Good Boy

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Hello, this is my first story published on this platform and the first written in English. I like Naruto too much, but I think most of the stories tend to denigrate Naruto, instead of praising him, so I'll give myself the task of publishing stories that show instead that Naruto deserves.
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To clarify, this is an AU, in which Hinata died shortly after giving birth to Boruto for which there is no Himawari and although Naruto works he still has time to take care of his son.


Chapter 1. Advice & lessons

If Uumaki Boruto’s current state of being and temperament could be summed up into one word, it would likely be… troubled. It wasn’t, a brutally difficult video game, or an upcoming test or hurdle for him to overcome. For once, he was troubled by something completely mundane that (he imagined) most teenagers had to deal with at some point in their development.

Boruto had a big, heart pounding, pulse buzzing, stomach fluttering crush on one of his classmates.

Having come from a childhood where most kids would play with him for his father's reputation, let alone consider play with him for they will want to be his truly friends he had taken a fair amount of time to feverishly think over and over-think his situation, which lead him to the conclusion that he had no idea what the fuck he was doing.

Normally, when his results were inconclusive, or reached a dead end, he turned to internet or classmates. But considering the circumstances of his dilemma, talking to anyone in his class about his giant unwieldly crush filled him with the overwhelming urge to fainted or had a heart attack to avoid the potential embarrassment.

So that left him with a very sparse pool of potential confidants, from which he immediately excluded Konohamaru Nii-chan or Iruka jii-chan That’d be way too awkward. After many nights alone in his room where he groaned into his pillow and bemoaned the world at large, he’d finally come to a sufficient decision regarding his search for advice on relationships.

Which is what brought him of the outside his father office's door at 8 in the evening, when he was working overtime at home. Although his father worked too much, he always has time for his only son.

He knew it would be an uncomfortable topic to talk to his father, even though he knew he would not be prejudiced about his sexual orientation, it was still strange for him - and for any teenager - to talk to his parents about a crush.

With all his second thoughts dismissed (or rather, shoved into a precariously rickety box until they all came bursting forth at a more opportune moment), Boruto took a deep breath and rapped his knuckles on the door.

Boruto heard his father's voice say "Go ahead" and taking a deep breath entered. He saw his father working on his laptop even in his suit and orange shirt but having abandoned his jacket and tie.

His father looked up from his computer “Boruto, ” he began, sounding pleasantly surprised at a high enough volume to be heard over Boruto’s shriek of fright, “how nice to see you, son! But what brings you here at such a late hour? Have you a problem?”

“A-ah,” Boruto stuttered once he’d caught his breath, a hand placed over his thin pajama shirt to contain his hysterical heart, “I… uhm. Well, I’ve kind of been having a problem recently, not anything serious, just something I wanted some advice on but I can’t really ask any of my classmates because it kind of involves them in a roundabout way and also" The blue eyes of his father, looked at him with kindness and understanding encouraging him to continue "I can’t ask Konohamaru Nii-chan or Iruka jii-chan because it would be really weird and awkward so I thought I could ask you without it being-uhm, weird.”

His father looked at him for a few seconds before closing his computer “I see!” Naruto beamed, clearly used to helping people with theirs problems. “Well, don't worry ! I’m always happy to help!” Naruto got up from his dark Wood desk and immediately cracked his neck and went to the couch where he usually slept, Boruto followed him sitting next to him.

Father’s office was, unsurprisingly, absolutely comfortable. All his work was neatly arranged on a dark wood desk, he had a cork board with evenly pinned photographs and letters, a bookshelf was perfectly alphabetized beside the door to his balcony, and photographs of his family and friends hanging on the wall. Boruto felt like just breathing in the room was enough to throw the careful organization into chaos.

“So, what exactly did you need advice on, Boruto?” Naruto beamed down at him, his wheat blond hair perfectly disheveled into his ussual style, his teeth gleaming, his pink lips pulled into a delighted grin-sometimes Boruto was still struck how his father still single.

