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Hinata stretched out on the cot. She reached down into her glass of ice
tea and retrieved an ice cube. The day was hot and she ran the ice
across her forehead then over the tops of her bosom. Hinata was an
attractive white-eyed Hyuga. She kept her hair short and straight .

Hinata had married Naruto nine years ago when she was twenty-three. They'd had Boruto a year later and Himawari just
3 years ago. They were a fairly content couple, but Naruto was a
workaholic. She often wondered how they had found time for her to get
pregnant again. She could pinpoint Himawari's conception directly to their
anniversary as that had been the only time they had intercourse in two
months. She was a housewife, but often helped Naruto with paperwork and

Today Hinata was taking advantage of a high tanning index to tone her
milky white skin out a little. Her bikini was daring, but no one could
see into their back yard. The bikini had fit two years ago, but her
pregnancy had done weird things to her body. Her posterior used to be
somewhat flat, but it had swollen into a nice round globe. Her bottoms
were now stretched so tight they slipped into the crack of her ass and
made it look like she was wearing a thong. Hinata didn't mind, she liked the smooth even tan now covering her rear end.

Her breasts were another story. They had been perky B-cups before she
got married. Her first pregnancy had swollen her nipples and swelled her
breasts to C-cups. Her second pregnancy had turned them even bigger. Her
breasts were now D-cups. Hinata was proud of their firmness, but they did
sag a little and they swung like udders when she bent over to work in
her garden. 
Hinata opened her eyes as she heard footsteps behind her. She saw Konahamaru coming towards her.

The Sarutobi standing over said, "Hey, Hinata how are ya!!"

Hinata wasn't staring at the boy trying to greet her. She was
staring at the guy behind him.She wouldn't have recognized hima at first but his pampadour hairstlye was imposssible to 
miss.It was Udon. She looked a little startled.

Konahamaru sensed this and asked. "Didn't Naruto tell you we were coming?"

"Ah no. He must have gotten too busy and forgot. He's out of the village today. Of course, you're here to do the deck and hot tub."

"That's right." Kon beemed.

Being nearly nude under the gaze of two handsome teens had Hinata
squirming on the cot. She wanted to get away to go cover up. "I
gotta go change. The tub is under the tarp by the garage. If
you need anything just holler." She got up embarrassed to realize her
bottoms were wedged between her ass cheeks again. She entered the house
certain that both guys were staring at her bare ass.

"Man, did she have one hot body. The boss is one lucky guy," said
Konahamaru, still picturing Hinata in his mind.

"I bet he is.," said Udon.

'''an hour later'''
Hinata came out into the yard wearing a short skirt and top that left her midriff bare
just under her navel. She was carrying a magazine. She sat
down and started reading.

Udon stared at her while he worked. "She looks so hot?" he

Konohamaru sighed. "I know man..."

The day grew hot and both boys removed their shirts. Their
hammering was disturbing her so Hinata headed back inside.

Udon stared at her and hammered his thumb. "FUCK!"

Hinata ran back out of the house. "What's wrong?"

"Hurt myself." He clutched his hand.

"Here let me look at it."

Udon let her examine his hand. She seemed truly concerned. He assumed
it was her motherly instinct. "Just smashed it ma’am. I'll be alright.
My apologies for my language."
She scoffed it off saying it was only natural.
Hinata looked at the sweaty muscle covered bodies on the boys. "Where are my manners? Can I get you boys some iced tea?"

"That would be great." said Kon.

Hinata went inside and made some iced tea. Kon was near the door so
she called him in to the kitchen. He strolled in to watch Hinata
pouring a little wine. "Somebody likes the stronger stuff." He picked up the two glasses of iced tea.

"I usually drink a glass of wine before napping. Hard with you
guys banging around."

"We're both good at banging." He joked.

"I find the wine helps though it never affects me. I guess I'm one of those people not
affected by alcohol. Naruto gets funny after three beers."She told him. after conversing for a minute he went out.
"Thanks for the iced tea Hinata-san." he said from outside.

During this time Udon had formulated a plan.

 He'd given himself a small cut on his inner thigh
with a kunai. He picked up the nail gun and
discharged it. "Fuck!"

Hinata was in the bedroom when he screamed. She
quickly ran out as Udon continued to swear. She headed to her
sliding glass door and out onto the new deck. "Oh my god!" she cried
when she saw Udon. His shorts were red soaked.

"Nail gun misfired," he explained, clenching his face like he were in

"I'll call hospital."Hinata said with a look of worry.

