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Sasuke was ecstatic.

Why wouldn’t he be?

After all… today was the day he finally bagged his long time crush--Uzumaki Kushina--and it was all thanks to a wonderful little jutsu.

He smirked, as he watched Menma exit the Uzumaki household.

Sasuke stood up, and walked deftly to the door. Menma did not even glance at him. Sasuke stepped past him, and into the house. Menma didn’t even acknowledge that he was there.

After all… he was invisible--totally and completely, to the point where you would have to be the best sensor in the world to even catch a glimpse of his chakra signature.

Sasuke had to resist the urge to cackle. This was all going swimmingly! Only a little bit longer, and he’d get to see that beautiful redhead in all her glory… kami, he couldn’t wait. He was practically salivating at the thought of seeing all the porcelain skin exposed, especially since she usually kept it hidden by those obnoxiously long and conservative dresses she wore.

He swallowed, willing down those thoughts for a moment until he realized--why did he have to will them down? He was invisible! He could be jerking off for all the people around him knew, and they wouldn’t know a thing.

Sasuke smirked.

He knew the layout of Menma’s house like the back of his hand. He’d been here plenty of times, before Menma had gotten all moody and grouchy, and had stopped bringing him over for dinner.

Minato was out of the house--Sasuke had made sure that he was gone. He had left about five minutes before Menma… intent on going somewhere, though Sasuke wasn’t sure where.

Kushina was currently the only person in the house.

Time for Sasuke to make his move.

He cracked his fingers, and set off for Kushina and Minato’s bedroom. Sasuke had been in there before… for research, of course. He knew that the door was a creaky one--but in his good fortune, the door was slightly ajar. He could catch a glimpse of Kushina’s hair through the crack.

Sasuke, as gently as he could manage, eased open the door. He bit his lips, his heart pounding against his ribcage as he slipped in through the narrow gap.

The door creaked.

Kushina turned around--only to see nothing. Because Sasuke was still invisible, and he could have been standing there with a neon sign that read ‘I am about to peep on you.’, and she would have been none the wiser.

“Menma?” she called.

Of course, nothing responded. Sasuke wasn’t stupid enough to try and impersonate Menma of all people.

“I guess he left then…” Kushina murmured to herself. Then… she smiled. “Good--I was getting tired of wearing these.”

Sasuke could only gape as she began to ease herself out of her dress. He pitched a tent in his pants the second those creamy shoulders were revealed--a testament to how long he had waited for this moment.
The dress fell to the floor with a rustling of cloth. Kushina let out a happy little sigh, running a hand through her long crimson hair. She bent over the dresser slightly, stepping out of the dress and casually kicking it to the side.

‘Holy… shit.’ Sasuke thought.

Never in his life had he seen a woman so beautiful--and Sasuke, ever the womanizer, had seen a lot of women. Naked, fully clothed, clad in a bikini, or writhing on his cock… none of them compared to the way Kushina looked right then and there.

A firm, plump, rotund buttocks. Wide hips, long and luscious legs, large breasts that seemed to defy gravity. The lingerie she wore--fuck, Sasuke wanted to tear it off with his teeth--was a baby blue color, so tight that it hugged every contour of her body. Every little movement caused her tits to bob this way and that, and that sense of casuality in every moment she made, as if she knew just how sexy she was and simply had gotten used to it was… fuck. Sasuke didn’t know how to describe how aroused he was then and there.

Kushina had her back to him. Despite the mirror, Sasuke was still invisible--and the bottom half of where he should be was still obscured. So, with nimble fingers, he undid his pants… and allowed them to the fall to the ground as well without a sound. He kicked them beneath the bed, so as to conceal them from her gaze.

How could he help himself? With a woman like this revealed before him… Sasuke knew that he would not be able to hold himself back. He grasped his shaft, and began to stroke himself, biting the inside of his cheek so as to prevent himself from moaning out loud.

Kushina was, obviously, oblivious to the fact that Sasuke was jerking himself off right behind her. She was busy examining herself into the mirror--rubbing her plump cheeks, combing her hair.

Scratch that--he couldn’t help himself. Sasuke stepped forward, still stroking himself off, a lecherous look on his invisible features.

He reached a hand forward… and pressed a finger into the side of Kushina’s bust.

She whirled around--Sasuke took a step forward to avoid being caught in her hair. “Who’s there?” Kushina demanded, and there was a fiery look in her eyes. Not that Sasuke was looking at her eyes. “I felt someone poke me… and I’m not naive enough to think that it was the wind or something of that sort. Show yourself!”

Kushina took a step towards him--though she, of course, couldn’t see him--and Sasuke merely stepped around her. He moved forward once again… and this time, seized a heaping handful of both of her breasts, giving the volpotous orbs a squeeze before retreating once again.

