A Brave New World

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto it belongs to its respectable owners, furthermore I wish to seek no proit from this story. I simply wish to seek the reader's pleasure.

Author's Note: Greetings I wish to say hello to all my readers. The goal to this series is a simple one  I plan to tell the  tale of our heroic shinobi as he experiences life after the war.

Additonal Warnings This series will contain plenty of smutty content there is no denying that fact. That being said there will be Anal, Oral and a little bit of tifucking. There will be HJ and BJ included as well, not to mention some Fingering along with some Toy usage. There will be toher things along the way, but with that being said let the first chapter commence!

Chapter One: A Pleasant Reawakening

It was a rather warm sunny day within Konoha, nestled deep within the Land of Fire, one of the Five Great Elemental Nations within the Shinobi World. An aura of peacefulness was being emmited throughout the entire village while the sun golden orb of light was beating down upon the village greeting it like an old friend being protected by a barrier of clouds. Those radiant beams resembled the optimistic aura fo the village's residential Jinjuriki, Uzumaki Naruto, jailer of the Nine Tailed Fox, one of the Tailed Beasts, not tomention one of the most powerful beasts of the entire managery.

Blue birds were chirping a melodious tune while perched within thier lofty branches within the lush forest that surrounded the village's borders. A bright curtain of azure was placed high within the sky matched those soul pircing azure eeys that belonged to the aforementioned Jinjurki. All of the village denizens were going about thier routine helping to rebuild the village after the damage that it had taken during the events of the Fourth Great Shinobi War that had taken place only about a few days earlier.

Nestled within the village's Residential District was the Uzumaki household, which was a two story brownstone apaortment that hosued its three occupants. The only male in the household being the heir to the Uzumaki/Namikaze clans. Upon entering the house one could see that it was kept emmaculate thanks to the matriarch Kushina,, a ravishing female with long flowing crimson hair that went down ot her midsection. She was the former holder of the Nine Tailed Fox before passing it on to her younger son.

Housed within the den or living quarters were two recliners along with a comfortable ocuch accompanied by a fireplace that gave off a cozy and inviting aura throughout the entire houde. Within the dining there were plenty fo kitchen appliances that were neatly lined up in straight line upon a tiled countertop that was kept well clean thanks to the aforementioned female's efforts. Walking down a long corridor that had picture fo the clan hanging in picture frames one could notic that there were three bedrooms and two bathrooms for the entire clan to take equal amounts of bath time.

Our heroic shinobi was resting within his bedroom which contained a king sized bed big enough for about four to five people along with a dresser that was sitting next to the rightmost side fo the wall that was next to the bedroom door. That bed was nestled next to the window allowing the male to get plenty fo sun light while getting some well deserved rest. The reason for this was that the Uzumaki male had single handedly turned the tide for the Fourth War wining the battle in one fell swoop once again being hailed as the Hero of Konoha, not to mention the Saviour of the Shinobi World. 

The resulting battle had cost the male all of his dense chakra which resluted in his slumber at the current moment. Naruto was rather handsome there was no denying that fact, and any female would swoon just at the sight of the yong man. Being eighteen at this point since his birthday had just occured on the day after the war had ended which was rather convient for the young man. who had dreams fo becoming the next Hokage, a shinobi who was respected and evered among all the villagers that was under their rule soemthing that Naruto wanted mroe than anything.

Sandy spiky blond hair adorned the young man's head along with sparkling azure eyes that exentuated masculine features. Three whsiker marks rested upon those cheeks on both sides of Naruto's face. Rippling muscles were prounouced upon his body sculpted well due to his training with his fellow squad mates Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke. One could see a flattened toned stomach along with six pack adomen chisled with mucles with broad shoulders and chest. Going further down one could see some well sculpted legs along with a rather toned ass to complete the package.

The most impressive feature upon the Uzumaki male was his cock that was resting rather lewdly between those legs. It stood about a towering eleven inches tall with its girth being about as wide as the young man's own arm,a dn the cock head being just as wide as his own wrist. Knowing full well that the Uzumaki men were blessed with well endowment this was no surprise to the young man. Powerful veins were throbbing and twitching making it a little difficult for the young man to sleep, but he was soon about to get a rather plesant awakening.

Feeling a wamr sensation at his lower region Naruto cracked open those soul pircing azure eyes rather slowly rather confused as to what was going on at the current moment. The younger male was covered up in his bed by a satin bed sheet  Windering what was going on, the heoric shinobi pulled back the bed sheets, and when he did so those azure eyes widened to teh rather arousing sight that was going on before him. There was a crimson hiared female who was rather appealing to the male's azure eyes had her cute pink tounge licking that girthy dick meat with long loving licks.

Shuddering in pleasure the blond male groaned in pleasure not kneowing who this individual was, but the only thing that he did know was that the two had a strong bond between them. To the young man that was all he needed to knew while leaning back in the bed enjoying the plasure that was being applied to his hard throbbing morning wood. Those soul pircing azure eyes gazed upon this woman's body who was about the same age as the Uzumaki male scanned that beautiufl body from head to toe causing lust to grow within those sparkling pools of his.