"No, not that bad and I don't have insurance."He said.

"Get inside then and I'll check you out."Hinata offered.

Udon limped up the deck, winking at Kon as he passed him. He
removed his kunai and tossed it at Kon. HInata hurried towards the
bathroom. Her genuine look of concern almost had Udon feeling guilty.

"Get in the tub," she cried completely unconcerned that she was now in
close quarters with Udon and he wasn't wearing much. "Rinse the
blood off." She turned to get some cream and bandages from her medicine
cabinet. "Where are you hurt?"

"My thigh. I don't want to look."Udon said wincing.

"It's ok. Take your shorts off and I'll check you out." Hinata grabbed
the last items she'd need and turned. She had assumed Udon would be
wearing underwear. Instead he was naked. The shower was running, the
water directly hitting his crotch. "Not much blood," she said noticing
how big his penis looked under the spray of water. Soft and dangling, it
was longer then Naruto's.

"Is it bad?"He asked.

"I can't tell." Hinata reached over and turned the water off. "I don't
see anything."

"On my inner thigh." Udon spread his legs a little. "I can't look."

Hinata thought she noticed a cut alongside one testicle. Even his balls
impressed her. One testicle was bigger then her husband's entire
scrotum. His penis seemed even bigger now. She grabbed it and moved it
aside. "It's just a little cut."

"How 'bout my nuts? They fine too?"

Hinata held his penis out, though it wasn't necessary as it was standing
out on it's own. She hefted one ball in her palm. "Wow!"

"What? What's wrong? Can I still have kids?"Udon asked ,sounding concerned.

"You're fine. It's just a scratch."she said.

"Then why did you say, wow?" Udon inquired.

Hinata was embarrassed. "Well... I... It's..."

"I'm a big boy. I can take it."Udon encouraged her with a smile.

"Nothing’s wrong ok? It's just that your penis is so big."She said blushing heavily.

"Oh. You obviously never held a cock this big before."Udon said, sounding surprised.

"Of course not."Hinata answered.

"It's a good ten inches."He told her.

"Wow! Naruto's only about six," she said, instantly feeling guilty. "It's
thick too."

"You wanna jerk it off or suck it?"Udon said boldly.

"That's sick! I don't do that! Pervert!"Hinata retorted angrily.

"Whoa, sorry Ma'am. It's just that with the way you're stroking it..."

Hinata released it, suddenly aware she had been stroking it. "I'm sorry."

"No. It's my fault. The damn thing just gets like this all the time and
it's never had a sexy woman stroke it before. It's just that you
seemed so fascinated with it."Udon said.

Hinata hadn't taken her eyes off him...it since she had let...it
go. "I take some blame. It just caught me off guard is all. I've never
seen one like it. Hold it out of the way and I'll bandage your cut."

Udon held his cock up as she got closer. He released it when she
leaned forwards. His cock smacked her in the nose and his fat cock head
slid across her lips. "Sorry," he said, grabbing it again.

"The cut is about an inch," she said, bandaging it. "You'll be fine".

Udon reached over and took her wrist. He brought her hand onto his cock.

Hinata's hand closed over his plump penis. It felt like hard bendable
rubber, but it quickly turned steel hard.

"Slide your hand down it."

Hinata slid her hand down the shaft, then back up. She wondered what she
was doing? In only a minute she had gone from Bandadging the
boy to holding Udon's ten inch cock in her hand.

"Measure from the base to the head. Now squeeze the head. How big is
it?"Udon said slowly.

"Maybe like a golf ball?" she guessed.

Hinata had been about to let go.

"Nonsense!" said Udon indignantly. "Feel how big I am." Udon
grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand up and down his shaft. 
Water cascaded off his muscular body. Hinata found his ten inch cock was pointed right at her face.
She watched her fist glide up to his fat cock head, then back down.

The head was covered by his foreskin, she noticed now.
Having two boys, she knew what this meant, but she had never seen an
uncircumcised male before. For some reason, the fact that he was
uncircumcised made her compare him with an animal
Her hand slid up to the head and down the shaft. She watched the bulbous
black head emerge from the foreskin.
"You have the biggest cock."Hinata said
"I have what?"Udon inquired, not believing what he was hearing from the otherwise shy Hinata.

"You have the biggest cock I've ever seen." She repeated.

"Bigger then Naruto's?"

"Way bigger then..." Hinata suddenly released the gigantic shaft. "What
am I doing?" she asked out loud.

