A Forbidden Love

BY : EntityLvr
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Sasuke Uchiha lived a normal life. He went to school, hung out with his boyfriend and got molested by his older brother who is insanely possessive and scares his friends. Hmm...Okay so maybe that isn't so normal after all.

The raven groaned as he kissed his artistic boyfriend, tongues and teeth clashing against each other. He jerked away though when he heard a sharp call of his name. "Shit. It's Itachi."

Sai watched him calmly. Nothing really seemed to shake him, which was why he had been with Sasuke for so long. "I don't understand why you're so afraid of Itachi."

Sasuke looked at him. "Yeah. Be glad that you don't." When his name was called again he gave Sai one last kiss. "Gotta go. I'll try calling you if he doesn't take my phone away."

Sai nodded and watched him. "So strange."


Itachi was silent on the ride home, but it wasn't a calm silence. No, it was the silence that made you scared.

Sasuke kept glancing over at the long haired raven. "...I did call to say I'd be home late."

The older male's eye twitched and his grip tightened on the steering wheel.

He sighed and just looked out the window. As soon as they got home he got out of the car and went into the house. His goal was to get to his room. He didn't reach there. Before he realized that Itachi was even behind him he was slammed into the wall.

"I'm not going to wait anymore, little brother. Today's the day you give it up."

Sasuke's heart jumped into his throat and he froze. He looked up and locked eyes with his brother. It was bad enough he lost his first kiss to him. There was no way he was going to let him take his innocence as well. "Please, Itachi. I'll do anything but that."

Itachi smirked as he nuzzled into his neck before whispering, "Leave your little faggot of a boyfriend. You don't need him anyways."

This caused a frown to form on his face. Damn. He really had wished that he would have asked for something else. But it was either break it off with Sai or lose his virginity right now with his own flesh and blood. "Fine," he hissed into Itachi's ear.

Itachi smirked and looked into Sasuke's dark eyes. He had won. "Good." He quickly latched himself onto Sasuke's lower lip and began sucking on it. He then licked it before sliding his tongue into his younger brother's mouth to reclaim it after that joke of an artist had defiled what was his.

"It-Itachi. Stop!" he muttered between kisses. The older Uchiha refused to obey and continued to lead his younger brother through a series of sweet tender kisses.

Itachi knew that part of his brother didn't want him to stop and liked the attention. And so he would continue to try to coax that part out. After all, the only thing Itachi wanted was for Sasuke to feel the same way he did. Was that too much to ask for?

"I want to stop." Sasuke stated when Itachi broke for air.

"Then why do you kiss back, Sasuke?" Itachi smirked while cocking an eyebrow.

"I...don't know," he whispered. 'Liar.'

"You enjoy it. Don't you, Sasuke?" Itachi smirked by his ear.

The younger Uchiha's face grew hot and he felt a warm feeling in the lower half of his body. 'Great...stupid hormones.' He wished he could just die to escape Itachi's grasp. He couldn't believe that his body was enjoying something so sinful and wrong.

Itachi pulled back despite not wanting to. He had made an agreement and would keep it. “I’ll hold up my end as long as you hold up yours and dump him.” He raised a brow. “I will be very angry if you lied.” He then left the younger to slide down the wall.

Sasuke placed his head on top of his knees and just stayed there in a little ball until dinner. He was quiet as they ate and after it he just went to bed. It had been a bit weird seeing Itachi not molesting him but he was glad that the elder was keeping his promise. He sighed. Well he had bought himself more time. That’s what was important.


Next Day

Sasuke frowned as it started raining on him, matching his mood perfectly. He should probably hurry to Sai's house or else he would be soaked. He actually should have done this earlier in the day but Itachi had barely let him out of his sight.

He sighed as he thought of that kiss. He had gotten so easily worked up. Itachi seemed to know just what to do to make him respond to wonderfully. Sasuke mentally slapped himself. 'I can't think like that or I might end up doing something that I would definitely regret. Like running to Itachi and begging him to take me right then and there.' Forcing himself to concentrate on the task at hand was easier said than done though. Just thinking about having to break up with Sai made him wonder if he could. But even if he couldn't, he was going to, because his life was pretty much on the line...well his virgin life at least.

