Naruto’s Sweet Revenge

BY : TheTastelessMF
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Naruto sat down on his desk at the Hokage tower. A wide smile spread across his face. After all those years his childhood dream of becoming Hokage has finally became real. Madara is dead, Kaguya has been sealed and now there's peace between the Five Great Nations and to top it all off he married Hinata Hyuga and he has 2 beloved kids that he loves to death. Naruto went back to finish his work.  As soon as Naruto went back to his paperwork Shikamaru burst inside the Hokage's office with a scared face like he just seen a ghost. 

"Naruto come quick, Sasuke has return to the village but he's paralyzed. A group of villagers found him lying in the floor outside the border" 

 "Are you serious?" said Naruto "Well lets go check on him"

"Sasuke has been taken to the infirmary by Lady Tsunade and Sakura" said Shikamaru.  

Minutes later Naruto found Sasuke on a bed with medical ninjas observing his body. After an hour of questions Naruto found out that Sasuke killed Momoshiki and Kinshiki but it cost him his spine. Even worse he over used his hours of attending poor Sasuke's body he was put to asleep.  

"It would take some time for Sasuke to recover his chakra" said Tsunade. Naruto saw that Sakura had sad look on her face. Tears started coming out of her eyes

 "Granny can you fix his back like you did to Lee?" asked Naruto hopefully. Sadly Tsunade said 

“I'm afraid I can't, Sasuke suffered 10 times more than Lee it took me a long time time to find a way to fix him but there was a small chance that Lee could have ended paralyzed. Sadly my methods of healing would not work on Sasuke."

that statement made Sakura cry more. Tsunade decided to take Sakura back to her house. Shikamaru told Naruto that he'll see him back in the Hokage Tower. Naruto told him to give him a couple of minutes. While everyone left Naruto created a shadow clone to do his work. The real Naruto spent the day watching Sasuke sleeping.  

'So karma started to get you sasuke. You might think everyone has forgiven you for what you did but I don't forgive you. You made a fool out of me during our fights and when we were kids in the Academy. So know it's my turn to return the favor'  Naruto rose from his seat and left the hospital without saying a word.  'I think it's time to pay Sakura a little visit. Let's see if she's in the mood for a little dirty fun.'
A Nasty grin spread on his face  Naruto gave the door a couple of loud knocks in case Sakura was asleep in her room. A couple of seconds later she opened the door. She saw Naruto and she threw her arms around him and started to cry.

"Oh Naruto i don't know what to Lady Tsunade told me it's impossible to fix Sasuke's spine" she started to cry harder on Naruto's shirt after minutes of Naruto comforting her she calmed down but she still had her her arms around his waist. She felt something hard poking her. Naruto raised her chin and saw a giant blush spreading across her face.  

“Well,well,well,looks like someone is horny" said Naruto as he started to place his fingers in her wet pussy. Sakura starting moaning with just one finger playing with her yelp in surprise when Naruto's finger went in. Sakura tried not to give in but when you’re a lonely housewife with over 10 years without being loved  any man that gets too close to her can make her desperate for sex. Matter of fact the only men sakura has ever been near was her senses and two teammates 

”When was the last time you were pleased? asked Naruto  Sakura replied already giving in

”20 years but Sasuke is too lazy to please me due to his missions. He only lasts for 5 minutes then he goes to sleep. A diabolical laugh came out of Naruto which scared Sakura  'So sasuke is weak in bed huh? This is gonna be fun' he thought  He asked Sakura

"You wanna be fucked by a real man?"  She nodded but what if someone comes in and sees us?"

 "Don't worry, nobody has the key except you and Sasuke. How will teme know if he's paralyzed in the hospital he's practically a vegetable" said Naruto.Sakura can tell that Naruto didn't cared about sasuke's condition but she really want a man to please her and to reach places where sasuke couldn't reach due to his 2 inch dick.

"I just hope you last longer than my dear husband" she said

 "Don't worry Sakura the Uzumaki Clan have more stamina than any ninja and i have the 9 tail fox inside me. I have almost infinite chakra i can fuck you for hours hell maybe even days. That's one of the benefits for being the 9 tails jinchuriki" he replied as he picked up Sakura bridal style and carried her upstairs to her room.  Naruto's revenge is about to start.  That's it for Chapter One. 

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