Udon bit his lip. He may have ruined their chances by
mentioning her husband. "Hinata it's fine," he consoled. Her hand was
still on his cock. He placed his hand in her hair and turned her head
towards his shaft. "It's natural for a woman to behave like you are when
faced with superior cock for the first time." His cock head bobbed inches from her lips. "It's not embarrassing to want to
see a larger cock or hold one in your hands or even to suck one." Udon's cock head brushed her lips. 
She unconsciously moved her face back, but his grip on her head was firm. “It’s natural to suck a superior cock.”

"I don't want...mmpphhh!" Udon's cock head pushed past her lips until
it rested in her mouth. She ran her tongue around Udon's
bloated cock head. She bobbed her head experimentally gaining steam.
She'd never done this before with any man. Hinata knew what it was, but
considered it slutty. Naruto had hinted that he wanted his dick sucked once before they
married, but Hinata had been horrified at the thought. 

"That's a good cocksucker." Udon held her head and pushed his cock in
deeper. "Suck that cock."

Hinata did as she was told sucking on five or so inches. She was
tormented inside. This was an act she considered slutty and repulsive,
but her body was quivering. She could feel her hard nipples pushing
against her top. Her crotch ached for attention. Deep down inside
her was a slut waiting to be released. Hinata had recognized this, but
knew she could keep the slut confined to nothing more then a few private
fantasies. All it had taken was a little inhibition lowering booze to
bring the slut to the surface. She was eagerly sucking Udon's cock now. 
She’d stop in a few minutes and return to being a faithful mom.

Hinata gripped the base of Udon's shaft while bobbing her head rapidly
over as much as she could cram down her mouth.His hand no longer guided
her head. This wasn't normal for her, but she never gagged. Hinata began
wondering if she was a natural born cocksucker?

Hinata watched Kon come in while she blew his friend. She was
both grateful and resentful at his presence. The Sarutobi boy would
keep this from going any further. If he hadn't been present, she could
see herself losing control and taking Udon inside her, cheating on
her husband.

Just when Hinata began to feel the muscles in her back and jaw began to
strain, Udon's cock swelled up. She slowed down, but Udon's hand
returned to her head and made her speed back up. Hinata feared he might
cum in her mouth. She jerked her head back, but encountered Udon's
firm grip just as the boy thrust forwards.

Udon's cock was in her throat when it first squirted. The warmth of
his semen surprised her as it flowed down her throat. He pulled out a
bit and sperm filled her mouth. His seed reached her tongue and she was
glad he had cum in her mouth. More hot sperm filled her mouth forcing
her to swallow. Udon was groaning with pleasure as she swallowed his
seed. Hinata had never felt more powerful or womanly then at that moment.

Udon pulled his cock out. It angled down still swollen and dark with
blood. It softened some more as he plopped down into the tub with a
contented sigh.

Hinata was dazed. She stared off into space trying to figure out what had
just happened. A small drop of sperm slid down her lip and she
absentmindedly used her finger to push it into her mouth. She reached
over for her drink. She hesitated before drinking, not wanting to drown
out the taste of Kon's semen, but she swallowed a mouthful anyway.

"Now suck me," growled Kon, standing behind her. He waded over to her and
pointed his own 10 inch monster at her face.

Hinata looked towards Udon for help, but he just shrugged saying,
"It's only fair to suck him off also."

"I can't. My jaw is sore."Hinata said.

"Just lick the head then. I always wanted to see you licking
my cock." Kon actually whacked his cock head down on her forehead.

"Ok. I guess I could do that." Hinata stuck her tongue out and swirled it
around Kon's cock head. His cock suddenly shot fluid into her mouth.
The amount was surprisingly small compared to Udon's especially
considering Kon had much larger testicles.
The massive cock never softened, but continued to shoot fluid several times a minute. 
Hinata was amazed to realize that the mammoth slab of meat was just lubricating itself. 
"My tongue is too tired," she stated. Hinata was disappointed as she had a strong desire to see this big cock cum.

"I wanna fuck you."Udon said.

Hinata shuddered partly from fear and partly from the desire to submit to
this strange animalistic boy. "I can't do that to my husband and
besides you're too big."

"Let me titty fuck ya, then."Udon said. 

"What's that?"she asked.

Kon interjected, "Udon would use your breasts to jerk off. It wouldn't be cheating."

"I guess I could do that then."Hinata said in a soft voice.
"This is gonna be good...." Konohamaru was thinking.

To be continued..............

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