The Mutt

BY : DJoko
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"Fuck i need to get home and take care of this." Kiba said to himself, making his way down the dimly lit streets of the village towards his clan compound. His stride took on an awkward gait, legs spread farther than normal, the reason a massive erection straining the front of his pants. As much as watching his sensei and Hinata, sweaty and fighting each enticing part of their bodies jiggling as they went at each other, it was really taking a toll on his body. Everyday he would run home, go to his bedroom and pleasure himself before falling asleep. He was getting a little tired of the routine, hoping that soon he would have something, or more someone to stick the throbbing meat between his legs. He took a few deep breaths to try and calm down, only to blanch due to the smell coming off of his body deciding to take care of both issues at the same time tonight. His mind came to a stop as a door a couple feet in front of him flew open, almost breaking off the hinges with the force behind it. He watced as a woman stumbled out, long blonde hair a mess, robes out of place on her body. She wobbled on her legs before falling to her knees leaning against the wall. Kiba ran to her side, kneeling down to look at her, only to find the new Hokage, drunk and speaking gibberish to herself. 

"Uh, Lady Hokage are you okay?" Kiba asked, placing a hand on her shoulder. The woman seemed a little surprised by his apperance before looking at him with a sneer. 

"I'm fine sheesh, what do i look like someone who can't handle a little sake?" She said before standing, making it all of two steps before she fell again groaning as she grabbed her spinning head. Kiba ran to her side again, leaning down to inspect her.

"Yeah you look like you're doing real well." Kiba said before hooking her arm around his shoulders helping her to stand. As she came to a standing position, their sizes became very obvious as kiba found the side of one of Tsunade's giant breasts pressed against his face, his nose began to bleed as his eyes shifted to the side, only to find a hint of her dusky nipples, exposed by the out of place robe. He couldn't tear his eyes from her exposed flesh, witnessing the biggest pair he had ever seen in his life wobble as they walked, not noticing the Hokage who began to watch his gaze. She smirked, throwing a slight sway into her chest, the result causing her robe to ruffle, giving him a complete view of the hardened nub. She faked a slip in footing, causing her to fall down, Kiba able to retain his balance, finding the woman on her knees in front of him. Just before he was able to open his mouth to ask if she was okay, he yelped as a suddent pressure heldhis cock through his pants, looking to see on of the older womans manicured hands rubbing him through the cloth. His eyes widened as his pants were suddenly ripped down, the feeling of his tip flopping down to slap the blonde in the face. 

"Ah." He moaned out as she pushed her face below the shaft, nose buried in his hairy, heavy sack, taking a deep breath making him cringe as he imagined the smell.

"Fuck yes, sweaty cock smells so fucking good." She said to his surprise, wasting no time in moving up to the tip, engulfing it fully, her nose now pressed into his curly bush, rubbing back and forth as she shook her head. His eyes crossed as she rooted his dick in her throat gagging slightly. His hand rested on her head, before he realised what was happening, panicking and trying to pull away, only for a hand to wrap around him, grabbing his ass and holding him in place.

"F-Fuck, O-old lady Hoakage- agh, shit- what the hell are you doing." He shrieked, a hand grabbing her hair and trying to pull her back, causing her to moan around him before slowly pulling back, before taking him back inside. She did this a few times, her lips gliding across his skin as he shivered around her, finally pulling him out of her mouth with a pop, a bit of salive and a strand of hair on her lips.

"Is that what you call a woman who's deepthroating your cock Kiba? Just call me Tsunade you damn punk." She siad, causing him to nearly choke as she said his name. That wasn't good, if she remembered this in the morning he would be dead. "Maybe this will loosen you up." She said slyly, lifiting the cock with her hand, he red lips wrapping around one of the sweaty nuts in the sack below. He couldnt stop the sounds coming from his mouth as she continued to assault him, tongue swirling around the balls as she latched onto each individually. He face moved back up, now covered slightly in her spit, as she laid the mushroom shaped tip on her tongue, starting to slowly descend down his length, tongue scraping against each vein on the way down. She admired the boys length, standing tall at around 9 inches, far bigger than any she had seen or even heard of. She loved the feeling of her throat being stretched around him, making her choke and gag all over him. Strings of saliva connected her face to his pelvis, the small amount that dripped down sticking to her tits, which swayed as she moved her head. Her hands pulled the grey robe apart, exposing each bounding orb to Kiba.

Kiba stared at the two mounds intensely, not wanting to miss the majestic objects infront of him, no doubt a sight sought by many all over the Elemental nations. The constant sucking, the power of which shown by the womans hollowed cheeks, along with the loud slurping sounds coming from the two, brought Kiba to a quick end. He felt a tightening in his balls, quickly crying out. "Ah, T-tsunade wait im going to-" He didn't get to finish as a torrent of cum spewed from his cockhead, the thick substance coating the blondes throat in a sticky layer. His clenching sack rested on her chin, allowing her to feel not only the pulse of his cock, but the tightening in the two orbs as he emptied. 

"Fuck, that was amazing." He said as the woman stood, her tits brought to eye level with him. He was startled as she grabbed his collar, pulling him with her, Kiba struggling to pull up his pants on the way. "Hey, where are we going." He asked, the woman not even bothering to look back just dragging the boy with her. Kiba got an uneasy feeling, the sense he wasn't going home tonight creeping up on him.