“Ah, well…” He twisted his fingers in the hem of his pajama shirt, dithering as he attempted to arrange his thoughts into coherent order. “Well… I kind of… have a r-relationship issue. I uhm… h-have a crush. On someone in my class.” His face pinked, heat trapped just under the apples of his cheeks. 

Naruto inspected him appraisingly, one hand rising to stroke his chin in an almost comical over-exaggeration, while the other stayed firmly planted on his hip. “Hmm, is that so? Well, first I’d like to thank you for trusting me enough to ask me for advice on such a sensitive issue! I know it this issue is embarrassing to talk with your old man” Naruto smiled softly “And second, I should ask… who is the lucky lady in question?” he asked moving his eyebrows suggestively.

“I-it. Uhm.” Boruto’s face flared crimson, all the blood in his feet migrating up to his face in a river of red mortification. “I-it’s not a girl.” Cruelly, his blush redoubled, as if he had a second set of cheeks for it to layer onto. “It’s a boy.”

Naruto’s blue eyes lit up, but any other reaction he had to Boruto’s clarification was internal. “Ohh, I see! Well, this changes everything! Very minor changes, mind you, but changes nonetheless!” Boruto’s embarrassment abated in favor of confusion, and Naruto laughed heartily at the look on his face. “Worry not, it’s nothing you should concern yourself with! I merely have to rethink my strategy. Now, who is the lucky young man in question?”

For a moment, Boruto was lost in the recollection of beutiful eyes, breathtaking smiles… b-big muscles… “I-I’d rather not say,” he spluttered, trying to remind himself that those sort of thoughts were only appropriate when he had the privacy necessary to shove a hand down his shorts.

“Not to worry!” Naruto chirped, the overwhelming cheer bleeding off of him not faltering for even a moment. “I certainly respect your desire for privacy. Now, and bear with me here, this is my third question! Is this special someone… of sexual interest to you?”

Well, here it was, the moment where Boruto had to take his own life. ‘Killed by a tragic spontaneous head explosion’ the headlines would read, mourning the loss of a young boy. He covered his inflamed face with a hand, and nodded meekly to avoid the long moan of despair that would escape if he opened his mouth.

“Please, don’t be embarrassed son!” Naruto’s slightly-too-loud reassurance was accompanied by a warm hand on Boruto’s shoulder, firmly squeezing through his shirt. “It is perfectly normal for a boy of your age to have such desires! I could hardly think less of you for them!”

“Now,” he continued, stepping away and giving Boruto the space necessary for him to pull himself together, “I believe I have the perfect plan in mind to help you woo this young stud!” Said this he got up from the sofa to go to the door that connected his office with his room. Boruto kept asking him about what his father was planning.

His father's room had a King size bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a huge bathroom. The room was just as comfortable as his office, although he seemed not to use it often.

Naruto marched over to his dresser, and leaned all the way over to begin searching through one of the bottom drawers. “I know it’s around here somewhere,” he mumbled to himself, still sounding oddly cheerful.

Boruto craned his head to try and see what he was looking for. What could he have in a dresser drawer that would help him confess to his crush?

“Ah, here we are!” Naruto crowed victoriously, shooting up to stand straight and proud so quickly that Boruto was almost given whiplash just from standing too close. “This will be the first step to my masterful plan to get you the boy of your dreams!” Miro shined a gleaming smile down at him, radiant and huge, but Boruto couldn’t take his eyes off of-off of…

He stared, wide and glassy eyed, at the pair of pink panties stretched between Naruto’s thumbs. “…D-dad, w-why do you have those?” He asked dumbly, instead of voicing the hundred thousand other frantic inquiries causing chaos between his ears.

"For confidence building!” Naruto announced, as if that made any sense at all. “Your dilemma is that you have a crush, but not the confidence to act on it, correct? Well, if you follow every step of my Infallible Dating Achievement Regimen, you’ll be able to ask out your crush in no time flat, and sweep the lucky boy off his feet!” Apparently oblivious to Boruto’s internal self-destruct sequence, Naruto merely continued to grin at him. “Now put these on.”

