Kushina the MILF Bodyguard

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It was a sunny day in Konoha, not a cloud in the sky. Kushina Uzumaki walked towards the main gates of Konoha; today she had been given a misson to escort a young noble by the name of Yuuto, the grandson of the Fire Daimyo.


Her husband, the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze had briefed her several days ago on the specifics, the objective went as follows; "You are to escort the Fire Daimyo's grandson to Kirigakure, to ensure his safety and attend to all his needs; a shinobi from Kirigakure shall also be accompanying you."


The 38-year old jonin woman who didn't look any older than 20 despite having a 16-year old son was wearing her standard jonin outfit; a Konoha headband, her long red hair tied up in a high ponytail with strands framing the sides of her face, a flak jacket over a black short-sleeved T-shirt and skintight pants that showed off her shapely legs and round butt.


Kushina knew that this mission would take the best part of a week to complete, since Kiri was far away and the only way there was by boat.


The Daimyo's grandson had personally hand picked Kushina for this misson, he had apparently seen her in Konoha before and wanted her to by his bodyguard. Kushina had her suspicions as to why she had been personally chosen by the Daimyo's grandson; normally clients didn't get to choose the shinobi they hired. That was usually the sole decision of the Hokage but since this was a mission related to the Daimyo, it was a special case.


The reward for this mission was huge, it was 3,000,000 ryo and for a mission that was really only at A-rank level despite officially being S-rank, it was unheard of, even the hardest S-rank missions were very rarely given a reward this high.


Kushina wondered if Minato had had the same suspicions that she did, surely he must have realized why she had been handpicked by a pubescent teenage boy? Especially when the mission debriefing specifically stated that she needed to "attend to all his needs." It didn't take a genius to work out that being a bodyguard was only part of what was probably going to take place on this mission, for the best part of a week.


The thought made Kushina shudder. She was somewhat shocked that her husband had given her this mission in the first place, it might have offered an enormous amount of money, but it was hardly as though the village was going through hard times. But she figured that due to it being a Daimyo-related mission, he couldn't turn it down. Still, she had a pang of dissapointment that he could seemingly give his own wife this mission so easily and act like it was just any regular mission.


The Uzumaki-Namikaze household had been completely normal since the debriefing, neither she nor Minato talked much about the mission since, she had wondered if it was just an unspoken rule between them about what was probably going to happen on the mission. She concluded that this was probably just an understanding between shinobi, as one of the shinobi rules states "A Shinobi Must Endure".


Their son, Naruto Uzumaki was about to be promoted to jonin, she was so proud of him but was dissapointed that she was going to miss his promotion, but she promised once she got back to Konoha she would give Naruto his present for becoming a jonin.


She was brought out of her thoughts as she saw several people standing at the entrance of Konoha as she reached the gates…


I've had this snippet stashed away for ages and thought I could put it to good use, if anyone wants to add to this feel free.

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