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Yamanaka Residence

Inside the bedroom of Ino Yamanaka was one Naruko Uzumaki cuddling with her fiance Ino Yamanaka. These two were naked as they day they were born. The sun shined down on the bedroom on the face of one Naruko Uzumaki and the same time an alarm went off.

Naruko groans in her sleep and smacked the alarm. Naruko grabbed her smartphone from on top of the bedframe. She turned it on and saw what time it was and she groaned, even more, when she realized that it was time for her to get up and go to work. Naruko sat up on the bed allowing the sheets fall off her chest exposing her J-cup breast.

"Ino-chan wake up it's time to get ready for work," Naruko said as she shook Ino.

Ino blinked and rubbed her eyes as she sat up on the bed. "Naru-chan what time is it?" Ino asked.

"8:30. I'm going to take a shower," Naruko said as she got off the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

"How about I join you? It'll be quicker than doing it one by one," Ino said as she got out of bed.

"Okay, but that thing under control because I'm not trying to be late for work," Naruko said pointing at Ino's 8-inch penis.

"I'll try my best you know this thing has a mind of its own," Ino said.

"Whatever," Naruko said.

30 minutes later

After taking a shower with no problems for Naruko. They got dressed and headed to work. On their way to the hospital where they work, Naruko and Ino stopped to pick up quick breakest from the convince store. After picking their breakfast they headed to Konoha hospital. Ino works as a doctor at the hospital while Naruko worked at the financial department at the hospital.

The city of Konoha is an all female city where most of the female population is futa while most of them are not. Ino is a part of the population that is futa while Naruko is not.

Once they entered the hospital and signed in they headed kissed goodbye and headed towards their departments. Naruko entered the elevator and pressed ten before the door can close a hand stopped it and when that person entered Naruko got extremely uncomfortable. Entering the elevator was Naruko's boss and mistress Sakura Haruno.

"Good morning Naruko," Sakura said with a smile.

"G-good morning Sakura-sama," Naruko said as she backed away a little bit.

The elevator doors closed and headed to the tenth floor. "So how is the wedding planning coming along?" Sakura asked.

"It's going good Sakura-sama," Naruko said.

"That's good," Sakura said.

Suddenly the elevator shook and the lights flickered on and off. "Um, sorry for the inconvenience and we'll try to get the elevator working again," a voice from the PA said as the cameras went off. 

While Naruko was paying attention to the PA she didn't notice Sakura taking off her pants and panties allowing her 10-inch cock to be free. Sakura suddenly grabbed Naruko by her hair and shoved her cock in Naruko's mouth.

"Ahh, I missed this mouth of yours Naruko," Sakura said as Naruko started sucking on Sakura's cock. Sakura grabbed her breast and started pinching her nipples. 

Naruko swirled her tongue around Sakura's shaft and started lightly biting on the head. Naruko pulled out and started sucking out Sakura's balls. Naruko felt that Sakura was about to cum and she was about to finish this quickly, but Sakura stopped her.

"Oh, no we're not going to finish this with just a blowjob," Sakura said as she tore Naruko's skirt and panties.

"Sakura-sama please don't. That's only for my fiance," Naruko begged.

"I don't care I want to fuck you. RIGHT NOW!!" Sakura exclaimed as she aligned her cock with Naruko's entrance.

"Please don't do thi--AHHHHH!!!" 

Whatever Naruko was about to say was silenced when Sakura shoved her entire length inside Naruko.

"Oh, my. This is the best pussy I have ever felt." Sakura said.

"Ino-chan I'm sorry. Sakura-sama has taken our sacred spot," 

Sakura started pounding Naruko's pussy without a care in the world. While Naruko cried and whimpered. Getting sick and tired of her crying Sakura slapped Naruko across the face shutting the girl up. "Oh, God I'm about to cum," Sakura said.

"No, do it outside!!" Naruko exclaimed.

Her shouts fell death ears as Sakura unloaded inside Naruko. Naruko sat on the ground with an empty look in her eyes. Sakura ejaculated all over Naruko's face. 

"Ahh, I really enjoyed that Naru-chan. If you keep this up then your fiance's family debts will be fulfilled," Sakura said. Sakura then got on down on knee face to face with Naruko and started making out with her.

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