Azure eyes locked with crimson that matched those luscious locks that belonged to the mysterious female. Feminine features could be clearly visible while Naruto's eyes went futher down to see some soft and supple sun tanned llesh before stopping at those ample mounds which were almost as big as his mother Kushina's, yet a strong slender spine kept those jugs from causing any pain upon that female's beautiful body. Going futher down the young man could see a flattened toend stomach along with a slim waist causing the Uzumaki male to lick those pale lips.

Seeing some perky pink nipples that were capped near the center of those breasts made that girthy cock throb and pulse with delight while those sparkling eyes scanned futher down this mysterious woman's ravishing body. Spying some powerful thighs that were mixed with muscle and fat along with curvaceous hips which was a feast to the young man's eyes. Long well sculpted legs that seemd to go on forever Naruto could feel soft pillowy lips teasing that cock head getting a good taste of that thick and syrupy pre cum which would get any girl addicted to that girthy appendage.

This caused the Uzumaki male to shudder in pleasure feeling that thick substance getting licked off those sweet lips before the crimson eyed woman greeted the young man with a lustful lookin her eyes. "Good morning Master Naruto I trust you slept well?" Scratching his head in confusion caused the woman to giggle rather cutely making those breasts to jiggle lightly. "Just a quick question who are you, and why are sucking on my cock like a horny bitch in heat?" Kurama giggled rather cutely before revealing her identity to the blond male

"Silly Master its me Kurama don't you recognize me?" Naruto's eyes widened after hearing those words, but before he could say anything in protest the ravishing beauty locked her lips with his engaging in a depe passionate kiss making loud and lewd sloppy kissing sounds before breaking off leaving a trail of saliva between their lips. This action had left the young man speechless, yet he was soemhow able to regain his composure. "Yeah right if you're Kurama then I'm the Kami of a new world right?" Nodding her head agreeingly Kurama began her expalnation.

"Well Master technically you're rather close in your assumption." Feeling his head spinning by this news the young man held his head with both hands figuring that his mind would turn ot mush after hearing this revealation. "The war is over, and you're hailed as a hero that is a solid fact, but what isn't so obvious is that the world has been turned into your own personal harem with buxom beauties for you to fuck as you please." Hearing this all the color fled from the Uzumaki male's face causing Kurama to laugh at this before going back to her work that she was currently doing.

Naruto shuddered feeling those preety lips engulfing that hard throbbing cock while feeling that cute pink tounge tracing those purplish veins causing them to pulse powerful making the young Uzumaki male to moan and groan in pleasure. Feeling the globs of pre cum bubbling up from the cock head landing upon that cute tounge making Kurama's taste buds to explode while her cheeks were concave at the current moment, yet the beautiful female could only get about six or seven inches of that girthy cock meat into her warm and wet mouth.

'I can't believe that this little kd's cock is so fucking big!' Pondering how to pleasure the young man further since she couldn't fit the entire length into her mouth, but the ravishing beauty had other methods to give the Uzumaki male great pleasure. It didn't take long for this beautiful woman to begin to bob her head along the length of that lengthy appendage making Naruto grit his teeth while hissing out in pleasure. "Ahhhh fuck by Kami Kurama-chan your mouth feels so good sucking on my cock I can even feel the vaccum like suction you're using it feels like my cock is going to melt in that mouth of yours!"

Smiling around that cock that she was sucking upon, the beautiful female utilized some expert skill to milk that girthy cock by letting a loud and sensual moan of pleasure sending those pleasurable vibrations aorund that hard throbbing cock. This action sent the young man to go cross eyed feeling the immense pleasure causing him to go insane with pleasure causing him to slightly roll his strong hips back and forth in a rhymthic motion. "Ugh that's right you horny bitch take in my cock and suck it just like the little slut that we know you can be!"

Without warning the young man smacked those rather round ass cheeks making them jiggle just a little bit making them jiggle causing the beautiful female to growl in lustful pleasure flicking that cock like a switch nearly causing thick and rich torrent of white and yellow cum that was very fertile to burst from that hard throbbing cock. Kurama could clearly see a red hand print planted upon those sweet cheeks causing that sweet little pussy of hers which was well shaven to become rather moisturized simply by this little teasing from the heroic shinobi.

Thinking he could tease this female form of the Nine Tails, the young Uzumaki male traveled that sun tanned callosued hand between those heavenly long legs to tease that glistening little pussy. Those fingers began to trace those pussy lips causing the female to moan in pleasure feeling those pussy juices coating those fingers feeling those cute little lips to open up like flower petals before those figners slid inside feeling the warmth and tightness of that dripping wet little pussy listening to those loud and sensual moans that were escaping those sweet little lips that belonged to the crimson haired female.

Unable to get the last few inches down that warm and wet mouth of hers, that ravishing female figured that she could use those ample breasts to give the young man greater pleasure, Opening up those sun tanned globes of breast flesh Kurama could feel the last four inches of the Uzumaki male's girthy cock meat between them allowing the Jinjuriki to feel just how soft and supple those breasts were. "Ohhhh fuck yeah Kurama-chan use those breasts to help milk that cock of mine!" Naruto growled out those last few words before moving those strong hips at a rhymthic pace making the cum tanks to smack the underside of Kurama's breasts.