Her face was almost as red as her hair now. “Why you little-!” she hissed, and darted forward, her fists clenched. There was nothing there, however, and Sasuke merely side stepped her once more.

Sasuke swallowed. He would have to deepen his voice to make him be unrecognizable, but… whatever.

“You know you like it…” he whispered.

Kushina blinked. “What do you mean you… you apparition!” she said heatedly. The fact that she was still clad in her lingerie seemed to be of little concern--though Sasuke indeed enjoyed the way her breasts would bounce when she stomped her foot in that cute way of hers.

“I like it too…”

Splat. Splat.

Kushina looked down.

Before her very eyes… globs of precum fell to the floor. Or to be more accurately, breathtakingly massive globs of precum that rivaled one of her husband’s loads per drop.

Her mouth fell open. Her cheeks went red.

“To have that much cum…” she whispered, and perhaps unconsciously--or maybe she was entirely aware of her actions--Kushina fell down onto her knees before where the precum was falling. “You must…”

She wrapped a hand around the source. Sasuke was still invisible--but invisibility didn’t mean that Kushina couldn’t feel him, especially when she could see exactly where his shaft was owing to the precum faucet.

Kushina gasped slightly. She tipped her head forward… and rubbed her cheek against it. “It’s so warm.” she said. A few tentative strokes brought Sasuke up to full hardness. “So big. And it feels so… swollen… like you have big great bags of cum right about-” She reached a hand below, and gently cupped his balls. “There they are.” She giggled strangely. “I never thought a ghost could have such equipment… but I suppose I’ve been proven wrong.”

“You don’t seem to be shy about it.” Sasuke murmured--he was still purposefully deepening his voice, so that Kushina wouldn’t be able to recognize it.

“What if I told you that I’m horny as hell right now?” Kushina said, as she continued to stroke him. “What if I told you that I haven’t been satisfied with my sex life for twenty years? What if I told you… that if I were to lay down on that bed, spread my legs, and pull my panties off… that anyone, and I mean anyone could take me... and I’d let them?”

Sasuke smirked. “How about we put that to the test…” he whispered.
Kushina grinned. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a nice, big cock.” she murmured, and she stood up straight. “And I don’t think I’ve ever had a ghost’s cock either--so this is sure to be an… enlightening experience.”

She crawled onto the bed without further ado. Kushina slid onto her back--and spread her legs as far as they could possibly go, her heels using the sides of the bed as leverage in order to keep her legs open. And sure, she was wearing panties… but it was obvious to both of them that she was so very aroused, considering they were soaked through near all the way.

Kushina used two fingers to pull her undergarments to the side, unveiling her pristine little slit. “Do be gentle.” she said, her voice sultry. “Like I said--it’s been a long time since I had a big cock.”

The foot of the bed dipped down slightly, as Sasuke climbed onto it as well. Remember, Kushina cannot see Sasuke at all--so when she felt a body settle in between her legs, she squealed slightly with delight.

Then… she felt him press his member against her entrance.

“Ooo…” Kushina said. “I almost wish that I could see it.” She wiggled her hips ever so slightly. “It feels even bigger against my wet little pussy, Ghost-kun. Don’t be scared… shove it in!”

“If you insist…” Sasuke drawled.

All it took was a little push to get inside of her--a far cry from the painstaking effort it typically took to shove his massive cock into a woman’s cunt. She was incredibly wet… and well, Kushina was Kushina. Sasuke doubted that any part of her body could ever be not perfect.

She mewled silently as he continued to press his member into her. It was such a strange thing--to be invaded by something so big, yet still unable to be seen. She could feel his weight pressed against her. She could feel his cock inside of her. She could hear his breathing. But even now, the invisibility jutsu held up outstandingly.

Sasuke continued to bear down on her. “Fuck.” he whispered, almost to himself--he’d successfully slide about half of his gargantuan length inside of her… which was usually the stopping point for most civilian girls. A few more inches would be the stopping point for most kunoichi. But for Kushina, there just seemed to be no end. She was incredibly tight--but not to the point where he had to force his way inside. Her folds seemed almost alive, spreading open so that he could gain access to her depths, before clamping closed around his shaft.

“So big~~!” Kushina cooed. Her legs were still spread wide--and the angle in which he had entered her allowed such an incredible amount of penetration. She could feel him rummaging around in her insides… so big and so fat, a true man’s cock rather than her (now a) cuckold husband’s.

Finally, he sheathed himself all the way to the hilt. Sasuke couldn’t help it, he moaned. He grasped her thighs as tightly as he could, and gave Kushina few shaky thrusts--pumping a few inches of his cock in and out of her. The shaft that left her pussy for even a second always came out glistening with her juices.

The door opened--well, it opened more considering Sasuke had never closed it.

