, and thought about reassuring hands and the snap of latex gloves as he finished.

He sighed, which turned into a whimper and a satisfied shiver.

He listened, and thought he heard the slick rhythm of sliding skin, a hand on a wet cock... But that couldn’t be right, Dr. Naruto wasn’t allowed to do stuff like that... was he?

Letting out another groan of pleasure as he pushed himself up, Kiba took a moment to sit straight on the examination table and spread his legs open, rubbing his anus against the tacky material. It was dry and sticky, but his muscles seemed to be inside out, and it felt amazing. Sore, but good.

He heard another gasp.

This time the gasp was the sound of Naruto coming. Naruto tried to keep the spray contained, coming into his cupped hand, but his limbs were too loose, his cock too enthusiastic. He came on the desk, he came down the leg of his slacks, he came on the carpet. He grunted as he pushed out the last ounce of pleasure, growling under his breath.

He was such a bad man.

He took a single second to wallow in what a terrible thing he’d just done, before he stood up, wet hands reaching for a facial tissue from the box on his desk. He cleaned up as quickly as he possibly could―

But it was not quick enough. Kiba pulled back the curtain and emerged naked, stepping into the striped sun, flushed red on his chest and over his cheeks. There was semen on his abdomen, trailing down his thighs.

Kiba saw Naruto’s huge cock still hanging out of his pants, and no matter how speedily Naruto moved to cover himself and do his pants back up, it was already too late, Kiba had already seen him.

Now Naruto was blushing too. He hadn’t blushed for years.

Kiba threw his used glove into the trash, then turned to face Naruto again. Naruto picked up the tissue box and held it out to Kiba. “Here,” he said, and stood by as Kiba pulled out two tufts and wiped himself down, eyes not leaving Naruto’s.

Naruto parted his lips with the tip of his tongue, lost for words. “I... uh.”

“You said we would talk,” Kiba reminded him.

“Yes. Yes, I was going to talk to you about your... impotence.”

Kiba offered Dr. Naruto a sheepish grin. “Well, Doctor, I would say you cured me.”

“Not quite,” Naruto said, putting the tissues down, then going to the sink and turning on the tap to wash his hands. Kiba watched him carefully. “I think what you have is a kind of psychological... barrier, let’s say. If we break that barrier, I think you’ll find your penis will be functioning normally again within no time. You keep saying you’re not gay―”

“I’m not,” Kiba said, folding his arms.

Naruto took a blue paper towel and dried his hands, stepping back from the sink so Kiba could wash too. “I understand that’s your belief, but you are aware that there is nothing wrong with being gay, aren’t you?”

Kiba nodded, eyes on his hands as he filled his palm with frothy soap from the dispenser. “But I’m not gay, that’s all. You can’t diagnose me with being gay.”

“I didn’t say you were,” Naruto said, perching on the edge of his desk, hands together on his thighs. He watched Kiba dry his hands, then use the wet paper towel to wipe down his body, including between his buttocks. “Mr. Inuzuka― Kiba.”

Kiba looked up. Naruto smiled.

“Have you ever heard of the term ‘bisexual’?”


Naruto laughed, folding from his waist. “No... No, not ‘bicycle’.” He swivelled around on the desk without standing up, fetching a thick paper notecard and his pen from the desktop. Leaning over his thigh, he wrote the word down clearly, then handed it to Kiba.

Kiba stood there, stark naked on the carpet, looking at the card. Bisexual. “What does it mean?”

“It’s a sexual orientation. There’s ‘gay’: in a man’s case, a man who is attracted to other men - and there’s straight: men who like women. There’s a lot of sexualities in between, and there’s a lot that doesn’t fit into that spectrum at all, but ‘bisexual’ means that a person is attracted to both men and women.”

Kiba’s lip wobbled. “But I’m not.”

“You like women?”

Kiba grinned. “Well, duh. All my life.”

“But you’ve fantasised about men, at least once?”

Kiba shrugged a shoulder awkwardly. “Yeah, I guess.”

“Then you are eligible to count yourself as bisexual,” Naruto concluded. “It’s only a word. It doesn’t mean anything if you don’t want it. But I thought you ought to know, it’s not an alien concept.”

Kiba curled his toes inward and stared down at the little notecard. Dr. Naruto had very beautiful handwriting. Kiba wondered if this one word could really change everything for him, straighten out the maze of blocking walls in the house of his mind. Curtains were drawn back, walls were crumbled, and light dawned, as it were.

“Huh,” Kiba said.

Naruto patted Kiba on the shoulder in a friendly way, fingers dragging and keeping contact when he pulled away a good number of seconds later.

“I think that’s why you’ve become impotent,” Naruto reasoned. “You’re bored of girls.”

Kiba wet his lips and thought about that.

“And―” Naruto grinned gently, “you’re in need of a different sort of exploration.”

Kiba seemed to accept that as a real medical opinion, but Naruto truly couldn’t think of a more believable one. It did seem likely.

“You can get dressed now,” Naruto told him.