He walked up to Sai's small house and knocked on the door. After a few moments the young artist answered his knock with a paint brush behind his ear. He smiled at Sasuke and moved aside for him. Sasuke tried to smile back but it couldn't have looked that convincing. He motioned Sasuke to follow him to his art room. Reluctantly he did, still trying to figure out how he was exactly going to break it off with Sai.

Sai sat down in front of an easel and continued his current drawing. "Is there something you wish to talk about Sasuke."

Sasuke sat down with a defeated sound. "We need to break up Sai."

The artist paused and turned to give the prodigy his full attention. "The reason being Itachi, correct?"

He wasn't surprised that the other figured it out so fast. Sai had always been quick. That was part of the reason Sasuke liked being with him. "Yeah but not in the way you think it is."

Sai hummed thoughtfully. "I'm guessing he threatened you with rape." A hint of a smile appeared at Sasuke's shocked look. "I've been noticing certain marks on your body that I didn't give you. Not to mention you've been very jumpy around him and flinch when he touches you. He also gives off a possessive aura whenever he looks at you. I notice a lot."

The Uchiha gave a humorless chuckle. "Well...at least you understand why I have to break it off right?"

A nod was the answer as the artist turned to continue his work. "I was expecting this for a while and since I do not wish for you to be hurt I'll gladly go back to being friends with you. I do wish for the best with your current situation."

Sasuke smiled and stood. "Thanks Sai. I'll call you later to tell you how things are." He walked out of the house in a rather good mood. That had gone a lot smoother than he had thought it would. Unfortunately once it fully hit him why he had to break it off and that Itachi now knew he had that power over him his mood went south. He slowly made his way back to his house. It was currently pouring rain which still fit perfectly with the young raven's mood.

Sasuke closed the front door to his house and shouted half-heartedly, "Itachi, I'm back."

"So I see." came his brother's reply from the top of the steps. "How'd it go?"

Sasuke scowled at the victorious smirk on the older Uchiha's face. "I broke up with him, if that's what you mean." Sasuke moved to walk past his brother but was stopped when Itachi grabbed his arm. Sasuke glared at him and bit out, "Let go. I'm not in the mood for this."

"Well that's too bad, because I am." Itachi pushed Sasuke until he was pressed against the wall. He ran a finer along the younger Uchiha's jaw causing Sasuke's pulse to increase and the familiar butterfly feeling to begin in his stomach.

Itachi lifted Sasuke's chin before pressing their lips together. He nibbled on Sasuke's lower lip until he allowed Itachi's tongue entrance to dance with his own. After a few more minutes Itachi pulled away, smirking at the somewhat dazed expression on his little brother's face.

Sasuke had never felt more confused in his life then he did at that moment. His body was screaming at him for more and he was so aroused that it was almost painful. It didn't help that he was completely soaked through.

Itachi smirked at the pink tint in Sasuke's cheeks. "Let's go dry you off, shall we?"

Sasuke wanted to say no, he wanted to just punch his brother and run far away, but he knew that would never work since Itachi had always been stronger than him. He was also trusting that Itachi wouldn’t go any further than kisses. He had made a deal after all.

Itachi pulled him against his body as he led Sasuke towards the bathroom. After they were both inside Itachi closed and locked the door. Sasuke watched his brother with wide eyes. It seemed Itachi was the one who lied! When the elder took a step closer, he couldn't stop himself from retreating a few steps. The younger Uchiha froze when his brother's eyes flashed with anger.

Itachi closed the distance between them and grabbed his little brother's arm in a slightly painful grip. "Who do you belong to little brother?"

Sasuke swallowed hard, trying to force his rising fear down. "You, I belong to you." He really didn't want to say that but he was afraid of what Itachi might do if he said he didn't belong to anybody. His brother pulled his wet shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. Sasuke began to panic at the determined look in his older brother's eyes. "Stop! Itachi, please stop. I broke up with Sai like you said to, so please stop."

There was a moment where Itachi did actually stop. It was as if he was considering what Sasuke said. He gave a slow nod before raising a brow. "Who do you belong to Sasuke?"

"Itachi…" Was the soft and rather depressed answer.

"That's right." Itachi smirked, but there was a tender look in his eyes that Sasuke missed due to the younger looking at the floor. "You belong to me."