Kiba stood as the woman opened the door to the large house infront of him, the wood creaking as it opened. He found himself pushed inside as she shut the door behind him, causing him to turn, suddenly finding him self thrown through the air, into a door landing on something soft on the other side. He looked around finding a bed beneath him, his head popping up to see the Hokage approaching, hips swaying as she slowly shed her clothing. His eyes locked onto the spot between her thighs as her pants fell to the ground, giving way to the tiniest thong he had ever seen. The black piece of fabric was only able to cover the actual entrance, along with the womans clit, buried between the fat lips of the blonde. He remained quiet as she straddled him, her pussy dropping down to his leg, grinding against him. He couldnt talk as he suddenly found her lips on his, a hand pulling his throbbing member out of confinement, the other sliding her panties out of the way, before dropping down on him.

For Kiba his entire view of the world narrowed down to one point, the throbbing piece of meat between his legs, wrapped tightly in a velvet vice. He moaned into her mouth, which allowed her tongue to slip in which he did nothing to deny. Her hips slowly slid down, rocking as the hit the bottom, grinding into him, the feeling of the large tip rubbing her cervix causing her eyes to roll up. She began a steady pace of pumping, occasionally throwing a slight rotation into her hips, allowing him to hit new parts on her. The young boy below her was doing nothing to stop her, which added to her pleasure, knowing she still had it, her body was still sexy enough for even a 12 year old boy to want her. She knew, judging by the blow she gave him earlier, he wouldnt last long, but there was no way she was stopping, even if the end result was a creamy surprise deep inside of her. She knew in her mind just how fertile a yonger man's cum could be due to her medical experience, but she couldnt deny the fact that the thought turned her on even more. 

Kiba didnt seem to mind either, giving no warning as he began to pump himself, groaning as he finally began to unload, a far heavier volume than before deep within his leader. The woman's arms wrapped around his head, holding tight as she buried him as deep as she could, his hand's coming to grab a handful of her heavy ass, squeezing, and even giving it a light smack. He sighed as she finally collapsed down onto him, tits squishing into his smaller chest, panting into his ear. Too tired to move, Kiba closed his eyes, completly satisfied and slowly drifiting to sleep. 

Kiba smiled as he made his way back home, it was early in the morning, but for once he didnt mind waking up of course waking up to a total bombshell slurping on your cock like she needed it to survive might have made it better. He had fully expected the Hokage to wake up, yelling and screaming at him to get out, and about how he had taken advantage of her drunken state, but instead he was greeted by a horny vixen, offering to "suck his kids out of him whenever he wanted." He giggled at her words, having a woman willing to blow you on tap was a pretty amazing advancement in his life. He stopped infront of his compound, debating on going back to cash in on her statement, before sliding into the clan grounds. 

He slowly crept his way inside, hoping to not wake the occupants of his house, barely making it a few steps inside before his mother stood infront of him. He winced at the glare she gave him, She walked forward, grabbing the boy and jerking him, causing him to look up. "Kiba Inuzaka, WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU LAST NIGHT? Do you understand how worried i was?" She yelled, dragging him closer, there noses nearly touching, Kiba looked away ashamed, he really hated how protective his mom was, but he knew she meant well. The turning of his head caught her attention, before her sensitive nose picked something else up. She began to sniff the air, before finding it was coming from Kiba. The boy was startled, before realising what was happening, beginning to panic. The woman sniffed all over him, the scent oddly familiar, she went lower and lower before her face stopped infront of his crotch, taking a few deep wiffs before finally identifying the smell, mostly from the lonely nights she spent in her room, and trying a taste of herself. Her eyes narrowed as she looked up, a burining glare straight into his own.

"Kiba, you're going to tell me exactly which little WHORE DECIDED SHE COULD LAY HER HANDS ON YOU." She yelled, causing him to stumble back. He couldn't tell her about the Hokage, it would ruin the whole thing, so he decided to play stupid.

"W-what are you talking about mom?" He asked watching her visibly become more angry, a hand grabbing the hem of his pants before tearing them off. The move exposed his cock, still slightly wet from the morning service from Tsunade, lip prints littering his cock, balls as well as his pelvis, confirming her suspicions. She grabbed the limp member, causing Kiba to start to pull away, only for her to tighten her grip.

"Then what's this?" She asked inspecting each bright red mark with a frown.She wanted him to realize how bad this was, but was also driven by her need to prove she was the only woman he needed in his life. Deciding to show him, she moved her face forward, closing her lips around the head, causing his eyes to shoot open.

"M-mom?" He yelped before she descended down him, the boy watching in awe as his mom slid down his length. Her head began to piston, causing him to groan as he leaned back against the wall, letting his mother work. A hand reached up and craddled his balls, massaging them as she sucked him. His hand fell to her spiky hair, grabbing it and helping her to move, surprised by her ability to take him completly in her just like the blonde Kage. She continued to to work him as best she could, hoping her would give up on whatever girl he was seeing and just come to her, unknowingly changing her sons perspective on woman entirely, starting him on a path to claim all the hot woman of the Leaf, his mind now filled with images of almost every woman he knew, naked beneath him as he pumped into them, claiming each as part of his own harem. He moaned as he finally emptied inside of his mom, the Inuzaka matriarch still not removing his cock as it pulsed. finally as it popped out of her mouth and she looked up at her son, he made up his mind. First Tsunade would be his, and then his mom, and then the rest of the rest of the village's bombshells would all fall in line on their hands and knees infront of him. 

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