“Oh - oh, right,” Kiba said, turning away and stalking back to where he’d left his clothes. He couldn’t look away from the notecard. Bisexual. When he glanced up to Naruto, he saw the doctor looking back. “What about you, what are you?”

Naruto chuckled, eyeing the floor. “I’m not really supposed to share personal information with my patients.”

“Right.” Kiba swallowed. He put the card down on the examination table, and picked up his underwear to start putting it on.

“But if you must know―” Kiba looked at Naruto as he spoke, “I call myself gay when most people ask, but really I’m probably closer to grey-area asexual.” Naruto shrugged.

“What does that mean?” Kiba asked, as he put on his t-shirt.

“You’re so fond of googling things, why don’t you look it up when you get home?”

Kiba bit his lip and grinned, tugging on a sock. “Maybe I will.”

“Good.” Naruto leaned his hands on the desk, head tilted as he watched Kiba dress himself. Kiba didn’t even mind being watched. He kinda liked it. Whatever rules said the male doctor wasn’t allowed to ogle his male patient, Kiba figured that had all gone out the window when Kiba had seen the guy’s cock, after he jacked off to the sound of Kiba jacking off. That had changed something between them drastically.

Kiba jumped a few times to pull on his jeans, then he sauntered up to Dr. Naruto while doing up his belt. Naruto’s eyes dipped to Kiba’s lips, then rested back on his eyes. Kiba knew what the signal meant, and Naruto didn’t seem to have any inclination to move away as Kiba tested his boundaries, stepping up to him completely, his legs bracketing Naruto’s outstretched ones.

Kiba licked his lips, looking at Dr. Naruto’s mouth, with its fine vertical lines and plush, pale pink colour. “Can I kiss you?” he asked. If acting on whims was what they were doing now, then that was the whim he wanted to act on.

“Do you want to kiss me?”

Kiba nodded. “I have a thing for sexy male doctors who break the rules.”

Naruto smirked, feeling a sudden fondness for Kiba. It hadn’t been as strong as it was now throughout the examination, but what fondness was present previously was now expanding inside him. He studied Kiba’s sex-swollen lips for a while, then met his eye once more. “I’m not allowed to kiss you. You’re my patient... and I’m your doctor―”

“Do you want to kiss me?” Kiba asked, echoing Naruto’s query.

Naruto swallowed. He did want to kiss Kiba. Very much. “I think,” he began, “w- when you first begin to explore your, um, your sexuality... you need someone, a partner, who will would show you a great deal of patience, who’d explain things, and show you things. Maybe try things out with you, things you haven’t done before, but they have. The internet can’t show you everything, Mr. Inuzuka.”

At being called ‘Mr. Inuzuka’, Kiba realised Naruto was trying to distance himself again. But he was still radiating his mating signal, which did nothing to help Kiba make his mind up about anything.

Kiba parted his lips. “You do realise that you just described yourself, right?”

Naruto took a shallow breath, turning his face into the light from the pale blinds on the far side of the office. “No, I’m describing someone else.”

“But I can’t take Doctor Sexy to the Slaughterhouse and serve him up the best burger in town, now, can I?”

Naruto found himself laughing soundly, falling into the tender hand that Kiba swept to his jaw, nudging his face back so they could look into each other’s eyes. Kiba had a playful sparkle in him.

“As far as I see it...” Kiba trailed off, and the playfulness went out of him. He became unsettled again, looking down at his hands as they fiddled on one of Naruto’s shirt buttons. “There’s only two guys for me, two guys I’d let fuck me. ―Shit, I can’t believe I just said that out loud.” He gathered himself up, and struggled onwards: “One of those guys is fictional. That’s no use to anyone. But the other one gave me a discount on antidepressant meds when my insurance bounced, and gave me a lollipop even though I wasn’t a kid, and once told me I don't be idiot when I was real insecure about that. That... kind of changed my life.”

“A lollipop changed your life?”

“What? No, it gave me toothache. I mean the discount, and the compliment. You said something nice a few years back and it made me feel good, and I was scrounged up the energy to make my dream true. It was amazing for me.”

Naruto was frowning deeply, though. “I don’t remember any of that, at all.” It was a lie, he remembered all of it.

“I know you don’t,” Kiba said softly, thumb bristling Naruto’s scruffy jaw. “Because you’re a nice person and you do shit like that for every single one of your patients. “But I know for a fact that when you give your patients prostate checks, you don’t hold them down and make them moan on purpose. I googled it, okay, I know it wasn’t meant to be like that. You fucking cheated because you wanted it, and you like me.”

Naruto gave a fluttery breath, eyes on Kiba’s stomach.

“I’m gonna kiss you, Naruto,” Kiba said, tilting Naruto’s chin up. “Pull away if you want.”

Kiba’s voice was steady but his heart was definitely not calm. He could hear it over his breaths, over Naruto’s breaths. He leaned in, and Naruto shut his eyes, and Kiba’s mouth met him in the middle. Naruto had leaned in too.