Sasuke watched in despair as his brother turned, unlocked the door, and walked out of the bathroom. He felt tears roll down his cheeks as he finished undressing and dried off. Was he now doomed to be alone? With Itachi around...he'd never get to actually have a relationship with someone. He got dressed and went to his room.


The next morning was surprising. Sasuke had gotten up and went downstairs to find Itachi drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. That part wasn't surprising. What was surprising was that Itachi didn't even seem to notice Sasuke walking in.

"Morning brother." Sasuke was a bit hesitant.

Itachi glanced up and nodded. "Good morning little brother." He then continued reading the paper.

Sasuke's mind was racing. 'WTF?!' Usually he'd already be having some kind incestual thing done to him but nothing was going on. And that was just the start.

For the rest of the day Itachi acted...well like a normal older brother. It was like his possessiveness was suddenly gone. No, it was like it wasn't even there. When night came, Itachi said good night and went to his own room and closed the door.

Sasuke was unbelievably confused. "What the hell is happening?" Was this a good thing or bad thing? It was unsure but what was sure was that his life had just taken a definite change.


Four months had passed. Throughout those four months something that Sasuke never thought would happen...had happened. Itachi had backed off and was now acting like a normal older brother. No molestation or innuendos or anything! And while Sasuke was thrilled...he was also starting to want it. It had grown to where he was beginning to give Itachi opportunities to do it. And when he would be ignored he got upset. Well he was done with waiting!

Sasuke stood outside of Itachi's door. 'How am I going to do this?' he wondered. Would Itachi laugh at him? Seriously, Sasuke finally got Itachi to leave him alone and now...he wanted more.

"Are you planning on staying out there for much longer?" Itachi's voice came through the door, making the young raven jump slightly. "Well?"

Sasuke swallowed hard before opening the door and entering his brother's room. Itachi looked up from the book in his hand and looked his little brother over. Sasuke had put on a silk robe but didn't bother putting on anything else. Itachi raised a brow and placed his book on the nightstand.

Sasuke was shaking slightly and he cursed to himself when he saw that Itachi had noticed. He took a deep breath before saying, "Itachi. I want to have sex with you!" His eyes widened and he blushed bright red. That had NOT been what he was planning on saying.

Itachi sat up. "Well this is a strange turn of events. I thought you didn't want me to come on to you anymore."

Sasuke frowned and looked away, his hands clenched into fists at his sides. "Well...I...I guess...I guess I didn't realize before that...I well um...I actually do want it..."

The elder nodded and stood, walking over to him. "You're too adorable Sasuke." He couldn't hold back any longer and pressed his lips against his little brother's. Nipping and sucking at the bottom lip until he was allowed passage into the sweet cavern. Tongue's danced in an intense, passion filled kiss. Itachi placed his hand on the small of Sasuke's back, feeling the young raven stiffen slightly at his touch.

Sasuke let out a surprised yelp when he was suddenly swept up into his brother's arms. Itachi carried him over to the bed and gently placed him down. Sasuke shivered under the heated gaze from his brother, whether it was from fear or anticipation he wasn't sure.

Itachi's eyes roamed over pale flesh hidden under such thin fabric. His eyes jumped to Sasuke's when he heard him let out a small moan. He then smirked causing another series of shivers to tingle across Sasuke's skin.

The young raven bit his lip in embarrassment. He hadn't meant for that moan to slip out, but he just couldn't stand how Itachi had been looking at him. Itachi's eyes held a hungry look to them and the young Uchiha couldn't prevent another moan from escaping.

Itachi covered his lips swallowing the soft moans the boy was releasing. His hands traveled over the pale chest as his mouth traveled down Sasuke's neck, leaving kisses in its wake. Sasuke's moans grew louder as his older brother began to suck and bite the sensitive part of his neck. He smiled against his little brother's skin. He slowly made his way down the young Uchiha's chest.

Sasuke practically screamed when Itachi began to suck on one of his hardened nipples, nipping at it occasionally. He had never felt anything like this before, and all the pleasure was shooting straight to his groin. One of Itachi's hands was busy attending to the other bud while the other one was slowly making its way south. Sasuke bucked unconsciously when he felt his older brother's hand gently cup him.

