Naruto: The Blonde Homewrecker

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Well, I'm back, and I bring a new story. I hope you love this story. I really boring for the many stories of "Naruto cuckold", and I decided wrote a Naruto: Blonde Homewrecker, where Naruto break the Uchiha's family, one by one.

This is a AU, where Naruto has been born 5 years after Sasuke, Sakura and the others. Kushina sacrifice self to sealed Kyubi in Naruto after her kill Obito, leaving Minato and Jiraiya raise up Naruto. Minato through the dialogue and actions managed to avoid the Uchiha massacre so that what Itachi never left and Sasuke did not enter his emo phase. But Danzo escaped

After the murder of Hinata at age 14 by Kumo, both nations enter a war, in which she brings back Tsunade to the village, and many other things that culminated in a battle between Minato, Jiraiya, Sarutobi, Tsunade, Kakashi , Itachi, Shisui and others against A and Bee as well as the Kumo army, only to discover at the end that Orochimaru and Danzo orchestrated the war. United against a common enemy they murdered both, and the war ended. In the agreement, it was achieved that Bee will train Naruto to control the Kyubii with Jiraiya as support.By the time of war many had sex between them Sasuke and Sakura, thus being born Sarada so they had to marry and Naruto who was 12 became his honorary godfather and blah, blah.

Naruto, unlike them, did not marry and went around the world together with Jiraiya returning to the village until he was 25 years old. He died a short time ago (with Fugaku and Mikoto), leaving Tsunade in charge of the position of Hokage, Itachi as leader ANBU, along with his husband, Shisui,. Sasuke become the chief of Konoha Military Police Force. (At some point Akatsuki took over Ame, but that didn't influence Konoha)

Sarada ever have a crush with Naruto but the blonde refuse her because she was a girl, although he felt attraction for her. Sarada with 16 years old, (recently become a Chunin) feel ready to give her virginity for the blonde, (He is her mentor); but she never expected the blond's plans for her family.

-Naruto: 28 years old, one of the most powerful shinobi in the world, the next Hokage candidate, mentor and honorary godfather of Sarada. He feels attracted to his friend's daughter, but he does not want to get involved with her, because she is a girl. Hide a personality that only Jiraiya knows and many women in the shinobi world.

-Sarada: 16 years old, Chunin, she has a huge crush for Naruto and now she will try to show her that she is not a girl anymore, now she is a woman.

-Sasuke: 33 years old, chief of Konoha Military Police Force, loves his family and friends especially Naruto, his best friend but he is very busy at work.

-Sakura: 33 years old, head of the shinobi hospital, loves her family and friends, but is very busy at work.

-Itachi 36 years old and Shisui 37 years old: couple of husbands, they are the leaders of the ANBU, they love their family, and they want Sarada as a daughter. Their only regret is that they don’t have children.

Naruto: The Blonde Homewrecker

Chapter 1: The daughter

-Sarada’s POV-

“Sarada, I need to finish this!” Naruto whined.

The son of Yondaime Hokage, trying to work on a report of his last mission. He was supposed to turn him in yesterday, but being trained with Sarada ended his free time, and now he has to hurry to finish it, to hand it over to Tusnade, maybe he fishish the report if she didn´t idly stroking him chest, getting lower and lower up him abs with each passing minute.

Uchiha Sarada, daughter of Sasuke and Sakura, niece of Itachi and Shisui, one of the most talented kunoichis of the village, her honorary goddaughter, kept her youthful body stuck to her back as she ran her hands down her abdomen, trying to get to her jewels, being stopped by Naruto's hand.

Sarada knew he shouldn’t be so attracted to him. He was her Godfather, after all. He saw her grow up, played with her, took care of her, was practically like a Father.

It wasn’t until the last couple of months when the relation between they had changed.

It had all been quite innocent. At first, she had been fretting about her Chunnin´s exam, he had been trying to reassure her, telling her how easy are the exam, telling her how talented she was and how she would become a Chunnin. She hadn’t been convinced, and had started rambling. He eventually ended up kissing her to distract her.

It had only been a peck, barely lasted a second, but it worked. And it was like a switch had been flipped inside her brain. Sarada suddenly became hyper aware of just how desirable Naruto was. He was a tall, muscled, absolutely gorgeous man. And with his eyes and hair blonde he inherited from his father, Namikaze Minato, and the Uzumaki traits he’d inherited from his mother, according to what she heard the girls saying in the village, Naruto was very popular with the ladies. It seemed to Sarada like every attractive girl of 16 years or above years was desperate to get into his bed.

The tipping point had been when she had overheard her cousins, Shizune, her teacher Anko and Kurenai, and aunt Tenten boasting to each other about having been fucked by Naruto

Listening to them talk about him thrusting into their hot, quivering pussies, pounding them until they couldn’t walk straight, had gotten her so hot and bothered she had started playing with herself listening to them. It had been the most amazing orgasm she had ever experienced.