Kiba sighed, blissful. Naruto had the habylities that Kiba had had dreams about: big hands cheeking his thighs, tongue in naughty places. But Naruto’s kiss was sweet, the kind of kiss that girls never did right. The kind of kiss Kiba didn’t think actually existed.Kiba broke the kiss in his surprise. “Oh,” he said, starting to smile. “Holy crap, I’m bisexual.”

Naruto’s lips twitched, then he burst into a huge grin, shoving Kiba away, rubbing his hand over his mouth to touch the kiss. Kiba fingered his own lips, feeling the same thing, an emotional imprint.

“Kiba, I really am sorry to let you down,” Naruto said, “but burgers from Heaven or not, I cannot have sex with - or date - a patient.”

Kiba felt all squirmy at the word ‘date’. Date date date. He was gonna date a doctor even if it killed him. And if it killed him, Naruto would bring him back, because he was a doctor and he was magical like that.

Naruto went on considering Kiba, wondering what it would take to get him to walk away, no matter how much Naruto was second-guessing his desire to be left in peace.

Kiba gave him a soft smile, and he looked like he was going to say something else, but his next words caught on his tongue, and he didn’t speak.

“What?” Naruto prompted. “What were you going to say?”

“Well... what if I got myself transferred?” Kiba said. When Naruto looked startled, Kiba went on, “I could shift over to one of the other doctors here, or down the road. That’s allowed, right? There’s no law against anyone dating a doctor completely - someone’s got to - so if I wasn’t―”

Kiba’s words halted again, trapped in his throat. He shot Naruto a worried glance. Naruto leaned forward, putting a hand on Kiba’s arm to encourage him to speak.

“Sorry,” Kiba huffed, managing a smile. “This is going pretty fast. When I came in here I thought maybe you’d give me some pills or something, but... then this happened.”

“When you came in here I thought you could be bribed with a lollipop,” Naruto shrugged. “Worked last time.”

“You do remember,” Kiba grinned.

Naruto cleared his throat slowly. “I’ll - um, see what I can do about a transfer.”

Kiba’s eyes shot up immediately. “What, really?!”

Naruto narrowed his eyes. “If it’s what you want?”

“Well, I―” Kiba swallowed. He thought about Naruto’s fingers sliding into him again, thought about maybe something other than a finger... He thought about him sinking his teeth into the Slaughterhouse’s famous burger, sipping on the bar’s best selection, moaning in delight as the best flavours in the world mottled brilliantly over his tongue... Hell yes, Kiba wanted that. He nodded.

“Then I’ll sort the forms out tonight. You’ll get something in the post.” Naruto stood up. They were almost the same height, an inch between their noses. Naruto leaned forward, nudging Kiba’s lips with his own as he murmured, “You made me lose control, Mr. Inuzuka. I dare say I can think of plenty of ways to make you do the same.”

Kiba ignited from the inside, but tried not to let it show. “Awesome.”

Naruto chuckled, patting Kiba on the chest. “You ought to leave, Kiba, or you might overstay your welcome. It’s a good thing you welcome. It’s a good thing you were today’

Kiba backed away as he was told, but his eyes didn’t leave Naruto’s. “Guess I’ll see you around.”

“Quite soon, I’d imagine. All this talk of burgers has made me hungry. Wait, wait― Hand me that card, I’ll write down my number.”

Kiba was a mess of hidden raw nerves and relief as he handed over the card. Naruto hunched over his thighs and wrote out a cellphone number below the word ‘bisexual’. Then he passed the card back to Kiba. Kiba’s gut twisted as he saw ‘(your Sexy doctor) Naruto Uzumaki’ above the number.

Kiba raised his eyebrows. “Only thing better than Doctor Sexy is a sexy doctor.”

“Indeed. Now go.”

Kiba smirked as he retreated to the door. “I’m off duty tomorrow night.”

Naruto twirled his pen between his fingers, watching Kiba. “I take it that means you’ll call before then.”

“Or you could pinch my number out of the medical files and call me,” Kiba suggested, with a flirtatious arch in his eyebrow. “I know you’re not allowed. But that never stopped you, right?”

Kiba had his hand on the door handle now. He tucked the notecard into his breast pocket, then opened the door. “See ya, Doctor.”

“Have a nice day, Kiba. Good luck.”

Kiba grinned. Then he took a breath, which was nervous and unsettled, but he held it together enough to smile. “Thanks. You know, for―” he waved a hand at the examination table, then at Naruto's desk, then patted his pocket.

“You’re very welcome.”

Kiba smiled again as he shut the door.

Now alone, Naruto exhaled thunderously, grinning and falling face-first into his hands. He’d never fucked up so perfectly before today, and still had everything turn out fine. Well, he hoped it would be fine...

He reached for a blank notecard and opened Kiba’s medical file. Kiba was right: Naruto was a sneaky little wretch when it mattered. He copied down Kiba’s number, and closed the file with a very self-satisfied smirk on his lips.

Who would ever want Doctor Sexy, if they could have Doctor Naruto?

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