Itachi raised his head to stare into lust filled eyes. He pulled away completely and smirked when Sasuke let out a whine of protest. His face grew serious though as he said what he needed. "I need to make this clear. That if you're only doing this for a one-night thing or because you think it's what I want, then we stop now. I only want you to come to me if you truly love me in this way."

Sasuke bit his lip in concentration. This one curious act proved that beyond a doubt Itachi did indeed love him. True it wasn't in the way an elder brother should love his younger brother but it was still love. His mind was slowly beginning to see things clearly for once. His body liked what Itachi did to it and he did love his brother, even if it wasn't only until recently did he realize how much he loved him. He felt his face heat up as his mind came to the obvious conclusion. He looked up into Itachi's waiting gaze and whispered his answer. "Don't stop."

Itachi froze for a second, not believing what he had just heard. "What?" he breathed.

This time it was Sasuke's turn to smirk. He reached up and dragged his brother down to meet him in heated kiss. That kiss contained everything that he wanted to say but didn't know how to.

After only a second, Itachi took part in the kiss coming back with full force. He pushed his way into Sasuke's mouth to taste what was Sasuke.

Sasuke pulled back suddenly when he felt something wet on his face. He looked up to find his older brother was crying. "Itachi," Sasuke whispered. In that split second, any and all protests that his mind was making were silenced. He knew what he wanted to do and he was going to do just that. He wanted to have sex with his older brother.

Once again their lips crashed together, but this time it had much more meaning behind it. Itachi's hand moved to cover his brother's crotch and he rejoiced when Sasuke moaned loudly into his mouth, bucking his hips slightly. Itachi smiled and, without breaking the kiss, lifted Sasuke up so that he could pull off the offending piece of cloth.

Sasuke broke away, gasping for air. A scream was soon ripped from his throat when Itachi began to stroke his erection directly. The elder moaned at the erotic sight his brother was creating. "Fuck, Sasuke, you have no idea how sexy you look right now!"

"I…wish…hah I could…hah say…hnn the same about you!" he panted. Wow. It was surprisingly hard to talk with pleasure racing through your bloodstream. He watched as Itachi growled slightly and quickly pulled off his pants, slipping his boxers off as well. Sasuke moaned as his eyes lit upon Itachi's erection. He had guessed that his brother was big and he was right, but now he was wondering how it was going to fit inside him. Itachi knelt down on the bed and leaned over Sasuke to give another slow kiss. "Itachi," Sasuke moaned impatiently, raising his hips in a silent plea.

Picking up the hint Itachi resumed his stroking of the younger Uchiha's stiff member. Sasuke's moans grew in volume as he switched his hand to begin pumping him. The young raven let out cries of ecstasy at the short, fast pumps mixed with the long, slow ones his brother was delivering him. Sasuke felt a knot begin to form in his stomach and began to moan louder. "Itachi…I think...I'm…I think I'm going to..." Sasuke screamed his brother's name as his orgasm crashed upon him, his seed shooting across his chest and abdomen. Sasuke fell back against the pillows, panting and reveling in the afterglow. Itachi's eyes warmed at the sight of his brother in such a blissful state.

After a few minutes Sasuke opened his eyes to find Itachi watching him. A blush crept onto the young face, growing more pronounced when he noticed his brother's hard-on. Instantly he felt his own member begin to harden again. Nervously he reached in between them and touched the older male's erection.

Itachi's breath hissed in as his little brother wrapped his hands around his aching member. He glanced down to find his brother had stilled beneath him, worry etched on his face. "I'm fine…Sasuke." He reassured the pale boy. He raised an eyebrow at the devilish look that appeared on his innocent brother's face.

"Really? Because I'd say that you have a pretty serious problem," his grip tightened slightly, increasing the pleasure tenfold, "Itachi." Itachi growled low, making Sasuke shiver before he flipped them so that their positions were switched. The short haired raven smiled. He rather liked being on top, it gave him the feeling like he had some power over his big-bad-brother. He felt Itachi watch him as he moved lower until his face was hovering above his erection. He watched those eyes so like his close as he allowed his warm breath to flit over the heated skin.

Sasuke flicked his tongue across the head, reveling in the expressions flitting across his brother's face. Oh, yes. Sasuke definitely liked having the power on his side. He ran his tongue along the entire length before placing that length in his mouth. Itachi groaned loudly at the feeling of his beloved's lips engulfing him. The young Uchiha began moving up and down the shaft, tightening his lips and flicking his tongue against it at the same time. His eyes never left his brother's face.