Minato stepped in.

Sasuke froze. Kushina grinned. “Hi hubby!” Kushina said, waving lazily at him--subtly opening up a drawer, and withdrawing a dildo from it. “How was your day?”

“It was… good.” Minato said, and he blinked. “Were you…”

“... masturbating?” Kushina completed for him. “You bet I was! You know how I get without my hubby around.” She continued to grin at him.
Sasuke was invisible.

So all Minato saw was Kushina on the bed, clad in lingerie, her juices sloping down her thighs, a dildo in her hands, and her other hand positioned just above her clit. It wouldn’t even think to occur to him that a man with a cock thrice his size was currently buried inside of his wife.

“Do you want me to join in…?” Minato asked. It genuinely sounded like a question.

“No, I think I’m good now.” Kushina said. “Plus, I know you’re tired--and I don’t feel like waiting half an hour for you to finger me to an orgasm after you cum in a minute, sweetie.”

“That’s fair.” Minato shrugged. “I’m going to take a shower, baby. Be out in a bit.”

“Alri-” Kushina let out a moan--Sasuke had started to thrust in and out of her again, and the dildo had dropped from her hand. “Alright!” she said nervously, still grinning at Minato.

Minato grabbed a few articles of clothing. All the while, his wife’s insides were being rearranged by another man’s massive cock. He gave Kushina one last smile, before disappearing inside of the bathroom. They heard the shower turn on a minute later.

“What a naughty boy…” Kushina murmured. “With my husband around, Ghost-kun?” She giggled. “So lewd~~!”

Sasuke merely gave a grunt--and did what he had done in the first place, reach up, grab and squeeze her tits in his hands. He continued to thrust into her like a man possessed… unwilling, or unable to stop. He seemed spurred on by the idea that her husband was right there--Namikaze Minato, only ten feet away as his wife writhed in bed with another man.
“Mmm… I can feel you punching inside of me.” Kushina said, her voice husky. Her hair was disheveled--and she seemed to be glowing in the light of the room. “Into my womb… my stomach… my lungs.” She rocked her hips back against the invisible man. “You know, I don’t think I even took my birth control today.”

Sasuke stopped suddenly.

Kushina gave a shrug. “Oh well,” she said. “Let’s just hope it comes out with red hair and violet eyes--or else Minato might have some questions.” Kushina grinned cheekily at the place where--if she could see him--his face would be.

He smirked. With a new passion, Sasuke began to thrust into her anew. Despite the sound of the shower water, both of them could hear her pussy squelching beneath the weight of his assault--his cock was simply so big, so thick, that even her pristine cunt was affected by the viciousness of his thrusts.

Her face began to screw else, especially as he slipped his fingers beneath her bra and began to tease her nipples. “F-fuck…” She was bucking her hips back against him now. “Almost there… almost there, Sa-” She let out a true moan there--her eyes rolling back. He had thrust himself inside of her… and had finally located that spot.

With the location of her G-spot burned into his mind, Sasuke readied himself for the final assault. He began to pump the entire length of his member into her--pulling out until just the tip was left inside of her, before sheathing himself back in, slamming directly into her G-spot.

Finally, she came. It was a testament to Kushina’s vitality and sheer experience, considering he would have made any other woman orgasm at least half a dozen times by now. She shook and shivered, her moans spilling out through the room. Minato was probably under the impression that she had just fingered herself to an orgasm.

Sasuke grunted, and came inside of her. Kushina mewled once more, a sort of languid look about her as she was filled to the brim by his white hot seed. For the first time in… forever, Kushina felt full. It was a nice feeling--one that she could certainly get used to.

“My hubby’s going to be out of the shower soon, Ghost-kun.” Kushina began saying--even before the last jets of cum had finished swirling around inside of her womb. “I’m afraid we’re going to have to cut this off for today.”

Sasuke gave a little grunt of assent, and then eased himself off of the bed. Subtly, he bent down, reaching under the bed and grasping his pants, extending the genjutsu over them before he pulled them on.

The door creaked open. Kushina watched as it closed after a moment.

“Ahh… Sasuke-kun.” she murmured to herself. Kushina reached a hand down, scooping up a glob of cum on her finger and spooning it into her mouth. The taste was just as delightful as she’d imagined. “I suppose we’ll have to play around with that silly invisibility jutsu are first. At least, until you pluck up the courage to come and take me like I want you to.”

She giggled. With a womb full of hot cum, and a satisfied pussy drooling that same essence, Kushina felt better than she had in years.

In all actuality… she just hoped that ‘Ghost-kun’ would pay a visit to her sooner rather than later. She’d had her suspicions before, but now it was confirmed--Uchiha cock really was the best cock. She just hoped Sasuke was more than willing to give her another sample…


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