Boruto’s flush suddenly migrated, a great heaping chunk of the heat that melted his face from the inside out suddenly spiraling down south. He took a step backwards, and faintly imagined the pounding in his ears was his heart repeatedly erupting. “E-excuse me?” His mouth was suddenly dry, and the unflinching smile on Naruto’s face almost began to look… suggestive.

“Well, we can hardly begin the first step if you aren’t properly dressed!” Naruto stepped forward, neatly folding the panties and offering them forward like they were some delicate gift. “Of course, if you’d rather not, I completely understand, but I will not be able to assist you in your goals.”

…Well, that was persuasive. Considering his father was his only option,, and Boruto didn’t trust himself to handle it by himself… “A-alright.” Boruto swallowed, almost immediately regretting the moment the words slipped from his dry lips. But, well… he did want help, and… the panties were almost kind of weirdly cute. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

Gaze still darting between the offered panties and Naruto’s encouraging expression, Boruto took the plunge, and gingerly lifted the underwear from his father’s hand. They were.. softer to the touch than he expected, almost slippery between his shaking fingers. The waistband was elastic, and there was a small silk bow of a lighter  pink on the front. He rubbed it under his thumb for a moment, before realizing that he was actually, definitely going to put them on while his father was in the room with him.

It was best to just… get it over with, right? He quickly glanced up at his Dad, cheeks flushed, and slowly crept his open hand down to the waistband of his shorts. His eyes remained firmly locked on Boruto’s own, and the flutter in his heart became a swarm as he began shimmying them down his legs. Smooth, creamy thighs began to peek out from under the hem of his shirt as the shorts fell to his knees, and Boruto could barely breathe around the heart lodged in his throat.

“D-dad, c-could you turn around?” He squeaked out, his hand apparently denied the ability to move below his knees by some otherworldly force of mortification. But despite that overwhelming embarrassment, the most pressing sensation Boruto was presented with was the insistently swelling erection in his boxers. He undressed in the locker room in front of other boys every day after a practical, but for some reason… having eyes only on him -the eyes of his father, no least-,  watching his every move… it was exhilarating.

“I could if you’d like, but I’ll be seeing you in them anyway, son” Naruto replied with frank honesty, crossing the room in a few quick strides to settle on the edge of his immaculate bed. Dazed by arousal, Boruto couldn’t help but find it suggestive.

Swallowing a whimper, Boruto merely nodded and took a calming breath. He released his shorts from his iron-knuckle grip, and they fell to the floor in an anticlimactic pool of fabric. Suddenly left in just his much-too-tight boxer shorts, Boruto’s shyness returned with a vengeance. He trembled in place for a moment before turning around, exposing his back to Naruto so that he at least wouldn’t have to expose the bulge in his shorts.

Burning up to the tips of his ears, Boruto worked his thumb into the waistband of his underwear- “Hmmm, I’ll have to see about improving your wardrobe, as well. You can hardly expect to attract a boy with such modest adornments!” How incredibly ominous and strangely arousing. Boruto ignored the critique of his clothes (they were just sleep clothes!) and counted, one, two, three before yanking his underwear down to his knees.

He whined low in his throat as his blood flushed cock was exposed to the cool air, bobbing slightly as the elastic of his boxers slid across the head. He slowly kicked off his boxers, thankful that his shirt fell just low enough to cover the bottoms of his pert cheeks, and rubbed the panties between his thumb and palm once more. For a moment, he was overwhelmed by the thought of what the smooth fabric would feel like on his skin, gliding and constraining and so unbelievably dirty-

He shuddered, his cock twitching against the front of his shirt, and crouched down in a quick, swooping motion to avoid flashing his ass at his Dad. He unfolded the panties with as much haste as his shaking hands were capable of, staring down at the tiny, innocent bow before he lifted his feet just enough to step into them. For a moment, he worried about whether they would actually fit or not, but as they began the slow, gradual ascent up his shaking legs, it clearly became obvious they were the perfect size.