This action caused the beautiful female to moan out louder sending more and more of those pleasurable vibrations around that girthy length while feeling that sun tanned index finger probbing inside making sure to explore every nook and cranny causing the female to shudder in blissful pleasure, but when the young male saw that the clit was begining to harden that was when he showed off some expert skill in pleasure the female version of the Nine Tailed Fox spurring her on to utilize futher skill to help the Uzumaki male to climax in order to get some sleep.

Resting that sun tanned calloused thumb on that hard throbbing clit rubbing it in small circles sent shivers down the crimson haired beauty's slender spine. This action sent tingles of electricity which started from the base of her spine that ascended up to the back of her neck making that warm pussy more moisturized causing the juices to coat upon that index finger. Soon the Uzumaki male pulled his finger out making a loud popping sound before licking it off with his tounge, and when he did this those taste buds exploded showing Kurama that the Jinjuriki greatly enjoyed the taste.

"Mmmm Kurama-chan that pussy tastes amazing even better than ramen!" Hearing thos sent a blush across that angelic face which was a cute shade of pink that quickly turned to a deep shade of crimson which matched those luscious locks. This was something that Naruto liked really wetl while pumping those strong hips which resembled two piston powered steam engines at this point. Hearing those grunting and groaning sounds coming from the Uzumaki male made the woman who was sucking on that girthy appendage feeling the length getting coated with that saliva while that beauty utilized that expert tounge to lick the underside of that cock that belonged to the blond male.

"Yeah that's a good use of that slippery tounge of yours Kurama-chan just like a good cock hungry slut!" Listening to those dirty words along with those gruntings and groanings while watching the rhymthic head bobbings that were being made to match the tempo with those strong hips. All the while a loud wet flesh echoing sould could be heard echoing thorughout the entire room which made Naruto rather nervous. The reason why this had made the Uzumaki male so nervous was due to the fact that there was no chakra or sound barrier upon the front door to his bedroom. 

Sure enough this was exactly what happened because Naruto could hear shuffling down the long corridorlading towards his bedroom, but he ddin't care who was either watching or listening at the current moment. All the Uzumaki male was caring about at this current moment was recieving pleasure from the ravishing crimson beauty who could be mistaken for the Uzumaki matriarch in miniscule form. Utlizing some expert skill Kurama began to hum a melodious tune flicking that girthy cock like a switch causing the young man to go cross eyed with pleasure nearly causing him to burst his entire load at that current moment.

Kushina had heard these actions making her rather curios, so to investigate she was walking down the long corridor making it to the dooreay that lead into her young son's room. When the curios MILF poked her head in the door those bright violet eyes widened seeing the rather arousing sight that was occuring in front of her. At this current point Naruto had full control of the entire suituation thrusting his strong hips at a rather rapid pace as if he were a jack hammer working on restructuring a paved road. All Kurama could do was hold on for dear life while watching those fully erect tits bouncing.

Our heroic shinobi could feel his big balls begining to stir as Kushina was transfixed upon that girth licking her plump lips feeling the lust bubbling up in her womanly body. Without warning, the young Uzumaki male transitioned his position placing Kurama on her slender spine resting her flat upon the matress while the young man straddled her flattened toned stomach listening to his cock coming out of that warm and wet mouth making a loud and lewd popping sound allowing Kushina to view the full length of that girthy cock causing those violet eyes to widen in a mix of shock and lustful need.

Picking up from where he left off, the young man kept on thrusting those strong hips causing those big balls to smack against the underside of those sun tanned mounds of breast flesh. Feeling thosecum tnaks getting ready to explode tightening up giving Naruto the signal that his entire load was about to shoot out fo that girthy appendage. Feeling those purplish veins pulsing powerfully while globs of pre cum leaked from the saliba slickened cock head smearing thsoe fleshy mounds while the young man was snarling like an animal who was just about to claim his mate. "Ahhhh fuck by Kami Kurama-chan I'm so close to fucking cumming! I'm going to splatter those breasts with my entire load marking you as my personal bitch!"

Shuddering while listening to those words Kushina couldn't help but delve tow of those fingers into that plump womanly pussy while watching her son fucking this beautiful female. The entire process lasted for about the span of fifthteen to twenty more minutes until finally the young Uzumaki male lets out a poerful roar of blissful pleasure before shooting out a torrent of thick and rich white and yellow cum chunks splattering that baby batter all over Kurama's angelic face and ample breasts making sure to get every bit of flesh before sputtering out causing him to pant heavily before collasping on the king sized bed.

Author's Note: That's the end of the first chapter, but this series has only just begun! I've done my best to be as grammatically correct as I can making sure if there were any mistakes they were corrected right away. Another thing I hoped I got the Nine Tails' name correct because I heard the name before, but I hope I got the spelling correct. Anywya chapter Two will be uploaded soon, so until then see you guys in the next chapter.

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