Then and there, she had decided to get Naruto for herself. Perhaps as an act of teenage rebellion, her father being the chief of Police Force, she had always had a weakness for bad boys- her favourite film and book characters, singers, Shows stars- the hunks who would flit from woman to woman, they had always been the ones that got her flustered. She had dreamt of being seduced by one of those bad boys and them saying that she was all he would ever need.

And now she had found the womanising hunk she wanted, she just had to get him.

But the man she was desperate to get with, hadn’t been as oblivious as she thought to her wandering eyes these last few weeks.

-Naruto’s POV-

Naruto knew she was close to breaking. He could see the sight sheen of sweat on her forehead, the slight hitch to her breath, the tenseness of her boobs above his back, she the smell of her young pussy; innocent touches on the surface, but the effect they were having on his latest conquest was oh so provocative.

Although it will try to deny it, he didn’t care about her kunoichi career, her friends, or even her future. It didn’t matter to him how well she did in the missions. Because he wasn’t going to let her be anything more than a cock-craving slut.

He was surprised how easy it had been to get to this point. A single kiss to get her to notice he was a guy, not just family. Telling the whores he fucked to share stories about him where Sarada could overhear as he kicked them out of his private head boy suite. And she had been hooked.

And now he was going to make the young, sexy daughter of the chief of Konoha Police Force, nephew of the liders of ANBU, the Uchiha' diamond, and his own goddaugther to boot, into his own personal cumdumpster. It was a hell of a turn-on.

Naruto decided to move things along to their proper conclusion.

“You’re too tense Naruto, you’ll never be able to think straight enough to finish that report while you’re this wound up. Let me help you relax.” she said

And with that, he shoved his report from him lap, moved up, and before she could protest, captured her lips with his own. He kissed her roughly, his tongue forcing it’s way into her mouth when she gasped in shock. Her hands pushed weakly at his shoulders, but he ignored her token resistance, knowing that it would soon crumble. After a few moments, Sarada started to moan and whimper into his mouth. Her hands started trying to pull him closer. Her lips moved against his own.

‘Gotcha’ Naruto thought triumphantly.

He brought his hands up to grope her tits through her shirt, his calloused fingers sending electric shock like feelings through Sarada’s body, even with her clothes in the way.

Soon, Sarada broke the kiss for air, and Naruto pulled back and ripped her shirt open, buttons flying across the room, and then grabbed her bra, his enhanced strength showing as he tore it off. Her gasp of surprise turned into a moan of pleasure, when he dove forward, his mouth capturing one of her hard, aching nipples, while his left hand kneaded the other breast.

Sarada clutched his head to her chest, the feelings unlike anything she had ever felt before. A hot flush swept over her, leaving her insensate to everything but the pleasure Naruto was giving her. Naruto’s hot, wet tongue on her rock hard nipple was sending red-hot flushes through her, and she couldn’t stop herself moaning and begging for him not to stop as he moved from one nipple to the other and back again.

After a few minutes, Naruto pulled back, ignoring her whimpering please for him to continue.

“It’s time for you to return the favour, Sarada-chan, if you want any more.” He growled, as he began to remove his own clothes, not breaking eye contact with the panting girl on the floor.

-Sarada’s POV-

Her stuttering objections that she had never done anything like this before died off when he lowered his trousers and underwear in one smooth move.

His cock, huge, thick, and still not fully hard, was as thick as her wrist, and 11 inches long. Her mouth watered just looking at the beautiful piece on man meat on display in front of her. She had never seen a cock in person before, but she knew, instinctively, that this was a magnificent specimen, and the wetness pooling in her panties was a sign of just how badly she wanted it inside her.

“Suck it, Sarada-chan” Naruto growled. Sarada noticed how his voice was suddenly deeper, rougher. There was a threat underlying his tone, promising punishment if she didn’t obey. Sarada was shocked by how that made her pussy gush.

She slowly slipped forward, sliding off of the floor and onto her knees. Naruto’s massive cock looked even more intimidating up close, and from here, less than a foot away from him, she could smell his thick, musky scent. It was intoxicating.

She slowly reached up, grasping his length in her hands, her dainty fingers not able to wrap fully around him. Hesitatingly, she began to work her hands, up and down his monstrous shaft, getting increasingly more confident. His cock began to rise thanks to her supple, dextrous digits, quickly reaching it’s full size. Soon, she was staring in awe at a 14 inch cock, as thick around as her forearm. But it wasn’t enough for Naruto, nor was it what he had ordered.

“I said, suck it, slut!”

As she opened her mouth to protest that she wasn’t a slut, he thrust forward, five inches of his cock burying itself in her mouth as she gagged, unable to have prepared for the intrusion.