The panties slid, whisper soft, across the hairless expanse of his legs, sending shivers down his spine as he worked them up around the meat of his thighs, having to tug a bit to squeeze them through. He didn’t take the time to hesitate, boldly stuffing his package into the front of the snug panties and pulling them up around his waist. They weren’t quite a thong, but he could feel fabric between his cheeks, exposing some of the ass he was attempting to conceal. And suddenly, despite all his internal panic and misgivings, they were on.

The tight, soft fabric stretched across his hip bones, pulled up against his butt in a wide V of fabric, and just barely contained his erection. He bit a moan down into a more manageable squeak from the friction against his glans and the tip of his dick, somehow more stimulating than the thick cotton of his boxers. He trembled on the spot, blood pounding in his ears, fingers twitching with the heady urge to lift the front of his shirt and uncover the sight of his dick straining against the panties, the pale green bow highlighted against his dark smattering of pubes-

“Everything coming along okay?” Naruto called out, his voice shattering Boruto’s sphere of horny hyper-focus. He blanched, face reddening to the point that he was almost certain he’d enter a critical overload.

“Y-yeah, fine,” he stammered, chancing a peek over his shoulder to see if his Dad was-… oh. Ah. Well. Boruto shut down with all the grace of a vacuum cleaner that had sucked up a hand grenade, jaw slack and eyes wide as they locked onto the very visible, and very… substantial, bulge in the front of his father’s suit pants. “U-uhm…”

“Fantastic!” Naruto complimented, an unchanging monolith of positivity weathering the sea of intense teenage hormones and volatilely mixed bewilderment and embarrassment both.

He looked entirely at ease, sitting straight up with his legs crossed, bulky arms centered in his lap, perfectly framing the giant bulge of his clearly erect cock. “Then come here, and we’ll begin the next step, Boruto!” He patted the bedside encouragingly, shifting over as if he even needed to make room. Before Boruto could even think about taking a step, realization flashed on Naruto’s face. “Ah, but before that, you’ll have to finish undressing!”

Boruto froze in place, turning in an awkward circle with both hands holding down the hem of his shirt. “I-is that completely necessary?” He squeaked, voice cracking embarrassingly.

“But of course!” Dad stood suddenly, gesturing widely with both hands as he spoke (shouted, more like). “I could hardly call this confidence building if you were not first placed in a situation outside of your comfort zone! You must embrace that which embarrasses you so that it no longer has power over you, so that you may stand tall and proud no matter the circumstances, assured of yourself!” His speech might have been encouraging in any other situation, but Boruto’s attention wasn’t centered on his theatric motivations.

He couldn’t stop staring at the curved outline of Naruto’s dick, pushing insistently against the fabric of his tight suit pants. He’d never seen Dad’s dick before, other than the vague memories as a child and shared the bathtub together... But never like this, never so... close. The part of him that wanted hsi Dad to see him in a pair of tight, revealing panties -although he has seen him naked- also wouldn’t mind getting a closer look at his progenitor’s intimidating package, preferably by rubbing his face against it.

“…O-okay,” he replied, once an appropriately awkward amount of time had passed. He swallowed in a futile effort to reestablish some moisture in his mouth and throat, tightening his grip on the hem of his shirt. Figuring it’d be better to just get it over with instead of prolonging his suffering, he lifted the fabric over his head in a single pull, the chill of the air conditioner sending a shiver through him, and making his nipples stiffen. God, it was so embarrassing, he was hyper aware of the dark void of his father’s eyes drinking in the sight of him, soft muscle and burning red cheeks and hairless skin stuffed into a ridiculous pair of panties-

“Breathtaking! You’ll be in the arms of your dream boy in no time!” Naruto beamed down at him with an "1000000-megawatts" tier smile, which only intensified the shame crawling over Boruto’s flesh as readily as the arousal that bubbled under it. He was still mortifyingly stiff in the panties, unmistakably bulging the fabric. It was tight and restricting, but he couldn’t help find pleasure in it, cock pressed down against his balls from the way he’d hastily stuffed it inside.