Itachi's hands were now fisted in Sasuke's hair as he put all his effort into not just fucking the younger one's face. It killed him to allow Sasuke to go at his own pace, but he could not afford messing up and risking the newly found love between them. He had just enough sense left to yank Sasuke's mouth off him mere seconds before he climaxed. He panted as he came down from the high and finally glanced at his little brother. His breath hitched at the erotic sight of his seed on his brother's face and moaned loudly when said brother licked some off his lips.

The taste was like forbidden fruit, addicting and delicious. Sasuke wanted more, so he proceeded to clean his older brother's cock clean of the creamy nectar. In no time Itachi's hard-on was back full force, but he pulled Sasuke's head away earning a growl of protest.

Itachi gave a soft chuckle and smirked. "It's my turn to give the pleasure now, Sasuke."

Sasuke's face lit up bright red at those words and a slight smile ghosted his lips. Itachi once again switched their positions as he began to do just what his little brother had done to him. Sasuke cried out as his length was engulfed in moist heat. He already knew his brother had an extremely talented mouth but this just blew his mind…as well as other parts. In no time at all his second orgasm for the night drowned him in ecstasy and delight. He climaxed into Itachi's mouth and felt the other swallow the milky substance without hesitation.

Itachi pulled back licking his lips, seeing Sasuke's heavy lidded, passion filled eyes. "I love you more than anything." Itachi whispered before placing another kiss upon already swollen lips.

Sasuke ran his hands over his brother's skin, trying to memorize every part of him. "I love you too," he said against Itachi's lips when they broke away for much needed air.

The elder raven slowly sat up to look his brother in the eyes, seeing the love shining in them that he had longed to see for longer than he could remember. "Are you sure you're ready for this?" He was hoping beyond hope that his brother would just ignore this last escape route he had thrown at him.

Sasuke laughed, making his older brother raise one perfect brow. "You sound like you're the one who's unsure, brother." He then smiled warmly. "I've already given my answer. I want this more than life itself and my only regret is that it took me this long to figure it out."

Itachi smiled at that and bent down to give Sasuke a heated kiss and as tongues danced he found himself almost crying again at the fact that his wish was finally coming true. They pulled away for air and as Sasuke flushed under the heated gaze of his brother, Itachi leaned over to his night stand and pulled open the top drawer. He reached inside and grabbed a small tube of lube before shutting it again.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at his brother. "Why do you have that in your nightstand?"

Itachi chuckled, sending shivers coursing up and down the young raven's spine. "I've had it for some time, just in case the need ever arose."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "You were that confident?"

Itachi laughed at that. "Well it seems I had a right to be doesn't it? Besides, I do masturbate occasionally."

A blush entered the young Uchiha's cheeks and he looked to the side in embarrassment. Itachi only smiled and said, "You're just too cute Sasuke." And as he leaned down to capture his brothers lips his hand crept down towards the tight entrance.

Sasuke gasped when he felt the probing fingers and then moaned when his brother decided to stroke his aching member in an effort to distract him. And it worked. The young raven was too caught up in the feelings radiating throughout his entire body and completely forgot about the fingers now covered in lube. That is until one of them entered him. Sasuke bit his lip in an attempt to hold back the noises he was making at the somewhat uncomfortable feeling.

Itachi watched his little brother's face, searching for any sign of pain and only finding confusion mixed with passion and lust. He slowly moved the digit in and out of the tight hole and was rewarded with a loud moan from the boy underneath him. Spurred on by the reactions he was getting he added another finer. Sasuke mewled in approval and his eyelids fluttered as the digits began to move and scissor inside him, preparing him for what was to come next. Itachi added a third finger as he continued to search for a specific bundle of nerves.

When he hit it Sasuke practically screamed in pleasure and Itachi made sure to remember that spot for later. The young Uchiha whined in protest at the empty feeling when the digits left him and he looked up into his brother's face when Itachi laughed quietly.

"Don't worry, Sasuke," he said seductively. "Something else will be replacing it very soon." Sasuke's cheeks flamed red yet again at this, making Itachi laugh even more. He spread some lube onto his own member before positioning himself over the young boy. He leaned down to whisper against Sasuke's lips, "I love you and only you. Don't ever forget it!"