Naruto gripped her hair, and began thrusting in and out, pulling back until just the head was in her, then pushing in deeper and deeper with every repetition, forcing her to take him in as far as she could. After a few minutes, his cock was pressing against the back of her throat, her eyes were watering, her mascara running, and she absolutely loved it.

Sarada was reduced to kneeling at Naruto’s feet, his cock pistoning in and out of her mouth as he fucked her face like it was some 2 dollars whore’s cunt. Her body was shaking as she came again and again.

This was a man who carried himself like the huge bulge in his trousers didn’t lie, and it was primal in the way it turned her on like nothing else ever had. He was an alpha male, a real man, who knew what he wanted and knew he deserved it. Being taken, like an object, by this man was the most amazing experience of her life.

Soon, too soon for Sarada, Naruto announced he was going to cum.

“Get ready to take it, slut!” he cried, as he pulled back until just the head was in her mouth. She kept on sucking almost mindlessly; worshipping the head with her lips and tongue, while her hands came up to caress the balls that were about to give her the load of cum that she, on some level, knew she needed.

“That’s a good little slut, play with my balls” Naruto moaned. Sarada felt a rush of pride go through her at the compliment. Moments later, Naruto tensed, and Sarada felt his balls pulse in her hands.

A second later, hot, thick cum blasted into her mouth, coating her tongue. She moaned around his dick at the sinfully delicious taste of Naruto’s seed. She greedily slurped down the first mouthful, just in time to catch the second. The third came before she could swallow it all, ‘there’s just so much, so much hot, creamy cum’ Sarada thought to herself. The fourth stream of cum filled her mouth, and started to dribble through her lips, and she moaned unhappily at losing some of the tasty treat. The fifth, and last cumshot, completely overflowed her mouth.

When Naruto pulled out, the cum rushed out of her mouth in a torrent, dripping down her face and onto her heaving cleavage. Not wanting to lose a drop of Naruto’s cum, she quickly started scooping it up with her hands, gulping it all down.

-Naruto’s POV-

Naruto watched in amusement as the girl who had, just ten minutes ago, tried to proclaim she wasn’t a slut, used her fingers to catch his seed and eat every last drop. He knew he had her now. There would be no going back for his new whore.

After Sarada had finished cleaning his seed from her face and tits, and eagerly swallowed it all, Naruto roughly pulled her up, with a jutsu he invoked a sofa and dragged her around the sofa. Placing a hand on her back, he bent her over the back of the settee, getting in position behind her.

Realising what was about to happen, she turned her head, trying to say something, Naruto didn’t care what. He just looked at her, his eyes and facial expression daring her to speak, and the words never came. Her mouth flapped for a moment, like she wanted to say something, but didn’t know what.

 “Listen, Sarada, you’re still a little girl. But you want to be a woman, don’t you?” Sarada nodded. “Well, real women crave cock, crave cum. It’s in their nature to worship a big, fat cock like mine. It’s what you’re for. It’s your purpose. So be a good girl, and I’ll make you a woman.”

At that, Sarada stopped resisting, ‘if one could even call it resisting, she’s so wet there’s a puddle on the floor’ Naruto thought with a smug grin.

Naruto took his fourteen inch cock in one hand, his other hand still pushing Sarada down against the back of the sofa, and guided it to her pussy. There was some resistance at first – he knew she was a virgin, even if her hymen had been broken by all missions she did– but he pushed forwards. Sarada’s mouth was wide open in a silent scream. It felt so good. So amazing. She was being stretched so much by this huge cock. All the air had been knocked out of her, and all she could do was stare blankly at the wall opposite, her mouth unable to articulate the ecstasy she was feeling, as Naruto pushed deeper and deeper into her. It felt like he was fucking endless miles of massive meat into her, but eventually, he bottomed out.

Sarada shook, and came, harder than ever, at the sensation of his cockhead kissing her womb. She had no idea it was possible for something to be so deeply inside her.

 “You think that was good, slut, wait for this!” Naruto growled, and pulled back, Sarada’s walls tight around his girth as he retreated until just the head of his cock was in her. Sarada moaned as her sensitive pussy clenched around every bump and vein on his cock until he was only just inside her. He moved his hands to her juicy, round butt, his fingers clenching in an iron grip that stopped her moving more than an inch or two.

He held there, waiting. It was just a few moments before Sarada started to whine, and buck in his hands, trying desperately to get him back inside her.

“Ah, ah, little slut. You have to ask nicely.”

“Wha? Please, please, Naruto, fuck me, fuck me hard!” Sarada moaned, a blush on her checks despite the situation.

“Nearly, slut, but try harder.”

 “Please, Naruto, I need it, I need your cock so bad!”