Naruto reclined back on his bed and gestured to Boruto in a flourishing motion, leaning back on his elbows and, as if on purpose, making his broad frame and dizzyingly large cock bulge come into center frame. “Now come sit, so we can begin the next step.”

“What exactly does that entail?” He mumbled, taking slow, hesitant steps forward. Burning curiosity and the heat in his gut convinced him to glance downward, and his breath caught at the sight of himself, cock straining against his panties, a bead of pre-cum staining through the front. He whined just under his breath, so taken off-guard by how much he liked it that he could barely control himself. He… he wanted to know what it would feel like to stroke himself through them, to feel that fabric glide back and forth over his needy, weeping length…

No, he wasn’t here for that. He was just here for… for Dad’s advice. To talk to his crush. And that was it. Thoroughly convinced (at least for the next few moments), Boruto hurried over to the bedside, settling down with a few inches of space between himself and Dad. He stared bashfully down at his lap, only to be forced into a long eyeful of his own bulge. He… he really, really liked it.

He started when a firm, calloused hand landed on his shoulder, almost freezing in contrast to the heat bleeding from his skin. He glanced quickly up at Dad, pressing his thighs together in a futile attempt to hide himself. It garnered a laugh from his daddy, and he was given a shining beacon of a smile.

“You shouldn’t look so ashamed, Boruto! You’re a gorgeous young man, and should be proud of your appearance!” Naruto tilted his head a moment, humor flashing in his eyes. “Though I suppose if that were already the case, you wouldn’t have need of my confidence building, would you? No problem! I’ll have you proud and self-assured yet!”

“U-uhm.” Boruto swallowed, hyper aware of the fact that Naruto had shifted over to place a hand on his shoulder, the bed dipping under his weight and pressing their thighs together. He couldn’t help imagining that warm, friendly hand dipping lower, teasing over his flat stomach and plucking at the waistband of his panties- “Y-you haven’t really said what the next step is yet,” Boruto blurted in an effort to head-off his own lewd train of thought, firmly reminding himself that just because he was unbearably hard in a pair of girl’s underwear and Dad’s bulge clearly indicated his attraction to the sight of him didn’t mean they’d be doing anything sexual.

“Don’t worry; I merely wanted to give you a moment to calm down!” Naruto laughed, entirely oblivious to the fatal error ringing through Boruto’s head as all of his logical processes crashed and burned. “This second step is a bit deeper than the first, so I wanted to be sure you were prepared!

Though, I can see now that you certainly are!” Naruto’s palm slid down to rest on Boruto’s bare thigh, fingers gently squeezing the firm muscle and soft layer of fat to reel a breathy noise out of Boruto’s throat.

“All you need to do now,” he continued, pink lips drawing in Boruto’s full attention with gravitational force, “is enjoy yourself.” He flashed a dashingly handsome smile, the sort that made all of Boruto’s chest cavity fill with bubbling nerves and wrapped a thick arm around Boruto’s waist to pull him bodily onto his lap.

A gasp slipped out of him without permission, all of the careful support structures he’d constructed to keep himself from falling apart snapping like twigs from the sudden relocation. In an instant, it felt like all of his senses had been heightened. Dad’s breath caressed the back of his neck in warm currents, arms solid and comforting as they bordered in either side of Boruto’s torso, the only support he had left to cling to with both hands. Dad’s chest conformed along the length of his back made to support him, his hands rested on either end of Boruto’s hips, fingers like firebrands as they settled just above the waistband of his panties.