And at that moment he pressed their lips together while simultaneously plunging into the forbidden heat that was his brother. Sasuke screamed into Itachi's mouth as he felt a bolt of pain go up his spine.

Itachi stilled and waited for his brother's body to adjust to his size. It killed him to just wait when what he really wanted to do was just fuck the living day lights out of the beautiful boy. But this was Sasuke's first time and he would do everything in his power to make it an unforgettable experience. And a good one too.

Sasuke felt tears roll down his face as the pain continued. He had never thought it would hurt this much but after a while the pain subsided enough that he believed he could handle it. He opened his eyes, not even realizing he had closed them, and looked into the love filled orbs above him. "It's okay now," he whispered a little shakily. Slowly Itachi pulled out until only the head was in before pushing in again just as slowly. Sasuke screamed as Itachi hit his prostate on the first try and pleasure wracked through his entire body. The young raven moaned loudly as all the previous pain was soon overpowered by the pleasure that was once again racing through his entire being. "Faster," he grunted.

Itachi smiled again before picking up the pace making sure to hit the one spot inside of Sasuke that would make him emit such delicious noises. He shut his eyes as mind numbing sensations took over him. "Fuck," he grunted. "You're so goddamn tight Sasuke."

Itachi, sensing his brother's release on its way, due to all the noises and the fact that Sasuke was meeting each thrust enthusiastically. He moved his hand to pump his brother's cock as he began to move faster inside of him. He felt his own climax approaching fast but did his best to hold it off as long as possible.

"I-It-ITACHI!" Sasuke screamed as the most powerful climax hit him, sending him into paradise with his brother joining him not a second later, yelling his own name in return.

Itachi fell forward, being sure to rest his weight on his arms so as not to crush the panting boy beneath him. He leaned down to lick a trail of sweat from Sasuke's neck to his lips before giving a short kiss. He then rolled them over so they were lying in a manner that they were facing each other, and with Itachi still lodged deep inside the pale boy now sleeping in his arms.

Sasuke had never felt more complete, and before he completely drifted off the last thing he heard was, "I love you more than life itself, and I will never let you go, my little brother."

A smile crept onto his face when he realized that's what he had been wanting to hear more than anything. Itachi had finally recognized him not as someone beneath him but as his little brother and it was said without anger, or annoyance in the tone, only a never ending love. He had just been fighting because he was scared Itachi had only wanted a brief thing. He had been scared that the elder Uchiha would throw him away. But now he knew that Itachi would never let him go.

Sasuke walked out the door with a smile on his face. The past week had been spent with the brothers getting to know each other in more ways than one and he couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of peace settle over him.

"Oi! Sasuke!" His head swung towards the sound and he broke out into a wide grin as Naruto came running up to him, panting slightly. "Man, where have you been? I've been really worried about you."

He was cut off when a certain brother came walking up the path with Sasuke's lunch in hand. "I think you forgot this Sasuke," he said smiling.

Naruto's mouth dropped open when he heard that and he just stared as Sasuke took the bag from the older man's hand before placing a rather intense kiss upon him. "Thank you Itachi and I'll be home after school lets out."

Itachi leaned against the fence and watched as Sasuke dragged the dazed Uzumaki kid down the street, laughing slightly.

Naruto looked shocked at Sasuke, seeing an air of calm that he had never before seen on his friend. "What the fuck was that about?"

Sasuke glanced at his friend and had to try hard not to burst out laughing at the confused look. "Nothing really."

Naruto's eyes narrowed a bit. "What do you mean nothing? I thought you hated him?"

"I did, but not anymore." Sasuke's smile turned dreamy as he thought about the past week.

"Oh, okay." The blond still gave him a worried look. He was really the only friend that knew about Itachi's intentions and the reason behind his possessiveness. So it was natural for him to be worried about his best friend. "So then you and your brother are cool now, right?"

Sasuke smirked. "You could say that but I think you mean my lover." He then walked away from the shocked Naruto who had frozen in his tracks in obvious surprise. 'I think my life is finally turning around for the better!' Sasuke thought, his mind already getting impatient as it thought up what would happen when he returned to Itachi's arms that evening.

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