Naruto's Perverted Paradise

BY : sonutolover92
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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto it belongs to its respectable owners, furthermore I wish to not seek any profit from this story I wish to seek the reader's enjoyment.

Author's Note Greetings once again my little lovelies it is I once again to bring you a brand new story this one I just thought up in my spare time, now with all of that out of the way lets get the story underway with my superior authorial powers!

Additional Warnings This sereis contains plenty of lemon including if not limited to M/F with plenty amounts of Oral, Anal and titfuck along with some light splashes fo Yuri with some Fingering, Fisting and Toy usage including some Gender Bending and Vody Modification through the use of Kurema's powerful chakra, now with all that out of the way let's get this story underway!

Chapter One: Introduction

It was a bright warm sunny summer day in the Village Hidden in the Leaves, nestled in the Land  of Fire, one of the Five Great Elemental Nations in the Shinobi Realm. The sun was shining brightly, its orange and yellow aura resembled that of the the village's residential Jinjuriki Naruto Uzumaki, the jailer of the Nine Tailed Fox Kurema as it was overhanging amongst a ceruleancurtain that matched the aformentioned blonde haired shinobi's sparkling azure eyes as the warm sunbeams were beating down upon the village greeting it like an old friend.

Blue birds were chirping a merry tune as they were perched in thier lfoty branches in the forest surrounding the village, all the while the denizens were going about thier normal routines giving off an aura of peacefulness and mormalcy as the day was marching on like a soldier in the midst of an intense battle. Everything was going well within the inner confines of the village as wel,l it was running like a well oiled machine all thanks to the governing bodies maintaing a stern yet kind grip upon the village from the inside out..

This was all thanks to the Seventh Hokage, our residential blonde haired heroic shinobi, Naruto Uzumaki, the young heir to the Uzumaki and Namikaze clans and the son of the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze whom had finally achieved his dream after signle handedly stopping the Fourth Greath Shinobi War stopping both Madra and Obito Uchiha from obtaining thier goals along with sealing away Kaguya with the help of his rival and friend Sasuke Uxhiha after the duo had obtained greater power from the Sage of the Six Paths.

Currentily our heroic blonde haired shinobi was toiling laborously at a moutain of paperwork that was resting upon his desk, which was made out of mahagony wood all the while his assistant was keeping him busy. Naruto smiled happily he didn't mind all the hard worsince his mother Kushina had taught him everything he needed to know about diplomacy, as for his stamina which seemed to be an endless amount kept him from burning out to a frazzle no matter how much was set in front of him nor how many mountains of paperwork that his buxom and curvaceous blonde haired assistant Ino Yamaka would give him. 

There was only problem with this peaceful scene, Naruto had obtained some rather perverted tendencies this was a side effect of being around one of the members of the three Sannin, being Jiraya  the Toad Sage, one of the most poerful shinobi in all of the Shinobi Realm. This caused Naruto's lust to grow into an otherworldly level over the years, seeing as he was the Hokage at this current moment he figured he would release those tensions creating the Sexual Tension Releasement Edict this had little resistance or protest something that Naruto greatly apprieated.

The blodne was rather well fit for the task that he had created, bing rather muscular due to all of the training and sparring that he had done with his fellow squak mates in his squad Sakura Haruna and Sasuke Uchiha having broad shoulder and a broad chest with ruppling muscles a slender toned stomach and strong wiast along with strong hips and well sculpted legs with a finely toned ass. Wearing his usual outfit beingthe Hokage uniform with the standard Kage's Bamboo straw Hat and the Kage Robe that was currently off of his muscular body for the current moment.

The blone was rather impressive in his endowment Tsuande once called it a bitch breaker by accident one time while she was giving him a routine checkup, this caused Naruto to grin widely while grinning in pride his broadened chest swelled up with pride with this comment due to the fact that the Uzumaki Clan were well known for their males have some impressive cocks the younger blodne would sometimes hear some rather perverted exploits from his beautiful mother Kushina about her husband Minato's wel endowed cock gave the crimson bombshell great pleasure.

Just as Ino was about to hand Naruto another stack of paers, her emerald eyes widened at a rather arousing sight it was that of the village's residential Anbu head mistress Anko Mitarashi, a beautiful violet haired female was bouncing upon the entire eleven inches of the blodne's fully erect cock it had gotten erect while Naruto had been gazing upon all of Ino's teasings her ears filled up with monas of pleasure, yet she was quite surprised that there was a ball gag stuffed in the former assistant to Orochimaru who loved to be dominated in her spare time. 

Naruto was loving every minuet of this as his sun tanned hands were roaming along the contours of what he called her new uniform, which was a full body leather suit along leaving room for her pussy and asshole to be clearly apparent all the while there was a loud lewd squelching sound could be heard fillinthroughout the empty room causing the blonde haired female to sslide her hand down her pants massaging and caressing her aroused pussy causing the blonde haired male to smirk widely as her emerald eyes glazed over with overwhelming lust.

What Ino couldn't see was that Anko's breasts and ass cheeks had been modified tto an immense size as her soaking wet pussy walls were massaging and caressing the hardened cock that was stuffing her cock hungry pussy as the violet haired female was bouncing down upon the length of the blodne's hard throbbing cock making her perky pink tits to bounce at a rather hypnotic manner with every body rock thrust causing the blodne to maon as his azure eyes were dakrening with lsut while he gritted his teeth neither were aware that Naruto's long time crush and lover Hinata of the Hyuuga Clan was underneath the desk lapping up all the sweet juices that was gushing outof the violet haired female's soaking wet pussy trying not to make a sound.