But those feverish sensations were background noise to the tunnel vision of Boruto’s hypersensitive nerves. Slotted against his butt (which was the only part of him that came close to spilling out of Naruto’s grasp) was a thick, meaty length of cockflesh, separated from his heated skin only by a few flimsy layers of clothing. Boruto could feel himself twitching in his panties, thoughts caught in a fatal loop of ‘oh my god it’s right there I can feel it’ and the dazed realization that it fit so perfectly between the cleft of his asscheeks, if he could just bounce in Dad’s lap long enough he’d get to feel the older boy’s cum coat the back of his panties and smear against his ass-

“By the way,” Naruto began in a perfectly conversational tone, as if his hand wasn’t inches away from Boruto’s fabric stretching erection, “if at any point you feel uncomfortable with the situation, please let me know so that I can stop immediately! Confidence building only works if we’re both in sync, and I would hate to do anything you explicitly disliked!”

Really? Dad was asking him now, after Boruto was already crossdressing and sitting almost directly on top of his dick? Well, he couldn’t say he wasn’t appreciative and oddly touched by Dad’s concern. “I-I, uhm…” he swallowed, trying to remember how to use words that didn’t involve debasing himself in a horribly embarrassing manner, “I-I’m okay with it. A-and I’ll let you know if I’m ever not.”

“Stupendous! In that case, let’s begin!” With barely a moment for Boruto’s lagging brain to catch up, Dad’s hands were everywhere. Strong, steadfast fingers slid up the length of his torso, dragging a soft groan from his lips as they dipped over his abdominals and skated across each rib with ticklish pressure. He gasped in surprise when one of his stiff nipples was tweaked without warning, cupped by two thick fingers around his areola and teased by the calloused pad of Naruto’s thumb. A whine rose from the back of his throat, cheeks burning with blood, and he arched his back at the stimulation-

“Ah ah, keep still Boruto! I’ll let you know the moment it’s appropriate for you to move! For now, just sit tight!” Naruto’s other hand, which had been drawing lazy circles on his thigh, suddenly tightened. Naruto’s bicep curled closer, pressing him firmly into his progenitor’s chest. His breath hitched, arousal bursting in his gut in flaring discharge as he reassessed how powerful Dad was, as well as the fact he could easily be held down and overpowered with no chance of squirming free, at the mercy of whatever his Father wanted to do to him.

His cock twitched, and his panties suddenly felt more restricting than before. “I’m sorry, I’ll listen,” he babbled, voice breathy and cracking. He wanted Dad to really touch him, needed something more than the flickering sparks of pleasure from his nipple being tugged and played with. He flexed his ass impatiently, shuddering as the length pressing flush against his crack was remapped in his mind.

“The impatient sort, eh Boruto? Endearing, but some boys will want to take their time with someone as pretty as you!” Boruto craned his head up in shock, but Dad’s chin kept him from making eye contact. Dad thought he was… p-pretty? The word made something in his chest uncork, spilling forth in frothing bubbles. His blush began to burn for more than one reason.

“Though,” he continued thoughtfully, the hand on Boruto’s thigh sliding up, and up, and up, “I suppose I can indulge you, since this is your first time!” He teased the silky skin at the highest point of Boruto’s thigh, gently pinching and kneading just below the border that lead to slippery fabric-and raised his hand over it entirely, only to envelop the entirety of Boruto’s bulge in a hot, authoritative palm.

Boruto moaned, an embarrassingly high pitched noise that he couldn’t care less about because the friction, he finally had the friction he craved, Father’s fingers squeezing him through his panties, and he couldn’t help but buck his hips up into it with a wanton whine of relief.

The hand teasing his chest lifted away, only to reappear at the meat of his hip to hold him down, away from the delicious palm he was aching to hump into. “Still, son! I can’t complete this step without your total compliance!” Dad shifted their combined weights, sliding them across the bed until his back was against the wall and Boruto was poised even more perfectly over his cock, the thick head teasing at the rim of his pucker through their clothing. Hot breath washed over Boruto’s neck, and he shuddered as his father’s voice leaked out beside the shell of his ear. “Behave like a good boy for me, Boruto” he whispered, so unlike his normal boisterous talk, and punctuated it with a squeeze of Boruto’s cock that had a squeak bursting out of him.