 “It seems I’ll have to help you. I own your pussy, yes?” Naruto spanked Sarada for emphasis, making her moan, the pain mixing with pleasure to form a delightful crescendo of feeling inside her.

 “Yes” she gasped out, her pussy gushing at the admission.

“And I own you.”


 “And what does a slave call her owner?” Naruto said silkily, his voice sounding conversational.

 “MASTER!” Naruto thrust forward, letting Sarada feel the bliss of total fullness in one fell swoop. Then he started to fuck her. Naruto set a blistering pace, his hips a blur as his pelvis crashed against hers, Sarada chanting “master, master, master, fuck me, fuck me harder, please fuck me harder master!” Naruto was all too happy to oblige her, his cock slamming into her with enough force to bruise, and her cunt convulsing around him.

Sarada seemed to be in one, constant orgasm, never coming down from that peak, the feelings climbing higher and higher until the room span, her mouth hung open in a stupor, and she could do nothing but shriek in utter ecstasy. Her subconscious, unable to process anything but pleasure as Naruto fucked her, inexorably linked thoughts of ‘Naruto’, ‘master’ and ‘obedience’ with ‘pleasure’.

Naruto knew she was his now. His property. The pleasures of being his whore had taken over her, just like it did with every woman he fucked, from the Hyuga virgins, the whores of Mizu, to Anko, to the hot new Jonin. No woman could resist his cock. He knew it was because he was a real man, the ideal of what a man should be.

-Sarada’s POV-

The sheer pleasure of being fucked by Naruto, Sarada soon found, paled in comparison to being filled with his cum. After nearly twenty minutes of ravaging her cunt, twenty minutes of near-constant orgasm, Naruto growled out “I’m going to fucking cum, you filthy little whore!”

“Please fill me up, master, please fill my undeserving cunt with your hot cum!” Sarada screamed, on the edge of a mind-shattering orgasm, her subconscious knowing that what she needed was a womb full of her master’s seed.

 “You want me to make you pregnant, slut?” Naruto growled, barely staving off his orgasm long enough to ask.

 “YES! Please master, please make me pregnant, give me your babies, make me your breeding whorrrre!” Sarada trailed off into a scream of mind-blowing pleasure as Naruto started cumming, balls deep inside her, his cockhead pressing directly against her vulnerable, fertile womb.

His cum shot forth, spurt after spurt filling her up, reducing her to a cock-addicted cum-whore desperate for his seed. His potent, impregnating cum packed her womb to overfilling, then began leaking out of her pussy, even with his cock plugging her up. Sarada’s orgasm peaked, and the pleasure was so intense she blacked out for a few seconds. When she regained consciousness, Naruto had stopped cumming, but was still deep inside her.

He slowly pulled out, a torrent of cum rushing out of her ruined, gaping pussy. Sarada knew she would never even be able to feel any other man that fucked her. No other man could compare to her master. When Naruto let go of her and stepped back, her legs gave in and she collapsed onto the floor at Naruto’s feet. ‘Where she belonged’ flitted through her head. She looked up adoringly at her master, who bent down, picked her up as if she weighed nothing, and dumped her onto the sofa, taking the seat next to her.

“Master, are you going to keep fucking other women?” Sarada asked, then gasped at her own impertinence at questioning her master’s actions. She welcomed it when her master’s hand slapped across her cheek, the stinging pain both shaming and arousing her.

 “That shag felt good, didn’t it slut?” Naruto asked, looking relaxed, and not even breathing heavily, despite his marathon sex session.

 “It was the best thing ever, master” Sarada gushed, praising her master like he deserved.

 “It would be almost criminal to keep pleasure like that to yourself, wouldn’t it, slut? Do you want to be responsible for making other women suffer, for making them never know the pleasure that my cock could give them?” he questioned, a smug, superior smirk gracing his lips. Sarada just wanted to kiss it off.

“I don’t want that master! Every woman should get to feel that pleasure!” Sarada didn’t think she could, in good conscience, keep that pleasure to herself. That would be just too greedy. It would be horrible if a beautiful woman had to go through life never knowing the pleasure only master could give her.

“Well, I’m glad you feel that way, because I will be visiting you soon, and you are going to help me seduce Sakura.”

 “Kaa-chan!? But she’s married to Tou-chan!” Sarada gasped, not sure she could go quite that far. Her parents were happily married, after all.

 “Yes, but according to one of Sakura’s mates at the Hospital, most of whomI am banging on the regular, Sasuke is a tiny-dicked premature ejaculator.”

Sarada gasped in horror. “If Kaa-chan isn’t getting a good fucking from Tou-chan, then you should show her how a real man would fuck her” she stated, as if it were a fact of life, as immutable as the sun rising. “I’m sure Tou-chan will be grateful that you’re giving Kaa-chan the pleasure he can’t.”

 “I’m sure he will be, slut”.


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