"Oh hello Ino-chan do you like what you see?" Naruto was trying to keep a child liek innocence, yet he couldn't help but stare at the blonde beauty standing in front of him as she nodded in great approval he then turned attention back toward Anko who was currently riding his meat pole her modified tits were jiggling and bouncing in the body suit that Naruto had created just for her all the while Ino was licking ehr sweet lips as she had two fo her finger plunged into her aroused pussy which was glidtening with her juices at this current moment.

"This little bitch had just come back from a misison and she came to get her reward, yow aited all this time just to get back and ride your Kage's cock seeing that no man on the road would be enoughto statify your cock hungry cumt." Naruto growled into Anko's ear causing her to let out a muffled maon of pleasurethis spurred her on further causing her to bounce at a more rhymthic pace, until she was gripped by the blodne's sun tanned hands as he pulled her down slamming her on the length of his hard throbbing cock cauisng her to see stars.

"I didn't know that accomplishing missions would get a ride on the Hokage's cock." Ino replied to the blodne's rather dirty remark causing him to smirk, then all of a sudden she could see that the blodne threw a spealized paper bomb that contained a special powder that Ino completely off guard as the blonde male smirked as she puled her hand out of her pants licking at her fingers getting a good taste of her pussy juices loving the taste licking her lips in a rather seductive display making Naruto's cock to throb and twitch all the while he was bouncing Anki down on to his cock while thrusting his strong hips upward creating a wet flesh slapping sound filing through the empty room.

Naruto licked his lips while watching thos display, then without warning one of his chakra powered hands smacked Ino's round heart shaped ass cheeks gibing them a hard stinign smack causing them to jiggle and bounce a little as he utilizes the Body Modification that he had learned from Kurema his Tailed Beast causing the blodne haired female to let out a loud lewd moan of pleasure as her body felt some powerful sensations as her breasts and ass grew to an immense size Ino fell in love with this immense body as she sat upon the comfortable leather sofa adjacent to Naruto's desk he then summons tow shadow clones without hesitation.

Both fo the blonde clones pounce upon the blonde hiared female knocking her flat upon her back before resting her upon the arm rest of the couch as they insert thier hard throbbing cocks into both fo the blodne's cock hungry holes causing her to squeak in pleasure, all the while Naruto could felel the pleasurable sensation seeing as how he had another aiblity given to him by the Nine Tails which was the ability to feel what the shadow clones could feel increasing the pleasure sensation all the while Hinata was fingering her dripping wet pussy as her glazed over lavender eyes were transfixed to this arousing sight.

Both the Naruto clones were thrusting thier hips at a rhymthic pace while gripping on to botIno's curvaceous baby bearing hips while the other clone grabbed on to the blodne hiared female's lengthened luxorious hair causing her to maon in pleasure as her saliva and pussy juices were coating around both fo the hard throbbing cocks that were ramming against her two tight holes as her immense breasts and ass cheeks were jiggling and wobbling spurring them onward as they gritted thier teeth as one of the blodne clones smacked those big round immense ass cheeks causing the bldone female to moan loudly in pleasure sending pleasurablsensations around the hard throbbing cock in her warm wet mouth causing the blonde clone to moan in pleasure.

Suddenly Naruto could hear the low docile tones of the Nine Tails whispering into his ear, letting him know that the azure haired beauty of the Hyuuga Clan was watching this arousing performance all the while she had two fingers plunged into her dripping wet pussy. "Hey kit do you know that your Hime  Hinata is watching you." Naruto smirked with a perverted grin as he nodded while grunting and groaning in pleasure as he adressed the azure haired beauty. "You can come out of hiding Hinata-chan I know you're watching me." Hinata squeaked as she slithered out from under the desk her cute angelic face was soaked with Anko's pussy juices seeing that she had experienced several body rocking orgasms as she was getting her pussy steched and molded to the shape fo the blonde's cock.

Hinata giggled sweetly as her globes of breast flesh jiggled in what skimpy little outfit she was wearin, causing Naruto to nealry go insane with lust as his strong hips were pumping like two piston pounding steam engines as the azure haired female leaned into the table makign ehr big round heart shaped ass cheeks to stick up in air causing the blodne to smirk as one of his chakra powered palms massaged, caressed and squeezed those wonderous cheeks causing her to let out a cute moan of pleasure to escape her full plump lips as she bites dwon upon her bottom lip.

"So my naughty princess wants my immense cock too huh?" Hinata nodded her head as her lust was growing with every passing second, all the while her free hand was massaging and caressing her dripping wet pussy makign a loud lewd moan of pleasure  in agreement. "Y-Y-YEs Lo-lo-lord Ho-ho-hokage I-i-i crave to be fucked by that immense cock of yours." Naruto smirked as one of his chakra powered hands smacked her round heart shaped ass cheeks making her moan louder and lewder in pleasure as her body felt some powerful sensations as the blodne's Body Modification Jutsu made her breasts and ass cheeks to grow to an immense size along with hefeminen frame grew more stronger and powerful yet it kep it slender frame.

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