“M’sorry, I’m sorry, I-I’ll be good, Dad” he stammered weakly, his flush crawling down the length of his neck and settling up at the tips of his ears. God, it felt like Dad knew his kinks better than he did. Somehow his upperclassman knew exactly what to do to make him melt into submissive compliance. He already wanted to cum, he wanted to cum so bad, and the only way to make sure he got to do so was to behave. “I-I’ll be a good boy,” he uttered, barely a murmur, the words making his stomach flutter in tidal swarms.

He was rewarded with the fingers wrapped around his panty-clad package squeezing and kneading, milking needy whines and whimpers from his throat. He’d never made such mortifying sounds before, but he couldn’t help it, it felt too good for him to hold back. The maddeningly smooth fabric sliding over his erection, the sure and unrelenting pressure of Father’s hand-his cock felt like it would burst, trapped inside of his panties. He needed more.

“C-could yo-u-“ his voice cracked, and Boruto could feel Dad’s head shifting down to look at him while he was busy dying of embarrassment. He took a breath that hitched with a particularly firm rub over his glans, and tried again. “C-could you… t-take me out of the panties? I… I w-wanna cum. Please,” he tacked on in a whining tone, careful to keep his hips still and prove he was behaving.

Faher laughed, a rumble that Boruto could feel through his chest, and leaned down to press his face into messy, sweaty blond curls. “I’m afraid I can’t do that, son!” He said, voice slightly muffled by Boruto’s hair. “Or, rather, the second step requires me not to. You, Uzumaki Boruto…” he planted a soft kiss on Boruto’s scalp that almost tingled, before he breathed another sweet murmur in Boruto’s ear, “are going to cum in your panties, like a good pretty boy should.”

Every last vestige of rational thought that Boruto possessed violently and simultaneously erupted in a shower of fireworks, which spelled out ‘Please Fuck Me’. He went rigid in Father’s lap, a choked mewl squeezing out of his throat as his eyes fluttered shut and his heart pounded in a violent staccato. The hand cupping and squeezing Boruto’s cock suddenly began to stroke, pulling and tugging at the silhouette of his leaking erection through his panties. Dad’s hips began to shift repeatedly beneath him, the barest hint of motion that nonetheless dragged his cock between Boruto’s cheeks. Heat flared within him, and the occasional whines and moans that had bled from him before became a torrent of noise, breathy ‘ahh, ahhh, ahhh!’s that he couldn’t contain.

Drool oozed down from his open mouth, sliding down his chin in a thick rivulet as Naruto expertly rubbed him off, squeezing and tugging and jerking Boruto’s cock with such precision, such firmness, his thumb rubbing against the wet stain on the front of his panties and his other hand travelling back to pull and tug mercilessly on his nipple-

Boruto’s world erupted in shimmering starbursts as he cried out, cock jumping underneath Dad’s fingers and his gut unravelling in white hot brilliance as he came without warning. Cum spilled, hot and sticky into his panties, seeping through the fabric just enough that through one cracked eye Boruto could see the shine on his Father’s fingers. They continued their motions dutifully, working Boruto through his overwhelming orgasm until he felt like he might start spilling tears.

But finally Dad released his grip, and Boruto slumped against his chest to pant raggedly. “Excellently done, Boruto!” His progenitor congratulated him, patting one hand against Boruto’s thigh. “Take some time to catch your breath, aright? You’re going to need it!”

A hum of confusion left Boruto as he slowly returned to his faculties, glancing up at the point of Dad’s chin weakly. “..Huh?”

“Step three, after all,” Father began with an ominous note of amusement in his voice, only to shift his hips beneath Boruto’s ass once again. His cock twitched, as firm and erect as it had been since the beginning. “Is an examination of your oral skills!”



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